but she does CARE for emma

what’s interesting about this “do you know how emma became the savior? you. every savior needs a villain” thing though is that emma didn’t remember who she was when regina was playing as her worst, she remembered who she was when regina was in danger, when her love for henry shone through. so it kind of changes how emma views being/becoming the savior presently – she doesn’t do it out of necessity because there is evil in the world, she does it out of necessity to protect the people she cares about (regina and henry)


Henry was taken away from Regina because the writers didn’t realize that they were writing a terribly anti-adoption story. Emma was completely wrong. I 100% believe Emma is the biggest fucking idiot in season 1, and that it is not Henry’s fault, it is Emma’s. 

Henry is a ten year old boy, who, as far as Emma is concerned, believes in fairytales that Emma does not believe in. He is a child whose opinion on Regina is a mixture of a lot of emotions. Emma is an adult. Emma did not thing Regina is “evil”. She had no right, whatsoever, to talk to Henry, let alone take him away from Regina. 

Regina was nothing but a good mother, she did everything in her power to take care of him, loved him with all of her being, and Emma gave away her right to Henry when she asked for a closed adoption. So Emma decided to take Henry away because Regina was strict? What a load of bullshit. 

Regina had every right to try to destroy Emma. She had every right to chase away the woman who tried to take away her son. I’d say Emma is the villain of season 1.

No no but imagine Emma checking her phone later that night and seeing a notification saying she has 53 voicemails from Killian Jones and he’s frantic and panic and sounds a little miffed and she just listens to each one and she sits in awe and she smiles and she saves each of them and maybe even cries a little

Because not so long ago no one cared about her, no one would’ve noticed if she’d gone missing, no one was bothered by her absence, no one loved her as much as this man clearly does.

Emma Swan is Killian Jones’ entire fucking world and I’m so happy they’re my OTP


Requested by: @ask-mal-bertha

Y/N: “Look Fiona, you may not support the idea of her having a child. You’re not at fault for feeling that way. You need to support her no matter what, though. Be there for her cause you know she’d be there for you. That’s what family does, they put up with each other’s shit because they care. It’s Debbie’s life and you can’t change that.”

“It will unravel the Web of Time and destroy a billion billion hearts to heal its own.”

The thing is, that in spite of her moving, insightful speech at the end of Face the Raven, Clara Oswald would have been capable of doing absolutely the same as the Doctor. She might have wanted him to live up to the myth of what it means to be “the Doctor”, might have reacted with grief and horror at the realisation that he submitted himself to billions of years of torture to save her, but everyhing he did to get to that point is so familiar.

When it comes to saving the ones she loves, Clara does not give a damn about consequences. She does not care that Emma is to weak to open the wormhole again or that the TARDIS might die as soon as they reach the pocket universe. She willingly shatters herself into a million pieces, as her grand heroic act. She blackmails the Doctor into bringing Danny back, even if it could mean stranding themselves in a vulcano and losing his friendship.

Re-writing time means nothing to Clara. She’s done it a million times over, even if that was to right a wrong. She changed the pivotal moment in the most monumental war in the history of the universe with a tear and a shake of her head. She thought nothing of demanding that the Doctor should change the future in Trenzalore. She puts everything she has left on the line to bring Danny back from the dead and faced with the Doctor’s ghost, no rules or promises of catastrophic ramnifications will keep her from demanding better. Break them. He owes her.

And knowing that she had to return to Gallifrey, had to return to the Trap Street, that time could fracture otherwise… well, that’s still as good as an excuse as any to take a long detour. The adventure doesn’t have to end yet.

Do you think the woman twice dead would not have died many more deaths to save the Doctor? Do you think the accomplished liar wouldn’t have spun a story to make the Doctor return him to her? That Clara Oswald wouldn’t have risked all of time and space because she missed him? The two of them are the hybrid for a reason. They drive each other to extremes.

“What would you do?” - “Same as you.” - “Yes. Yes, of course you would.”

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

I was offline yesterday and came back to find a bunch of these! Thanks also to @bookwormchocaholic, @still-searching47, @of-princes-and-savages, and @beliza-fryler for asking me! I love you guys!

ALL OF ME: Contemporary Rumbelle AU. Belle French is a pudgy librarian who’s in love from afar with town monster and ace reporter, Mr. Gold. Little does she know, he’s head-over-heels in love with her, too. With a little help from Belle’s friend Marco, as well as Neal, Emma, and Henry Cassidy, can Belle and Gold discover all-accepting love?

FOURTEEN DAYS: Uncursed Storybrooke Golden Lace AU. Shaw Gold and Lacey French have carried on a casual, no-strings affair for months, until a fateful accident places Lacey in Gold’s care for fourteen days. Deeply in love with the untamed beauty, Gold wants Lacey to see that she is so much more than a good time. Can he win her heart and turn fourteen days into forever?

LOVE BEYOND THE SEA: Contemporary Movie AU of French Kiss. Librarian Belle French is a lactose intolerant American, soon-to-be-Canadian, who loathes the French and is terrified to fly. When her fiancé calls from Paris to confess that he’s in love with another woman, Belle flies to France to confront him. On the plane, she meets Luc, a charming crook who turns her trip—and her life—upside down.

A CHANGE OF HEART: Historical Magical  AU. For seven years, Laird Roland “Rumple” Denhaim has been betrothed to Lady Belle de Berwick. Belle is now of age and the wedding day is fast approaching, but Roland wants to marry for love, not an alliance of kingdoms. Belle wants to be more than a dowry and a duty. If only they could tell each other…

PASSING INSPECTION: Floof Family Canon Compliant. Neal isn’t that impressed with his father’s girlfriend (until something changes his mind?) Takes place in 3A, immediately after Rumplestiltskin and the other heroes return from Neverland. Besides the brief moment on the docks, Neal has only ever interacted with Belle as Lacey. 

Peter Pan Never Fails (Peter Pan x Reader)

“Help! Help! Please! Let me out of here!” I cried. My hands clawed at the ropes tying me to the pole on Captain Hook’s ship.

“Zip it, he’s not coming,” Hook hissed.

“Yes he will! Peter Pan never fails,” I said. They were trying to make me lose faith. I would never.

“He does, matey. If he didn’t, he would’ve already gotten you by now,” Hook told me.

“Stop, Hook. If we want to trade her for Henry, then she is going to have to want to go back,” Emma said.

“I’m done talking, you do whatever you want. I honestly don’t care at this point,” I gave up, sighing.

The rest of the ride was silent, until they decided to harm a mermaid.

“You really shouldn’t do that! That’s a really bad idea!” I said.

“Someone shut her up!” Hook yelled.

“No wait you don’t understand!” I shouted.

Regina did something, and then I suddenly wasn’t able to talk.


We were finally on the island. I knew Peter knew because he could sense it. That’s just how things happened. He could sense people on his island.

“You have been here a while I presume?” Emma asked.

I nodded my head violently.

“So you know where he is?” She asked.

I opened my mouth to talk, but realized I couldn’t. I did the sorta kinda motion.

“What? I don’t understand. Regina, let her talk,” Emma said.

With a wave of Regina’s hand I was able to talk. “He moves his camp often, but I could probably figure out where he was last, unless he hasn’t moved. He may come to find you since he knows you are on the island.”

“You don’t find Pan if he doesn’t want you to find him,” Hook added.

“That’s true, unless you are with me,” I said.

“She’s right, Pan is going to want to see her,” Snow said.

“Let’s go then,” I said.

I walked as they followed me. I made sure to avoid the deadly poison found around the island.

One arrow shot past me and lodged itself in the tree behind me. “You do this every time I come this way! Stop trying to hit me!”

One of the lost boys came out of the woods with their hands up in a “I didn’t do it” sort of way.

“Peter Pan, we know you are out there. We have something that you want, and you have something we want,” Hook called out.

The only people who walked out were more lost boys. After a few minutes of the lost boys coming, Peter walked out.

“Peter!” I shouted as I ran away from the others, before being stopped by Regina.

“Regina! Let me go! I brought you to him!” I shouted.

“You seem to have forgotten the plan, Y/N. We trade you for Henry, or we kill you,” she smirked.

“Pan, she seems to think that you never fail, I think we’ll prove her wrong,” Hook smirked as Regina and Emma dragged me away.

“No! Let go of me! No! No! Please! Let me go!” I cried.

“Leave her alone. Hurt her and you’ll never see Henry again,” Peter threatened. “I’m not even sure he will want to come with you since he can hear the music.”

“Be careful what you say, Pan, we have your lost girl, and I’m sure you want to get her back. Rumple is somewhere on this island as well,” Hook said.

‘Wait, why am I scared? Emma has a sword right on her side’ I thought. No more than a second later I grabbed her sword and swung it around, allowing me to escape. With the mass chaos going on, I was able to run to Peter and then run away from them with him and the rest of the lost boys.

Peter Pan never fails, and neither do I.


“But this is touching, Severus,” said Dumbledore seriously. “Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?” “For him?” shouted Snape. “Expecto Patronum!” From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe. She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears. “After all this time?” “Always,” said Snape.”

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I rarely pay attention to maks and Peta because I find them obnoxious together. Obviously, We knew Peta would be back. She has a contract to fulfill. Maks surprised me because all he talked about was being a stay at home dad. He could care less if he wins or is there, but they need the money. So now we get two pros back who would rather not be there. I'd rather see Emma get a spot. She is grateful and loves the show.

It’s a good thing none of us place bets on what Maks says and what Maks actually does - we’d all be losers!  I’d like to see Emma get a spot.

How the season finale of OUAT should go

Regina is sitting on the chair, staring into space. The letter she found still on her hand. Emma is typing away in the computer and Regina is doing everything she can to not show weakness.

She doesn’t want to cry. She doesn’t want to let go because if she does than there’s no stoping the tidal waves of emotions.

“Regina are you listening?” Asks Emma as she turns and sees the brunette.

Regina shakes her head and looks at the blonde.

“I’m sorry” she says.

Emma shakes her head and moves to kneel in front of Regina.

“Regina you know you can talk to me right?”

Regina looks at Emma’s concern green eyes. Her own water because they seemed so genuine. But she was having a hard time believe it.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like you care Emma! Stop looking at me like you actually care of how I’m actually feeling!”

Says Regina harshly as she stands which causes Emma to fall on her ass. She makes her way to the bedroom area and back. Pacing. Emma watched her from her place.

“But I do care” answers the blonde.

“No you don’t! You don’t care about anyone but yourself Emma! Or that insipid pirate of yours who someone gets to bend all the rules of magic! If you cared you would’ve come to me instead of making out with your boyfriend at Robin’s funeral!”

Emma looks at her surprised. She didn’t know what to say.

“Y-you saw that?”

“Yes I saw.”

It had hurt Regina more than seeing Robin die before her eyes. She had felt betrayed. By fate, by Emma, by everything. She had thought that maybe now with both Hook and Robin gone they would’ve work through it together. Maybe once both of them were healed from their loses Regina could take that step she always had wanted to take with Emma. But it was not to be.

“I’m so tired of that idiot pirate getting everything handed on a silver platter to him while I suffer the consequences of being a villain. I’ve worked so hard for my redemption and happiness and I keep getting screwed and the only good thing he has done was find those pages and that’s like half a good deed!! But let’s all praise him because he once again came out victorious and got to make our dear savior happy with his presence.”

“Regina, I-”

“Save it swan. I don’t want to hear it. I really don’t. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will never be good enough for you or anyone really. This is what I’m bound to and I should make my peace with that.”

Emma blinks several times. She stands and walks to the brunette. She holds her wrist and takes the letter Regina was clutching to out of her grasp. Emma pulls her closer and Regina shakes her head as she tries to fight it.

“Don’t” chokes the brunette.

Emma doesn’t listen and pulls her into a fierce hug. She holds the back of Regina’s head and keeps her in a safe embrace. Regina tries to push her away. But then she’s melting into her. This is the first time they have ever hugged.

Regina gasps for air as she tries to keep her body wrecking sobs at bay. Her body trembles with the effort.

“You are good enough Regina. You have always been good enough. Now I don’t know if I’m good enough for you because I don’t know who I have become. I don’t. But you are good enough.”

Then Regina is crying. She’s sobbing and clinging to the lapels of Emma’s jacket. And Emma. Emma is holding her tightly. Silently crying because what has happened to her? To them? Why is it that she has never hug Regina?

“I’m so sorry Regina. I’m so sorry for everything.”

“Please don’t leave me like everyone else does.”

It’s so softly. It’s choked out in a trembling voice. She sounded so small compared to the strong woman she was always used to seeing.

“I won’t ever, ever leave you Regina. I promise.”

I do, I always do

A/N: So, this bts photo that has us all mesmerized inspired this little bit that I absolutely had to write.

Warning: It does not contain smut, but it does contain a love scene. ;) Also, based on spoilers, therefore may be spoilery.

Rated: M

“Marry me, love.”

Emma’s eyes widen in shock before she grins up at him. “Killian, you can’t be serious. We’re in an alternate universe.” She gestures about the forest surrounding them.

“I don’t care. I thought I lost you, Emma.” The words choke him and he looks down at where his fingers toy with hers, the pain still fresh. Clearing his throat, he continues. “I already told you, YOU are my happy ending. There is nothing else I need in this world as long as I have you.”

Emma stares at him momentarily before she closes the distance between them and kisses him, pouring a multitude of feeling into the press of her lips. He presses back, kissing her passionately and holding her close, never wanting to let her go.

When they finally pull back, she strokes his cheek softly and they sway together, a gentle breeze caressing them, whipping strands of her hair about her lovely face. “I love you,” she whispers, and his heart clenches in his chest.

“I love you, too,” he says, kissing her again, feeling complete for the first time in his long, broken life. They stay that way for awhile with their arms wrapped around one another, not deepening the kiss, not moving, just two people bound together by their love. A war could be breaking out around them and he would not care because Emma Swan loves him, and he loves her.

When they finally break apart, he rests his forehead against hers, brushing her hair behind her ear. “Let’s make it official then, shall we?”

She smiles up at him. “Well, I am wearing a white dress.”

“Aye.” He breaks away, looking about the garden. “You just need one thing.” Finding a rose bush, he selects the most perfect, innocent rose he can find, tinted a deep blush. Bringing it to his nose, he sniffs deeply to make sure it smells as sweet as it looks.

“Here, a flower for milady,” he says, bowing slightly as he hands it to her.

Emma giggles softly. “Why, thank you, kind sir.”

Dropping to one knee, he keeps his eyes trained on hers as he grasps her hand tightly in his, his heart pounding. Her face looks shocked and scared and hopeful all at once.

“Emma Swan, my heart belongs to you and no other. I am already the luckiest man in the world because you love me. Will you spend the rest of your life making me the happiest man in existence by bestowing me with your hand in marriage?”

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ok but who else thinks that Freddie Hamilton and Emma Garland should be endgame? I think she’s cute with Joe but Freddie and Emma have had feelings for each other for awhile and they’ve known each other for so long. Also, Freddie cares about her more than he does himself which was why he let her go. They belong together. 

I’m really pleased with the ending between them in the finale as it seems like Emma is coming around. I just want them to have a happy ending together and Freddie is my smol son who deserves to be happy. 

10 Staples of Swan Queen Fanfiction

1) The most convenient excuse ever is “Henry’s staying the night with his grandparents.”

2) Regina is some kind of cooking goddess. Emma will either compliment excessively or make orgasmic noises when eating.

3) Swan Mills family dinners are a must.

4) Regina may: play chess, garden, love to read, listen to music that’s not classical, watch an unexpected tv show

5) Emma may: draw, like to read, play an instrument

6) Henry is a natural on horseback. Emma is staunchly opposed until Regina and Henry convince her otherwise. Still never enjoys it.

7) Emma does something idiotic with magic. She makes it up to Regina somehow. ;)

8) Deep emotional conversations about Cora, Emma’s time in foster care, and Regina’s marriage to Leopold.

9) Banter continues even after romance ensues.

10) The smex is always MIND-BLOWING.

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but in my version of episode 2 of s3 of skam the conversation Isak and Mahdi have after Emma invites them to the party is not translated, what does Mahdi say after Isak says he gets psycho vibes from Emma?

hey! you’re not bothering me, anon. don’t worry (^:

mahdi says uh “who fucking cares if she’s psycho?”

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Could the girl be baby Robin in that situation? Henry is ~13 years older than her. If he's near his mid-20s it could work. Given how she was conceived, she does have a weird family situation and maybe something happened to Zelena.

Yeah definitely could be. I was leaning towards a CS child because tbh I don’t think enough people really care about Zelena to make her the focus for this kid’s arc and because Emma is the central character, so it would make sense for it to be her daughter, especially if it’s the theme of continuing the generational search for a happy ending. 

Additionally, if adult Henry is in his mid-20s to early-30s and the kid is 10 years old, then Jared could still play him in flashbacks—Jared’s almost 17! 

If it is Henry, I suspect he’d be 28. This show loves it’s damn parallels. 

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Okay I literally just sent you an ask about the fic where Emma and Killian have the same routine so I ended up googling and found it myself! The fic is Routines by lifeinahole. So thank you for your time even though I figured it out myself, haha. I truly love your blog!

thank you nonnie. it seems like you did us a favour cause i can’t wait to dig into another sarah’s fic. and it’s a multichapter!!

Routines by @lifeinahole27

Emma’s daily routines are a matter of habit. When she wakes up late one morning, her routines all change for the better. Killian doesn’t care about routines, but he does care about Emma.

Where We Belong (1/6)

au. It’s like they can’t help it, they are drawn to each other like moths to the flame andshe knows that she’ll only get burned if she doesn’t stay away but she can'tfind it in herself to care. captain wench.

part one. part two. part three. part four. part five.

rated m

(Look who’s back for another (‘short’) multi-chapter story!

Happy [very belated] Valentine’s Day, emma-saviour-swan this is for you, I hope you’re gonna like it! And of course everyone else too!)

part one.

Captain Killian Jones - better known as Captain Hook - has had a great evening so far. He has won every game of dice - aye, the dice are loaded but he’s a pirate, he doesn’t care, it’s the way he does things - deviously (with ruses and tricks and perfidies - he’s no honest man, not anymore) - and he holds a pretty brunette in his left arm - nothing more than a girl for one night, he will never see her face again (not that he wants to, he never does, not since… her - he won’t even remember it given the amount of liquor he’s been [and still is] drinking but he really doesn’t care) the only thing that matters is that he won’t go to sleep this night unsatisfied, that lass would do just fine.

To his right sits another girl, a dirty blond who currently flirts with his shipmate but given the looks she gives him she definitely wouldn’t mind spending the night in his cabin too - and if his mate protested he would just stay right in this town or Hook would let him walk the plank.

This night oughts to end in a way he will most certainly enjoy - and it is still young.

The brunette next to him shoots him a flirtatious look, asking him how he does it, how he keeps winning and he leans over to her, telling her that she must be his lucky charm and she smiles, batting her eyelashes at him and she’s about to answer him, the first words already leaving her mouth but there are footsteps approaching their table and Hook looks up.

Just like that all of his thoughts about the two lasses are gone, his mind goes blank and he licks his lips, taking in the sight in front of him.

“What are you boys playing?”

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Ship meme - 16

× who gets sick more often: HK gets fever, Emma gets everything stomach and throat related. Leon not so often, though

× who is the better caretaker: probably both equally tbh, average. Leon grew up in a big family so it’s a bit of a mess, and Emma has two “I’m never sick what are you talking about” brothers, so like, both average

× who is the most needy when they’re sick: L e o n

× who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes: Belgium maybe? Leon does get worried, but about himself, he doesn’t want to catch whatever Bel has

× who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice: Emma. She stocks the house with everything and anything and this just kinda goes with it

× who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care: well, Emma forgets it’s a thing, while Leon is super careful

× who gets cuddly when they’re feverish: neither of them

× who tries to pretend they’re fine: Emma, Leon is a drama queen and enjoys the attention (unless he’s really sick, in which case he does pretend he’s fine)

× who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies: Hong Kong. Emma believes in modern medicine.