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What kind of things could go wrong flower-wise before a big, lavish wedding? I need a very entitled, asshole character to be freaking out about something. Thanks!

Hey hey!

Oooooh my a wedding ask!

*rubs grubby little florist hands*

Let’s see there’s a lot my darling, we can actually draw from my final exam where one of the most horrible things went wrong. And this was for a bridal bouquet too.

I couldn’t get two types of flowers I had listed. One, I remember were Scabiosa (the seed heads) and it was only due to much luck and a very nice, helpful lady that I acquired them very much last minute. The other was worse though. I had two types roses and one of them we were barely able to get and the one package we got was in rather poor condition, just barely enough of what I needed and barely enough to pass the judges critical eyes. Let me tell you, I was in much panic, as it became clear that I might not be able to work like I had planned. Everything turned out well in the end, but still, I never want to experience that panic again.

So let’s make a fun list of all the horrible things that can happen:

What the bride wants the bride can’t have:

  • Can’t get the flowers in questions. To be more precise, the specific variety they requested isn’t produced commercially anymore and similar varieties just won’t do.
  • The Flower™ the bride wants, we can only find in poor shape on this dreadful day. We need a replacement asap, and maybe even that is impossible. Cue panicked florist.
  • The flower they want does not exist naturally and faking it isn’t an option for the bride (Blue roses do not exist, though horticulturists are trying, if you see blue roses it’s probably white roses with blue colouring in the water).
  • The colour in question is unavailable.
  • She wants an all blue wedding but doesn’t like 3 of the like 8 flowers in total that are actually blue. Don’t trust a florist when they say blue, it’s lilac or violet. I’m not kidding, blue is almost impossible to get and like 70% of all that’s blue is artificially coloured.

What the bride wants isn’t what the bride needs:

  • She somehow had the glorious idea of incorporating lilies and now the pollen ruined something of Importance™. Seriously kids, keep lilies away from cloth and for the love of whatever is holy to you don’t try to rub it off, you’ll have an orange stain for basically ever on your clothes/table cloth/etc.
  • The bride wants a stargazer lily boutonnière for the ring bearer, or three foot wide statement pieces made only of misty blue.
  • The bride wants misty blue at all, it smells awful.
  • The bride wants a specific flower and a specific design shape and the two aren’t compatible. (wants tall designs, waterfall bouquet or Hogarth curves with flowers with short stems and refuses to budge on adding foliage and other items to make it work).
  • None of the replacements make the bride happy. At all.

Someone screwed up:

  • They accidentally break something and don’t have a replacement.
  • The wholesaler didn’t deliver the flowers on time.
  • The wholesaler delivered the flowers, but they are subpar, with tears, discolourations and other problems
  • The flowers get delivered to the wrong place (maybe the florist has two weddings that day and the drivers get mixed up).
  • Water drops on white roses. In general they will form ugly little brown splotches after a while, but on white it’s the worst.
  • Someone didn’t pay attention to the water supply and it shows. (The flower heads go soft without proper water supply, they will hang and will show minor signs of wilting. Trust me it shows when they exceeded their limit.)  It’s actually best to let the flowers soak water for a day or two before the Big Day, so they’re full of water and really just that for maximum prettiness.
  • Wrong storage and it shows. (Too warm and everything will wither too quickly, too cold and well have you ever defrosted something like strawberries with a lot of water inside, same thing, only less mushy. hen they thaw they will droop, and fall apart. Mod Den’s note: this happened to my senior prom corsage, my date didn’t understand “country talk” when he was told to put it in the icebox). 
  • The flowers don’t get done in time. (most of the time these will be made the day of the wedding, max the day before if it’s early or large, if someone gets hurt or sick on the team, especially the primary florist, then it’s going to be tough getting everything done in time for a big wedding).


  • The Florist gets injured and there is no replacement the bride likes. (A good ol’ case of pruners to the hand with a neat bloody hole that hurts like hell. Just make sure it’s the hands or they will be required to sit because I guarantee you making floral arrangements while you’re sitting has a much worse outcome than when standing. Trust me, I tired. I was tired.)
  • If it’s specifically the arrangement she needs to criticise, it can be almost anything: height, weight, colour, a type of flower, the arrangement itself. (Remember art is subjective and what’s pretty to you and me doesn’t have to be to her.)

So I hope this helpful and you found a few things to anger your bride with!

- Mods Jana & Den

Part 2

Time for part 2! Looks like the premiere episode will either an hour long or shown on two different nights. I put page #s in parenthesis so you can get idea of how much script is actually missing. Tried to be more detailed this time….ended up being long af so enjoy after the cut

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it isn't rocket science

pairing: ed/winry
themes: au (which isn’t really a theme but), humor, fluff, the usual really
a/n: oh my goD IT HAS BEEN FOUR WEEKS SINCE I WROTE ANYTHING (!!!!!) oh my god welp hope i’m not too rusty and hope this doesn’t colossally suck ass )’:
a/n2: based upon this which has been floating around in my head for weeks and so ta-da!!
a/n3: it feels so incredibly good to write again yay i hope this isn’t awful bc my first au didn’t do too hot but practice makes perfect yo
a/n4: thank you all sO MUCH for the prompts and i will hopefully get on them asap!! (maybe after another couple of chapters of letters!)


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You Forgot

This is tottally differnt than anything I’ve ever done. Or I feel like it is. I’m having trouble focusing on my fics right now so random stuff it is ^^ (this honestly may not make any sense and I hope you forgive me for that)

I may add a part 2 to this, depends on how much love it gets ^^

Summary : The seniors at Magnolia are required to dance at the prom, going so far as having their partners picked for them. What happens when Lucy is paired with the resident bad boy?

The seniors of Magnolia high gathered in the auditorium one cold January afternoon. Most wanted to go home, some had practice or club meetings. Lucy had a ton of paperwork to get done so she could get her college applications turned in ASAP. The college she wanted to get into was taking one last group of students, she was sending in another letter to double her chances.

“Alright settle down!” The principal Makarov yelled from his spot on the stage. The school nurse Porylusica tapped her foot, not pleased to still be amungst these vile students.

“Geez, hurry it up already,” Lucy heard Gray Fullbuster whine in the row in front of her. He was the star of the hockey team and had gained their school a state championship for the last 3 years. She had never spoken to him, but he had quite the reputation in girls locker room.

“As you know, this year we have had a number of scuffles amungst you all,” Makarov spoke, referring to the many fights that broke out in the senior class since the start of the fall term, “I’ve gotten complaints from the staff and underclassmen about them all year long. And that is why we are doing something about to unite you all before you graduate and never see each other again.”

Lucy was intrigued, although thanks to the groans she heard, her classmates did not feel the same.

“Prom will be held in early May. We are going to hold a dance,” Lucy tilted her head to the side, wasn’t the prom already a dance? “And what I mean is, we will have a professional dance instructor come and teach you all a choreographed dance to do together at the prom. Every student, teacher, coach, older siblings, and parents will be able to attend to watch.”

“Seriously?” Lucy was shocked, this had never been heard of before.

“Oh hush up,” Porlyusica shouted over the confused seniors, “You’re going to do and if you don’t, no diploma.”

That shut them all up.

“That is why we passed out this list,” Makarov held up a paper they had all signed this morning. If they were going and who with. Lucy didn’t have a date but she wanted to go and have fun, most of her friends graduated two years ago. But she now had Levy and a few others as her friends, and they were her family now.

“If you said you were not going to attend, too bad. You’re going, ” groans, “no date? We are going to pick one for you.” More groans.

Lucy cringed, who knew who her dance partner was going to be.

“Gildarts,” the head football coach sprang from his spot with another list in his hands, “When Coach Clive calls your name, raise your hand and he will bring you the name of your partner.”

“Alright!” the head coach was always in a good mood, “Gajeel Redfox?”

A brute near the middle raised his hand. Lucy had never spoken to half her grade. She lowered her eyes to her hands, her father had introduced her to his business partners daughters, even if that left her a little lonely.

“Lucy Heartfilia?”

“Oh,” she quickly raised her hand, and for the first time came face to face with the happy coach.

She took her paper from him and opened it after he called the next student.

Natsu Dragneel.

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