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Inspired by this post, I wanted to a separate post about the destruction of the Jedi Order. Their destruction wasn’t an event, it was a process. A long process that started generations before Anakin was even born. Yes, Anakin made his terrible life choices (no one is denying that) but he’s not the one thing that went wrong with Order or why they fell apart. So I made a list of terrible things the Jedi Order did that are not Anakin Skywalker’s fault:

  • The Order’s decision to take little kids from their parents.
  • The Order’s indoctrination of said kids;
  • The Order’s decision to keep Yoda in charge for 900 years;
  • The Order’s lack of action to end slavery;
  • Their turning a blind to the corruption in the Senate.
  • Their decision to follow the Senate even when they knew they shouldn’t.
  • The Order’s growing arrogance;
  • The Council’s nepotism;
  • The Council’s decision to not send extra help along with Qui-Gon and Obi-wan right after they were told the Sith was back.
  • Their decision to hide the truth about Qui-Gon’s death.
  • Their decision to personally aid the leaders of a planet but not its citizens.
  • Their decision to help slaver Jabba the Hutt but not his slaves.
  • The order’s diminishing popularity.
  • The Council’s decision to fight in the Clone Wars.
  • Turning children and teenagers into soldiers
  • Hiding prisoners in secret prisons (without trial).
  • Their plan to overthrown the Chancellor before they even knew he was a Sith.
  • Using a slave army.
  • Hiding the truth about the slave army’s creation.
  • The Council lying to their own members.
  • Turning their back on a teenager they raised (and used) to avoid “political complications”
  • Allowing an older man to have unrestrained access to a little boy.
  • Sending a little boy to an adult prison.

Robert: “Is it mine or Ross?”
Rebecca : “I can’t…”
Robert: “Are you going to tell Aaron?”
Rebecca: “ That’s all you care about?”
Robert: “yes”
Rebecca: “it’s yours”