but she does CARE for emma


He did it again. He saw right through her. Right over her walls. Only this time, Emma doesn’t walk away like she normally does when she knows he’s right.

This time, she doesn’t try to avoid it all together.

This time, she knows he’s gonna find out, she knows she will tell him, but in time. Her time.

And to assure him of that, she leans in for a gentle kiss. She cares so much for him, and she knows there’s no more hiding from him. She doesn’t want to, she doesn’t need to. She just needs a little time to adjust to finally having someone who cares.

But she’s not going anywhere. And she’s finally letting him know that. 


This scene is probably my very favorite scene that has happened so far. Why? Because this scene was perfect, from Emma’s fragility, her vulnerability, the way he gently shows his support. He laces his hand with hers, he shows her it’s okay - it reminds me of him brushing her tears away after Snow being back in the finale - he tells her it’s alright Swan, and it is, he’s a reminder at her side that it’s alright, it’s going to be okay. But more than that, he tells her she matters, that this little girl, as lonely and as lost as she was does matter to him, he does want to know about her.

All of her.

Nobody has ever done that for Emma, she had no one to care for her childhood, her past, and she has Killian who does, who considers it a honor - it’s not new, he told him so back in season three after all, that he would love to know her, who she was and is. She opens up in a way we have never seen her before. Look at Killian’s smile, he loves her and he is endeared by what he’s seeing, it’s his Swan, his Emma and yes, he loves all of her. But he also notices how she is touched and moved by the video and he pulls her in a hug.

The amount of love, of concern and the tenderness in this scene makes it one of their best scenes ever if not the definitely best. He loves her and she loves him, and when she rests her head against his shoulder, she knows she’s safe, she knows she’s loved, she knows she matters.


Emma was at the police station working when her sift was over she was waiting for Regina to come by and pick her up, She bought her new girlfriend purple lilac flowers when she found out by Henry that it was her favorite flower. She hears someone and quickly looks up from her desk there in front of her was Sydney “Hi, Sydney” she smiles “Hey” Emma gives him a questioning face “What brings you here?” he looks around “Um.. Well I noticed that you and Regina has been getting closer lately..Are you two dating?” Emma looks at him weirdly and thinks “Why does he care?” she nods her head “Yeah, Why?” Sydney gets jealous “Why in the world would she date you?” Emma laughs lightly “Maybe because she likes me? Why are we even having this conversation?” Sydney smirks “I demand you stop seeing her” Emma couldn’t believe what she was hearing and was getting pissed and raised her voice a little “Who the hell do you think you are!?” just then Regina walks in and Emma looks at her.

The look Emma gives Killian though...

when it has to do with her past with her and Neal…

Always like she’s assumes Killian is going to run. That he’s going to abandon her like so many have before. She has a past and it’s one that causes her pain and now she cares about him and she’s afraid it’s going to scare him off. And so she always looks at him like this, for reassurance, to make sure that he’s not going to leave, and he never does. Because he loves everything that she is, scars and all.


This is one of the most beautiful moments for Emma and Killian, but mostly for Emma, she does know her mother is safe, she does know it will be alright, but there’s a huge difference between knowing it and having someone caring about your reaction, your feelings, your tears. Killian’s love is so gorgeous and evident here, the way he looks at her, he doesn’t like this, he doesn’t want to see her cry, she shouldn’t cry - but he smiles, wipes her tears away and tells her it’s okay. The relief on Emma’s face in instantly, she’s okay, she’s okay, and this is the first time someone tells her it is, and cares about her - as the orphan who cried herself to sleep because she had no parents, as the orphan who never got the comfort she needed in moments like this one, this is  everything. 

Someone is finally comforting her 


OTP Challenge: 7 Scenes [4/7]
“ Not too much drama I hope. I’m messing things up for you Emma. Alright, I mean cops, street races. It’s bad news, okay? I’m bad news. I just, I gotta stop hanging out with you. ”

10 Staples of Swan Queen Fanfiction

1) The most convenient excuse ever is “Henry’s staying the night with his grandparents.”

2) Regina is some kind of cooking goddess. Emma will either compliment excessively or make orgasmic noises when eating.

3) Swan Mills family dinners are a must.

4) Regina may: play chess, garden, love to read, listen to music that’s not classical, watch an unexpected tv show

5) Emma may: draw, like to read, play an instrument

6) Henry is a natural on horseback. Emma is staunchly opposed until Regina and Henry convince her otherwise. Still never enjoys it.

7) Emma does something idiotic with magic. She makes it up to Regina somehow. ;)

8) Deep emotional conversations about Cora, Emma’s time in foster care, and Regina’s marriage to Leopold.

9) Banter continues even after romance ensues.

10) The smex is always MIND-BLOWING.

Killian made the choice to do the right thing, to be the man he wanted to be.

Emma had the courage to let him die as he wanted to and honor his wishes in a way she couldn’t before.

Killian tried to reassure her just as he did the first time because when he is himself he cares for her well being above all else.

Emma marched into the Underworld to save Killian the right way, to share half her heart and to find him just as her parents showed her a person does when their love is true.

You’ve got nothing on me hiatus, my otp just true loved the shit out of 5A and this finale.

Regina and Emma....

Still going crazy with this episode…so many things happened but what is undeniable & canon is that Regina absolutely loves & cares for Emma. Yes we’ve seen it coming but this episode was so beautiful and meaningful, really showing how Regina & Emma are truly each others Yin & Yang. 

  • Emma is more than wired at the beginning but she still listens to Regina and accepts going on that trip together.
  • She opens up again to Regina about her past, not only about Lilly obviously but about her fears & anxities of been part of a family, the issues that made her feel neglected and lost.
  • Regina is now the one that pulls Emma back from dark moments. Not only that but she does this with such love & care (ugh my heart)…talking to her with firmness but kindness, giving her space and respecting her. She doesn’t patronize her, she helps her just as Emma has in the past. 
  • Regina is now reaching out to Emma, asking her a couple of times if she wants to talk about it, letting her know that she is there for her and to listen. 
  • In the scene with Lily, Regina keeps reminding Emma who she is…that she is loved and cared for…that despite everything that is happening Emma is strong enough to fight it. It broke my heart when Regina’s voice trembles while she’s saying that. This is so important because Regina had no one by her side while she was going through this dark path, but now Regina is telling Emma that she is there for her.

To witness how their relationship has evolved, has grown and is defined by respect, understanding & care is priceless and beautiful. They keep saving each other, literally & figuratively speaking. Emma & Regina chose to be partners, be mothers for Henry, be there for each other through good and bad. Fate (with the help of Gold) brought them together, but now they recognize in each other the love they have been craving for, the families they want to be a part of, the strenght & courage they have gained from the things they’ve had to face alone. And when they do finally get together it won’t be because of a prophecy, or pixie dust or an author writing their story…it will be because they chose each other and that’s what will make their love stronger, unique & true.

Emma's Silent Sob: her acceptance that she cares for Hook and her realization that it's too late.

I’ve seen a number of posts talking about Emma’s goodbye to Hook, arguing over whether or not she intended to leave without speaking to him. Personally, I think she was quite overwhelmed by the entire situation, and kind of stumbling through the whole process (she hugged Belle who she’s never really even spoken with), but I also think that saying goodbye to Hook IS actually something she would avoid if she could.

And her SILENT SOB in the gif above shows that is it because SHE DOES CARE that she wants to avoid this moment. You can see her choking back the tears as he tries to make light of the situation, and then her face drops the second she realizes that this is really happening, this is goodbye.

This moment is so heartbreaking because once again Emma is forced into playing the role of Savior, and she loses out on having the life she should have had because of the curse. This time she is Henry’s Savior, and it’s a role she would choose a thousand times over. Now that he is back in her life she would always pick him over Hook, over her parents, over anyone. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt to lose them.

But this time, unlike when she lost her family as a baby, this time she knows what she is losing. She has grown to love her parents, she wants them in her life. She knows Neal is alive and that he wants to be there for her and for Henry…

And she knows that there is this pirate who loves her. And she realizes that maybe she could love him back. But she isn’t going to get the chance.

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Fuck it. I'm addressing the 'rape culture' bullshit.

There are 2 main points that need to be covered for us to speak of rape culture in connection to Captain Swan… the very words look wrong typed next to each other.

1. Emma stating that she is not attracted to Killian or doesn’t want anything to do with him.
2. Killian actually making a move on Emma despite #1.

#1, ladies and gentlemen, does not exist. I do not care about bored looks and snark. Guess what? I use both 90% of the time I’m around a guy I like. And half the guys do the same. Call it flirting, playing hard to get, being a sarcastic piece of shit, making the guy/girl work for it, I don’t care. It is NOT a refusal. When I mean ‘No’, I say 'No.’ And I believe that is only fair. And, believe me, Emma Swan is not the kind of girl that cannot say no. This looks like this, by the way:

In case you have it mistaken for this:

Now, let me list some of the things I do NOT do, if I am not interested in a guy and want him to stay away from me:
- I do not kiss the daylights out of him
- I do not remain breathless and wild-eyed when he expresses romantic feelings towards me
- I do not respond with “Good.” and the look presented above when he says that he will think about me every day
- I do not entrust him with the safety of the people I love most
- I do not flutter my lashes, stare at his lips or even stand by him
- I do not display any interest in what he is doing, thinking or feeling
- I do not kiss the daylights out of him… just in case you missed that the first time around

Emma Swan is a stubborn, closed-off, distrusting woman,who has had her heart broken again and again. If you expect her to show affection easily, to jump right into a relationship when she starts fancying someone, to let another man in her heart before testing him again and again first… well, then do not even know the charater I’m talking about and I don’t know why you are reading this. 

Despite how YOU would act or how YOU would want Emma to act, the fact remains that she has never stated that she does not want Killian Jones to pursue her and try to win her affections. How you thought she SHOULD have acted or what you think she SHOULD have said… well…

A (not so)brief nod to my #2 even if the non-existence of #1 makes it partly irrelevant.

Killian Jones is a flirty, snarky bastard. It’s why I love him, btw. This does not make him a rapist or anything even close to that. He has hardly EVER innitiated physical contact with Emma, let alone physical contact that can be viewed as sexual in any way. The only exception is the kiss in NYCS, with which he was trying to bring back her memories. Both of their actual kisses were very much innitiated by Emma. That, if you did not know, is NOT the right way to display lack of interest.

Also, despite some people’s desire to claim otherwise he has not emotional blackmailed Emma or anything of the sort. He did not tell her “I will take you to Neverland, if you kiss me.”, “I will save your father, if you sleep with me.”, “I came back for you so now you ought to be nice to me.”, “I took care of your son so now we should start a relationship.” He did all those things for HER, not for himself. He did half of them without even telling her first. Because with Killian it’s just about doing what’s right for Emma. And he did not, despite how obvious it was that this would really impress her, tell Emma that he gave up his ship for her. All of S3B and he did not mention in ONCE. He told her when she asked and, what is more, when she was ready to know.

For fuck’s sake, he spelled it out for you! “It will be because you want me!” He might have wanted Emma Swan but he did not want to have her unless she wanted him back!

Fighting for a woman who is too distrusting to ask you to is not wrong. Trying to earn the trust and love of a woman who is too scared to return your feelings right away is not wrong. And it is most certainly NOT rape culture! Do you think people who are broken, who cannot immediately return your affections or pay you back in exact measure do not deserve love?!

And here comes the big one - loving a woman who does not love you back is not wrong. Which, mind you, is not the case because Emma does love Killian. But the truth is that just because you do everything for someone is doesn’t mean they are gonna fall in love with you.  But… that doesn’t make you stop. You still love them, support them, stand by them, be their friend. People just can’t seem to grasp that amount of selfessness and capacity for love obviously. He has NEVER asked ANYTHING of her. He has done EVERYTHING for her because he loves her, not because he expects/wants/demands a reward. If you would in his place or if you would just stop being there for a person who does not return you affections… that’s your problem. Killian Jones is a man of honour, a man that can love like nobody else, a man who dedicated 300+ years to his dead love(wonder what he was trying to force Milah to do for him during those years she was dead).

Killian Jones is simply in love with Emma Swan. It just too him awhile to climb her walls. But that’s alright because she is worth it. And he will and did go to the end of the world… or time for her. And he never stopped believing in her and fighting for her.

Emma Swan is simply in love with Killian Jones. It just took her awhile to let him in. But that’s alright because he is worth it. And she will and did give up her magic and take down her walls for him. And she never stopped testing him and doubting him until he had proven to her that she had nothing to be afraid of, that she could let herself fall in love and that this time it will be different. 

This time it will be forever. It will be True Love.

“It will unravel the Web of Time and destroy a billion billion hearts to heal its own.”

The thing is, that in spite of her moving, insightful speech at the end of Face the Raven, Clara Oswald would have been capable of doing absolutely the same as the Doctor. She might have wanted him to live up to the myth of what it means to be “the Doctor”, might have reacted with grief and horror at the realisation that he submitted himself to billions of years of torture to save her, but everyhing he did to get to that point is so familiar.

When it comes to saving the ones she loves, Clara does not give a damn about consequences. She does not care that Emma is to weak to open the wormhole again or that the TARDIS might die as soon as they reach the pocket universe. She willingly shatters herself into a million pieces, as her grand heroic act. She blackmails the Doctor into bringing Danny back, even if it could mean stranding themselves in a vulcano and losing his friendship.

Re-writing time means nothing to Clara. She’s done it a million times over, even if that was to right a wrong. She changed the pivotal moment in the most monumental war in the history of the universe with a tear and a shake of her head. She thought nothing of demanding that the Doctor should change the future in Trenzalore. She puts everything she has left on the line to bring Danny back from the dead and faced with the Doctor’s ghost, no rules or promises of catastrophic ramnifications will keep her from demanding better. Break them. He owes her.

And knowing that she had to return to Gallifrey, had to return to the Trap Street, that time could fracture otherwise… well, that’s still as good as an excuse as any to take a long detour. The adventure doesn’t have to end yet.

Do you think the woman twice dead would not have died many more deaths to save the Doctor? Do you think the accomplished liar wouldn’t have spun a story to make the Doctor return him to her? That Clara Oswald wouldn’t have risked all of time and space because she missed him? The two of them are the hybrid for a reason. They drive each other to extremes.

“What would you do?” - “Same as you.” - “Yes. Yes, of course you would.”

growing pains

in which emma and killian forget they have an audience waiting for them because reasons

Emma reaches for him with both hands, as he does the same for her (she has a bad feeling about what exactly he did in regards to that, but right now she’s so involved in kissing him that she doesn’t care). He’s grinning, stroking her hair, circling her neck, pulling her in for another, deeper kiss, mouths opening, tugging on her lip, as she slides her arms around him. His hand runs up her back, beneath his jacket (he gallantly whisked it off with not a single crack about snow queens when she said she was cold, and wrapped it around her shoulders as they walked home hand in hand) and wraps her closer, closer. And she said she didn’t pillage and plunder on the first date, but he said that was before she was out with him, and damn it, Killian Jones is right again.

“Come on in,” she whispers, feeling madly like a teenager out past curfew. “If we’re quiet, they’ll be asleep, we’ll just…”

“Swan,” he breathes against her neck, hot and carnal where he nips at it. “Are you… are you inviting me in for…?”

“Coffee,” Emma says with a demented giggle. She wants her arms around him, wants his around her, wants him holding her, wants more than that, wants to touch and taste, wants this night, floating in a dark inky orb, forever to remain small and perfect even as the storm rages on around them. “That’s what we’ll say if they’re awake. But we’ll just…”

It’s testament to how much he wants her that he’s willing to risk a Prince Charming who never really did get around to the overprotective father speech, as he’s reaching around her to fumble for the lock on the door, her hands are caressing his face, toying with the button at the collar of his shirt, opening her mouth for his tongue, as she feels it give and they stumble back through and –

A throat is cleared with a sound like a shotgun from the couch. Where her parents, looking like a pair of eager beavers, are sitting side by side, beady gazes fixed on her and her pirate inamorato, disheveled, in each other’s arms, as they freeze like perps in a police spotlight. Oh. Shit.

“What – are you still doing up?” Emma croaks after a stunned moment, disentangling herself as fast as she can.

Snow beams at her. “We wanted to hear all about it!”

“Except,” David says, glaring at Killian, who is now trying to vanish through the floor. He gets up and folds his arms. “I don’t think we need to.”

Five times Emma Swan has listened to Regina Mills when no one else does:

  • Save Henry, “All I have is Henry and he is everything!” as in the moment that Regina sinks into despair and lashes out, is angry and tries to make Emma understand that this is so much more for her. And instead of being offended or even pointing that this isn’t a numbers game- which are valid responses that benefit no one- Emma listens!! Emma listens and validates Regina MY GOD.
  • The Cricket Game, “Maybe in your kingdom she’s the evil queen, but here she’s Regina.” Emma LITERALLY just…takes Regina’s cues, nothing else. She doesn’t care about her background or her parents’ prodding, she just cares about the fact that Regina is saying she’s innocent and she’s listening to her and believes her!! (which is why the actual framing w/ pongo is so crushing for her too omg.)
  • Good Form, “I think we need to talk to our son.” is SO IMPORTANT because yes, this is Emma and Regina falling into certain roles within their partnership but it’s also Emma acknowledging that some battles must be fought within Regina’s purview and that Regina is RIGHT and makes a valid point. And she resists her disapproving mother because she believes in what Regina’s insisting!!

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What really happened in Camelot?

A&E did say Camelot is a romantic place. So romantic in fact that Emma realizes her feelings for Regina. She tries to fight it at first. She has Hook there but she acknowledges that while she cares about him, something has always pulled her away. She wanted to love him; did not want to hurt him because she knows he loves her but her feelings have never been on par with his. She sees Robin with Regina while also being attentive to Zelena and it angers her.

Not only does she have these feelings to deal with she is also slipping more into the darkness every day and she can feel it. The Dark One tells her crazy things, that they don’t care about her and that they will betray her.

King Arthur wants the dagger to mend Excalibur. He has pleaded his case to them and she knows he has been trying to appeal to her father’s sense of duty and filling her mother with lies that if they could just join the tip with the sword they could expel the darkness from within her and Mary Margaret’s resolve seems to be waning out of desperation to get her daughter back. But that is not the answer!

One night she confides in the one person who understands her. Regina. Standing on a castle wall between two towers, they talk and suddenly Emma is confessing how she feels and more importantly how feels about her. Regina is taken aback, surprised, confused. This is so sudden. Of course there has been an attraction before, a curiosity, and Emma Swan had become a very important part of her life; of her son’s life, their son.

Regina has her soulmate back though, sort of, and even though she sometimes has doubts about her and Robin, she has never been this close to a happy ending before.

But she looks at Emma now who is staring back at her, eyes alight with love and she doesn’t know what she should do, though there is a draw and a strong desire to just fall into her. Emma cradles her face and is coming closer and in a panic, Regina pulls away. “No.”

That comes out a bit more forceful than Regina had intended. She just needs time to think. With something as important as this, impulsive is not what she wants to be right now. She lifts her gaze and sees hurt flit across Emma’s face and Emma turns and rushes away.

The next day Emma has an argument with Hook. The night before had been horrible with the Dark One ridiculing her and laughing at every turn regarding her love for Regina, her misplaced faith in her parents and friends and how everyone uses her as the savior. “They don’t care about you, dear, they just want the savior back. The only one who wants you is me and together we will make sure that you are NEVER hurt or used again.”

Regina has had all night to think about it and she realizes that she returns Emma’s feelings and how scary is that? She is about to actually choose instead of have things pointed out to her; her mother, Rumple, pixie dust. They all told her which way to turn. Now it is her turn to make a choice and she chooses Emma.

Regina goes to speak to Robin this evening, who has spent his afternoon in serious discussion with an embittered Hook who has revealed that Emma has just broken up with him for REGINA. Robin, now feeling threatened that his happy ending with his soulmate may be at stake, listens and when Regina tells him that they can’t be together he knows that Regina is in love with Emma Swan and how ridiculous is all this? He tries to appeal to Regina’s sense of reason. He’s her soulmate. He has the tattoo. Emma is the Dark One. Emma is a WOMAN. Anything but Regina is not hearing it. As a matter of fact, it seems to have made her resolve that much stronger.

As a last ditch effort he grabs Regina by the shoulders, forces himself on her and kisses her. Regina is caught by surprise and is unaware that Emma had gone up to the wall to get fresh air.

Emma sees them and it crushes her heart and enrages her. Lost love. So much pain.

The Dark One was right. She wants to stop hurting; wants to stop being the fool. All night, the Dark One spoke to her about a curse.

She swoops in on them. “Emma,” Regina says and Emma walks right up to her and grabs the dagger before Regina can reach for it.

Regina begs for Emma to hear her out but Emma is too far gone in anger, grief and misery.

Emma lifts the dagger and hears the Dark One cackle, “It’s about time,” as he fuses with her and suddenly it’s as if a storm is happening right in front of them. They are joined on the castle wall by the others who had heard the commotion. When the sounds of thunder and the bolts of lightening ebb, the tornado clears before them revealing Emma transformed, wearing black leather, hair white and braided up into a tight bun, looking formidable and not quite… human.

“Emma?” Mary Margaret says.

The dark one looks at everyone with a quiet menace. Six weeks she had been struggling. Did anyone really care? She was just things to them. Daughter, mother, savior

She turns her head and smiles devilishly at the black clouds rolling in.

“Look!” Leroy points. “It’s a curse!”

“Emma,” Regina says, “What did you do?”

The Dark One glances at Regina and says, “You did this.” The dark one looks toward the rolling clouds and grins. “It’s coming.”


Like OMG! What if SQ kind of happened and no one knows it but Emma and Emma thought Regina didn’t care! Regina has already chosen Emma but doesn’t remember anything! AAAAAHHHHHH!

All speculation and my imagination running rampant. But, Oh my GAWD!

“I really feel like they’ve done a nice job, developing [Emma and Hook’s] relationship. Because they are definitely kindred spirit. They come from similar background, they both have had to fight to survive, and sometimes make really tough decisions in order to survive, they both had their hearts broken in very particular ways… 

When they meet, there’s definitely a chemistry there, but Emma’s so guarded, she doesn’t want to let her guard down again, and it takes a long time for Hook to prove to her that he does have good intentions with her.

And over season 3, you start to see that he really cares for her just as a person, he’s not in it just because he wants something from her, he really does continue to make choices to support her and be there for her.

You ultimately find out that he’s made some serious sacrifices in order to do the right thing for her. And when she starts to realize that, she starts to have a little more faith in the fact that maybe he really does have good intentions and that his feelings for her are true and not superficial.”

- Jennifer Morrison, AlloCine interview


Hook: You want to know the secret of winning? Loaded Dice.

Emma: Why are you pissed? I did it. Why does it matter how?

I really think these two scenes are a bit of foreshadowing with regard to how things will shake out. I don’t care how Zelena is defeated as long as it involves Emma being the loaded dice. I think one of the (many) ways that Zelena will underestimate the Storybrooke gang will be that she expects them to play by her rules. But as we can see above, Emma and Hook don’t play by the rules and I hope to god that comes into play with all this either around their kiss or her ultimate defeat.

I think because magic has such strict laws, that everyone who was brought up with magic doesn’t really think outside its box too often. (Props to Zelena for figuring out how to make a time travel spell work, but that’s still within the “rules” of what’s been proposed before.) I think Emma, because she isn’t as aware of all the rules and laws, as well as the fact that she thinks so differently from other practitioners, will be able to work around them and do something spectacular to get around Zelena and her spells/curses. I’m counting on it actually.

My hodgepodge gifset pulled from onceland, amythegloriouspond, and vargesz