but she does CARE for emma

Norma saying she would kick Norman’s ass if he (physically) hurt Emma (by having sex) is not positive, protective, or cute.

What she was doing was manipulative and gross, she’s wasn’t saying that for Emma. She only started to assert it to get back at Norman for trying to make her jealous (which is an extremely weird thing to acknowledge/be aware of in the first place). It was to benefit herself by forcing distance between them.

Even Emma was offended by it.

are we watching the same show because I’m really starting to wonder what planet some of these viewers are on.

I’m not saying Norma doesn’t care about Emma, she does! But not more than she cares about Norman putting her before everyone else in his life. I mean that she would assume that Norman was taking her on a picnic and get irritated once being told that he’s taking his girlfriend??? come on. Her motives are purely possessive.

I’m not sure what it is that makes people want to sugarcoat Norma’s negative qualities in this fandom. Maybe because they don’t want to accept that Norman/Norma is canonical? Or just want her to be a 100% good guy??

But she’s a lot more fun the way she is, to deny her negative traits is to make her a really boring character imo.

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Personally I hope the writers are doing this on purpose. Setting up Hook so that everything thinks that he's great, but sneaking in those horrible things to hint that he hasn't changed. And then when Emma breaks up with him because she realizes he's a lying liar who still does horrible things (because this whole "I don't care if you're lying" thing makes no sense either) he goes bad again. And the writers are just laughing at the CSers and Hook stans who think that CS and Hook are sooooo perfect

I certainly hope this is the case. That the writers are constructing some kind of cautionary tale about getting into a relationship with someone who has yet to prove that they’ve changed and blinding yourself to their lies, especially when you got into that relationship while you were still grieving the man (really, two men) that you loved.

Because all I want is for things to be well written. And at this point the only way to save the writing for this is for it to recognize that Hook hasn’t changed and to end this relationship. From that point that they can either revert Hook to a villain, or have him realize his faults and actually change and develop. I think the latter is the only way to save CS at this point. The relationship needs to end and Hook needs to actually change, independent from Emma so that his good behavior isn’t her responsibility. From there on, if Hook does actually work to change and has actual development, CS might work and they could get back together. But keeping them together right now, with Hook not really having changed and constantly lying to her is toxic.

Unfortunately, I don’t see it going that way. If CS and Hook were the only things in the writing that were questionable, I’d believe it. But they aren’t. The entire show has enormous problems, and this isn’t the first time they’ve ignored a characters actions or behavior because they were inconvenient. It isn’t the first time they’ve been oblivious to the toxic and problematic elements of their writing. And nothing good came from those things. They weren’t a lead up to anything. So I don’t really see any reason to believe that it would be for CS.

Also, on twitter, in interviews, the writers have worked pretty hard to justify Hook as a hero an CS as some kind of wonderful love that’s going to save Emma or something. They’ve been completely dismissive of fans who have brought up their issues with CS. There really isn’t any indication that any of this writing is being done on purpose.


OTP Challenge: 7 Scenes [4/7]
“ Not too much drama I hope. I’m messing things up for you Emma. Alright, I mean cops, street races. It’s bad news, okay? I’m bad news. I just, I gotta stop hanging out with you. ”

Tell me how this is not out of character for Emma:

Regina: goes undercover
Regina: has magic
Regina: can definitely take care of herself
Regina: is semi-friends with Emma after she tried to kill her several times because Emma tries so hard to be her friend because Emma feels guilty about ruining Regina’s life (?)
Emma: SO fucking worried

but when Killian…

Killian: acts weird because controlled by Rumple
Emma: notices
Emma: does nothing


Emma: “I can’t lose you too”
Killian: has no magic
Kilian: almost fucking DIES
Emma: ——

Tell me how I’m supposed to trust writers when they turn Emma OOC to make the SQ friendship happen and ignore all that is at least due to the CS relationship. I’ve been here for CS development since the beginning and let me tell you, 2 years and I feel like CS still feels a little one-sided sometimes and that Emma doesn’t care about Killian as much as he cares about her.

Can’t wait until Emma finds out everything and demands to know why—HOW—Regina (her partner, her friend, her confidant) could do this and there’s Regina shouting a fervent “FOR YOU! I did it to protect you!”

Can’t wait for this broken, ill-thought out reason to highlight the fact that not only does Regina value Emma’s goodness, her light, her heroism, but that she cares so much about SPARING EMMA THE PAIN she knows comes with betrayal (the loss of hope and trust) that she would risk her life and her hard-won redemption to save her feeling the way Regina felt so many times over so many years.

Can’t wait to see Emma go dark and stand on the edge of an act from which she won’t be able to return, and the ONLY person on this show who understands what this really means, how this really feels, who has the ability to bring her back, is the ONLY person who has stood at that same edge, fallen over it and dragged themselves back over hot coals for seasons. There is nothing Emma’s parents will be able to say or do without making it worse. Nothing her set-dressing of a boyfriend will be able to kiss away. Henry cannot fathom where she stands, and we’ve seen Emma push him away when she is at her most volatile. Regina will be there (wind whipped, magic crackling) to pull her back and remind her of her light, her heroism, their son, their family.


Colin O’Donoghue and the epic things he says about Hook’s love for Emma

Hey there shipmates!  How amazing has the last two days been?!?  Colin has given us quite a bit to fangirl over!  These are just some of the highlights!  

I think he’s given over all of himself to Emma. At the start, he was scared to allow that love in because of what had happened with Milah and how that sent him on a hundreds of years [long] journey of hate. But I think now that he’s allowed himself and admitted to himself that he’s in love with Emma and that he’s willing to do that again.” ~ Variety

I think that Emma knows and understands who this Hook is, in present day. She knows that he deeply cares for her and wants to do whatever it takes to make this relationship work.” ~ TVLine

He’s the kind of person, once he decides on something, he does it whole-heartedly. We’ll see that he cares for Emma and that he’s given himself to that 100 percent. His main thing at the moment is to try to protect her and protect whatever it is they’re beginning to form in their relationship.” ~ TV Guide

That’s the most important thing — trying to be there for Emma, and try to do the best he can do to keep her on the right path.  He’s definitely trying to be heroic … they’re a solid team.” ~ The Hollywood Reporter

Hook, in the present tense, is really trying to do all he can to be a better man for Emma and that’s his overriding thing at the minute.” ~ TV Fanatic

He’s lived with darkness, and he’s trying to use his past experiences to try and help guide her as best he can. To try to be a good person and stay on the right path. So at the moment, I would think that he’s just trying to help her be The Savior and try and be supportive of all of that. If she ever let the darkness in, Hook loves her and I’m sure he’d do his best to keep loving her.” ~ ET Online

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“and then my soul saw you and it kind of went, oh, there you are. i’ve been looking for you.”


The Unicorn will allow you too see the future of the child but what if it hones into what you see for them. (X)Charming sees a happy and beautiful baby Emma because that is what he sees and want for Emma. Part of it has come to forewishen, Emma is Happy being with her son, family and Killian in Storybrooke. Snow sees an evil teenage Emma because that is what she fears. And let’s be real teenagers can be the worst.  She sees Emma crush her heart and say “I don’t care” when she tells Emma “I’m your mother”. For a mother this is one of the most heart crushing moments. We do know that this too comes to forewishen in the promo that aired last Sunday night. Snow and Emma are by the door and she tells Emma “I’m your mother” and Emma replies “I don’t care” thus crushing her heart. (X)The Unicorn does show the future of the child but a small glimpse based off what you are feeling. The magic of the prediction is uncertain and because of that causes the person to move in a path that they think will prevent said prediction but actual causes it to come true. The purpose of the seeing what Snow and Charming are feeling and the prediction of the Unicorn gives is to remind the audience that when given a glimpse into the future we attempt to take control of a situation we have none over thus creating a self fulfilling prophecy. 

Once Upon A Time

So if Emma is pure of intent, and Lily is pure evil when born. What the hell happened between them meeting?

We know Emma was in foster care and lost hope, but what happened to Lily? Does that mean that since her side is the opposite, she had to be loved?

Who loved her enough, and who discouraged Emma enough to taint them both? How is that not important to show?

Because both are supposedly “light and dark” (even though this show is a big advocate in the phrase: not everything is white and black, but there at all shades of grey), what happens when they meet?

Is that why they hit it off so well? Because they complete one another? They balance each other out?

Is that why Emma felt such a sense of betrayal when Lily lied to her? Because Lily has become her second half? How are these questions not important?

What is going to happen when they meet again? Is Lily going to be the one who brings Emma out of her villainous “phase”? Is that who she and Regina set out to find?

Is Regina going to realize who Lily is to Emma? Will Regina get jealous? Will Snow become furious? Will Maleficent just laugh it off and smirk?

Is she a dragon? Does she have dragon powers? When she gets to Storybrooke, will she become a monster and rampage like when Ruby first had to deal with her wolf after the curse broke?

Will these questions ever be answered?
Probably not. And that’s just wrong.

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I'm really trying not to get worried about this but .. Emma didn't say anything back when Hook told her she was his happy ending. I'm worried that means she doesn't feel the same way. Do you think her happy ending is someone else? Like Regina?

Emma not saying anything back is just what she does with Hook.  Remember when he asked her to go out with him again?  She didn’t say anything then either but was there ever a doubt that she wanted to go out with him again?

gif credit

As Snow said, Emma is just starting to open up her heart.  She has been in love twice before this and both times she was used and had her heart crushed. She is still careful with her heart but she is showing him how deep her feelings are.  Adding to that .. Emma is stunned by this.  She has heard “I love you” before but she has never heard “You are my happy ending” before.  She has been so intent on returning everyone’s happy endings that she never realized that she could be someone’s happy ending without doing anything more than just being her.  

Killian just proclaimed to her that she is it for him and she doesn’t have to do anything but be herself.  Just as she is now.  She doesn’t have to keep fighting, change a book, break a curse .. she just has to be Emma and that is what he knows his happy ending is.

gif credit

I’d cry to is someone said that to me.  She is overwhelmed with emotion and this kiss is so many things.  It is a confirmation that those feelings are there for her, too.  It is a thank you.  It is a promise that he won’t lose her.  The wonderful thing about television is that we get to see the characters emotions, they don’t have to tell us.

I’m putting the rest of the answer under the cut.

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“Where the hell is Hook?”

no but Emma does not CARE about Hook, she does not WORRY, she does not MISS him, she does not get scared when he’s in danger, she does not wilt with relief when he’s okay

and Hook is IRRELEVANT to the plot, he does not make plans, he does not contribute in any way, he does not restore happy endings to villains so they’ll stop being villains and trying to hurt the heroes, oh and no one ever calls him Killian

no one cares about Hook he does not matter shut uu-huuuu-huuuupppppppp

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Emma notices there is something wrong when she kisses hook TWICE and DOES NOTHING. Cause not enough screen time to resolve him almost dying lmfao!But then she spends an entire episode worried about regina who can take care of herself and has magic!

I think I understood why the csers are trying to screw rumbelle scene

Bc they dunno what selfish love is. If hook was in rumple’s position he would force emma to accept him (like he did when she was still love with bae)
Who cares if I had u and die soon after?
Rumple is not trying to have her back bc he needs to be sure he will survive.period.
He has all the right to try to explain himself even more after he learned that she dunno if she can ever be over him ( the csers love to forget this and keep repeating she is afraid of him while she is not and loves him), but he does not wanna her having empty expectations anymore, so he prefers to watch over from far away. That is love and that is NOT CREEPY. deal with it!