but she also has no idea what she's talking about

I’m hoping that Ioun’s speech about fate, as well as what Percy said when Keyleth commented that she would never get to have what Percy and Vex have, will get through to Keyleth and make her realize that this isn’t necessarily final and that there might be something she can do to stop it and get the happy ending she and Vax deserve. (Matt doesn’t have NPCs say things for no reason, and with how pretty everyone who has talked about it so far has pretty much expressed some sort of “well there’s nothing we can do about it” sentiment, it feels like Matt was really pressing on the “there might be ways around this” idea.)

I also wonder if what Percy said might be an indication that he’s been thinking about it and that he might even have some ideas.

There’s A Nap For That

Based on this post: “If you both agree to take a nap instead of going out, it’s a date.” 

Or: The one where Bellamy and Clarke keep taking naps together. You know, platonically. See also: Let Them Rest

A/N: I started this before New Years and thought it would be done in like, three days. Oh how naive. But hey, here we are!

WC: ~6.5k
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Clarke doesn’t plan to be alone on New Year’s Eve, but she also doesn’t plan not to be alone–if that makes sense. She could fly back to Los Angeles and attend her mother’s extravagant corporate party, if she wanted to put herself through that. It’s definitely an option.

But she’s long since decided that it’s better to deal with the vague feelings of missing out on the New Year’s celebration over fielding questions about why she’s not following in her mother’s footsteps or, god forbid, whether she’s gotten over that whole sexuality thing yet.

So she calls Abby the night before the party, fulfills her yearly, good-daughter quota of well wishes and pleasantries, and calls it good.

And really, doing nothing on New Year’s Eve is kind of the best thing that’s happened her, stress-wise, in the last six months.

She works in the graphic design department for an uber-trendy website that facilitates commissions for freelance artists, which makes it an incredibly lucrative avenue to get her name out there in the industry. It just also happens that the company is very concerned with staying up-to-date with aesthetic trends, and has her changing logos and web layouts on a weekly basis.

It’s the kind of somewhat crappy, over demanding job that she feels weirdly excited to have, because it means her mom isn’t paying people to make her life easier.

But it has been running her to the bone, so she’s positively delighted to do absolutely nothing for a night.

Or she is until she finds out that Bellamy also doesn’t have plans for New Year’s Eve.

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I went to go see Jurassic World again, this time with my family. And as I was driving my little brother back to his house, he expressed disappointment that the original cast (bar the scientist and the t-rex) didn’t make appearances. Then he said something that set me off in a Jurassic Wonderland of wasted possibility.

“What I want to know is why the two kids weren’t running the place. Why was some strange lady in charge of the park, instead of Lex? Why was some navy guy in charge of the raptors instead of Tim?”

And I just… can you imagine what the movie would have been if that had been the case instead?

Imagine that at some point, there wasn’t a choice. Hammond’s will allowed for the continuation of the park, or a creation of a new one, and InGen was going to do it with or without Lex and Tim, but the kids remembered what happened to them when they were little. They remembered, and they knew it would happen again. Of course it would. But they agree to it, they go back, because they figure that they can at least be there to handle the fallout. So they go back, they help design things, they fight for every precaution and for every reactionary defense. The park will never be safe, but they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure that if it’s happening anyway, they’ve got their hands in it to ensure the least damage and loss possible.

So Lex get put in charge of the park- the computer system isn’t just something she uses- she fucking designed it. She designed it and worked on programming it. She was the one who designed the tracking system they use with all the dinosaurs because she needs to be able to assure herself of where every single one of them is at any time, and she carries a tablet with her that does just that- taps into the network and shows dino locations. She fights the board on every new carnivore they want to create; It’s a bad idea, she tells them. Carnivores eat meat which in case you have not noticed, humans happen to coincidentally be made of meat. She also doesn’t just track the dinosaurs- there’s no way anyone will ever suffer through what she and Tim and Grant did. Every visitor to the island has a wristband that talks to the mainframe and gives their location at all times.

And Tim, head of the animal care and behavior department with his wife, Kelly (you know, Ian Malcolm’s daughter from the second movie). They don’t just know know anything about the dinosaurs; they know EVERYTHING about these dinosaurs. Tim has Hammond’s hearteyes wonder mentality partnered with Grant’s thirst for knowledge and fueled by his own curiosity and experiences. Kelly has her dad’s caution and her mom’s free spirit and drive for pushing boundaries. They are there for every birth, and have their hands in the raising and care of all the dinosaurs. Like Grant, Tim has a soft spot for the raptors, and they have a soft spot for him as well, after he raises them himself, imprints them on himself and Kelly at their island-side residence.

And we mustn’t forget Eric, the kid Grant and his team saved from one of the islands when he crashed on it parasailing. Eric survived down there on an island full of dinosaurs when pretty much no one else could have survived even a few days. He’s the one out in the field, in charge of containment and tactical defenses for when (not if, WHEN) things go wrong. Because they will. They’ve been waiting 10 years for it to go wrong. They’ll continue waiting, ready.

Imagine the look on all their faces when InGen admits that a dinosaur was created behind their backs, a hybrid of several species, because someone wanted to create more ‘wow’ for the park. Only what they created wasn’t what they meant to create. This new dino is smarter than anything they’ve ever made before. Bigger than the T-Rex. Stronger. It surprises everyone with it’s ability to mask its heat and change its skin color. It’s a mistake but ohhh what a mistake- the InGen folks have hearts in their eyes thinking about how they could apply these changes to raptors.

Imagine Lex’s utter outrage at being lied to, but now that the life has been created she can’t just take it. The animal didn’t ask to be born, but now that it has been, she ensures that it has what amounts to a bomb-proof enclosure in a remote section of the island. Heat sensors, sound sensors, tracking device, motion sensors- this thing has got the works in her pen. Lex forbids opening it as an attraction, this enclosure is for containment only. And the would-be social creature, deprived of social interaction with humans or its own kind or with anyone really, becomes the Indominus Rex we see in the actual movie; she does not understand boundaries or dominance or good behavior.

But the movie dynamics are now shifted. Instead of the park destroying itself from within, it is under attack from without. It isn’t because Lex was careless about security. There is no tension between Lex and Tim outside of normal brother/sister banter. Imagine that InGen wants those raptors badly enough to force a field test of them- imagine they purposefully release Indominus, thinking Tim’s raptor squad can beat it. Imagine the moment Lex asks him if the squad is ready for search and rescue, and he agrees they are.

Imagine Tim and Lex gearing up to go into the wilds of their park because there are people stranded at the far end. Imagine a movie where the wholesale destruction and terror are not because everyone is ill-equipped to handle the situation (because Lex and Tim? They’ve made fucking preparations for this shit, they have thought of everything for this kind of situation) but instead a story about how all of those preparations mean shit against this superdino. She outsmarts them like the Clever Girl she is, avoiding traps, clawing out her tracker, taking out their electricity, setting free the other dinosaurs. She talks to Tim’s raptor children, and they walk away with her- imagine how CRUSHED he is to see Blue just… leave him.

Imagine half the movie following two young girls, strangers, who got put together on the rolly ball ride. One is a mechanic’s daughter who can disassemble and reassemble whole cars if she wanted, who fiddles with the ride to let them free-roll anywhere they want. Imagine she does it because the other girl is a younger trans girl who has spent her whole life admiring Dr. Ellie Satler and wanting to be a paleobotanist just like her, but the ride doesn’t get close enough to the plants for her to see them well. Imagine that they escape Indominus by ducking under a plant that the botanist-in-training recognizes as basically a giant ancient fucking nettle plant and Indominus takes one faceplant into it before deciding WOW NOT WORTH IT BYE. And the two girls stick together until they meet up with Lex and Tim who are out trying to find the rolly ball inhabitants that went off road because they are the last two left, and Lex has been following their wristband signals.

Indominus finds the InGen beach camp and attacks with her new raptor compatriots. Lex and Tim, after seeing all the civilians (including the two young girls) safely to boats, split up to come to the rescue, Lex with Eric and Tim with Kelly. Tim and Kelly win back their raptor clan (let’s be real, they didn’t have to win them, they left to gather intel on the iRex) while Lex comes charging down the beach in the original Jeep the mechanic’s daughter fixed, road flares tied to the roll bars and madam Queen-of-All T-Rex chasing after her to start the final showdown.

No giant seamonster needed- T-Rex + Raptor Squad + InGen army + Lex and Tim and Kelly and Eric are enough to bring down Indominus. Barely, but they win. And T-Rex is there, but she’s had quite enough fighting against raptors after the first movie, and so she leaves, heading into the jungle to let the humans recover.

Lex fires everyone at InGen. They go get ice cream from the cafeteria and Tim eats an entire chocolate pie by himself. They call Grant the next day and say “You are possibly the only person who will believe the day we just had.”

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 4

I absolutely wanted to post this within today because this evening I want to work on the Pash interview with Sayo Yamamoto… This BD volume has lots of choreography footage so that will take a while to translate, and I’m going to give priority to the interview.

This commentary is different from the others because it’s not just Kubo with another person, there’s 4 of them. Luckily enough they don’t really talk over each other (except for one part, lol), but in the second half I translated most of what they say as dialogue because I felt it was more fitting. In the dialogue parts my notes/comments are in brackets.

The commentary is only for episode 7. Episode 8 has no commentary. It’s not a full translation but I summarized most of what they said, and some parts are almost completely translated. Fans of Phichit, Guang-Hong and Leo should definitely read it as it’s a rare chance to get comments from these voice actors. Also, their reactions to the last scene are hilarious, that’s a must read too.

The commentary is by:
-Mitsurou Kubo
-Kenshou Ono (Phichit)
-Yuutarou Honjou (Guang-Hong)
-Shunichi Toki (Leo)

Translation under the cut because it’s long. Enjoy!

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"Garnet only talks about Fusion stuff now"

So I’ve got some stuff to say about my favorite character: Garnet! 

It’s kind of in response to some criticism I’ve heard: specifically, that Garnet became nothing but a Fusion poster child who thinks about and talks about nothing but fusion since the time her Fusion status was revealed at the end of Season One. 

But I’m not really arguing with the perspective so much as trying to bring some nuance to seeing why Garnet is written the way she is–by examining how her focus has changed over time and what I think we’re going to see the show do with her in the future.

Okay, so to some extent? Yes, Garnet’s inclination to talk about fusion all the time went into overdrive after the reveal. Garnet says very little about herself for an entire season, doesn’t find excuses to bring up fusion, doesn’t seem particularly eager to extol the virtues of fusion or fuse with others (though they seem excited to fuse with her, for sure!), and only has a couple little hints about being a giant fusion-fan dork when we see her reaction to Stevonnie. 

But keep in mind that in Season One, Garnet’s few attempts to open up were not rewarded. For instance, Garnet felt punished for revealing something about herself–her Future Vision–to Steven late in Season One, and it was clear that she risked it because the possibility of being closer to him was worth so much. She learned that her words have incredible power, and that this power is magnified when she’s letting others into the reality of her existence. Garnet is … let’s be serious here, Garnet is majestic and bafflingly cool but she can be kind of awkward. She seems like a stoic badass most of the time when she doesn’t open her mouth, but she can REALLY be a mess when she starts talking and doesn’t think it through first.

She’s completely in her element when she’s talking about fusion, though–and it’s not just because she is a Fusion and loves being one. It’s also because she was the FIRST of her type of Fusion, and she had to fight so hard on so many levels to be allowed to exist. Her existence has, for so long, been ABOUT being allowed to exist.

I’m going to take a weird turn here and talk about Amethyst. But it’ll connect in a minute, I promise.

Amethyst was the clear outsider of the Crystal Gems. She arrived after the war and has no idea about a lot of the events from Gem history. She spent most of her life with no idea that she was “supposed to be” big like Jasper, or what it was like to live on Homeworld, or what other Amethysts might be like, or what her status would have been if she’d come out on time.

And I imagine Rose ADORED THAT.

I suppose Rose was DELIGHTED at the idea of a Gem being alive for the first time in known history without that programming. What it must be like to NOT be indoctrinated into Gem culture, the worst parts of it anyway, not have to fight to oppress others and steal resources for your world and worship your Diamond, just to LIVE as part of a family, somewhat like the humans Rose so admired. Amethyst was a clean slate! 

I don’t know how much she came out of the ground knowing, but it’s clear she was NOT programmed with any idea about what Gems are “supposed to be” like. It was news to her when Peridot said she was supposed to be twice her size, was supposed to outrank everyone on her team, was this mysterious thing called a Quartz. 

It’s a lot like being adopted: she never knew any other family, and she loved her family and her home, but what is it like, to use an inappropriate human analogy, to find one’s BLOOD? When you’re the only one in your family who never knew it?

It was satisfying to her to find her Famethyst at the Zoo. Seeing other Amethysts (and Beta Quartzes), knowing that most of them might have been huge but ended up total goofballs like her, with her ancestry, with the answer to her original name (which to her wasn’t an automatizing reduction of identity to an alphanumeric designation, but instead represented CONNECTION, HISTORY, ANSWERS). What it must be like to her to find that family and know something she’d never known–something Rose didn’t want her to ever have to know, but still had meaning to her.

Back to Garnet.

Garnet is a Fusion, and she can never QUITE be an individual the way single Gems can. She doesn’t consider that a failing, and even though she almost always feels like one being, her Fusion identity IS her. “This is who we are” and “This is who I am” are both statements about her that are true, even though they suggest duality and individuality at once. Garnet has no one to talk to about that, and she’s used to keeping it inside. But no Gems who meet her are ignorant that she’s a Fusion. They immediately see it, looking at her, knowing that’s what she is and carrying whatever judgment they might have about it.

Enter Steven.

He has no idea what a Fusion is for most of his life, and has no idea that he might need to see Garnet as fundamentally different from his other “parents.” That may have been sort of freeing for her, I think. Not telling Steven was really her only chance to know what it’s like to look into someone’s eyes and know they just think of you like one being. 

Let’s remind ourselves who told Steven about fusion. It wasn’t Garnet! Amethyst brought up Opal. Pearl explained what fusion is. Opal was the first Fusion Steven met while knowing he was meeting a Fusion, and he felt a little weird about it at first because he didn’t know who she was and was worried she wouldn’t know who he was. Steven still has no appreciable relationship with Opal. Just with Pearl and Amethyst.

Garnet is a perma-Fusion and she isn’t going to spend much of her life unfused. It’s what she wants and it’s what Sapphire and Ruby want. Steven obviously wants to understand them, and he has more of a relationship with them than with Opal, but I doubt Garnet wants him to get too used to it. She’s the permanent fixture there. She’s going to stay Garnet. And she wanted Steven to love that she is Garnet without feeling a weird sense of loss over the idea that her presence prevents him from seeing Ruby or Sapphire.

But during Season One, Garnet found that presenting herself like a single Gem means keeping a secret and not opening up much at all. 

She became more demonstrative after the reveal because she COULD be–and someone she loves so much has crossed the threshold where he could have judged her or been upset, and he WASN’T. You could see she felt guilty, but also so relieved. 

She is free to talk about it now, to show him who she is, to help him understand his own fusion capabilities and fusion identity when he’s part of Stevonnie or Smoky, and for once, she gets to be the mentor to someone about something so sacred to her.

There is more to Garnet than being a Fusion–much more. She has a personality. She has strengths, and interests, and fears, and quirks both adorable and troubling. The show does continue to explore those, and I think sometimes people forget about it when this show focuses on her relationships. 

In “Reformed,” Garnet explored her influence as a leader and what “being too hard on” Amethyst inspired in her; it was an Amethyst episode, but Garnet learned too, and it wasn’t “about” her being a Fusion. 

When she was frozen in horror under the Kindergarten when she met the fusion experiments, of course this related to fusion and was particularly upsetting to her because it’s a perversion of her identity, but she also explored her feelings of guilt and grief, and discussed the importance of consent with Steven. 

And the consent issue came up again with Sardonyx, which again, though it focused on fusion, it was not exclusively about Garnet being a Fusion. It was about trust with Pearl, betrayal, and again, the important heaviness of being the leader, being the one everyone looks to for what to do–even when she’s falling apart, she has to be the example. “Always the bigger Gem,” indeed. Interesting how in that case, her Fusion status made her more vulnerable to taking that betrayal so much more personally.

Since then, yes, we’ve seen a LOT of fusion-centric stuff about her. Peridot’s Very Special Episode with Garnet was about understanding fusion, but also about understanding GARNET. As is necessary with understanding Garnet, seeing her as a Fusion is an important part of understanding her as a whole. It’s not the only thing to understand, but it is FUNDAMENTAL. 

The episode “The Answer” was the story of her relationship and how she became herself, but it was also about her being literally unmasked for an entire episode, coming forward to tell Steven an important foundation of her character, having the chance finally to reveal personal information to him NOT under duress, in a way she chose and planned and had complete control of. And then having Steven appreciate and accept THAT. Not in a terrible situation when they’d been kidnapped and Ruby and Sapphire were wrenched apart and revealed to him in such a traumatic way. This time, it’s HER way. Garnet got to do that, and got to include him, on her terms.

“Monster Reunion” had important Garnet stuff in it–it wasn’t a Garnet-centric episode, but it involved Garnet first denying Steven’s request to help Centipeetle, and then giving in, and then acknowledging that letting him follow his heart had been a good decision. 

In the “Bismuth” episode, Bismuth kept bringing up Garnet’s being a Fusion as a sort of breaking-your-balls kind of ribbing, but at the point when they’d known each other, that was a new thing, something she was probably actively trying to develop pride in, just like Pearl and her pride in belonging to no one. 

“Mindful Education” wasn’t just about fusion training or learning to cultivate balance; it was also about mindfulness meditation in general, and though it focused on how being out of sync is particularly confusing and lethal for Fusions, it had very good lessons about handling trauma and reminding yourself where you are, which can be generalized for Steven and Connie even when they’re not Stevonnie.

“Three Gems and a Baby” did sort of oversimplify each of the Gems’ misunderstandings of what Steven might be–Amethyst trying to see the glow as evidence of shapeshifting, Pearl trying to see the glow as evidence that Rose is operating by known Gem logic and is trapped but not gone, Garnet trying to see the glow as evidence that Steven is a complex Fusion with human organic material and is trying to unfuse. 

I’m not sure exactly what Garnet was thinking was going to happen if she was right and he unfused into two beings, but she evidently STILL thinks of Steven as a type of love Fusion if you assume Guide to the Crystal Gems is accurate. It’s pretty typical to draw common ground between yourself and someone you want to understand or be closer to. And if you think about it, this episode also showed that Garnet, despite her attempts to be a calm voice of reason, REALLY MISSES ROSE and was showing how desperate she was to see her again. Yes, she focused on fusion, but it was something larger in context–just like she is.

And then “Steven’s Dream” happened, which involved some pretty heavy stuff between Garnet and Steven. She withheld the truth, she didn’t know how to make him stay out of danger, she felt powerless and helpless to stop him because she still has so much fear of the Diamonds and what they can so easily take away from her and her planet and her friends. She gets a lot of criticism over this episode because she fumbled SO epically when almost all of us can think of something we could have said to stop Steven from going to Korea if we’d been partial to Garnet’s visions. But that was an episode about their relationship, her shortcomings, her WEAKNESSES, and both of the times she expressed her helplessness, she took her visor off like she always does in super sincere moments. 

This whole dynamic was very important, and though it did lead to a plot line that made her unfusing necessary, I think a lot of people overlook “Steven’s Dream” as a significant Garnet episode. It is. Garnet screwed up and it had nothing to do with her being a Fusion and it had everything to do with how she can fall to pieces in other ways if she’s made to face her fears–to even consider being face to face with Blue Diamond.

“Room for Ruby” had a couple Garnet moments too; it opened and closed with Steven interacting with Garnet, and though not much went on, it seemed like she is still trying to figure out how much to put in Steven’s hands … 

And I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s wondering when and if and to what extent Steven can share the burden or take over as leader, like his mother. Because I don’t think Garnet particularly likes leading the team. She does it because she can handle it, but she’s not always the best strategist. She can be emotional in ways that make her short-sighted, and that’s when–like Ruby–she punches first and asks questions later, and–like Sapphire–she puts on a mask and pretends everything is very fine and no one needs to worry. Garnet struggling with this, and with being wrong, and with her role on the team, is sort of subtle compared to Fusion-related material, but it’s very much there.

I am in agreement with some of the folks who would like to see some straight-up individual character development for Garnet when she’s not talking about fusion or focusing on being a Fusion or educating someone about fusion. I’d like to know more about her hobbies–what would she do with a day if she had one all to herself without worrying about capturing Gems or leading missions? I’d like to know more about her funny little competitive nature. I’d like to see more of those quirky behaviors come up, where she does something unexplainable because she’s just kind of a weirdo (you know, like putting Steven on her head and walking away, or drawing a picture of herself when everyone else is drawing suspect sketches, or jumping out of the van instead of telling Greg to turn the music off).

But I think it’s unrealistic to expect Garnet to be much more expressive than she is now, because she just isn’t that demonstrative and THAT is part of who she is. 

She’s a pressure cooker. She keeps things inside and she resolves them internally–which is probably partially a consequence of being a conversation. Sometimes, like a pressure cooker, she can explode, and you’re going to see her truth in those moments and in a few quiet moments when she chooses to tell a story. 

You’re not going to see the kinds of feelings and spoken desires you get from Steven, Amethyst, or Pearl (who all also have very different ways of expressing themselves, but at least tend to DO SO in more overt ways than Garnet does). If they kept journals: Steven would have a sketch diary and would make an effort to end even his sad entries on a happy note. Amethyst would make fun of everything and occasionally write an angry rant. Pearl would write sad poetry and shopping lists and occasional heartfelt observations. I think Garnet wouldn’t keep one. She doesn’t seem to feel comfortable with words taking her feelings up for her, and she guards what she feels closely. The fact that she doesn’t tell us things actually tells us things.

I don’t think it’s lazy writing or turning her into a one-note character to have Garnet frequently putting her life in context through the lens of Fusion. 

Fusion is the reason she exists and it is, to be quite literal, who and what she is. It was a radical act that she pioneered, and it must have been amazing to become someone who could define her own life instead of going along with her ingrained Ruby or Sapphire programming. Garnet was more an individual than either of them could have been at that time in their lives, even if that sounds like a contradiction. She’s still creating that person, and still conceiving it as a radical, beautiful act just to be herself. That’s why she’s so great.

I don’t want the show to stop exploring what that means to her, and what that means to everyone around her. I’m not tired of it. I think her character can find new things to talk about, sometimes incorporating information and experience surrounding fusion, and sometimes having it be irrelevant or tangential. But just like those of us who, for example, live with a marginalized sexual identity, something that fundamental to who you are and that different from most people you know always seems to come back into relevance, sometimes when you’re not even steering the conversation. 

I think some of you will know what I’m talking about when I say it does just always seem to come up, because it’s an interesting thing about you that people who aren’t like you can’t fully understand, and sometimes you want to tell everyone all the things and sometimes you just really want them to leave you alone. But it’s definitely part of your truth, and it’s something you want people to understand about you and accept about you, and you might feel a little like you’re lying if you haven’t told someone or you just let them think that important thing is not there. 

Garnet’s identity is a lot like that in some ways–there’s no “Jailbreak” episode where you come out once and then you don’t ever have to do it again. Garnet keeps having to demonstrate and identify what is different about her, and it continues to be very, very relevant in her life, affecting her relationships and the way she sees the world, how she looks, what her comfort with herself is, what abilities she has, what people think of her. It’s everything. And that fact doesn’t make her lesser, nor does it oversimplify her.

I don’t know what direction the writers will take us with Garnet, but I trust that it will be something I want to know. I find her really interesting and for many reasons very personally relatable. If there’s still more to hear about fusion from her, I want to hear it all. If there’s less related stuff, I want that too. 

Pearl’s been struggling toward defining herself separately from others, separately from her grief over Rose. She’s making progress. Amethyst’s been struggling toward building self-esteem and understanding her place in the world. She’s making progress. Some people say Garnet stopped being interesting once she threw out her big revelation in “Jailbreak” and then didn’t evolve from there. 

I want to know what show they’re watching. 

There’s been so much with her, and I’m not going to say she doesn’t struggle, but unlike the others, Garnet’s struggles aren’t about making peace with HERSELF. She probably did have that struggle when she was new, but she knows who she is now, and that she’d rather be herself than anything she was designed to be. When you have a stable self-identity and step onto that pedestal as a mentor, you can end up giving more than getting in these kinds of stories, but HER struggles seem to be with how much she can give to others without compromising herself. 

She’s not self-destructive like Amethyst was, or self-sacrificing like Pearl was. But she gets punished a lot for coming out of her shell, and I think her story is largely going to be about letting others in and dealing with what it means to reach out. Garnet does seem to want connection, and I mean that as an individual. She treasures her relationships with the others, and sometimes despite her being kind of a dork with words she honestly knows the right thing to say.

To sum up, if you think Garnet’s become a one-note character, I encourage you to listen for the subtler harmonies. She’s got a really interesting duality, both subtle and blunt, and I’m here for all of it–including when it seems to contradict itself. Who isn’t a contradiction sometimes? What she’s taught us about her identity is really complex and weirdly relatable for something so alien to humans. I think it deserves at least as much attention as it’s getting.

I still agree with the people who don’t want fusion to be the center of every story about her, but I think they’re wrong if they believe that’s how it is right now. Or rather, that it’s ALL she is, or that what they’re showing us is simple and uncomplicated enough to be unworthy of further exploration. It’s just that SHE is the center of every story about her, and she is a Fusion, so that affects everything she sees and does. 

We should expect it to.

Maybe it’s just me, but did anyone else find this amusing?

It appears that after learning that Blue Diamond wanted specimens for Pink’s zoo, Yellow Diamond decided to do a little research. Either that, or she had seen this particular report before and remembered there was a human talking about other humans in it. Upon seeing the report, she seems to have assumed that what Steven was listing off was human types, rather than individual names. Instead of Rubies and Pearls and Aquamarines and Jaspers, humans apparently have “Stevens”, “Connies”, “My dads”, “Sadies”, “Lars’”, “Onions” and “Mailmans”. Yellow Diamond has no idea what the fuck these types do or how human society works (nor does she generally care), but she is going to collect ALL the human types.

Presumably, though, she also would have saw this:

ree-fireparrot  asked:

What do you think Mamoru and Usagi's wedding planning was like? Not a fan of the PGSM version, so I'm looking for a different headcanon to replace it with. :c

I personally love the implication in the manga that Usagi and Mamoru’s wedding is a spectacle. Ten bridesmaids and they’re all wearing their own elaborate wedding gowns and veils? Sign me the heck up.

Why is Chibi Chibi there? Who the heck cares, of course the paradox-causing childlike form of the most powerful sailor senshi of a dystopian future is invited. Usagi Tsukino will not let a little thing like a couple thousand years get in the way of her wedding guests. Her future daughter gets an invite! Her alien friends get an invite! Her talking cats will MC the wedding and people will just accept that as a perfectly normal development in Usagi Tsukino’s life. (Maybe not that last one. But Luna and Artemis and Diana will still get places of honor.)

It’s obviously gonna be a western-style wedding. Usagi’s been dreaming of one since she was a kid. Kenji will balk when she starts to talk about the masses of people she plans to invite and nine different types of fresh flowers that are all imports and the enormous fancy venues she is considering (cathedrals or concert halls or Disneyland or the botanical garden or or or…). But of course, most of it gets mysteriously donated or something (Michiru pulls a few favors for the venue, Haruka calls on a friend who owns a limo company after the idea of flying Usagi there via helicopter is rejected, Mako does the wedding cake herself and secures the flowers). And Mamoru pays for a lot more than is normally expected of the groom (and is way more invested in things like the napkin colors than anyone really anticipated).

The ceremony sounds like it will be weirdly lopsided with Usagi’s literal army to Mamoru’s… well, depending on what fanon you subscribe to, he might have the Shitennou, or just Motoki, or Shingo, or a white cat in a bowtie as his groomsmen. Maybe all of them. That still won’t add up. That’s okay. The senshi are there to support them both. They fill in both sides of the aisle as needed.

The party that follows is legendary. They will still be talking about it for hundreds of years to come. It’s a multi-day affair. The food never stops. Sometimes they stop for naps, just a mess of people in various states of fancy undress piled on one hotel room bed.

Usagi’s family had no idea what they were in for. There are the friends they expected, the ones who Usagi has excitedly talked about so thoroughly for so many years that they feel like part of the family. But also a bunch of really famous pop stars showed up? Who knew the Three Lights were even still around? And also this woman who smells like flowers and carries herself like a queen, and everyone definitely thought Usagi was exaggerating when she said that she was friends with Michiru Kaiou, but there she is, playing the violin. A bunch of people definitely knelt in front of Usagi and Mamoru. A few people kissed her hand. Weird magical shit kept happening. Flower petals spontaneously falling from the ceiling and such. The white cat got into the champagne and started a loud argument with one of the Three Lights. Nobody else found any of this strange.

And if you think this is the end, you are mistaken still. This is only their first wedding. Every couple hundred years, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion decide to reaffirm their marriage, just for the heck of it. Just so Serenity can wear a (different, bigger, fancier) white dress.

Girls From Low-Income Backgrounds Are Truanting Because They Can't Afford Sanitary Products
Sophie, a 16-year-old pupil in a central Leeds school, told BuzzFeed News she'd missed "weeks" of school because she hadn't been able to afford sanitary products. H/T Metro.
By Rose Troup Buchanan

“You don’t want to be a burden on your parents and say, ‘Hey Mum, can you buy some pads,’ because you feel like she has other priorities so it’s not really something you want to go talk about.”

The teen, who started her period when she was 11, also said she had no idea what was happening at the time because she hadn’t had any sex education. “I literally had nobody. I didn’t feel like I could trust anybody, not even my own mother –because I didn’t have that kind of relationship with her.”

She added: “It feels really uncomfortable physically and then emotionally it became really difficult because those kinds of things put a strain on you because you don’t know what to say.”

Leslie, 52, said: “It might be an absolutely huge problem that no one has actually thought about, because it’s still such a taboo subject that it’s not talked about.”

“It’s a policy problem: We can give out free condoms to boys, but we can’t give out free tampons to girls. What’s that all about?”

“It is extremely worrying to find that some young women cannot attend school for lack of sanitary products. The basics that women and girls need are simply not there.”

This is what the stigma and lack of education surrounding menstruation does to girls. Education is having to be sacrificed because girls can’t access sanitary products, in England, in 2017.

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Looks like we can relax knowing that Kaneki and Touka having sex didn't magically fix anything: she is (supposedly) keeping her pregnancy a secret, and 'rushing on her own' to save the baby while he is keeping her out of things again... With these things in mind and the whole setup with Yoriko being raised again, do you think that we might get some of the scenarios people have speculated over after chapter 123 (Yoriko being the link between 'anti-Furuta' CCG and Goat, etc)?

Hello! Actually, I’m still waiting to see where we are exactly with the miscommunication issues, although it’s obvious that ch125 wasn’t a magic spell that erased all their flaws! xD

I mean, while it does seem that Touka actually didn’t tell anyone yet, for all we know she might soon. Same for Kaneki, he burnt the letter but he might still decide to tell her if he really intends on doing something about Yoriko.

You know Anon, the thing is, even though they talked about it…

…the fact that Ishida is writing his characters realistically is one of the main reasons things can’t be so simple between them in the first place as I explained here: despite growing closer to each other, now they are probably at a stage where they might be miscommunicating and acting against the other’s wishes out of fear to lose them.

For Kaneki, the reason is simple, they’re at war, the situation with Yoriko is an obvious trap and he seems to have finally started looking forward to a future of his own, looking forward to live because he finally found a good reason, so telling Touka or not depends on what he intends on doing about this trap

For Touka, the situation is a bit more complicated. She always was the one who wanted to talk more between the two of them in the first place, but she’s probably terrified by her pregnancy because:

  • she has no idea what to do to make it viable
  • and losing the baby scares her a lot (she’s literally begging it to survive) so she probably doesn’t want to give Kaneki any false hope
  • + they’re in the 24th ward and it’s rather obvious that Touka hates this place, while they’re also in a complicated situation, with a lot of people depending on Kaneki (about food, protection, survival), which is why she might find it difficult to ask for his constant support 24/7.

I know the fandom’s reaction to the pregnancy was mixed but…

I personally find it to be a very interesting plot twist on many different aspects, namely on the aspect of miscommunication, since Touka didn’t ask for this rebellion in the first place, while Kaneki is the one leading it when she needs his support because everything around this pregnancy is going to be emotionally difficult (as they have no idea about how to make it viable + because it’s war).

To expand slightly more (sorry Anon for rambling), while Touka used to hate this unfair world, she grew up a lot between TG and :Re…

and so, in my opinion, the only reason she joined this rebellion was basically because a lot of people that she loved were fighting for it. We know Touka always had abandonment issues even though she made peace with this world (a little like Yoshimura), which is why:

  • she fights for the people she loves and not for changing the world,
  • she so desperately wants her baby to survive because it’s a symbol of hope for her.

Meanwhile Kaneki is still the OEK, not super good at this obviously xD, but he’s the one many things and people depend on, although he’s probably getting tired of this and wants to move on, which is why he and Touka are still having miscommunication issues.

Touka’s pregnancy implies that she will do anything to make her baby live because she already loves it and she fights for people she loves, but she still needs Kaneki’s support, who would surely want to be there if he knew, when the situation is too critical for him to stop being the OEK right now, even though he doesn’t want to remain the OEK for the rest of his life.

So I’m really looking forward to who says what in the next chapters, because this pregnancy definitely serves a role narratively speaking, in my opinion, both for Kaneki’s and Touka’s characters and relationship but also towards the plot (since it’s the first hybrid pregnancy with a ghoul mama).

Anyway, about Yoriko’s situation, I certainly would love it if what happened to her motivated everyone to take action against Mutsuki/Furuta, but at the same time, I still don’t think that it will be enough to trigger an inner rebellion within what’s left of the CCG, especially since Furuta is not an idiot and might be expecting something like that (not that he cares if it happens or not, surely).

There was a nice discussion about this subject here that can hopefully answer your question and I agree with what was said. Ultimately, because Yoriko is a 100% innocent character (one of the rare few in this series), her maybe coming to harm’s way will trigger important consequences on different levels, so I’m looking forward to it too, especially (again) when it comes to what Kaneki will do and if he’ll tell Touka about it or not (and what Touka herself will do about Yoriko if she finds out since she wants her baby to survive).

I’m really loving this (last?) arc so far and what’s at stake, personally, even if it’s not the case for everyone as I could see. xD 

Anyway, I think it’s important to keep in mind for Touka and Kaneki that they might never become perfect characters who will have solved every issues that they currently have by the end of the series, even if, as the external observers that we readers are, we know where their flaws are and that’s why we want for the characters to be confronted to them. 

Sorry for rambling Anon, I hope it made some sense and that I answered your question! Have a nice day :)

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headcanon where the seven, grover, and nico all go to the same school and try to act like normal teenagers

  • They all try to have lunch together. They’re friends and for eight period out of the day, they don’t get to all see each other.
  • Some of the other students don’t understand why Annabeth, Jason, Reyna, Frank, and Piper hang out with the rest of them. They are considered the most “normal” out of the group. 
  • They get into a lot of “fights” with other students. But those “fights” are them fighting monsters disguised as students. 
  • Percy tried out for the swim team and made it. Everyone would go cheer him on for his home meets. 
  • Nico was still a major outcast. He knew that no one, besides the eight people he went to school with. All of them were starting to make friends with other students but him and it was humiliating. 
  • Grover was still trying to cover the fact that his legs were goat legs. Percy was glad to have his best friend at school with him as he tried to find other demigods.
  • Hazel being in the 21st century school system wasn’t what she was expecting. She felt like she was learning about what her life was suppose to be like and glad she missed most of it. Also the looks she got from people as she held Frank’s hand was unsettling.
  • Leo was always in the technology department. He was always talking to his teacher about his new invention and bouncing ideas off of each other.
  • Reyna taking over the Student Body Government within the first few months of being in school because she’s a natural born leader and has so many ideas to help the school.

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Rebelcaptain + 11 for the cuddle prompts

11. post-coital cuddle (also in this case post-first time cuddle just because)

Jyn stares up at the low ceiling, heart still pounding a shaky rhythm in her ears, Cassian’s arm a half-reassuring, half-terrifying weight draped across her stomach. She wants to tilt her head to look at him, but she has absolutely no idea what to say. Sorry I jumped you? I actually came in here to talk about your latest mission report and I’m not really sure what happened but this wasn’t at all intentional?

All her mind seems capable of doing is replaying that look on Cassian’s face: cheeks beautifully flushed, eyes scrunched closed as he—

Not helpful.

She has to say something, anything. This is a moment, however initially unintentional, and he has to know that it mattered, that this isn’t just something she does with just anyone, that she…

And then, as if chastising her for waiting too long, her stomach makes a loud squelching noise reminiscent of the inner-workings of a trash compactor.


After a beat, Cassian turns and props his head up on his hand, glancing down at her with an amused half-smile. “Did that noise come out of you?”

Just like that, her nerves ease.

She scowls. “Shut up.”

“Hungry, I take it?”

She smacks him in the shoulder, and he doesn’t even look irritated.

“Shut up,” she repeats. “I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I got distracted.”

Cassian smiles, ducking his chin. “Yeah. Uh, I think the mess is still open. You probably want to…”

His hand fidgets with the sheet, almost like he’s nervous, too. And Jyn thinks: maybe there’s a way to do this without having to say anything at all.

She leans forward, tilts his chin back up, and kisses him, firm enough for him to know she means it.

“Coming with me?” she asks when she pulls away.

Cassian is just staring at her, lips parted and eyes wide with a kind of incredulity that seems kind of absurd given how closely they were entwined not a few moments before. But then he smiles, brighter than she thinks she’s ever seen from him.

“Food sounds good,” he says, nodding. “Lead the way.”

Akko vs Diana breakdown: Ep 14.

So, i’m going to go point per point here to show you what’s really going on, ‘cause not everyone seems to have noticed.

Akko starts by dismissing her opinion under the excuse that, because she’s rich, she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Then gives an example on that, claiming that she’s got this huge room “all to herself” (not really), as if being able to afford a better room has some kind of relation to this argument.

Then they start calling her aristocrat, in order to make her feel bad for being one. She gets past the embarrasment and anger and thinks.

And so, Diana, being hurt but keeping her cool, starts trying to hurt Akko back in her own way, also revealing the fact that the respect she found in Akko on the previous episode just banished. I’ll explain why on the next point.

This is the point where Akko fucks up. She speaks 2 big ass lies: That Diana looks down on others, and that she does not know what hard work is. First, and this seems to be a common misconception of her character: She never, and i repeat, NEVER, looks down on anyone. Not even Akko. She just tries to help everyone be the best they can, wich to others can make her look like a stuck-up bitch. Yet she never does anything that even implies that she underestimates Akko or the others, and even looks dissapointed when Akko doesn’t show up for the sacrifice thing.

And second, she Works her ass off. And i mean her fucking ass off. I said it on the room anailysis, she doesn’t even care about her personal space, she has a reputation to uphold and therefore she only focuses on getting better at magic. When Akko implies that, because of her family, because of her blood, she had no troubles getting where she is, she loses her respect for Akko because she thought that maybe it could be different with her, after the shiny chariot-ish act she put up with Vajarois. And here, she demonstrates the exact oposite of that, she demonstrates that her mentality is the same as everybody else. That’s why Diana loses any kind of respect she had for Akko.

Then Diana relizes there’s no point on arguing with someone like Akko. Someone who doesn’t even begin to comprehend all the effort she has put to get where she is. This is the first time that i think Diana really looks down on Akko, not because of her skill, but because of her mentality.  She walks off and says to her that there are more important things she should be doing, meaning obviously the unlocking of the seven words.

And we don’t see any more of her for the rest of the episode.

Now, if you’re anything like me and think that what i’m saying is right, then you probably also think that this is the point where Diana starts to really dislike akko, and that at some point she’s going to have an argument with her and that she’s going to break down, because what Akko is doing is underestimating her.

Hope you liked this little analysis!

That was you!?

Request: A imagine with Peter where the reader is Tony’s daughter, and also goes to Peter’s school. She has a huge crush on Peter and she has no idea that he is spider man, so then one day she talks to Spider-Man about Peter, and you can take it from there :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,097. My longest one!

A/N: What the heck, I just got this request and finished it today, I usually don’t write this fast!

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

“I’m home!” you called as you walked into your house.You didn’t hear a response so you looked around a little bit. Sill no dad.

You shrugged and sat down on the couch. You plopped you feet on the coffee table and turned on the TV. Then remembered that you had a ton of homework, which reminded you of someone. Peter Parker. He was probably already done with his homework. You had a huge crush on this guy, he was such a nerd, but really really cute. You where day dreaming about him when your dad sneaked up behind you.

“Hey sweetheart how was school?!” You jumped and some of your papers went flying.

“Oh” you said, putting your hand on your heart. “It was OK. Where are the others?”
“oh, they’re…. Out”

“okaaaaay” you replied. Everyone was acting strangely lately.

The next morning you where looking around for your dad to say goodbye for school when you saw him in the training room.

“Hey dad” He nodded towards you as you entered the room.

“Wait… You Mr Stark’s daughter?!” The voice startled yo and you looked around the room for the source of sound.

“Up here!” You looked up and saw someone in red and blue stuck to the ceiling.

“Oh! It’s the crime fighting spider!”

But, why was he asking me if I was Tony’s daughter?. You left the room to grab a snack and head out the door. Your were slightly confused as to why spider-man was at the tower but didn’t give it much thought, You’re dad was always bringing random people over.

School was pretty average; avoiding some bullies, forgetting some homework, etc. Until you got to your third class, and Peter Parker was missing. You saw his partner, Ned standing there, he didn’t seem to know where Peter was either.
Unfortunately your partner never showed up either.

so you just partnered with Ned.

It was going fine until a nervous looking Peter Parker ran into the classroom late.
When he saw you he turned his head to the side for a minute. Then breathed in and cleared his throat once he realized how weird he was being. He stepped in and took his place, and you just went back to your own desk and sat down. He never took another glimpse towards you.
You weren’t quite sure what Had just happened. Had he just been really rude? Or was it just your imagination? Peter never really payed any attention to you anyway.

You got home and started with your homework right away, and when you finished it was already dark outside. So you went to the terrace of the tower and looked out at the sky. There weren’t very many stars in the sky where you lived, so you just had to imagine what it would be like looking out at all of them.

You walked further and further forward towards the edge of the tower, until suddenly, your foot slipped and you began to fall. You screamed and prepared for you death when suddenly you landed on something.. Someone. You looked up and saw spider-man. He shot out a web back towards the tower and in a blink of an eye you were both standing back on the terrace.

“Whoa” he said as he let you out of his embrace. You breathed heavily and backed away from the edge.

“Thanks” You smiled shyly at him. Embarrassed that he had to save you but glad that he was there.

“Anytime. Hey, you OK?”

“Yeah” you said, looking down at your feet. Suddenly the fact that you had just fallen off of a 93 story building wasn’t a big deal anymore.

“So-” you smiled and punched him in the arm. “-What’s your deal Spiderling? Where are you from?”

He scratched the back of his neck

“Well-” he began. It was the beginning of a long story- a long conversation. -Though you hadn’t really gotten the answer you wanted-

You ended up telling him all about Peter, and how he never notices you.

“Oh, well… I’m sure he notices you..”

“I don’t know Spidey. He doesn’t seem to like me”

And All about bullies and how they tormented you, All about living with the avengers, and Having Tony Stark as a father.

“Speaking of my dad, he probably doesn’t know where I am.. And I have a curfew. I better go make sure he didn’t send the team out looking for me or anything”

He nodded as you stood up.

“Nice talking to you Y/N”

“Same here Spidey”

You smiled to yourself as you walked inside.

“Y/N! Where have you been!” Your dad said as he ran up to you.

“Oh nowhere.. Just taking with Spiderboy”

He raised an eyebrow. “How are you in touch with him now?” Your dad did not like the idea of you dating any boys, especially not Him.

“Oh Y'know, I fell off the tower and he caught me. Bye!” you skipped away.

The next day at school was going fine, until flash caught up with you.

“Leave me alone flash” you grumbled as you out your books back into your locker.

“Yeah? And what if I don’t?!” he slammed your locker shut.

“Then your gonna have to mess with me” a voice from behind you said. You turned around and saw none other than Peter Parker himself.

“What are you gonna do about it? Punk” Flash laughed out.

Peter took one look at flash and then lifted him up and pinned his shoulders too the lockers. Peter let him down, and he ran away mumbling something about what a freak Peter was.

“Are you OK?” He asked as he watched you with your mouth hung open.

“Y-Yeah-” you trailed off.

“L-Listen Y/N… About yesterday in class- sorry I-if I uh, offended you… Or anything I just uh.. Sorry.” He scratched the back of his neck.

That was familiar, who else does that?

“Wait a minute-” you pointed a finger accusingly at him.“Y-your Spider-man aren’t you!!?”

“W-what?!?! Noooo, I’m not… No…”

“This is so embarrassing.. A-and I just told you last night that I liked you” you pinched the bridge of your nose between your fingers.

“H-hey” Peter lifted up your chin “I-I-I.. You know-” Before he could stutter anymore like a complete Idiot, he pulled you in and kissed you.
“Your spider-man!” you breathed after you kissed. Peter chuckled, he couldn’t deny it at this point.

Little did either of you know, you where both thinking the same thing;

Tony’s probably not going to be happy about this



how the characters would react to you having a nightmare?? like you’re sleeping w/ them and have a nightmare and they notice or something c: if you can’t do them all a least to victor pls haha

you can bet I’m gonna try and do all of them, if I’ve left people out it’s because Im not sure how they’ll react
Also good time to write this because I’ve been having nightmares month

special thanks to @ratchetburgertime who helped me with Seung-Gil


  • he has nightmares too at times and he knows how you feel on a level
  • sometimes he wont wake you up because he knows you can get really stressed and you wont be sure where you are when you wake up so he’ll wake you when you’ve calmed down
  • after he wakes you up he reasures you that you’re okay and where you are
  • you both talk about it 
  • you’ll tell him what the dream was about and he’ll listen to your anxieties and what happened 
  • he’ll listen until you fall asleep again
  • he’ll stay awake for a little longer to make sure that you’re okay


  • okay lets be honest
  • a lot of the time he is away
  • so you sleep alone 
  • when you do have a bad night 
  • and you cant get back to sleep
  • you’ll text him
  • he’ll always reply to your texts even if he is extremly busy 
  • he’s known for pausing answering his interview questions to reply to your texts
  • sometimes leaving the interview to call you
  • hell keep talking to you until you’ve calmed down
  • and if on the odd occasion that he cant answer
  • you can bet he’ll definatly call you back when he’s free and stay on the phone for as long as you want


  • the boy never usually notices 
  • he notices when you suddenly fucking jump in your sleep or hit him
  • one time you slapped him in the face and it scared the shit out of him
  • if you do on the odd occasion wake him up
  • he’ll just wrap an arm around you
  • thatswhatimmeanttodoright????
  • if you still freak out aka he’s still getting hit in that face
  • he’ll wake you up and give you a pillow to hug and a glass of water
  • whatre you talking about i havent done anything go to sleep


  • he’ll sleep through it at times
  • he’s a deep sleeper
  • but if he happens to be awake he’ll just pull you closer and go back to sleep
  • nightmares happen
  • if you were still shook in the morning he’ll help you in whatever way possible
  • need food? babe im on it
  • need blankets???? babe i have a premade blanket fort
  • need me to leave you alone??? first off ouch but if it’s what you want i will give it to you


  • o shit
  • what do I do 
  • help
  • sweetie wake up
  • you had a bad dream
  • are you okay?
  • you sure?
  • okay …
  • you definite?
  • okay
  • do you need a drink
  • “no i’m fine” 
  • i’m gonna get you a drink
  • she just wants to be a good girlfriend
  • “babe its okay”
  • are you sure???
  • “babe lets just go to sleep”


  • she has no idea what she’s doing
  • but she tries
  • sometimes she’ll wake you up because she doesn’t want you to suffer in it
  • and she’ll talk to you about it and reasure you that you’re okay and that it was just a bad dream
  • you’ll both go back to sleep not long after after and she’ll cook for you the next morning
  • she’ll be asking you also in the morning what she should do if it happens next time


  • you okay?
  • yeah just a nightmare 
  • what was it about?
  • its okay love i’m here
  • you feel okay?
  • alright let’s go back to sleep
  • you do this for him as well but shhh dont tell anyone


  • it’s natural to him now
  • he just wraps his arm around whenever you jump in your sleep
  • he’s become top notch pro at it that he know does it in his sleep
  • you wont remember the dream by morning or even that you had it
  • that doesnt mean he wont be a little bit nicer in the morning
  • making you breakfast 
  • making sure you get a little extra sleep in 


  • he sleeps through it
  • if it wakes him up he’ll go back to sleep
  • however
  • if it seems like it was seriously bad he will talk with you about it in the morning
  • but if you are still awake after the dream and hes asleep
  • just wake him up
  • he’ll be so sleeply and tell you that its okay and spoon you
  • if youre still stressed in the morning he’ll make you tea before you wake up in the morning
  • he’s gonna bring his dog up too so its extra cuddles


  • hELP
  • (your name)? (your name) are you okay??
  • plesse protect this smol mcnugget 
  • he just tries tp be really supportive 


  • hugs
  • he’s gonna give you a lot of hugs
  • and boy 
  • he’s a professional hugger
  • he just knows
  • idk how he knows how to give the perfect hug
  • but this guy just  k n o w s
  • nightmares don’t really cause that much worry for the two of you
  • but he’ll still hug you
  • i man hugs are great why wouldn’t he


  • MY LOVE 
  • “babe chill it was a nightmare I’m fine.”
  • “yes I know”
  • “please just go back to sleep sweetie”


  • he goes into Big Brother Mode straight away
  • cuddle blanket? check
  • drink? check
  • snack? double check 
  • now sweetie lets chat 
  • lets talk about it 
  • I’ll help you 
  • he wont go to sleep until he’s 100% sure that you’re okay

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So who thought of the bodyguard au?? Did you make the head cannon and @littlecofiegirl made the comic or??

Ahaha so people ARE confused lol I apologize for not making it clear, allow me to explain for you :) The original concept of my bodyguard au was from @littlecofiegirl, I sort of borrowed her idea with her permission and started to develop different storyline and setting. She also stated that bodyguard au has existed long before she started hers, so it’s hard to tell who’s the person that came up with the whole bodyguard thing 🤔 Anyway she and I both do the bodyguard au but carry out in different directions. However sometimes we do have pretty similar plots and the most funny part is that….we never knew or talked about these plots before we found out what each other was preparing for or posted them out individually! IT’S MAGIC😂 So no, we do not cooperate in this au which also means you can enjoy this au with more than one possibility and storyline :)

You know you like your gf when she tells you she reads erotic fanfic for one of your Notps and you realize that all of a sudden you don’t care that she has terrible taste and let her tell you the entire plot of some giant 200k au for a pairing you hate.

In related news I must really love my girlfriend or I wouldn’t put up with [redacted ship name]. Because she definitely recapped the plots of at least a half-dozen fics during this conversation. I still do not ship it or understand. But I still love her.

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"The plotline I think it might..." you can't let us hanging Faiza nope!!!!?


So, me and Sophia - @e-naesheim - were talking today, and urm, yeah we just, throwing around ideas in the air about … what could happen, and Sophia was telling me how she’d come across some posts, as had I, and also some asks too that some people got, where they were saying that Sana is the type of person who …. sometimes thinks she knows what is best for people, and that she’s someone who’s very very very resilient in her POV - she’s very hard to budge from her POV.

But she’s also someone who Knows™ what she’s doing. She has a reason, since she’s so observant, for doing what she does.

So me I then told Sophia that, since the trailer came out, and ever since I’ve had all these continuous thought about Even and Sana, this is what I could see happening (and @monstermonstre‘s post about The Butterfly Effect made me feel a little concrete about it):

Urm, so, I think Sana is going to hurt Even. 

Hear me out.

As we know from the trailer yesterday, “misunderstandings” are going to play a HUGE role in S4. 3 people stand out the most to me, in terms of being misunderstood: Even and Sana - being 2.

Now, I know I’ve said about how BADLY I want Even and Sana to bond, and have a friendship - and I think we will get that, at the start of the season, and at the same time, we’ll probably get Sana meeting The Balloon Squad too.

The Balloon Squad - who are the 3rd group of people who also have misunderstandings, in terms of as to why Even and they cut contact, and don’t communicate anymore.

Going back to the point of Sana sometimes thinking she knows best for people, what I suggested to Sophia was, that Sana, out of good intentions, out of the goodness of her heart, (because remember: Sana isn’t a bad person - no one is.), will probably find out about the connection between Even and The Balloon Squad, and will try to reunite them, get them to become friends again - remember the selfie stick hitting Even? That’s what I think it could mean. Even’s loss of contact, deleting his socials, is all going to come back and smack him in the face. Especially at a time, when he is not ready for that.

And Isak will be there for him, to help him through, no doubt, a trigger that will hurt Even. The Balloon Squad will trigger Even. And the reaction, unfortunately, isn’t going to be a positive one.

And THAT’S where things … become “SHIT HIT THE FAN” level. Because, I feel like after that, Sana is probably going to be SO CONSUMED within her guilt - because, as, I think it was @softnorwegians said in their post, “Sana is someone who strongly believes in not fucking friends over”, and with her doing that to Even, she’s gonna be CONSUMED in guilt.

Not only that, but I also think this is where her close friends, The Girl Squad, but ESPECIALLY Isak, are gonna make her feel that “shame” even more, and react to that. There’ll be times when Sana will feel more alone than EVER, because, maybe Isak doesn’t wanna be her Biology partner anymore, he doesn’t want to sit next to her anymore. The Girl Squad will just be in a constant state of “this is ……. awkward” around Sana.

And I feel like that’s where we’ll see Sana … at her lowest. Plus, if things at home aren’t going well for her either, that’ll build up her loneliness even more. And though Sana is the kinda person who we always feel, doesn’t need anyone, doesn’t need validation - at that point, the only thing she’d want, is to have her friends back.

And that’s when I can see Even going back to Sana, and talking to her about all of this - and really REALLY opening up to her, and her apologising to him, and Even realising she was doing all of that out of the goodness of her heart. 

And slowly but surely, Even tells Isak that, he’s fine with Sana, and that he should repair his friendship with her, and that’ll then happen. 

And it may well end, with The Balloon Squad and Even resolving their misunderstandings, coming to a full circle, and … just, ya know, becoming friends again, like they were before. 

That’s the kinda plotline me and Sophia had in mind.

anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Sana's mother realizing that Yousef is the right guy for her daughter and they are deeply in love with each other? I hope you decide to write it, let me know! 😊

Hey :) It’s so nice that you trust me writing your idea and I hope you like it! I hope it’s what you imagined it like  😊


Yousef walked Sana home after they’ve been on their date. Yousef said it was a date; Sana didn’t correct him. It has a bitter sweet ending to it though. Sana knows Yousef will be gone for the next weeks and she won’t see him, at least not in person. At the same time she also feels better than she did in a long while. Yousef and Sana talked. Now both know about their feelings for each other. Neither of them said it directly out loud but it’s clear to both of them nonetheless.

“I had a really good time.”, Sana tells him when they arrive at the Bakkoush house. They both don’t want the night to end so soon for them. But they know it’s time. Sana should get home and Yousef still hadn’t packed.

That doesn’t change the fact that they have been standing in front of each other, smiling and not exactly knowing what the right thing to say is for longer than they probably should have.

“Me too. I’m glad you changed your mind.” Yousef says. He’s not sure if he should’ve said that but he doesn’t care. He’s happier than he was for quite some time now.

Sana nods and smiles at him, her dimples showing. “I’m sorry that I changed my mind in the first place.”, Sana is not proud of it. She knows that she gave Yousef mixed signals but there is no more of that. She is sure of what she wants now.

“No worries.”, Yousef answers and can’t take his eyes off of her. He won’t see her for weeks now. 

While Sana and Yousef say their goodbyes, with heavy hearts, neither of them is aware of Mamma Bakkoush who is looking at them from the window. The same window from which she called Sana the last time, weeks ago, this view was presented to her. Her daughter and Yousef facing each other, smiling from ear to ear and talking. 

Mamma Bakkoush cannot bring it over her heart to call for Sana to come inside, like she once did. She sees her daughter smile broadly, which she hasn’t been doing much lately. Yousef’s smile matches that of Sana and Mamma Bakkoush observes how neither of the kids standing outside can look anywhere but the other person in the eyes.

She decides to get back inside, give them their privacy. Even though Sana told her that she likes Yousef, Mamma Bakkoush trusts her daughter. She knows that Yousef is a good guy, from what she has seen all these years of him being Elias’ friend. But, to Sana’s mother, there is a difference between being a good guy and being the right guy for her daughter. 

Ten minutes later Sana enters her home and closes the door lightly. She doesn’t have to sneak around; she had told her mother that she was going out. She didn’t tell her where to or who with, though.

“Sana?”, her mother calls her from the kitchen. In dim lights, her mother sits at the table with her phone in her hands. Sana walks over to her and kisses her mother on the cheek and sits next to her.

“How was your day?”, she asks her mother and still cannot stop smiling. Will she ever get used to Yousef’s effect on her? Even when all they did was talking and hugging as goodbye. 

“Good. It was exhausting with work but I’m doing alright. How was your day?” Mamma Bakkoush doesn’t want to pressure her daughter to tell her everything. That doesn’t mean that she is not concerned for her.

Mamma Bakkoush observes how Sana’s face lights up again but Sana presses her lips together to control her smile. Sana seems to think for a second and then answers: “I had a really good day, actually.”

Sana being so happy immediately makes her mother smile too. What can a mother wish more for when her child is as happy as Sana is right now? 

“I’m happy about that.”, Sana’s mother says and takes Sana’s hand and squeezes it lightly. Sana gets even happier than she already is because her mother is smiling so much. They might disagree sometimes but her mother is the most important person in Sana’s life. 

“Did something special happen?” That is what Mamma Bakkoush decides to ask. Either Sana can just shrug this question off or she can talk to her mother about what makes her so happy. Tonight, Mamma Bakkoush wouldn’t question either answer. 

Sana, who was leaning back in her seat, sits up straight and covers her hand that her mother holds with her other hand. She takes a deep breath and just straight out tells her. Sana hates lying, especially to her mother.

“I was out with Yousef.”, Sana confesses. After their talk the other day Sana is not sure what her mother would think of it. But she can’t lie. And, Sana knows for sure what she wants now and if she is going to pursue that, that person, then her mother will find out anyway.

All Mamma Bakkoush does is nod. With a small smile on her face. Sana thought her mother would give a bigger reaction but she doesn’t. She doesn’t seem mad or upset either. 

Sana can’t help but keep on talking. It is like all her feelings need to be let out now. Sana had such a good time, she feels so good. She has to share that with someone. 

“And I know what we talked about. And I really understand your point; it almost made me not go out with Yousef. But mamma, I had to see if he is worth the difficulties we might face sometime later. I had to see if my feelings for him were just a stupid little crush. And going out with him today… we mostly just walked around and talked. That doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it was one of the best days I had in a while. You know, … he is soo… great. I just … like him a lot.”, Sana starts to ramble on and doesn’t even know if what she says makes any sense. The whole time a big smile doesn’t leave her lips. She talks and stares out of the window while doing that. 

Mamma Bakkoush notices that Sana can’t stop smiling. She loves to see her daughter this happy and doesn’t want to ruin it for her. Though, she is still concerned. She knows her daughter; she knows that when she loves, she loves deeply. 

“Is it worth it?”, she asks her daughter. 

Sana finally looks back at her mother and looks at her, a little confused. But then she realizes that her mother is referring to what she said before. 

Sana nods and bites her lip but answers very sure of her answer: “Yes, it is. He is.”

Mamma Bakkoush nods and brushes over Sana’s cheek lovingly. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

Sana smiles and leans into her mother’s touch. She nods, gets up to stand behind her mother’s chair and wraps her arms around her. Sana just simply answers: “I know.”

They stand still like that for a few seconds before Sana stands up straight again. Her mother turns to her and watches Sana beginning to take off her hijab while saying: “I’m going to bed now. See you at Sahur.”

Sana proceeds to walk to the kitchen door but stops when her mother says: “Sana, did you break your fast while you were out?”

Sana turns around with a little grin on her face. “Yes, Yousef brought soup for us to eat after sundown.”

Confused, Mamma Bakkoush furrows her eyebrows and asks: “I thought he didn’t fast. Didn’t you say he’s not Muslim?”

Leaning on the door frame Sana nods and folds her now taken off hijab and finally looks up at her mother and explains: “He doesn’t. But he knew I did and thought of bringing me something to eat.”

Apparently he understands what her daughter believes in

Saying she has never seen her daughter on her phone this much would be a big lie. Sana always has her phone with her but this summer… it’s always in her hand. 

“Mamma?”, Sana asks and looks up from her phone, “Can you make  Zucre Coco when you have time for it soon?”

Sana’s mother nods but is confused by this request. Sana has not asked for that in so long, why would she now?

“Yes, sure. We can do that. But where does the sudden interest in it come from?” They were sitting in the garden, soaking in as much sun as they could. Sana turns to her mother and holds her phone up to her.

“Yousef’s send me this picture of  Zucre Coco he’s eating and now I’m craving it, too.”, Sana says kind of bashful. The past weeks Sana has shown her mother quite a few pictures Yousef send Sana from his vacation with his family in Turkey. He sends her pictures of everything that he thinks Sana would enjoy. Mamma Bakkoush is happy that Sana feels comfortable enough to show that to her mother. Because showing her the pictures doesn’t just mean they are keeping in touch; it means they are keeping it touch and it’s so important to Sana that she feels like sharing it.

“Isn’t he in Turkey? Why is he eating Morrocan?”, Mamma Bakkoush asks her daughter. Sana smiles but doesn’t say anything to that. She just smiles and shrugs, acting like she doesn’t know. But she does. She did ask him the same question minutes ago. Well, Yousef and his cousin saw a Moroccan restaurant and they, or rather Yousef, decided to eat there. 

I need to know what we could learn to cook together.’ , Yousef texted her and Sana had tried to not smile too wide at his dorkiness with her mother right next to her. 

It seems to Mamma Bakkoush like Yousef is by Sana’s side no matter what, even when he’s not even in the same country. 

As per usual for a Saturday Elias’ friends are at their home. Elias and Sana’s mother is in the kitchen, preparing lunch for everyone when she hears the front door open and close. All the boys are sitting in the living room; it has to be Sana who arrived home. She went out to get breakfast with her friends this morning.

Sana joins her mother in the kitchen and kisses her on the cheek as a Hello. After asking how her mother is doing Sana goes to stand leaning on the table. Facing the living room, the door open.

“Mamma, can the girls come over tomorrow?”, Sana asks and looks at her mother for a few short seconds until her eyes are drawn back to the guy sitting with his friends in the living room, right in her field of vision. Yousef smiles at her and is so concentrated on Sana that his friends need to call his name twice for him to be able to tear his gaze away from Sana.

Sana’s mother, who finished getting lunch ready, washes her hands and turns to her daughter. 
“Of course! Is it going to be the five of you?” In this past summer the girls have been coming over a lot and to Mamma Bakkoush it’s like having 5 daughters now, which she doesn’t mind in the slightest.

Sana nods: “Yes, we want to celebrate because we all passed our first exams this year.”

About five minutes later the kitchen table is fully packed with food. Five hungry boys, Sana and Mamma Bakkoush sit around the table and eat. On Sana’s left side Mutta is sitting and barely breathing while stuffing his mouth and on her right side Elias is sitting and is so preoccupied with his food that he doesn’t react to anything around him. Sana is stuck between the two guys that eat like there is no tomorrow. 

Every once in a while, or better said, every other minute Sana and Yousef’s gazes meet and neither of them know how to hide their smiles. Everyone at the table knows that there is something going on between them but that doesn’t mean they want to attract attention to themselves because they can’t stop smiling while eating. 

“Are we still going to play football after lunch?”, Mikael asks and all boys at the table look at him and voice some kind of agreement like:“Mmmh..”, Elias’ agreement through his full mouth of food.

“Sana, do you want to join us?”, Adam asks her and all eyes turn to Sana. 

It’s nothing unusual that Sana hangs out with Elias and his friends, who are also Sana’s friends, by now. Sana agrees and Mamma Bakkoush is happy that her two younger children get along this well. 

Every single one of the guys loves Mamma Bakkoush to pieces. Probably because on some days they see her more than their own mothers because they spend all day at the Bakkoush house. That has its perks for Sana, too. After Yousef and Mutta ask if they should help clear the table, the other three tag along and there is less work for Sana and they are done faster.

“Thank you for the delicious food.”, Mikael and Yousef thank Elias’ mother.

“Okay, then let’s go play football”, Mutta says very excitedly. 

Mamma Bakkoush watches as all of them start to leave the kitchen until Yousef looks down at his phone and calls them back, or at least to stop. They all look at him, including Sana. 

“Eh.. It’s almost time for dhuhr prayer. Let’s wait if Sana … or you guys want to pray and we can leave then.”, he is talking casually to his friends. Like this is something common for them. It’s obvious that Yousef didn’t think of Mutta, Elias, Mikael or Adam when he interjected, he thought of Sana.

Yousef reminds Sana of things important to her. 

Mamma Bakkoush sees the grateful smile on Sana’s lips, directed at Yousef. Instead of putting their shoes on, the kids go to the living room. Mikael, Elias, Mutta and Adam sit down on one couch and Yousef and Sana sit down in front of them on the ground, watching as Elias and Adam discuss who the better football player is. 

As Mamma Bakkoush sees how Sana’s eyes always find Yousef and how Yousef’s eyes always find Sana, she smiles to herself. 

Maybe Yousef is a good guy and the right guy for her daughter. 


dhuhr prayer - the noon prayer

Zucre Coco - a morrocan dessert