but she gave it up

In Cars 3 when we first meet Cruz Sterling refers to her as their “Maestro of Motivation”. Then we see Cruz’s training revolves mostly on motivation as they race and prepare. She spends so much time making sure others are calm and confident so they can succeed at their dreams.

Then later on we got Cruz’s backstory. She couldn’t achieve her dream of being a racer because she wasn’t confident enough in herself. She gave it up because she couldn’t find the motivation to think optimistically and give it her all. Instead she gave up. She believed she couldn’t do it.



-When the MC asked the members and audience who the cutest member was Mina jokingly raised her hand
-Tzuyu had to act out “gorilla” during charades but was too shy and hesitated so Nayeon did it behind her and the other team correctly guessed
-Chaeyoung’s “so hot!!!!”
-Mina trailed behind at the end of the concert and looked like a lost penguin
-Dahyun blew kisses to the crowd before going off stage
-When the Fortune Wheel landed on Photo Time Nayeon suggested the audience take pictures of Twice looking cute
-Mina and Dahyun hugged people during the hi-touch
-An older woman gave Sana a flower crown to wear during the hi-touch
-Jihyo was very enthusiastic and leaned forward with every high five she gave
-Tzuyu picked up a green ball that was thrown on stage at the end of the concert and smiled like a little kid…everyone cheered
-The whole crowd sang along to shyshyshy

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Just find out that GUESS follows Camila and Lauren. The world is Camren shipper.

She was behind the scenes promoting bae.😏 They followed her and gave her some merch. If she ends up becoming a guess model of ALL the brands available and willing to take her I’m quitting. They might as well just get married.

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Surprise gift ch.9

Waking the next morning Yondu grinned before burring his nose into her hair and breathing in her scent. During the night she had moved to lay on her stomach like most Centaurians slept. He had also slept on his stomach but with his head on her back and his arm thrown over her to hold onto her hip. Opening his eyes he leaned up to look down at her. She was still sleeping and he gave a crooked grin as he moved to stroke the line of her fin with the tip of his finger. He watched as she shivered and gave a small whine. “Time ta wake up princess.” he said in a deep gravely voice. When he heard her give a groan and move her head under the pillow he chuckled. Pulling the fur off her body he looked down to see her color was back, her skin now again a blueish silver. “Ya gonna get up?” he asked and heard her just grunt in response. Biting his tongue he gave a swift smack to her bare backside.

“Ouch!” you yelped and quickly rolled over to glare at him. Seeing him grinning you smiled before smacking him in the face with the pillow. Hearing a growl you let out a small scream as you were hosted up into the air. 

Throwing his omega over his shoulder he carried her into the bathroom. Turning on the shower he stepped in and lowered her so her legs were wrapped around his waist and her face was level with his. Before he could say a word she spit a mouthful of water in his face. Yondu let out a slow deep growl as he opened his eyes to glare at her. Seeing her smiling innocently at him he smacked her leg. “Think I'ma ave’ ta teach ya who is in control of this relationship again.” he growled playfully in her ear. 

Wanting to play with him more you giggled. “I am.”

Leaning back he raised his brows and tried to hold back his smile. “That right?" 

Nodding your head you looked at him, "Yep. I’m the alpha and you can be my omega. So I want breakfast in bed." 

Yondu gave a chuckle "We’ll see bout’ that.” shaking his head before slamming his lips into hers. Shoving his tongue into her mouth he moved his hand to rub over her pussy. He listened to her whimpers and moans and smiled around her lips. “Thought ya were gonna be in control?” he asked in a mocking tone as he lined himself up with her entrance and slowly began to push in. Hearing her cry out he felt her trembling in his arms. When she started whining in need he smirked. “Alphas don’t beg little one.” He said before shoving her down on his cock making her let out a loud scream. Holding her to the wall he fucked her relentlessly. Soon she was digging her nails into his shoulders and kissing his neck. Grunting he felt as his balls began to twitch against her ass and nipped at her neck and ear. “Who’s in control?” He asked in a deep growl. 

Whimpering you felt his fingers dig into your ass and his sharp teeth nip at your ear. “You…”

Groaning Yondu smirked “Who am I?’ he asked. 

Letting out a whimper you tried to find your voice, ”…alpha…“ you cried. Hearing a growl you felt your pussy tighten. "My alpha." 

As soon as the words were out of her mouth Yondu moved his thumb to rub circles over the bundle of nerves and felt her body tense up and heard her scream his name. That was all it took for the captain to fall apart. With a loud roar he filled her with his seed. Gripping her skin tightly in his hands he groaned into her neck. When he was spent he felt her head resting on his shoulder and her heavy breathing against his neck. Rubbing his hand over the back of her head and neck he heard her sigh. 

"Now can I go back to bed?” you asked in a tired voice. 

Yondu chuckled before slipping her off his cock and standing her on her feet. “Negative. Yer goin’ wit me.” he said and heard her groan. Smacking her ass again he took out the sponge and lathered it up with her soap before handing it to her.


After their shower Yondu watched as she got dressed in her normal clothes and lifted his chin. Quickly throwing on his jacket he took her hand and began pulling her behind him out the door. 

You were shocked when your mate tugged you along with him. Up until now you had spent everyday in the room while he did whatever he did. Looking around the ship you saw many of his men already up and going about, stopping to salute their Captain and look at you oddly. When you got to a doorway Yondu pulled you inside. Seeing a large machine you tilted your head to the side. It was strange looking to say the least. Going to a screen Yondu pressed a few buttons and told you to go stand in the center of the machine. Knotting your brows you eyed him suspiciously but went when you saw him serious. Standing there you gave a jump when a laser scanned you. 

“Take off yer clothes darlin’.” Yondu said. Seeing her hesitant he gave a growl. “Come on princess I ain’t got all day.” Once she was fully naked he had to keep his eyes on the screen to keep his member from growing hard again. Soon the tailor had her fully dressed in the dark red leather of the ravagers. She wore long fitting leather pants, a black undershirt with a v cut neckline and a red leather jacket that went to her waist. Going over to her he couldn’t stop the rumble in his chest at seeing his female so done up. Lifting her chin he could also see the many marks he had placed on her body. The most prominent one was the deep and dark bite mark on the nape of her neck. Being the alpha that he was he couldn’t help from moving her hair away so the mark was easily seen on her. His ship was full of men and he intended for her to be known as his only. Giving her a smile he held out his hand for her to take, “Time ta go ta girl.”

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We gave up and she was checking out the camera. I went up behind her and grabbed her.
”Looks like it’s still alive. Hana you really need to take care of your things.”
I kissed her shoulder and chuckled.
”I do. Call it tough love.”
Hm, I don’t think inanimate objects know the meaning of ‘tough love’.”

We could hear the TV reporter mumbling in the background. We hardly ever turned it on, but when it was, it was on the news channel.
Nia liked to keep up with current events. Me? I couldn’t care less. I already knew her routine, she’d pick up a newspaper on the way to work, one during lunch and one on her way home. We’d have stacks of them because she liked to cross-reference or look back on things. I constantly told her to use the internet like a normal person but she had a fondness for newspapers.

The radio was also playing the background. “ ‘Cause no one breaks my heart like you  If I survive I’ll dive back in   ………Dive back into Right back into Dive right back into you “ 

I laughed into her shirt. She HATED when I left so many things playing at once, sometimes I did it on purpose. 
She set the camera down on the counter. 

She came back and grabbed me. I giggled as she spun me around. 
Oh, what’s this dance for?” I asked between laughs. 
“Well you leave your damn music on constantly, might as well take advantage,” she brought me in close, “Besides I like this song.” 
I chuckled. “You like my music. Doesn’t matter what.”
“Not true Hana.” 
She pulled me in close again and we were swaying gently to our own beat. She held my hand at her shoulder and her other hand was tenderly resting at my waist.
I already knew where we were headed, and I was fine with it, because when she barely touched my body like that, I wanted her just as badly

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What's your take on why L couldn't spend the whole week with G? It's so strange! She flew home to SF on Tues only to fly back to LA on Fri to go to the concert and prob DP's wedding. Why not just stay the whole week with G in LA? Especially since his mom and sis came to visit. It's only 3 nights! His hiatus is almost over. Does she not have PTO (paid time off) at her job?

Our take on it?

They don’t live together and they’ve never lived together. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if Grant’s publicist or manager or whoever the source was talking to ET hadn’t decided to add that little tidbit of unnecessary information. It’s too easy to debunk.

She either gave up her apartment or the lease ran out and she’s shacking with her best friend and her child. We don’t know what kind of job she has that she can’t just quit it, tbh. Grant’s isn’t hurting for money and It’s not like she’s going to be living in San Fran once they get married…we assume.

Like we said it won’t surprise us in the least if once Grant is no longer living in Venice full time she moves in to his apartment. That way they continue on with their weekends only romance for the ages.

*whispers* part of me loves seeing anyone ever disrespecting and ignoring abby lee miller because she is awful but i kind of don’t like that maddie and her family are because they’re not getting real about how they used to do the opposite

like they were TOTALLY IN with abby when it suited them and now they’re acting like they’re too good for it all and didn’t take advantage of abby’s awfulness to people other than them for their own gain… like please insult ALM all day fuckin long but can we acknowledge how she gave you a leg up for so long and you are now fucking enjoying what that lead to… like the world’s smallest/most specific trash example of those girls who say they hate feminism while enjoying every freedom it has got them??? like i hate to even say that but it’s still the same fucking thing???


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how do i show someone who lost hope for our relationship that im changing for the better and that i can work for everything to be healthy again? i know i can do it and i know we can be something great but she just gave up

well first if ur mentally ill and that’s what ur referring to by “healthy,” i think u should do everything u can to get help so u don’t have to go thru this by urself. and if u find someone or something that is rly helping u improve, u should update the person who lost hope for ur relationship about it and show her that ur actively making an effort and sure, there will be ups and downs but u know what, ur still trying. and be sure to show her that u still care and love her very much and u want the relationship to work!! show her ur devotion and the effort ur putting into all of this and hopefully she’ll see that things can work out

UPDATE: if u wanna talk about this personal vent that blew up send me a message, i’m not answering the anons lol. i know there are autistic people that disagree but this is directed specifically at allistic people that participate in ableism and yet do the whole meme thing and that it made me and yes, many others uncomfortable. particularly as many of the joke posts start with someone not understanding why the joke is funny, etc. if you’re not autistic however literally you can like not even interact with this post like i really do not care.

like i get the Joke or whatever but i’m here to be that annoying reminder that autism exists and all of you are complicit in ableism re: the babadook 

the movie is… pretty…clearly about ableism? her son is autistic- that’s why he’s bullied, that’s why he has meltdowns and sensory issues and doesn’t pick up on social cues, that’s why he’s ‘annoying’, that’s why her sister just Hates him- and she’s your typical autism mom. she takes it all out on her son, she hates that she gave birth to a child that was fucked up and Wrong and lost her husband in the process, she doesn’t have enough ‘support’, nobody understands, etc. he’s annoying and loud and complicated and she hates him the way some of you in the audience did. 

the babadook is her hatred of him, her inability to accept his autism, etc. that’s why she tries to kill him(the way so many autism moms do, the way autism speaks tries defend), that’s why she tries to physically abuse it out of him, that’s why she has to ‘feed the monster’ every so often (the way autism moms™ have their ‘mom days’ to complain about how much they can’t stand their kid, how sometimes they wish they’d never been born, how they consider drowning them in kiddie pools bc it’d be ‘kinder’, the way that famous anti-vaxxers report having to go stand in rooms and throw shit at walls to avoid hitting their kid)

it’s…really apparent to me as an autistic person and it is so many others, too? sam has to protect his mother from the babadook. he’s terrified of it (her)- the movie even makes clear that she was the one that wrote the book. she tries to kill both herself and sam (glass in the food). she becomes more and more unstable, aggressive, and violent, and sam’s response as an autistic child is to mirror what he sees. his meltdowns increase, he has less support, he spends all his time latching on to the remnants of the only person he has. 

like it’s…idk, really uncomfortable for me to see all these allistic people first making fun of how annoying the (autistic) kid was, and misinterpreting the movie to a frankly astounding degree, and then the Joke is that straight people don’t get how he’s a ~gay icon~ (which… many of the people in the first few posts from which the meme comes were autistic…. )

idk. it’s really weird for me to see allistics carry on with this elaborate lgbt icon joke by laughing in the faces of people that don’t understand why, when half of us are autistic… being mocked for not understanding a movie…about ableism…by allistic people. the mind boggles. 

i mean whatever its a joke gay babadook etc but y’all didn’t even get it the first time and you’re joyfully, self-assuredly ableist all the time so it’s really weird that this is just kind of drowning out all of the #actuallyautistic posts i was enjoying reading in the tag but i mean, allistics will be allistics, i guess 

Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

Read the fic here

(Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (other classmates coming soon)

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tell me a magical story!

When the witch says “I can make you this spell, but it will cost you your name,” she doesn’t hesitate.

Instead, she says “Which name?”

And the witch smiles. “Most aren’t so clever as to ask. For that, I’ll let you choose which of your names you give me.”


“My child, my child,” says her mother when she brought home the spell, when she heals the little sister who was close to death. “What did you give up for this?”

“Nothing I didn’t choose to give.”


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