but seriously you need to study more

2017 New Years Resolutions

-Organize My Supplies
-Get ahead of the Class
-Participate More
-Write Neater
-Take Better Notes
-Take ALL of my Classes Seriously
-Do Flash Cards On Time (APHG)
-Code Correctly
-Annotate Books CORRECTLY!
-Write My Essays Correctly.
-Study More
-Do Homework!
-Help Clean More
-Keep My Room Clean
-Do More DIY Projects
-Keep My Room Decorated
-Take Pride in the Yard
-Keep Planner Updated!

-Learn Some Russian

-Talk Less
-Don’t Argue Unless You have Evidence Behind Your Reasoning! (I like to argue😉)
-Be Funny Whenever you Do Talk!
-Don’t Listen to other People’s Convos(that’s a hard one!)
-Be observant
-Help Others In Need!

-Work Out More
-Volunteer More(Especially Since I Need 20 hours by May!)
-Make New Friends
-Avoid Becoming Bored!
-Go Outside More!
-Don’t Be an Internet Zombie!
-Take Care of My Hair!
-Stop Dressing Like a Hobo!(Another Hard One!)
-Spend Money Wisely.
-Live in the Present!
-Try New Things!(Another Hard One!)
-Stop Sitting Around.
-Take Care of Nails!
-Sleep More!

-Stop Saying You’re Depressed, because You are not!
-Remember you are Alone, but not Lonely!
-Remember Beauty is in the Eye the Beholder!
-Remember that their is a light at the end of the tunnel! Class of 2020!

As You Guys Can See I Have Alot of Things I Need to Work On! Maybe My 2018 List Will be Much Shorter!

Let’s be adult.

Someone is really complaining because jonlock didn’t become canon? Obviously it is not. It’s a ship, a (legitimate) construction in your mindpalaces. Let it stay there, where it belongs. You need to learn to divide the original product from your ideas of the product. They are not the same. It’s a common error, mixing those two things, but usually people stops doing it while growing up, so it’s not a big issue.

I’m more concerned about who says “the episodes were written badly”. Unless you seriously studied how to write stuff, this sentence is meaningless. I hope you understand it.

If someone knows what he/she’s talking about, I’m glad to discuss and share opinions about the writing and everything else: good writing, bad writing? Doesn’t matter, if you can argue about it. But if “bad writing” is just your translation for “what I wanted didn’t happen”, you need to grow up.

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I'm 18, have two different colored eyes, if I'm not napping I'm either doing homework or watching netflix. My interests include call of duty, working out, and writing.😊 also seriously loove music.

Your date would be: a study date!

It would include:

  • Spencer showing up with coffee and scones
  • setting up at your kitchen table til the entire surface is covered in books and paper
  • You playing your favorite music
  • Spencer listening intently because it’s stuff he’s never heard before
  • Asking Spencer the questions you can’t seem to find the answers to
  • Spencer replying immediately with more information than needed
  • Spencer drawing a sketch of you as you do your work, digging through his things for colored pencils to truly capture the difference of your eyes
  • Your mind wandering from homework to Spencer and writing a short poem about him instead
  • The two of you swapping papers
  • Spencer smiling because of the way you’ve described him
  • You grinning like a fool at the doodle

How your night ends: On the couch after your work has been completed with Spencer thrilled he can finally kiss you without being a distraction

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Me, a newbie

I thought that before I began to post my notes and things, I’d like you guys to get to know me better. So:
• I absolutely adore these studyblrs. Seriously, go follow them -
• I am English, and have lived in London for my whole life.
• until quite recently, I didn’t see the need to learn outside of school, or even study my subjects any more than absolutely necessary. However, over the summer I had a slow epiphany (if such a thing exists) and realised how much I really do love to learn.
• I would love to make friends on this site through learning and studying! Please do message me if you’d like to be study mates, it sounds like a lovely idea.
• I am quite new to the whole studyblr thing, having only really started to follow studyblrs about two months ago. I find them really inspiring, though, especially over the holidays when all I want is hot chocolate and Outnumbered!

Study Tips

In the spirit of all the midterms I’m writing, here are some tips that I should probably follow:

1. If studying makes you want to die, don’t fucking study.

Seriously though. Taking an hour, taking an afternoon, even taking a day is not going to jeopardize your grade. At the end of it all, your well-being is so much more important than 5% extra on your midterm. You will not learn anything if you are reading through literal or metaphorical tears.

2. Stay hydrated and nourished.

I know when we become study robots we put our humanity behind us, but don’t. If you are like me and drink a pot of coffee a day + energy drinks during exams, you need to keep hella hydrated or else you are going to crash instantly by the sure fact that your body has to focus on cleaning your digestive kamikaze up (there is nothing but empirical data here). Eat more than carbs, drink lots of water (at least a cup of water per cup of coffee if you can)

3. Take a “biobreak” every half an hour, take an hour break every three.

Studying is like trying to fill an ocean with a cup and jug. Every half an hour, take five minutes to pour your cup into a jug (short to midterm memory) by having a snack, going to the washroom, doing human things. Every three hours empty the jug into the ocean (mid - longterm memory) and do something else. This does not mean start you philosophy essay, or do readings. Watch Futurama, write some poetry, grab lunch with a friend. Do something that has nothing to do with academia, start a cool tumblr.

4. Fuck off with the whole studying every last second before the test or pulling all nighters.

The anxiety of that is crippling. If you really don’t get something in those three hours before the test, I have the saying that I won’t get it in finite time (I’m approaching an asymptote: A few hours is not going to help me any, it’ll make me an anxious mess more likely to do worse). Make yourself a nice meal, listen to your favourite album, and reassure yourself that “this test was easy, I have done great” (already). The corollary to this is also get a full night’s sleep. Either you are going to do it 12-8am, or 8am-2,3pm. You are going to get the hours, and it is a more productive regime to practice getting up early. Sleep is necessary to long term memory. Pulling an all nighter is one sure way to forget everything you stayed up all night to learn.

5. Remember hygiene

If you’re roommate calls the cops thinking someone has died in your room, lather up. I feel so shitty if I haven’t brushed my teeth, or had a shower. You’ll be amazed if you study, and then have a shower, put on comfy clothes, and self manage. It gets the blood flowing, and has a positive effect on your thought process if you feel good. Make your hair super soft, burn a nice candle, I don’t know, just do whatever the fuck makes you feel clean on the outside, and it will make you so much more “clean” on the inside. 

6. You always have time.

You have studied all day, and you have so much more to cover, but your mom wants a call, your brother needs advice, your friends are lost and want to grab a pint. You. Fucking. Have. Time. This is similar to one but the twist is, one day these people will be gone, or realize you are gone, and you may have your 4.0 instead of a 3.7, but you have nothing else. The world will not stop, your dreams will not be shattered because you decided for half a fucking hour to be human. I once read that there is no lack of scientists, just a lack of good scientists. The reason why you do not have a 100% in everything is what sets you apart. Do we really want a group of scientists who have no social skills, no friends, no family? Hell no. You came here to help people, so don’t lose them before you get a chance to do that. The places you want to go, will want you, not the version of you that is like everyone else. 

7. Finally, if you fail, who gives a shit?

I had a 97.2% average coming out of high school, and I think we all know what this is like, and in first semester I failed a calculus test and I was so disappointed in myself, and scared what my father would say, and then I realized who cares? This is not the end. I studied my ass off, I set my goals and I got good. I hate to be a cliché, but a mistake is only a mistake if you learn nothing from it. So, you failed. Why does that hurt? What can you do to turn your failure into a success story? People want to see what you can do to improve, not that you are static. People see a 78 in first year and an 90 by fourth and they want to know what changed. Short answer? you. You became confident, you became impassioned, you became the person you wanted to be. 

Be there for yourself.

And that’s my rant.

The story of my life
  • Doing homework: Is concentrated on task
  • Brain: Go watch some Kpop
  • Me: I really need to do my hom-
  • Brain: Oppa is waiting for you
  • Me: Fuck this, Oppa I'm coming (Throws homework aside and watches Kpop)
  • Gets bad grades: ....
  • Me: I seriously need to study more.
  • Next time: Repeats cycle every time I study/do homework
“Come over here and make me”- Liam Dunbar

Can you do number 1 with Liam

Prompt List: http://alpha-imagines.tumblr.com/post/127959717296/one-line-prompts

“Y/N” Liam asked “Do you have to keep singing whilst I’m trying to study?”

You giggled and carried on just to wind him up even more

“Seriously” He raised an eyebrow at you

“Can we do something else now” You stated rather than asked

“Well I need to study” Liam responded without looking up from his textbook

“Well I need to study” You mocked, Liam looked at you and laughed

“You’re not making this very easy” Liam said going back to his book

“I didn’t think you liked easy” You smirked

“Stop talking for like 2 minutes please” He whined

“Come over here and make me” You smirked “Dunbar”

Liam shot up from his bed where he was studying and over to where you were stood, you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his stomach.

“This will be way more fun than studying” You giggled

That feeling when you finally finish all your final exams after more than a month of studying everyday for 8+ hours, and you sit at your desk the next morning not knowing how to live anymore because all your day revolves around studying, and you don’t know what to do with your life.

or aka me, right now. 

askairghoulofficial  asked:

Sister, I've returned. I needed a bit of a break from the... hectic events we've been having. But in my absence I've really had a coming to satan moment, if you will. I'm ready to absolutely take charge and hold my responsibilities in high regard and take things a lot more seriously than I have been.

Really, now? I’m happy to hear it. Pray tell, what brought this revelation on? A renewed interest in your studies? The voice of our Father himself? Your significant other’s inability to remain faithful for more than a week at a time?

happy kainora headcanons

because there’s been some angst lately so some happy stuff to balance it out

  • Kai working really hard at learning how to read and write and working on his penmanship because the way Jinora smiles when he does something right makes it so worth it
  • and it comes in handy when they have to do the long-distance thing and he always tries to send really long letters
  • One-on-one airball matches. need i say more?
  • bisonsitting Pepper and Lefty’s babies 
  • traveling the world for a year and visiting all the Temples once Kai gets his tattoos when he’s 19
  • moving to downtown Republic City in their early 20s and Jinora goes to university 
  • they share an apartment and decorate it - well Jinora does mostly but Kai helps out too because sometimes she needs help reaching something on the top shelf
  • and that’s when they start to seriously think about marriage because hey this living together thing is actually kinda fun and i love you??
  • Kai “helping” Jinora with her studies - “Kai, you’re distracting me-” “Oh,” he winks and she can’t help but smile, “I’m a distraction, am I?” “An annoying one,” she teases and he pouts
  • dates in the coffee shop and clubs and musicals what more do you need
  • Kai getting into probending now that air’s been added as an element and having fangirls
  • And Jinora’s totally not jealous pfft what are you talking about (she’s more than a little jealous)
  • Kai of course is pretty oblivious of all the girls fawning over him because he only has eyes for her
  • Kai helping her write her graduation speech
  • the proposal that kai plans so carefully and everything goes wrong but of course jinora still says yes
  • they tell her parents really soon afterwards and Pema’s just like, “Tenzin you owe me 15 yuans” 
  • Rohan’s the ring-bearer
  • everyone cries at the wedding: pema, tenzin, BOLIN, meelo sheds a tear, mako has to hold them back, ikki, rohan, the entire air nation, korra, asami, opal -  EVERYONE (me)
New to the Japanese Studyblr community ❊


I’m Lilian, and I’m currently planning on studying Japanese again. 


Yep! I started my journey with Japanese a few years ago, when I was a freshman in university, but I was always so busy doing other things I could only learn hiragana and katakana.

Last summer I wanted to take Japanese seriously and actually learned about 250+ kanji, and studied grammar and vocabulary from Genki. Summer ended and as my last year of university started, I couldn’t keep studying Japanese, so I forgot more than the 50% of what I’ve learned

That’s what that “again” means!

Couple of months ago I discovered this awesome community in tumblr, so now that I’ve just graduated, I want to learn Japanese for real, get involved and learn alongside all of you! I think that’s the motivation I needed!

I am kind of shy, but don’t hesitate to talk to me! I’d love it! 

Thanks for reading!

よろしく おねがいします! 

ps. I’ll be following every studyblr or langblr with a motivation for learning Japanese, and hopefully, we can all improve! ❊ 

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“You’re right; books can change the way people think and they’ve turned my brain into soup,” you said, letting your head fall onto your arms as you pushed the pile of books away from you.

“You just need a break,” Phil said. “You’ve been at it for hours. Let’s take a break for a few minutes and then do you know what will happen?”

“My brain will still be mush?” you asked. 

“No,” Phil said with a smile. “Inspirational Phil is going to help you study. You’re not even ready for him.”

“Inspirational Phil?” you asked, looking to him with your eyebrows raised.

“He’s like regular Phil. Only more inspiring,” he told you seriously. 

“I have to confess I’m intrigued,” you replied with a small laugh.

“Well, you have to wait, Y/N. Break first, then inspirational Phil,” he told you, and took your hand, leading you away from your books, if only for a bit.

x x

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Can I just say thank you, thank you, thank you for majoring in social services? I have never felt like a job has suited someone more. To think of all the good you are doing for those kids with your kindness, your ability to sympathize, and your sunshine personality, really warms my heart. The world needs more people like you!

THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I applied to college as a business major, but changed it to human development & family studies before freshman orientation because it struck my soul in a way that moved me to tears - I wish I was kidding hahaha. Still minored in business for funsies, but the helping field has my heart.

But seriously, this sweet message means the world to me. Thank you for speaking identity into me and making me feel more empowered in what I do. I care for my kiddos immensely and I’m just so honored to play a role in their lives!!!

New studyblr yay !

Hi !

I’m Léa, I’m 17 years old and this is my first studyblr. I live in France, i’m in a french High School and I really, really love books. That’s it.

More seriously, I decided to create my studyblr to motivate me because, during my school year, I had major health problems and I lost motivation so now, i really want a fresh start, and a studyblr is a perfect point to start.

In september I’ll start my 12th grade. I’ll study philosophy, mathematics, policy, economy, social, history, geography, english and spanish. ( i’m in an european section.)

French is my mothertongue so if you need help, don’t hesitate ask me ! :)

My specific tracked tag : #studiessweet

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Some studyblrs that inspire me ♥ :

@studyrelief ♥ @studiyng@elkstudies@ourstudyworld@etuderhjemme@frstudyblr@katsdesk@smartashermione@procrastinaiting@jessastudy@ambitiousandcaffeinated ♥  @studysthetics@studypetals@acadehmic

And more …

Motivation and determination ! ♥


ahhhh this is my first post here :D

Heyyy everyone my name is Ruwaydah but thats kinda of a mouthfull so you can just call me ruru or ruwy. I made this blog to inspire me to do more work since it is my last year  at sixthform and I seriously need to work really hard.

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Oh and those pictures are of my study space that i just decorated today to inspire me   (just in time for this blog hehe  :D )

Some rather scenic musings in the Moleskine, for once! I need to draw more fjords.

Sorstan deserves to look uplifted at least once. It’s also been a little while since I’ve drawn him. 

This sketchbook is transforming into a bunch of pallanoph studies and scenes, and since this blog’s name is pallanophblargh, that’s something I simply won’t be apologizing for!