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Request: Okay well this isnt a soulmate au, but what about Alex summers x reader in which they both live in Xaviers mansion and Alex’s room is right beside hers and he listens to really loud music till 4am so one night she storms in and takes his iPod/CDs/phone and he chases her around the mansion 💕 I know you have ALOT of requests already but I just LOVE your writing so I thought I’d give a shot asking 🙏🏻

Notes: So, I’m getting back into writing now that I’m on break, so hopefully I’ll get a lot done (I have finals after break though…yikes) Anyways, hope you guys like it!

You sigh as you unlock the door to your room, tossing your bag towards your desk and flopping down on your bed. Tired from training you shut your eyes, trying to get some sleep before an afternoon class. Unsurprisingly, your neighbor, Alex, starts blasting his music. You groan, reaching into your nightstand and pulling out earbuds, hoping to drown out the pounding music coming from Alex’s room. You manage to fall asleep for a short while, being woken again by more music.

Gritting your teeth, you stand up and grab your bag, leaving your room and slamming the door behind you. You set off to find Hank, knowing he would listen to you rant about Alex as you had before.

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How do you think the Karasuno boys + Bokuto would try to talk to their shy transfer student crush who's in their class but is sometimes surrounded by other students because they want to be her friend and other guys who thinks she's cute?

EEE!! This is kind of like me since I’ve moved quite a bit and never really made friendships that lasted over 1 or 2 years. There’s only a couple, and I’ve become quiet sooo :U (Except I never really had the surrounding bit, I’m kind of glad because I’m not too fond of crowds). But thanks for requesting!!! Enjoy, please! -Admin 4AM (I accidentally forgot to save this ask as a draft TWICE, so I’ve never gotten around to it out of my stubbornness ;P)

Ukai: He’d probably not have much of a problem waltzing up to the new girl. Though he’d be one of those guys that don’t actually want to get down with her just for a quick session of speed dating. For instance, he takes the girl by the hand and just walks off. To be honest, she didn’t really mind because she started feeling overwhelmed by all the talking and questions.

Asahi: He might be even more shy than she is??? He really wants to show her the ropes to school life at Karasuno, but he can’t bring himself to talk to such a cutie! He also can’t find a spot to go in with the huge group of guys and girls surrounding the transfer student! D: When he does actually get the chance, the poor baby accidentally yeLLS IN HER FACE AND TELLS HER THAT SHE SMELLS NICE! But hey, she laughed!

Daichi: His experience with the girl is actually kind of bad because 1) his first impression on her is when she walked by as he was scolding the first years on his team for being rowdy, 2) his friends also managed to taint his image by joking with her that he’s actually some sort of mobster. It gets to the point where Daichi tries to go clear up his name and apologize for his friends for tricking her, but she runs away!!! In the end, he manages to actually tell her the truth and accidentally confesses that she’s super cute!

Sugawara: He had kindly told everyone to give her some space and let the poor girl breathe! Except when everyone reluctantly went away, he sat down and started to calmly talk to her as if he just hadn’t told everyone to give her a break. Though the soft tone of his voice and the reassurance in his voice made it really hard for the girl to want to stop talking to him. He even dropped in a few compliments just to keep her on her toes.

Ennoshita: Such a charmer, he was. When the transfer student looked like she was being too overwhelmed and he came in as her knight in shining armor. He pretended to know her previously… know quite well I must say. ;D Let’s just say that this lucky guy was able to give off the impression that the two of them were dating just so she wouldn’t make it seem required to be with the curious students. (In all honesty, she doesn’t mind too much)

Kinoshita: She actually went up to him first because she had to ask him where some of her classes were. She was too shy to interrupt the others surrounding her about where she had to go since they were all asking her about her life and how she did her routines. He was able to guide her around because he couldn’t get a full sentence out without stuttering and forming incoherent sentences.

Narita: He ran into her when she accidentally went into the boy’s bathroom! D: He had to try and calmly reassure her that it was just a mistake and that it was okay for a new student to make a simple mistake. He even claimed that ‘since she’s such a cute girl, it’ll be fine and no charges will be held against her. In fact, charges should be held against him because he doesn’t deserve to be talking to such a cutie.’ Although the girl blushes intensely, she keeps saying that he’s quite good looking too! And they’re both still in the bathroom talking about this until another guy walks in and freaks out.

Nishinoya: He tries to gain her attention by showing off while she’s surrounded by the big group. He tries to perform his legendary “Rolling Thunder!” inside the classroom, resulting in him crashing into multiple desks and chairs. It hurt like crazy and the teacher scolded him not to do anything like that again, but he at least got the cute girl’s entire attention. He even treated the small cuts and bruises he got! He swooned~

Tanaka: He was actually really nervous in going up to her at first, but when the girls decided to include him in the conversation by talking about his big sister, he started to ease up. The only thing is, he started to ease up too much and ended up telling embarrassing stories about when he was a child and Saeko had to deal with his shenanigans. He really regrets doing so, but he’s elated that he got the shy cutie to ease up as well.

Hinata: He and Kageyama had made a competition to who could talk to her in a one-on-one conversation. Except they both get really competitive about it and end up chasing her down the halls! D: She gets scared to the point where she bumps into Kageyama and nearly cries. When the other guys and ladies find out about this, the both of them are hated for a while and don’t get to talk to her since she’s always brought away from them. Eventually, Hinata is the first to apologize and she actually sees how nice and how funny he can be!

Kageyama: His first interaction with her, he accidentally makes her cry! In all honesty he just wanted to get a chance to talk to the cute girl! But he made an excuse by challenging Hinata to a “competition” that didn’t end well. He wasn’t able to apologize since he made a bunch of the guys mad at him. Though he was able to leave a nice note in her shoe locker and give her a weirdly shaped homemade key chain! He was super excited to see it on her bag the next day!

Tsukishima: Like Daichi, his first impression on her was a little rough around the edges. He had ignored her the first time she tried to say something since he dropped his pencil without noticing, and when he finally did acknowledge her, he glared at her! The poor baby started to shake and handed him the pencil and ran away, leaving Tsukki really confused. It was all bad timing really, he’d been too focused in trying to ignore that itch in his eye, and then some dust just had to make it worse for him. When he saw her the next day, he gave her an apology and a genuine compliment. When Yamaguchi tried to comment about this, Tsukishima denies it ever happened.

Yamaguchi: He actually goes to talk to the girl without being there with Tsukki! He offers to sit with her at lunch, but his friend apparently wasn’t invited. Lunch is actually one of the times where the transfer student isn’t really crowded since she claims to already have lunch plans with someone else. And that’s the lucky Yamaguchi~! Though after time, he starts to break away the constant groups surrounding her by asking her to just go sit next to him and Tsukishima. Problem solved!

Bokuto: He’s one of the guys who approaches the transfer student and is kind of there asking the questions! He’s super energetic about it too! Apparently to the point where there is really no group of guys and he’s the only one since nobody else has a chance to get a word in. Though he’s actually super conscious of this. ;) When he knows that the others won’t be bothering her too much, he’ll tone down his excitement to where she’s the most comfortable. At least she won’t have to worry about being crowded by many!

Her eyes scanned the parking lot, meeting mine halfway through then continuing. Apart from our dull silver Nissan, there were few cars spread around us. A shopping mall wouldn’t be a safe place to harvest your car, at 4am, anyways. This made sense to me. Although the suspension on the 1998 bucket of bolts was completely obliterated, I wasn’t worried. Not because triple A would be on their way, but because I would get to look at her in the moonlight. I had never done that before.
“Why are you being so quiet?” she asked me as I pretended to fiddle with my keyring.
I cleared my throat as if I were ready to forfeit an answer but instead I choke up. I put my keys into the back pocket of my jeans. My hands are just looking for something to do; something to keep busy with.
“I just can’t believe that I did this to my car” I lied to her. I couldn’t have cared less about the car. My silver lining was right in front of me. Fixing the car would put about a $250 dent in my wallet but today at 4:12am on this chilly April morning, standing in front of me was the only reason I wanted to keep breathing. I watched her look up at the stars and I was glad she wasn’t looking at me because I was staring at her so intently. It felt like I was trying to figure out a puzzle but her missing pieces were inside of me. She didn’t know that but I did. I slinked quietly over to the hood of the car and seated myself after wiping some debris from under me. I didn’t expect her to follow me but she came along quickly as if I had asked her to. I wasn’t sure if it was the metronomical ticking of my watch or if it was my unsteady heartbeat that was interrupting the silence of the calm morning.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll finish one day