but seriously you guys are gorgeous

My second commission from @last-heroine because I couldn’t choose which one I loved more. But… oh my sweet Super Heroes, look.

No seriously. Look at it. Oh my gosh it is so amazing, this artist is SO amazingly brilliant and patient and sweet! Jaime is gorgeous and Bart… oh my biscuits Bart is so cute! The colors, the pose, their smirk/grins. It is literally perfect. Just imagine it:

Bart: “Good try, Blue. But that’s seventeen bad guys for me, fourteen for you, Her-man-o. I win.”

Jaime: “What were we betting on again?”

Bart: “No, no, no. You aren’t getting out of this, Jaime. You’re taking me to that all-you-can-eat Chinese place on your dime!”

Jaime: “I would… but if you count those six dudes I knocked out at the gate, I have twenty, so you’re buying.”

Bart: “Dude… they counted?”

Jaime: “Part of the mission, part of the count.”

Bart: “So not crash.”

I love them so much. I love this so much. And you should too :)

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

Reasons to love Dragon Age Inquisition cast


- Tough and gorgeous

- Could kill you.

- *Disgusted noises*

- Tsundere

- Loves poetry

- Like seriously, its her kink most likely

- So cute when in love

- Is also the best mom you could ask for

- „Ugh.“

- Owned Iron Bull more than once

- Made him fall when she hit him with a stick.

- Don´t mess with her.

- She´s tougher than all your guy friends combined.

- „DEAL. WITH.  IT.“

- You totally watched her walk. Dont lie to yourself


- Is still awesome

- Still hot and cute tbh

- Best one liners

- Will probably write a story about you

- His crossbow is named Bianca.

- It´s important

- Like really important, the devs wont let you change his weapon just like that.


- Doesn´t know wth is going on here.

- But still helps and becomes the best bro

- By that I mean, AGAIN.

- And you won´t complain

- If you hate on him I will fight you.

- And so will the entire fandom


- Acts serious but actually funny af

- Introvert

- Secretly intrigued by parties

- Knows everything

- Basically elf expert

- Also magic and Fade expert

- Also love expert


- Just wants to sleep and dream.

- Can make you dream about anything you want

- Breaks your heart but you still love him inside

- Admit it, you romanced him more than once


- „Vhenan“


- This shouldnt even be a question

- Look at that face

- He makes moustaches hot

- Sassy

- Precious

- Girls love him despite the fact hes gay

- Compliments you even if you play as a girl

- Because hes a sweetie

- Just wants to be loved and accepted

- The best and he knows it.


- Loves his country and wants to make it better

- „Don´t worry, I´ll protect you“

- He got the booty

- Likes „watching you go“, so he can stare at your booty.


- Is elf but doesnt want to be all „elfy“

- „They got no breeches!“

- The crazy aunt.

- Makes no sense.

- Then makes more sense than everyone else

- Wants to save the world so she can play

- But you love her.

- Admit it

- Makes fun of Solas


- „Arrows“

- Just doesnt want to be judged.

- Trolls Solas

- And Vivienne

- Is ok with Dorian and not because they´re both gay

- Also pals with Blackwall, its cute ok

- Likes qunari women


- The cinnamon roll

- Also the sinnamon roll

- Could kill you

- But is so innocent.

- Wants to help everyone


- Just wants people to be happy

- Literally so precious

- Dont you dare take off his hat.


- Doesnt care if people forget him.

- „What matters is, I helped.“

- Blunt in the most innocent way possible.

- If you don´t love him then there truly is no hope for you

Iron Bull

- He picked his name.

- Biggest Qunari in the trilogy.

- Also the funniest.

- Casually talks about sex

- Has the best squad in the world and he knows it.

- Seriously he´s precious with them.

- Nervous around magic and demons.

- But just hit him with a stick. He´ll feel better.


- Gets owned by Cassandra.

- Flirts with Cassandra and she likes it.

- „Ride the bull?“

- Ends up with Dorian if you romance neither.

- And its kinda cute


- She´s beauty. She´s grace

- She´ll step on your face

- Let her

- Also knows everything

- Wants the Circle back because she knows mages are dangerous

- Is a mage herself btw

- Savage when roasting people

- Scary

- Like legit she scares Iron Bull

- Is the aunt we didn´t ask for, but the one we desperately need

- Admit it, you want her to give you fashion advice

- So pretty and elegant it´s not fair.


- What can he do? „Save the fucking world, if pressed“

- Says „fucking“ a lot.

- Cute beard


- Has a big heart

- But also tragic past

- Thinks he´s not worthy of love

- Or anything good

- Wants to make up for what he did.

- Actually cares about your cause

- Friends with Sera

- Trolls Solas about his …relationship with Spirits

- Hella funny, if you ask me.


- Still cute

- Even cuter

- Grew so much

- Be proud of him

- Always doing his best.

- Great leader, you can count on him

- But still nervous when in love

- Got owned by his sister in chess.

- But then won by practising for weeks with his brother.


- Cute fluffy coat

- Y´all probably wanna wear it.

- The glare he gives to the soldier when he and his love get interrupted.

- Like omg

- His romance is literally so sweet

- Just as he is

- Two words. „The desk“


- Greets you differently depending on your culture

- So thoughtful

- And sweet

- And cute

- But still great at what she does

- And the entire world knows it.

- Protect her.

- I love her design so much

- Cheers loudly with the soldiers, then covers her mouth shyly


- Such a dork

- Tells great stories

- Really fun, but tries to act all decent, its cute.


- Baby girl

- She grew up so much

- Could kill you

- No, seriously.

- Also really tough.

- Probably even more than Cassandra.

- Deserves everything good.

- P. R. O.T. E. C.T. Her

- In an alternate timeline, gives her life to save you.

- Probably mentally strongest girl in the game

- I just want to hug her


- Still giggles like a school girl when remembering her lover tho

- „S/He misses me!“

- Best sis you could ask for basically.

Dating Kai Parker would Include...

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  • Him bopping your nose all the time.
  • Making jokes about you and you getting easily offended but he apologizes after sweetly.
  • You two meeting through Damon.
  • “Who’s that?” “What? Oh that’s Y/N.”  
  • Damon being your best friend.
  • Kai helping you with your magic.
  • Damon being over protective of you.
  • Kai being over protective of you.
  • Kai bringing you to sweet dinner dates.
  • “You better not hurt Y/N, Kai.” “I won’t.”
  • Kai teaching you new spells.
  • Him admiring how gorgeous you looked when you first met.
  • Countless hugs given everyday.
  • Kai promising his life that he’ll always protect you from danger.
  • You being in danger because you didn’t listen to him.
  • Him saving you.
  • “I know you want my attention, but seriously?”
  • A lot, of witty and funny remarks.
  • Sarcasm level is = 10000000%
  • Sass level is = 1000000%
  • Giving him attitude whenever he pisses you off.
  • Him calling you ‘My girl’ and ‘babe’ whenever.
  • Him hugging you tightly.
  • Stroking your hair while you guys spend the night together just talking about your problems.
  • Kai giving you great advice.
  • Receiving hickies.
  • Heated makeout sessions.
  • Damon catching you two locking lips and making a face.
  • Kai buying you roses like the old school guy he is which leads to *smut* after.
  • “You’re so hot, babe.”
  • Kai smirking and biting his lip everytime he sees you.
  • The girls telling you how bad of an influence Kai is.
  • You knowing Kai’s dangerous but you like the risk.
  • Loving each other endlessly.
  • Kai wanting to spend his life with you.
  • Talks about family and your future.
  • When in a fight you two avoid each other and practice magic to cool down, then making up after.
  • Defending each other in battles and arguments.
  • Holding hands.
  • Sharing jumpers and scarves.
  • Kai missing you when you leave his house.
  • Sleeping over a lot.
  • You being his weakness.
  • Becoming his anchor.
  • “Will you marry me?”

So I commissioned the insanely talented and lovely @mitsouparker for some Drarry.  I knew I wanted pretty boys in crowns and ended up asking for this.

She drew the kiss from the end of my story Let Me Be Your Prince and she did amazing.  It’s just so beautiful it hurts.  Seriously you guys how utterly gorgeous is this?!

I’m not crying, you’re crying.  Ok fine maybe I’m crying.

1034) I often hate meeting new people. Every time they assume I’m straight and it comes up and I have to come out again. And again. Every time it gets more annoying. “Hey look at her!” No thanks I’m more interested in him. “That’s one of the perks of working here, lots of gorgeous girls.” That’s great, call me when you see a gorgeous guy. “You should shave your beard so girls will want to kiss you.” Nope, I’m growing it out so guys will. “Did I mention Sally has an eye on you?” Did I mention that I’m extremely homosexual? Seriously, do I need a sign or something? Maybe I’ll just start wearing a name tag that says hello I’m gay….


Made some pixel art of @therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu!

I made this about a week or so ago. I’ve been holding off on posting it because I didn’t think it was good enough, but I decided to go ahead and just post it anyway. In total, it took 6 and a half hours to make! I currently can’t afford a drawing tablet, but I enjoy making pixel art just for fun. This is the first time I’ve ever posted art of mine online. I really hope you guys enjoy it :)

No traces or references were used, except for pictures of Jack and Signe :)

(P.S. God bless Signe’s reading your comments video because now I know how to pronounce her name XD But seriously, I really hope that she makes more videos! She’s absolutely gorgeous and I really want to get to know her better. Jack is such a lucky guy! :D)


Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 570

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: could you please write an imagine where the reader is one of the Schuyler sisters and dating John Laurens and when all of you (including the guys) are out somewhere and one of the guys flirts with the reader and John gets jealous and kind of possessive? thanks gorgeous!

Requested by @angelbabymed: dude i seriously LOVE your blog!! can i request an imagine where the reader is one of the Schuyler sisters and is dating Laurens? and the whole hamilsquad is out one night and one of the guys gets close to the reader and Laurens gets jealous?? thanks love xx

A/N: Fun fact Fraunces Tavern(which I think it still exists) was the bar that the ending to Aaron Burr, Sir to Story of Tonight took place!

You sat in Angelica’s car squished between your sisters Eliza and Peggy on the way to go roller skate. The conversation started with the activities, but you started to tune out of the conversation when Peggy started teasing Eliza about Alexander.

“What about Y/N? She’s dating his best friend!” Heat rose to your cheeks as Eliza dragged you into the conversation.

“Shut up!” You laughed, nudging Eliza lightly.

“Aw, you’re blushing!” Peggy squealed, leaning on you.

“Shut up!” You repeated, nudging Peggy this time.

“Shut up!” Angelica growled from the driver’s seat.

The three of you did shut up, because Angelica made most of the rules between you. In fact, the rest of the car ride was spent in silence.

That is, until Angelica drove past Fraunces Tavern and Eliza nudged you again. You pushed her back, only to feel Peggy push against you as well. You retaliated by gently elbowing her.

“You guys are impossible!” Angelica commented. Laughter escaped her, despite the anger in her voice as she pulled into the parking lot.

You stumbled around the rink, holding desperately to the railing on the side. Lafayette skated up to you skillfully, laughing quietly at your struggle.

“Shut up.” You groan for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

“Here.” He took your hand, bringing you with him as he sped around the rink. You held tight as you flew around with him. In the dizziness, you didn’t see John standing off to the side scowling.

Finally, Lafayette pulled you aside.

“There’s a bar next door.” He stated simply. You nodded, giggling.

“I really need a drink right now.”

And that’s how Lafayette had to prevent you from drinking too much. He had to pry the shots from your hands and drag you back to the building where everyone else were.

You walked in, immediately swept away by John. His arm snaked around your waist, pulling you away from Lafayette. You looked confused, raising an eyebrow at John before turning to Lafayette with the same look. He merely shrugged at you.

John walked with you held at his side until you were out of earshot. “What’re you doing?” He wondered quietly.

“What do you mean?” You were confused. Did you do anything wrong?

“With Lafayette.” He explained.

“Nothing, John we went next door to get some drinks. He’s the one who stopped me from drinking too much to get too drunk.” You assured him.

“Good, because you’re mine.” He leaned close, whispering in your ear. A smirk made its way across your face.

“I think you’re mine, Laurens.”

Camp Half-Blood!Au Yoongi
  • Son of Apollo: God of the sun, light, healing, beauty, music, poetry, archery, reason and prophecy
  • Blonde yoongi like agust d bc you know how great it was
  • Basically hates his father
  • And it’s funny bc despite he dislikes his dad, Apollo seems to like him a lot
  • “What’s up yoongi mY BOY” “Don’t touch me”
  • “How I’m related to that asshole” 
  • “Seriously mom, I don’t understand why you fell in love with him”
  • He’s gorgeous, like how can he not he has the god of bEAUTY as father
  • But he’s not self conscious about his beauty, even tho most girls and some guys in the camp have a crush on him
  • “why they flirt with me, i’m nOT INTERESTED”
  • He’s done with everyone’s shit 
  • King of archery
  • You better hide when he’s angry and has a bow and arrows with him
  • “Hoseok don’t play with the arrows, you’re going to take out an eye with it”
  • He takes care of hoseok all time like don’t you dARE TO TOUCH MY BABY
  • He’s extremely good with poetry so he makes amazing raps
  • people didn’t understand why he raps like “You can’t sing? Why you rap?”
  • “Rap is music too dickheads”
  • He is sick of new campers asking for a prophecy 
  • He’s usually the leader of one of the teams in capture the flag, the other one is namjoon
  • One time he almost hurt a hephaestus guy with an arrow in the middle of capture flag
  • He apologized but felt guilty the rest of the month
  • When namjoon’s team win, he said he let them win
  • He really enjoys healing people but denies it bc he has to keep his badass look
  • He can’t stand discrimination, he fights everyone who say somehting degrading
  • He hates all ares kids except for jungkook 
  • Even tho he looks like a bad guy, he actually has a golden heart and want everyone to be safe

Jungkook ver / taehyung ver / jimin ver / namjoon ver / hoseok ver / yoongi ver / jin ver

i saw la la land today


  • emma stone is so beautiful and talented
  • john legend, killing it, as always
  • the music is GORGEOUS
  • seriously i can’t stop humming “city of stars”
  • “yeah that other guy wasn’t as good as you… but you’re a pain in the ass” YOU TELL HIM JOHN
  • all the bright colors and costumes
  • all the homages to old film
  • mixing traditional jazz with contemporary music
  • ryan gosling is nice to look at, and who knew he could sing?
  • also mentioning emma stone again because she really is one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen
  • the fantasy sequences are beautifully done, especially at the end
  • i really loved the dreamlike tone it gave off sometimes – very moulin rouge in that respect, at least part of the time
  • emma stone singing “the fools who dream” > everything else in this movie


  • seb is such a prick like seriously why did mia even like him???
  • also not digging the white savior thing he had going on
  • i wish john legend had been in it more
  • like mia and john legend’s character would’ve been an interesting couple
  • make THAT movie, hollywood
  • seb is pretentious and not even in a fun way
  • it’s very slow to start off with
  • it’s pretty style-over-substance tbh, even if i do like the style
  • not sure how i feel about the ending, tbh. it was probably a more fitting ending than the perfect happily ever after but i’m not sure i like how it was executed
  • some of the lipsynching is a bit off, though it’s mostly okay
  • i don’t appreciate how this is overshadowing more daring, riskier projects at awards seasons
  • like i enjoyed it but i will be the first to admit this is 100% hollywood sucking its own dick
  • and finally
  • i seriously cannot get over what a gigantic prick seb is
  • like good lord what an asshole

final verdict: i liked it. probably won’t buy the DVD, but i’ll get the soundtrack for sure.

7 things boy group stans need to stop doing:

- “they’re prettier than female idols” okay so: “he’s gorgeous, cute, pretty, handsome, adorable,…” is not good enough for you? Why do you have the need to mention female idols at all? I see that shit quite a often “they’re prettier than girl groups lmao” maybe, just maybe you can compliment your boys without putting others down? You don’t even have to be attracted to girls to notice how gorgeous some female idol is. I don’t see posts like: “lol my girl group is prettier than all the guys” but I see “they’re prettier than all female idols”  a lotttt… seriously you need to stop. You don’t sound cute. And if you don’t like girl groups why do you have to mention them anyway?

“we already called him out for being problematic” whenever a female idol does or says something problematic MOST boy group stans start attacking those idols & their fandoms. Even if something happened 4, 5, 6, 7 years ago they still “drag” female idols. But the funny thing is that their boys done/said almost the same thing as them… and they still love them. Their excuse is: “well we already DRAGGED his ass… we already CALLED him out, plus that happened a year ago and he apologized,…” Okay? Cool. We called out problematic idols as well. Maybe not every single fan but yeah we called them out. All I’m saying don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t drag female idols when you stan the most problematic male idols. And apparently most of you only call them out & then you forgive them? That’s cool. But hey, then you can also stop writing posts about female idols and what they said 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… years ago.

“there are only 1 or 2 original girl groups, all other girl groups suck” firstly if you only listen to boy groups and you don’t talk shit about girl groups ~ then I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about people who act like EVERY SINGLE boy group is soooo original and they only know girl groups that are popular at the moment, they might heard one or two of their songs and just like that all girl groups suck because they didn’t like those two songs. Stop acting like all girl groups suck when you only know a few of them.

- “I’m only here for the…” whenever there is a guy is in some MV boy group fans come and spam us with comments like: “I’m only here because he is in the video” okay? But can you tell us what you think about the song? It’s quite rude, don’t you think? You completely ignore the music, you just came to tell us that you came because one of your favorite guys is in that video? Give us some feedback. Even if you say: “I came here because of him but this song is not my style.”

“she’s showing skin, she’s a whore” but you love it when your favorite idol takes his shirt off? Again. Stop. Being. A. Hypocrite.

- “she doesn’t smile, she’s a fucking bitch” when your boys don’t smile you assume that they had a bad day, you quickly start to comment: “poor baby” when some male never smiles you think they’re so cool with their cold image but whenever some female idol doesn’t smile she’s a rude ungrateful bitch.  

“let’s make fun of people who passed away” this is the most fucked up thing ever. I seriously have no idea who thought that it would be cool to make fun of EunB & Rise. Someone is dating? Hey I know maybe I should make a post: “I hope that she dies like EunB & Rise” I don’t like some girl group? I have an idea let’s comment: “I hope that they die like EunB and Rise” my bias is trending on twitter yay, but that dead girl is also trending on twitter because it’s her birthday? I know! I should tweet something hateful and also I should tweet how happy I am that she died.

You need to stop using their name in your little pointless fan wars I’m serious that shit is messed up. I don’t care if you’re “a troll” there is a real person behind that screen.

Lardo: It’s all right for you. You’ve got Mr. Perfect keeping you right.

Nursey: What, Dex? How have I “got” Dex?

Dex: Yeah. How has he “got” me?

Nursey: He’s not mine.

Dex: No. No. I’m not his.

Lardo: Come on. Seriously. It’s got to be you two. Oh, cut to the song, it’s getting boring.

Nursey: Nice thought, okay? But completely impossible.

Dex: Yeah. Impossible.

Nursey: I’d love to. He’s gorgeous. He’s my favorite guy. But he’s, you know— Straight.

Dex: —a friend. [to Nursey] I’m not straight.

Nursey: Yes you are.

Dex: No. No I’m not.

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1. Name/Nickname: My real name is Marina. You can call me Pancake or any other name tbh i don’t really care that much.

2. Relationship Status: Hello, ladies, i’m single and readY TO FUKCIGN KILL MYself

3. Favorite Color: Turquoise. I guess.

4. Last Song I Listened To: “ Beach Bones” by More Amor (it gives me da feels you know what i mean)

5. Favorite YouTube Channels: Besides Idubbztv, tvfilthyfrank and maxmoefoe i like SuperEd86 (cause i love weird shit), Marzia, h3h3, NFKRZ, Pewds and some russian youtubers you’re not familiar with.

6. First Fandom: Ohhh LOord. I hope God can forgive me, for I have sinned. Back in 2011 I was into Jonas Brothers. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know.

7. Hobbies: Lots of them. Just casually reading books, playing guitar (performing and making my stuff even), doing science, making people see the positive side of their life, being happy (even though my life is basically shit and if i told you about my problems then… well, fuck, you’d be surprised that i’m still alive), writing stuff, drawing, etc. I can talk about it for hours.

8. Things I Am Currently Working On: I’m not “a man with a plan”. My urge to do something is sudden and unexpected. So i can’t really tell what I’m working on at the moment. I usually don’t have any long-term projects.

9. Worst Thing I’ve Ever Eaten: Dog food? Oh, i was young and stupid. It wasn’t awful. It was just flavourless.

10. Favorite Place: Countryside. Nothing inspires me more then these breathtaking views. The nature is magical. How many sunsets and how many sunrises have i witnessed there? Who knows…

11. Three Wishes: I’m not gonna tell you. Sorry, but all my wishes are kept inside my head or else they won’t come true. I hope you understand.

That’s it. I don’t like showing my personality online, but I think I can trust you all. Every one of you. And if you’d like to be friends - just send me a message. I’m to shy to start a conversation myself.

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So grateful for the amazing people in my life. To Nay for the Nutella, starting 2017 off to a grrreeeeat *insert Tony the tiger meme* start. My beautiful wife, @her-victori for probably THE BEST present (besides being my wife, bc this girl is *Alicia Keys runs in the room and screams* ON FIRE!!! , (Well, I mean she is pretty hot), but my point was that she is amazing, and I am so lucky to have someone so forgiving, kind, and overall GORGEOUS as my wife.) But I’m a giant nerd, and she understands that and helps me to embrace it (don’t want to take a picture of it bc it won’t do this piece of art justice). For @jeanduck and @art-is-paper-view for always being there even though I might not be. Also for @misterpugstache and @shadowguy55530 for always being there when I need someone to talk to. I could not be luckier, and I’m very grateful to be alive, something I thought I would never say.

Gansey: It’s all right for you. You’ve got Mr. Perfect keeping you right.

Ronan: What, Adam? How have I “got” Adam?

Adam: Yeah. How has he “got” me?

Ronan: He’s not mine.

Adam: No. No. I’m not his.

Gansey: Come on. Seriously. It’s got to be you two. Oh, cut to the song, it’s getting boring.

Ronan: Nice thought, okay? But completely impossible.

Adam: Yeah. Impossible.

Ronan: I’d love to. He’s gorgeous. He’s my favorite guy. But he’s, you know— Straight.

Adam: —a friend. {to Ronan} I’m not straight.

Ronan: Yes you are.

Adam: No. No I’m not.