but seriously. i would lick your face

“If you asked me to seriously kiss someone on a screen, I would be very uncomfortable. But I will lick any part of your face.”

-Kate McKinnon, being her usual charming self.

Yet another reason I love this woman so much (also why she’s #1 on my girlfriend’s hall pass list…)

first date questions
  1. do you think giraffes ever get lonely?
  2. *pulls out plate of pasta from bag before dinner starts* do you mind if i eat this first?
  3. which flavor of dorito dust do you most prefer to lick off your fingers?
  4. how seriously do you take a game of Monopoly?
  5. would you let oprah slap you across the face?
  6. if there was just a giant bathtub full of macaroni and cheese sitting next to us right now, would you get in?
  7. are you ever paralyzed by the thought of the sheer number of butts that are out there in the world?
  8. if i left you alone in a room with a box of my oreos and told you not to eat them, how long would it take for you to disobey my wishes?
  9. how many murders have you witnessed?
  10. how many times have you given up today?


Hello! Can you do a Peter Pan imagine where you are his girlfriend, pretty much the princess of Neverland, and he’s very protective and possessive of you? Thanks!

You frowned your eyebrows when a young boy was walking towards you. You didn’t know where he had find the courage to do so. Maybe he was new on the Island or maybe he didn’t take Peter’s threats seriously. You sighed when you saw a dark shadow behind the young boy. Well, he would find out soon that you didn’t come too close to Peter Pan’s royal highness. 
“Are we being rebellious?” Peter grabbed the boy’s shoulders and forced him to turn around. “What do I need to do to make clear that no one goes near her apart from me?” He cocked his head and the boy started trembling. 
“I’m sorry…” The boy kept on shaking his head and you licked your lips while you turned your face away.
“It’s too late to be sorry.” Peter grabbed the boy’s throat and lifted him of the ground. “No one breaks my rules and lives.”


TADAAAHHHHHH!! Our Satou Onii-chan ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I was in Rejet shop and underneath bear Satou I could see Onii-chan’s lips and eyes. To me his eyes seemed to be very drowsy and my first thought was “yup that’s a horny face!!! ∑(;°Д°) wipe that horny off your face this instant!!” I seriously thought he was looking like a guy who is into licking, he’d go down on you, eat you out like no tomorrow and then as he makes love to you he would lick your upper torso and legs and face face whilst thursting and it would be all slimy and naaaasstyy but very thrilling at the same time
But when I finally saw his face for real, I thought it’s not that bad actually. Okay he still looks conspicuous but not as horny as I thought. It was clear Happy + Sugar would be Lip Ouji, no funny business just cute fluffness. HOWEVER this is still Rejet. They can sucker punch you out of the blue. And because in Satou’s details it says he is our brother in disguise. I didn’t know what to expect then. Of course the CD could be about normal sibling love and that is fine too. Oz to Himitsu no Ai had Airu onii-chan and his CD was about normal sibling love. But still I’m sceptical about Satou.

In the CD there is an illustration that shows him holding his little sister close. And that looks very endearing to me. I’m not expecting this to turn out to be abnormal sibling sex stuff… … but with Rejet… you know! That illustration looks very sweet and I can see he cares about her a lot. I really like the colour of his eyes too (。・ω・。) I need to put this on my laptop first and then I’ll let you guise know what I think.