but she freaked out

I just saw this girl I went to middle school with on the news for starving her baby to death and it’s just like,,, holy shit man,,, like when we knew her she was really creepy and would talk about death all the time and she freaked us out and like I’m sure she was bullied and it just makes me wonder that what if one of us had reached out and befriended her if she still would have turned out to be a killer

Interesting Prompt 🤔

The reader is Kai’s best friend. But she doesn’t think she is because Kai never shows it. She gets vexed and she’s sick and just freaks everyone out at school. Damon is her boyfriend and can’t get to her in time. So he does the unthinkable and calls Kai to pick her up and check her out. “I’m trying to say thank you but because I don’t like you it’s difficult.” And it’s crazy. “I didn’t do it for you. Nor would I ever have done it for you. She’s my best friend, it was all for her.” I just want to see how many people would write this in their own way 😂 I think it would be interesting @trinklton @fandomimagineswithme @nolaimagines how does it sound? 😍

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also I honestly love Raf and Serena’s *almost kissing* scene from Into the Abyss the whole thing is fucking hilarious: poor adorable Serena knowing she loves Bernie but freaking out what that means for her and Raf being a cheeky little arse and them laughing at themselves so freaking hard. I love them I love their relationship they’re mates that get drunk and admit secrets and test theories but no matter what they say they’re know they’ll still be mates in the morning its beautiful and i love them 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i miss taylor swift but more than anything i miss witnessing the effect she has on others like i miss seeing people freaking out because she's reblogging their posts or following them and i miss the excitement before her public appearances and the sense of community as we all come together to support and signal boost those who might be able to meet her that night and i miss the speculation and the shitposts and the ridiculous late nights talking to new people and in-jokes and i am glad she's taking a break i really am but i really hope she comes back soon

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DO A SOULMATE MSR AU. Sorry for the excessive caps lock :/ please. I forgot please.

I freaking love soulmate AUs and probably think of like 10 different ones a week. I love the idea that Scully starts having flash backs to previous lives and starts to realize what they are. In each life she is with Mulder and it freaks her out. I’d probably want to have it set early in the series cause I am a sucker for season 2 and 3 shipping. I’d have Scully be the one to have these experiences cause it takes so much more for her to believe. Maybe the visions start during/after her abduction and each past life comes with information that helps in the cases they get involved in. 
For the record in a story like this I would refuse to acknowledge TFWD or at least make it known that those visions were crap. Mostly cause I just don’t buy it and that episode was dumb. 
Side note: Everyone in the world should read this soulmate AU fic by Cuits

I’ve Got You Under my Skin

(It’s still in progress but the author has a twitter that you can follow for progress updates. Might be my favorite fic ever.)

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One day Poppy comes home with an actual baby. Branch starts freaking the fuck out because he assumes she stole someones baby. And Poppy's suspicious attitude doesn't help matters. Turns out to be Suki's baby sister and Poppy was taking care of her for the day. Branch still doesn't know why Poppy was acting vague about where she got the baby.

Jesus, Poppy. I swear Branch is gonna go grey by his early twenties at this rate.

She doesn’t even tell him. He just answers the door, Suki’s there, Poppy hands the tot over and that’s the end of that. He just stands there, speechless for several minutes.

Later Poppy is just like “Soooooo. Babies, huh?”

“Slow down.”

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Mom caught me kissing a girl and she freaked out on me *religious reasons* i hate my life rn.. tell me something can make me feel better,,

Why would you hate your life because of someone elses opinion? This is your life and you can make your own decisions.
My mother and grandmother are religious too but they both eventually accepted me being gay. Sit down with your mom and talk it through. Don’t ever let anyone judge you because of your sexuality. You are worthy and amazing they way you are!

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Hi! I'm pretty surprised Chas didn't freak out over that she hadn't been on his only son's actual wedding/actual ceremony. :D (But it was waaaay better this way. Absolutely perfect! *.* :') )

LMAO true. she was so happy they were married tho? I just LOVE her and rob’s relationship, she used to hate him and wanted him as far away from aaron as possible, but she gets it now, she sees how much he loves aaron. but you can tell she ain’t just happy cos aaron’s happy, she’s also happy cos rob’s happy :’) she’s accepted rob into their family as much as aaron has and it’s BEAUTIFUL

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APPARENTLY I play FOB & Panic songs so much that my siblings can recognize their songs w out even being fans lol my older sis went out with her friends & a song came on & she was like, "Is this Panic?" And her friend freaked out & was like, "YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE?" & she said, "My sis listens to them," & my little brother was taking a test at school & his teacher had music on & he came home & was like, "My teacher was playing FOB! Idk the name, I just know it was them cuz you play them so much"

you’re raising them right!!

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I mean, wouldn't she just say it though. Like, if she did see Camila, she woupd have totally freaked out and said so right? I'm putting myself in her shoes and I would freak he fuck out. She was chill dou, just the right freak out amount for Lauren. I doubt it's Mila, could've been Lucy dou. Coz I wouldn't give a fuck it was Lucy 😂😂😂 Just focus on Lauren. 😂😂

Ah man… The shade…😩😕

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Everyone look at Michael Martinez’ post. He’s a Filipino figure skater and the people speculate that Phichit is loosely based on him. I’m not sure if Michael really was the inspiration of Phichit is true or not, but seeing this gives me life.

Okay sooo many people are shitting on Kara over a ship yet literally no one mentions

1. How freaking brilliant she was out tricking Mxy
2. How the writers slipped in that wonderful ‘nasty woman’ reference
3. How, Kara 'I can be sneaky when I want to be’ danvers tricked two people with her fabulous acting skills
4. How freaking dramatic she was standing there drinking orange juice like good god Barry Allen would be proud of that level of pettiness.

¿Quién es Sombra? A character analysis (Overwatch)

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So I’ve been watching the reveal of Sombra over and over again (as ya do), and I couldn’t help but notice some details that say a lot about her personality, worldview, and just how fucked up of a character she is. In the brief time we’ve seen her, Blizzard has already developed her into one of the most fleshed-out characters in all of Overwatch. Piecing together details from her short and her backstory video, we can begin to get a fairly clear picture of how she thinks. And needless to say, it’s very interesting, fucked up, and in a way, kind of tragic.

More below the cut. It’s a really long post, so be warned.

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