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Urban Magic Youtubers AU - Marzia - Nereid, A Nymph of The Mediterranean Sea

“Once you see the inner beauty, it tends to show on the outside as well.”

Nymphs have been recognized throughout history as the most beautiful creatures known to mankind. From the dryads of the forest to the lampads of the Underworld, their grace and charm has inspired the Greeks and the Romans to attempt to capture them in written word and painted form. 

While the nymphs of history have ranged from kindhearted to neutral to outright evil(as varied as Mother Nature herself), Marzia is possibly the most gracious and graceful there ever was. While most sea dwellers stay away from the surface in this modern world of all-seeing submersibles and iron barges, Marzia ventures onto land, basking the beauty of the world above the waves. 

Soon, she bid her home waters farewell and set off to explore more of what the solid earth had to offer. Swimming inland by rivers and streams all over the world. She arrived in New York eight years ago, falling in love with the hustle and bustle and quickly making a name for herself among the Manhattan elites as an up-and-coming designer determined to spread her admiration for the world to others. Though behind closed doors, her socialite peers wonder what someone as exceptional as her is doing dating a hot dog vendor…

(I was already gonna make Marzia a nymph of some kind then I learned that the Aegean/Mediterranean Sea have nymphs specifically for them. 50 of them actually. all named. but to heck with that. I realize i made her a bit The Little Mermaid-sque but less with an obsession for the surface world and more an equal love for both land and sea)

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘SHE TRIPPED”?!” you could hear your husband Taron bellow, as you threw open the car door and started running towards him.

You had been in work when your mobile rang. You had picked it up to hear Mary, the mother of your daughters best friend, hysterically crying on the end of the phone, telling you to hurry home as your daughter had fell and hurt herself. You had driven completely numb and in a wild panic, getting frustrated every single time a light turned red in your path. As you had pulled up you saw your husband Taron was already there, and your beautiful girl Evie in the arms of Mary’s husband, crying and evidently in pain.

“Give her to me,” Taron growled, pulling his daughter from the mans arms and protectively cuddling her in. As he did so, the ambulance turned up, sirens blaring and cutting infront of you as you ran across the road.

“What happened?” you cried as you finally managed to get to them both.

“Stupid twat cant even look after his own kid, let alone ours,” Taron grumbled, his eyes not once leaving the face of your little girl.

“She tripped up on a bit of carpet that they had been playing on, wanted to pretend they were in Aladdin,” Mary’s husband explained, evidently hurt by Taron’s words. “We had warned them to be careful, and one of us kept our eye on them at all times, it was just a complete accident that couldnt have been helped. I’m so sorry (Y/N).”

“I suppose it couldn’t be helped, accidents happen,” you replied, as Taron took your daughter into the ambulance to be checked over. “As for Taron…” you added, “don’t let it get to you, he really doesn’t mean it. he’ll most probably be round later to apologise and feel like a massive idiot. Thank you for calling the ambulance for us.”

As you walked away, you heard him shout “let us know how she gets on!” which you replied to by turning and giving a quick nod of your head. 

You jumped into the ambulance next to Taron, reaching for your daughters hand, finding it already tightly clenched around Taron’s. You noticed the make shift splint they had placed around her ankle, obviously to keep it in place until they could put a cast on at the hospital.

“Looks like you wont be playing chase with daddy for a while then!” you joked, getting a little giggle out of her.

“We could just play Pirate instead,” Taron added, tickling your daughter and causing her to erupt into giggles.

You placed your head on your husband’s shoulder, and he turned to lightly kiss you on the top of your head.

“Our baby’s first injury,’ he whispered, and as you looked at him you could see a sight tear in his eye. “I’ll have to go round and apologise to Steve, I totally overreacted, I was just so worried.”

“I think thats a good idea” you replied, nuzzling closer into his arm and watching as he comforted your daughter, stroking her fair hair out of her eyes and cracking jokes to keep her smiling.

True to his word he later went round with a crate of booze to apologise to Steve, and spent the next 6 weeks pretending to be a helpless mermaid or a brave Navy commander with his little peg leg pirate.

20. “Dont laugh at me you jerk!”
Sam Winchester x Reader
Requested by @ijspn
"So what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?” You asked, taking a sip of your beer.

Sam pondered o your question for a moment. There was a few that made him wish he could forget, but one incident stood out.

He glanced down at the bottle in his hand, and let out a chuckle.
“Well, in middle school. We had a substitute teacher–Miss. Bonita. And–I mean she was beautiful.”

Your lips curved, as you playfully nudged his side. “Aw! You had a crush on your teacher!” You cackled.

He rolled his eyes, still flashing a cheeky grin. “Anyways, she would teach us some Spanish and well one day, the bell rang and all the kids got up and left, except for me.” He cringed.

Your eyes widened as you got the hint. “W-wait, did you–?”

He only nodded, looking down at his hands in shame.

You couldn’t help it. The laughter spilled out of you with no control.

Sam shot his gaze to you. Watching the way your head tilted back, with your mouth slightly open as you belted out. He loved seeing you happy. Hearing you laugh.

The Winchester chuckled to himself, pretending to be offended. “Don’t laugh at me you jerk!” He exclaimed.

“I’m sorry! I–I’m sorry.” You continued. “I just–was not expecting that.”

He shrugged his shoulders, taking a swig of his beer. “Told you, I’m a bad boy.” He winked, making you laugh even harder than before.

Olicity Prompt: 8 Weeks

Okay @captainolicitysbedroom here’s your prompt: I of course devaited but I hope you’ll like it anyways. 

Prompt: Oliver very serious, trying to win Felicity’s heart before get’s married to someone else. (Important: Oliver has to stay serious and in this whole one shot.) a bit like Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones. 

Read it here or on AO3

8 Weeks

The rain hitting the stained glass should have been a clear sign. Today was supposed to a beautiful fall day, when the crisp fall air tangled perfectly with the heat of the fading sun. He was supposed to the right guy. His fairytale good looks had drawn in her in but, it was supposed to be his personality that made her stay. Felicity stared into a pair of lifeless blue eyes. “Why did he have to be the one,” she muttered to those dead eyes. “Why can’t I just forget about the last eight weeks,” she complained while the church bells rang around her. 

“Why are you still in love with him?” she silently mused as the door knob slowly turned behind her….

8 weeks ago….

The office was bustling as usual. Everyone had a place to be or a place they needed to be before the clock struck nine. He stepped off the elevator with a dull, yet predictable thud greeting his secretary as he passed. “Morning Janet, is she here yet?” 

Janet with her fire red hair, and freckled nose smiled at him gently. “She’s waiting in your office sir.” 

He nodded curtly, “is he with her?” he asked almost out of habit while glancing down to silence the constantly buzzing phone. 

The younger woman softly sighed, “No she’s flipped the script and come on her own today.” 

Oliver glanced up starring coldly at his slightly smirking assistant. “What’s so amusing Janet?” he asked again with ice running along the curve of every word. 

Unfazed by his cold nature she let her smile brighten as she retorted back, “Take the stick out of your ass and maybe try smiling when you greet her.” 

Oliver cleared his throat, “I don’t have that sort of ease when conversing with her anymore…” 

Janet held her hand out then demanded, “Well let’s work on it so….” 

Oliver followed the line of her eyes immediately groaned in retort, “Not a chance in hell…” 

Janet persistent as the day was long began to beckon for his buzzing device with her fingers. “Phone now,” she ordered. 

He glared, “No…” 

She just chuckled and said again, “Now or I’ll book another lunch date with the ice queen for tomorrow. The choice my friend is all yours.” 

He paused. Janet was an old family friend and by old he meant she was one of the few people who knew him beyond his reputation. “Oliver…” she lightly scolded. “Humor me,” as the device once again buzzed. 

He frowned. “I should fire you for this.” 

She nodded easily, “Yes you should but we both know you won’t,” she replied simply while Oliver plopped the phone into her waiting hands. “Thank you,” she answered as he shuffled angrily to the woman beyond the partial closed doors.

Janet watched him move with those rigid, uptight shoulders. “Are you completely insane? He’s never going to change. Not even for her,” the voice on the other end of the line complained. 

Janet smirked when she saw the slight tremor in his hand as he reached for the door. “Yeah he will,” she answered just as she saw those rigid shoulders disappear behind the frosted office glass. 

“How are you so sure?” the voice replied with a small amount of annoyance. 

“Because Thea,” she verbally swatted back as the receiver erupted into small giggles. 

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the founders & their beginnings - Salazar Slytherin

Salazar Slytherin grew up in the fens of east England and was raised by his father, Zigor Slytherin, a well known academic with an interest in ancient runic scripts and arithmancy. His mother was Cecily Ashdown, a highborn lady and a talented witch known for her graceful beauty.

Salazar however had little memory of her as she died when he was four years old. While Salazar did not have an unhappy childhood, it was not filled with affection either - his father was a distant man and preferred to work on his studies than spend time with his only child.

In the time he spent alone, Salazar took after his father and enjoyed a broad range of magical academia. He became so knowledgeable that when he was seventeen, he became an expert tutor, teaching highborn, pure-blood young witches and wizards in their homes. He built up an excellent reputation and began tutoring children further and further from his own home, travelling great distances to share his knowledge and educate young minds.

It was on his travels that he met a certain brash red-haired wizard in an inn on the road, and his true adventure began.

Pokémon go-away (Jungkook)

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asshole!jungkook pokemon go au since fuckit lmao 

You grinned proudly as you looked away from your phone because fuck yes, you’d finally taken over the gym at your local food market. Not only did you wait there for two hours trying to take it over all by yourself, but your pokemon died more than once or twice already, so you were fucking proud that it’d finally happened. 

Proud enough to treat yourself to a beautiful bag of chips. ‘Don’t spend the whole 20 dollars, give me back what’s left over’ your mom’s words rang through your ears, but if she’d get mad at you, you’d tell her to go look at the gym and be proud, because your CP 2380 slowpoke had just taken over. You happily scanned the isle and let your eyes search for the biggest bag because shit, this was a good day. 

Once you found one that fit your standards, you went to check out at the register and once that was done, you went back to sit down on the bench that stood next to the statue, where the gym was. 

You made your way over to the bench as you looked around you, today was a pretty quiet day compared to usually. You sat down with a sigh and opened up your phone again, looking to see if there were any hella good pokemon nearby. What you saw instead actually made you drop your bag of chips, spilling them over the street. 

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A Dead Mystery

Death isn’t always sad as portrayed in films and stories. It can be merry and blissful, that is until the media gets its hands on it, then everything is twisted to create a more intriguing story. I have read a million pages based off of a reporters idea of my death, and not one of them is accurate or even remotely close. My death wasn’t a result of depression or murder, it was passion.

The familiar sound of bells rang above me as I entered my favourite café, it wasn’t only the delicious coffee that made this place my favourite, it was the added smile that every employee had and the genuine interest and care they had for every single customer.
I continue my weekly ritual, ordering my coffee, leaving a tip in the jar at the counter and sitting in the booth I manage to get each time. I always select this booth because of the view, no, not out a window, but a the beauty four tables  ahead of me. She’s here every time i come. I can call her a beauty yet I have never seen her face properly, there’s something about the flow and delicacy of her movements. She is always dressed stunningly, clothing fitting and suiting her perfectly, her skin always glowing as if full of life. She was always jotting in her notepad that she kept on her lap, always looking down at it therefore not allowing me to see her facial features.
Today was the day. I was going to see.
All confidence drained from me the moment I stood up, but determination kept my feet moving before i was stood at her table. She continues to stare down into her lap and so I speak up… To the best of my abilities.

“uh-um, hi… I’m Dan. I noticed we are always here on the same days and I was wondering if I could sit with you?” I was a little bit proud of myself for doing it, and for not chickening out, and I was even more proud when she replied.

“Yes of course, that’s lovely” her voice was hypnotising, never wanted her to stop speaking

I took the seat across from her, and that’s when it happened, that’s when she finally looked up and into my eyes.
I could never explain the feeling I had in that moment, or why it felt that way in the first place. The moments your eyes connect with hers, your stomach swirls and your heart begins to beat faster. Everything around you is gone as you begin to drown in them. They were mysterious. She was mysterious.

“It’s nice to meet you Dan, I’m y/n” she says with a smile. All I can do is smile back.

Being this close to her, you could really sense the energy she gave off, it was a strange mix of darkness and innocence.

I went to speak to her when we were interrupted.

“Y/n, you missed your session this morning.” A deep voice spoke from the end of the table. I looked up to see two uniformed men.

“I’m sorry, I must have forgotten” she replies, never looking up at them.

“You know it’s mandatory for all patients to attend every session, how do you even get out anyway.” one of the men speak before reaching out for her arm. That’s when I read the printing on their uniforms. Mental asylum.

She stood for them with ease, no struggle and keeping a smile on her beautiful face. One man holds onto her arm as the other begins to lead them out. But before they are too far away she turns her head back and looks at me.

“Have a wonderful day, Daniel”

I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now. She’s the girl I died for.

reagan was dreading her brother’s girlfriend arrival. she had never met her before, but she’d seen some pictures and calling her gorgeous wouldn’t even suffice. she was beyond beautiful and reagan feared that seeing her in real life would only cause her crush to become bigger. the bell rang and simultaneously, the noise made her even more nervous. well, this was it — there was no turning back now.

Happy Valentines...Asshole (Victor Zsasz x Reader)

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Angst Challenge #12 One loses temper at other  +7 (makeout)+8 caught cheating 

Victor x Reader

Warnings: Some swearing and violence.

A/N: You can thank my coworker for this one. She gets flowers from her ex every Valentine’s and this year she’s sending them to his current gf at their house. 

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Imagine #5- Kinky Johnson Imagine

~Johnson’s POV~

I stood there watching the most beautiful, sexiest girl I have ever seen. That’s Y/N Y/L/N, she’s a popular and rich and well, I’m Jack Johnson…I mean, I’m on the basketball but I don’t think she every sees me or notices me. She’d never go for me. “Stop staring” I snap out of my daydream as my best friend Jack claps his hands in front of my face. “Shut up Jack” I roll my eyes, looking back at the beautiful goddess sitting two tables away from me. She caught my eye and winked at me, licking her lips. I gasped and turned my head to look at my lap, my eyes meeting my newly found erection.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom” I stand up, grabbing my book and covering the tent that was my pants. By the time I had fastened my penis under my belt the bell had rang. I quickly rushed to 6th period, the class I had with Y/N. I walked in right as the bell rang, the teacher letting me know that I am tardy. Like no shit coyote ugly, I know. He starts rambling on about some project and how he’s gonna pick partners and I just sit there hoping I don’t get paired with Bartholemue. He’s cool, he’s just a bit of a fucking burnout. I listen for my name as he calls out partners.

Emily and Gilinsky

Jordyn and Sammy

Johnson and Y/N

Kati- WAIT, did he just say what I think he said??? Holy shit holyshit HOLYSHIT.

“You may group up now” our teacher said, I looked over at her desk and she smiled, waving me over. I picked up my things and went to go sit down next to the beautiful goddess that was my partner for the next month. “Hey Johnson” She smirked. I was at lost for words. “I wanna start the project after school, okay?” She leaned over on the desk, her breasts more prominent than ever in the crop top she was wearing. “Oh, Alright” I stutter, she smiles and rests her hand on my thigh. “Meet me at my car after 7th period okay?” She says and I nod repeatedly. The bell rings and she gets up from her chair.

“See yah later cutie” she smirks walking away. I then realized….I don’t have a 7th period….I’m just gonna have to wait. I walked over to the front of the school, sitting on one of the benches by the band room which is right next to the student parking. I sat there on my phone just scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc. The bell finally rang and I started walking towards Y/N’s car. I found the black jeep and waited for her. A minute later I seen her strutting over towards me. Her chest bouncing with each step and her hips swaying. Fuck I’m gonna get another hard on.

“Hey cutie” she says, unlocking the car. Was she talking to me or the car? Idk but we both got in the car and she started driving towards her house. When we pulled up at the huge house my eyes widened. I had never seen the house in the daytime. I’ve been here for parties but that’s usually when it’s dark…and I’m stoned. The house is big and white, probably four stories. I wasn’t kidding when I said she was rich. “C'mon, Johnson” She smiles as we walk into her house. “Ms. Y/L/N” Her butler nodded at her. “Sup Dick” She says, walking upstairs as I follow. “Y/N are you calling the butler Dick again?” Her older brother asked.

“That’s his name, isnt it?” She asked, giggling a bit. “His name is Richard, dumbass” He laughed, pushing her head to the side playfully. “Yeah but he’s not even the cool butler” She says playfully in my ear. I laugh. “Who’s this” His face suddenly sharpened as he look towards me. “This is Johnson. He is my health project partner” She grabbed my hand, swinging our arms and making my cheeks turn a bright crimson. “You better leave the door open” He says sternly as she starts to walk away. “Yeah yeah” She rolls her eyes, leading me to her room. “This is my room” She sighs. Her room was made up of two things, books and makeup. It was nice tho, but I cant imagine what her closet looks like.

“Oh…duh, do you want something? Snack, Drink?” She asks, putting her backpack down on her bed. “Uhh, sure” I stutter “Jack. Calm down…I don’t bite” She stands up from the bed walking over to me and resting her hand on my shoulder. “C'mon, let’s go downstairs, let’s not bother Dick” She giggles, making me laugh. We walk through the house, to the kitchen by her bedroom, I guess they have more than one? She opens the fridge, bending over to grab something. I tilt my head to the side, checking out her ass until she stood back up.

“What do you want to drink?” She asks, turning her head towards me. I opened my mouth to speak but my phone began to ring, it was my mom. “Hold on, sorry” I say, she nods as I leave the secondary kitchen and walk towards her room.

“Hello?” I say, answering the phone. “Jack? Honey, where are you?” My mom asks, I roll my eyes because I texted her exactly where I was. “Mom, I’m at Y/N Y/L/N’s house, she’s my health project partner. I texted you” I sigh, shaking my head. “Oh, okay. Sorry…Call me when you’re on your way home, okay?” She says, I shake my head once more, rubbing my eyes. “Alright, mother, see you later” I say as she continues to say ‘be careful’ and other things a million times as I just agree, looking around Y/N’s room. I notice a pink rope lightly dangling from her bottom drawer.

“A-Alright mom, I’ll see you at home” I say, hanging up the phone and reaching towards the drawer to open it. I pull it open to see an array of sexual bondage items, including everything from handcuffs, edible body paint and vibrators. An erection starts to grow, I hear the door open and slam the drawer close, turning my head quickly to meet the eyes of Y/N.

“Johnson” She drags out playfully, putting down the drinks she had in her hand. “Y/N! Hey” I stutter awkwardly, gulping. “What did you see?” She asks, smirking and walking over to me. My heart starts racing as she sits on my lap, crossing her legs and wrapping her arms around my shoulders. “Huh, Johnson?” She looks at me, giving me bedroom eyes.

“I-uh, I….I” I stutter once more as she reaches over to the drawer, opening it. “Did you see my play stuff?” She smirks, looking me in the eyes directly as I nodded awkwardly. She leans into my ears and whispers; “Do you wanna play with me Johnson?” She kisses my neck as I nod, my heart racing although I tried to stay calm.

She tells me to lay down on my back as she straddles me, leaning over and kissing my neck. I let my hands roam her body, as she brings her lips to mine. We begin making out, my hands on her waist as I brought them down to her ass, squeezing it in my hands as she moans. I flip us over as she giggles and starts unbuttoning my flannel. I begin kissing from her jaw, down to her neck, leaving love bites on her. “Ugh, Johnson” She moans softly, running her fingers through my hair. My member begins to grow erect as she bucks her hips towards mine.

I lift her shirt over her head, throwing it on the floor and continuing to kiss down her from her jaw to the bottom of her bra. She quickly slips off her shorts and thong in a quick movement as I take a moment to kick off my jeans. I reach towards her drawer, scavenging around to see what I wanted to use. I pick up a black wooden paddle, smirking at her as I sit on the edge of the bed and bring her over my lap. I unhook her bra, letting it slip off to the floor.

“What you gonna do to me Johnson?” She asks seductively, moving her hips from side to side. I begin to rub her ass, squeezing it once before smacking it with my bare hands as she gasps and moans simultaneously. I reach my hand to rub her clit from the back before smacking her ass once more. I continue rubbing her clit with my left hand, holding her down onto my lap with the other. I grab the paddle, lightly bringing the surface to her red skin and caressing it with the paddle. I bring the paddle from her skin, bringing it back down with force and colliding it with her ass, as I watch her jump and whimper out.

I smack her ass once more, getting the same reaction before I begin to rub her clit again. She begins to shake as I rub her clit, moaning out continuously. Her ass begins to bruise as I tell her to stand up, smacking her ass with the paddle again. “Come here, baby” I say as she gets on her knees in front of me. Her makeup running along with tears on her face as she smiles up at me. I cup her face, wiping the mascara tears and bringing her to kiss me again. She disconnects our lips, kissing my neck and playing with the waistband of my boxers.

She slips off my boxers, my member standing erect in front of her. She licks her hand from her palm to fingertips, wrapping her right hand around my staff and pumping it up and down. She puts the tip in her mouth before quickly taking the whole thing into her throat. She begins to bob her head up and down as I run my fingers through her hair, tugging at it.

“Shit” I whisper under my breath, coming close to releasing. I don’t want to finish into her mouth so I grab the bottom of her jaw before telling her to stop and pulling her up to face me as I stand up. “Lie down” I say pointing towards the bed; she lies down as I go to grab the pink rope and silk ribbon from her drawer. I spread her legs, tying them on the posts of the bed frame. I grab the silk ribbon, tying her wrists together and to the bed frame. I grab the magic wand vibrator, turning it to to medium setting before pressing it to her clit. I watch her wiggle and squirm in pleasure underneath me. I turn the setting to high as I hear the buzzing noise progress and see her buck her hips forward as she moans in pleasure.

She begins to shake, approaching her orgasm; she moans out in pleasure but I remove the vibrator before she could release. Her eyes dart angrily towards me as I smirk, untying her from the bed. “Do you have condoms?” I ask, running my hand through my hair. “Yep” She says, reaching over to her top drawer, pulling out a condom and ripping open the aluminum package with her teeth. “Come here Johnson” she waves me over. I smirk, crawling over her as she rolls the condom over my member.

I run my hand over her wet, dripping slit before pumping my hand over my member before positioning it over her opening. I slip my tip in, leaving it there, teasing her. I pull it out, putting it back in before she screams. “Dammit Johnson! Just fuck me already!” She yells, frustrated. Our eyes meet as I smirk, slamming into her roughly.

I continue to rock into her roughly, my hands gripping her waist as I bring her body to mine. Her hands gripped the sheets, she bit her tongue trying not to scream aloud in pleasure as her family was downstairs. I lean over to kiss her neck and she begins to bite into my shoulder, her nails digging into my back.

“Fuck Johnson” She whispers in my ear, her lips moving from my shoulder to my neck as she began sucking and biting. “That’s gonna leave a hickey” I whisper, looking into her eyes as she smirks. “Good” She coos. I shake my head, leaning down to kiss her as she whispers “I’m gonna cum” I smile as I bite her lip, pulling it out as she moans.

Soon, I feel her tighten around me, she begins to shake and tense before releasing herself on to me. Her walls tightening set me off and I fill the condom, continuing to thrust into her, riding out my orgasm. I pull out of her, rolling the condom off before tying it and getting up to throw it in the trash. “Nice butt” She snickers, rolling out of bed. “I’ll be back” She says, going into the bathroom and turning on the shower. She steps in, looks at me and waves me over.

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The Convergence had been slowly edging it’s way nearer as the planets’ alignment narrowed, causing a range of strange physical distortions across the realms.  While an astrophysicist named Erik Selvig had an inkling of what might be coming, it was mostly ignored, passed off as the effects of climate change and ramblings of lunatics.   The effects of the convergence had been gradually increasing over the last decade, but even SHIELD had all but ignored the steadily waxing influx of anomalies.

Charlie too, didn’t seem to notice anything unusual as she boarded the last train home from the NYC Shield base of operations.  She was alone on the train car, not really paying much attention to anything once the train lurched forward other than to crank up the music in her headphones.  The tunnel lights flicker eerily, as they always do because, let’s face it, the subway is always more than a little eerie at night.  Either way, she doesn’t look up from her phone until the train seems to lose power and cruise to a slow stop.  It’s then that the goosebumps ghost up the back of her neck and she notices that the next car up is also empty.  

Quietly, as if worried she might startle something, she stands and creeps to the doors, tugging them open from the seams and steps into the tunnel, squinting into the darkness to locate the emergency egress doors that line the side every so many feet.  The overhead light hums to life for a few seconds and she spies the closest door, about fifteen feet of track behind the last car and begins to head that way.  Each step lures her further from the amber glow of the train lights and into a shadowy corridor of track that feels like it is very much alive with smoky tendrils swirling around her feet with each step.  Her hands close on the door handle and twist and the door swings open into still more darkness, though there is a strange whoosh as air seems to be pulled through the doorway as if it wants her to go through – and she does.

It’s embarrassing the way she staggers into a grand hall filled with blinding light and the sounds of merriment and laughter erupting around her.  For several moments she’s got flash blinded and her eyes try to filter the glaring light around her and then she realizes she’s not in a subway tunnel anymore and instead has stumbled into some kind of elaborate costume party.  

Unable to process anything more than that, she glances at her phone, ready to pull up a map and try to casually sneak out before anyone notices, but there’s no signal and when she glances behind her, the subway door is gone.

“Why the hell don’t I have any reception down here???”

The sun shawn on another day the beautiful white snow hunter walked into the bar, her cape swept back and forth barely grazing the floor as she walked in. She looked up brushing her red bangs out of her face and smirked as the door bell rang of someone entering “I had a feeling i’d find you here” Her voice hummed as she walked up behind him seeing the soft brown hair of a fellow huntsman she knew very well. 


Hope you guys like it!!💖

Justin’s POV I rang on y/n’s doorbell a few times and waited impatiently for her to open the door. “Im coming, i’m coming” i heard her yell from inside, then she finally opens the door. Despite the fact that she had no makeup on, was in sweats and a tank top, and her hair was in a messy bun, she looked absolutely beautiful. Just seeing her like this made me want to rethink my whole decision, “y/n we cant be friends anymore” i blurt out without thinking". She then started laughing “wait you not serious, are you?” She stopped laughing and looked serious, “are you?” “Y/N…” I trailed off, “are you?” She raised her voice. “Its just that Daniela and I got into a fight yesterday and she accused me of cheating on her with you because i spend so much time with you…and she made me choose between you guys” “and you chose her?” Her voice cracked and she was tearing up. “After all I’ve been through with you and you have the audacity to choose some 2 sided back stabbing whore whose probably just using you for your fame?” “Do not call her that” i hissed, my jaw clenched and my knuckles turning white due to the pressure i was putting on them. “Why?” she asked,her tone bitter and any trace of emotion from her eyes gone, “after all, were not friends anymore. I could say whatever the fuck i want to about your l girlfriends without giving a rats ass about how you feel” she continued. Slamming the door shut, she left me outside questioning myself on whether i made the right choice or not.

Few weeks later~ A week after i ended my friendship with y/n i found out that Daniela had been cheating on me and that she has stolen my credit card number to buy herself a car after our breakup. Obviously i had to change my card, and she had to return her car, and although it was an ok breakup it was hilarious watching her have a meltdown. Honestly, the break up didn’t affect me as bad as i thought it would, i was kinda sad the first few days but now,I could really care less. The thing i regret most about that “relationship” was the fact that now i was alone, all of my friends were mad at the fact that i chose Daniela over y/n and now y/n won’t even answer any of my calls or texts. I know what i did to y/n was extremely wrong, i regret that i chose my girlfriend over my best friend especially since I’ve loved her ever since i met her. I guess i just thought that y/n would never have the same feelings for me that i had for her so i thought if i distanced myself the feelings would go away, i was completely wrong. If anything, i felt almost dead inside knowing that y/n and i weren’t friends anymore. I don’t know why I’m still sitting here i need to go get my girl back. Grabbing my car keys i storm out of the house and begin making my way to her house.

After ringing the door bell multiple times, i got this strange feeling of deja vu. “What do you want” i hear a familiar voice ask, looking up I’m left dumbfounded. She looked like an angel, she had her hair in beautiful loose curls and her skin had some type of glow that radiated off of her. “Well, are you gonna say something?” I heard her say, breaking me out of my daze “i-i-i” i couldn’t say anything. My eyes traveled down her body and my heart broke into pieces when i saw her in a mens shirt that went to her mid thighs. She was about to slam the door when i stuck my foot in the middle so the door wouldn’t shut. I heard her sigh heavily and open the door once again “what do you want Justin?” “I just want you to listen to me” “Just-” “No y/n, im gonna talk and your gonna listen to me. i know what i did was wrong and i know that i probably hurt you really badly, but i want you to know that those were not my intentions. Ive loved you for a really long time, a really really long time and i thought that if i distanced myself from you that my feelings would go away, that i would not damage our friendship with my stupid feelings. But i was so wrong. Now i feel so alone and i need you so mu-” feeling a soft pair of lips land on mine i was cut off from my rant. Breaking away from the kiss, i saw a lazy smile on y/n’s lips “has anybody ever told you, you talk wayy to much?” I chuckled lightly and pressed my lips against her again. “By the way, whose shirt is that?” I asked slightly confused and worried “wellll, while we weren’t friends i found myself a gay best friend and he left his shirt here yesterday, so when i saw you pulling up through my window i put it on to make you jealous” she said grinning slightly. I kissed her forehead then her cheeks “your something else y/n” “you looove me” “unfortunately”

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For the overwatch thing, Zarya!

- how often I play them

i am trying to play her a lot more. she is my second most played tank. i need to gauge the range of her beam better though. still trying to get better!!! esp bc as much as i love dva i am over playing her :///

- which maps I like to use them on

usually when we are defending i like her a lot bc she is the tank i can stay alive the longest as.

- which skin I currently have equipped 

i think i just have her default one right now. i had arctic for a long time but i wanted to see her beautiful face.

- who I ship them with



Coloratura had spent so long having her voice modified for her performances that she forgot how beautiful and powerful it was on its own. This is probably the first time in years that she’s heard her own voice’s range, which is extra shitty because having a wide, colorful vocal range is her special talent, something she gave up to have stardom.

Also: bonus points for the MLP crew for not modifying or correcting Lena Hall’s vocalizations for “The Magic Inside” or “Equestria, the Land I Love”. It makes the performances sound more legitimate, natural and powerful.

So I did a thing last night~ it’s only a short drabble … I posted it last night but looks like it failed.. (I’m on mobile too)

This was inspired from an ask directed to gabzilla-z ~

Rated: K
Pairing: Naruto / Hinata
Summary: CaféWorker!Naruto says to RegularCustomer!Hinata that “she’s short…”

The bell rang once again indicating that a new customer had entered the café where Naruto is currently working. He is assigned at the cashier today and had noticed that the customer who recently entered the café wasn’t just an ordinary customer, but a regular of the said café. He smiled brightly seeing that this particular regular is actually his favorite customer, not only because she is polite but also, she had this amazing smile of hers and beautiful eyes as well that could put real pearls to shame. She had long navy hair, a pale complexion, and she’s actually short… compared to him anyways.

Realizing that he’s been dazing again, he tried to immediately put on his so-called ‘serious’ face which in reality, couldn’t be called as such. Naruto could never seem to be able to remove that 'stupid’ grin (as Kiba had put it) off his face whenever this particular regular comes into view.

Whoever says that Naruto is not infatuated with this lady is completely blind. At least, he could stop the blush for a short while until…

“One hot chocolate and two cinnamon rolls, please.”

she speaks.

And that’s when Naruto turns into a gooey-lovestruck young boy who can’t keep the blush off his face.

He’s completely weak when it comes to her voice.

“One hot chocolate and two cinnamon rolls coming right up!” Naruto confirmed as he talk in his usual loud voice with his index and middle fingers sticking right up to form a 'v-sign’ that indicates 'two’.

Hinata gently nodded with her usual smile.

Naruto immediately prepared her order (yes, personally) since there’s no queue at all.

+ ~ • ~ +

When he finally placed her order on the counter, she searched through her pocket and found a paper bill inside, and pulled it out without even looking at it and placed it on the counter. Feeling a little careless today, and knowing that what’s inside her pocket is enough to pay her order.

“You’re short… ” announced Naruto.

Hinata, feeling a bit shocked and confused about the sudden comment, looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. What’s with the comment out of the blue?

“And you're… tall?” Hinata replied uncertainly.

“Uh… sorry, I meant your change.” Showing his hand to her with two cents, smiling at her to try to dissipate the awkwardness.

And at that, his pretty regular blushed the same shade as he usually does.

Little Tokens

Sometimes you have to roll with the little tidbits we’re given, Sleepyheads. 

/ / / / / 

Christmas, 2015. 

It was two weeks before Christmas. He and the Lieutenant had spent most of the season together in the time before she left, and even the preposterously inflated prices on virtually every item hadn’t stopped her from doing a little of what she had called “window shopping.”

An idyllic afternoon was passed perusing various shops in Sleepy Hollow and the surrounding area. Whilst she gazed longingly at many an item out of her modest price-range, he found, much to his shame, that he was not above the allure presented by impulse purchasing.

“We’ll make a cheap, consumeristic couch potato of you yet, Crane”, she joked. “Also, Times Square in New York at Christmastime? Magic. Even you wouldn’t say no to that once you’d seen it. One of these days, Crane.”

He picked out a beautiful hand-made journal in a small shop. Stingy though he made be with his praise of modern society (publicly at least), some local artisan had taken the time to craft such beautiful works by hand, quite a rare gift in a world of mass-production. Though when he turned the price tag over, the price sent his quick fingers dropping it quickly back into the display from whence it came.

“Do you know what I could have purchased with such funds back…”

“Crane… I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s Christmas. A time for absurd pricing, senseless buying, wildly rich food… in other words, ’tis the season to lighten the hell up and have fun.”

“Still, there is nothing like the feel of a fine leather-bound journal in which to practice your penmanship. In an age where all too often one’s abysmal spelling is corrected at the touch of a button-”

But the sudden gasp Abbie emitted had him stopping his rant short and whirling around, anticipating at all times a concealed danger ready to strike his partner. But gladly for all, the cause of her outburst was a gorgeously tailored and exquisitely crafted  dark grey leather jacket. Miss Mills appeared near girlish in her excitement. Before she was able to stop herself, she flung it off its hanger on the rack and up over her shoulders. It was, of course, a perfect fit.

“I could weep.”

“It’s… exceptionally flattering, Lieutenant.”

But, of course, the magic was instantly crushed by the little inked numbers on the tag attached to the sleeve. He peered at it, noting the size and exorbitant price as she lifted her arm.

He knew that much had happened recently to put a considerable strain on Miss Mills’ resources. His very existence, for one. Her previous vehicle, a charred ruin after the entire unfortunate business with Katrina and Henry he was still actively attempting to move past. So he watched her place it back on the rack, a sad smile on her face, strangely downcast as she told him “There’s a coffee shop next door. I’ll meet you over there in a moment.


Once it became clear that Abbie would need to start making the trip to Quantico a few days before Christmas in order to begin training early the following week, Ichabod could barely believe the suffocating disappointment and panic at her departure. Well.. this was a falsehood. Of course he could believe the disappointment. He could no sooner deny his great need for her nearness than he could deny his own body air to breathe, water to drink, or food to sustain it.

So when he finds the too-expensive journal later hidden in his desk in the cabin, with the words “Merry Christmas Crane” written on a card on top, the weight of his unworthiness, his guilt, and his voracious longing buffeted against him like waves on the shore. It occurred to him that the consumeristic nature of Christmas might not be an evil entirely - he pondered the power material things, little tokens, could hold in the expression of love.

Luckily for him, it wasn’t to be the last opportunity he would get.

- - - -

Present Day 

The fact that her return from the FBI and her birthday coincided was a decidedly irritating turn of events. Sure, she enjoyed being fawned over as much as the next person, and yes, a little appreciation goes a hell of a long way. Yet for all she says she enjoys large parties, bright lights and loud voices and all eyes on her made her anxious beneath her impenetrably calm exterior.

Jenny, in a moment of mercy, had tipped her off ahead of time of the precinct’s like “surprise return/birthday party” bash they were holding that night, so as to brace herself for the inevitable questions and wretched toss into the spotlight.

She’d missed Jenny like hell. And hell, had she missed Crane. She knows she can count on her baby sister to be there to share her success - she wonders what state she’d find Crane in.

She’d left him in a good place, as far as she could tell, and in all honesty, the thought of sharing this night with him makes her stomach contents shift like churning butter. In a good way, of course. She’d missed him terribly.

That didn’t quite cut it though, did it? “Miss him terribly.” Turns out, finally pressing play on her own ambitions hadn’t quelled the unease felt by being apart from her fellow Witness, her partner, her best friend in the world.

So imagine, when she walks through the door to the precinct to the bellowing screech of “Surprise” and “Happy Birthday”, to find him not there. As cool as she always plays it, to find him flat out not there to celebrate her accomplishments on her birthday was both insulting and deeply disconcerting.

And so she hugs Jenny, whispers a promise to catch up on her goings-on, inputs Irving’s new number to send him a good luck text at his new job, makes polite chit-chat and conversation and puts on a smile and lasts an admirably long time before finally dropping in, like it was nothing, “So, where’s that Crane guy I used to see a lot of?”

Jenny pushes to the fore. She seems genuinely downtrodden, which squashes Abbie’s slim hope that Jenny was planning a surprise with Crane after all. “He’s in NYC right now. He’s at some sort of conference I suppose? He got a professor gig, so… yeah”, she finishes awkwardly. “He sends his regards and, quote, ‘is dismayed to be unable to attend.”

Abbie huffs a short chuckle, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. She feels a cocktail of surprise, pride and sorrow take root in her heart. So Crane was standing on his own two feet these days? She is so beyond proud of him, even as she is annoyed that she was not there to witness him experiencing NYC for the first time, and is still so hurt and angry that it isn’t here for her homecoming.

The party continues another half hour or some before some officer who’s name she forgets, who had been new when she left, pipes in, as if cued in, “you’ll lose some of your edge back in this one-horse town, Mills. It’s not half as exciting here as it is at Quantico.”

“Oh, I beg to differ. I can count on plenty for her to do right here in Sleepy Hollow.”

It’s like being sucker punched in the gut. She whips around so fast she’ll have a pain in her neck for weeks, but who cares because he’s standing there, already finishing the question before it formulates in her mind.

“I got permission to leave early. I hope I’m not too terribly late. I wouldn’t miss your birthday homecoming for the world.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck, why is this reunion so public? She lurches forward, and he lurches forward, and they both lurch a few times unsure of how grandiose and dramatic they want to make this in front of the whole precinct, and then Abbie throws all of her cares out of the damn window and launches herself off the ground into his arms for a hug. He catches her and clasps his hands firmly around her, chuckling low in her ear. The rest of the party-goers, for their part, are miraculously graceful - a few clap awkwardly, most smile, some consider wolf-whistling until Jenny quells them with a look that would unnerve the devil himself. Jenny, sporting the biggest shit-eating grin known to man, saunters over just as the intense bubble of intimacy the Witnesses had created allows for a few more participants.

“Guess the man came through after all. Dismayed to not attend, my ass. You planned this the whole time, I bet.”

Crane puts Abbie down, and then bows to his partner.

“Agent Mi-“

“I’m going to stop you right there,” she laughs. “You better not be thinking about dropping “Lieutenant”.

- - - -

“I like your boyband hair, Crane. Are all your students swooning over you? Congrats on that, by the way,” she says.

“I resent that entirely even as I have no idea what that is,” he huffs, though with a smile on his face. “But I’m glad you approve of my employment choices.”

They’re back at the cabin. They’ve chatted some over coffee, had some leftover cake from the party, and even though time and distance has made conversation a little stilted, she has every confidence they will get right back to where they were. Well, better than before, with any luck. Their last little apocalyptic adventure hadn’t been the best of times, physically or emotionally.

Crane seemed changed. Other than physically, of course, though that was…. nice. He looks healthy, clean, well-kept, fresh and alert. He looks like a man. She stops eye-balling him before she is caught. But it’s the vibe he’s giving off. What is it? She tries to put her finger on it. Something about him exudes a greater confidence, a greater warmth, a greater intensity…

“We have so very much to talk about still, Lieutenant, though your persistent yawning leaves me worried you should stay the night. I’ll take the sofa…”

“No, it’s all good, Crane. I’m beat, but I’d prefer to make it back to my own old bed for my first night back, you know?”

“Very well. Then I’ll see you tomorrow Lieutenant.”

She’s almost out the door when she can’t help remarking: “You’ve changed, somehow. It’s not a bad change, it’s just… huh.”

Apparently this was the right thing to say, since the twinkle in his eye he saves only for when he looks at her (she pretends not to notice) gleams brightly, he grins a wide cocky grin, and then he leans way, way down and whispers in her ear, smooth as butter: “I do hope it’s not the only change we’re due for, Lieutenant.”

Whoa, where the hell did Captain Crane come from? And just like that, in a move as bold as brass and a total departure from the unsure, modest Crane of the past, he’s gained the upper hand, and how on earth is she supposed to get things back to the way they were? If that’s even what she wants, that is.

“Oh, I nearly forgot. Take this with you.” He produces from his bedroom a nondescript large brown paper bag with handles. “Happy birthday, Abbie.”

Still too dumbstruck to speak, Abbie gives him what she hopes is an unaffected smile and heads out the door.

In the car, she can’t contain her curiosity anymore. She opens the bag, closes her fist around material, pulls her hand out and honest to God it’s the damn leather jacket from all those months ago. The picturesque afternoon floods back to her and she slips her own jacket off, pulls the new one on, and with a contented smile at a perfect birthday and homecoming, she pulls out of the cabin driveway.

Don't Leave

Marco was an hour late. Marco was never late.

This thought scared Star Butterfly. But the very small part of her brain that thought with complete logic told her Marco had a reason for it.

When her cell phone rang in her pocket, and she saw Marco’s face light up on her screen, her heart lifted.


“Hey Star.”

“Where are you? Why are you late?”

A pause. “I got a bit sidetracked. Sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Star sighed in relief.

“How’s the planning coming along?”

Star grinned at the thought, and she looked down at the silver ring with three small diamonds that adorned her ring finger.

“Great! I got the flowers ordered today! You’re gonna love them!” She happily replied.


“They’re beautiful roses with all these amazing colors and I can’t wait for you to see them!” The 22 year old squealed.

Marco chuckled from the other line. But it sounded like he was forcing himself.

In fact, Star realized, he sounded in pain.


A long pause. “Yeah?” His voice was strained.

“Is everything okay?”

Another pause. “Yeah. Everything’s peachy, Star. I promise.”


“I love you Star. I love you so much. You know that don’t you?” He cut her off, his voice desperate.

“Of course I do!” Star felt her eyes well up with tears.

“Marco what’s going on?”

Marco slumped down against the wall, pressing the phone to his ear once more.

“I just want you to know that I love you so much, Star. That the past years with you have been the best in my life. You’ve given me so much, and I want you to know that-”

He cut off with a racking cough, and when he looked down, his arm was spotted with crimson.

“Marco are you crying?”

At her words, Marco reached his free hand up and felt tears falling down his cheeks.

“I love you Star.”

“I love you too. God, Marco, I love you too.”

He realized she was crying too. “When are you going to be home?”

He didn’t answer. Marco felt the life ebb out of him like the blood that was currently coming out of his side.

Marco had been coming home from another dimension, when he got attacked. The ambush caught him by surprise, and he had been stabbed by one of them in the side.

That’s why he was here, alone in an alleyway, hoping and praying to anything Star wouldn’t try to find him. The last thing he wanted was for Star to get hurt because of him.

“When are you going to be home?” Star repeated, her voice a whisper.

He couldn’t feel his legs anymore, and his body was growing cold.

“I-I can’t,” He managed to choke out. “Please understand Star. I-I’m sorry. I l-love you please don’t cry.”


His vision was beginning to go dark, and he felt himself slipping away. Star’s voice, his favorite sound in the whole world, was fading.


Star heard a thud on the other line. And she screamed. Screamed his name. Screamed her love.

She knew.

AN- I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m a horrible person but this idea would NOT leave my head so here you go. Suffer with me.