but she also gets upset at having to sit on the cold bathroom floor

bts reaction: stealing a shirt/your shirt gets ruined

hey everyone this is my first piece on this blog so i hope you like it! thank you so much for requesting han~~ also some responses don’t follow the prompt exactly but i hope that’s okay!


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: the venue had started to empty out and staff began to put the merch away. you quickly walked by the booths in hope of snatching a shirt and continue walking without being noticed. you had wanted a shirt so badly, but unfortunately you could not afford one. your hand clutched onto one of the shirts laid out on the table while keeping your head down and you quickly swiped your hand back, but not before a hand gripped your wrist. “hey!” a strong voice said from behind you. when you turned around you came face to face with jin and you felt your chest constrict and your cheeks redden. “oh my gosh I-I uh i’m so-sorry!” the hand holding the shirt loosened and fell to the ground. jin smiled at your embarrassed expression before picking up the shirt and pulling out a sharpie, “hey it’s alright, here,” jin signed the sleeve of the shirt with a sharpie before handing it back to you, “it’s on me.” tears came to your eyes as you clutched the shirt in your hands. “thank yo-u so much,” you choked out. jin smiled giving you a hug before waving you off saying he had to go. upon leaving the venue you looked at the shirt ‘beauty is still evident even in the less fortunate. take care sweetheart, jin xx’

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yoongi: you spotted a stray shirt lying on the floor outside one of the bathrooms and you quickly walked towards it to pick it up ‘better than nothing’ you thought as you grabbed the shirt from the floor at the same time as someone else. you were about to yell but you looked up and made eye contact with suga, only a couple centimeters away from your face. a screech left your mouth and you flew backwards, letting go of the shirt. “i’m so s-sorry!.” you bowed your head in embarrassment. after a few seconds you looked up to see suga walking towards you, shirt in hand. that was when you noticed that he was shirtless. ‘shit’ you thought, that must have been his shirt. you could feel his breath as he stood in front of you “you can have it,” he said with a smirk on his face, sweat still dripping from his forehead from the show. “take it as a gift” he winked before walking back around the corner. you looked down at the shirt in your hand ‘holy shit.’

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hoseok: you stood in line for the merch for what seemed like hours before making it to the front. of course, being the last person in line, the merch was gone by the time you had made it to the front of the line. tears collected in your eyes as you nodded at the staff and began to walk away. you sat outside the front doors and sobbed into your hands ‘fucking stupid why did i wait so long’ a loud laugh whisked you out of your depressed state as a group of boys walked through the venue doors about a half hour later after the streets had cleared. “guys wait,” a voice said and you looked up and a gasp left your throat, “what’s wrong jagi?” hoseok crouched in front of you grabbing one of your hands. “u-um,” you stuttered not knowing what to say. “hey deep breaths jagi it’s alright,” hoseok smiled at you rubbing the back of your hand. “it’s stupid,” you said and hoseok shook his head, “nothing that makes you cry is stupid.” “i just- i don’t know- i came all the way here and i just really wanted a shirt to remember this amazing concert and they were gone and i was just upset,” ‘wow you sound really whiny’  you thought to yourself. hoseok stood up jogged back inside the venue and came back out about 2 minutes later with a shirt in his hand, “here sweetheart.” he smiled and winked, “glad you enjoyed the show.”

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namjoon: after waiting in line for what seemed like hours you finally bought your bts shirt. you clutched it to your body and made it back to your seat, setting it down. after the concert was over you and the girl next to you turned around to grab your merch and got ready to leave, but you noticed your shirt was missing. it was in the hand of the girl who was sitting next to you. “hey that’s my shirt,” you said pointing to the shirt in her hand. the girl rolled her eyes, “no it isn’t,” and tried to walk away. you reached out to grab the shirt but she pushed you back before you could grab it and walked away. there was no point in chasing her as you knew you weren’t going to be able to get that shirt back. you pulled yourself off and brushed off your thighs before sulking out of the venue. “hey jagi!” a voice said from your right and you turned to see namjoon standing on the edge of the stage, “come here.” you gulped and walked closer, eyes wide. “i saw what happened and that was unacceptable, here,” namjoon reached out towards you with a black bundle in his hand, it was a tshirt. “you di-didn’t have to do that,” you said eyes wide as you started at namjoon. namjoon shook his head “no, i don’t condone violence in any way and i’m sorry you were pushed, take it, i signed it for you,” he smiled as you grabbed the shirt, allowing his dimples to show. “take care jagi.”

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jimin: after the amazing concert you started to walk out of the venue with a huge smile on your face, that was the best experience you have ever had. almost at the doors of the venue, you felt someone bump into you and a cold substance fall down your torso. the girl who had hit you snickered before walking away with her group of friends. tears gathered in your eyes as you stood embarrassingly trying to clean up the slushie as everyone left the venue. after about 20 minutes the floor was cleaned with copious amounts of paper towel but your shirt was completely ruined and sticky. a hand grabbed the paper towel that was sitting next to you and pulled off a piece. you looked up and jimin was standing there with a frown on his face, “i’m sorry that happened to you jagi,” he said as he gently started to wipe away the slushie that had gotten on your face and neck. you blushed furiously as you realized what was happening ‘oh my god oh my god jimin is touching me.’ “it’s alright,” you shyly responded while standing up from your spot on the ground. after all the slushie was wiped off your face, jimin took a step back before pulling his own shirt over his head. “jimin wha-,” you started to ask as your blush spread down your neck. “here take my shirt, i have plenty more jagi,” he said handing it over to you. “thank you so much jimin.” you looked down at the ground. “hey,” you heard him say and you looked up, “you’re beautiful, have a safe trip home.”

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taehyung: in the middle of one of bts’ songs you felt the girl next to you step closer and closer. you just figured she was trying to see better so you didn’t say anything about it. taehyung had been constantly going to standing in front of you as you were right up against the barrier. at the end of the song, tae kept looking towards you, but for some reason his brow was furrowed. ‘is he upset?’ you asked yourself, a frown setting on your face. “hey!” taehyung suddenly said as he quickly walked to the edge of the stage right in front of you, “put her bag down!” your eyes widened and you looked behind you to see the girl, who was standing next to you, in the middle of stealing a shirt from your bag. “security get her out of here, we don’t condone that type of behavior,” tae said in his deep voice making a shudder go down your spine. “come here sweetheart,” tae said reaching a hand out to you. you stepped closer and tentatively grasped his hand, “i’m so sorry about her, here.” one of the many bts shirts that had been thrown at them was in his hand, “take it.” you grasped the shirt before he winked at you and walked back on stage to join the boys. ‘what the fuck.’

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jungkook: “that’ll be 65 dollars please,” the merch staff said looking at me expectantly. i counted my money quickly and realized that i was 5 dollars short, “um,” i stuttered looking up at the staff. he rolled his eyes at me and said, “get out of line,” before grabbing the merch from my hands and scoffing. you embarrassingly walked out of line as a few girls behind you snickered and took your place at the front of the line. i walked towards the back of the venue behind the merch stand and waited for the venue to clear out before you left. “pst,” a voice said from behind you and you turned to see jungkook peeking out from a curtain next to an unmarked room, “come here,” he whispered. you slowly walked behind the curtain to see jungkook standing there with a towel around his neck drenched in sweat. “i saw that you wanted a shirt but you couldn’t get one,” he said, “and we have plenty of extras so here jagi.” he handed you a shirt with a wink. “you really didn’t have to do that,” you shakily said while taking the shirt from his hand. “now go back out there and enjoy your night beautiful,” he winked before walking through a doorway. 

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Rest, You Need It

He needs to tell the team that he isn’t going to train today. Lance has managed to hide a head cold since yesterday, but if he wants to get better, he is going to need to rest. 

He blames this on Pidge. She’s been running a fever and complained of sore throat but 3 days ago Shiro forced her to bed with the flu. Everyone has been really good about keeping her comfortable, though Lance won’t deny that he has tried to avoid any real contact. 

While the other Paladins and the Alteans included, have provided her with food, medicine, and comfort when she asked, Lance who came from a big family, was to familiar with the saying, “Once one goes down, they all go down.” So he isn’t all that surprised that he doesn’t feel good, even if he thought he was doing a good job of preventing it. 

He needs to talk to Shiro first. 

Shiro will be more understanding.

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Pamper Night

Harry glanced skeptically through the small containers his girlfriend had laid in front of him. His eyes flew from her hands back to her face that supported a small, excited smile to confirm that she was in fact serious about this. Spa day, she had exclaimed, clapping her hands together happily. She said it was both of what the two needed, a full day of pampering and loving their skins until they were glowing of healthiness.

Who was Harry to disrupt his girlfriend’s moment of glory? Besides, she had finally convinced the boy to accompany her after weeks of imploring at large puppy eyes, which he couldn’t seem to resist anymore. Anyways, the thought of relaxing with the girl he loved…along with her skin itching to be rubbed with oil by his large hands…yeah. That’s something he’d like. Although reluctant of what to expect, Harry agreed to a spa day.

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Pairing: The Bowers Gang x Reader

Warnings: Angst, bullying, fluff, modern AU, OOC.

Words: 2,493

Request: Is it okay to request the bowers gang sharibg one s/o, and she’s upset avout something big and the gang just try to spoil her with affection and silly antics ri cheer her up? I love your work lots bebs♡♡♡

A/N: A fic I actually edited, sorry I changed it around a bit (not much). I hope you still like it. :))

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Requests are closed

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dazeli  asked:

Oh man, you're taking prompts, I have a mighty need from some Jack/Bitty and French <3

I DIDN’T FORGET ELI!!!! I JUST…. ACCIDENTALLY WROTE… A LOT…. please enjoy my transparent excuses to use metropolitan french whenever possible and also my sister’s brief cameo under a pseudonym about which she knows nothing!

translations provided via hovertext–i’m fsl so it’s very possible there are mistakes, but i was pretty diligent about proofreading so *crosses fingers.*


“Papa, j’peux pas faire ça.”

Bitty is definitely not eavesdropping.

Ransom is in full panic mode in their bathroom, so he’d had no choice but to use Jack and Shitty’s. Shitty’d told Eric it was alright on his way out the door.

Plus, all those French vowels, so much rounder and more satisfying than in artsy Parisian films, just sort of reach out to the ear. They demand to be heard, if not understood.

Plus, Jack’s voice is so strained, so sad, so terrified that Bitty only manages to stay on his side of the door because his not-eavesdropping probably wouldn’t help.

“Ouais, j’veux jouer, mais—j’suis gay.”

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Sf9 To You Fainting On Stage During A Music Show

Inseong: “ohmygod” In the amidst of watching you perform with a smile on his face, the smile would soon quickly fade as you fall to the ground. Panic would be written all over his face and his eyes could even get a little teary/blurry knowing he’s not able to do anything about it. Would look at Jaeyoon in worry and Jaeyoon would comfort him about it saying you’’ll be ok but he would still be super upset. Would get angry at your company for having you so malnourished and looking at the staff members in his head like, they better not make her come back out and perform.”

Originally posted by foxyins

Youngbin: Would suddenly getting up off his seat, causing people around him to stare but he wouldn’t really care at that moment until the other members whisper for him to sit back down. Would get really quiet but also pissed at the company. Also no longer in the mood to smile or wave to fans the whole night but the type to still give a fake small smile so it won’t look obvious however, he’s only thinking about you. Not even wanting to talk to the members after like he usually does.

Originally posted by yngbin

Rowoon: Would immediately drop whatever conversation he was having with the members and turn into a quiet statue, frozen- only staring at you laying on the stage floor while the staffs were quickly picking you back up, his heart pounding so hard it could practically explode out his chest, watching as you were carried off backstage. Wouldn’t talk for the rest of the day, and would even turn super cold/rude to fans unintentionally at the fanmeeting after outside the music show building. Literally a fan would be like “Roowoon-ah Do A Heart To The Camera!” And he’d be like

Originally posted by ohjuho

Jaeyoon: “What the heck is going on? What the f***, what’s wrong with her? My baby ohmygod.” Would be pissed/worried at the same time, his face obviously panicking while Inseong or Dawon would tell him to stay calm. Would llie and say he’s going to the bathroom so he can pass by your waiting room and sneak to see if you’re ok through the crack in the door and if you were, he would whisper and wave through the crack to get your attention and mouth “You ok babe?” with worry written all over his face. 

Originally posted by sf9

Dawon: This jokster would try to blend in with everyone else looking worried for you but inside would 100000x be panicking af. Look around at other idols and would be like “is she ok?” talking to random people and doing fanservice for fans as much as he can to distract himself from you, even his members patting his back and whispering if he’s fine and he will just be smiling to the fans while whispering back like “no im not, im literally shaking dude haha”

Originally posted by dangchanhee

Zuho: Literally his instinct was to dash on stage to pick you up, but of course he’s not that stupid. Would immediately grip onto something possibly his chair or if the members were unlucky, their arm or thighs- his hand possibly digging into them unconsciously until they tell him to let go and stay calm. Would nonstop talk to Youngbin Or Inseong Or Rowoon constantly about you. “Is she ok? Do you think she will be? Oh my god what if they make her come back out and perform. Do you think she should go home or the hospital. What if she’s still unconscious oh my god.” 

Originally posted by cadetremi

Taeyang: “ohmygodohmygodohmygod-someone-help-her-up-please.” Literally skipping to 20 thousand different conclusions in his mind and constantly looking rushed and rushing in his work and activities, spacing out whenever fans tried to talk to him. Would call you 20 thousand times and leave 20 thousand voice messages and video messages because tae boyfriend misses you and needs to know if you’re ok. 

Originally posted by imekova

Hwiyoung: “noona….” he would mumble under his breath. Best knowthis boy is going to get teary real quick. Trying to not cry, he would just cover his mouth with his hands, chani or dawon rubbing his back for comfort. “omo, what’s going to happen to her?” He will whisper to dawon while holding in his tears that look like its about to come out sooner or later. Would just be super emo the rest of the day. 

Originally posted by feelsensational

Chani: “!!!!!!!!!NOONA!!” His ass would yell out suddenly, the members like “omg shutup!” Now everyone knows you and him are close or at least friends. At that moment he doesn’t care, and is just wondering if you’re ok or not. Asking the manager if he can go to your waiting room after the show and asking your manager for permission if he can see you. WIll comfort and be at your aid the rest of the time before both of your groups leave the building.

“Aiyoo noona, stay healthy for me.”

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Caffeine (pt 11)

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae 

Type: Angst

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13

You thought you heard Jongin say something about being too drunk to get home. Was he too drunk to get home too? Wait that didn’t make sense. He got you home.

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Hope [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi, I have to say your blog is purely fantastic and I was looking for fics like this for so long xD And I’d like to request something: reader comes to Alexandria after escaping from some guys who used to do terrible things to her but she had to remain with them to survive. She doesn’t tell anyone, but one day she opens up to Rick. He gets really angry and goes after them and when he returns he makes her understand that no one will ever touch her again(except for him).I hope I’m not asking much ;)

Here you go @whyso-se-ri0us! I hope you like it! 💘

Words: 2,161

Warnings: Violence, Implied Sexual Assault, PTSD, Panic attack

A/N: I’m baaaaccccckkkkk! And NO SMUT! Are you surprised? Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days. I have been so exhausted and needed the rest.You’ve all been so wonderful and understanding! I truly have the best followers around! Okay, okay, enough with my babbling.

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first, last

Originally posted by bwiseoks

prince!yoongi x princess!reader. fluff, a bit of angst. 6.4 k words. heavily inspired by wang eun and his wife in scarlet heart.

A first love is always beautiful, memorable. But his last love is the one that will forever haunt him.  

There comes a time in every man’s life, a time where a man and a woman are to be lawfully bounded together, out of love and passion, to live the rest of their lives not only for themselves but for each other.

In short, a wedding.

And, it is a beautiful time of the year for one. Vibrant colors bud amongst greens, the skies bluer than they’ve ever been, the clouds a bright and clean white, the air lively with joyous songs of birds.

A wedding on this day should bring nothing less than bliss.

Bullshit, he thinks as he drowns out the sounds of knocking and chatter with his pillows.

It would’ve been a perfect day for Yoongi, if only he’s not the one getting married.

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Sometimes Thank You Isn't Enough (Biadore) Mykel

Hello my loves, I’m back with a Biadore one shot. Never done a one shot before, I’m more a bore the world with thousands of words but hey ho, here we go. It takes place just after Danny leaves AS2. I could have written so much more but then I figured if I did, I might was make it a multi chap and I didn’t want to do that.

So here’s this. Its very nearly smut but not quite (Sorry Andrea!) I guess my 8 months on T hormonal mind finds smut a little too much right now. Anyway I hope you like it. Thank you all for your love, y’all mean so much to me. Lemme know what you think.

I think I added all the right tags. I’m sorry if I missed anything. I kinda just wanted to get this out there because it’s plaguing my mind. Enjoy!

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Down With The Flu

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,460

Warnings: mentions of vomiting, the flu, things associated with the flu, sam being a total sweetheart, fluff

Prompt: When the reader comes down with the flu, Sam’s right by her side, nursing her back to health even if it means seeing some of the worst sides of the girl he’s been falling for. 

A/N: I finally decided to finish this fic and post it. I wrote this back on New Years when I got sick, so everything in this is what I experienced then. This is also slightly dedicated to @impala-dreamer as she is down with the flu right now. Get well soon Beka and enjoy some Sammy taking care of you. (:

This is is. This is how you were going to die: tossing and turning in bed with what felt like a balloon swelling in your stomach. You were going to die, alone, at three a.m and nobody would discover you until probably late afternoon. You’d be rotting for probably 12 hours before someone found you. You were sure of it.

Between the constant tossing and turning and general uncomfortableness you had managed to doze off for another couple of hours. “Surely,” you thought the second you woke up and everything felt okay, “I’m dead.” And then the upset stomach returned.

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Good Girl Ch 44: First Day of Summer


I burry myself deeper into the massive pile of pillows when I hear someone come in. I’m happy where I am, warm, half asleep, and not out of bed at seven in the morning. But that does not seem to matter to my daddies who seemed to have woken up at the crack of dawn for a meeting in the kitchen or something that I was not invited to, not that I wanted to go. I was actually kind of hoping that they would just leave me here when they left, even though I don’t want to be alone, I also don’t want to get up.

It’s the first official day of summer and they for some reason expect me to get out of bed and be ready to go by 8. Though I shouldn’t complain, once we get to the office nothing will actually be expected of me other than to eat breakfast and not get into trouble. But still when someone pulls the covers away from me I can’t help but groan.

“Come on baby,” Chanyeol coos as he gently tugs on my ankle.

“But daddy,” I whine.

“Are you being naughty?” His voice is suddenly an octave lower. I suddenly pop up in bed with a pout on my face. He just chuckles, “So I take it you don’t want to be punished again?” I shake my head, my ass still hurts from two nights ago when I got a little mouthy with Chanyeol and got a couple of spankings in return. I need to remind myself that him, Kris, Xiumin, and Suho are not the one’s to mouth off to. “What do you want to wear? Comfy or stylish?”

I cock a brow at him, “Are you really giving me the option?”

“A pencil skirt it is!” He beams at me pulling an outfit from behind his back.

I glare at him.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll have a pair of sweat pants in your backpack for you to change into once we get upstairs. Now come on,” He holds a large hand out to me and pulls me to him. I stand up on the bed and begin to bounce happily making the giant smile, “Are you having fun?” I nod.

“I’m finally taller than you,” I grin at him.

“Chanyeol,” Kris scolds, “I thought you were coming to get her ready.”

The shorter of the two giants pouts, “I was trying but she started playing and she’s just too cute to stop.” They both look at me as I continue to bounce around on the giant bed like an idiot.

Kris tries to hide the smile on his face and be a strict daddy, “Joo-ya, you need to get dressed so we can go.” I sigh and stop bouncing right in front of Chanyeol. With my hands on his wide shoulders he helps me into my blush colored skirt and flowing cream top. Kris is carrying matching shoes that he insists that he puts on for me. I don’t put up a fight, I just sit down on the edge and let the tall man slip the cream heels on my feet. He offers me a hand that I quickly accept. We meet the others in the foyer, they are all in neat suits varying in color but they are all unbelievably handsome. They greet me sweetly with kisses and hugs before Kris escorts me to his car.

Tao, Luhan, and Lay join us, they talk on the way, though I’m still a bit tired from my, um, exciting night with Chanyeol. I wish I had taken Luhan up on his offer just to cuddle instead so I could be more excited for them. For most of them this is their first look into how their more legal side of business. We arrive at the building where Kris parks in front only to hand his keys over to one of three neatly dressed valet, or assistant or something. Suho pulls up behind us followed by Chen. I wait for a very crabby Sehun to lead me to the top floor along with everyone else. We step into a familiar lobby that I haven’t been allowed to visit ever since I met Jiyong, though I can’t really blame them since trouble seems to follow me whenever I’m out of their sight. Jinyoung, Jaebum, and Mark are there to greet everyone bowing at a complete 90-degree angle. I wave at them happily.

“Good morning,” They say together.

“Morning,” I greet back happily.

“I’m going to take her down stairs and get her settled, Suho, come along.” Xiumin decides as he takes my hand from the younger boy and pulls me back into the elevator before anyone has the chance to argue, Suho is able to slip in at the last second. The older looks at me with a small smile, “How are you feeling baby?”

I yawn, “Tired, though I shouldn’t be complaining, I’m not the one who has to work all day.” They both chuckle as we step off the elevator, to my surprise we are actually a floor higher. My jaw drops at the massive open room in front of me. The first thing that catches my eye is beyond the floor to ceiling windows on the patio.

“Is that a pool?” I grin excitedly.

“Yes, but those doors will be locked unless one of us is up here with you,” Suho says sternly drawing my attention back to him. “You are able to get snacks from the kitchen but no cooking, Kyungsoo will know if you even try to boil water.” I sigh at the truth in his words, Kyungsoo has weird 6th sense when it comes to me doing anything I’m not supposed be doing. “There is a bedroom threw those doors that you are allowed to sleep in to your hearts content. The universal remote is like the one at home so you already know how to use that. If you feel like changing there is a few extra outfits in the closet in the bedroom along with extra blankets if you get cold.”

I nod as he continues his rules and explanations. My eyes scan over the room finding each thing he is talking about. There is a double set of doors on the wall to my right, which I’m guessing leads to the bedroom and bathroom. In the beautiful kitchen that is in the corner I see a tablet that I’m guessing in the remote along with a basket of snacks that are ready for me. The long dining room table is already set for lunch so there goes the idea of me setting it. Two massive L-shaped couches are in the middle of the room with a soft looking rug on the white marble floor. Everything is light colored, grays, blues, and white with a few splashes of other colors here and there.

“We will come up for lunch everyday so don’t snack around noon. We are just a floor away or you can call or text us if you need anything. Our assistants are also there for a last resort if you need something and we are in a meeting. I’ll post our schedule on the fridge so you can know where we are all the time.”

Xiumin finally chimes in with some annoying news, “If we ever have to go to a meeting at a different building you will be coming along. Even though this place has the best security, I prefer it when you are close by, so no whining about sitting threw meetings with us.”

I sigh but nod.

“Good girl.”

“Also,” Suho clears his throat, “There is one more thing we need to discuss.” He pulls me deeper into the apartment and sits me down on one of the couches, Xiumin sits on my other side. “Jiyong talked about how his building is only a few blocks away and asked if on Tuesdays you could go over after lunch. He said he would bring you home by ten if we agreed, so I was wondering how you would feel about that.”

I shrug, “Sounds fine to me.”

“Of course it does,” Xiumin grumbles.

I turn to face him and take his hands in mine, “Daddy don’t start with this. I’m saying yes because Jiyong is my friend and I want to spend time with him. Jihyo is out of the country the whole summer and you won’t let me hang out with my other friends alone so Jiyong is the only person I have to talk to.”

“So you can’t talk to us?”

“Daddy, you need to stop looking for reasons to be upset. All I’m saying is that you guys can go out and talk to who ever you want. I have all of you guys and I love talking to you guys but sometimes it’s nice to talk to have a friend to talk to about this stuff. So please do not get mad.”

He sighs but nods.

“Good Daddy.”

The next day

“Do we have to let her go?” Chanyeol whines.

“Daddy, don’t you dare start that fight again!” I try to scoot away from the red haired boy but his grip around my waist tightens.

“Fine, I won’t, just finish your lunch before you go.” Chanyeol pulls me back into his lap and pulls my half full plate of pasta closer. I take my fork and begin slowly eating the rest on my plate. By the time I’m done it’s time for them to go back to work and time for me to go meet Jiyong who is meeting me down in the lobby. I wave goodbye to daddies as they load into the elevator when they are gone I go to the bedroom to change out of the nice dress Soo put on me this morning. After pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt I shuffle to the elevator. Down in the lobby I expect to find Jiyong waiting for me but instead I’m greeted by the judging stares of the receptionists. I give them my own glare before walking straight outside, completely ignoring the nagging in the back of my mind that my daddies would kill me for doing such a small thing. Outside I still don’t find Jiyong but instead hear someone whistling at me.

“Yoo who, pretty bird,” A familiar voice calls. I turn around to see my joker smiling at me mischievously. A giant grin spreads on my face as I rush over to greet him.

“Long time no see.”

“Yea, I thought you hated me when I left you my number in that card and you didn’t call or text,” He huffs as she shoves his hands in his pockets.

“Sorry, my oppas are really strict with who I talk to and you would definitely not pass their background check.”

“I take offense to that.”

“I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t pass it either so don’t feel so special.” He just laughs. “What brings you here?”

“I’m your escort.”

I click my tongue at that, “What is a hitman doing as a babysitter?”

“I’m just a body for hire, regardless of the job, I go where the money is. And I just happen to be so lucky to have the money lead to you,” He grins.

“Okay than escort, lets get going.” He nods and holds his elbow out to me, I laugh but interlock our arms as we wander down the street. “So how did you swing this job? Was is seriously luck of the draw or did you know you would be watching me?”

“The job was offered to my whole team but I was the one to volunteer to do it.”

I nod, “Why?”

He hums mindlessly for a minute, it’s that song again, the one he was humming those four months ago. I find it just as comforting as I did before. “I enjoy you. I have no interest in you sexually, incase you were worried about that, but your attitude is just magnetic to me.”

“I seem to have that effect on people.”

“So this is going to be a weekly thing right? What is this, a custody trade or something?”

I laugh, “Basically, but Jiyong usually picks me up himself. I was a bit surprised to find you. I feel a little offended that he would just hand over my escort to a random hitman he doesn’t even know. No offense.”

“I understand, but don’t underestimate me pretty bird. I’m the best at my job and I always get it done, no matter what.”

“That’s reassuring.”

He smiles down at me, “I like my client to be as relaxed as possible.”

“Don’t say that, I feel like you’re going to kill me or something.”

“Don’t you worry pretty bird, killing you is not on my list.” He stops in his tracks and steps away from me. “Looks like we’re here.”

I look up confused but he’s right we are in front of Jiyong’s building. “Wow that was fast.”

“I know a few short cuts, I’ll remember to take the long way next time so we can talk more, but until then have a good week.” Without another word he turns and leaves. What a strange guy.

I shuffle inside, expecting the same hostile reaction I get from the receptionists at my daddies company but instead they bow deeply at the sight of me. They make me feel like a princess as they basically escort me up stairs to his office where he is sitting behind his desk focused completely on the work in front of him. I smile when he doesn’t even look up from the papers just grumbles something about needing coffee. I don’t fight him on it, I just slip out and ask his handsome assistant where I would get him coffee.

“Oh please let me get it Miss,” He basically begs as I find my way to the little kitchen he has in a hidden room behind his desk.

“It’s fine Mino.”

I brew the coffee quickly with the tall, tan man hanging over my shoulder. When I’m done I bring two cups of coffee with cream and sugar on a tray back to his office. I don’t bother knocking or announcing myself, I just waltz up to Jiyong’s massive desk and set the tray down.

“It’s proper to announce yourself when you enter someone’s office,” He sighs.

“It’s also proper to greet those who enter your office,” I snap back playfully.

He looks up with a big smile, “Beautiful! I didn’t know you were here.” He stands up and greets me properly with a hug. “How was your morning?”

“It was good, I had an exciting lunch with my daddies and a nice talk with my escort.”

He nods, “Let me just gather my things and we can go.”

“Go?” I cock my head, “Don’t you have to work?”

He scoffs, “I have you one day a week and you think I’m going to waste my time with you at work?”

“Where are we going?”

“To have fun.”

It was a joke - A.I.

Summary : your boyfriend Ashton is drunk and he and his friends think it’s funny to joke around until Ashton takes it to far and he tries to apologize.

Word count : 2091

Warnings : fighting, minimal cursing, fluff at the end.

A/N : I feel like this is really shitty writing, but then again all my writing is so yeah. But enjoy anyways. :))


Your boyfriend and your friends, Michael, Luke, and Calum finally had a day off from recording and talking to the press, so you all decided to go out clubbing. They had all ordered beers and shots, while you ordered a Margarita with extra tequila.

The guys joked around, making fun of each other and occasionally pointing out how hot some of the girls were. Ashton kept his arm wrapped around your waist the entire time, making sure that every man in the room knew you were his. You took a sip of your drink, listening in on their conversations.

“Dude, there is no way in hell that that girl over there would ever bang you.” Calum laughs as Michael had thought that a skinny, blonde in a tight pink dress  
would get with him. He frowned, putting his drink down and marching over to her. They talked for a few minutes before he came back with a napkin and smug look on his face.

“Ha, just got her number. Suck it Calum.” You chuckled at their childish behavior, but then again they were a bit tipsy and drunk.

“Wouldn’t you rather have Barbie over there suck it for you?” You laugh and Cal and Luke join you. He rolls his eyes and takes a long swig of his beer.  

“Oh come on babe, you’re just jealous because you can’t wear a dress like that.” You nearly choke on your drink as you can’t even believe what your boyfriend had just said to you. You turn to him, stepping out of his grasp. Cal, Mikey, and Luke looked at the two of you, also stunned at Ashton’s words.

“Excuse you, but I am not jealous of a wanna be Barbie doll that has had plastic surgery to make herself look better than anyone else in any room.” Ashton raises an eyebrow. You shake your head, gathering your things in your purse and then fastening it on your shoulder. “You can go fuck her if you honestly think that she looks better in that dress. Don’t think about coming home, I don’t you want you back there.” You say. He reaches out for your hand but you look at him with a warning look and then walk away, going to hail a cab. Tears were gathering in your eyes and your tried to walk past all these people so they wouldn’t judge you. Once you got outside you looked back and forth, trying to find a cab.

“Y/N! I was joking baby, I didn’t mean that!” Ashton calls after you. You hear his shoes hitting the ground behind you and you try your best to ignore him. He takes hold of your arm, spinning you around so that you’re face to face. "Babe, I swear it was just a joke. I know you wouldn’t be jealous of her and I know you can loo so much better than her in a dress like that.“

"Then why the hell did you say that, Ash? Hmm? Got an excuse to make me think that you didn’t mean that?” He stares at you blankly, gulping and obviously trying to think of something to say. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “You have no fucking idea about how I felt while being in there. I felt so self conscious because I didn’t look nearly half as good as the girls in there. No I was not jealous, I was self conscious and depressed because I didn’t look like them…and you saying that I was jealous because I couldn’t pull off a dress like that? God that just made it worse.” You groaned.

 He frowned, looking down, ashamed of himself and what he had said. He looked up, tears now filling his own eyes. That made your heart break, you’d never liked seeing him cry, even during a fight. “Baby I’m sorry, I really am, and I’m sorry that you don’t feel like you’re not pretty or sexy enough to be in a room with all those girls, but you are. God, you are so much better than all of those girls combined. You don’t need a tight dress to fir your body, you don’t need plastic surgery to make your boobs or butt look bigger, you don’t need a shit ton of make-up to make yourself look pretty because you are already gorgeous with out that stuff.” He wipes away your tears that you didn’t even know were falling down your cheeks. "Can I still come home with you? I don’t ever want to leave you alone, knowing that I made you this upset. I’ll do anything to make up for what I said, I swear.“

"Fine, but this doesn't mean I’m still not mad at you.” He nods. You two hail a cab, Ashton pays once you get back to your home. He tells you to wait in the car and rushes over to  your door, opening it for you and helping you out. “Acting like a gentleman isn’t going to do jack squat, Irwin.” He freezes, but nods. You unlock the front door, kicking off your heals as quickly as possible. You sigh in relief, and walk up to your bedroom to shower and get rid of the stench of alcohol.  

You undress, Ashton sitting quietly on the bed. You reach for the zipper on the back of the dress, but your arms don’t reach it quite enough. Ashton gets up, helping you pull down the zipper and get the dress off. You kick it onto the pile of dirty clothes and then walk into the bathroom. You wipe off your makeup and then turn on the water, waiting for it to get to the right temperature. You have no idea where Ash went, and quite frankly you didn’t give a damn about where he was. You washed you hair, face, and body then just sat on the tub floor to let the hot water rush over your body. Once the water ran cold you stepped out of the shower, your teeth chattering and your body shivering from how cold the bathroom was.

Ashton sat on the counter, holding a towel for you. “I just put in the dryer, so you’d have a warm towel when you were finished.” He hands it to you and you quickly wrap it around your shivering body. When you’re out of the shower Ashton takes his, but unfortunately for him it’s a cold shower since you had used up all the hot water.  You dried your hair and body, humming softly to yourself.

You grabbed your laptop after putting on one of your- well Ashton’s t-shirts and then snuggled up under the covers. Ash walked out, a towel wrapped around his waist, his v-line showing perfectly. You removed your eyes from his torso, locking them back on your screen. Now was not the time to get aroused, you scolded yourself. He put on a pair of sweats and then dried his hair.

“Watcha lookin’ at, bug?” He asks, using one of your favorite nicknames. 

“My schedule for the next week.” You say. He sighs,  resting on his right arm, his eyes watching your every move. After a few minutes of him just starring at you, you finally ask, “What, Ashton? Why are you starring at me like that?”

He shrugs. “Just thinking about how stupid I was to say that you were jealous of that girl at the bar.” He sighs, rubbing your arm softly, causing goosebumps to litter your skin. You shut your laptop, pushing to the end of the bed.

“Yeah, that was pretty stupid.” You say, yawning slightly. He grabs the laptop, putting it under the bed and then shutting off the lamp and lights. He gets back under the covers, you turn  on your side, your back facing him. He kisses the back of your head, mumbling an ‘I love you’ and 'I’m sorry’. You pull the covers further to your face and fall asleep peacefully.

You woke up the next morning to the smell of sausage, coffee, and pancakes. You walked downstairs, a blanket wrapped around your body. Ashton stood at the stove, flipping pancakes and getting breakfast together. You smile a little, knowing that he was trying his hardest to get you to forgive him for his foolish words.

He turns around, smiling softly at you. “Morning beautiful, I was just about to wake you up for breakfast.” He sets your plate of pancakes and sausage down first and then grabs all your favorite toppings and your coffee. You sit down, grabbing the syrup and pouring it over your food. Ashton sits next to you, doing the same to his own food. “You don’t have work today, do you?” You shake your head.

“Nope, my work week starts tomorrow.” He nods. “Why do you ask?” He shrugs.

“Just wondering, I’m gonna try to leave early so that we could have a movie night? We could watch any movie you wanted, that is if you wanted to.” He scratches the back of his neck nervously.

“Sure, I’ll probably just clean and get the laundry done today. I could go through the movies and see what we could watch.” He nods, a not being able to help the smile that moved it’s way across his face. The rest of the morning was nice, just the two of you getting ready without yelling at each other.

He slipped on his shoes and got up. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” You nod as you pull your hair into a bun. He kisses your head, his lips lingering for a minute.

“Love you.” He mumbles softly before walking out to the car.

You spent the day cleaning and going through movies. You had picked out a few MARVEL movies, The Princess Bride, and then a Disney movie. The front door to your home opened and Ashton walked in, holding a bag in his hand. He kicked off his shoes, setting them neatly by the front door, and then walking over to you.

“Hi Princess.” He kisses your cheek, setting the bag down on the table. He was clearly exhausted from his day of working with the idiots you both call friends.

“Are you sure you want have a movie night? We can just go to bed if you want, you look worn out.” He shakes his head, wrapping his arms around your waist softly.

“No, it’s okay. I said we were going to have a movie night, and that’s what we’re going to do.” You nodded smiling softly and kissing his cheek. You look at the bag and then back to him.

“What’s in the bag?” You ask, stepping away from him and going to get it from the table. He shrugs, slouching against the couch.

“Just some snacks, got your favorite too.” You smile as you pull out your favorite candy. Sitting down on the couch, you start the first movie that you had put in and stretch your legs out across Ash’s lap. He rubs your feet, kneading out the knots as you two started to watch the movie. You and him shared the candy, your eyes never leaving the screen and his eyes never leaving you.

Four movies later all the candy was gone, you were slowly falling asleep and Ashton was trying not to doze off. He waited until you were out cold on the couch, he shut off the tv and then carried you upstairs to your shared bed. He pulled the covers over your frame, and started to pull away from you, but you grabbed his hand and tugged him down next to you. A lazy smile stretched across his face as he pulled you into his chest, rubbing your back softly and  humming a soft song.

“I forgive you, Ash.” You mumble, your eyes still closed. “I love you.” He kissed your forehead and you could feel the smile that wouldn’t leave his face.

“I love you too baby girl, and I promise I’ll never say anything like that ever again. I promise.” You smile lazily and the two of you fall asleep, living happily ever after.

Lol shitty writing, srry dudes.

thewaterlord27  asked:

Females companions plus magnolia and glory waking up after they have slept with sole for the first and see he/she is not there. They think the worst but sole comes back to bed after they went to the bathroom.

Cait – There’s really nothing on earth like waking up from a deep sleep after a night of fucking like a horny Deathclaw. Well, almost nothing, but either way it felt pretty damn good to finally give Sole the ride of their life. A soft groan escaped her smiling lips as the brawler stretched her sore limbs, noting the scent of sex and sweat that lingered in the bed before finally realising that she was alone and the space next to her had long gone cold. “What the fuck?” She sat up, blinking away the fog of drowsiness. “Sole?” There was no answer and the silence tore at her. This has happened to her before of course, but back then Cait didn’t give a rat’s ass anyway. It was preferred actually, saves them from going through the awkwardness of waking up next to a stranger without alcohol or drugs in her system. But Sole? Sole fucking her then leaving her made her feel like a used condom. Disgusting. Rubbish. Unmissed. The anger and hurt welled up inside and had her almost punch the damn wall.

“Cait? What’s wrong?”

Her head snapped around to the doorway where Sole stood, her hands frozen from where they halfway pulled up her pants. “So ya fuck me an’ leave me, that it?” She shouted, but Sole just shook their head and indicated their nakedness.

“Leave you? And in my birthday suit no less? Cait, I was just going to the bathroom.”

Feeling like a damn fool, Cait just stared at them as they flopped down onto the bed. “No round two for the Red Menace? Did I seriously tire her out last night?” They waggled their eyebrows suggestively, and licked their lips. In a last ditch effort to regain her dignity, Cait shimmied out of her pants and glowered at them before descending upon them like a predator stalking its prey.

Curie – When she awakens from such a restful night’s sleep, Curie immediately begins to giggle because her mind is just remembering what her and Sole shared together the evening prior. Oh how wonderful it felt too, so foreign to the little scientist but also oddly natural, so in built into her synthetic human body. She had been nervous, but now she is free from such a burden, so much so that she eagerly awaits the time they get to do it again which is exactly what she would’ve asked had Sole not disappeared.

“Madam/monsieur? Are you still here?” Only silence greets her and the unexplainable jab in her chest that felt oddly similar to what she would imagine being stabbed felt like. She clutches her chest, gasping, surprised at the clarity and force of the feeling. Hurt. She realises she has been hurt by Sole’s departure and can’t help but wonder if it was because she did not satisfy them. Was she so terrible at sex? Was her body not appealing? Do they no longer love her? Oh. Oh she should not have asked herself that one because now she is crying and curling up in the blankets to attempt feebly at warding off the pain in her heart. She is only roused when strong, reassuring arms enfold her and that smooth voice shatters the sounds of her sobs.

“Curie? Curie are you okay? Why are you crying? Did you not enjoy last night?” She tries to make coherent words come out of her mouth, but all she can do is hug them back in relief and scorn herself for jumping to conclusions. She should have known Sole would come back, but this odd human brain of hers seems to like playing tricks on poor Curie.

Glory – “Hot damn was that one hell of a night to remember.” She murmurs when stirring. “I can’t believe the bed’s still standing.” When she gets no answer, she turns to look over her shoulder at Sole and can’t help the surprised look on her face when she realises that Sole wasn’t there or even in their room. “What the hell?” She sits up, ignoring the strewn about clothing and looking for clues as to Sole’s whereabouts. Their clothes were still there next to hers on the floor, their weapons still in their sheaths and no note left on the nightstand. It was beginning to look like Sole ditched out on her after savouring the goods. “Fucking hell. I should’ve know this would happen.” She growls to herself and immediately starts getting dressed, wondering whether this was her punishment for doing the exact same thing as Sole with her countless other one nighters. She opens the door to see Sole reaching for the handle, still in their birthday suit.

“Going somewhere?” They ask, hitching an eyebrow.

Glory stares at them, realising now that she jumped the gun. “Hell no, I was just gonna go out to find you and drag your ass back to bed.”

Magnolia – She’s had a few lovers, yes. Of that she is definitely not ashamed of. After all, a woman’s gotta get her fix. But Sole? That rugged wanderer who walked into the Third Rail liked they owned the place, who gazed at her with that hungry spark in their eyes? Who had the proverbial balls to come up and introduce themselves instead of sending Whitechapel Charlie over to her with a drink? Oh yeah, they were by far her best lover to date. They had the stamina, the talent, the sex appeal…good Lord did they satisfy. It made her all warm inside just thinking about it, so much so that she actually wanted to snuggle up to that muscle clad body of theirs. “Oh,” she murmured upon discovering their absence, feeling something odd nestle into her chest. Was that hurt? Rejection? She wasn’t sure, but it was the first time something like this bothered her. She pondered on the feeling for a few moments, picking at the sheets that pooled below her breasts. They had left her, probably skipped town and forgot all about the singer they left behind in Goodneighbour. “Damn.” Mentally willing herself to move past it, Magnolia sat up and was greeted by the sight of Sole opening the door and walking into the room.

“Good morning, lover,” They purr, bending down to kiss Magnolia’s forehead. “Thanks for the lovely mark on my neck.”

The singer smiled and buried her hand in their hair, kissing their lips because her body had a mind of its own. “You’re welcome, sugar.”

Piper Wright– The one and only Diamond City reporter enjoyed sex just as much as the next woman, but something that she loves arguably just as much is the cuddling that comes next. When she wakes up the morning after bedding her beloved Blue for the first time, she immediately starts grinning at the memories they made and the feelings she had when they held her in their arms while awaiting sleep. It was better than what she could have ever imagined. But something felt wrong. She now felt too cold and when she rolled over with the hopes of snuggling up to Blue against the morning chill, her heart sank. She was alone and the bed lacked the warmth of Sole. Blue had left her after finally getting into her pants. The realisation sent a bolt of pain through her heart and the pinpricks of tears started burning in her eyes. Surely Blue couldn’t do this to her? Surely they cared about her? Surely what they shared together the night before actually meant something to them?

“Piper…you idiot.” She breathed, her chest constricting so much that the words came out as a sob. But just as she wiped at her eyes and brought the blankets up to hug close to her chest, the door opened and Blue walked in with a happy smile on their face that melted when they saw Piper crying on the bed.

“Piper? Oh my God, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” When Piper just hugs them close, realising her mistake, Sole too realises just what it was that upset the lovely reporter in their arms. “You thought I left, didn’t you? Oh Piper, you wonderful little dork. I was just in the bathroom. I’d never leave you, not after last night, not ever.” The reporter just breathed a shaky, self-deprecating laugh and hugged her Blue ever closer.

anonymous asked:

If you take requests it would be amazing if you could do RFA+V&Saeran coming to MC with their friend and that would MC's abusive/mean ex? Just if you want, ofc. And I like your blog tho

omg this is gonna be angsty also thanks for liking my blog~ if you’re into MC seeing their ex lmao I got a funny headcanon where they Meet MC’s Ex. :)

P.S. I gave them names because y not??? don’t be offended when it’s ur name or whatever ok pls :( ily


  • they decided to meet at a nearby cafe but when he walked in, all he saw was MC standing in front of his friend
  • she had tears in her eyes, and coffee stains spilled down his friends white t-shirt
  • “MC? Allen? What happened…?”
  • his question was left unanswered
  • Allen grimaced at Yoosung apologetically
  • Yoosung looked at MC for an explanation, but her expression went dark, she looked at the floor and avoided his confused gaze
  • “MC, is everything-”
  • without another word, she ran out of the cafe with tears streaming down her face, pushing aside anyone and anything in her way
  • “MC!” he chased after her, but lost sight of her immediately after the door closed behind her
  • where did she go?
  • when he found her, it was already dark out
  • she was huddling against the wall of a back alleyway, shivering from the chilly winter air
  • “MC? Are you okay?” he approached her cautiously
  • “H- he’s my ex. The one I told you about. The one who hurt me every day like I was a pest under his control.”
  • he was so stunned he couldn’t speak
  • “Why did it have to be him, Yoosung? Why?”
  • MC looked like she was about to break
  • “It doesn’t. Not anymore, anyway. He’s no longer my friend. No one who dares to hurt you is my friend. No one.”


  • he felt a little iffy about it at first, you know, introducing MC to his friend
  • sure, he was the one dating MC but his friend was good looking too
  • maybe not as hot as he was ;)) but still, he was a little insecure
  • so fast forward to the day of
  • MC was waiting at the park bench, where they’d promised to meet
  • and as she saw Zen approaching, she excitedly stood up to greet him
  • but as soon as she saw the guy next to him, her expression changed completely
  • “MC! This is Michael, the guy I’ve been wanting to introduce to you for…”
  • “MC, are you listening?”
  • MC’s hands were clenched into tight fists, shaking slightly with anger
  • “I know who he is. I know him better than you ever will.” her voice was low, it sounded as if she was choking on every word she spat out
  • “What do you mean?” Zen reached out for MC’s hand, but she flung his hand away; looking up at him, he could see her face twisted with horror, fear and pain
  • “He’s my ex, Zen.” 
  • Zen’s eyes widened at that statement, not before long, he realized what she meant by that - who she meant
  • without a second thought, he punched Michael in the face
  • with barely enough time to react from the blow, Michael was then pushed to the ground with a loud thud
  • “I can’t believe it. And to think I thought you were a good person. I must’ve been blinded by your face - but not anymore. Now all I see, is the ugliest person in front of me. You disgust me. Get out of here.”


  • Jaehee was going through a few old photos of her highschool graduation
  • she was suddenly struck with a sudden realization
  • MC had never meet her best friend Sophie
  • “MC, come over here!”
  • she ran from the kitchen to join Jaehee on the living room floor with her stack of photo albums
  • “Look, this is was my best friend in college. She helped me through a lot of tough times. I haven’t contacted her a while because I’ve been busy with work, but I’m sure if I give her a text we could meet up some-”
  • “No.”
  • Jaehee was shocked at MC’s blunt answer
  • “It’s okay, she’s nice. And she’ll be so happy to hear that you and I’ve started dating!”
  • “No. No, she wont Jaehee.”
  • “But..”
  • MC was shaking, her eyes watering with tears who threatened to fall at any moment.
  • another word, and MC could fall apart
  • “Tell me.”
  • “She’s only hurt me from the moment I met her. I knew her back in college too, Jaehee. She was in my tutorial, and we hit it off right away but as time went by… she became exceedingly possessive. She hurt me because she didn’t trust me. She thought that leaving scars would-”
  • “That’s enough. I don’t want to hear anymore. I don’t want you to think about this anymore either. Let’s… let’s just go to bed, okay?”


  • aside from V, he didn’t have many childhood friends who lasted with him through all these years
  • there was, however, someone he really wanted MC to meet
  • and that was Chris, a nice guy who was outgoing but hardworking as well
  • “MC, tonight we’ll have dinner with an old colleague of mine, is that fine?”
  • “Sure, what’s his name?”
  • “Chris Lee”
  • MC tensed up at the sound of his name. it was surely just a coincidence… right?
  • when they arrived at the restaurant, Jumin began to approach the table nearest to the window that panned over the cityscape of lights and skyscrapers 
  • from afar, MC had already began to feel a wave of anxiousness twist her gut. Chris Lee. Blond hair, cobalt blue suit, black tie. 
  • It was him, and he hadn’t changed one bit
  • MC stopped walking as they passed by the bar
  • “MC? The table is up front, do you wish to visit the ladies room first?”
  • “Y- yeah.”
  • Jumin left for the table and had a nice chat with Chris, catching up on their business issues and other news
  • but soon, Jumin noticed that MC was taking an exceptionally long time; he was worried that she might have fainted
  • He asked a waitress to help him check the ladies room, but when she came back, she told him the bathroom was empty
  • Jumin ran outside and found MC sitting on the curb of road
  • “MC, what are you doing out here? It’s cold and not to mention rude for us to-”
  • “I can’t get any closer to him than this. Any further and I’d throw up.”
  • MC was wringing her hands, a sign, Jumin remembered, something she did whenever she mentioned her ex, Chris L… oh.
  • “I’m sorry, MC. Let’s go home. I’ll let him know dinner’s off, and so is our business deal.”


  • most hackers didn’t have friends - only enemies and government authorities
  • but Seven was different. he did have a friend: Mason
  • Mason was his church mate, a friend who knew his secret, but kept it regardless.
  • Seven decided that a beach bbq outing would be perfect for them to get to know each other
  • they got there first, setting up all the food and cooking utensils
  • “MC! Mason’s here!”
  • just as MC was dealing with the grill forks, she watched his friend approach
  • the similarities between her ex and Mason were eerie, except for the different name, she would’ve thought it was-
  • “Hey MC, remember me?” Mason grinned
  • there was no mistake, that was Mae, the sly smile confirmed it all
  • MC held out the grill forks in defense, distancing herself from Mason as much she possibly could
  • “MC, what’re you doing?” Seven laughed at her off pose, “Put those down, it’s okay, Mason doesn’t bite.”
  • “Yes, he does, Seven. In fact, that was his specialty. He used to bite me when we were dating. He teased me relentlessly, but I wouldn’t even call it teasing. He bullied me, Seven. He made fun of me and my insecurities, he used my trust in him against me.”
  • “W-what?”
  • “It’s true, Seven. I won’t lie that I was an asshole, but she was a bitch too. She ratted me out to my mom about my drug usage and-”
  • “ENOUGH.” Seven’s mind was going on information overload, but all he knew was to take MC away before she seriously hurt someone or even herself with one of those forks.
  • when they got back into the car, Seven noticed MC’s upset expression
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he did such a thing to you in the past. I won’t be involved with him anymore. You can trust me right?”
  • “Yeah”
  • “You won’t threaten me with grill forks?”
  • he got slapped on the arm for that, but at least MC smiled at his remark


  • he didn’t have many friends - given what he’s been through, but he met one at his recent job and he was a nice guy
  • he wanted MC to meet Nathan because he thought that they’d get along and MC could help him if he ever made him mad or something like that (human interactions weren’t really his forte)
  • he opened the apartment door and invited his new friend inside
  • “MC, I’m home. I brought a friend.”
  • MC was in the kitchen, and answered him through the wall
  • “We have a guest? Give him a seat, I’ll get him a drink in a sec”
  • they sat down in the living room and made small talk until he heard MC’s steps approaching
  • “Sorry, we don’t have much at home, do you want coffee or tea-”
  • before she could finish her question, she dropped both cups and the glass splintered upon impact with the floor tiles
  • “MC! are you okay? did you get cut anywh-”
  • “Get him out of the house, Saeran.” her voice shook with fear, eyes dilated to an unnatural size. She looked like a deer in headlights
  • “GET HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE!” she screamed, covering her ears like she was suddenly afraid of the shrill in her own voice. 
  • Saeran ushered Nathan out of the apartment and carefully examined MC’s state of panic
  • “MC?” he asked just above a whisper, “are you okay?”
  • MC had tears streaming down her face as she grabbed onto Saeran for support. 
  • Her body was shaking violently. she was having an anxiety attack from something much too close to home for him to not realize
  • she was traumatized from previous abuse, and there was no denying that his nice friend, Nathan, wasn’t so nice after all.
  • “Sorry, MC. I didn’t know. He seemed nice, but nevermind that. I’m sorry, I won’t work there anymore.”


  • MC and him were going to go on a couple date
  • or.. more like couple photography session
  • he knew a guy who was just as good as him - Andrew
  • “Andrew and his fiance will be here soon, do you want to wait or we could start first?”
  • “Let’s wait, it’d be rude to-”
  • “Hey! Jihyun, we’re right behind you!” a voice called out from the distance
  • a voice vaguely familiar to MC, but she was unable to put her finger on it
  • as the other couple approached, she realized that this “Andrew” was also her “Andrew” from 2 years ago. 
  • “V, I want to go home. You guys can go ahead.”
  • “But MC, they just got here and today’s supposed to be a coupe photo-”
  • “I’M NOT FEELING WELL OKAY?” MC snapped at him unintentionally, but it had already taken effect. V’s face was evident of the painful shot he experienced just then
  • unfortunately, MC was louder than she thought, and Andrew had overheard as well
  • “Just let her go, Jihyun. This ass was always like that when I was with her. Complaining about this and that non-stop. I can’t believe you managed to seduce Ji-”
  • whoa that was unexpected
  • MC stomped away, back towards their car
  • V chased after her at a loss for words
  • “MC, I-”
  • “Its okay. You don’t have to say anything. You didn’t know, and I over reacted. I’m sorry.”
  • “No, I’m sorry. I should’ve let you know who were meeting up in the first place, it’s my fault. This could’ve otherwise been avoided. Will you forgive me?”
  • MC pulled him in for a hug, “I’ll always forgive you. Will you forgive me too?”
  • “Of course, MC.”

LOL i was low key gonna write drabbles but ya gurl was also lazy so here’s a mix of em’ both

~Cherry L.

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Hello! I just read your HC where MC loses someone to suicide. Could you do one where MC is suicidal and the RFA + the Minor trio help? Thank you, love! Your blog is great 💙

Thanks, I’m so happy you liked it and think my blog is great!! I hope that you are doing okay, and I send out all the hugs to you if that’s not the case. I feel like I’m terrible at angst, so I’m happy you like it!!! Onto the headcanon!!!


  • The first time he finds out is horrible
  • You guys were sleeping when he woke up to you sobbing, screaming incoherently, hand over your mouth try and muffle the noise
  • Immediately concerned
  • You tell him about it, about how it’s getting harder and harder to wake up, to look at yourself in the mirror, to do anything
  • You just want to sleep, sleep forever and ever
  • You’re tired of constantly battling your mind
  • Extremely worried, calls a nearby doctor, but they’re closed for some reason
  • Wakes you up early in the morning to see someone
  • You resist at first, if there’s one thing you hates it’s medication
  • But he manages to convince you
  • He knows it’s going to be long, and sometimes painful
  • But he won’t let you throw away your life due to a preventable illness


  • He notices you stopped eating, you’re just not hungry it seems
  • But when he really gets it is when you leave your journal open on the coffee table
  • He didn’t mean to pry, but when you’re writing in bright red pen in all caps it’s hard to miss
  • Horrified he hasn’t noticed before
  • When you get back from work he sits you down, and you knows he’s found out
  • He talks to you about your choices, you aren’t anorexic, you don’t get sick, and you feel hungry
  • That’s not your problem
  • Your problem you tell him is that your stuck, you know that there should be a decision to make, but you really don’t feel like that because as far as you see it there’s only one option
  • He listens, but as soon as your done he drives you to the nearest clinic
  • You at diagnosed with severe depression, and PTSD, you were in foster care when you wee younger and have some horrible memories, that resulted in you being suicidal
  • He goes to all the sessions, makes sure you take your meds, monitors your eating, and begins to take classes about it
  • He’s determined to spread awareness of this


  • She notices you’ve been quiet for the past few months
  • At first she thought you were just going through something
  • But when you attempt to throw yourself off a building and are saved it becomes obvious
  • You tell her that you can’t think straight, you can’t think about everything else, that everything bad someone’s told you about you is constantly echoing through your head
  • That you just want some quiet, a clean slate, somewhere where no one will know you
  • Her heart breaks when she hears this
  • You’re so amazing, you’ve helped her realize her dream
  • So she’s going to help you, the whole way
  • She’s in charge of your scheduling and meds, but makes sure you don’t try to off yourself again and delete yourself, because she’d find life unbearable
  • You begin to smile again after a few weeks
  • And eventually the therapist is confident to take you off medication, and limit sessions to one every two weeks
  • It’s an amazing day, and also a day you’ll never forget
  • Because after months Jaehee asks you to stay with her for the rest of your lives
  • It’s the day you become engaged


  • He notices the scars the first day you spend the night
  • And the next day is ready for a talk
  • You tell him that you suffer GAD, and that you’ve been suicidal ever since your soon to be aunt died of pancreatic cancer
  • He listens, and hugs you when you begin breaking down and saying, you just want it all to end, you don’t want to worry about it anymore, that it’d be better if you just left, that you just keep blaming yourself
  • Hires A+ therapist
  • You suffer from depression triggered from self blame
  • Jumin listens intently and has Jaehee prepare a schedule
  • You tell Jaehee you’re sorry
  • He holds you when you’re in the middle of an attack and sobbing your heart out
  • You get better, but it’s evident you’ll be on meds for at least a couple of years
  • This upsets you, but he’s there with a glass of cold water, and a listening ear
  • High level medication, stuff that shouldn’t affect you too much
  • But most of all he understands that you can’t control your anxiety, and that you still have a hard time with self blame, he doesn’t think you’re being stupid, he doesn’t pity you in a patronizing way
  • He knows that you literally cannot help it, and whenever he hears someone speaking bad of suicide you have to make sure he controls himself
  • He cannot condone people delegitimizing this


  • He has dealt with this before
  • You feel bad that he has to deal with both you and Saeran
  • You feel like you aren’t doing enough
  • And what was minor depression, with occasional bad days spirals into constant suicidal thoughts
  • You can’t stop thinking that, you can’t stop think your life is pointless and meaningless, that people wouldn’t notice, that they’d be better off if you were just gone
  • That the pain of death is nothing compared to the immeasurable pain of staying alive
  • So you begin cutting
  • Saeyoung has been dealing with his work, so he actually doesn’t really notice until you end up in the hospital
  • Immediately guilty
  • You and Saeran are the light of his life, how could he neglect you?
  • Immediately asks forgiveness
  • You cry and keep blaming yourself, why didn’t my attempt work?!
  • You are very unstable, and he agrees to making you stay in the hospital
  • Makes sure you have constant attention
  • Visits at the same times you have to take meds, to make sure you take them and the correct amount
  • You try once more, but after no more
  • You can address you issues, and begin to live your life again
  • You see light, and the hope that was buried under dust and pain finally immerges again
  • Saeyoung is so proud of you and Saeran’s improvement


  • You two were grumbling and bickering about the surgery for a good long time
  • And somehow Rika kept coming up in the arguments
  • You get fed up, but try burying it
  • But after a few months you can’t take it
  • Everyone always acts like Rika is a goddess, they’re probably right
  • And what are you in comparison
  • So while V still can’t see you you cut
  • A lot
  • But after about three weeks he notices
  • He goes to grab your wrist when he trips and he feels it
  • The still slightly wet line across your wrists
  • Sits you down
  • The amount of scars you have horrifies him
  • But you don’t cry, don’t show emotion
  • Just says “Well, I figured I’m just taking after Rika. After all she seems like the perfect person.”
  • He feels extremely guilty
  • But right now that is not the problem
  • Takes you to the ER
  • The doctors there are worried by the amount of blood loss
  • You take a ton of meds, and you’re food intake is monitored to make sure you’re eating enough
  • And V, well he begins to monitor what he says
  • Very worried about bringing up Rika
  • And when you’re good enough to be out of hospital and have been stable for a few weeks he breaks it to you
  • He’ll get the surgery
  • He can’t spend more of his time thinking of the past and drifting away from you


  •  He’s been through a lot
  • But he also needs help
  • The attacks are long and painful, and during them the things he says are just horrible
  • Even has told you to go die a few times, on top of telling you that you aren’t worth the dirt he walks on
  • You last a long time, but two months of toil can do things to you
  • You start taking it in
  • Constantly his voice is ringing in your ears
  • It doesn’t help he never expresses emotion, and pushes human contact away often
  • So when you get a cold you see your opportunity
  • You down at least a third of the cough medicine you have
  • He finds you on the floor of the bathroom, breathing ragged and shallow
  • Screaming a crying, calls an ambulance immediately
  • You stay in a coma for five days
  • Those days are horribly slow
  • When you do wake up he apologizes, but you feel worse
  • You both go to a therapist, and he changes his prescriptions, and makes sure you get properly medicated as well
  • Terrified of loosing you


  • They’ve been unnatural busy for the past half year
  • And this results in quite some distance between you two
  • And grumpiness on their part
  • When your sister dies of osteosarcoma and they barely acknowledge it that drives you off the ledge
  • You’ve been trying so hard to fight it yourself, constantly battling your brain, trying desperately to keep clinging on to hope of a better  day
  • But you might as well have just lost two people
  • So you sneak into their apartment one more time
  • You know where they keep the gun
  • They gets home from shopping and finds you, gun under your neck, finger on the trigger
  • Get it away from you as fast as possible
  • You try to run out, but they catch you and sit you on the couch
  • And you kinda break on the outside
  • You being screaming about how you just want to leave, you just want it to stop, tears streaming down your face
  • They hug you and you slowly quiet down
  • Immediately at the ER
  • On top of your schedule, the types of meds, the dosage
  • Pays close attention to you
  • They understand their part in you almost letting go, and they want to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again

I hope you liked it from the bottom of my heart, it’s 1:37 AM, so I hope this is still of good quality. I got kinda emotional writing this I won’t lie. I’m tired, I’m also sorry that again it’s so long, but I just have a bunch of ideas. I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy it. I send all my love to you and thank you for reading!

anonymous asked:

hii, you can do a fic with a the prompt "youre mine, you understand?" w stenbrough?

“Spent the whole afternoon on the phone with Mom today.”
I look to my side. I force myself to nod and smile at the woman in my bed. Am I still good at pretending I want to know about her day?
“She wanted me to ask you when are we going to make her a grandma.”
The woman I married because it was expected of me is giggling. A dry, short, fake chuckle breaks out of my own throat. This again? NEVER! “Never” is the answer. My mind begs me to say this out loud already, but I just fidget in bed, needing more space.
“I was just thinking the same thing myself.”
I’m lying because it feels like a safer choice than to just ignore her. She covers the distance as soon as she notices my hipbone is not touching hers anymore. The woman kisses me. It is intended to be sweet; however, to me, it will always taste like anything but.
“I was. Really.”
I make my lie bigger because talking breaks the kiss to pieces, small instants of agony until a higher power grants me the chance to pull away.
My phone is vibrating on the nightstand. I gasp for air and turn to the object faster than a lightning bolt. That was too obvious, I immediately realize. I need to fix this. Be a gentleman, Stan. Get your act together.
“Dove, I gotta take this. I’ll be right back, okay?”
I get out of bed as casually as I possibly can, I always get up when I answer my phone. This won’t give me away. It’s just the OCD, she knows… Still, I can’t prevent my words from coming out too fast once the phone is next to my ear.
“Stan Speaking. This better be good.”
With that, I mean an indirect prayer for the blessing of hearing anything that gives me a reason to walk out of the bedroom.
“Hello, Stan. It’s Mike Hanlon.”

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Listen To Me

Word Count: 1.4K
Category: Peter Parker/Tony Stark “Family” AU. I guess. Post Infinity War.
Warning: None. Angst.

Summary: Peter Parker goes to Stark Tower one day in the hope of recieving help with his broken suit. He doesn’t expect the cold shoulder he receives from his mentor Tony. He also doesn’t expect it to bring them closer together.

Written by Melissa and Kate.


Chapter Two

Tony paces urgently back and forth, rubs his forehead roughly with the back of his hand and sighs exasperatedly. The other Avengers witness the display in pure and utter silence, unsure of what to say to him exactly.

After all, he was in the wrong.

He shouldn’t have spoken to Peter that way and they’re sure he must know that. Tony is easily the most intelligent person in the room (with Bruce Banner gone on a bathroom break) but he can also be the dumbest when it comes to the human condition.

Finally, Tony throws up his arms in frustration and leaves the room in a huff. Pepper quickly follows him despite the fact he repeatedly tells her to “just leave it alone” and his insistence that “he’s fine”, but it’s not him that Peppers worried about.

Tony bursts through his bedroom door and frantically pulls at the tie around his neck. He struggles with the knot and ends up tangled in it. His breathing becomes strangled and he is tripping over his own two feet as he looks around the room feverishly as though he is searching for something. Pepper watches him falling to and fro and reaches over to assist him with the tie. She pulls it loose and it falls to the floor along with Tony, who crashes onto the ground beside the bed. His hands clutching his head as he takes in laboured breaths. Pepper sits softly on the side of the bed and runs her fingers apprehensively through Tony’s hair.

“You need to talk to Peter,” she explains to him patiently.


“He needs to know you don’t mean a word you said!” She says, a little less patiently. “He’s only 15, Tony!”

“What were you thinking?” She sighs, running her hand down the side of his face and gently along his cheek.

“I wasn’t.” Tony’s tired voice eventually breaks the silence.


“I know.” Tony cuts her off, as though he’s read her mind. He needs to go to Peter. He needs to see him and explain himself, if that’s even possible after the things he’s said.

Tony marches stubbornly out of the bedroom with the distinct air of a man on a mission. However, he doesn’t get very far. He enters the kitchen at a rapid pace and ends up colliding roughly with Steve. Steve places two firm hands on Tony’s two tense shoulders in an condescending attempt to slow him down.

“What do you think you’re doing there, Steve?” Tony asks, with fake humour dripping from every word as he glances at Steve’s grip on him.

“Are you going to Peter?” Steve asks, no humour in his voice. “Because I think you shouldn’t. Not tonight.”

Tony says nothing, just takes a moment to study Steve and assess the situation. He considers what Steve is saying, until..

Steve breaks the uncomfortable silence.

“You didn’t see how upset he was Tony. What you said-”

Tony forcefully shrugs off Steve’s hold on him and pushes aggressively past him towards the door.

“I know what I said!” Tony says, his voice hoarse, his hands balled into firm fists by his sides.

“Then why are you doing this?” Steve questioned genuinely. “If you really cared about the kid-” he broke off, shaking his head and looking at the floor.

“What?” Tony asked, turning around to face Steve, his voice horribly calm and low. “If I ‘really care about the kid’ what?”

Steve sighed and looked over to Natasha for assistance, who immediately avoided his gaze and looked at her hands.

“He was actually okay after I spoke to him. Let him sleep on it.”

Steve said this in good faith but Tony didn’t want to hear it. Tony knew Peter Parker like none of the Avengers ever would. He took care of him, even when Peter didn’t know he was being taken care of. He believed in Peter when no one else did. He was always there, in the wings. Yet, Steve stood there and had the audacity to preach to him about his own-

Tony looked at Steve, laughed once and said “If you really knew the kid, you would know he doesn’t hold a grudge.”

Tony slammed the door loudly on his way out.

Peter’s Apartment

Tony stood uncertainly outside Peter Parkers door.

A while ago, Tony had acquired a spare key to Peters building in case of an emergency. At the time, Tony had expected Peter to kick up a fuss, to pull the usual 'I don’t need a babysitter!’

Instead, Peter immediately fetched the spare key above the door and attached it to Tony’s set of keys.

It only occurred to Tony, as he stood outside Peters silent apartment, that maybe Peter had hoped that he would actually use the key, instead of his usual 'Track the Suit’ System.

Maybe, Peter had been hoping that once, just once, Tony would make an appearance. This thought raised Tony’s fist and knocked on the door hesitantly.

No response.

Worried now, Tony reaches for his keys and, technically, breaks in to Peters home. He walks determinedly through the dark and rushes to Peters deserted bedroom. Panic surging through his veins and into his chest, he runs to the hall. He switches on a nearby lamp that casts a glow onto Peters figure on the couch in the living room. The two meet eyes and don’t move a muscle.

Peter looks at Tony, confused but hopeful.

“I hope I didn’t- didn’t scare you, 'breaking in’ like that.” Tony apologises, from across the room.

Peter allows a smug smirk to cross his lips “I knew it was you. I could hear you talking to yourself on the way up the stairs.”


Tony didn’t bother to ask why Peter purposely didn’t open the door to him, but he did ask-

“Why on earth are you sitting here in the dark?” Tony checked a few apparently functioning light switches.

“I might as well save on electricity, for the environment, yknow? Seeing as it’s just me in here.”

Save on money, Tony heard what was unsaid.

“You know it’s freezing in here, right?” Tony furrowed his eyebrows at Peter.

“Is it?” Peter looked around the apartment, for absolutely no reason.

“Okay-” Tony threw up his arms, marched into the kitchen and started fumbling with the heating system, flicking on necessary lights as he went along.

Peter set down his homework, words scrawled messily across pages due to being written in the dark.

“What are you doing?” Peter asked him, shifting from one foot to another, looking over Tony’s shoulder.

“I’m turning on the heat, what does it look like?” He replied, point blank.

“Well- no, but I’m- actually, I’m really warm, actually-” Peter stuttered.

Tony looked Peter directly in the eyes and said-

“Peter, I will pay for your heat and your electricity. I don’t want to hear it!” Tony raised a hand against Peters protests.

“I should have done it a long time ago. I- I don’t know why I didn’t.” Tony said, he and Peter were standing in the kitchen, face to face. Peters eyes were still adjusting to the newfound light. He looked down at his shoes, as though he had something to be sorry for.

“Mr. Stark, I’m sorry about my suit. I know how much time you spent-” Peter began.

“I don’t want to hear that either!” Tony raised his hand again and took a deep breath.

In a moment of pure vulnerability, in Peter Parkers tiny Queens flat, Tony Stark’s walls came down.

“Peter, the things I said to you tonight- well, it was wrong.” Tony said, tears beginning to sting his eyes. “I shouldn’t have said it. Christ, I didn’t mean a word of it! I was just worried about you this week and I’m not used to that- that feeling.”

Tony looked at his feet and wiped away silent tears with the back his hand.

“It’s no excuse for what I said tonight. I was out of line.”

Peter looked at Tony with wide, sad eyes.

Tony, who looked crumpled and smaller than Peter had ever seen him. Tony, who Peter knew must be hating himself right now, much more than he was showing.

Tony, who was standing in front of him and apologising like Peter never thought he would.

A smile teased the edge of Peters closed lips and he laughed once gently and silently through his nose; indication that he was, in fact, okay.

Tony wasn’t laughing.

“You are like a son to me, Peter. You should know that.”

mud from the asphalt | oneshot

✧pairing: kim seokjin x reader
✧themes: angst, slow burn / boyfriend!seokjin au
✧warnings: depression, addiction, course language of a degree.
✧word count: 13.1k
✧note: this is my first peice of work after putting spilt coffee on hold as i was unsatisfied with my decisions regarding both the plotline and my writing techniques throughout the series. i hope my enhancements to what i believe i previously lacked in are depicted in this story. thank you for reading! ~tas

“To jail, she said.”

Seokjin wiped the sweat that had formed just above the corner of his left brow and then proceeded to take another sip of the bottle of beer he had clutched in his hand. His left leg constantly jerked as he sat slumping on your corner couch with you standing to look out the window of your small house.

“I’m going to jail, she said,” Seokjin cried out a laugh and you winced at the sound, not used to seeing him this vulnerable. His laughs were certainly not the most pleasant of sounds, but he laughed pleasantly, and that was why you had grown so immune to the ear tickling noise, finding for yourself an abode within it. However, now he was laughing bitterly and you instantly grew to loathe the very echo of the sound.

You turned away from the window and walked into your kitchen where you thankfully still had a clear view of the mess before you, briefly glancing at his disshelved appearance as you filled your kettle and set it to boil. You placed your hand on the stomach of the kettle, allowing the gradually increasing heat to warm your fingers as the wind howled and the rain fell.

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Speak (Jeon Wonwoo Imagine)

A/N: So this is my first imagine/post…. Yay! I really hope you guys enjoy and if you do like it, feel free to request for any group of your choosing and I’ll do my best to deliver :)

Originally posted by imaginetheseidiots

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