but she does CARE for emma

Just randomly thinking today that Emma’s had her superpower probably her whole life, right?  Whether it’s magic related or not.  And her whole life, going through the foster system, she always knew when people were lying to her - caseworkers, potential families, other kids.  She knew, she always knew, and she was aways right.

And then she meets Neal, who maybe truly loved her and cared for her.  And she doesn’t feel anything’s wrong, because he means it, he really does.  Her superpower never goes off, she never suspects him, because he has no reason not to be there with her.  And for the first time she’s happy.

And then August shows up, and Neal leaves her behind.  She gets arrested for him, goes to jail for a year, finds out she’s pregnant with his kid.  But what hurts the most was that he lied… and she never even knew.  Her superpower never picked up on it.  Maybe there was something about men, maybe something about love, that prevented her from seeing clearly.

So she swore off both, using her power to catch bad guys once she got out.  It never steered her wrong when she wasn’t attached, and she was always right about who was lying.  Always.

And then Hook shows up, worms his way closer to her, and she’s running from him.  Not necessarily running from a relationship.  Running from the idea of her being wrong.  She doesn’t want to get blindsided like before, like with Neal, can’t take the chance that her attraction would get in the way of knowing what was true.  

“I can’t take the chance that I’m wrong about you.”

After that ridiculously long and cheesy 5x13 deleted scene, I never want to hear anyone diss Emma for “dragging her son to hell” while trying to claim that Regina is in anyway a more responsible parent again.

Emma held her sons hand, hugged him goodbye and walked him to a boat that would return him to safety. He understood the decision and based on what was said wouldn’t have fought it (unlike in 5x12). And then Regina decided to return with him (and Robin) to the Underworld. She brought him back to that realm that people say Emma was so wrong to not stop him from going to. So what does that say about her?

Also LOL at Regina’s attempts to talk about her father but instead only being able to describe how he made her feel. The way Regina is written as interacting with people makes it clear that she values what they can do for her and how they can make her feel. Like who cares that her father was in an abusive relationship, he made her have hope. Why does it matter that Henry was miserable under the curse when having a child made Regina feel better.

That whole scene was just…

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tumblr is the only place on the planet that makes it morally wrong to enjoy entertainment like it blows my mind how people act as if shipping certain ships is actually like wrong? like say noah x audrey like “oh you can’t ship that why can’t a boy and girl just be best friends?’ um maybe i enjoy the best friends to lovers trope? maybe that and enemies to lovers is what entertains me most? lmao? maybe i hate characters for no other reason than they are getting in the way of my ship? maybe i don’t want to write a phd level research paper on why emma upsets the hell out of me? maybe i don’t want to love emrey just because everyone else does? maybe i am excited to see how kieran’s character has changed? maybe i literally couldn’t care less if i was dead what audrey has done she entertains me most? maybe i wanna be entertained in my free time and not upset lmao like ??? it actually annoys the living hell out of me the mob mentality on this website like you just can’t sit down and watch a show and enjoy it people are physically nasty to each other over non existent characters like you’re physically upsetting a real live person on this earth over someone who only exists because a dude wrote them down on paper ??? i’m ???

She was so full of rage. Anyone hearing word of it would wonder why. Why do you care about what Rodolphus Lestrange does? You don’t even slightly care for him. But Rodolphus wasn’t the problem, only the way he spoke was, which was why her knuckles still ached (but at least that meant she’d put enough power into the hit; enough to leave a mark). Instead, she was angered by those friends he spoke of. Friends who didn’t think to tell her of what had happened, who didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt for it. One in particular? Emma Vanity. Bellatrix was still completely lost on what she would say, what she would do, but her rage was likely to control the situation, it fuelled her fire, it removed all common sense. It made her feel stronger. Thus, a sadistic enthusiasm overtook her, and when she caught sight of the girl she traipsed towards her as if excited to see a friend. “Emma,” a friendly greeting, matched with a completely casual, “I’ve been looking for you.” If I were you, I’d run.


Best Laid Plans - rewatch

One vision and your child is evil and you hate evil more than anything so clearly something drastic has to be done. Snow…you will frustrate me in this episode. 

Emma and Regina aruging about drawing keys is adorable. 

I’m surprised Emma cares so much about August. Does she know how much he screwed her over (with Neal and the money and the car?) Emma’s so pleased with herself about the fake page and it is very cute. Emma and magic makes me happy. 

Killian’s so supportive of Emma, and he knows darkness. They’re sweet. 

Snow and David whispering while two feet away is soap opera ridiculous, but hey. Wow, so, you traded a baby and you still fucked up, good job Snowing. 

I love Mal’s tie, and Cruella’s casual fur. The way all three of them advance on Regina is great. 

Cruella the photo critic. Love it. 

Mal has a sleeping curse light, which must be why Rumple needed her back. Pretty useful. (I love the staff). 

HATE THE AUTHOR. Zomg. Stop messing with the stories. 

The ridiculous Mal stan in me would like to point out that she hurt no one, and just scorched some forest. Totally evil, right? 

I love Charming’s cape. It’s so velvet and swooshy. 

I also hate the Apprentice, but he’s being manipulated. 

Mal and Rumple’s little discussion where she works Rumple out is great. I love how cute Mal’s tone is. (to be fair I love Mal, but extra love.)

Yes Snow, if you’re not careful you will help turn Emma dark. 

Where is Neal in this episode?

Oh Regina, protect the savior. 

Run Henry! Rumple can’t actually expect Regina to hurt Henry for him. 

Oh rumple, you are so transparent and this is why Mal doesn’t trust you. (why no one trusts you). 

Henry, you are the cleverest. 

So baby Emma is a blank slate, so is baby Lily, but kidnapping baby Lily and giving her twice the chance of darkness, is okay because it saves baby Emma? 

This is the worst thing Snow and Charming have done. It’s so selfish, so awful. Also, he just said for this to work, the ‘vessel’ has to be unformed in the ways of good and evil. 

They have to hurt an innocent to do. David is right. It’s wrong. This is a wrong thing. (so I kind of love that Snow’s the one who does this). Snow has a dark side. 

Sure, there’s a casual disregard for life from Mal, but that’s hardly full on evil. (she hasn’t destroyed a village, or done anything like what Rumple’s done). Diet sleeping curse isn’t so bad. 

Henry under the table with the book is fantastic. I just love him figuring things out. 

‘Henry Daniel Mills’ and he just knows. All the Regal Believer love. 

Does Regina know what will happen to her when she’s caught? I don’t think she fears Mal or Cruella, but Rumple? He’s dangerous. 

I love how Mal goes all dragon, but turns human to talk to them. I love this look too, it’s so soft. No evil cleavage, hair down, Mommy Mal’s really precious, and Snow and David just take her baby. 

Did having Lily weaken her? She can’t teleport after them? PLOTHOLES, show. 

Ominous rattle breaking. 

Moving around your unconscious ex-wife so you can confess things to her is rather shady. 

Tiny Regina! she’s so short between Mal and Cruella. I totally love Mal’s little ‘sleep now’ trick. 

The apprentice probably should have warned them that he was sending the ‘vessel’ away. At least they’re righteously angry now. 

And now that the baby is a baby (in a form they recognize) now they care. Such species-ism. 

David justifies, Snow at least feels bad now. (the covering up in the future is still pretty dodgy.). David wants to keep lying and Snow, you can have some points for stopping lying. Good work. 

“But that darkness started long ago” Snow, yes, good. Very good. excellent personal growth. 

Poor Emma. She’s so shattered. 

No need to be rude about uniforms, Snow. Deal with your guilt. 

Oh David, you’re awful. Snow’s right. What matters is what you did. I don’t think you can hope and faith your way out of it either guys, but, maybe? You do better in SB. 

And now Mal’s going to cry and break me. I do like that Rumple almost wants to protect her. These two are interesting. They’ve both lived centuries, both lost their children, and there’s a mutual respect between them that I really like. (I also love that rattle). 

Baby Lily! she’s so unhappy. :( Who chooses Lilith so they can have the nickname Lily? 

Dammit, KBvS, why do you have to do such things to my heart when you cry? 

Good cut to Emma. Poor Emma, who’s so changed when she sees her parents. (good acting beat though). I love how excited August gets about explaining how ‘authors’ work. (awww, Disney!)

Except this one, he’s rubbish. Poor Lily. 

Okay, I kind of like you here August, but you still did awful things to Emma. 

Author, you are SO ANNOYING. At least you’re fun to hate. 

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I was watching Superfans until it got to the part about that fan talking negative about Emma Watson about being not nice or whatever. She's not my favorite either, but i found it distasteful and not fair that that wasn't edited out. Whether she's mean or not, I wouldn't want something like that saud about me being watched by millions of people without being there to defend myself.

I hear you, but i don’t agree. Should the part with Nick Jonas have been edited too? He totally ignored the people waiting for him, didn’t stop for the autographs and selfies. Is it fair that it wasn’t edited and he wasn’t given a chance to defend himself? Or does it apply only to Emma who probably never saw it and definitely doesn’t care what some random fan thinks about her?