but she freaked out

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Hi Jess. I was just re-watching the Saks April 2016 interview where Cait hugs & maybe kisses Sam on the neck or ear. I wasn't aware of blogs at the time, just a shipper w/out knowing it, so what did you make of the weird little convo. Did he almost reveal their relationship. C asks what he was doing & he says "So, like, on the edge". She says "I know", & says sorry & she hugs him.

Yeah that was a huge shipper receipt at the time. I have no idea what was going on or why Sam freaked out but the fact that she comforted him in that way in such a public setting tells me it wasn’t something minor. 


They all reacted in their own special ways, haha! ^^’

Piper was fascinated and immediately tried to figure out the science behind it. Surprisingly enough, it was Xatu who pointed her in the direction of a scholarly Alakazam who was looking into the matter.

Nia was initially pretty freaked out by the idea, but calmed down once she saw that the Pokemon still had the same personality/was happy about the evolution.

Molly was incredibly excited (too excited, jfc) and asked a million questions about her and Benji’s evolutions.

@imjustherefortheart Sorry this took so long to get to! School’s killer.

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may i please request a mileven fic where el gets very hurt physically and has to go to the hospital while mike is freaking out and crying (maybe a car crash or she gets shot?) 🌻🌻

“Mike, Mike!”

Mike opens one eye, groans loudly and rolls over. He wants to hibernate for a year until he’s allowed to see Eleven again. He’s been told that isn’t an option but not for lack of trying on his part. He’s still shocked though when Nancy turns on the lamp next to his bed and rips the blankets off of him. He’s outraged too. He’s about to give some kind of excuse when he looks over at the clock.

“It’s four am,” he says.

“No shit, sherlock,” Nancy says rolling her eyes, “Chief Hopper called, he says you have to be downstairs in five minutes or he’s not stopping.”

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I've got a serious case of baby fever, please for my sanity and my wee little heart, could you write how companions would react if they were given a baby that begins to cry? What'll they do or say in this situation? Pleeeeeeeaaase I'll lick your toes if you wish!

Cait: She froze when the small baby was handed to her, she’d never held a baby in her entire life and when it started to cry she freaked out inside. She immediately hands the baby over to Sole, leaving them to comfort the baby.

Curie: When handed the baby she starts cooing the moment its starts to sniffle. She rocks the baby gently lulling it back to sleep with her soft voice. Although she had no experience with babies she is a natural with them.

Danse: He isn’t sure why the baby was handed to him in the first place and when it starts to cry he isn’t sure what to do.
“Shhh, uh don’t cry,” he said trying to be comforting, but he noticed noone was watching he sings gently to the child with his deep voice, which is surprisingly nice. The baby drifts back to sleep to the sound of his voice.

Hancock: He’s worried he’ll scare the poor baby but if its mother trusted him, then maybe, oh its crying… He pulls funny faces at the baby, sticking out his tongue and tickling it gently. He smiles when the baby starts to laugh, it made him feel warm and fuzzy inside.

MacCready: Hearing the baby cry reminded him of his own sweet child, Duncan. He rocked the baby in his arms, humming a lullaby, just like Lucy taught him. The baby had calmed down in a matter of seconds, closing its eyes and falling asleep.

Piper: “Shhh, it’s alright,” Piper said softly as she ran her finger over the baby’s cheek, stroking softly. She sighed in relief when her tender touches calmed the baby down, she giggled as the baby grabbed her finger, babbling away with wide curious eyes. She can’t help but think about how cute the baby is.

Preston: It wasn’t the first time he’d been stuck with baby sitting duty and honestly he was okay with it. He loves babies. When the baby starts to cry he waves their favourite teddy in front of its face, talking in a baby voice. He later gets teased by Sole for it.

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So Lenny and CJ saw Danny kind of naked and found out she was a girl. Did Danny freak out like a "typical" girl (the whole screaming and slamming the door) or would she be totally chill with the guys seeing her like that (kind of like in the newer IT movie, where Beverly had no shame in letting the guys see her in her underwear when they went swimming)

She’d be super chill. Like she don’t care-

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I should have known I was ace when my mom asked me if I wanted a boyfriend, and I replied with “not now.” She didn’t realize (but I did) that ‘not now’ was going to last a lot longer than she thought.

Ugh. Moms. Mine does that too. Or anytime she see’s a relatively attractive man, she’ll point him out. She used to say “you’re too depressed. you need a boyfriend.” and I’d just make a disgusted look in response and tell her no. I think it kinda freaks her out because she REALLY doesn’t understand the concept of a) not always having some sort of romantic partner and b) not wanting to bang cute boys.

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Basically I got catfished. This girl that I'm kinda friends with started messaging me and saying that she liked me and that I was the first person she came out to. So I gave her loads of advise and to make her feel better I told her I was bisexual. Then I found out that it was fake. I've blocked her and told her to stop. But now I'm really scared that she is going to out me to my school year and I don't know what to do

Oh my goodness! I am so, so sorry to hear about that. That’s so blatantly cruel. Who even thinks it’s mildly okay to do this to someone????

Wait though, how do you know it’s fake? Before I freak out, unless she personally has said to you that she was faking, I wouldn’t do anything. Other people can be lying jerks sometimes and drama is easily started by miscommunication. If she hasn’t directly told you she was faking to mess with you, I would directly ask her. If she says yes, you have your answer. If she says no, you can hear her out.  If she’s already confirmed, you’ve skipped this step.

If you’re really really afraid she’s going to out you, you could do several things:

You could out yourself to the people you trust pre-emptively so that they get correct information from you, on (sorta) your terms.

You could wait and see if she does it, then react be either carrying on with life normally or, if teasing or bullying starts up, notify the principal she’s being a homophobic walnut and get it stopped. If the principal does not stop the bullying, repeatedly visit principal and other teachers until stopped. Talk to your parents if possible, they can help.

Call the Trevor project line for more advice.

I’m really sorry you’re in this situation. The most important thing to do right now breathes, and remember that it’s going to be okay, no matter what. I hope this helps! 

-mod Kathy

…. A story where a character gets transported into a fantasy setting and she really freaks out bc she expects Game of Thrones and it turns out to be more like a Filmation cartoon

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Cap rising story: I was teachers assistant for a 10th grade class (my senior yr). I sit in the seat next to the teach. I walked into class and saw a boy sitting in my seat,away from me & talking with the teacher. He says something along the lines of "I can't talk to her, she freaks me out. You must be glad she's in your class because everyone's scared of misbehaving around her." The teacher fucking looks up at me and goes "you better shut your mouth because she's behind you" 😯 #restingbitchface

Lmao wow

I stupidly rang mum for support cause I’m freaking out. 
She’s like well just right down everything thats factual. 
I was telling her the things i’ve seen 

ie: we have a two year old I’ve been watching for 10 months now , he has shown no developmental growth in that time. He does not look like he has grown at all in height, he is hungry most of the time he can come , he can say about 5 words , if his mum has been out the night before (with a fake ID) he will not settle, he will cry and scream he wants his mum until he hyperventilates, nothing will settle him. When she does return he shows little regard to her return and at times wont even acknowledge  her. 

Mum goes well this doesn’t sound factual how do you know she’s out , this is you assuming. Here is the thing with pscyhology , I have taken the actual facts , I have taken the information I am handed and then like we are taught , is I have put a hypothesis together. Im aware his delayed speech could be accounted to speech apraxia, I’m aware that he could just be a clingy child, I’m aware that his small statue could be a medical issue. However I am also aware that when you look at the context that this behaviour is occurring, in when you look at the information you have about the family and the mother, the behaviour changes which match with his mothers behaviour changes, it becomes apparent that there is possibly attachment issues, that there could be developmental delays as a result of child psychological neglect. 

Mum didnt want to hear a word of this and  just pissed me off if I’m honest. I was eating tofu and she heard the for scrap my plate saying it is a horrid sound, when i tried to explain this to mum about the case (keeping in mind i am freaking out about this meeting , i just needed support) So i very maturely took my knife and scraped it on my plate to make the noise as she was pissing me off , prior to that she was saying i need to stay on my meds.  

There are other cases , things like children come being unfed, children close to three barley talking correctly, small stature in children, children trying to drown animals, children standing over their parents with knives, children who come with food all through there hair, wet pants, dirty diapers, the trauma reactions you see, the poor attachment , the inability to settle, the way the children interact with each other in that they do not , they should be at a stage where they are starting to play beside each other but they dont.  Very few of them are showing normal signs of development. I have worked a lot with children, however i have never worked in a place where its common to have 7 two years olds, none of them playing with each other and none of them talking. 

Have I made a mistake , have i misunderstood, should i not have spoken up ?

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Please Imagine Anne Marie, Delgado, and Cat at a petting zoo/ This has been your dose of cute chaos for the day <3~


Cat is so CONFUSED by these animals, like what even are these guys, hello are you friendly YOU ARE

Having to get picked up off the ground by Delgado when goats bowl him over swarming for treats

Very carefully just watching the ducklings but not daring to touch such tiny floofs

Anne Marie has ZERO hesitation but maybe she SHOULD because she’s such an idiot about animals, she’ll just go up and start petting them and making noise with no introduction and that can freak a lot of critters out but she never learns…then again these animals are FOR rowdy kids, they are USED to them

Cat’s horror when the llama spits on him because he doesn’t realize it’s just spit and not like the Aliens movies

ALSO this one time at a Ren Faire petting zoo they had an ostrich and you could ride it and at 65 lbs pretty sure Cat isn’t gonna fuss it at all so that ends up being his first “““equestrian”“““ experience


whoOps so did you know Jodi Benson was in “Enchanted” because if you didn’t I SUGGEST YOU GO WATCH IT AGAIN KNOWING THE VOICE OF ARIEL (THE JODI BENSON) HAS A PART IN THE MOVIE.