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Someone to Stay - AU

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Chapter 5

There was a short line of people standing outside Duke’s, waiting for their turn to go in. Claire, arms crossed, went up to the security guard holding a clipboard.

“Are you on the list?” he barked.

“Um, Claire Beauchamp?” 

“Oh.” His gruff demeanor changed instantly. “Says ‘ere you’re VIP.” He pulled a lanyard with blue tags dangling that read DUKE’S. “Go on in. Ask for Duncan at the bar.”

“Thanks.” Claire slipped the pass over her head and walked into the pulsing, smoky darkness.

Everyone inside looked like they’d stepped out of Rolling Stone or something, Claire thought. She was glad for once she’d listened to Geillis’s advice and dressed up a little for the occasion; she was wearing makeup on her normally pale face and wild curls, a short blue dress with heels – and the black biker jacket Mary her co-worker had lent her to match a certain red-haired singer.

She walked up to the bar. The only bartender on duty could only be Duncan. As she approached, he noticed the VIP pass and immediately gave her a glass of champagne, directing her backstage. “To the green room, love!” he shouted over the din.

Claire was still unsure about this. And this, exactly, was whatever she wanted it to be. Wasn’t that what he had said? For now, he was a friend. And friends could see other friends and support each other at events like this. As much as she – and Rupert – would have liked Geillis to be there, a seven hour drive from Edinburgh and a hectic work schedule was not feasible.

Down a darkened hallway hidden behind a black curtain by the bar, Claire reached a door marked for performers. Boisterous laughter could be heard on the other side, and Claire wondered which was Jamie’s. For courage, she downed the champagne all at once, bubbles fizzing in her mouth. Thinking perhaps they wouldn’t hear her knocking, she decided to turn the knob and walk in.

A group of faces turned to stare, but she only had eyes for one. Towering over most, Jamie’s gaze found hers and a blinding smile widened on his face. Pushing through the crowd sitting on chairs and sofas, he met her at the door.

“You’re here!” Jamie leaned in and pecked her on the cheek. Claire was enveloped in the warmth of his scent – spice, citrus, and honey all at once. Resisting the urge to wrap her arms around him, she merely smiled and squeezed his shoulder.

“How are you, Jamie? Nervous?”

“A wee bit.” He grinned. “The day I dinna get the cramp in my wame, I’ll ken ‘tis time to retire.” 

“Makes sense,” Claire laughed.

“Here, let me introduce ye.” Jamie took her hand (with only a minor jolt) and pushed past the throng. Composed of band members and a few random girls, the rest were close friends of Hugh Munro’s, who enjoyed the perks of knowing the owner. 

Claire was greeted cheerfully by Willie, Ian, and Rupert, who pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. She solemnly promised him to bring Geillis next time, regardless of work schedules. All the while introductions were made, Jamie did not let go of her hand. And neither did she.

Lastly, they approached a taciturn man who stood off by himself behind the chairs. He nursed a beer, and only raised an eyebrow as Jamie advanced closer, Claire in tow.  

“Claire, this is Murtagh, my uncle and our manager. Murtagh, this is Claire, whom I told ye all about.” A faint pink tinged his ears and the back of his neck. Again, he rifled his hand through the red tresses, embarrassed.

She stuck out her hand and was surprised by the firm grip, which held hers for a second longer than normal before he took a swig of beer.

“Mmphm. Ye’ll be the Sassenach lassie then. Yon lad hasnae shut up about ye since Edinburgh.” A thick Scots accent permeated his words, mumbled barely audibly. Claire strained to catch the tone of them, but they lacked any sort of discernible emotion.

Sassenach?” Claire peeked at Jamie, who turned even redder.

“It only means English, to a Scot. Uncle?” Jamie nudged Murtagh, who shook his head.

“Aye, no offense, lass. ‘Tis only he’s never dated an Englishwoman before. French fer sure, mebbe a Lowlander here and there.” He winked at Jamie, who covered his face in despair.

“Really? Well now, that’s interesting. Tell me more.” Claire winked back at Murtagh, who seemed on the verge of smiling.

“Nay. That’s enough. Thank ye, Uncle.” Jamie steered Claire away with a broad hand on her shoulder. She turned back to Murtagh one last time. 

“A pleasure, Murtagh!” The man raised his beer briefly in acknowledgement. She could clearly see that he was protective of his nephew, and liked him for it. 

At the back of the room stood a long table, crammed with platters of finger food. Squeezed in were bottles and bottles of whiskey. Claire could glimpse Laphroaig, Glenfiddich, Macallan, Glenlivet, and the odd bottle of Chivas and Johnnie Walker. Jamie insisted on exchanging her empty champagne glass with the whiskey , which she took neat.

Sláinte!” Jamie clinked her glass, and poured the liquor straight down his throat. Claire followed suit, grimacing a bit at the peaty taste and shivering as the heat of the whiskey lit her insides.

They stood side by side, watching the men interact with a group of girls. They didn’t look older than 25, some of them, Claire noted wryly. A few cast furtive glances at the corner where Jamie and Claire were standing, smiling when they looked at him, frowning openly at her. Claire tried not to care; she reminded herself that Jamie was after all famous, and it was only natural that they wanted to capture his attention. Finally, a girl gathered her courage enough to walk over and introduce herself to Jamie.

Hiiiii,” the girl tittered, flipping her long blonde hair and briefly touching Jamie’s arm. “I’m Malva. How are you?” She smirked, and slid sideways casually to block Claire completely from sight.

“Hello, Malva. Nice to meet ye. Who are ye with tonight?” Jamie offered a polite smile, used to fan encounters.

“Oh, I’m here with friends. Can’t wait for your set tonight. Which is your favorite song?” Malva sidled closer, and Claire was forced to take a step back, nearly knocking over some whiskey bottles.

“Och, weel, I like them all, I guess. Bad if I didn’t, eh?” Jamie reached out a hand behind Malva, and pulled Claire gently into his side. “This is a friend of mine, Claire Beauchamp.”

“Hello.” Claire felt the words stick in her throat. The back of her neck felt alternately cold and hot and prickly.

“Hey.” Malva’s stare was anything but friendly. If looks could kill, Claire thought briefly. She felt the momentary urge to nuzzle into Jamie’s neck, maybe plant a kiss or two there, marking him as hers.

Oh wait. Am I… jealous of her?

Claire dismissed the idea and tried to smile at the girl. She was only a fan, after all. Malva did not return her gesture and just flipped her hair again, hoping for Jamie’s attention.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around. Good luck with the show.” Malva let the tip of her tongue trail over her lips suggestively. Claire fought the impulse to scratch her eyes out and let her instincts take over, wrapping her arm around Jamie. Surprised, he glanced down at her, and smiled briefly at Claire.

“Thank ye. Hope ye enjoy it.”

Malva sauntered off, moving her hips in a really obvious way that made her look mostly ridiculous. Angus seemed willing to deal with her, and Claire breathed easier for the first time in minutes. 

Well. Was it always like this? she wondered.

“It isnae always like this, ye ken,” Jamie said.

Claire, startled, cursed her glass face again. “Like this what?”

“The fans. Some are pushier, or even grabbier, than others. Mainly they are respectful, they only want an autograph or picture. A bit of a chat. A hug sometimes. But that’s it.”

“Jamie, you don’t have to explain to me. I’m not—”

“Och, yer face looked like bloody murder fer a second there. I promise, I’d never dally with a fan like that. ‘Twouldna be right.”

“What about me?” Claire asked with a smile. 

“Ah, weel, ye said so yerself. Ye didna ken who we were to start with.”


The concert was phenomenal. Close to two hundred people crowded near the stage, clapping, and singing along. The surprise performance had gone over spectacularly, the patrons raising the roof when The Clan was announced.

Murtagh had led her to stage left, where Claire had stood mesmerized by the show, and by Jamie in particular. He was great at what he did, playing off the audience and  gauging their mood and seeming to know just when to kick it up a notch. The band had them all riled up since the beginning, playing upbeat songs that had everyone, Claire included, dancing in their spots.

Finally, as the hour grew late, the songs grew mellower. Claire swayed on her feet, head keeping time with the rhythm. Every once in a while, Jamie would turn to look at her and smile. Finally, close to one in the morning, Jamie pulled up a stool and took up his acoustic guitar. The crowd quieted down a bit to listen.

“Now fer a new song, written verra recently. This one goes out to the girl with whiskey eyes.”

Despite the screaming of a few girls who no doubt thought the song was for them, Claire felt her heart quicken and her palms tingle. He had once told her she was “bonny, with eyes like whiskey.” Was this song meant for her?

Jamie strummed his guitar, caressing the mike in a way that was only his.

I know you’re hurting

You know better than anyone

It’s hard to let your heart trust

But this is real


I’m here for you

Good times and bad

This isn’t an ending

Only the beginning of something


I promise I will wait

As long as it takes

Because your heart is worth it


Feelings unknown

But let these words and actions show

To help you see, give me a chance

And so—

I promise I will wait

As long as it takes

Because your heart is worth it

Claire’s cheeks flushed; she held her hands up to her face, trying to contain the heat. She looked around, but she was alone in the dark, staring out at the blue-lit stage where Jamie was calling out to her. Time ceased to matter; what she thought she ought to do or feel was irrelevant. It seemed like everyone would read it on her damned glass face.

As Claire realized herself in that moment, in the space of a ¾ tempo, her heart had decided of its own volition to tumble over the abyss and into those feelings unknown.

mrriggerworld  asked:

We all give Kara grief for being so obvious with her identity, but Alex is definitely worse, at least at the DEO, because you know she's got a clamshell picture frame on her desk, Kara dressed up for her first day at CatCo on one side, early Supergirl victory pose on the other, and whenever J'onn tries to say something, Alex just gives him a look like "Am I not allowed to be proud of my sister now?" and he walks away, because he keeps pictures of the both of them in his wallet.

because he keeps pictures of both of them in his wallet.

Sherlock Holmes never missed a day without saying i love you to Molly Hooper.

Some days more than once with a kiss on the cheek or hug or even both.

And it was sweet at first, really sweet.

But she began to get tired.

It wasn’t like she didn’t appreciate him opening his heart for her.

But she thought he didn’t need to vocalize it every single day .

They weren’t some kind of new young lovers who build their relationship with sweet words.

They were more than that.

Till he forgot.

She woke up early to find him already fully dressed and talking fast about a case out of London and he was already late for meeting John at the train station and would stay there for few days and he left.

she didn’t think about it at first but it hit her in the middle of her working day.

he didn’t tell her he loves her.

The unease she felt surprised her.

Isn’t this what she wanted?

But she felt something were missing.

It annoyed her all the day and even when she reached her home.

She tried to call him but there was no connection for hours.

She promised herself to call him the next day and tell him she loves him with all her heart, even if he forgot a day she would never forget.

She knew from experience now maybe words aren’t the only proof of love but she can’t underestimate them, they are the soothing part you don’t know how important till you lose it.

She was about to sleep but she heard the door of her apartment got opened.

She ran to close her room’s door and call the police but stopped when she heard his voice.

“It’s just me” he raised his voice.

she left the room in hurry.

“I thought you won’t come back before a week, did you solve the case already?”

“No” he answered quietly.

She frowned deeply.

He walked slowly and surrounded his arms around her.

She lied her head on his shoulder still confused but feeling relaxed.

“I love you” he said it and kissed her hair and sighed peacefully.

She grinned.

“You know a phone call could also work” she teased him looking to his beautiful eyes.

He looked guilty for a moment.

“I… I forgot, I got a notice about this case which is at least nine and I was in hurry that I only remembered after getting out of the train” he said feeling ashamed.

“I know you said before we don’t need to say it everyday but I need you to know Molly you are the first priority in my life, nothing else, and this is the only way I know how to show this to you” 

She was dazzled, she never thought he was thinking of it this way.

She took his hand between hers and kissed his knuckle, he inhaled sharply.

“Then you can count on me if you forgot one day, I would definitely remind you”she said smiling.

He hugged her tighter, burying her head in his chest and burying his nose on her hair.

He left to the train station in the same night, but never missed a day without calling her and telling her he loves her.

He never missed a day in his life.

She didn’t mind anymore.


Father Brown Wardrobe Appreciation

↳“The Pride of the Prydes”  (Series 2, Episode 3)

Don’t call me baby face!

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 5.402

Warnings: smut (oral sex (male receiving), explicit language), swearing, angst, fluff, wrap it before you tap it!

A/N: This based on a cute request of an anon! I hope the anon likes it and of couse all of you!

Request: Hey love!!! Absolutely love your writing!!! I have a request if that’s ok! Can you write something where there’s a new recruit and she feels inadequate because everyone except Bucky calls her ‘baby face’ and they tease her (jokingly) about how short and adorable she is and Bucky falls into peer pressure and starts calling her that too (which hurts her cuz she likes him) so one day for a party, she dresses up really sexy and Bucky gets all hot n bothered and they end up forking?? 😆

You were short. Alright, no big deal but there was one problem. You were an Avenger. And not only that, you were the new recruit, too. All that together results in one annoying thing, everyone called you ‘cute’, ‘shorty’, adorable’, ‘sweet’ and the most worst thing: ‘baby face’. You hate it! You really hate all the nicknames. You were always this little, cute girl, your whole life, but you always wanted to be the sexy girl, too. The one girl every man looks at when she enters the room.

But no! You were just the new cute, little recruit. The new little sister for everyone. You knew that those pet names were always jokingly nature, they didn’t want to bother or annoy you with that. Nevertheless, what bothered you slightly was that everyone called you that. Well, everyone except one. One person was different, special.

Bucky Barnes.

Since you moved into the Stark Tower you had a thing for Bucky. He was always silent and a little too brooding for anyone else. He talked never to you but your mood always lighted up, every time you saw the shy assassin. You always smiled at him, indifferent if he smiled back or not and he never, really never, called you ‘baby face’ or any other stupid pet name. Yes, you liked him, maybe even something more.

Until one day. You didn’t know what happened but since one beautiful day, you called it always lovely your ‘day x’, he started to call you ‘shorty’ and ‘baby face’ and all the other stupid stuff, too, like the others.

But did you start to cry about it? NO! You took the cards in your own hands and played your own game. You had a plan to convince every single Avenger once and for all that you were more than the short, little, cute girl they all saw in you. You had a plan to convince every single Avenger that you could be a sexy woman like Natasha.

And what could be a better opportunity to show everyone your sexy attitude as one of Tony’s parties? Exactly, one of Tony’s parties were always perfect for something big. You had your dress, you had your plan and you had your attitude. And the most important thing was you did everything without Natasha’s help. You wanted to do that all by your own and you wanted to give Bucky something he could drool over.

Today was the day for your big thing and you were really excited. You got dressed up in your very short and very tight black dress. The hem of the dress ends in the middle of your thighs and enhanced your ass perfectly. Your decollete looked very delicious and looked slightly pushed up. You applied some sexy makeup on your face with smokey eyes and long, black, thick lashes. On your lips, you put a little amount of lip gloss. Your Y/H/C hair was curled up in a pinned-up hairstyle with stray strand which were hang loosely on your bare shoulders.

One last look in the mirror told you that you looked perfect and you felt the same. You put your black high heels with many black shoe straps on and armed yourself with your purse before you left your room.

You looked at your phone and a huge smile was spreading on your lips.


Hey sweetie, where are you? We are all waiting for you!


Baby face, please come to us, we miss you! And Tony asks for you the whole time.


Y/N! My favorite short and most adorable person, where are you?

Yeah, you were on your way through the hallway to the elevator and you smiled the whole time as you read all the messages. You loved your friends, truly, but this time you wanted your revenge.

The doors of the elevator opened and a huge hall with lights, many good looking people and music awaited you. You stepped out of the elevator and everything changed. As you stepped out of the elevator everyone around you stopped in the middle of their conversations and everyone looked at you. All eyes were glued on you as you made your way across the room to the bar. Every man looked at you and you smiled internal. From the corner of your eye you could see how Sam walked over to you. You turned your head and greeted him with a smile.

“Wow, Y/N y-you… you look gorgeous shorty!” he said and and let his eyes roaming over your body.

“Thanks.” you said shortly and within seconds everyone else of your team was by your side and gave you compliments. Everyone except one, Bucky wasn’t by your side. You let your eyes roaming through the room and searched for him.

In one far corner of the room, you saw him sitting at a table and he was watching you. He looked again totally handsome but his expression was darker than before and he was brooding again. You locked your eyes with him but he didn’t move.

Natasha dragged you to the bar and drank with you until a man approached next to you and asked you for a dance with him. You agreed but shot Bucky another glance as you let you guiding to the dancefloor.

Bucky was watching every move you made, it seemed he was drooling by your sight, but he refused to come to you. You ignored him to focus on the cute guy in front of you. He laid his hand on your back and your own hand on his broad shoulder. He whispered compliments in your ear as he swung with you in his arms in the rhythm of the music and you smiled about everything he said. You liked the way he looked at you but it wasn’t the right feeling. They weren’t the right eyes which were glued at you. You knew what was wrong but you tried your best to push your thoughts away. This evening was for you to have fun.

The good-looking man in front of you spun you around again and you used the opportunity to look around in the room and your eyes were falling on the table where Bucky was sitting. Your heart was sinking in a deep hole as you saw that Bucky wasn’t sitting there anymore. The chair where he was sitting was empty now.

Anger grew inside of you but you still tried to hide it in the best possible way. You were dancing with the handsome man since three songs and you wanted a break as you heard a very familiar voice behind your back.

“May I have the next dance?” Bucky growled and the man in front of you was tensing and flinching by the sight of the very tall and very broad Bucky and his slightly aggressive expression. He was heavily breathing and his chest was moving fast up and down. Bucky didn’t look at the guy instead his very dark deep blue eyes were narrowed on you and before you could say something, Bucky grabbed your hand and guided you away from your dancing partner. You stumbled after him as he made his way fast through the room to a corner next to the elevator. It was an empty corner and a little hidden so no one could watch you.

“Bucky stop. Not so fast. Stop now!” you said and tugged on his flesh hand and tried to stop him, not very successful, Bucky was still too strong for you.

As you two reached the corner, Bucky stopped, spun you around and pressed you against the wall. You stood with your back against the cold wall, the coldness sent shivers through your body and Bucky caged you with his arms between himself and the wall. There was a little space between you two, but not much, even enough for Bucky to bow deep down to be on the same eye level like you. Your high heels had a ten centimetre heel but it was still not enough to reach him not anywhere near. You were still too short.

He scowled at you and you were speechless by the dark eyes filled with pure desire and raw emotions. He breathed again heavily but he didn’t say something. Anger rose inside you again and reached your mind.

“What are you doing Bucky? Let me go!” you said demanding.

He looked at you without a word.

“Let me go Bucky. Now!” you said harsher. It was odd, that was exactly the place you always wanted to be but now, that he didn’t say something and acted like he did, like a possessive man, you were confused and the memories about how he called you by your stupid nicknames were flashing through your mind again.

“Let. Me. Go!” you said calmer but angry through gritted teeth. You locked your eyes with his.

“No!” Bucky said deeply with a husky voice. Your eyebrows shoot up in surprise and you are taken aback.

“W-what?” you asked and blinked with your eyes.

“I said no. I won’t let you go. Not when you look like that.” he said slowly.

“Excuse me. But who do you think you are?” you asked him back.

“You drive me crazy Y/N! You can’t look like that and believe that hadn’t any consequences.” he growled and stepped closer to you. Your eyes grew bigger by the sight of the man in front of you.

“What do you mean with ‘look like that’? It’s something wrong with my outfit?” you asked a little insecure and your fingers were fiddling with your dress. You checked with your hands if your dress was ridden up in a not appropriated way.

“What’s wrong with your outfit? I always try my best to restrain myself, I always refuse to talk with you to not complicate things between us or make it dangerous for you, and believe me it was always hard to stay strong. And today? You walk into this party in such a dress, you look totally sexy and hot as hell, every man is staring at you and I want to rip off their heads. Why are you doing that to me? You are the death to me Y/N.” he said deeply with a raspy voice, his heart was beating fast and strong, so strong that you could hear it but it didn’t matter.

Everything around you was fading out by the words he said to you. You could see an unknown fire in his eyes and they were only focused on you. Bucky’s words were echoing in your mind as you tried to process everything he had said.

“Well, if you wanted to refuse to talk with me, why did you start with the nicknames like the others? You were the only one who didn’t call me ‘adorable’, ‘short’ or ‘baby face’ and then one day? Something changed, but why?” you said slowly and shy. You avoided his intense glance and looked at the floor. Bucky closed the gap between you two and pressed his body against you.

He laid both of his hands carefully on your neck and caressed with his thumbs the skin of your cheeks. The different feelings between his warm flesh hand and his cold metal hand let you shiver and your cheeks were blushing as he forced you to look him in his eyes. His beautiful blue orbs were soften slowly and he locked his eyes with yours.

“Can we talk? Alone?” he said and you looked confused. You were so confused that you could only nod as a response. Bucky removed his hands from your face and you winced slightly about the loss of the feeling. Bucky had heard it and smirked at you with a wink. He stepped back and offered you his hand. You looked down at it but you took it and Bucky interlaced his fingers with yours.

He made his way slowly to the elevator and you followed suit behind him. Sam was walking over to you two as you were waiting for the elevator. Bucky saw Sam and scowled at him.

“Hey baby face, where are you going? Can I come with you?” Sam said playfully with a wink in your direction and your mouth gaped open for a response but Bucky was faster. The doors of the elevator were open and Bucky pushed you carefully into it. He held the doors open before he entered it, too.

“It’s not your business, Wilson. Go away birdman!” Bucky grunted and removed his hands so the doors could close behind him.

“That was not nice, Bucky.” you said kindly but admonishing. Bucky pressed the button for his floor with his room and turned immediately around as he heard your words. With one stride, he was standing again in front of you, caged you again between himself with his arms and the wall of the elevator.

“I don’t care! It’s not his business where we are going.” he said with a deep voice and shot shivers down your spine.

“W-where are we going Bucky?” you asked him and swallowed thickly. He looked like a predator at you, and you were his prey. He made you nervous only with his eyes and sexual tension was building inside your body. You were longing for Bucky for so long and you nearly gave up your hope. This evening should be a fresh start as the new sexy girl in the team and now you were alone with Bucky. The dress had already panned out itself in this moment.

“Like I said, I want to talk with you. Alone.” he whispered in your ear as he lowered his head. His warm, soft lips stroked softly your skin and on your whole body spread goosebumps. Bucky moved his lips from your ear over the soft skin under your ear and pressed soft kisses on your neck. Your head fell back to give Bucky more access to your neck and throat and you shut your eyes.

Bucky bit slightly into your skin and you moaned as a response. Your hands were moving over Bucky’s broad chest and you felt his muscles twitching under your hands under the black suit shirt he wore. You moved your hands slowly over his sides to Bucky’s back and digged your nails into his back along his spine. Bucky’s body was trembling and now it was his turn to moan against your skin. You enjoyed the tone of the deep sound escaping from his throat and you shuddered with excitement for more.

The elevator stopped and the two of you left it. You felt slightly dizzy in your mind and Bucky laid his arm around your shoulder to support you. He tugged you close into his side and walked with you to his room. You looked up to his face which was covered with a beautiful and breathtaking smile but you felt like a child next to him, even with your shoes, and you cursed internal about your shortness.

The two of you reached Bucky’s door and he opened it. He stepped inside but stopped you before you could enter his room, too. He looked down at you, nearly shy and everything on him was adorable.

“Uhmm… are y-you sure…” he started but you cut him off. You crossed your arms over your chest laughing and looked at him.

“Seriously? You ask me now, after the whole macho man thing down there, if I’m sure?” you asked him and his cheeks were blushing slightly. He shifted his weight and looked at the floor. You could see that he wanted something from you, you could feel it on the party and in the elevator. But now he battled internal with himself about that what he wanted from you and about what could maybe be dangerous for you.

You closed the gap between you two, put your hand on his chest and as he looked at your hand and then up into your eyes again, you pushed him slowly and carefully back into his room. You kicked the door shut with your feet and Bucky took back the control as he pressed you against his door.

“You wanted to talk with me Bucky? Here I am?” you breathed and you could see how Bucky’s eyes were fixed on your lips.

“Y-yeah…” he stumbled over his own words and shook his head slightly to get a clear mind again.

“I want to explain to you why I used those nicknames, too.” he started, pushed himself away from you and walked over to his bed to sit on the edge of it. You watched him and waited for whatever he wanted to tell you. He ran a hand over his face and looked at you. You smiled at him encouraging.

“I know the others use those names only jokingly, I think you know that, too. But for me … the names are for me something more. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like them, but at one point they were the only way how I could talk to you. I was searching for months for a way to be able to talk with you, I wanted to talk with you so badly. You are so kind and sweet, you always try your best to lighten my mood and fuck damn you are hot as hell, you are so much more than just ‘adorable’. But I didn’t find any courage to talk to you, so I decided to use the stupid names, too. I was glad that I found a way to be able to say something, anything to you, no matter how, no matter what. But I’m so sorry, I could see that it hurts you that I did the same with the pet names like the others, I hurt you with that. I was always the one who was different, nearly special, for you and now I’m like the others.”

During his speech, Bucky avoided your glance and his eyes were glued to the ground. You felt tears brimming in your eyes as he told you all of that. You walked over to him, laid your index finger under his chin to lift it up and forced him in this way to look at you.

“Bucky you were, you are and you always will be special to me.” you said with a smile and something changed in Bucky’s demeanor. The guilt in his face vanished, his eyes lighten up with hunger and lust. He snaked his arms around your waist, lifted you up from the ground and tossed you over his side on his bed. You were slightly shocked about his fast moves but you recovered fast as Bucky hovered over you. His weight was pressing on you but you welcomed the feeling. That was something you wanted for so long.

Bucky supported himself with his arms on either side of your head and let his eyes roaming over your face. His chin long hair was hanging around his face and framed it perfectly. You took one of the strands and twirled it between your thumb and your index finger.

“Why did you have told me this now? I mean, I’m happy you did it, but why today? What happened?” you asked Bucky after several minutes of silence and deep looks into each other eyes.

“You happened, Y/N! Only you. Like I said, I couldn’t stand it anymore how the men were looking at you. That wasn’t right. I want you to be mine and only mine.” Bucky whispered with a low voice and you shuddered after each word of him. You laid your hand around Bucky’s neck and pulled him down to you so you could reach his ear.

“I want to be yours Bucky, and only yours.” you breathed with a seductive voice and Bucky closed relieved his eyes after your words. He started to kiss you on your neck and you tangled your fingers into your hair which caused Bucky to moan. His flesh hand moved slowly over the bare skin of your thighs and over the dress. He took his time to explore your body with his hand.

“This dress is my death. You are so fucking sexy Y/N. I want you!” he breathed against the skin of your collarbone before he moved upwards to your lips. He stopped only inches above your lips and hovered over them.

“Then take me Bucky, I want you, too.” you said slowly and he crashed his lips on yours with so much passion and desire that your mind was dizzy again. You laid your hands on his broad chest and started urgently to unbutton his shirt. As you reached the last button, Bucky took the hint and tossed his shirt away.

You let your eyes roaming over his broad chest, his thick muscles, his chiseled abs and over the scars where flesh met metal. With your hands, you traced every single line on his body and Bucky watched you with glowing eyes how amazed you were from him. You could feel his fast heartbeat under your fingertips. You chewed on your lower lip as you met his eyes again. His usually crystal clear blue eyes were burning dark with desire and passion for you.

“I hate to say that, but please, take off your dress.” Bucky whispered and looked at you with hunger as you did what he asked for. You opened teasingly slow the zipper of your dress and Bucky helped you to take it off from your body. You laid back on the bed and Bucky started to kiss you from the edges of your hipbones, over your stomach and to the valley of your breasts. You sucked in your breath as the scrubby skin of his chin and jawline caressed your skin.

“You are so beautiful.” Bucky said with his deep voice between several kisses on your skin, with his flesh hand, he kneaded your breasts through your bra and your back arched upwards to meet Bucky’s lips. He smiled about your reaction and he took the opportunity to open your bra and tossed it away, then he snaked his metal arm around your waist and rolled with you on top on his back so your were straddling him. You sat up on his crotch and even through his pants you could feel his growing erection underneath you. His cock was throbbing and twitching underneath your already wet core and you felt excitement rose inside you.

You lowered your head and snuggled your face in the crook of his neck to kiss his soft skin under his ear. Your other hand laid on the other side of his neck and hold Bucky steady in place, with your thumb, you drew small circles along his sharp jawline. The moaning of Bucky, which was caused by your kissing and biting, electrified you even more. It was an animalistic sound and you wanted more of it. You moved slowly down his torso and pressed on every single part of his body hot, wet kisses, every single muscle responded underneath your lips and after several minutes, you reached his impressive v-line.

You opened the buckle of his belt and then slowly the zipper of his suit pants. He helped you and got rid off his pants. You looked up at Bucky and winked at him with mischief in your eyes. Bucky’s eyes grew wide as he saw the expression on your face as you tugged on his boxer shorts and tossed them away on the floor.

His cock was already hard and you were proud of yourself that you had such an effect on this incredible man. You smiled and licked your lips to moisten them before you locked your eyes with Bucky’s who was watching you. You lowered your head again and kissed him along his v-line, his hipbone and down to his crotch. Your eyes were still locked with each other as you kissed Bucky down his full length and with every kiss you earned a slightly movement from his member, a moan from Bucky and he nearly lost his mind. You could see how his eyes were rolling back in his head and his head fell back on the pillow. You closed your eyes, too, to enjoy this moment.

You reached with your lips the tip of his cock and enclosed it with your lips. You could feel how Bucky clenched his hands into the sheets as you slowly moved your mouth over his dick until you reached the base and the tip pushed against a spot inside your throat. You removed teasingly slow your lips from his throbbing cock and slid your tongue over the dripping tip and you tasted something salty. You started again with moving your lips and Bucky’s breath became erratic with every single move of your lips and your tongue. You increased the low pressure to strengthen the feeling for Bucky and he recompensed you for doing that to him with breathlessly moanings of your name.

You enjoyed it but suddenly he stopped you within seconds with his fingers of his flesh hand in your hair and pulled you away. He snaked his metal arm around your waist and pressed you against his chest. He nearly jumped up from the bed with you in his arms and you were slightly shocked until you felt the cold of the wall pressing against your back. The sudden impact pressed the air out of your lungs but Bucky didn’t let you reclaim, he pressed immediately his lips on yours and kissed you urgently. It was an aggressive but passionately kiss with much power. Bucky’s flesh arm hold your ass and supported you with that. Your legs were tangled around his waist. You felt his metal hand roaming over your thighs and settling on your hips, he moved his index finger between your skin and the thin fabric of your slip and ripped it from your hips. You looked shocked at him and Bucky grinned devilish.

“It was in my way. Nothing comes into my way anymore when it comes to you.” Bucky grumbled and shrugged his shoulder, the cheeky smile still on his lips. You chuckled slightly about the unbelievable situation and you were glad that he spared your dress with his raw emotions.

“Kiss me, Y/N.” Bucky begged and lowered his head down to you, to meet your lips. You snaked your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. Bucky laid his both hands on your hips and guided you slowly over his thick, hard cock. Your breath stopped, you closed your eyes and your head hit the wall as you felt him deep inside you. You needed several seconds to adjust yourself to the new sensational feeling deep inside your core.

“Fuck… Y/N…” Bucky breathed hoarsely with closed eyes and his head fall on your shoulder as he adjusted himself to the feeling of your dripping wet walls around his cock. You tangled your fingers into his hair and he moaned as your nails were scratching his scalp, but that awoke him and he started to grind his hips against you and with that, he pushed himself with every single thrust deeper into you. You pressed your thighs against his body to feel him and to show him how good he was. Your both breaths were more than erratic and you panted for air but you felt how a welcomed knot of excitement and burning desire was building deep inside your core.

“Bucky.. fuck me…” you panted into his neck as he thrusted further deep into you with his cock. He did was you told him and fucked you against the wall.

“Look at me, please. I want to see your face.” Bucky whispered with a voice layered with sexual desire. You looked up at him into his eyes as he pushed you over the edge. You tried your best to hold his glance but the strong and electrifying feelings of the released orgasm which were rushing through your whole body and let you shuddering were so incredible that your eyes fluttered shut and you felt Bucky’s lips on yours as he kissed you dizzy until you came back from your orgasm.

As you opened your eyes again you saw Bucky’s eyes blown full with lust and hunger for you. He thrusted deeper into you for his own orgasm and you digged your nails into his shoulder blades. His breath became uneven and you kissed his neck which turned him on even more.

“Fuck me soldier. I want to feel you inside me, Bucky.” you whispered against his skin with his strong fast heartbeat under your lips and you pushed him with that over the edge. You felt Bucky’s dick throbbing and twitching inside you before he cum in you. You sucked in a breath by the feeling of his juice rushing through you and you tugged him close to you as he slowly rode out his orgasm.

You two were clinging together without a move for several minutes until Bucky walked slowly back to his bed with you still in his arms. He laid you carefully on the bed and laid himself next you. You were still heavily breathing but you rolled on your side to observe Bucky. You feared an awkward tension between you two and your cheeks were blushing causing by this thought but the cute smile on his lips calmed you and your heart was beating faster by the sight. You smiled and stroked with your hand over his chest. Bucky opened his eyes and turned his head to you, he laid an arm around you and tugged you close to his body.

You laid your head on his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat and Bucky pressed a soft kiss on your hair.

“What do you like on me the most?” you asked quietly after several minutes of silence. Bucky tensed slightly and you supported yourself with your arm to look him into the face. His cheeks were blushing slightly and he looked away before he focused back on your. You smiled encouraging.

Bucky raised his flesh hand to your cheek and cupped your face, his thumbs stroked softly over your skin and he smiled at you. He looked totally handsome and all the brooding was disappeared from his face. In front of you laid a man without any hint of guilt, sadness, brooding or fear. He looked absolutely handsome and you had an idea who this man was back in the 40s.

“Don’t hate me Y/N, but I love your height, it’s perfect for me. I always imagine that cuddling must be wonderful with you because you would perfectly fit in my arms and against my body. I could protect you perfectly.” he said shyly and blushed again. You could see how insecurities were flashing in his eyes. Your eyes grew bigger and everything was silent around you.

“Y/N, please say something.” he said with a shaky voice and concern was written all over his face.

“My height…really?” you said slowly and Bucky nodded carefully. On your lips crawled a smirk, it grew bigger to a full smile and you started to chuckling. You rolled on your back and laid your hands over your face as you were heartily laughing. A movement next to you told you that Bucky moved over to you and you felt him hovering over you as he removed your hands from your face.

“Is everything ok?” he asked you concerned.

“Yeah sure. I didn’t thought my height would be something that someone could ever like on me. But one thing, please, don’t call me ‘baby face’ ever again.” you said shyly and gnawed with your teeth on your lower lip. Bucky watched you, moved on top of you and put his heads on each side of your head to create some space.

“Oh believe me, I will never call you that again. Not after that night. And I promise you, I have many other perfect nicknames for you and I will tell you every single one of it.” Bucky said with a seductive voice, lowered his head in the crock of your neck and started to kiss you again.

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I loved your drunk Shinichi prompts! This makes me want to see a drunk Ran version as well! Could you please write drunk Ran using 53? Since she's the shy type, you could show that alcohol made her bolder :D

Oh dude, I definitely can.

#53 - ‘I’m flirting with you.’

Ran does not think this is the best idea.

If anyone asks, it’s Sonoko’s fault. Or Kazuha’s.

Frankly, Ran had been fine with just having a sleepover and maybe a long overdue gossip session. She had not been expecting Kazuha and Sonoko to dress her up and take her out to a bar. She hadn’t been expecting a night out.

“Come on Ran,” Sonoko had whined when she’d tried to refuse, “it’ll be fun!”

Ran’s pretty sure that there’s an ulterior motive somewhere, but she can’t openly see it, so she decides - rather foolishly - to go along with it.

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Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.