but she cheated on him and broke his heart

carl gallagher is the definition of unexpected. the little boy who melted dolls together, tortured animals, put a goldfish in the microwave all while his siblings just watched in some kind of amused horror. the little boy who bullied the other kids because he wanted to make people cry, who fantasized about pushing people on train tracks, who never had a problem with death or murder. the teenage boy that ate out almost every girl in his grade just for the hell of it. that boy is the same boy who put his shirt back on and had zero complaints about it because his girlfriend didn’t like sex, the same boy who took her entire family in even when his siblings resisted (”they live in a van.” “why is that my problem?”  “it’s winter”). it’s the same boy who was so devoted to his best friend that he gave him a place to live, never complained about or mocked the things that made him feel safe and did them with no judgement (watching his back in the shower at home, letting him sleep on the floor). the same boy who saw a (not his first, but his first fresh) dead body and knew he couldn’t keep going down the same path he was going anymore because he didn’t wanna see that. the same boy who only questioned ian’s sexuality because he wanted to know more about it and no one would give him any answers, the same boy who accepted caleb’s sexuality even when ian and even caleb barely did, the same boy who comforted mickey when ian was being diagnosed. the same boy who said he wasn’t good enough for his girlfriend but he would do whatever she asked as long as she liked him (he literally cut the tip of his dick off for that girl). he never said any rude things to her, after the whole sorority ordeal he didn’t even speak to her. he just hung out with her dad, the only positive father figure in his life, and bettered himself. he even almost gave up his newfound dream to be with her after she cheated on him, but he went anyways after she just broke his heart again. he went to military school, he’s trying to be a better person. this is the same boy who tried so hard to help his father so many times, and in the end his father tried to force him to stay in the business he was in despite the fact that he was terrified and miserable. carl is so devoted and loyal to everyone, not just the gallaghers, and even the people who hurt him, and he’s the most well-rounded character on the show.

Bts “Cheating” on you-Reaction

Requested by anon

This is like a mini scenario/reaction

scenario: You have been seen with a guy. Fans automatically assume the worst. Bts member decides to hire an actress to kiss him as you walk in the door. As soon as he sees your eyes regret fills him immediately. You leave to another Bts members house whom you are close with for comfort, he finds out this “guy” was your brother. What happens now?


He pushed the actress away and tried to go after you. He didn’t know the exact truth but he knew you were hurt. You soon left his eyesight and he called all the members until he found out you were with Namjoon. By the time he gets to Namjoons house, you were asleep on his bed, snuggling his Ryan Plushie. Tears of regret stung his eyes and he cuddled you close. By the time you woke up, he was explaining everything whilst kissing you.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know”

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He figured he did his job when you left. He paid the actress her money and she left. His heart was shattered at the idea you cheated on him. Though he got his revenge, there was a hole in his heart. He was taking out his feelings when he receives a call from Taehyung:


S: What?

T:YOU BROKE HER HEART MAN *explains how it was your brother and you’re  crying in his arms*

Suga hangs up the phone and quickly went to Tae. He felt like an a**hole and he held you in his arms explaining everything and blaming himself. 

“I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions babygirl..”

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He was mad at you. How could you walk out acting hurt when you did the same thing?? He scoffed, paid the actress and started to pack your things. He tries to call you to tell you your stuff is here. He’s shocked to hear a yelling Yoongi answer your phone. The minute Yoongi said “your brother” Namjoons heart broke. He understood why you left hurt when he thought it was acting. Namjoon went to you, sat you down and explained everything. He made sure that he would regain your trust.

“You’re my entire world, nothing can replace you.”

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Regret filled him as you walked out crying. He thought he was just getting revenge, He didn’t know what he did wrong, but he knew something wasn’t right. He texted you and the members and finally gets a response, from Jimin. Hobi went to confront you, He heard your side of things and he broke down crying. He felt like the worlds biggest idiot. He cried in your shoulder and whispered so many apologies. 

“Please forgive me”

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Just like Yoongi, he’d feel proud. He made you feel what he felt and it was over. That is until he gets a text from Hobi who seemed pissed. Jimin tried to have his own back and argue with Hoseok about you. Hobi sends him a picture of you asleep, your eyes still wet from the tears and Jimin just turned into a soft baby. 


Jimin went to you, smuggled you, kissed you, whispered so much reassurance in your ear. You ended up falling asleep in his arms on Hobi’s bed.

“Mine forever. I love you and you only”

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He didnt know what he was doing. Everything seemed so right while it happended, but the way your tears fell, he knew he wasn’t a victim at all. He knew that you didn’t cheat. He ran to you before you could go to Jungkooks house. He let you explain because he only knew what other people told him. He trusted you but Jealousy took over in the moment. He’d pray you’d understand.

“I know i should’ve confronted you, it was my fault. Please still love me the same.”

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Confused. Hes like Tae in this sense he knew that he wasn’t the victim, but didnt know why he wasn’t the victim. He gets a call from Jin, who isn’t yelling, but lecturing him on what actually happened and what he should’ve done instead of hire an actress

Jin: Like seriously, kookie, WHO DOES THAT!?!

Jungkook knew he had to make it better, and would try to make sure sure you trusted him again before things go back to normal.

“I’m an idiot, but you love me still, right??”

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Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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Part Four // Somebody Else [A Stiles Stilinski Story]

Prompt: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Series (collab with @sarcasticallystilinski): Prologue Part One Part Two Part Three - Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight 

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/ Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Cheating, Swearing, and Angst. 

Word Count: 1,985

Their lips meshed together with such spark and heat that they could possibly start a fire just from their passion alone. Neither of them really knew how, but they had somehow managed to rush up Katalina’s staircase and enter her bedroom, their bodies never detaching from each other. The mixture of their wet clothes rubbing against each other’s skin and the heat in between them had their minds so hazy that they couldn’t tell the difference between the water from the rain or from their wet kisses on one another anymore.

Stiles pushed Katalina up against the now shut door of her bedroom and she whimpered into his mouth, his cock twitching at the sound. When they broke their kiss to desperately catch their breaths, Katalina took the opportunity to pull off her soaking wet shirt. Stiles did the same to his own plaid shirt and they both stood there, panting and just staring at the other.

Katalina was the first to move, bringing Stiles closer to her by pulling on his belt. Stiles’ palms were placed against the door as she unbuckled him. The desire was rushing through her body so hard, she didn’t even think about Theo. They both knew this was wrong and dirty, but neither one of them had enough self control in them to care. Katalina was too busy drowning in need for Stiles Stilinski. And he, himself, was intoxicated by the girl unbottoning his crimson red pants. Once she pushed them down, Stiles kicked them off with his feet and he was now only in his boxers.

Just as she was about to rid him of his underwear, Stiles grabbed Katalina’s hands and roughly threw them over her head. Holding them against the door with his left hand, Stiles pulled her skirt down with his free one. Katalina stepped out of her skirt and Stiles licked his lips as he took in the sight before him. Due to the rain, Katalina’s pair of white laced underwear was see through and the erection in his boxers grew even harder.

Stiles let go of her hands, but she kept them in place anyway. He hungrily kissed her before reaching behind her back and unclasping Katalina’s bra. Stiles slid his tongue against her bottom lip as he brought the straps over her arms and, then, threw it carelessly on the floor. He removed his mouth from her own and Katalina whimpered at first, due to the loss of heat and contact, but then moaned right after when he attached it onto her breast. Katalina’s hands reached down to pull on Stiles’ silky hair as he sucked her nipple and gently nibbled. Her other breast wasn’t left behind either since Stiles’ hand was messaging and pinching it.

When Katalina, accidently, pulled on Stiles’ hair hard enough to get him to moan, it sparked something animalistic in the both of them. He broke away from her skin and ripped apart her panties, a gasp emitting from her lips when he growled. Katalina pulled his mouth back on hers as she lead them towards her bed. The back of Stiles’ knees hit the edge of the bed and the next thing they know, they’re both falling down on the mattress. Stiles moaning at the sight of Katalina’s breasts bouncing before him as she pulled his boxers off and threw them aside.

His hands gripped her bare waist as she hovered over him, her plump lips back on the boy’s beneath her. Katalina tucked her hair behind her ears, the soft strands tickling Stiles’ skin but he couldn’t find it in him to care. His mind too focused on their bodies grinding against each other and creating a delicious friction. Katalina slipped her tongue into his mouth and they fought for dominance until she took Stiles’ member in her hand and, finally, won.

“You cheated.” Stiles grunted against her mouth as she moved her hand up and down in a slow pace.

“It’s not cheating when you play smarter.” Katalina smirked and Stiles moaned when she swiped her thumb across his head, spreading around his precum.

“Well, then, two can play at that game.” Stiles smirked against her lips, one of his hands letting go of her waist to swipe a finger into her already soaking wet folds.

Katalina whimpered and bucked her hips against his hand, not at all expecting the sudden act. They both enjoyed this moment of lazily kissing each other and slowly working one another’s bodies. Stiles rubbed slow circles against her clitoris and she moaned continuously into his mouth. And he grunted non stop at the teasing movements of her tight hand wrapped around his shaft.

“Stiles,” Katalina whimpered, both of them feeling the pleasure and desire quickly building up inside. “I want you.”

“You have me.” He whispered, pressing soft kisses on her neck and removing his hand from her core.

Katalina’s heart fluttered at the small act of kindness, which made her feelings for him grow even further. With a groan, Stiles pulled her hand off of him and placed it flat on his chest. Both of their eyes were mixed with lust and love for one another as he lifted her pelvis off his waist. Stiles got a hold of himself in his hands and positioned perfectly before her entrance.  

“Are you sure about this?” Stiles asked, wetting his tip with her arousal.

He looked deep into her eyes to see if he could find any doubt, but they were too flooded with desire. When she nodded wholeheartedly, Stiles slid himself in her and they, shamelessly, moaned. His golden-brown eyes rolled to the back of his head at how damn tight she was and Katalina cried out at the pleasurable feeling of Stiles stretching her.

They started out slow, just enjoying the reunion after all these years. It didn’t feel foreign to be connected to each other again, It felt right and they allowed themselves to swim in this familiar ocean of pleasure that only they could give each other. Sex for Stiles isn’t the same without Katalina and sex for Katalina isn’t the same without Stiles.

“I’ve missed this.” Katalina confessed, closing her eyes as he thrusted up into her.

“Me, too.” Stiles agreed, feeling content that, even after everything, he had the girl he was so desperately in love with back in his arms.

“You can go a little faster, if you want.” She blushed when Stiles’ member throbbed inside of her, begging for more.

Stiles gave her a breath-taking smile before pushing her down onto the mattress, never taking himself out of her. He grabbed Katalina’s legs and wrapped them around his waist before plunging deeper into her, a scream emitting from her throat. Stiles grabbed one of her hands into his, intertwining their fingers together, as he snuggled his head into her warm neck.

He increased his pace and, with her free hand, Katalina gripped onto his back to brace herself. Her heels dug into his ass and Stiles didn’t even mind, the buildup of pleasure being the only thing he can concentrate on. They both moaned carelessly, too hung up on the delicious friction their fast and hard thrusts were creating to ever bother feeling embarrassed. Not even the wet sound of skin slapping against skin echoing in her bedroom was enough to spark their worries.

“Fuck, Stiles, that feels so good.” Katalina moaned and he smiled against her neck.

“Say my name again.” He groaned, his hot breath panting on her sweaty skin.

“Stiles!” She screamed when he began hitting her g-spot continuously.

“That’s right.” Stiles grunted, smirking. “Scream my name because only I can make you feel this way. No one knows your body like I do.”

Katalina nodded, the delicious thrusting he was doing feeling so good that she couldn’t even think about forming coherent sentences.

“Say it, Kat.” Stiles demanded and she cried out when he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and began hitting her even harder and deeper. “Say that I’m the only person who knows you inside out.”

“Y-You’re the only p-person who knows me.” Katalina stuttered and a smug smirk etched across Stiles’ swollen lips.

Katalina was the one to reach near the edge first, her hand coming down from Stiles’ back to furiously rub her clit and fall off that much desired edge. It was when Stiles latched his mouth back on her breast and bit down on her nipple that she, finally, had. Her entire body shook with the intense orgasm, her legs spasming and her back arching.

The second her core clenched around Stiles’, it was too much for him to handle. He shouted out her name as his own body succumbed to his release, his liquid shooting inside of Katalina. Both of their arousals were now dripping down her inner thighs and wetting her bedsheets. The warm and sudden feeling surprised her, but she loved every second of it.

Once they were both done with their highs and were back in the real world, Stiles carefully pulled out of her slickness and fell beside her on the bed. The guilt of what they had just done together began creeping up on them until, finally, it crashed down on the two lovers with full force. Their minds no longer clouded with lust and desire, but now back to functioning like two responsible adults.

“Oh, my God.” Katalina gasped, breaking the awkward silence and covering her face with her hands as she felt tears threaten to form. “I just cheated on my boyfriend!”

Stiles took a good look at her and his heart broke. He didn’t know what to expect when they kissed and rushed into her house, but part of him hoped that whatever happened, it just meant that she was over Theo and that they would get back together. Stiles mentally slapped himself for being so stupid and vulnerable. Of course she’s not going to break up with her boyfriend for him. This was just an act of momentary passion, not something long term.

Stiles shot up from her bed and made his way to his boxers thrown on the floor. Katalina removed her hands from her face when she felt the bed, suddenly, get lighter and she sat up.

“What are you doing?” She asked, wiping away the tears that had rolled down her cheeks as she watched him slip on his underwear.

“Leaving.” Stiles answered bluntly and her heart skipped a beat in fear.

“W-Why?” She asked, feeling tears make their comeback.

“Because this was a mistake.” He stated in a flat tone as he pulled his red pants back on and buckled his belt.

Katalina’s heart stopped the second those harsh words left his lips and the tears in her eyes were now flowing freely. Stiles looked at her hurt expression and for the slightest second he wanted to jump into her arms and tell her he didn’t mean it. He wanted to tell her all of the different ways he loved her and he wanted to beg her to pick him and not Theo. But, Stiles also knew that doing so would be selfish and that’s the last thing he’d ever want to be. He doesn’t want to make her choose between them because that would be too hard on Katalina. So, he chose for her instead.

“Y-You don’t really mean that, do you?” She asked, her voice weak and vulnerable. Seeing her this wounded shattered Stiles’ entire soul, but he knew what he had to do.

“Yes, I do.” Stiles lied, but by the look of pain on her face she had believed it.

Stiles took his shirt in his hands before leaving the room with a heavy heart. He didn’t even dare look at her again because he knew that if he did, he would’ve stayed.

Stay (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

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Requested: Yes! @paperrplaness

Song Request: Stay by Rihanna

She remembered exactly the way it ended. Her sadness had just deepened ever since everything had ended with Draco. He too had been doing badly; his sleeping patters were messed up and he could developed a tendency to shutting himself off from the world, because he was unable to take her mind off her. Every time his mind drifted to her, his fingers went numb and his heart clenched hard in his chest- he despised himself for letting his girl, his world slip through his fingertips. Everything reminded him of her, the bedsheets smelt like her no matter how many times he washed them. He found pieces of her jewelry around the house that she forgot to take with her when she left him. He knew he made a mistake by letting her go, and it hurt him constantly.

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know

Her mind often wandered back to the time they spent together. All they did was argue, make up, and argue again, every single day. It got so awful and unbearable that the two ended up breaking up and never speaking to each other again. That didn’t stop her heart aching for him, she would have dreams about him, and every morning after a dream about Draco, she would wake drenched in sweat, dried tears on her cheeks. She missed him so much. Often, her dreams would consist of the bad terms in which their relationship ended. Both remembered the way it happened. Both knew it was coming, but neither of them wanted it to happen. She remembered the desperation in Draco’s voice when they broke up. He remembers the sadness in hers.

Y/N walked through the doors to Malfoy Manor, not wanting to speak or even see Draco. This time he had really crossed the line and made her so mad- she knew he didn’t mean to make her feel this way, but even so his problem was ruining her life. She was aware he couldn’t help it, and she didn’t want things to turn out badly. However whenever she tried to reason with him, he didn’t listen to any words she spoke and argued back, claiming that it was buried within his blood. He had a problem with jealousy; whenever somebody spoke to her, male or female, he would get angry and blame her. It was unhealthy, and she understood exactly why he was like this- after his previous girlfriend cheated on him and broke his heart, he wanted to make sure it never happened again.

“Y/N, hello darling,” Draco smiled from the staircase, welcoming his beautiful wife home from work. She shot him a glare, making the smile drop from his face. She slammed her fist down on the counter, gripping her wand and walking over to him.

“Don’t ‘darling’ me, you foul git! Is it really worth hexing people because they speak to me? People at the ministry fear me, Malfoy! They’re scared shitless of me because you don’t know how to control your jealousy!” She climbed the stairs, a deep frustrated look embedded deep into her face. His face mimicked hers, and he refused to step backwards, so she stood, their faces apart only twenty five centimeters. “When I finally made some friends, when work finally became enjoyable for me, you had to scare them away! You’re such a prick! I’m married to you, do you really think I’d cheat? I get you’re insecure and scared, but you don’t have to control everybody who speaks to me!”

He raised an eyebrow at her anger, before pulling his wand out and holding it to his side. He bit his lip, his fists clenching at his sides before looking to face his love in the eyes. “I’m just trying to protect you.”

“Protect me? By making everybody hate me? If somebody ever raided the ministry, nobody would stand by me and fight with me. You’re doing the opposite of protecting me by doing this, can’t you understand that?!”

The boy was not understanding anything that she was saying to him, and this annoyed her even more. She pushed him back gently, to move him from her way. He gasped, holding his wand to her. Her eyes widened, and she too held her wand up to him. He cowered slightly, knowing that she was a much better witch than he was wizard, but he needed to prove his point that he just cared for her.

“Go on. I dare you. Curse me.”

“I can’t,” he whispered, looking at the girl. She turned to walk away from him, halting when she heard his words. “It just annoys me when other people to talk to you. You put out easily, so if they impressed you enough, maybe you’d turn to them instead of me.”

“You what?! I put out? I’m not a slut, Draco! You have no right to speak to me that way! You’re not prestige because you’re some pureblood!“ She turned to face him, a scowl pressed in her face and she was on the brink of firing something at him, but yet she gave him another chance to fix his words.

“No, but you’re a mudblood, Y/N. People at the ministry find that cute nowadays.” he had a ice cold tone to his voice as he spat his words out at her. 

“Stupefy!” she yelled, knocking Draco to his feet. A single tear rolled down her cheek and Draco’s eyes widened in realisation of what he just said.

“No, Y/N, I didn’t mean that-”

“Save it, Draco. That’s the final straw. I’m leaving. I’ll get some divorce papers sorted or something. I can’t believe you said that to me.” and with that, she turned and stormed to their shared bedroom. She wasn’t angry anymore, she was hurt. She was so hurt- he had never called her that, even when the argument had gotten awful. As she started packing her things, tears rolled down her cheeks and she had a small breakdown. Nothing could have gotten worse for her right now.

Draco appeared in the doorway, and he looked at her with red eyes and tear stained cheeks. 

“Please, don’t leave me.”

“No, I’m going.”

“Y/N, please don’t leave me.”

“I said I’m going!”

“I want you to stay. I’m so incredibly sorry for what I said, you know I didn’t mean it.”

“Draco, if you truly didn’t mean it, then you wouldn’t have said it. I’m not stupid, it’s clear that’s what you think. So I’m going. Maybe if you ever learn justice and ever stop being prejudiced, I’d be pleased to make your acquaintance. However, right now, I’m too hurt.” 

She left. Just like that. And it was the worst mistake she ever made. Every day her heart broke knowing that she left him. She never divorced him, he never divorced her. They were still legally married, just not together. Every day he stopped himself from leaving his manor and finding her and telling her a thousand apologies and showering her in gifts and memories of the two, just doing anything he could to take her back. He hadn’t moved any of the wedding photographs of the two of them, every time he walked from his room he saw the portrait of the two on their wedding day, holding one another and pure love filling their eyes as they adorned each other. Then they kissed, and there were smiles on both of their faces, genuine, happy smiles. It was a day that Draco would die to go back to. She meant to much to him, he missed her comforting cuddles in the middle night, where she would listen to everything he had to say and just comb his hair through her fingers, not saying anything, not talking about herself, just listening.

Y/N missed the days where she wasn’t working and her and Draco would go out and do something together, spending the day with one another and just enjoying their presence. It was her favourite part of being with Draco, spending the days together. 

Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

They both came to this realisation- they were completely lost without the other. Neither wanted to go and see the other in fear of rejection. What if the other had moved on and forgot about them completely? It was completely unlikely, the two had only been split for two months and the thought of the other person haunted their mind. Draco haunted Y/N’s old apartment. Y/N haunted Malfoy Manor. It was unbearable.

Their hearts were both broken and lost, but they both knew they had to go and live their lives, otherwise they would become sad to no end, and neither wanted to get trapped in that. Draco got a job at the Ministry, in hopes of finding Y/N there. When she found out, she didn’t know how to feel. She hadn’t spoken to Draco in two months, and her heart longed for him daily. Yet now, he was her apprentice, and she would have to spend many days showing him just what she did every day. They saw each other on a Monday.

As Y/N approached with her boss, Draco saw the heavy bags underneath her eyes, the dark, purple circles that showed her lack of sleep clearly. He noticed how prominent her cheekbones and collarbones had gotten, and he noticed how she just looked off. Everything about her was off, she wasn’t smiling and she wasn’t herself and Draco broke down. He knew it was because of her. Tears rolled down his cheeks as she opened her mouth to speak to him. The boss left, and she wiped his tears.

“Dray, don’t cry. Come, we can sit in my office, it’s more private there,” she spoke to him in the softest voice he had ever heard and he couldn’t be more thankful that she was really there. He traveled to her office with her and sat in the seat on the other side of her desk. The silence was strangling, until he finally spoke up.

“I miss you.” She nodded straight away, 

“I miss you too. I haven’t stopped thinking about you, ever since I left.” 

He was reaching across the desk. She held her hands to him, and they stared into each other’s eyes.

Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving,” the two laughed as they looked to each other, both of their souls alleviating at the mere thought of their love cheering up because of them. And for the first time in a while for both of them, they knew that everything was going to be okay.

Shamless Imagines 4-I wish you weren't a lesbian.(Best friends-Lip)

Pairing: You and Lip as best friends

Description: You and lip had been best friends since 13, You are now both 19 and living together, he had found out a few weeks ago that his girlfriend had been cheating on him and thats when you start to comfort him.

Requested: Yes: Lips best mate + a lesbian

Words: 400

Originally posted by heavenatniiight

You and lip cuddling was something that happened often, when a girl broke your heart or you had a bad dream or he thinks about drinking or Monica comes back or anything really. Your arms were open for one another at anytime.

You had never felt anger flash through you so fast until last week when Lip had come home with glossy eyes and tear stained cheeks. “She cheated, the whole time” He whispered to you after he had taken off his winter jacket. It didn’t take you long before wrapping your arms around him.

Thats what lead you to this moment now, you and lip were laying on the bed in your room that lets be honest most of the time you two shared as you had a huge fear of sleeping alone, his head on your boobs while laying on his stomach, one of your hands with a joint in it and the other wrapped around him as you watched American dad.

“Fuck I wish you weren’t a lesbian”He said randomly causing you to laugh.

“Careful Lippy, starting to sound just like my father when I told him I was gay” You say, causing a loud chuckle to come from the boy laying on you.

“No I mean, If you weren’t into girls then maybe I wouldn’t be hurt all the time by assholes who lie to me and Id just have you, Ya know? Like maybe if you weren’t a pussy licker we would be a thing”

“Ive thought about that a lot too, and sometimes I wish I wasn’t so I could protect you from all these whores who seem to hurt you, but I’m extremely happy with this.” You paused,

“You are like the husband my dad wants me to have, the brother Ive always wanted, the best friend Ive never had before you, My mom when I need her since she passed, my everything all wrapped up in a semi broken bow” You added causing him to smile.

“Yeah I wouldn’t want to change this either, this friendship is the best thing thats ever happened to me” Lip said turning back to the tv.

You smiled and started putting your hand through his hair, This was all you needed. Girls will come and go for the both of you but this friendship was going to last and both of you knew that.                    

Fucking Gallagher





You opened the front door to make your way to school and just as you swing it open White Boy Carl was getting ready to knock on the door “Hey baby you ready for school?” He said gently wrapping his hands around your waist which caused you to stiffen up. Your brother wasn’t the only guy you worried about going back to jail. You squirmed out of him grasp.

“Okay look, I’m doing this for my brother so don’t think you can start playing this charm bullshit on me. I’m not your real girlfriend so fuck all the bitches you want because you’re not crawling into bed with me. Don’t touch me unless you see your ex around, don’t come pick me up at home or in school, I’ll find you. Don’t think I have some crush on you, I’m not these dumb bitches in school and since I’m doing you the favor you do as I say. Got it?” You said poking his chest with your finger “Alright little mama damn, you feisty. I like that in my woman.” He said licking his lips staring you up and down.

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Everything that happens is from now on. | R.M.

Words: 5114
Warnings: genderbend or female archie, love triangle, childhood, angst


“Just for the record,” she breathes near his ear, five foot on tippy toes as he grips her arm closer. 

“This is a one-off thing, never to be spoken about again.“

"Obviously. I know your shit about Wednesday Addams,” he curls his lips mockingly.

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Recovery - Alec/Magnus

Episode coda for 2x08 - let me know what you think!

The late afternoon sun shone through the stained glass windows, warming the room with its colors. Max’s rune ceremony was beautiful. For a few hours, the Lightwoods were able to forget about Valentine, demons, and other threats to focus on the youngest member of their family. Alec walked with his brother down the aisle with family and friends on either side of them: Jace and Clary to the right, and Maryse and Izzy to the left.

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Lightning Bolt Soulmate! Barry Allen x Reader Part Three

Fandom: The Flash

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, OC

Word Count: 771

Warnings: Barry Allen being a little creep in a sort of good way? idk just read it and find out

A/N: So this is essentially Part Two from Barry’s POV with a little more information added to it and what Barry does afterwards. This is probably so shitty but I wanted to get it out because it was taking way too long. Enjoy!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

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I was out running through the city, when I heard the shouts. I couldn’t make out the words, but the owner of the voice was obviously a woman. Automatically assuming the worst, I sped off in the direction of the sound. Instead of finding a mugger attacking an unsuspecting woman in an alleyway, I found a couple, arguing on the steps of a crappy apartment building. The guy was attempting to stand higher than the girl, puffing out his chest with every word.

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Not In That Way | Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Your big sister was certainly cheating on her boyfriend, but there were two things that didn’t make this indifferent to you. One, he didn’t know. Two, you were in love with him.

Words: ~1800

Warnings: Angst throughout the series, cheating, nothing really serious in this part.

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A/N: This is one of my favorite fics so far! Part 2 comes depending on the feedback this part gets, so if you want it, let me know! Your sister is Amelia from the original SPN with my own twist, sorry if you like her! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go on with this one, love you all xx

Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! xx

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She was cheating. 

You wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t said his name on the phone.

The conversation seemed like everything was normal. Amelia, your sister, talking to her boyfriend Sam on the phone, flirting and sometimes throwing a dirty comment, but this time was different.

She didn’t call the person on the other line Sam, she said Jake… or John. Whatever, what mattered is it wasn’t Sam.

She was cheating.

He didn’t deserve it, not at all. He was the best boyfriend ever, giving her love and support, remembering every anniversary and birthday, buying her flowers and presents.

And you cared, for all that mattered. Why? Because Sam was like a friend to you.

You were there anytime he needed someone and Amelia wasn’t there, whenever he wanted to get pizza and your sister wasn’t hungry, when he bought tickets for a movie as a surprise and she didn’t want to go…

Of course, “like a friend” meant that you loved him.

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Siblings Vs. Couple » Jack Maynard

Requests: Hey there I love reading your imagines. I was wondering if you could do one when your partner with Jack Maynard and you did a tag with his siblings for his channel and you get along well with his siblings and cute stuff thank you I hope you have a great day or night 💜

Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a really cute moment while filming?

You, your boyfriend Jack, his brother, Conor and his sister, Anna were filming a ‘Siblings Vs. Couple’ challenge for Jack’s YouTube channel. You, Jack and Conor were visiting both your families down in Brighton, where you grew up.

You had known the Maynard’s since you were a small girl and had been dating Jack since you were both teens. You really did have a fairytale romance; he was your first everything. First crush, first kiss, first relationship etc. You asked yourself everyday what you did to deserve someone so wonderful.

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Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 1

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” - Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Y/N never believed in love at first sight.

But she did believe in “crush” at first sight, and the moment she saw the boy with dark brown hair, playing the cello in the music room Saturday afternoon, she was undeniably smitten and found herself pulled being like a magnet.

Maybe it was the way he held the instrument, almost like it was a part of him; Maybe it was his face. And what a beautiful face it was, she thought as she observed the way his eyes focused on the music sheet, his lips pressed together and his expression a mask of concentration as his fingers moved to play the instrument sheathed between his legs. Y/N couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. 

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@urmyheartworm suggested:  Can you write a story wherein Sheldon dated Vanessa from 9x8 and how Amy would react about it.

Sheldon sat across from this beautiful woman who would not stop flirting with him using science fiction and he hated every moment of it.  She liked all the stuff he liked, so as soon as he started arguing a point, she just agreed.  How on earth was he supposed to get any thrill about being right if she just agreed on everything.  Sheldon thought of Howard and Raj and that scavenger hunt that brought this Vanessa to him, and he grit his teeth.  How did they find him someone so perfect as a joke, but someone so off the mark when they tried?

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Months of Lies | I. Lahey

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Pairing ; Isaac x Hale!Reader
Timeframe ; Post-Insatiable

Summary ; In which he cheats on her. But it isn’t quite that simple.


There. Is. So. Much. Angst.

For every time you read the word ‘however’, take a shot.

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God’s Daughter

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Pairing: past Dean x Reader, God!Chuck x daughter!Reader
Word count: 482
Warnings: Swearing, talk of cheating, talk of suicide

Groaning, your hand went to your head as you came to. As slowly as you could, you opened your eyes and looked around “what the hell?” You muttered. This was not where you’d been last.

You had been a few hundred miles away in some seedy motel, and hadn’t told a single person where you went. Now, here you were, back in your room in the bunker. The last place you wanted to be.

“Ah, good, you’re awake.” Came a voice from the door.

Sitting up, you looked over to see Chuck. “How did I get here? Why am I here?” You asked, tearing up.

He gave you a sad smile and moved to sit next to you. “You belong here.” His voice was soft.

You shook your head. “I’ve never belonged anywhere.” You corrected him. “And I’m far from wanted… By anyone.” Wiping your cheek, you sniffed.

“Is that why you tried to kill yourself?”

“I did! There’s no way I survived.” You were trying so hard to figure this out. “My parents never wanted me, I went through the damn system without anyone caring, started hunting, met the boys, and then I walked in on Dean with someone else.” Your heart broke all over. You’d been with Dean almost 2 years, and that’s how little you mattered.

Chuck smiled at you. “I know your father loved you very much. Still does.” His eyes lit up as you looked at him. “Hey, princess.” He said softly. “I know I’ve been lacking in the whole dad department, but I’m here now.”

Without a second thought, you hauled off and decked him. “Asshole.” You snapped. “not funny!”

Snapping his fingers, the two of you found yourselves with Cas and the boys. “I’m God, and I am your father.” He announced.

Dean’s eyes went wide at that. “You mean…I’m with God’s daughter?!” He sounds almost impressed.

“No.” You had a pained look on your face. “Not since you fucked that bar skank.” Cas and Sam looked at him as he shifted in his seat, uncomfortable.

Cas got up and moved to you. “I’m here, if you need to talk.” He told you gently. “While I do not know what it’s like to be cheated on… I do know Dean.”

“Thanks, Cas.” You sighed. “But, I’m not staying. I’m going back to what I wanted.”

“Which was?”

chuck spoke up. “I found her in her motel Room after she killed herself.” He explained sadly, noting the tears going down your cheeks. “I brought her back to life, and then here.”

Dean’s heart broke, and he felt like he’d be sick. Getting up, he moved towards you. “I’m sorry. For everything.” Not that his words mattered. “Please, give me a chance to at least talk to you?” Dean knew he didn’t even deserve that. “5 minutes.”

You looked up into his green eyes. “5. That’s it.”

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A better man (part 2 if 'If you ever come back')

She was gripping the paper in her hands, tears rolling down her cheeks. Why had he chosen now to tell her all this? Couldn’t he do it the night they broke up? She would’ve stayed if only he had told her he was willing to fight for her, for them and now he decides to tell her? Damn you Adam Wiles. Two weeks and there hasn’t been a day where she didn’t think of him. Despite all that happened during the last couple of months, all she could remember were the good things. The little things he did for her and she hated it because she missed him. Missed waking up with him, missed his arms around her, his lips on hers.

Deciding it was best to leave it alone for the day, although she knew she wouldn’t stop thinking about the letter, she left her apartment to visit her mom. She wouldn’t tell anyone about the letter, choosing to keep it to herself for a while so she could ponder what to do without anyone’s input.

Friday. It was tomorrow. The night his door and his arms would be wide open for her to crawl back into. She didn’t if she should. All she knew is that she had never had her heart broken like this. The future they had planned was shattered, all those little things they talked about. She had never loved anyone like she loved him in a relationship. It had never lasted this long. It had never given her the certainty of a future like she thought this one had. Adam Wiles had promised her a forever. Adam Wiles had promised to fight through whatever came their way. Adam Wiles promised her his love for the rest of their lives. Adam Wiles had broke all those promises.

She understood though. It happened, falling out of love happened. But now here he was, telling her all she thought was true was right. That him falling out of love with her wasn’t true.

By the time the next day had dawned, her mind was made up. She needed to talk to him. There were things left unsaid and she wouldn’t be okay until she sorted out the mess inside her mind so maybe she wasn’t going home, she wasn’t back to him but she was willing to listen to him, to see if he could make her stay.

The flight to LA seemed to be longer than usual, allowing her mind to wander off to thoughts she only had when she was alone. She though of him, allowing herself to travel back in time to the beginning. She remembered her favorite moments with him and she let herself fall back into the perfect daydream she used have when they were happy, when she wholeheartedly believed he was the one. That had flown out the window during the last month or so.

She insisted on driving herself to Adam’s house, although agreed that security trailed behind her. She had warned them that it would probably be a while until she left so she said that if an hour went by and she hadn’t returned then they’d go home. She knew it was certain because whatever happened inside that house would probably take the whole night to resolve.

Taylor took a deep breath as she entered the code before retrieving back inside the car. As she drove through the driveway, she took the time to calm herself down a little. It would go nowhere if she was so nervous she couldn’t spill a word of what she wanted to say to him. Boy was she nervous about being face to face with him.

When she stepped out of the car she noticed most of the lights were out, in the room she could see from that point. She shut the door, took one last glance at the house and made her way to the porch. Just as he said, there was a key under the mat. She couldn’t keep the small smile from creeping at her face. If she didn’t know any better, this would be an amazing romantic movie. She snapped out of it and got ready to open the door.

The light in the hall was on and the house was inviting, she could swear she was in the past for a second, coming home to him. It felt okay for a moment, it felt right but she knew it was all quite the opposite.

She heard footsteps causing her to stop right as she reached the living room. He was rushing down the stairs, having heard the door shut. He didn’t believe she actually came. Either that or someone had gotten in his house to rob him of all he had.

Then he saw her, catching glimpse of her blonde hair from behind. His breath hitched and his eyes widened a tiny bit. Taylor didn’t turn around at the sound of him coming closer. She didn’t move at all from her spot, she was all brave before and now hearing his voice was making her head spin.

“You came.” He murmured, stepping closer. And she turned to face him, his eyes staring right back at her. They were soft. “Oh my god, I can’t believe this is actually happening.” He chuckled to himself and suddenly she felt a little pissed.

“Did you think a letter was enough?” She spit at him and his smile dropped. It wasn’t going to be as easy as he wanted it to be. “Are you for real? You couldn’t have told me all this two weeks ago?” She waved the letter in her hand and his eyes glanced at it briefly before staring at her. “You’re right. You are an idiot.”

“I am.” He nodded.

“You took me for granted.”

“I did.” He took a step towards her.

“You made me feel like you didn’t love me, like you didn’t want me around anymore, like my love was some kind of loaded gun. You accused me of cheating on you.” She shook her head and Adam’s heart broke. He really really was an idiot.

“I’m sorry.” He told her.

“Why on earth would you send me a letter saying all that? Did you think I would just fall straight into your arms again?” She laughed bitterly and he smiled the kind of smile that accelerated her heartbeat.

“No.” He shook his head. “You being here means you haven’t given up yet which means I can try make this right.” He spoke gently, walking to her.

“What makes you think I’m gonna let you?” She challenged, looking up at him.

He smiled. “Why are you here then?”

“I…” She trailed off, not knowing why herself.

“Taylor, I’m gonna make this right.” He said, grabbing her hand. She let him. “Because I love you and I’m in love with you. I made many mistakes and for that I can never show you how sorry I am, how I regret so many things but if you let me, I can make it up to you and I can be the better man you want me to be. If you let me, I promise I won’t ever repeat the mistakes I made. And if you let me, I know I will love you for the rest of my days and I’ll show you I love you.” They stood face to face and Taylor couldn’t say anything just yet so she didn’t. She turned away, the closeness and the intensity of his eyes making her forgive him right away.

It couldn’t go down that easy. She couldn’t just forget the last month had happened. She couldn’t forget how miserable she felt but there he was. Saying all the things she ever wanted him to say. She could see it in his eyes that he meant every word of it. She hated that her heart had already forgiven him. She hated that all she wanted to do was press her lips against his and to get wrapped up in his arms.

“Taylor…” he spoke gently, turning her around to face him. “You’ve successfully buried yourself in my head.” She couldn’t help the small smile from forming on her lips as she looked up at him as she recalled the late phone call on February 26th when he spoke those words for the same time. “No matter what I do, I can’t stop thinking about you, ever. Not even when you thought I didn’t love you.” He paused. “When I spent hours upon hours locked up in that studio and forgot to make time for you, I didn’t forget you. You were my inspiration and I didn’t realize I was losing you until the MET. Until I saw you with someone else. I realized that everyone wants a piece of you because you are so special and you’re so beautiful. That scared me because someone better than me could have you at any moment-”

“But you had me, Adam. I was yours. For the last fifteen months, I was yours!” She argued, grabbing his face.

“I know that.” He nodded. “It wasn’t the way I wanted to treat you, Taylor. It was never how I wanted to treat you but I got scared. I got so scared about losing you and I was irrational in the way I let you know that. It sent you the wrong signals and I’ll never forgive myself for causing so much pain but if you can forgive me, please just, stay with me and I will never make those mistakes again.”

With a smile, she responded. “Okay.” She nodded. “Let’s try again.”

“Taylor?” He called out upon entering the house. He shut the door, making his way further inside the house. “Babe? You home?” He furrowed his brows when there was no answer. She had a meeting that morning while he went to the studio so he figured by the time he got home she’d be there.

They had fallen into a routine, always making sure they spent time together. He would either go to the studio in the morning or to the gym while she was also recording her sixth record. She was incredibly excited about it and had even recorded a couple of songs in his studio at the house. It wasn’t rare that they ended up eating dinner in the studio together while bouncing ideas off one another. She told him what she was working on and he told her what he was working.

It had gone back to normal, although the previous month was not forgotten at all, they just tried harder to make it all work and to make each other happy. So far it was all working perfectly. Adam had been trying extra hard to let her know he loved her. He planned romantic getaways, took her out to dinner, made her breakfast in bed. He wanted her to know he loved her more than anything so he never forgot to tell her.

Adam took a glance around the house, smiling when he saw Meredith crossing the room. He looked outside, noticing the window that lead outside open. He chuckled to himself and walked out there.

“Hey, you’re home!” She spoke excitedly jumping up and running towards him. He laughed against her lips as she joined them with his.

“Hi!” He grinned. “We’re having a picnic, huh?” He looked beyond her onto the blanket placed on the grass.

She shrugged. “I felt like it. It’s nice out here.” He pecked her lips, smiling. “Let’s eat, yeah?” He nodded.

They sat down and began eating. They talked about their mornings, what new things had happened and the plans for the next few weeks, all while Adam stared at Taylor, wondering how on earth he had gotten so lucky to deserve a second chance with the love of his life. He watched as she laughed at some stupid joke he had told her about something that happened with Burns. He noticed how carefree she was, how he had missed seeing that smile on her face and how happy he was that he was the one who put it back there. He had begun to take notice in little things she did more. Tiny details in his daily life that he had begun to love more than anything, like how when she got home late and the first thing she wanted was his arms around her. He noticed the way she acted around her friends, how caring she was. Noticed how she turned softer and at peace when she played with little ones, especially her godson. He heard her voice when she woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a song, he enjoyed staying up just to catch a little glimpse of the smile when she had finally gotten it right. He loved her eyes in the morning and he cursed himself for stopping to notice it for a while. He loved how peaceful she looked sleeping. Finally, for the first time ever, he noticed the way she looked at him. He had never felt so loved in his life than the times she looked at him. He couldn’t explain, it was just a look that told him how in love she was, how much she cared and he wondered if she saw the same when he looked at her.

“What?” She giggled, taking a sip of her Diet Coke after noticing he was staring at her.

“What do you mean?”

“You have that stupid smile on your face again, babe.” She shook her head chuckling and putting down her coke. Adam grinned and leaned forward, kissing her lips.

“I want to marry you.”

She laughed. “Then marry me.”

Feedback is welcome, babes!

yvette3429  asked:

Hi! Uhm hc on how would RFA+V+Saeran would do and feel of MC sometimes feels hurt whenever her ex talks to her. She says she had already moved on but she still feel pain sometimes. Thanks!

I’m not sure if we did these right but I hope you like them. Sorry for any spelling mistakes i’m sick AF right now. Also these ex boyfriends say some mean shit so be careful! Love you guys - Mod MC


  • Your ex was such a huge flirt and because of this nature he was basically a playboy
  • Because of his fickle nature he ended up cheating on you and when you found out it broke your heart and you broke up with him.
  • It had taken months before you got over him but you were with Zen now for more than two years and you honestly thought he was the one.
  • You were shopping for the holidays when you ran into your ex and even though you had a messy breakup he was still flirting with you hardcore.
  • When you basically rejected all of his advances he started to get angry.
  • “So I heard you were with that popular musical actor Zae or whatever, how’s that going for you?”
  • “His name is Zen and I don’t have to tell you anything about my life anymore so mind your own business.” You snapped at him tired of being around him.
  • “Woah, easy there. I was just asking because I know you left me because I had an affair, you know since he’s so popular he’ll probably end up cheating on you too. After all you are very naive. Oh man it was so easy to lie to you.” He started to laugh in that fake laugh of his that you always hated
  • “Zen would never do anything like that to hurt me. He loves me and will always be a better man than you will ever be.” You spat out.
  • “I’m just saying that you aren’t anything special and he is a pretty famous guy, why would he even stick around with you? I’m telling you now so you won’t be shocked in the future but he will cheat on you.” You couldn’t stand being around this jerk for a second longer and quickly turned around and walked away.
  • Even though you were over this jerk it still hurt when you thought about how he cheated on you, and his words today hurt more. You walked back to Zen’s place in a daze.
  • You knew you weren’t anything great compared to Zen and he could do honestly better.
  • Your ex’s words started to replay in your head and before you knew it you were curled up on zen’s couch crying your heart out.
  • One of your biggest insecurities was that you weren’t good enough for Zen, and even though you knew Zen would never stoop as low as to cheat on you it still hurt to hear someone else point out your flaws.
  • Zen would be home soon and you tried your best to look like you weren’t just crying your heart out, you really did not want to talk about what happened today, especially since your ex’s were always a touchy topic to Zen.
  • “MC, were you crying your eyes are all puffy? Are you okay? What happened?” Zen said as soon as he saw your face. Well so much for acting as if nothing happened.
  • Upon hearing Zen’s voice you started to tear up again and in three short strides Zen was right in front of you hugging you tightly and petting your hair.
  • “Z-zen, you aren’t going to cheat on me are you?” You sobbed out, you knew you were being ridiculous but you couldn’t help it.
  • “What, MC what are you talking about I would never cheat on you. I thought you knew that.” Zen asked, shock clearly on his face but he continued to hug you tightly.
  • “I know! I know you wouldn’t cheat on me but ever since I ran into that jerk and he said that since I am basically nothing compared to you I can’t stop thinking about it. I know its stupid. But you are just so amazing, and I-I’m not.” You said in a small voice, saying outloud hurt worse than hearing your ex say it.
  • At your words Zen grew stiff and he gently pushed you away from you but still held onto your shoulders. He looked furious though.
  • “Who was this bastard that ever made you doubt yourself. Who is this asshole, tell me right now so I can go kick his ass.” Zen growled out.
  • You quickly told him about your encounter with your ex and the horrible things he said to you, by the end of your story Zen looked livid.
  • “Who the hell does he think he is talking to you like that. First of all he was the dumbass who cheated on you and now he tells you are not good enough for me? I am gonna kill this guy. Listen here MC you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You help me grow as a person and you are so kind and beautiful and if there is anyone in this relationship that isn’t worthy is me.”
  • You looked up at him in shock when he said those words.
  • “MC I love you so much, you mean the world to me and honestly I would be so lost without you here with me. Please, you mean so much to me don’t listen to that jerk you are so perfect and amazing.” Zen said pulling you closer to him again.
  • “Zen I love you so much too. I’m sorry.” You said and then he gave you the sweetest kiss ever. You were silly to ever think that Zen would be anything like that toxic jerk.
  • 4 months later you were happily engaged and the next time you ran into your ex you showed him your engagement ring and then showed him the finger before he got another word in.

-Mod DK


  • You were chilling with Yoosung and playing video games
  • It was just supposed to be a quick study break
  • While the two of you were playing you got a text
  • It was from your ex boyfriend
  • “Hey kiddo, I see you’re still playing games. You always did act like a child”
  • Attached was a picture of you playing video games.
  • Yoosung took it and you posted it on instagram
  • Your ex liked to keep tabs on you
  • And boy did he try to worm his way back into your life at any chance
  • But you were over it, he never took you seriously
  • He just treated you like a kid
  • And so you ended it
  • That’s part of why you identified with Yoosung
  • Because he wanted to be taken seriously too.
  • And so the two of you were a perfect match
  • You respected and understood each other
  • So instead of responding to your ex
  • You took a silly selfie of yoosung and yourself and posted it on instagram for your ex to see.


  • You were waiting for seven to finish work and laying in bed
  • Your phone vibrated with a notification
  • Miss me?
  • Your heart clenched
  • You knew exactly who it was
  • Your ex boyfriend who was emotionally abusive
  • You had finally broken it off a few years ago and hadn’t looked back since
  • He still tried to contact you from time to time but he had no idea where you lived so he couldn’t get to you
  • All he could do was text
  • You always blocked the number
  • Seven knew about the ex boyfriend but he didn’t know that he still tried to contact you.
  • He found out that night when he came into the bedroom to see you crying.
  • You handed him your phone and he saw all of the nasty messages your ex sent you.
  • “None of what he said is true MC. You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met in my life and I plan to spend the rest of my life making sure you know how amazing you are.”
  • He held you close to him as you fell asleep, reassuring you that you wouldn’t hear from your ex again.
  • Let’s just say your ex woke up the next morning to a completely useless phone, computer, and toaster.
  • Oh and an empty bank account
  • Seven still isn’t sure how he hacked into the toaster tbh


  • You had only dated once before Jumin.
  • This guy was an asshole.
  • All he ever wanted to do was smoke weed and hang out with his friends.
  • He never made you feel special.
  • You hadn’t been in the relationship just for the dates but a few outtings would have been nice.
  • When you finally ended things you had decided to look for a more mature man the next time you decided to enter a relationship.
  • Enter Jumin. He may only just be sorting out his emotions but dude is hella mature other than when he picks on the RFA members.
  • He’s got a stable (well paying) job and his own apartment.
  • You were in love with him for far deeper reasons than that but the fact that he was a real adult only helped things.
  • You had completely moved on from your ex, or so you thought.
  • He texted you one night while Jumin was away on a business trip.
  • Guess you got what you wanted.
  • You aren’t sure why that text sent a shock to your stomach.
  • You texted back, slightly confused about his cryptic message.
  • What do you mean?
  • His response was instant. I saw a magazine with a picture of you and that rich CEO guy. You’re such a gold digger.
  • You clenched your hand around your phone in anger and hurt.
  • Leave me alone. I love that man and not for his money. You’re just jealous. I guess you never grew up.
  • He texted back something else that was nasty but you chose to ignore it and deleted all of the messages. Tears welled up in your eyes at the nasty names he called you and you fell asleep like that.
  • The next morning you awoke to the sounds of Jumin moving around in the kitchen.
  • You ran to him, excited that he was finally home and grasped him tightly.
  • He wrapped his arms around you and chuckled, placing a kiss on your messy hair.
  • When you looked up at him he frowned.
  • “MC, have you been crying?”
  • You used your phone as a makeshift mirror and sure enough there was mascara dried in tear streaks under your eyes.
  • “It’s nothing don’t worry about it.”
  • “MC I will always worry about it. Anything that hurts you hurts me as well.”
  • “My ex called me a gold digger.” you mumbled with your head down.
  • “MC, what was that?” He tilted your head up so that you had to look him in the eyes.
  • You repeated yourself. Jumin was furious.
  • “How dare he. Love you’re nothing of the sort, you’ve more than proven that.”
  • He gave you a tight hug and reassured you that the love the two of you shared was nothing superficial. And then after a smouldering kiss he excused himself to speak to seven.
  • When he came back the two of you cuddled to make up for the time he spent on a business trip.
  • You aren’t sure exactly what strings he pulled but you never heard from your ex again.


  • You had told one of your friends from before you joined the RFA about your fiance.
  • She was curious about him so you explained that he had very poor vision and that is was because of his ex fiance.
  • You also told her about his career as a photographer.
  • A few days later you received a text from your ex. He was always rude to you and it didn’t seem as if that had changed in the three years the two of you had been broken up for.
  • Heard you’re marrying a blind photographer. Good luck with that one.
  • You didn’t bother to text back. He always said hurtful things.
  • Your phone pinged a second time, you really downgraded, not like you could’ve done better than me anyways.
  • That stung. V was your everything.
  • You let your feelings get the better of you and messaged back.
  • Why don’t you go mind your own business.
  • You assumed that would end the conversation but you know what they say about assuming.
  • Your inbox once again had a notification.
  • You always were a loser. Thank God we broke up.
  • You had never been more thankful that you broke up with him when you received that text but the loser comment was a blow to your self esteem.
  • You let out a high pitched noise drew V’s attention from his office.
  • He came out to see you curled up on the couch, moping.
  • He could see alright when he wore glasses and right now he saw you frowning.
  • He sat down and put your head in his lap, stroking your hair.
  • “Honey, whats wrong?”
  • You shoved your phone into his hand and he read the messages.
  • “You don’t think i’m a loser do you?”
  • “Of course not love. I think you’re wonderful, you’re the love of my life. If anyone is a loser it’s him. He lost out on the most amazing girl in the world.”
  • You sat up and moved into V’s lap kissing him on the mouth tenderly.
  • “Thanks babe, I don’t think you’re a downgrade either. You’re the most important person in my life.”
  • The two of you spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling.


  • Saeran was at the grocery store getting ingredients for dinner.
  • The two of you were planning to try a new recipe.
  • You were messing around on your phone when a message from an unknown number popped up.
  • Thinking it was Saeran trying to mess with you, you texted back.
  • “Saeran, honey when will you be home I miss you!”
  • Your phone buzzed with a notification.
  • Who the fuck is Saeran, you slut. You always did move on quickly.”
  • Your blood ran cold and you cautiously texted back.
  • “Who is this?”
  • You got an immediate response, “Your ex boyfriend, we broke up a year ago, have you whored around so much that your forgot.”
  • This man was the worst person you had ever met and the reason that you hadn’t dated for nearly a year before you met Saeran.
  • Tears ran down your face, they blurred your vision to the point that you couldn’t text back even if you had wanted to. Which you didn’t.
  • You heard the front door shut and tried to escape to your bedroom so Saeran wouldn’t see you crying.
  • He came into your bedroom immediately after setting down the groceries and he caught you wiping away your tears.
  • He pulled you into a loose embrace and pressed your face to his chest saying nothing until your tears slowed.
  • “What happened?”
  • His tone left no room for negotiation and you handed him your phone.
  • By the time he was done reading the short conversation he was fuming.
  • “I’m going to ruin him. How dare he speak to you that way. You are mine. He has no right to call you a slut. I love you MC. Don’t believe what he said to you it’s bullshit.”
  • You said nothing and decided to put all of you love into the kisses that you peppered Saeran’s face with.
  • He picked you up and carried you to the bed where the two of you cuddled and talked until you needed to get up and start cooking.
  • Later that evening you checked your phone and noticed a picture had been sent to your ex.
  • It was a picture of you and Saeran, he was kissing your cheek and flipping the camera off.
  • You giggled and kissed Saeran once again. 

-Mod MC

‘ What were you both doing, Auntie Amy?’

This is based on a prompt sent by @cizavilation to @omeliafics

Thank you @jia911 for helping to proofread this fic- you’re the best! <3

Prompt : With the girls from the Omelia group chat we were talking about the 12x21 scene where Maggie and Meredith caught Owen and Amelia at the couch naked, and given that we also know that Zola took a glimpse of them lying naked together there… the prompt is: Can someone write something related with Zola asking Amelia what they were doing there? xD

Amelia Shepherd had just returned home from a tiring day at work after having back to back consults and surgeries. As she entered her sister- in-law Meredith Grey’s house, all she could think about was a warm shower and her comfortable bed. And Owen Hunt.

She smiled to herself as she recalled the events from two nights ago.

After Owen’s heartfelt confession to her in his office about his sister Megan and how he felt responsible for her disappearance, she felt a deeper connection to him. The fact that he decided to open up to her and tell her his innermost feelings and regrets meant a lot to her. It signified that he was ready to move on to the next phase of their relationship, which involved trust and mutual understanding. After she hugged him from behind and comforted him- he relished in her comforting touch and they remained in that position for a few long minutes before he finally stood up and turned around to hug her back. The warm hug eventually escalated into a kiss. The kiss then got heated until they had to pull away from each other before someone entered the room and caught them in their intimate moment. Still in a bliss from the kiss, Amelia had casually invited Owen to grab some dinner together as she was starving. They went to a cozy Italian restaurant within walking distance of the hospital and chatted throughout dinner. Owen spoke fondly of his sister Megan, telling Amelia about wonderful childhood memories he shared with her, how she fell in love with Riggs and how his heart broke for her when she cried in his arms after discovering that Riggs cheated on her. He told Amelia that he could never forgive himself for suggesting that she get on the plane. His sister’s disappearance had affected him more than he would have liked to admit and every single day he wished for her to return safely to him.

 Amelia had listened sympathetically to Owen’s story- holding his hands as a gesture of support, not interrupting him even once, which was rather uncharacteristic of her. After their scumptious dessert of icecream with chocolate pudding- Owen had invited Amelia to spend the night in his trailer. As tempting at it was for her, Amelia declined as she needed a long hot bath and a fresh pair of clothes to sleep in. Seeing Owen’s disappointed look- Amelia had the brilliant idea of inviting Owen to sleep over with her at Meredith’s house, stating the reason that both Meredith and Maggie were on call and the children and nanny were probably asleep upstairs.

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I just went through 3 years' worth of posts on Keltie's old blog and these are my conclusions:

- they were together for around three years and I don’t think Ryan has dated anyone for any longer than that. Also they broke up on Valentine’s Day ‘09 after he apparently slept with someone else on her birthday.

- She’s probably the only one of Ryan’s ex gfs who was really in love with him

- despite the spelling mistakes, a lot of her writing is actually pretty inspirational in a post-breakup self empowerment kinda way

- her autobiography Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom has a lot of stuff about Ryan, referred to as ‘Dreamer’

- If you have heard about her being a clingy ex, it’s unfortunately true, at least for that time span.

- literally every other post is a passive aggressive note to Ryan. Like referencing embarrassing post breakup texts etc

- she’s gone overboard with the personal details. Dates and kisses and things. It was like reading someone’s diary. It felt so wrong, but once I started I was reading compulsively

- she’s mentioned his drug thing. His dad. At that point I wanted to puke. I was extremely uncomfortable with her talking about stuff like that on her very public blog.

- um she talked a lot about Hobo (their dog) and referred to herself as Mom and Ryan as Daddy.

- according to her, Northern Downpour was written for her. As well as The Other Girl.

- which brings us to the topic of their breakup. And yes, I do believe her. I’m convinced Ryan did cheat on her. Probably multiple times. With different people.

- to my surprise, she was quite aware and accepting of the fact that a lot of her readers were there only for Ryan. But she was like 'you came for him, but stayed for me’. So yeah, she could’ve tried to deny making money off his fame, but she didn’t. I respect that.

- she was pretty obsessive and everything but she thought he was the one and he didn’t feel the same. And c'mon, if Ryan Ross broke my heart, I’d be a pathetic mess too. I blog about him 24/7 and I haven’t even met the man!