but she doesnt know that shhh

Newt’s finally finished writing his book, and, as promised, has brought copies for his friends.

shapechangersinwinter replied to your post: symbra as two exhausted computer science tas …

hdGFSHHSDGJFskjf symbra are the two tas that between them would scare me out of cs forever i’m screamign

#1 way to get a student to drop cs: make them take vaswani’s lab

not because satya is a bad ta

but because sombra and satya literally never agree on anything and your lab will have 400 runtime errors (200 from each of them, conflicting with the other ta’s code) and god forbid you ask them both about the same thing

“but satya said”

“shhh satya doesnt know anything”

and satya does the 180 owl head thing and gives her the knife glare

and like theyre always like… looking at each other u kno… like looking to see what the other ones doing… but like they think theyre sly and maybe to each other but sombra ignored a kid for a full 4 minutes with his hand up because she was too busy staring holes into the side of satya’s head while clicking her pen really fast

Ive been thinking about a zombie apocalypse au for egobang but only for two very specific scenarios lmao:

The first was a Warm Bodies au with lone survivor Arin trudging along the destroyed streets of LA until he accidentally stumbles across a zombified Danny. Hes tall and lanky and absolutely terrified of the shotgun aimed inbetween his eyes.

Danny brings one finger to his lips to lightly ‘shhh’ him only to flinch when Arin clicks the safety off. When he doesnt lower the gun, Dan gently turns his head to the left and looks behind Arin, motioning him to do the same. Arin grudginly follows the movement only to have his whole body seize up in fear; theres a pack of ghouls (skinwalkers?) prowling beside them unaware of their prescence.

Danny offers to lead him to the exit and when they escape, Arin lets out a breath he had no idea he was holding. He insists they have a truce until hes able to exit the city safely. It works well at first but then Dan is showing him the apartment hes been chillin in and hes making him listen to all of his favorite bands and he cant talk but Arin is slowly starting to wish that he could. He finds himself constantly forgetting about this truce theyve set up and hes starting to wonder if maybe hes doing it on purpose…

The second one…now dont judge me lmao… is a left 4 dead au w Danny as a lone survivor being rescued by Arin as a Hunter. He usually stays cooped up in the apartments because hes better with a sniper than with anything close range but hes been running low on resources so he needs to make a quick run to restock.

As hes walking, he can hear the sound of claws scraping against one of the rooftops and he instantly breaks into a run; trying to see if he can outmanuever the rogue hunter. He decides to risk looking back only to see that same hunter in mid-pounce and gaining on him. As quickly as he appeared, he vanished leaving Danny dumbfounded as to where he went. It only takes seconds for him to hear a loud deafening screech coming from behind the building followed by the sound of some bones snapping.

He wants to go back to the hideout and restock some other time but whatever killed that Hunter is definitely strong enough to kill him and hes in the same direction he needs to go through. Before he can make a decision, a second Hunter appears from behind the building frantically looking up and down the streets. When his eyes land on Danny he yelps, pouncing right up in front of him and scaring the shit out of the human.

Dannys heart is hammering in his chest as the Hunter gently checks both of his forearms and neck. He stares him in the eye and grins, satisfied with whatever checkup he just completed. When he makes it clear hes not leaving him alone, Danny nervously decides to continue walking towards the shops to restock.

This Hunter is insistent on staying by his side, constantly checking down alleyways and up above the rooftops for any potential threats and when hes finished looting, he walks him all the way back to the apartments. It completely baffles Danny because without meaning to, hes accidentally adopted a Hunter bodyguard.

I might add more to this, i already have designs in my head bc im a huge nerd ™