but shai is bae u all know this

Here’s my Shaysima analysis

on a serious ass note obvi. Im off caps lock which means im off crack.

So like lets discuss the previews. in this little snippet of Shaysima first date Shay’s like “this is your first time to Sapphire, right” because Cosima’s making it all average date, but since Shay’s been all up down and around Sapphire’s asshole, she teaches Cosima the ropes like “bitch don’t dwell; 28, blue, barcelona” and Cosima’s like :0 so I’m thinking after that mildly awkward ass date, Cosima being the charming ass motherfucker she is got Shay feelin some type of way because when she asked if she wanted to “go somewhere” Shay was like “fuck YES bitchacho i thought you’d never ask” 

Either that or Shay came on a mission to troll for some Cosima kitty. But I think since Shay was the one to pull Cosima in for the kiss, she was showing Cosima how to one night stand, WHICH IS IMPORTANT. Cosima the bae does not one night stand because she jumps in the ocean of feels before she asks a bitch their name. so we would call this…..


Cosima is learning how to be single without having to be single and that’s something i support fuckin fully. I want love for homegirl 32 hours a day 19 days a week ya feel? I think Shay is playing an important role here, not to replace Delphine (you know, because Delphine is Cosima’s one and only and soulmate and endgame fuckin bae), but to help Cosima realize that there’s different ways to spread/receive the love and This is one of them.

Now do i think they will actually do sex? I fuckin hope so for Cosima’s kitty’s sake. But i think its a 50/50 thing because since Delphine is oneandonlybae, she might be like fuck i can’t do this and hopefully keep shay as a homie(and hopefully shay will stick around to be a homie), or she can fully embrace shay and be like lets fuckin do this u sexy as hell lets goooooooooo, and wake up feelin some type of way; either relieved or regretful that the shagfest happened, either way will hopefully end up with shay stayin as a homie. 

Who’s takin the pictures? My bet is that it’s Delphine’s info man keepin tabs on her bae. Because we all know that Delphine ain’t cut no ties, she just can’t play favs if she’s choppin the balls off a dude who shagged Fake!Rach. And since Delphine has gotten a drop of airtime, i doubt she’ll appear til episode 7 (now im hoping it’ll be earlier, but i’m also coming to terms with the fact that i may not see her for a while). So after Cosima and Shay do whatever they do, maybe Delphine will stop by like “haha yeah like how’s the genetic sequence going, oops i saw shay’s boob.” then she gets all jealous and shit and then Cophine’s back on again. as it will be. because Cophine is endgame.

In conclusion: OBVIOUSLY I fully support Shaysima because Cosima will never be alone. I don’t want it. Like no other female clone is alone (besides Helena because she’s goin thru sum s, and Rachel who’s not.. well, not) like Sarah got Cal, Alison’s got Donnie, so i want cosima to at least have spare time bae or like someone to cuddle with at night i mean seriously it pains me to see my girl with fuckin eskimo pies all over the place ok the bitch was hurting. Rebound time? this series is so fuckin fast paced i mean the whole series honestly had to span over the course of like 3 weeks lol. maybe 5 weeks if there was time in between seasons and episodes. if delphine and cosima can sex together in 3 days time, cosima can sex girl with no strings attached in 3 days time.