but she freaked out

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Ok but like, what's been going on with Scout????

lmao idk why this made me laugh but it didd. but omg thank you for asking and i don’t know if you mean like what is she up to or like is something wrong but she is finee, she’s staying on campus for the summer because she was accepted into a program but it’s only 3 days a week so she also got a part-time job as a lifeguard as well because why tf not :D and also her and arias broke up, he was her first real relationship and she kind of had a freak out moment about it after their like 5 month anniversary and panicked and broke up with him.  so right now she’s like in hangover mode about it kind of regretting it and feeling down. also she moved out of her dorms and into a sort of boarding house/apartment with 4 other people so she’s trying to settle in and get to know her new roomies too. she’s distracted right now by a lot of things at least. and that’s what’s up with my baby scout phewf if you made it this far i’m hugging you <33

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Hi, I've been following your blog for quite a while and I wanted to have your opinion regarding the last episode of Batman the Telltale series ? By that I mean the Bruce-Selina scene. Can't say I liked Selina acting so cold towards Bruce even if you stayed loyal and supportive to her all throughout.

I answered this awhile ago and you can find my initial impression here and a follow up here. After having some time to think about it I don’t believe at all that Selina was acting cold towards Bruce because she didn’t care about him, but I think it freaked her out how fast things were moving especially if you choose the “I love you” option. @akemirie made some very excellent points that I really agree with. 

My first reaction was mixed too, I liked that they met up again but I hated how Selina was cold to Bruce. Then after rethinking and replaying the scene, I can see she has a strange sense of humour. I picked the option (scene with Alfred) that she was “Just messing with Bruce.” If Selina did not care about Bruce, she wouldn’t stick around and tell him to leave Gotham. 

It’s obvious she knew he would come for the key and she also craved the chase. That’s why she stole from him. Also she is scared of commitment and thinks Bruce will either become corrupt by her or she will cross one of his lines- therefore cause her heart to break.

Telling her you love her is a big mistake- even I would be like WTF- so early. She needed to hear the “You saved my life.” quote to affirm that she is a good person and a hero, she needed a legit reason for Bruce’s belief in her. It matters to her what Bruce thinks about her in the end. The love option only confirms his selfishness and using her to fill a romantic vacancy in his life.

^Just like Harvey did. But I won’t forget that she might be written as a person who likes no strings. To fall in love with Bruce would mean to spend enough time with him and we probably won’t get that in a Telltale game.

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I could totally imagine anyone walking past Flaky and they greet her with finger guns. But she's so paranoid that she freaks out

Pfff like
“Was that a finger gun?? Was it real??! If yes then is it invisible? Does it have invisible bullets? AM I SHOT??!!! IS THERE AN INVISIBLE WOUND I’M BLEEDING OUT OF???!!!!


Sierra tweeted this, it’s sad that she has to tweet this because some people can’t stop being childish and thinking that just because one of the boys is with a girl it automatically means they are dating. That’s really sweet of her to tweet that, but the fact that she HAD to tweet that is just horrible. Imagine the amounts of comments/tweets she got saying if she was dating Ashton or just fans freaking out. Some of y'all need to calm down and just stop with the dating rumors whenever the boys hang out with a girl. If you don’t know who Sierra is, she’s been a friend of the boys for a while and a couple days ago there were 2 photos of her and Ashton walking in LA and sitting down for lunch or whatever. And of course, some fans are going to start something and freak out. Because of that, she had to tweet out that she wasn’t dating Ashton. Stop❌freaking❌out❌over❌nothing❌and❌realize❌that❌the❌boys❌can❌have❌friends❌who❌are❌females

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Hey! Can you do 3 and 6 for Elorcan?

yesssssSSS i have some Thoughts On The Subject for this, too

3. Injured

  • When Lorcan is injured Elide tends to him constantly.
  • Even though he’s fae and heals extremely fast, she still takes care of him like he’s human, making sure he doesn’t get out of bed for at least a day, sometimes three depending on how bad the injury is. 
  • When Elide is hurt, Lorcan freaks out. 
  • He takes care of her, makes sure she has water and food and bandages. 
  • He also carries her everywhere. Even if it’s just to the bathroom, he insists on carrying her. 
  • She doesn’t really mind, but she protests anyway. 
  • Once when she accidentally broke her leg after riding Abraxos, they got into a bit of a fight. But even though they were both giving each other the cold shoulder, he still carried her everywhere.

6. Training

  • Despite Lorcan’s begging, Elide only ever trains with Manon. 
  • Manon teaches her how to ride (using Abraxos for practice), how to fight using daggers and wits, and how to make her limp work to her advantage. 
  • And however much Lorcan wishes she would train with him, he supports her no matter what. 
  • He loves watching Elide grow stronger with each day and can’t wait for her to show off her skills to him. 
  • And after a few months, she comes pretty close to kicking his damn ass.

send me a ship and a number for headcanons!!!!!!


whoOps so did you know Jodi Benson was in “Enchanted” because if you didn’t I SUGGEST YOU GO WATCH IT AGAIN KNOWING THE VOICE OF ARIEL (THE JODI BENSON) HAS A PART IN THE MOVIE.




this is how it happened right


@wafflegilmore asked: favorite luke gestures towards the girls

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What do you think lazy Sunday mornings would be like with Finn/Rey/Poe?

General Organa pinched the bridge of her nose. “Rey.”

There was a profound and deep silence in the hangar, interrupted only by the intermittent beep and whir of mech droids, doing their daily maintenance on the other x-wings. Leia sighed.

“Rey, I can see you.”

Very slowly, the rest of Rey’s head appeared over the edge of the cockpit. “Good morning, General,” she said with a sheepish smile.

“I was under the impression that I ordered you, along with Commander Dameron and Lieutenant Finn, to remove yourself from duty for the next three cycles before you dropped dead of exhaustion,” Leia says dryly. “Am I mistaken?”

“Um—no, General—”

“So either you ignored a direct order from your commanding general, or you’re not working on an x-wing at,” Leia idly checked her chronometer, “seven-hundred hours.”

Rey’s expression was doing something complicated, torn between amusement and vague embarrassment. “In my defense, General, I had to be awake much earlier on Jakku to beat the sun and the other scavengers. It’s simply habit by now.”

Leia snorted. “Also, you thought that no one would be around to notice your flagrant disobedience.”

“No, I’m sticking with my first answer,” Rey said firmly.

“And Commander Dameron and Lieutenant Finn? I suppose they’re still asleep in your quarters, since neither of them share your desert upbringing.”

It was funny to watch Rey school her face into blankness. “Of course, General. Why would they disobey an order from you?”

Leia did laugh at that. “Remind me to get someone from Intel to teach you how to lie convincingly. After your temporary suspension is up,” she added pointedly, when Rey perked up. “Go to bed, Rey.”

Honestly, Leia could forgive everyone who had assumed Rey was Luke’s daughter. They pulled the exact same face whenever they were annoyed, and just barely refraining from whining about it.

(Maybe it was a Jedi thing.)


Leia wandered into the command center without looking up from her datapad. It always benefited her to get through the previous day’s transmits before first shift began in earnest; otherwise she would be dealing with the backlog all week.

She marked a message from the ambassador to Brindisi for further follow-up and hummed, pleased. “If I look up and either of you is standing at the command console, I will have you dragged to medical and personally ensure that Major Calonia doses you with a sedative.”

There was a pause, then a flurry of datapads being gathered up and frantic whispering, the ping! of a file being saved to the console. A very quiet, “go, go, go,” along with boots scuffling on the duracrete.

When Leia looked up, there was no one in the command center except her, and the fading after-image of a holo battleplan. DAMERON, CMD., FINN, LT. obligingly blinked on the screen for a moment before it went dark.

Leia smiled slightly to herself, and went back to the transmits.


The next morning, she found Finn reorganizing the storeroom. At six hundred twenty hours. “That is on-duty work, Lieutenant,” she said, almost startling him into falling off the ladder. “And I’m fairly certain you are currently off-duty.”

Finn’s blank expression was much better than Rey’s. “General, with all due respect, is there any way I can convince you to sleep in an hour or two?”

“Funny,” Leia said. “That’s what I was going to ask you.”


Rey had updated the software for all the droids in the maintenance bay at some point during the night; it was time for Leia to call in the big blasters.

…….unfortunately, “the big blasters” were on their eighth run-through on the x-wing simulator. Leia watched Poe dispassionately, noting that the first run-through was timestamped 00512. “General!” Poe said, after he completed the run, and tugged his helmet off. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were there. Something I can do?”

“No,” Leia said finally. “No, just letting you know that your suspension is up tomorrow. Please be aware that if you, Rey, or Lieutenant Finn ever show up incapacitated to the point of being unable to fulfill your obligations again, I will take drastic measures.”

He regarded her warily. “May I ask what those are, General?”

“I’ll personally shove a sed-pack up your ass, Dameron. Or worse,” Leia said, cocking an eyebrow at him, “I’ll make all of you talk to a minder until you stop waking each other up with your nightmares.”

Poe, like Rey, has never been a very good liar. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, General,” he says, fitting the sim helmet back over his head. His next words are muffled—”But I’ll take it under advisement.”

If, IF, this scene is after them fighting about the Serpent thing or they are a little distant and not in speaking terms because with Fred and all that they haven’t had the time to really talk about Jughead’s involvement with the gang and he is at Pop’s, with his head buried under the hood of the car and trying to get it to work but damn it he is the worst mechanic and Betty spots him struggle and of course she goes over to help and there’s this awkward silence and only truck-related questions even though they are dying to ask other question and he goes to show her something on the engine or she needs assistance screwing something or, better yet, she is screwing something hysterically while freaking out in a rant because she is nervous and frustrated and his hand flies to stop hers and their hands touch and then that moment  happens you know when they stop and look at each other and there’s a pause and all those “I love you, you dumbass” being left unsaid and he lets a soft “Betty…” with his freaking heart-eyes, that’s it I’m literally going to die!

And if the scene goes differently, then I’m rioting!!!!

>: }}