but she does CARE for emma

TDA Characters + Swearing


  • since he had to raise 4 children, you won’t hear him swear
  • he curses a lot in his head though
  • he’s the “watch your language" type of person
  • at times, he almost loses it with zara
  • he has so much bottled up rage because of zara


  • oh boy, does she swear
  • she curses like a sailor
  • very colourful language during missions
  • swears throughout entire battles against demons
  • she tries her best not to swear around Tavvy and Dru
  • but during training her mind is on focused on Cortana and not her mouth
  • zara opens her mouth 
  • emma: “eugh, please just shut the fuck up”


  • not too bad
  • only swears at appropriate times
  • “FUCK” when she gets jump scared by demons on missions
  • “oh! shit.” when she drops something


  • doesn’t swear that often 
  • might slip in the odd “asshole”
  • “damnit” or “crap” when he drops his armful of books
  • you know you fucked up when he starts using actual swearwords when he’s mad at you


  • swears to show that she isn’t a child 
  • she hates it when people stop swearing as she enters the room
  • learns words from emma
  • tends to use them a lot when watching an extra scary horror movie


  • toilet talk
  • please stop tavvy
  • it’s not funny


  • just as bad as emma
  • actually no, he’s even worse than emma because he doesn’t care who hears him
  • his father never cared about what he said so it’s just a habit
  • he’ll only chill if ty starts looking uncomfortable
  • only for ty though
  • he, also, picks up words used by emma 
  • abrupt “FUCK off!” or “Fuck you!” when he’s angry at somebody that make everyone jump
  • when he’s not being sarcastic, he’s swearing


  • what does “fuck” mean?
  • gets super confused when somebody swears at him


  • he used to swear a lot before Faerie
  • but by now he’s forgotten most of his inappropriate vocab. 
  • at times, he will make a rude gesture
  • but "by the angel” is good enough for him
  • he likes to insult people by using demon names
  • “you remind me of a behemoth, you know?”
  • “you are as dumb as a dahak”

He does care about Kieran,” Cristina said. “It’s just I think he cares about me, too.” She half-turned to look at Emma. Her eyes were big and dark and worried. “I danced with him. With Mark. And we kissed.”

“That’s good! That is good, right?”

“It was, but then Kieran came in -”


“But he wasn’t angry, he just told Mark that he should dance better, and he danced with me. It was like dancing with fire.”

“Whoa, sexy weirdness,” said Emma. “This may be more sexy weirdness than I can handle.”

“It is not weird!”

“It is,” said Emma. “You are headed for a faerie threesome. Or some kind of war.


Hot faerie threesome,” said Emma cheerfully. “I can say I knew you when.”

I just started crying again reading Jen’s departure interview. I can’t even explain how much respect and admiration I have for her. I’m so not ready to say goodbye to Emma Swan and I’m devastated her story is coming to a close, but this quote really stood out to me..

“I have no regrets. I really have no regrets. I have put one million percent of myself into this woman for the last six years, I have lived and breathed her, cared about her, worried about her, studied every script inside and out, tried to find every possibility, every option, everything I could possibly do, worked so closely with Eddy and Adam with every detail of her. I’ve poured my genuine honest heart into her, so I have no regrets.“ [x]

No one loves and cares about Emma Swan more than Jen does..  so if she says she’s happy with the way Emma’s story ends, I know I’ll be happy with it too. If she says she feels great about it, I feel great about it too. When it comes to Emma and her story, I trust Jen completely. I’ve said it a million times today and I’m sure I’ll say it a million times more, but I’m so thankful for Jennifer Morrison and everything she’s given to Emma Swan.. she wouldn’t be my favourite character without her. 

Can I just say…Regina Mills trying to comfort Emma was adorable. She is not sure what to say, how to make her feel better but oh she tries.

Cause you have to remember… Regina Mills never had friends, she was all alone. Always.

And rarely had someone trying to comfort her, to sooth her - Queens do not cry or need comfort - it shows weakness.

But Regina cares about Emma and so she does try.

goodnight little love

———-cs + morning sickness in the middle of the night

my cs baby feels are in an all time high after finally finishing watching 702 tonight, so here ya go Tumblr, this has been half written for m o n t h s, so idk, happy cs baby feels y’all! these babes are canonically starting a family and I’m just feeling all the feels! Ciao <33

— ღ   —

It’s definitely not as bad as it was with Henry, not at all. Emma knows she should consider herself lucky, only being sick once a day at most, but still… by week 14, Emma’s already done with some of it. She’s tired of being tired all the freaking time. She’s bloated more often than not, and the nausea; the nausea is by far the worst.

Aside for her one, 3am long-standing appointment with the porcelain bowl every night, Emma’s been mostly ‘blessed’ with just nausea day-round and not vomit. Which she figures makes her lucky; it could be worse, she knows how much worse it could be, puking at the drop of hat —she lived it before, so she knows, but despite the lack of retching, her stomach does churn 24/7 and she’s sick of it.

She’s already missed more days at work in the last month than she has in her whole time in Storybrooke all together. She just doesn’t feel right. She’s dizzy and queasy so often, that she finds at least sleeping she’s unaware of the sickness. And it’s not as if she’s not tired enough to justify all the naps –she is.

Killian is great about the whole thing; he’s awesome at allowing her to moan and complain as much as she wants without making her feel whiny or worse, weak. He’s great. Her parents are being completely amazing as well, as is her son and pretty much everyone who knows —which aren’t that many yet, but she figures in time she won’t even have to announce it, they’ll just be able to tell.

Which worries her too, because showing does mean everybody knowing about the baby, and that’s scary. It’s also exciting though. Showing after all does mean the baby is growing, and she wants that. She wants this tiny human of hers to grown healthy so that she and Killian can meet it soon.

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We need to talk about Belle’s pockets.

The 2017 and 1991 Beauty and the Beast  is set in 18 century France. This is seen in the architecture and clothing and even some of the mannerisms of the characters. (It’s not 100% accurate because it is a Disney Fairytale and liberties were taken.)

Now about the clothing. I’ve been doing some research for some unrelated things and I found a cool video on clothing in the 18th century. (You can watch it here.) The most intersting thing I found was the pockets. Yes, POCKETS. Ladies actually had pockets in their dresses back then!! This is the even cooler part. They were more or less small bags that hung at the hip. They were worn under a couple of layers and all of those layers had slits in them to allow access to the pocket. 

Heres whats so cool about Emma Watson’s Belle. She wears her pockets on the outside of her dress. Not only are they accurate to what pockets looked like in the 18th century, but they are seen. At the time, pockets were a very private thing. They were often stolen by being cut off a lady- thus you wear them under so many layers. It was also one of your only private places to hide things (small houses or maids poking around). Belle is making a pretty big satement wearing her pockets outside of her dress. 1) she has nothing of great value. 2) she trusts her fellow towns people not to steal what she does have. 3) She doesn’t care that people can see her pockets (I mean she also has her skirt tucked into her waist band so…) 4) She has no secrets. She’s an open book. ;)

So there you go. Bravo to the costume designer, Jacqueline Durran!

Ok, ok, this idea might be more likely to piss people off than to make them laugh, but just hear me out:

What if they had Emma’s absence in S7 be a running gag? As in, Killian shows up and people are always like, “Where’s Emma?” and he’s always got a new answer for them.

“She’s off canoeing with Henry.”

“She’s babysitting Neal while her parents go on date night.”

“She’s investigating the mystery of who stole Leroy’s axe.”

“She’s home sick today, I’m afraid.”

“She’s off sparring with David.”

“She’s having a girls’ day with her mother.”

“She’s trying to make a spell to find a runaway lost boy.”

“She’s a guest speaker at the high school today talking about law enforcement.”

“She’s dealing with a family of deer that invaded the neighbor’s backyard.”

“She’s taking care of a brawl at The Rabbit Hole between the musketeers and vikings.”

And then when she finally does make an appearance, everyone except Killian looks shocked to actually physically see her around.

Don’t yell at meeeeee


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@bleebug. A little extension of the pancake moment. And for @spartanguard for chest hair comments. Because.  And for: @this-too-too-sullied-flesh on her birthday.

Rating: M

He really doesn’t care.

The Charmings have dragged them all throughout town for the past few weeks and pestered him with questions he seldom had an answer to. What kind of flowers did he like? What was his favourite cake flavour? What colour did he want to wear? (Okay, that one he had cared, but he thought the answer of black was bloody obvious.) Who did he want to invite?

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The Green Island

Parring: Peter Pan X Reader

Word: 1421

Warning: none

Summary: Y/N is Peter’s Lost girl, and he isn’t exactly the boyfriend Y/N expected.

A/N: i’m not dead! I know i should write the next part of 3317, don’t worry, i will soon, i just really wanted to write this!

Part 2

Originally posted by my-fxxfics

The stick moved easy over the ground, drawing a line from the end in the sand. The lines became a castle as they so often had before. Peter would soon come back and destroy it, as he so often had before.

You sighed, and looked around at the camp. Some of the boys were cooking dinner, some hunted, some fooled around, and Peter was out doing god knows what. He did that a lot, he was almost never at the camp anymore.

“it has its purpose” he had said when you had asked. “don’t ask again”

And you hadn’t. Not because you were scared, no. You had never been scared at Peter, not like anyone else had, he treasured you. Nobody dared curl a hair on your head, everybody knew what had happened to the boy who by accident had hit you with an arrow, sometimes you could still hear his scream in the dark night. Every time you asked Peter to let him go, forgive him, it was just an accident!

“nobody hurts my queen” Peter always said, and kissed your forehead.

You stood up, and started walking out of the camp. Peter wasn’t here, surely you could leave for just five minutes.

You knew the forest almost as well as Peter. All the times you had snuck out here, just for him to go after you, to spend a little quality time with your king.

The forest went on and on, but you didn’t mind, why should you? The forest was a nice place, it was as if even the plants was afraid of what Peter could do to them, and not dared hurt you.

A voice cut through the silence on Neverland, and you followed the sound. It didn’t take many steps for you, before you stood in front of a group.

“hello” you said, all of them turning to you. There were five, a woman with long blonde hair, a woman with dark shoulder length, and one with short black hair. There were also two men, a blonde and a dark haired, the last one had a hook instead of one of his hands. Captain Hook no doubt, Peter had told you about him, you had never meet him however, until now.

“welcome to Neverland! “you said with a smile, but none of the adults returned it.

“who are you? “the women with shoulder length dark hair said, no doubt a leader.

“I’m Y/N, and you are? “you asked, looking at them.

“wait, Y/N? “the blonde one said and took a step towards you. “as in The Golden Castle Y/N? “

“I’m sorry to disappoint, but I only lived in one place before this island, and it was no castle for sure” you said with a smile. Again, nobody returned it. You waited for an answer to your earlier question, but they didn’t seem to want to give it.

“so, what brings you to Neverland? “you asked. “it’s not most people who choose this place for a holiday”

“it doesn’t concern you” the one with the shoulder length hair said.

“we’re looking for someone” the women with short black hair said, and you nodded. You had a feeling of who it was. “maybe you can help us, do you know where Peter Pan is? “

You opened your mouth to response, but never got to. A loud noise made you turn around, and you saw a lot of birds flying up from the forest, their voices ringing through the trees.

“that’s my sign” you said, and looked back at them. “sorry, but it was nice to meet you! “


The five adults watched you disappearing through the trees, before four of them turned to the last.

“what’s the golden castle? “Mary-Margaret asked Emma.

“it’s a fairy-tale” Emma said.

“about that girl there? “Regina asked, and Emma nodded. “well, tell us! “

“it’s about a poor girl called Y/N, that lives in a village with her younger sister” Emma started telling. “but one day an evil witch finds them, and kills her younger sister. Y/N is of course crushed when she finds out, and she runs out in the woods, where a prince finds her. He gets sympathy, and offers her a place at the castle, but of course the prince falls in love with her, her with him, and they get married”

“a poor girl that marries a prince and become princess, where have I seen that before?” Regina said sarcastic.

“that’s the point of this fairy-tale, this is the beginning” Emma said, and the forest became quiet, as if everything waited for Emma to continue the story.


“where have you been?! “Peter asked angry, and you turned around to watch him. You were on your way back, but of course Peter wanted to talk private first.

“I took a walk” you said, not looking him in the eyes. “nothing happened, I’m fine”

He held a hand out, and turned your head to look at him. his forest green eyes meet yours Y/E/C, and suddenly it was just you two.

“I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you… “he said in a quiet voice.

“I know” you replied, and he leaned down to let his lips meet yours.


“Y/N is not what people expect of a princess” Emma continued her fairy-tale. “she wants to go on adventures, explore the world, but the prince won’t let her. He keeps her in the castle with nothing to do but what he expects princesses to do, stare at gold”

“he wants princesses to sit and stare at gold all day? “David asked, and Emma nodded.

“well, I’m glad you’re not like that” Mary-Margaret said to her husband, trying to sound joking.

“how does she escape? “Regina asked, making them all look at Emma.

“she doesn’t”


“Peter stop” you said, showing his hand off your arm.

“no! “he said. “you can’t leave this camp, I won’t let you! It’s not safe! “

“I can take care of myself! “you said angry. This argument happened far too often, and you both knew exactly what the other would say next.

“but you don’t need to! “he said, following the script down to every detail. “the boys and i can protect you, you don’t have to do it yourself! “

“you can’t keep me a prisoner! “you said angrily, knowing this wouldn’t last much longer.

“oh yes, I can! “he said, and you widened your eyes. He had never threatened you before.

“what? “you asked in a whisper, not being sure you had heard correctly.

“I said” he took a step towards you, so you had to tilt your head back to look him in the eyes. “yes. I. can! “


“what do you mean she doesn’t escape? “Mary-Margaret asked.

“I mean she doesn’t escape” Emma said, looking at her mother. She had never liked the story, and had felt relived when there was no Y/N in Storybrooke, now it turned out she was here. “she wants to, but right before she does it, the prince lock her up in the castle”

“but all fairy-tales has a happy ending! “David argued. He had always trusted his story to have a happy ending, to live happily ever after, that was how it should be.

“except this one” Emma said, her eyes dark by the thought of the story.


“LET ME OUT! “you screamed, but nobody answered. The wooden bars were rough under your hands, the cage swinging in the air. You could see two lost boys on the ground, but they were too far away for you to recognize them.

It wouldn’t make any difference, all the boys feared Peter, no one would dare to cross him. Before it had been nice, feeling so safe, but now you were a prisoner, trapped in a cage like all of his’ enemies.

“Please… “you begged quiet, letting go of the bars, feeling a single tear run down your cheek.

You had never been afraid of Peter, why should you? He had only protected you. He still wanted to protect you, and he thought he did just that. But you didn’t feel protected, you felt scared. Scared of the boy you loved.

Oh, what a horrible feeling. Fearing someone you loved. Wanting to run so far away you possible could, but also wanting to throw yourself into their arms. Oh, what a horrible feeling, being trapped on the green island you once had ruled with your king, calling it your kingdom.

Wife: A Captain Swan Drabble

A/N: BLAME @smorgan4, @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket AND @herhookedhero FOR THIS!!!!

For as long as she could remember, she had always been “Swan.”

Ever since that first adventure on the beanstalk, they Emma sacrificed herself and Henry brought her back with True Love’s Kiss, that had been her nickname from Killian.

But now, as they make their way back to Storybrooke after their week-long (and well-deserved honeymoon, he had taken to calling her something different, but just as meaningful.

Emma parked the car in front of the white picket fence of their home, from ear to ear. Killian looked over at her, exchanging a similar smile. “So, do I get to carry you over threshold?” Killian asked excitedly.

Emma Swan actually giggled. “Well, I don’t see why not…?” He was out at her door before she could even finish her answer. He practically unbuckled her from her seat himself. Killian lifted her into his arms, Emma squealing with delight. “You don’t to carry me the whole way! We have luggage in the car!”

“Luggage can wait. This is tradition!” he said, sauntering up the walkway through the gate.


“You know I’m not struggling. I’ve carried rum barrels heavier than you!” She laughed, knowing that he had said that to her before, but he didn’t recall.

As they reached the porch, Emma fished the house keys out of her jacket. Improvising, he bent her slightly so that she could reach the keyhole easier. As soon as the door was slightly ajar, Killian kicked it all the way open with his boot.

He looked at Emma, with all the love in his eyes reflecting into hers, as he said, “Welcome home, Wife.”


From that day forward, that was all she heard.

“Care for a splash of rum, Wife?”

“Wife, do we have to go to your brother’s birthday party?”

“I love you, Wife.”

One day, over a year into their marriage, while she was cooking Sunday breakfast, she finally asked, “Why don’t you call me ‘Swan’ anymore?”

He looked at her curiously. “Does it bother you?”

“No…not really. It’s just…it was our thing. I kind of miss it.”

Killian walked up behind her, as she was flipping the pancakes off the skillet, wrapping his arms around her. “You want to know why I stopped calling you ‘Swan’”? She nodded her head, which he felt on his chin. “It’s because I never in my life thought I would have this, with you, so when I call you ‘wife,’ it’s so I never forget what I worked so hard for, and what I will fight with my last breath to keep.”

She turned in his arms, placing her forehead onto his, revelling in the contact. “I love you so much, Husband.”

“And I you, Swan.”

“Call me, ‘Wife.’”

“As you wish.”

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All I ever wanted from OUAT was for Emma Swan to find happiness. For her to find her family, find love, find her place in the world, accept herself, and be truly, completely happy. And I guess at the end of her final episode, she is.. so I guess I’m happy too.

In Sickness and In Health

Based on a prompt request from @like-waves-on-the-beach for some sick!Killian.

Summary: Emma is sick and tired, literally. As always, she perseveres by pushing through her bout of the flu because only Emma takes care of Emma. When Killian comes down with the same flu, how will he handle it? Is he a cut above the average ailing male, or will Killian manage the man flu the same way he does most things… with panache?

Thank you to my beta @xhookswenchx. I appreciate you knocking this out so quickly!!

Rated M

7.7K words

Read on ao3         

Emma’s head was pounding, she felt as if it might pop like a balloon at any moment, and her eyes actually hurt. Sitting at her office desk with her eyes closed she softly rubbed her temples.  Who messed with the goddamn heat, it’s freezing! She groaned aloud when she realized even her internal voice sounded whiny and sick. She didn’t dare verbalize any of her complaints, of course; she couldn’t have people thinking she couldn’t handle something as simple as the flu.  This was the third day, and although she wasn’t running as high of a fever anymore, she still felt like shit. The past two days she’d gritted her way through work, not wanting to shirk her responsibilities. This morning she had decided enough was enough. She put on her favorite new blouse, a pair of ultra skinny jeans, and opted to leave her hair down, curling it. She was determined to at least look good if she couldn’t feel good.

“Emma, why don’t you go home and rest? Your father and newest deputy are more than capable of holding down the fort in your absence.” Killian had walked up behind her and was gently massaging the base of her skull.

It felt like heaven as Killian rubbed her aching neck. “Newest deputy, I like that,” she mumbled.

“I’ve heard he’s quite dashing, and rather well endowed,” he whispered into her ear.

Emma laughed then grabbed her head, “It hurts to laugh.”

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Harbor In the Tempest (1/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

This was an idea I had back in September, but let it sit after writing the intro and finally picked it up again recently. Working on it has basically kept me going during an intensely shitty week. The first 3 chapters are already complete. @caprelloidea​ is basically the best person ever for helping me through this one.

Rating: T

Word Count: 5165

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3  Chapter 4

AO3 | ff.net

They’ve just finished filling the canteens when he hears it. A familiar rustle somewhere behind him in the jungle, the same noise that kept him on edge for years in this hellish place, the one that left him looking over his shoulder for centuries. He glances over at Emma to see she’s oblivious, capping the water and adjusting the satchel over her shoulder, her ears not as attuned to this place as his are.

“Swan,” he whispers. She turns to face him and he raises a finger to his lips, tilting his head in the direction of the noise.

They stand there frozen for a long moment listening, the only sounds the occasional call of a bird or the chirping of an insect. He’s just about to relax when he hears it again, and by the tensing of Emma’s shoulders she can as well. She looks toward the noise and back at him, instinctively reaching over her shoulder for her cutlass.

The cutlass she’d given back to Baelfire.

Her eyes widen, and the first tinge of panic starts creeping up his nerves. Emma glances around for something, anything she can use as a weapon as he draws his own sword, stepping between the noise and Emma. It could just be an animal, or one of their group wondering what’s taking them so long, or -

The Lost Boys appear, faces slowly emerging from the jungle. First just in front of him, and then to his right, and his left, swords glinting in the sunlight and arrows dark-tipped with poison.

A dozen weapons against one. 

He spares the quickest of glances back and sees Emma frozen, still empty-handed. He turns back to his attackers, one last sweep of the landscape as he considers their options. There’s only one.


There’s only a split-second before they both turn and sprint, splashing over the shallow stream and barreling headlong into the jungle. They need to put some distance between them and the Lost Boys, take advantage of their longer strides and find some kind of hiding place to wait it out as they go by. But as his legs and lungs first start to burn as they duck and tumble and run, dodging arrows the whole way, he realizes what Pan’s crew is really doing.

They’re being herded.

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Best Friends? Part 5 || l.h.

Here is part 5 that you’ve all been waiting for! I’m extremely sorry for the long wait.

Warnings: some swearing, dirty talk.


To say that you’re embarrassed that Luke knows you’re falling for him is an understatement.

You don’t leave your house for three days and you ignore all phone calls and texts. The embarrassment of it all is too much.

You’re on your fourth day of moping when Emma shows up at your house. She frowns at the sight of you when you open your front door.

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N), what the hell happened to you?” She asks, her eyebrows furrowing as she takes in your sweats and messy bun. You have makeup that’s been on for a few days now and is probably smudged.

“Luke and I had a fight. He knows I love him.” You croak, wiping your nose with the sleeve of the hoodie you’re wearing. Emma sighs, walking inside and pulling you into a hug. “Sweetie, I told you not to let him back in again. All he ever does is leave when things get rough.” She says softly. “I just want my best friend back. I don’t care about a relationship or sex, I just want my best friend.” You mumble. Emma pulls back. Before she can anything, however, another knock plays into your ears. You sigh, moving to open the front door. Calum is standing there, his arms crossed.

“Oh, another band member sent to break my friend’s heart, lovely.” Emma says sarcastically. Calum glances at her and rolls his eyes. They’ve never really liked each other; it started once when you brought Emma to movie night at one of the boys’ houses and has been going on ever since. You all used to tease them and say it was just sexual tension, but nothing’s ever happened between Calum and Emma. He turns back to you. “Is Luke here?” He asks.

“No?” You say, a hint of confusion in your tone. Calum sighs, pulling out his cell phone. “He never came back to the bus.” He tells you. “They had a fight, feelings got involved. He left, like every man always does.” Emma tells Calum for you. Calum scoffs, looking at her again. “Seriously, Emma, I don’t have time for this.” He tells her. “Time for what?” Emma asks. “Time for all your men-hating comments. My best friend is fucking missing.” You bite your lip, waiting for Emma to make another comeback, but it never comes.

“What was the fight about?” Calum asks you. “He knows I’m falling for him.” You admit. Calum frowns.

“(Y/N), that’s-”

“I know, I know. Bad timing.”

“Yeah. Like, really bad timing. You were supposed to feel something for him months ago, not now.”

“I know, Calum.”

You give him a pointed look and he stops criticizing your feelings. “Alright, well fuck. Luke does this sometimes; when things get to be a bit much for him, he disappears for a few days, sometimes weeks. None of us know where he goes or what he does, and no one asks when he comes back.” Calum says. “Okay, and that’s (Y/N)’s problem, why?” Emma asks, back to the snarky remarks. Calum looks up towards the sky, as if asking for some angel to swoop down and make Emma nice.

“It’s not. I just figured she would wanna know.” Calum says. You shrug. “I thinks it’s definitely over for Luke and I. As much as I miss my best friend, we don’t work. Ashton was right, we’re better off without each other. I hope you find him or whatever, but I’m not going to contact Luke anymore.” You tell him, your voice strong but your heart hurting. Calum nods, stepping back away from your door.

“Alright. I’ll see you around, (Y/N).” He glances at Emma. “I don’t wanna see you around, Em.” He says, smirking. Emma throws up her middle finger as Calum walks away. You shut your front door and turn to Emma.

“Do you wanna do something? Go out to eat or maybe see a movie?” She asks. You bite your lip. “Honestly, I’d rather just stay here for now. You don’t have to stay, though. I’ll come to work tomorrow, promise.” Emma nods. “Okay. Call me if you need anything.” You nod, watching her leave.

Just as she leaves, your cell phone starts ringing. “God, everybody wants to talk today.” You mumble to no one in particular, picking the phone up. You answer it, sighing.

“If you’re calling to blame me for Luke’s disappearance, give me a warning so I can mute you first.” You say. Ashton scoffs. “I’m not going to yell at you, (Y/N). I’m calling to invite you to this gathering we’re having at my house tomorrow.” He says. “What kind of gathering?” You ask, walking to your kitchen.

“Like a party type thing, but only with a few people.”

“Is Luke going to be there?”

“Probably not. Did Cal not make it to your place yet?”

“No, he did. Just left, actually.”


There’s some noises in the background, some instruments playing. “I’ll see if I can make it. Text me the address and time to be there.” You tell Ashton. “Will do. Bye, (Y/N).” You end the call and look for something to eat, biting your lip as you open cabinet after cabinet.

Hanging out with the boys sounds like a good idea to you. You always have fun with them, and right now, you could use some fun.


You’re regretting your decision to come to the gathering the second you pull into the driveway. Maybe seeing the boys isn’t a good idea. You haven’t seen the three of them in a long time and you don’t want it to be awkward.

But yet, you still get out of your car and walk up to the front door. You don’t even get to raise your fist to knock on the door before it’s flying open, revealing Ashton. He grins at you, his dimples deeper than ever.

“You made it!” He says, pulling you inside. You smile. “Thanks for inviting me.” He shrugs, pulling you through the house and to the back yard. The back yard is full of people you recognize from the tour crew and the people who help the boys make their albums. Michael is grilling something on the grill, cringing when he nearly burns a burger. Calum is singing a song you don’t recognize. A guitar plays to the left of you, and when you turn to look at where it’s coming from, you sigh.

Luke is there, his head angled down towards the guitar. “Guys! (Y/N)’s here!” Ashton says. The soft sound of the guitar cuts off abruptly. “Ash, you said-” You start, but he cuts you off by suddenly pulling you into a hug. “He just showed up an hour ago. I honestly didn’t know he would be here.” He whispers in your ear before pulling away. You frown, glancing back at Luke. He avoids your gaze, looking anywhere but at you.

You decide to go talk to some of the tour crew members, having not seen them in awhile. There’s a new guy to the team. He’s your age and once the conversation starts between you two, it doesn’t stop. Your laughing and enjoying each other’s company for over an hour until you go inside to get a drink.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You jump, startled by Luke’s voice. You turn around to face him, the island the only thing between the two of you.

“What?” You ask. “Why are you flirting with that new guy management hired?” Luke asks. “Because he’s nice and cute. He’s funny, and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to walk away when things get rough.” You say, your voice firm. Luke scoffs. “No, this isn’t about me right now. This is about you, fucking flirting with some loser.” He’s gradually stepping around the island to get to you and ends up pinning you against it, his arms on either side of you.

“Are you actually jealous right now?” You ask, your eyebrows furrowing. “No, I’m not fucking jealous, (Y/N)! I disappear for a few days to clear my head, and when I come back all the feelings I had for you before came rushing back, and I’m not fucking ready to deal wth those feelings yet, so if you could please refrain from flirting, that’d be great.” Luke snaps, his voice raising a bit. “You’re jealous.” You state, crossing your arms over your chest. Luke scoffs, a scowl forming on his face. He leans in closer.

“I could take you right now, you know that? I could kiss you right now and you’d fucking melt, (Y/N). And then I’d fuck your right here in this goddamn kitchen and kiss every inch of your body and frankly, I don’t give a shit who would hear or walk in, but I know you do, so I suggest you stop flirting and stop being so bratty before I eat you out so good, you’ll be trembling for days remembering it.” Luke whispers, his tone sharp. You don’t even know what to say back, because, God, this man is filthy with his words. Luke bites down on his lip, his jaw clenching as he thinks of everything he could do to you right here in his best friend’s kitchen. “You wouldn’t do that.” You say, your voice soft. Luke smirks.

“You’re right, sweetheart, I wouldn’t. You like things private. But my threat got the exact reaction I wanted it to. I can see your thighs clenching.” Luke says, and you almost roll your eyes again but decide against it.

“Now, go back to the party and tell that fucker to go away.” Luke says, pulling away from you and stepping back. You let out a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding in after Lukee jogs upstairs.

His mood swings are really starting to get to you. You never know if he has feelings for you or if he’s in best friend mode. You don’t know what he’s feeling or thinking most of the time, and this on and off thing is starting to make you exhausted. You’ll have to get him to open up to you later. But for now, you’re going to enjoy the party.

The CS Writer’s Hub has spoken. Killian Jones vs. the very surprising text message. If I say anything else it’ll give away the surprise. I don’t wanna give away the surprise. Also, I’ve had a really fucked up couple weeks and these ladies kind of saved my butt so, thx for being nice to me even tho I am kind of an asshole. xo @mahstatins @winterbythesea @seastarved @dassala @katie-dub @the-reason-to-sail-home @killiancygnus @justanotherwannabeclassic @sambethe

+ The problem with not planning things from the get-go is that inevitably, everything following that initial act of ill-advised spontaneity will also go horribly wrong.

“Not off to a great start, seems like.”

“Yeah, no, not really, Lily. Thanks for the help.”

Rekindling her friendship with Lily had not been an easy thing, and she’d been dissuaded from trying to do so by nearly every person in her life. Her parents were a bit biased by way of their own guilt, so she didn’t really pay attention to them or their concerns on the matter. And even Regina, who should by all accounts be the Queen of Second Chances, couldn’t seem to resist making snide little comments about “that girl’s attitude.”

“Seems to me as if she’s lived a harsh life,” Killian had observed when she’d asked for his opinion. “I’m not one to judge, aye?”

He had this way of doling out advice or perspective as if he wasn’t really allowed to have either because he’d done so many fucking things wrong in his life. It was both sad and charming all at once—all that wealth of experience gained by living longer than most of them, only he can’t seem to stop punishing himself long enough to appreciate it.

“I think that too,” she answered, smiling and planting a gentle kiss against his cheek. “Thanks.”

“Not sure what I did, love.”

“Yeah,” rushing to grab her jacket off the back of the couch, one foot already out the door. “That’s the point. Be back later—love you!”

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Screwball Ninja’s Mini-Review: 6x16 Mother’s Little Helper

Oh, what a tangled web we weave/ When characterization takes its leave. Let’s dig in!

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You can tell she’s evil because she farts glitter– that stuff gets everywhere!

  1. Things That Had More Screentime Than Belle This Episode: Blackbeard’s wig. Her Handsome Hero. Rumple’s dagger. Jaime Murray’s cleavage. CGI spider butt. Perhaps we could scare up some more scenes for Belle in an episode about her son where the theme is MOTHERHOOD? Look, she’s already wearing pants in a plea for attention– somebody give her a scene with Gideon before she’s parading around in leggings and a ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sweatshirt.
  2. I’m here for Small Business Owner S&M Jaime Murray in a sparkly black tutu. What is this show? And it’s interesting that fairy dust can be used for evil (e.g., creating the Dark Curse) and needs to be a Category 1 Controlled Substance. No wonder the Blue Fairy smacked down Nova for loaning it willy-nilly in S1. I guess the price for fairy dust is slave labor (children, dwarves)? That’s dark, show. “Excuse me, Mr. Gold? Is this fairy dust conflict-free? Because I only use– *is snailed*
  3. Dark Swan is back, folks. Emma force-choked and beat an unarmed, unresisting man who was talking to her about his history of abuse because she was angry about losing her boyfriend for a day. “YOU TOOK HOOK FROM ME,” says Emma in her exact Dark Swan throaty tone. Force-choking is *never* shown as something good or justifiable– and it’s always shown as the sole provenance of villains. (They call it ‘Vader-ing’ in the script.) She’s law enforcement– you can’t beat up suspects because you’re upset! You can’t threaten to “force” people to do things! S1!Emma would have asked Gideon WHY he wanted to kill her before any fisticuffs, and she certainly wouldn’t have made him bleed while he was talking to her. This scene also makes it sound like Emma is more pissed off that Gideon cockblocked her than about his murder attempt. Priorities, woman! (Note: This was done on purpose to put our sympathies with Gideon– hence his line that Emma was “so far wrong” and that he wasn’t “the bad guy.” Gideon’s not all bad, Emma’s not all good: message received. But it’s fascinating to see Dark Swan pop up again without the excuse of The Darkness ™ .)
  4. Gideon says that the Black Fairy tortured him and he’s trying to protect “hundreds” of abused children in another realm. Emma’s response? Going to Rumple and … threatening to kill Gideon. “Your son has a death wish, one that I’m happy to provide.” What the everliving fuck? Rumple has to spell out that the Black Fairy is Bad News and may be a direct threat to Emma before she thinks to help Gideon. “Not my family? Not my problem!” is a legitimate philosophy … but not if you’re The Savior, and not if you’re the Sheriff. Emma even makes a deal (more Dark Swan-age) with Gideon to get Hook back BEFORE she helps with the Black Fairy business. I realize it makes sense to lift any magical barriers before embarking on a dangerous enterprise but it makes it look like she cares more about Hook than an entire realm full of abused kids. If this is “walls down” Emma someone *poof* her some bricks, mortar, and an enchanted trowel because I’m not here for this.
  5. Speaking of Hook, does OUAT have a writers room? You know, a room for the writers to talk to one another about what’s happening from episode to episode? Because this episode takes place one minute after last week’s episode, where Emma shed two tiny tears because that’s what she “needed to move on.” And now she’s beating up a child she helped deliver a week ago because she can’t be without Hook for literally a day? Which is it, show? 
  6. Hook is an adult who’s survived for hundreds of years and is in a realm he used to call home. He’s not hurt, he’s not cursed, he’s not threatened– he’s just on a bit of a vacation. You know, a break– what Emma wanted him to have until he got his head right about the whole lying business. So where’s the fire? Also, Blackbeard assumed Hook stole the jewels from a “wench”– is this something Hook did before? (Have fun with the inevitable JewelThief!Hook and FBI!Emma fic, CS fans!) P.S. BLACKBEARD SHOUTS TOO. MAYBE IT’S JUST A PIRATE THING? I AM HERE FOR THEIR HARD OF HEARING FRIENDSHIP!
  7. And normal Emma returns when the giant spider shows up! Yay! (Any scene that has Emma quipping about Charlotte’s Web while pretending to be in a life-and-death struggle with dollar store Haunted House webbing is a good one in my book.) Gideon apologizes for screwing with her instead of just asking for help. Yay! And then he double-crosses her because he thinks the ends justifies the means. Boo! But he’s heart-controlled! Gasp! Note that Gideon’s contractually obligated to do his premature gloating away from the scene of the crime, giving Emma time to escape with Rumple’s help. Villain rules, folks– if you disobey they take away your black cloak and make you wear pastels for a week. Also, props to the Black Fairy for not spilling her Secret Evil Plan to anyone yet. Next-level evil, for sure.
  8. “I’m sorry, but your son cannot be saved. He’s evil,” says Emma. Excuse me? One fairy coma, giant spider, and piratical banishment and he’s irredeemable? This is a show where mass-murderer and child abuser Cora went to heaven after telling her daughters to play nicely for five minutes after she was DEAD. Split!EQ killed three peasants, cursed Snowing, threatened to poison the town’s water supply, and sped up Belle’s pregnancy leading to Belle’s son being kidnapped– and got a “fresh start” in another realm. Hook killed Merlin and tried to kill Emma’s whole family last month but that’s “in the past.” But Gideon tries to kill one person to save hundreds of abused children and he’s beyond the pale? Ahahaha, no. Also, he’s *spoiler alert* heart-controlled. Boy, won’t Emma feel silly when she learns that. "He needs help!” says Rumple. “LOL nope,” says Emma. And then Rumbelle gave them epic side-eye and held hands (and gave the fandom heart attacks; it’s been a rough year).
  9. Neverland “must have transformed when Pan left!” To … Vancouver. Truly, Dark Magic. In S3 it sounded like without magic the entire realm was going to literally explode but you know what? Gangly teens carrying torches running around Neverland-cum-Vancouver beaches are not the most ridiculous thing in this episode, never mind the show. Carry on, fellas. 
  10. I’m oddly with Isaac the Author when he complained about his imprisonment. He created the AU but he didn’t actually kill anyone– and considering Regina, Snowing, Zelena, Hook, and Emma have cast Dark Curses and are running around free he’s right that being terminally annoying isn’t really grounds for perpetual incarceration. He should join King George and Sidney in their class action lawsuit against the Storybrooke Police. Calling it now: S7 is Law and Order: Storybrooke.
  11. Being The Author causes you to write gibberish and it gets worse the longer it goes on? That explains the show! “What happens at the end of the book?” asks Henry. The Author replies: “The Savior fights the Final Battle– and trust me, no-one wants to be around to see that!” Well, with these ratings no-one will be. #BaDumChh
You’ve Got Mail: An OQ AU

Robin Locksley is a small business owner, and Regina Mills is a corporate raider who has set her sights on his store–and both are completely unaware that they’re falling in love.

For @inutilidadesbytamara who AGES AGO requested a fic that was loosely based on the plot of You’ve Got Mail; and for @emmaswanchoosesyou who requested a fic in which love letters that Robin and Regina get mixed up with letters Ruby and Belle have been exchanging. 

Thanks to @lala-kate, @glindalovesshoes, @umbrellagates and @x-wishes-on-fallen-stars-x who all helped with this, in one way or another.

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LMAO one of my students went the fuck OFF about OUaT in class today! For like, the entire 2 hours she kept coming back to the subject. She’s ten years old, she and I have never discussed this before, and she’s the one who brought it up. Some direct quotes:

“Hook and Emma got engaged. Why did they have to get engaged?”

“Emma cries about him a lot. And they’re always together. Like in every scene they’re always together. It’s annoying!”

“Probably my least favorite character now is Emma. She used to be my favorite before she started dating Hook.”

“Once Upon a Time isn’t really Once Upon a Time anymore. It’s ‘The Emma and Hook Falling in Love Story.’ Everything is just about them.”

I shit you not. I didn’t prompt her one bit, I simply replied and agreed!

She said more that I can’t remember explicitly but this kid does NOT like Hook and CS. And she knew the ship name and random trivia which surprised me. She said something to the effect of “Emma stopped caring about everyone else besides Hook” but I can’t remember her exact words.

She also thinks the writers are cruel to Regina. She thought Robin Hood was boring but she felt bad for Regina that he died. She thinks fake Robin and the EQ are a weird match visually lol.

God I wish I could remember her whole list of grievances! I would try to steer us back to doing art and we’d be painting and then she’d start up again with “I also didn’t like it how blah blah blah.”

She thought Ingrid was cool but didn’t like that they did Frozen.

She felt that given Regina’s personality and style as the EQ she should have been more glamorous (as opposed to sensible pantsuits) in Storybrooke

She didn’t like the way they wrote or cast Ariel

She felt bad that Mulan is always a third wheel and was mad she never really got her own arc (student is half Chinese btw)

Dammit that’s all I can remember right now lol. She said she quit watching a while ago but still keeps up with what’s happening which I thought was hilarious because same.

Anyway she gave me hope that the kids watching this aren’t buying the bullshit the way the teens and tweens do. I told her I was proud of her and to keep thinking for herself!

anonymous asked:

Prompt idea: Regina misses Emma and sneaks into snow and charming's apartment to sleep on Emma's bed but Emma comes home and finds her and thinks it's super cute but regina is really embarrassed

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina frowns in confusion as she appears in Emma’s bedroom. She very rarely looses control of her magic these days but tonight, home alone and missing Emma, her powers have whisked her to Emma…or at least Emma’s room. 

She can hear Snow and Charming moving around downstairs and freezes hoping they haven’t noticed her appearance. Luckily their footsteps move past the door and onwards to their own room. 

Regina sighs collapsing gently onto Emma’s bed. She doesn’t know what’s come over her. She doesn’t usually let herself fall in love and especially not this fast…yet with Emma…something about her girlfriend just brings out her sentimental side. 

A side that has her crawling onto Emma’s bed and resting her head on the blonde’s pillow just so she can feel close to her. 

You’re becoming a lovesick fool she scolds herself before sighing and hugging the pillow, maybe I’ll just stay for a few moments and then go home.


*An hour later* 

Emma yawns tiredly as she creeps up the steps being careful not to wake anyone up. She pushes open her bedroom door before smiling softly. There, on the bed, is her girlfriend curled up around her pillow. 

Her heart flutters and it almost makes working the late shift worth it. She picks up her phone, subtly snapping a photo before laying down on the bed. As she does so, Regina’s eyes open sleepily, a blush spreading across her cheeks. 

“Oh god.” 

“Emma will do,” Emma jokes. 

“This is so embarrassing,” Regina mumbles, “I blame you for this.” 

“For what?” 

“You’ve made me mushy and soft…and I miss you when you’re working late shifts and now here I am spooning your pillow just to feel close to you…and that is your fault for making me fall in love with you.” 

Emma simply chuckles wrapping her arms around her, “I’ll happily take the blame if it means coming home to you after a late shift.”