but she can't stay that angry at him

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I've been thinking about Bellamy's anger in 3x05 and have been wondering. Do you think his anger and resentment at Clarke comes more from her actions in 3x03 than her leaving in 2x16? And as well as her referring to "we" meaning Lexa and her instead of previously when we meant her and Bellamy? Or did his resentment of her leaving in 2x16 grow after 3x03? And do you think he's angry that he doesn't think he is who she thought he was? I can't quite pinpoint if it's all cumulative to him by then?

Yessss I love it when people ask me to talk about Bellamy.

I do think his anger was triggered by Clarke’s actions in 3x03, but the resentment had been there since 2x16, he was just hiding it better before then.

Let’s start with 2x16: Bellamy doesn’t want Clarke to leave.  He does his best to convince her to stay, even using the exact same words that she used in 1x08, and saying please even though he’s never been big on manners.  But Clarke says she can’t, so he lets her go because he trusts her.  He believes that she’ll come back, and he just has to hold himself together until she does.  There’s an endpoint, in his mind– no fixed date, but eventually, Clarke will come back and they’ll pick up where they left off.

He makes do from 2x16-3x01, upset that she left but doing his best to understand, because Clarke always gave him the benefit of the doubt.  She supported him when he was at his lowest so he will do the same for her from afar.  There’s a tiny part of him that resents her for placing such a burden on him, but he fights it because he’s doing what needs to be done and she’s coming back.  That’s what keeps him going and what helps him be a good man, because he knows this is just temporary.  

And then Bellamy finds out she’s being hunted, and he loses his damn mind.  He starts out just regular-worried, impatient with the Farm Station reunion because it’s delaying him and setting out from Niylah’s immediately when he hears that she was there just last night.  (Also: he and Niylah shared a LOOK and if that look was not “Oh man you’re in love with her, aren’t you?” on Niylah’s part I will EAT MY HAT).  He sees her in his rifle scope and CHARGES towards her.  Pike has to hold him back, and the whole time they’re in the cave Bellamy is like a caged animal, pacing and growling and unable to stand still knowing he’s so close to her.  He risks his goddamn life to find her, and when he does his face is nothing but joy.  She’s still tied up and they’re still surrounded by an enemy army, but he’s happy.  We haven’t seen him smile in season three, not like this– not with Gina and not even while the delinquents are singing.

I think if they had gotten away from Roan then, Bellamy would have let his resentment go.  It might have come up, eventually, when she overruled him a few too many times during meetings or something, but it would have been much softer than what eventually erupted because he held up his end of the deal and so did she by coming back– maybe not entirely willingly, but he could overlook that if it meant she was safe.

But Roan throws a wrench into things, and then the next time he sees her, Clarke is almost unrecognizable, both physically and emotionally.  She’s dressed up as a Grounder Princess and when he tells her she’s in danger, she refuses his help and sends him away.  She doesn’t explain herself, and even though he’s just learned that Gina has died he’s still putting Clarke first, trying to protect her the only way he knows how.  But she just sends him away like he’s her soldier, not her partner.

And that’s when the doubts start to creep in.  He’s spent months being the man she needed him to be because he thought they had a deal: he would take care of their people and she would take care of herself, but then she would come back and lift some his burden.  Now she has a chance to come back with him, and…she doesn’t.  And she doesn’t look like the girl he remembers, either.  She’s siding with their enemy, and trusting Lexa to keep her word even though as far as he knows, they have no reason to believe she will this time.  This isn’t the Clarke he knows– not by a long shot.

So Bellamy starts to wonder: was he wrong?  Maybe Clarke never planned to come back.  Maybe she wasn’t who he thought she was and maybe she doesn’t see him the way he sees her: as an equal, as someone to shoulder a weight neither of them are  strong enough to carry alone.  He starts thinking about everything that’s happened since they came down, and this time, instead of remembering how she forgave him after he fought Dax, how she told him she couldn’t bear to lose him, how tightly she hugged him when he came back with Mel and how she begged for his life with the bounty hunter, he remembers how she sent him into Mount Weather with a cold, blank look in her eyes.  He remembers how they fought while Murphy was hanging from a tree, and he remembers how much she hated him at the start.  He remembers her walking away and leaving him to take care of their people– a job he doesn’t know how to do by himself– and wonders if maybe she never meant to come back.  Maybe this “deal” they had was only in his head, and maybe she never saw him as an equal– maybe he’s just another soldier to her.  Maybe she’s more like Lexa than he thought and he’s just Gustus to her; a man who will die to protect her but would never get the same consideration in return.

And he feels like an idiot.  This whole time he’s been worried about her and holding himself together based on the promise that she’d come back, but actually, she never meant any of that.  Bellamy thinks he never really knew Clarke at all and that means the man he’s been desperately trying to be– the man she made him think he could be– is made up too.  So when she shows up in 3x05, still dressed like a Grounder and allied with Lexa and giving him orders, his anger and hurt explodes.  He was wrong about Clarke and therefore she was wrong about him, and the pain of that is threatening to break him.

Bellamy had those fears ever since she told him she needed him in 1x08, so when she uses those same words in 3x05 it’s pretty much his worst nightmare made flesh.

snape was not pissed that lily got together with james because lily got together with someone. snape is not! pissed! because lily! has a boyfriend! 

snape is pissed that lily is going out with james because james has violently bullied him for seven years running. so a) his best friend, the person he loves is going out with an asshole and b) snape’s also afraid that james is going to treat lily badly because the james potter snape knows only treats people badly. is that fair to james? not really. but can we expect snape to really know any differently considering the way james bullied him? 

we have no canon evidence that snape is angry that lily is dating someone else. no canon evidence that he is angry at her for “daring” to date someone else (*cough* no evidence of a friendzone narrative *cough*). i’m not sure how he would have responded if lily had dated someone else - someone outside of the marauder sphere. but i’m not sure he would have been as violently opposed to it. 

also, let’s acknowledge that after the Incident when they’re 15, snape doesn’t bother lily again (as far as we know). she tells him to stay away from her and he stays. he doesn’t get involved in her life again, doesn’t try to become her friend again, and listens to what she asks of him. amazingly, it’s almost like snape cares about what lily wants. it’s almost! like he cares! about lily! as a person and not just a sexual object! amazing!

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Okay, lets say that Emma didn't bring Marian back. How would Robin feel knowing that the women he's with is the reason why his wife is dead, that Roland lost his mother because of her? Sorry, I can't see that going over too well and for Regina to be angry that Robin is happy to see his wife is a little crazy. It's like she wanted Marian to stay dead so she could have her happy ending. That's not character development, that's just being her usual self.

Here’s the thing. I get Regina being upset. It makes sense. Her boyfriend’s dead wife turns out to be not so dead after all and he’s happy to see her. I mean, if Daniel had shown up alive what would she have done? She’d have hugged him and cried tears of joy too.

But feeling upset isn’t an excuse for her to regress again. I get her being upset, I don’t get her holding onto it and being angry at anyone in particular. There’s literally no one to blame here. Emma did the right thing and saved someone’s life from Regina. Robin and Roland reunited with Marian. The only thing left for Regina to do now is wait and see what happens. Maybe Robin won’t want to stay with Marian? Maybe he chooses Regina? Maybe she becomes part of their family? The point is that I don’t get her immediately choosing to blame Emma. That’s not going to work. She should know that being pissed at Emma and wanting to get revenge is just going to cost her again.

She has a chance to fight for her happiness for once. It’s not being handed to her on a silver platter. But Regina is so selfish that the first thing she thinks of is ‘poor me.' 

She really just needs to grow up.

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My boyfriend lied about being a Virgin. I'm a virgin myself and it hurts me to know that he's not. I'm still with him because I know losing him would hurt so much. I can't help but think about with who he did it with and who was she to him. We have the same religion and we're expected to stay virgins till marriage so that should always be a standard they have to reach in order for me to be with them sadly he didn't and I don't know what to do he thinks I'm over it but really I'm not I'm hurt

These days this tradition really got old and I don’t think that a lot people want to do this. You love him and idk, you can’t be angry al the time.. one ay you need to forgive.