but she dresses up

Remember this little hottie well here She is again and getting dressed up on a Saturday for a night out on the town. Where she will drink a few cocktails get all horned up and come home and fuck the shit out of her husband. ( that is if somebody don’t fuck the hell out of her first ). There is always that possibility guys.


ship: treebros
it’s literally just soft gay fluff inspired by perfect by ed sheeran
feat. pastel!evan
863 words lowercase intended

connor waited in his car, always checking his watch. him and evan had planned on a date tonight and connor had something special planned, so he knew it had to be a perfect night. the time was 7:59 and he told the other he’d pick him up at 8, so he got out of his car and started for the front door. he knocked right at the hour started with heidi answering it a few seconds later. “wow, connor, you look nice,” she complimented. yeah, connor had dressed up a little bit for tonight, a black button down with non-ripped black jeans, but he did it for the best boy on the planet.
“thank you, ms. hansen,” he smiled and she invited him in.

“evan! your hot date is here tonight!” she yelled up the stairs with a small laugh at the end making connor blush. not a second later, connor heard the sound of evan practically running down the stairs and when he did, connor’s breath disappeared. heidi acted as if he were the best dressed tonight, but oh was she wrong. evan blushed as connor’s eyes looked up and down at his outfit consisting on light wash blue jeans, a pastel pink knit sweater and matching pink converse. he looked absolutely adorably stunning.

“h-hey,” he stuttered, standing at the door on the stair with a timid smile that made conner’s heart melt once again. the shorter boy’s eyes widen as he looked at conner’s own outfit thinking he was underdressed. “o-oh should i go change into some-something more formal? i can go cha-nge. i’ll go- change,” but before he can set a foot on the second stair, conner grabs his hand before reassuring him that he looks great and that they’re not really doing anything to fancy.

the couple said goodbye to heidi and connor promises to return evan home before midnight. right as they get off the porch, evan began apologizing about how dumb he looked compared to conner who was dressier. “don’t worry, darling,” he smiled, taking his boyfriend’s hand in his, leading them to the car parked in front of the driveway. “you look perfect.” connor meant for it to come out as a whisper, not having evan hear it, but evan did hear him and couldn’t help but smile as his cheeks turned a rosy color. 

they ended up lying in the grass, barefoot, at the orchard after getting dinner and ice cream. that had been their third time spending a date at the orchard, but neither cared. both of them loved the orchard, especially evan, and connor loved evan, in general, but especially whenever he was around nature because his eyes would light up and he’d be so happy. god, connor was whipped.

“do you get tired of these dates? i mean i don’t i’m just making sure you don’t mind coming to the orchard often,” connor asked, sitting up, the other following.
“n-no. i seriously love the orchard! it’s-it’s a special place, like our own little slice of…”
“perfect,” connor finished for him making evan grin and nod. “here, let’s do something,” connor said, standing up on his feet, motioning for evan to do the same. connor unlocked his phone and set up his playlist of slow songs to play, putting it in his back pocket and grabbing evan’s hands, slowly dancing to the music. evan giggles and goes along with connor.

they continued dancing under the darkness of the stars with some of their favorite songs playing in the background until the playlist came to a full loop which was when they stop about an hour later. most would’ve gotten tired of just sitting there and swaying to a song for an hour, but connor and evan would never. they would’ve continued for forever if they could’ve loving the feeling of being in each other’s arms.

a wind brushed through the field, making the grass sway. connor looked down and picked a blooming flower, sticking it behind evan’s ear who smiled from ear to ear. that’s when connor knew it was time. “listen, evan, i’ve liked- loved you for a long time, before you even knew of my existence, in a not creepy way, and now that you’re mine and i’m yours, i’d like to officiate it,” he reached into his pocket and brought out a small box handing it to evan who opened it with a look of shock at the ring inside. “do-don’t worry. it’s not a wedding ring, we’re kind of young for that. it’s a promise ring. a promise that we’ll bet there for each other through thick and thin. when we get married, hopefully, the two will latch together and if you have to take one off, you’ll have to take the other too,” connor responded nervously, unsure of what his boyfriend would say. “but let’s hope that never has to happen.”

“oh conner, it’s perfect!” connor exclaimed, immediately putting it on his finger before passionately kissing him, latching his arms around the taller.

“no it’s not,” connor whispered, knowing evan could hear him this time, “you are.”

anonymous asked:

Umm my little has been asking me to dress her up and I have no idea what to do can I get some tips please 😄😅also I have never asked a blog anything before so thank you in advance

Well, it depends what she means by dressing her up. If she means she wants you to dress her up in the sense of finding her Little Outfits, then that’s a matter of talking to her and finding out what kind of Little Outfits she has in mind. There is lots of variance in what kind of outfits help Littles feel ‘little’. Some Littles feel younger and will want to be dressed up in onesies, or tutus and animal print tees. Or other Littles might prefer pink dresses, or oversized sweaters with knee-high socks. For ideas, I recommend Tumblr blogs on here about Little Outfits, or Pinterest pins about Ddlg outfits, and Amazon.
On the other hand, if she means she wants you to actually physically help dress her, then she wants your help to feel Little. Tell her to lift her arms up for you so you can slip her shirt on her, help her pick out what she’s going to wear that day. If there’s any buttons, do them for her. Put her shoes on for her and tie the shoelaces for her. That sort of thing. If you’re unsure about anything, talk to her. She can clarify what she wants. Hope this helps!

Lily Pirate AU

owned by @guns-n-lilies

Lily was the daughter of a rich governor.

She was the prize to every rich bachelor. All seeking her attention. 

But she didn’t want that life. 

Sometimes she would dress up like the poor of her city and bring medicine and food to them.   

This was the first time she met Jason. He had gotten into a fight with a smuggler over the price of some booty he had stolen. 

He had been laying in the street with a blade in his side.

“It’s only a flesh wound love” 

“Yeah it looks it.” she had retorted rolling her eyes. 

She took him to the local in, a friend of her’s, and patched him up. 

When he woke up it was like she had never been there. 

Then months later Lily was kidnapped by a band of pirates who wanted to ransom her. 

During the fray of men laughing at her and jeering her eyes caught the ones of a familiar face. 


He had hitched a ride with them to get to the next port where he had heard a lead on some rare dabloons. 

As their eyes met he recognized her as well. 

That night he rescued her and they escaped togeather. 

“You saved my life once, the least I can do it return the favor” 

They get into a bunch of trouble along the way trying to get Lily home. From bar fights to Lily using her wits to talk their way out of a British patrol that had been hunting for Jason. 

However, as they reached the port to her home she decided she didn’t want to go back. She no longer fit in there. 

So running back to the beach where Jason was just taking off on a ship they had stolen she hopped aboard and never looked back 


Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)

I just got home from seeing Wonder Woman. I was in tears for half the movie: Diana was never once presented as a sex object, she was never sidelined, her thighs shook, and she is a fighter. Not just a girl who can be dressed up in a sexy catsuit and fight sexily, but a fighter. Not one of those fight scenes was choreographed so she could land in an awkward pose that showed off her ass. She is gorgeous but not once was her worth correlated to her beauty. 

All of that, and she was still able to express a full range of human emotion – she didn’t have to be a hardass bitch who could only be angry or disappointed. She got to show joy, and wonder, and confusion, and horror, and sadness, and love – and anger, yes, real deep anger that comes from the pit of the soul. She is a whole, dynamic person who also happens to be a bad ass warrior. AND she could be this bad ass warrior without having a father or mother to hate, or trauma to catapult her into the world. Diana grew up loved and happy, and she stepped out into the world because it was the right thing to do, not because she had a personal ax to grind.

My husband was with me, and I remember coming to the realization part-way through that he was born into this. He has had this his entire life. It makes me so angry, and it also makes me so happy that there are little girls right now who will grow up with what I didn’t, and little boys who will grow up with this as well, who will be awed by Diana and see how Steve treats her.

imagine MC ends up with 707, and she leaves the house one day but leaves her phone

*707 sees the phone an automatically has an idea*
*he goes into your bedroom, and puts on your signature sweater and leggings*
*he pulls a wig that almost exactly resembles your hair*
*he takes your phone, poses, and takes a picture in the mirror and sends it in the group chat*
Zen: I hope this isn’t out of line but,,,,, you look so beautiful MC. Seven is a lucky man.
Jumin: Indeed he is, she is a very elegant lady.
Jaehee: MC, weren’t you supposed to be going out today?
Yoosung: *doesn’t say anything because he KNOWS it’s 707. He’s gotten enough of his girl selfies to know.*
*Seven sends another selfie,, but it’s without the wig and he’s blowing a kiss*
*jumin has left the chat*
*jaehee has left the chat*

////mission accomplished, agent 707 out////

In defense of Belle’s yellow dress

I’ve seen a lot of hullaballoo about Belle’s dress in the new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST movie—it’s not historically accurate, it’s too plain, etc. While I agree that from a purely aesthetic standpoint, it’s not my favorite gown, from a CHARACTER perspective, I think it’s perfect.

There’s a lot of talk about Belle being ‘odd,’ but the old animated movie doesn’t really explore that. The new movie shows more of Belle’s personality as someone who approaches things in her own way, who is creative, who genuinely does come off as a little different. Look at her other costumes in the movie. She almost certainly makes her own clothes- look at her quirky, practical village dress, with the tucked-up skirt so that she can be more active, or the whimsical flower embroidery on her brown traveling cloak.

We all saw Belle get frustrated by the giant frou-frou dresses that Madame de Garderobe tries to put on her (she literally escapes from under them). I would not be surprised if Belle cut and sewed up one of those old dresses to make one that fit her size, her style, and her desire for free movement. She’s lived in a village her whole life—she knows nothing about the high fashion of her time—but she knows what she likes and what she imagines. The dress is very light, flowy, and if you look closely, the layers of the skirt aren’t hemmed, they’re cut off. Her ear cuff and the simple lines of the dress don’t look like 18th century France, but they do look like Belle.

Maurice says about Belle’s mother, “I knew a girl who was so different, so daring, so ahead of her time that people mocked her until the day they found themselves imitating her.” Belle is ahead of her time, and she creates her own style.

Just look at her gorgeous wedding gown at the end of the movie. This is not an 18th century ballgown, and it’s VERY different from the dresses that the Prince’s guests wear at the beginning of the movie. This is a Belle creation, too. 

I actually want to delve into this ‘ahead of her time’ concept a little more. This movie is very obsessed with the concept of ‘time.’ From the giant clock tower on the palace to the clock character to the falling rose petals that measure the fleeting time until the curse is permanent, to the way the villagers all instantly snap into action the second the clock strikes, the idea of time and schedule is everywhere. The songs all talk about “tale as old as time,” ‘forever,’ etc. 

Belle resists that. She’s the first one awake before the rest of the village springs into motion, singing about how every day is like the one before. She talks the Beast out of trapping Maurice in the castle “forever,” and then later, gets out of that ‘forever’ herself. The rules about the curse even change when the Enchantress transforms the dead Beast back into a living Prince when Belle says “I love you” after the time limit has run out. When she reads books, she likes to be ‘transported’ to other places and times. Belle defies time, while the villagers and the Beast are all defined by it.

When we first meet the Prince, he is fascinated by fashion, and everyone who surrounds him is dressed in the height of style—of their time period. His castle is a monument of Baroque art and over-the-top modern style—and he appreciates none of it. There is so much detail and so much beauty surrounding him that he’s become completely blind to it. Belle changes that. She shows him the beauty in everything around him, re-introduces him to what makes his castle gorgeous all over again. In that famous ballroom scene, the ballroom is incredibly ornate, but the Beast is focusing only on her, in her simple, bright gown as a focal point. She’s given him something to focus on, symbolically and literally.

When Belle comes down the stairs in a dress that’s completely her own style, the Beast doesn’t sneer at her unfashionable dress the way he would have before the curse—he’s in awe of her beauty.

And because of all of that, I think Belle’s dress is  perfect.


everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)