but she doesn't give up

What we learned about Hux from Aftermath:

We learned that he wept tears of joy as he watched a giant planet-killing beam shoot up into the sky to annihilate a planet that was home to thousands if not millions of retired and disabled war veterans.

Hosnian Prime was a hub of medicine and therapy, where people were transferred to live and build new homes and settlements. 

We learned that he wanted nothing more in his life than to eradicate a government that promoted individualism and the preservation of cultures and heritages. He longed for nothing more than to erase histories, suppress individuality, and homogenize everything into one perfect order.

We got to learn so much about him in this book, because we got to see what it was that the Resistance and the Republic were fighting to protect, and therefore everything that he wants to destroy. 

In other words, we learned that Armitage Hux is a Space Nazi. 

why did you say she “used“ to do high diving? doesn’t she still do that? Aren’t “her high diving skills so high she even qualified for the national team” ?? (I’m not making things up, check the wiki)

why did she stop???


What’s really sad is that this whole mess is not anything compared to what kanye has done, what Chris brown has done, what Donald Trump has done. Taylor is getting the hate they deserve and they get the praise she deserves. I’m not saying she’s a perfcet innocent angel who has done nothing wrong. No. She did do something wrong. I accept that. What I don’t accept/ understand is the fact that people think this is the worst thing a celebrity has ever done. Which doesn’t make any sense to me because ten years of good music, ten years of hard work, ten years of amazing care towards everyone she works with, ten years of outstanding charity work should all be cast aside because of this one thing. I get it. She fucked up. But the few “bad” things she’s done should outcast the good things that she’s done.

Call me a cynic, but love really isn’t a thing until both parties are mature enough to handle a relationship lol. You may think you’re in love, but you’re prob just filled with idealism/in love with the IDEA of love. Real love is a choice & a commitment & not really all that pretty all the time. Also, “lust at first sight” is a thing… “love at first sight” is not.