but she doesn't really understand it

Just a thought

Everyone writing about feyre being pregnant in acowar and… sjm has clearly stated that she doesn’t want this-therefore I really don’t think that she’d do this as feyre is still becoming her own person.
However I understand the theories of aelin being pregnant as it’s said she wanted/thought it was a good idea

Voltron Swears

·        Pidge and Keith probably have the biggest potty mouths

Like Pidge has very colourful language, and uses a variety of curses at random

It freaks out the rest of the team because she’s so small, and the language she uses can be so vulgare at times

Lance and Hunk laugh whenever she swears around the team; Shiro is appalled.

  Like how could one so smol and innocent be able to curse like a sailor!

·    Keith doesn’t really care either way   His own foul language is mostly composed of the word ‘fuck’, which he uses frequently in different tones depending on the situation

Like when his lion gets hit, or he loses a round in training, it’s a short and angry ‘Fuck’

When he’s pissed off at someone it’s a loud burst ‘FUCK off!’ or ‘Fuck you!’ that makes the rest team jump in alarm

When he’s annoyed it’s a drawn out ‘fuuuckk’

And when it’s Lance nuzzling at his neck it’s a soft, mumbled ‘fuck’

He also flips people/aliens off a lot, and will often end a conversation by holding up two middle fingers and walking backwards out of a room

·        Shiro doesn’t really swear, out loud anyways.

He curses a lot in his head though, but has a really good poker face, so no one ever knows what he’s thinking

Besides “patience yields focus”

He almost lost it a few times with Slav though

·        Hunk tends to swear only when he’s in really stressful situations, but they aren’t actual swears

They’re more like utterances of ‘darn’ and ‘crap’

It’s hilarious and Lance will nearly piss himself laughing whenever he “curses”

Hunk once dropped a plate of space goo and muttered ‘oh for craps sake’ and Shiro, absolutely straight faced, said “Language Hunk.”

Everyone went silent, and Hunk looked ready to die of embarrassment not knowing if Shiro was being serious or not

But then Keith, of all people, began to chuckle, and the gig was up

Now whenever Hunk curses they all go “Language Hunk,” and Shiro mumbles something about a ‘swear jar’

·        Lance also tends not to swear, seeing as he came from a large family with smaller children

He tends to use playful expressions like ‘what the cheese’ and things like that

There are times, however, when he’ll switch to Spanish, which is like, level two anger for Lance

He can string long Spanish curses together and go on a rant whenever he feels the need, and it’s entertaining to watch, seeing as he’s very expressive with his hands, but also a bit intimidating, since none of them know what he’s saying

Sometimes he’ll just spout a bunch of random words to make his rant a little more impressive

He’ll also murmur Spanish curses whenever he and Keith go at it, which Keith loves, since it means Lance is in an entirely different world of pleasure

Level three swears for Lance are scary.

Like, he is pissed off.

When Lance uses actual swear words you know you done fucked up

·        Allura and Coran swear as well, but in Altean, so the others don’t really know what they’re saying (like with Lance)

Coran uses his curses efficiently, sticking them into conversation wherever he feels they’re needed

Allura, on the other hand, is much like Pidge, and has an impressive vocabulary when it comes to curse words

Coran is used to it for the most part, but there are times when she gets really mad and he has to remind himself that, yes, she is a princess, and not some ruffian raised in a bar

The others pick up certain words as well, and use them randomly, which is all very comical, until Lance accidently called an important diplomat a word he heard Allura use once, and said diplomat happened to know the Altean language.

Needless to say Allura had to do some extensive ass-kissing to make up for that one

Coran decided to teach tell them what the words meant after that, and the team had never seen Lance go so red

Keith still makes fun of him for it

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tony your son vision was being rude to dr strange


Vision. Is this true? Were you harassing the sorcerer? Because you know that’s not a good idea, and no matter how much I love you, honeypie, I would definitely let him turn you into fried aubergine.”

i just wanna post this while i have a second and before i lose the thought but. just a casual reminder that ella was an extremely sheltered child no matter what verse you interact with her in. she’s not going to know a lot of social cues at first and it takes a bit for her to catch on to things. she’s going to ask a lot of questions about things she doesn’t understand and just remember that it’s okay for your muse to react to that as well. the things she finds interesting and acceptable might not be the same as others. but a lot of jokes go over her head as well as a lot of social cues. she tries hard to adapt to her life outside of the one she had been living though but it takes time with her.


When you run with The Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try, you can’t run for ever. Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like The Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark, if he ever, for one moment accepts it.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary


A Couple Weeks Ago
  • Friend: *sitting right next to me, turned away slightly, telling a story*
  • Me: I'm sorry, but can you please speak up?
  • Friend: *suddenly turns to me* Oh my god, Ellie - what are you, deaf?
  • Me: *stares at her* Yeah kinda.
  • Friend: Oh right sorry. *turns back around and continues to tell the story*
  • Me: *sighs*

Are you jealous?

Pairing: Rey x reader

Prompt: “Are you jealous? Why, I mean we’re not dating or anything.”

Warnings: None


You and the other mechanics sat round a table with your lunch, laughing and joking about the morning that had passed. ‘And then I told him, 'do it yourself’!’. The group broke into laughter, and you joined in.

Rey was sat across the canteen at Base with Finn and Poe. They were all being pretty quiet, as no one was feeling particularly talkative that day. Rey gripped onto her fork and she watched you with your friends. It was that one mechanic that always had their arm draped around you, that one mechanic that always hung out with you, that one mechanic that she envied.

Rey had been watching you for a while, and during that time she had not touched her meal whatsoever.

'Hey,’ She felt Finn nudge her and she fell out of her trance, 'are you okay?’

Rey cleared her throat, 'Wha- Yes, I’m fine. Thinking.’ SHe said bluntly and turned her attention to her friends, 'do you guys want to get out of here? It’s a bit… loud.’

Your attention was caught by the screeching of chairs and you turned to watch Rey leave. Then you remembered, you needed to ask her about some tinkering she had done to an x-wing.

You stood up quickly, but someone caught your sleeve, 'where are you going?’

You took your arm from their grip, 'I need to talk to someone’, and walked towards the exit as Rey had moments before.

With a quick jog, you caught up with her, 'Hey! Rey!’, You tapped her on the shoulder and she turned to you with a slightly shocked expression.

'What’s the matter, Y/N?’

'Can I talk to you, please?’ you lowered your hand to your side and watched as Poe and Finn got the message and walked off, saying they’d see her later.

You took a deep breath, 'Where did the compressor go on that T-70 you borrowed? Sorry, but I need to know’.

She scrunched up her nose, 'gone’.

'Why?’ You asked with a furrowed brow, 'and why are you being blunt?’

'I don’t know, maybe your mechanic-friend will know, since they’re so interesting.’ The tone in her voice was like venom and she crossed her arms.

You choked a little in surprise, 'Excuse me?’

Rey just stood there looking rather smug.

'Are you jealous?’

Rey looked at you in surprise, 'wha- No!’

'Rey, I mean, that mechanic and I- I mean, we’re not dating or anything? Why would you care?’ You explained, hoping Rey hadn’t got the wrong idea.

She smiled, 'Er, no. But I wouldn’t mind if we were, that’s all’, and she quickly tried to catch up with her distant friends trying to hide the blush on her cheeks.


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@agent-alex-danvers​ gave the prompt of “christmas lights.” I’m about two weeks or so late which I’m so, so sorry about, but happy late birthday and love ya. I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I do if we didn’t talk (really, me smashing the keyboard and knowing you’ll understand)


She’s not terribly fond of the music.

To be quite honest, she hadn’t been sold on the idea of having a holiday party at all either. The department heads had pushed it. Said she needed to show that Luthor Corp- L Corp, she had to remind them through gritted teeth and nails digging so hard into the desk that she finds paint underneath her fingernails later- was better than ever, the attack during Thanksgiving hardly affecting them.

She barely holds herself back from pointing out that of course they weren’t affected.

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I understand the desire to have Even be the focus of season 4. It’s been a week and I miss Evak so much, and it would be really nice to see things from his perspective and not send Evak into the background.

But do y’all really want Even to be the focus? Because last time a Skam season started with the couple already together, they broke up. Big time. And I don’t think I could handle watching the downfall of Evak.

I don’t know why but I just imagined Aizawa, despite himself, waking up super early to train, thinking all his students kids were still in bed. Then Uraraka comes and even though he notices her, doesn’t say anything. She tries to copy all his movements, tries to understand and memorize them. Seeing this, Aizawa calls her over, slows down his movement so she can study them better and answers any question or concern she has. Morning training sessions became a thing which later turned into sparring sessions x)

Something i just don't really understand very well...because i see people literally say these things in the same sentance
  • Person: Rowan and Aelin were so much better platonic, just, they were my brotp, they were such deep and good friends, i hate their romantic relationship, it was so much better when they were friend soul-mates
  • Me: Why do you hate their romantic relationship?
  • Person: Because its like she fell in love with her abuser! He was such an asshole to her, so abusive and terrible and awful, it just doesn't make sense that he would be with her
  • Me: But as friends-
  • Person: My Brotp, ah, they were so cute and friend goals and much better platonic
  • Me: But romantically
  • Person: Their relationship is so toxic, all because of how he treated her in the beginning, total abuser asshole, he is the worst
  • Me: But...as friends you-
  • Person: Love them, so perfect, they were the best
  • Me: ....Wait what?

literally Magnus is just so funny. He’s all like" oh I don’t know Annabeth this could be dangerous, my life is pretty strange"… MAGNUS FALAFEL CHASE do you even know who you’re talking to?!?! and Annabeth’s all like “ believe me I get it”, but then Magnus is all “ noooo like my life is really dangerous, you would never believe it. Ever.” this is probably the moment when Annabeth would stare at the camera like she’s in the Office.

things i have learned about this alligator lizard

she’s remarkably chill for an alligator lizard. like she doesn’t want to be my friend, but she doesn’t mind being watched

she doesn’t understand water bowls and will only drink from her humid hide

not diurnal.  she won’t bask under her UVB light except at dawn and dusk

will fucking eat ANYTHING

not interested in climbing branches unless they’re placed slightly out of her reach in which case she will do anything she can to reach them

  • Peridot: Amethyst, you are so cute.
  • Amethyst: Hehe, not really but thanks Peri.
  • Peridot: Hush up...yes you are...you're my...uh...sparkly little cat fetus
  • Amethyst: what the fuck