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pairing: park jimin | reader  
genre: angst, gangmember!jimin 
summary: he comes and goes like the wind. [requested] 
word count:  2.336

“I am not losing you again.”

Park Jimin is notorious for being the bold yet smooth charmer that he is. He is a man whose name is nowhere near unfamiliar on campus grounds. Being born with a silver spoon in his mouth can sometimes make people question why, out of all the prestigious universities in South Korea, he chose one that could never make it into the national top list. A small institute, unlike the fancy ones that are usually situated in the country’s capital. It’s obvious that he radiates money. He always comes to class with the nicest clothes, drives the best car, and is always first to change his phone whenever a new edition comes out. He could get into any university even if his academics didn’t support him (though everyone highly doubts that, the boy is surprisingly really smart), so why here?

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anonymous asked:

Since their performance @ the mamas I really want to get into monsta x~What are their personalities like? I've seen some shows but do you have any fav interviews? Blogs to rec? Sorry if this is kinda long!!

It’s not a problem at all! I’m happy to answer anything you have to ask about them, and I’m really glad more people are starting to get into them ^^ Hope this helps you somewhat~

The members (in order of oldest > youngest):

Shownu (Full name: Son Hyunwoo) - Leader of the group, the best dancer (you can check out some of his performances on Hit The Stage here, here, and here); also a great vocalist (his solo performance from No Mercy). The members call him the “dad” of the group, and he has a very relaxed demeanor most of the time. Laid back and doesn’t get scared easily (he once jumped off a 63-floor high tower because he wanted to). He’s also kind of awkward and shy sometimes, but very sweet once you get to know him. Very reliable as a leader, and cares for his members a lot ;u; Actually really really cute. Nicknamed ‘robot’; often compared to a teddy bear. Also, his eye smile is super adorable :’3

Wonho (Full name: Shin Hoseok) - Vocalist, charismatic stage persona; has a ‘sexy’ image as an idol, but in reality, is the fluffiest sweetest person ever ;-; Is extremely caring and sensitive; expresses his love for his members, fans, and family a lot (he personally helped his mom open a cafe after debuting ;;). Always makes sure to thank every single person, including every staff member ;; Very hardworking (also produces his own songs). The ultimate cheesiest dork (once took a cookie monster doll on a date). His one true love is ramen. His smile could make flowers grow :’)

Minhyuk (Full name: Lee Minhyuk) - Vocalist, bright and cheerful personality, a literal sunshine angel, the group’s “moodmaker”. Likes skinship with others and is very affectionate :’) Often compared to a puppy (nicknamed ‘Minmungie’). Loves Monbebes so much ;; (spent days perfecting calligraphy to show to fans to accompany a solo stage, worked on an entire exhibit for fans with Kihyun); admitted to often searching up things about Monsta X on SNS :’) Very caring and supportive of the other members; so full of love for everyone <3 “Jack of all trades”; once scored 3 consecutive tens in archery at ISAC (wow).

Kihyun (Full name: Yoo Kihyun) - Main vocalist, “hamster”, honestly has one of the nicest voices (OTL), named one of Starship’s top vocalists by many of his company seniors. Small and savage (remember when he threw confetti at Yoongi?), but also really caring at heart ;-; Often very cheesy when it comes to Monbebes (X,X,X). Sometimes tries to act cute (he’s naturally cute okay ;u;) or romantic, but gets super embarrassed afterwards. Also often called the “king of bluffing”. Loves kids, Gudetama, and fried chicken :3 Is called the ‘mom’ of the group because he cooks/cleans and wakes everyone up in the morning (nags at the members, especially Hyungwon, lmao). He sang for a few drama OSTs (X,X). Some performances you should check out: Hyeya (iconic performance from No Mercy T_T), Moon of Seoul (sings this song every chance he gets haha) on Masked Singer, Runaway Baby, etc.

Hyungwon (Full name - Chae Hyungwon) - Vocalist, talented dancer (choreographed this and danced it w/ Wonho and Shownu), model, “poet”, good at acting (he has a role in an upcoming webdrama!). The members once said that he looks like he walked out of a manga. Is known for being very handsome, but is also the biggest meme (a Brazilian political party even once used a vine of him as a meme). Might seem cool and laid back at first, but he’s actually extremely dorky <3 Known for his praying mantis dance and sleeping a lot. The other member of MX’s sass duo (along with Kihyun). The actual sweetest towards fans ;;;

Jooheon (Full name: Lee Jooheon) - Rapper, extremely talented (was the highest ranking for the majority of No Mercy, collaborated with professionals even before debut), charismatic stage persona - but also known for his cuteness ^-^ Seriously, he is the king of aegyo and all things cute ;u; Famous for his “kkukkukkakka” aegyo. The most easily scared member. Also a very talented composer; very passionate about music and the things he writes about in his lyrics (this song he wrote for his grandmother speaks out beyond the scope of words;;). Some other performances: Yessir (solo from No Mercy), duet with #Gun, SMTM (X,X), Get Low w/ MadClown, etc.

I.M (Full name: Lim Changkyun) - Maknae (that “doesn’t seem like the maknae”), rapper, known for his distinctive deep voice (and his iconic line “I am what I am”). Seems serious and quiet at first, but in actuality is the biggest dork. Multilingual. A total meme, but also super adorable and puppy-like (nicknamed “Kkukkungie”). Very very sweet and thoughtful ;; Had to deal with a lot of difficulties to get where he is now, but he persevered and worked so hard to overcome those  ;~;

In summary, they’re all such kind and hardworking people, who love their fans so much (to go so far as to dress up as doctors at fanmeetings and listen to fans’ problems), who never tire of expressing their love for their supporters, are always respectful and humble, and continue to work to do their best at everything, despite whatever obstacles they encounter ;~;

**As for shows (idk what you’ve already seen), these are the essentials:

  • Right Now (aka one of the greatest things ever bestowed upon the fandom)
  • No Mercy (their predebut survival show - I’d recommend watching something light and funny after this ;~;)

Other Shows/Interviews:

V App/Official Channel Videos:

Some of my favorite performances:

Some other things you should check out:

Please stan these lovely dorks ♡ You won’t regret it :’)

GOT7 Member Introduction

I guess people liked my EXO intro, so I got a request from my boo thang wanting a GOT7 intro!


  • Real Name: Mark Tuan/ Tuan Yi Eun
  • Nicknames I Gave Him: Shy Guy, Cute Nose
  • Personality: He’s a shy, quiet guy who seems uninterested most of the time, but he really is a kind and caring guy. Once he breaks out of his shell, he’s extremely funny and I love his laugh.
  • He’s my boo bias. 
  • Age: 24 until September 4.
  • Position: He’s the oldest hyung, rapper, American in AmeriThaiKong line

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FIRST OF ALL HOLY CRAP GUYS 150+ !!!? I am so blessed to have all of you around && interacting with my patrick seriously. i made this blog when i was trying to get into the groove of roleplaying i was so nervous about entering the IT fandom only ever being in the Supernatural fandom && fandomless ocs but this fandom has been so kind and welcoming && has made me meet some of the most wonderful people. i feel like i’ve known you guys since i beginning of time && i cant wait to meet more of you lovely people 

ALSO NOTE: if i missed anyone its probably because i’m scattered brain af im sure theres more people but tumblr ate the last follow forever post i made so i had to spend another hour on this. feel free 2 come into my askbox if i missed u or somethin!!

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Submit Anon: The Fallout Flute Fiend

I’m not really sure this counts as a weeb story, but it seems like the kind of thing ya’ll might like. Also submitting anon, because I don’t really want her to find me again.


Me: Rowan

My sister: Mika

My present girlfriend: Ami

Weeb (is it a weeb?): Poubelle

Strap yourselves in, mayonnaises and mustards, ‘cause this is going to be a long-ass story. 

So, my mom is a good flutist. Like, really good. Like, so good she owned a solid gold flute once upon a time, and played in an extremely renowned orchestra in the Bay Area. But then she had children, and she decided she needed a better job. So she sold the gold flute and went off to go get a degree.

She has since acquired said degree, and has lately been taking up fluting again, with a sterling silver flute gifted to her from her old tutor. My little sister, Mika, wants to become a flutist as well, so Mom has been helping her along with her practice. Mika is extremely good now, and uses the silver flute, but still owns the nickel flute she started off with.

All of this is important for reasons I will explain later on.

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How I see the signs

(Based on personal experience and knowledge of Astrology)

Aries: Good god stop bouncing. If you’re not bouncing, quit glaring. When you’re calm you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen like perfectly folded and tempered steel, fresh from the ironworks and ready for a long hard day of work. Your determination is worth admiring. Aries women are either over the top or are so calm that you can tell them anything and you won’t persuade them into a rant. I haven’t met many aries men, knowingly. It hurts when people don’t see you as you want to be seen, or if you’re not taken seriously because of how you act.

Taurus: If you’re male, no offense but some of you are rather droll and boring (Think the most boring teacher you have ever had, and you have what I mean). If you’re not droll, you are really happy and excitable in your interests. I have met two types of women: Whores and soccer moms. There’s in betweens but you either have the want for kids or you don’t. I can’t stand other female Taurus typically because it’s like a secret competition, who can love their partner better. Who can cook better, who can sing better. It never ends. In general Taurus, you are stubborn but in your best way you use it to prevail in situations many people can’t stand. You tend to get stuck in bad relationships long after they have expired, and despite wanting to leave it will take you a while to even do so. Comfort and security is important. Look, we can be lazy, we can be kinda slow, but we have a reason. Ever take your time doing something? Putting all of your effort into something? Then seeing the result? We do that every day. Taking the time to take the time, makes everything more beautiful. We love beauty. We see it in everything. Yes we’re prone to materialism but it’s because we want to have beauty all around us at all times. Also please don’t push us past our almost seemingly never ending patience, because it does end and it isn’t pretty. But we don’t like losing our cool. Angry people hurt people and we care for everyone. Really we do. Don’t make us mad, because we don’t like what we do when we get there. In the mean time we promise to be loyal to the point of self destruction and be that shoulder you cry on while we hold on tight like you’ll fly away. We’re good rocks. Really good stabilizing rocks.

Gemini: Good god, don’t ever shut up. Seriously sometimes you can say some dumb things, but when you REALLY talk, it’s always great listening to you. Especially if it’s something you’re passionate about. Look you also can be kind of wishy washy but you’re not terribly so, it comes and goes. You have your moods but you’re way more level headed than Cancer and less excitable than Aries. I have more Gemini’s in my life than I can count. I see you everywhere, probably because we get along. ACTUALLY. You probably get along with everyone. Sure seems like it. But you know. I know you get sad. I know it gets bad, but sometimes sitting down and talking to someone does loads of wonder to help that. It’s perfectly fine to have a day in to yourself where you’re not doing anything at all. 

Cancer: My god. Either you need to take a midol or you need to stop inwardly screaming. Or screaming in general. You’re either an ocean of emotions or your internally beating yourself up. I have seen all pieces of the spectrum and you are never calm until you realize that verbalizing your emotions actually helps. When you’re young and you’re female. Terrifying. Actually female cancers are just terrifying in general. Force to be reckoned with. But like with teh tides, you have your sweet moments. Some of the nicest and understanding women I know are also cancers just don’t piss them off please. There’s no calming you down until you’re done huffing and puffing. You really give Taurens a run for their money. And they are raging bulls when they are mad. Good god the men. Seriously. I have never met men so full of emotions yet so unwilling to talk about what’s going on in their head. Please come out of the shell. We aren’t all dicks, we can help with that internalized anger. :|

Leo: Stop fussing about your appearance. You’re beautiful. Despite what you think of yourself. You get so wrapped up in being your best self you lose sight of what you can be or really are. Gorgeous inside and out. You exude the confidence even when you don’t have it. You’re terribly fun to be around and seem to bring life to the party even when you’re feeling your worst. I know a lot of leos and you are all amazing people. Seriously. Please stop beating yourself up because you don’t think you’re good enough. You are. While you can be intimidating and imposing as a parent, you have never meant anything but wanting the best for your kid. I see it now, and I wish I had sooner. But you are literally a momma or papa lion, proud and protecting. Leos: Do what you want to do, and you will be the happiest you have ever bee.

Virgo: Okay, yes, people think you can be kinda uptight, but you really aren’t. You’re only uptight with people who you secretly do not like. Around your friends you are bright like the moon in the clear sky. Grounded and yet open-minded. You thrive in groups with multiple people and are usually well liked by most people. Rarely have I seen Virgo’s rub people the wrong way. You and Libras are like peas in a pod, especially in school. THAT IS. If you’re not overly awkward. I say awkward because you’re either the respectful quiet type or you’re out spoken and love debate. Even if the debate puts you in some one’s bad corner. My longest friendships are with virgos (coming from a Taurus), an earthy sign with balance. Mutable and understanding. Virgos are great friends in general and always know when to and when not to have fun.

Libra: Stop it. These men need to be leashed and sent away. You’re dangerous.Quit it with that milky voice, you’re too dangerous, you see that? That’s my panties flying away. You open your mouth and it’s like the heavens parted. I don’t know how, but you always know what to say when you know someones sad. Actually, all libras do. You guys are great to have around when someone’s sad. Not afraid to be a clown or the person who holds on tight. Libra women are shiny, like night stars in a clear sky. Twinkling bright and burning fast. You hold nothing back and aren’t ashamed of being yourself. Libra smiles are deadly. So charming and yet so easily you can hide the pain. I wish you wouldn’t, pain is just as beautiful as all the things you do. It makes you human. Don’t be afraid to let someone in and help you like you like to help others. Also, the Libras i have known are always surrounded by fiercely loyal friends who would stop at nothing to make you as happy as you make them.

Scorpio: Go away. Being mysterious is cool and all, but when you use your quiet to gain the upperhand on people, it causes issues. Scorpio women are just fine in my books. Even tempered and cool as a cucumber. Scorpio men have left a bad taste in my mouth. Except like, one, but he’s the quiet nerd type who’s secretly a massive perv and yet, I must resist the temptation to probe into his mind because of the burns in the past. Scorpios are polar opposite of Taurus on the Astrological chart. It’s either good or bad mixing. It’s been mostly bad for me. I don’t have much more to say than that.

Sagittarius: Okay. Bias coming through. Daddy’s girl here, and Daddy is the best Sagittarius ever. Motorcycles? Check. Cool suave exterior. Check. Confidence? Check. You are either a playboy who knows his moves and are respectful or you’re fiercely devoting even after the fire burns to a glow. A lot of Sagittarius I have known, are terribly prone to depression. You’re the saddest folk I’ve ever seen. Next to Pisces and Cancer, you just seem to suffer and always think it’s your fault or someone else’s. Heads up kiddo, it’s not. Sometimes life just sucks. But you know what helps? Getting out of bed and doing things, keep busy and you’ll find your happiness again. I want to hug every Sag I meet. Seriously, don’t know what it is, but you guys give off a very comforting aura even when you’re extremely sad or depressed. You know a lot of people but tend to keep very few close, I don’t know why, I don’t ask questions if it appears to be a bad one. You’re friends love you dearly though!

Capricorn: Ahhhhh. Let me take a moment for reveling in my bestest friends in the whole wide world category. Seriously. LOVE YOU. Take everything about earth signs and throw them into one, you are so well rounded and likeable to me, that I can’t help but want to be you, or with you. The men are gentle, but intelligent and the women are fierce and steady. You know how to have fun while keeping it in check. Finances aren’t a trouble for you even when they are a trouble. Somehow, I don’t know how, but even the threat of eviction doesn’t throw off your “cool” or “calm” factor. Tough shits. TOUGH SHIT. Seriously, you can take on anything. Or anyone. Those horns have a purpose. You are devoted greatly to the people closest to you and you aren’t afraid of standing up for what you think is right. Seriously don’t ever stop being awesome. ALSO. It’s totally okay to feel like crap. It’s okay to talk about it and still feel like crap. You know what’s not okay though? Thinking you don’t have to ask for help when you need it. Everyone needs help, you should know by now that you have people that are willing to help you. You just have to ask. 

Aquarius: You are confusing. My first crush was an aquarius. Seriously took him three years and me suddenly showing interest in another friend for you to realize that I was someone great who you liked more than a friend. You’re slow to the punch really in general. Slow and steady like a tortoise, but not overly slow. It’d be terrible if you weren’t up to date. Some how though, you maintain this unearthly optimism for some aspects of life that at sometimes, is really creepy. How do you do it? It’s weird. You’re weird about religion too, from what I’ve seen you’re either a: overly religious or b: not religious even in the slightest sense of spirituality. Open minded for sure though, unless you’re that super religious nut who tried to burn me at a stake for learning about other religions. You guys are like an enigma to me.

Pisces: Oh boy. Here we are. The last sign in the astrological wheel. Never have I seen pain like I have with a Pisces. So tender and gentle and seemingly always hurting. You’re like watching a romantic comedy where one of the love interests dies in the end. I’ve seen a lot of you with addiction problems. I’ve seen a lot of you where you’re just so sad you don’t know what to do. But good god, when you’re happy, and everything is going right, it’s like you’re standing next to an unearthly being. You exude a calming factor (unless you’re shit faced, then you can be kind of obstinate) even when you’re terribly depressed. You make me feel at home, easy, calm. You seem to do that with everyone. But good god, do you need a hug? You look like you need a hug. Here have a hug. *hugs* Even if you aren’t aware of it, you need a hug. You should be hugged all the time, because god damnit it’s okay. Everything’s okay. 

Stephen Russell Answers Questions from His Fans!

Hello, everyone! These are the questions that my friend and I gathered from all of you here on Tumblr and sent to Stephen Russell.  If your question is not on the list below, please do not take it personally.  It just means that your question didn’t make it to us before I had to close the post.  I apologize.

Much to my friend’s and my admiration, he answered every singlequestion we sent.  He even apologized for the delay and said he appreciated the questions and our patience.  This went far beyond what we expected.  He is a very busy man, yet he took time out of his busy schedule for us– his fans.

Even if you didn’t ask a question, if anyone who reads this would like to leave a comment thanking Stephen Russell for his time, and for the genuine thoughtfulness that went into his answers, I will gather them up and send them his way.  I think that would be a nice surprise for him.  My words alone cannot do our gratitude justice, so I ask that you lend me your support.  Thank you and enjoy! :)

1) You have such a range vocally, going from rough to soft and also a range of accents.  Did you have specialized training, or was it down to years of mimicry/trial and error?

Thanks for your kind words! It was a combination of the two, really, but far more of the latter.  A lot of listening, a lot of imitation, a lot of experimenting with my voice to see what it could do.  The training part I got mostly through singing in choruses and choirs, taking individual voice lessons and singing with bands and as a solo act for many years.

2) How did you get into voice acting?  I know you’re a stage/film actor as well, but I’m told that voice acting is quite different.  What sparked your interest?

I had been doing voice work for commercials, narrations, industrials, radio drama, etc. for quite some time.  In May of 1997 I answered a casting call and went to an audition for something that turned out to be Thief, The Dark Project, for Looking Glass.  So my initial interest was really just about landing another job. However, once I started actually doing this work I became fascinated by the storytelling possibilities.  That’s what it all comes down to for me, no matter what the medium - stories.

3) How do you feel about the characters you portray?  How deeply do you get to know them before you voice them?

a) You can’t have a great story without great characters and I’ve been really fortunate to get to work with smart, witty writers who know how to create memorable characters, each with a distinct worldview, and then give them dialogue that brings out those subtle quirks of personality through which character is revealed.  It’s fun to slip into those characters and I’m always glad when I get to revisit a character I’ve worked on before.

b) One of the challenges about this work is that there’s often not a lot of time to get to know a character before an initial recording session, so you discover nuances of said character over multiple sessions.

4) How hard is it to break into the voice acting business?  What is some good advice you would give to a beginner?

Giving career advice to strangers is really difficult because it all depends on the individual and there’s no one single path that works for everyone.  It can be quite challenging to break into any aspect of the acting business, and anything you can do to gain experience or training as an actor is going to be of help in the long run.

5) Is there a character out there that you would like to portray in the future?

No one in particular. Creating from the ground up is always the most fun for me, taking on a character that allows me to stretch, that challenges me to learn something new, to find a new place in my voice that I haven’t used before.

6) Have you ever considered getting into animation; outside of video games?

Love to!  Happy to entertain any and all offers, provided they’re union jobs, of course.

Game-related questions:

1) How long were the recording sessions for Fallout 4?  What’s the longest recording session you’ve ever had?

Union contracts specify that sessions can last no longer than four hours, so no Fallout 4 session went over that time limit.  I can’t remember exactly how many days in total I worked on Fallout 4, but I know there were a lot of sessions over several years, usually three or four days back to back every four months or so.

2) If you have one, who is your favourite character? Who did you enjoy voicing the most?  Which character was the most fun to portray?

My favourite character is always the one I’m working on at the moment and they all have unique challenges and pleasures.  Voicing Codsworth was hilarious because Emil Pagliarulo and the other writers at Bethesda gave me so many good jokes to play with.  I always welcome a bit of humor.  I find that characters who take themselves too seriously are as tedious in games as they are in real life.

3) Who do you enjoy playing more in games: protagonists or antagonists?

Antagonists are fun because they’re usually bigger, broader characters.  Protagonists require more subtlety to bring out emotion.  Again, different challenges, both enjoyable in their own way.

4) What is it like to record interactions between two characters you portray?  For example; Barbas and Clavicus Vile or Nick Valentine and DiMA?

Lines are recorded individually by character, not sequentially or by scene, so we might do all of Barbas’ lines in one session and then Clavicus Vile’s dialogue in another, sometimes months later.  So, in general, I treat those lines where I know I’m talking to a character I’ve already voiced or will be voicing no differently than any others.  It is fun to hear them together later, though.

5) Do you interact with the rest of the Bethesda team at all?  Or is your work mainly separate from the rest of the game’s development?

Sadly, I don’t get to interact with the rest of the Bethesda team much at all, other than as disembodied voices in my headphones.  I have such respect for the work they do, that it would be fun to get to meet more of the team.  For that reason, going to E3 in 2015 was an enormous pleasure, as I got to say hello to Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarulo and others whose work I’ve long admired.

6) DiMA’s voice is so unique. How did you develop it? Did you get a lot of direction from the writers, or were you mostly free to create it yourself?

It’s always a collaborative effort.

7) What is your overall opinion of the Far Harbor DLC?  Did you enjoy working on it?

I think it’s brilliant and I loved working on it!!

8) Did it take time to discover the voice of the Mr. Handy robots, or did it come to you naturally?

It was shockingly easy. Codsworth may be my alter ego.

9) Was DiMA’s voice scripted or accidental?

The dialogue was scripted, certainly.  As for the tone and the specific vocal quality, again, a collaborative effort.

10) What do you think of your Valentine fanbase? Especially in the case of the fan girls who really want Nick to be romancable?

I think the Valentine fans are the nicest, kindest, most wonderful human beings pretty much ever. Now, by romancable, do you mean flowers and chocolate and long walks on the beach?  I do happen to know that Nick is singularly disinterested in flowers or consumables of any kind, though he does like a good shot of WD-40 every now and again, and, given the state of the beaches in Far Harbor, walking there might not be the most prudent course of action.

11) Are you excited for Dishonoured 2?  We are!

November can’t come soon enough!

12) Was Nick Valentine fashioned after you specifically?

I have been known to wear a rain coat, particularly during inclement weather, and I did own a fedora at one time.  (I wonder what ever happened to that?  Must remember to look in the attic.)  That’s about as far as the resemblance goes.

13) Dishonoured took a lot of inspiration from the original “Thief” games. Did the team seem excited to have the original Master Thief on board to VA for Corvo?

Everyone was very kind, yes.

14) What was your favourite Nick Valentine line/scene to perform?

That’s a tough one. He has so many great lines.  I could probably choose a different one every day.

15) How did Bethesda first describe Nick Valentine at the beginning of game production, and did they make any changes in Nick’s personality/back story/role later on?

I think we’ll just let the mystery be on that one.

16) For the role as Nick Valentine, who did you use for inspiration/ reference to develop the voice/tone?

We’ll let the mystery be on that one, too.

17) What was it like to voice act as Codsworth live at E3 and PAX Prime?  I didn’t realize you were improvising until I saw videos showing you were interacting and sharing dad jokes with fans.

Nothing but fun! First of all, it was great just to be there and to get to see that incredible animatronic Mr. Handy created for the event.  And then I just loved improv-ing and riffing on all the people walking by.  Is there anything better than getting an adult to sing “I’m A Little Teapot” in front of a crowd of strangers?  I don’t think so.

18) How do you feel about the fans creating and posting online artworks of the characters you voice?

I’m really impressed by both the quality and the quantity of creative efforts that these characters have inspired.  Some of the artwork is truly stunning and the fan fiction is often highly imaginative and well written. Keep up the good work, folks!

19) What is it like to bring these characters to life?

Challenging, in the best possible way, and rewarding like nothing else I’ve ever done. It’s such an honor to get to work with all the incredibly talented, smart, funny and creative women and men who create these games and these characters and I feel really fortunate that I get to do this work and they keep asking me back.

20) If given the chance, would you voice Garrett again?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m always glad when I get to revisit a character I’ve worked on before. But somehow it feels more natural to want to see what’s ahead rather than always looking back.

Finally, a big thanks for all these thoughtful and intelligent questions.  I really appreciate all the interest in my work.
Best, Stephen.

No One Minds, Chapter 4
Head Boy/Head Girl AU Dramione Fluff

This is AU “there was no Voldemort” fluff of the silliest sort.  There is no angst.  No war.  No misery beyond adolescent insecurity.  I’ll keep reblogging this post until I get to the end of Chapter 4, then start a new post for chapter 5; I anticipate 5 chapters total.  At some point, I’ll port it to FFN.  You are the alpha reader(s) which means send suggestions/requests/corrections :)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

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5sos Imagine - Cheater [Calum] [Part Two] [Requested]

(not my gif x)


Hi so I’m the person who asked to make the cheater imagine. Could you please do a part two? (But I still don’t forgive him though, if that’s fine with you)


Of course, love! I just kind of came up with this idea, since you said you didn’t want to forgive him, so hopefully this is alright with you. I tried. Enjoy, love! So sorry that it took so long!! xx

part one is right here - x

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At first, your and Calum’s breakup caused a bit of stir in the fandom. You used to be seen with him all the time, in pictures and on occasional TwitCams and on Vines that they’d post. And then suddenly, you disappeared, and Calum seemed to be a little more jumpy lately. Snapping at the boys and being quieter than usual in interviews and overall just not acting like himself.

You tried to ignore your ex-boyfriend and his band as best as you could, but it was hard with their constantly increasing global success. It was as if he followed you, wherever you went, to always remind you of how he treated you. And even though months had gone by since the day he’d shown up on your door, you were still upset about his “mistake,” and you still struggled with it, daily.

That night, your friend was trying to convince you to go on a date with a guy she knew. 

“He’s a doctor,” She winked. “A hot doctor.” Your friend had been talking about him all night, putting him up on some angelic pedestal, as if that’d make you want to go on this date. “And, best part, he did comedy in uni! Comedy! He was a stand-up comic! He’s obviously going to be hilarious, and you don’t have to worry about him being one of those boring, dry, doctors that know too much about the endocrine system for their own good." 

You grunted in response, making your way back to the couch as a rerun of Desperate Housewives was on.

"This’ll be good for you, (Y/N).” Your friend’s tone softened as she said this, taking a seat beside you and running her hands through your hair soothingly. “I can’t keep watching you be so upset about Calum. You need to get back out there. Please, do this? For me?" 

You turned to see her expression - big mistake. She was pulling her best pout, that’d she’d been perfecting ever since she was a child, wrapping her family all around her finger to always get what she wanted. 

"Fine,” You groaned. “I’ll do it.” You really had no interest in the ex-comic-turned-doctor, but you would do it for your friend. She was right; it had been months since you’d been on a date. Months since you’d even considered dating again after Calum. Maybe it would be good for you to just meet the guy and see what he was like. You’re not marrying him.

It’s just a date.


The ex-comic-turned-doctor, whose name was actually Drew, turned out to be quite a nice guy, actually. He was polite and chivalrous and all things gentleman, even pulling your chair out for you and holding the door open. It made you feel silly to be treated so daintily, but it was nice nonetheless.

“I’m sorry you were put up to this,” Drew laughed. “Honestly, I’m surprised people still go on blind dates.” He laughed.

“Well,” You shrugged. “Why not, right?” You decided not to tell him that you truthfully hadn’t wanted to go, that you’d much rather be at home with Chinese takeaway and reality TV and not on a date with some guy you’d never met. “And you’re a doctor, right?” You asked, trying to spark up a conversation so you wouldn’t have to sit in an awkward silence.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I work for a free clinic, actually, a little ways outside of London.” He smiled. “I love it, really. Some people seem to think that working in a free clinic is a pain, but, I find that the people there are the most interesting. Everyone has a story, you know?” He smiled, and you had to physically stop yourself from drooling over this guy, the way he made you forget about everything around you and just focus on him, like the two of you were alone, even though you were in a very crowded, public, restaurant.

As time went on, you found yourself intised by this guy. He talked avidly about the free clinic, and to be honest, you didn’t want him to stop. The way his eyes lit up as he mentioned a little girl he was treating the other day for a broken wrist, the way his mouth curled into a smile as he talked about all the people he’d met, his overall attitude towards his love for his career - you loved it. You’d never met someone so optimistic and just oozing happiness. You wanted to listen to him talk forever. 

He even listened to you as well, when you spoke about your major in uni. He listened when you talked about your interest in art and music and literature, he listened when you talked about how unsure you were for the future despite being in uni. He listened. Never before had you met a guy that really, honestly, listened

He was funny, too. Your friend wasn’t kidding. He joked about his past in comedy, admitting that he certainly was not the best comic in Cambridge but he certainly tried and made a valiant effort. 

“I made 250 quid one night,” He nodded, taking a sip from his drink. “I swear it was because they all felt bad for me." 

You were losing track of time, and track of everything around you as you and Drew had been sitting at that restaurant for nearly two hours. The hostess had to kindly ask you to leave to make room for more patrons before you realised such a long period of time had passed.

"I really enjoyed tonight, love.” Drew sheepishly but his hands in his pockets as he stood at the front door of your flat. It was that awkward ‘do-we-kiss-even-though-we-just-met’ kind of moment, and you decided that you would just go for it. 

You kissed him.

It felt wonderful, really. You hadn’t really known how lonely you’d been until you spent a night with Drew, the amazing doctor that could do no wrong. The kiss was soft, and beautiful, and everything a kiss should be. You practically melted into his arms, and you’d never felt so pathetic over a boy. Even with Calum, it wasn’t this effortless. There was always something wrong, something that needed to be fixed. He was always out, recording and drinking, and you were always studying, and fights always ensued. Neither of you were truly happy, but you’d fallen into a routine. You and Calum had been together so long that you’d just gotten used to being with each other, and just ignored your issues as a couple. Nothing was every totally right with the two of you, and it was a wonder to you how you made it last as long as you did. Memories of Calum brought back that bitter taste in your mouth, and you slowly pulled away from the kiss and felt yourself blush as you looked up at him, embarrassed to be thinking of your ex while you kissed another man.

“Let’s do this again sometime, it was fun." 

"It was,” You nodded. “I’ll, um, I’ll ring you. Definitely." 

"Good,” He whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek before saying goodbye and leaving in his car. 

You entered into your flat only to find your friend squealing with delight as she stepped away from the window blinds. 

“You were not seriously spying on me, were you?” You groaned as she jumped up and door like you were teenagers again, begging for details and how it went. 

“You guys were gone for nearly two hours! That has to be a good sign! Did you like him? I saw you guys kiss. Was it good? Are you going to see him again? Where’d he take you? I saw he walked you back; isn’t he the nicest guy, ever?!" 

"Calm down!” You laughed. “It went well, he was nice, and funny, and I will definitely be seeing him again.” You blushed as you admitted this, and your friend continued to fangirl and scream with delight at her extraordinary match-making skills.

It wasn’t until later that night, when you were scrolling through your phone aimlessly that you realised something was up. After deciding to be more mature a few nights ago you decided to not intentionally isolate yourself from your ex, because it’s not like you ever could, and frankly, you were proud of him, and all his achievements. 

Then, you saw it. 

The entire fandom was in an uproar because of the picture of you and Drew kissing. Quite a few members of the fandom still shipped you and your ex-boyfriend together, quite actively, and by reading their hilarious tweets you could see they were a tad upset about you moving on. 

Your phone ringing on the nightstand beside you broke you from your trance.

You read the number at the top, and your heart started to sink. Unfortunately, you had that number memorised to heart.

“Calum,” You answered.

“(Y/N),” He said.

Neither of you said anything for a little while. There was just the sound of each other breathing through the line. It was surprisingly quiet where he was. You recalled that every time you called him whilst he was on tour it was always loud; it didn’t matter where he was or what time it was. It was always, always loud. To hear him in silence felt strange to you.

“So, um,” He coughed. “I, uh.”

“What do you want?” You asked, although you were disappointed with your tone of voice, it hadn’t come out as angry as you wanted it to. It was shaky, and quivered with each syllable.

“I saw the picture, of you and that guy.” He admitted, and you could almost hear the sound of his heart starting to crack.

“Drew.” You answered him. “He’s a doctor.”

“A doctor,” Calum sighed.

More silence.

“He’s better for you than I’ll ever be,” Calum whispered.

“He’s better than you ever were.” You spat in response, although after the words fell from your mouth you instantly regretted them; that wasn’t fair to him. You dated Calum for two years, and you’d only been on one date with this guy.

“Probably,” Calum laughed, heartlessly. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“Me too,” You said.

“I hope he’s there for you, (Y/N). I hope he’s everything that I wasn’t. I hope he’s everything, you want.”

“I don’t know yet,” You answered honestly, “if he is everything I want. But I hope so, too.”

“You deserve it.” He said. “I’m sorry, for all the shit I put you through.”

“I put you through shit, too.”

“I deserved it,” He whispered. “I was always gone…I wasn’t there for you.”

“You did what you could,” You countered. “It’s a shame it wasn’t enough.”

“Yeah,” He exhaled. “A real shame.”

“Goodbye, Calum.”

“Bye, (Y/N).” He sighed. “I’m sorry.”

And then the line went dead.


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Meet Arjen Robben | FC Bayern München

sooo todays post is about arjen robben because soooo many people only know him as a “diver” or that he is “selfish” and hate him because he has a “bad personality” - well, let me tell you something: he hasn’t. he’s an amazing player and mostly bvb fans hate him because of reasons (we’ll talk about that later)and yeah so here we go

arjen, who is also known as “Mister Wembley” or “the bee slayer” plays at bayern munich since 2009, his jersey number is number 10 and normally he plays on the right wing

he also played for PSV Eindhoven (2002-2004)

Chelsea FC (2004-2007)

and Real Madrid (2007-2009)

he also plays for the dutch national team and is their vice captain behind robin van persie, he really loves his country and is very proud to play for his national team

he was vice world cup winner with the dutch national team in 2010 and is third of the 2014 world cup in brazil

he played an absoutley fantastic world cup

he’s married to his beautiful wife bernadien since 2007

they’ve got three kids and seriously, his wife is so beautiful, look

she’s so pretty

and his kids, luka, kai and lynn, are the sweetest ever

his family is perfect and means everything to him - he’s a great dad

but let’s start with arjens own story in which he show what a true fighter he is

the whole drama started in the dfb final in 2012 (we lost it 5:2 against bvb, don’t you even dare to talk about it)

this video summarize his own, personal story against the bees perfectly

arjen missed a penalty kick and yeah.. the drama continued

in the champions league final 2012 against chelsea, arjen missed a penalty we got in the extra time and later, in the penalty shootout he did not dare to go to the spot

we lost

and everyone blamed him - but it was not just his fault

our own fans booed and whistled at him because they blamed him for the loss and this was so unfair

mark van bommel (arjens former team mate at bayern and in the dutch national team) said: “If I would be Arjen, I would think twice about staying in Munich.”

arjen went through a hard time in summer 2012, but he did not give up and stayed at bayern (even if a lot of people think he wouldn’t stay because he was also often injured)

and he got his revenge against the bees - it started in the dfb quarter finals against dortmund, he scored the winning goal

and in the champions league final 2013 against bvb, he scored the winning goal in the 89. minute and saved our ass - and also brought us our fifth champions league trophy

nobody deserved it more than him (okay maybe basti but this is not about him)
this songs wrote bayern fans for him (x)

he got his revenge and he’s still not done

in the dfb pokal final 2014 he also scored against the bvb

and in the last match against the bees, on november the first, he also saved our ass

and you know what ? his winning goal was a penalty

this video is so amazing and accurate

sadly most people only see him as a selfish person who always dives - and not as that awesome player and amazing human being he is

YES he did this a lot of times, but it became less - and have you seen neymar ?

YES it’s true that he played damn selfish - but it stopped after the lost champions league final 212, he changed

he is still a bit selfish sometimes, but we can live with it - at least, no player is perfect

he loves bayern with all his heart and says, we are his family - in 2014 he extended his contract for three years to 2017

and he scores so many beautiful goals for us

like this one against schalke (x)

or this one against manchester united (x)

and his skills are just fucking awesome (x)

he and thiago showing us their skills (x)

they also have a lot of fun together (x)

you remember his beautiful goal against barca ?

so, besides all his amazing footballer skills he is such a nice and kind person and his german is so sweet :’) he talks about thomas hitzelsbergers outing as homosexual in this video (another amazing side of arjen: he says it’s normal and that it is a great thing)

his team mates appreciate him a lot like javi for example

and he’s such a cutie, after the champions legue final 2013 he was aked if he could put into words what this meant to him and he was just like “no“ :)

and i think they enjoy driving with him a lot

i mean, really, he’s always so nice and kind and smiling, how could you hate him?!

he would give everything for his club and country, is always honest and ambitious - he was the only one who seemed motivated during the champions league semi finals against real madrid tbh

he works so hard and is always so determined on the pitch

seriously, you can not like him, but hate? and saying he’s the worst player ever? there are even worse players than him and it’s just pathetic that you judge him for two facts

he is one of the nicest players in our squad and one of the few, who always give eveything - in every fucking match. and saying his personality is shit - are you kidding me ?! do you know him? i don’t know him either but as far as we know he’s an amazing person and player and, in my opinion, the only one next to cristiano ronaldo who would deserve the ballon d’or 2014. thank you and please - form your own opinion about him before you just say what others say. arjen does not deserve all this shit and hate and he’s fucking amazing

anonymous asked:

So I really want to get into EXO but I have no idea who they and their personalities. And who to ship who with who cause I'm trash with ships. Can you help me please? Also your blog gives me life. And the one with grey hair makes my ovaries explode.

Welcome to the life ruiners called EXO. We have two side to exo, exo m (who sing in Chinese) and exo k (who sing in Korean), but they are one! They are all dorks basically. I shall give a small intro for each ^-^. EXO showtime is a good show to watch too, that’s how I learned about them. (click the read more to read cause this is a long post)

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Meet Franck Ribéry | FC Bayern München

so i decided to do a franck ribéry master post because he’s fucking awesome and receives so many hate and dislike from some football fans and he don’t deserve this. this is to show you that he’s one of the funniest and warm hearted footballers you’ll ever meet (beside the thing, that he’s an incredible footballer)

he plays for fc bayern munich since 2007 and wears jersey number 7 - he received it from bayern legend mehmet scholl

franck is not one of these typical types of a footballer, he’s isn’t that pretty or good looking like a claudio pizarro, sergio ramos or cristiano ronaldo and he isn’t also married with a model or something

he’s married with wahiba, they know eatch other since they were young and they have three kids together

he have two long scars in his face which came from a car accident when he was 2 years old and a lot of people laugh about him, calling him ugly and all these things - but apart from all these facts, he’s one of the most warm hearted, funniest and best footballers that ever played for fc bayern

“It was not easy to live with. It was especially hard when you’re a kid or a boy. When you grow, when you build a character and when you are, because of these things, were the target of many others in the accident that killed my father.. After the accident, I experienced it was very difficult. In addition to trauma, I suddenly became a figure of fun. Other kids called me Frankenstein because of the scar on my face.”

he also plays for the france nt but missed the world cup 2014 through an injury

he is scoring a lot of goals for us like this one against chelsea

this one is also very nice

in august 2013, franck won the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award

he is an amazing player, with incredible skills and he’s very good with the ball, he is very good technically and his dribblings are absolutley awesome

yeah and sometimes it’s hard to decide who will do the freekick - thanks god we have fli fla flu

this goal was so beautiful (skip to 6.14)

he is scoring a lot of goals and he is one of the best fench players of his generation

but let me tell you why he’s such a golden hearted and incredible person: after daniel van buyten (one of our former defenders) missed a match in 2009 because his father became seriously ill, ribery showed, after he scoared a goal, van buytens jersey number which he wrote in his hands before the game

he is also with best friend david alaba, franck told us during the treble celebration 2013 that david is his ‘little son

these two are really close

and if anyone dares to touch david, franck can become really angry

franck ribery and david alaba - still a better lvestory than twilight

posting selfies together or pictures from each other

he even goes with his ‘son’ to important events - like here in this video in which david becomes the ‘austria’s footballer of the year’ award

but franck (sometimes with david) is also known for his pranks he is playing his team mates

like this one

or he hides behind a window to scare pedestrian

here are his best pranks - watch and enjoy it haha

he and luca toni (who also came  to bayern munich in 2007) are really good friends

and he has a good, good, good, good feeling for the ball

franck really loves fc bayern - nobody thought he would stay so long here and now he tells everbody at every opportunity that we’re his family, that he’s in love with this club and he will stay forever

and we love him too, so much that he has his own song from us

(and the text in the picture means as much as ‘bavaria has a new king’)

it’s his character that he never gives a fuck about what other people think, he’s just being himself and don’t listen what others say

his form for bayern in the club’s 2012-13 treble winning season saw him nominated alongside messi and ronaldo on the three man shortlist for the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or

he didn’t win and it’s true, that he was angry and said he have should won - but he was also very disappointed and his reaction was kind of comprehensible - and nobodys perfect and he’s also only human

franck is one of the most funniest, golden hearted and nicest footballers, that ever played at fc bayern and i don’t say you have to love him now - but it would be nice if you respect him as a great footballer and don’t laugh about his scars or say that he is ‘ugly’ and not that good looking like claudio pizarro or sergio ramos

he’s a really really nice guy, loves football with all his heart and comes along with his team mates very well - and they all like him very much

meet also javi martínez & claudio pizarro - would be cool :)

or uh. seven hundred thirty one.

ok so i said i make one and i never actually did. make one… so ill do it now, and while this banner is Hideous but its also good enough i guess. i want to tell everyone how much i love and appreciate them, i didnt put all my mutuals here so i guess its not a follow forever?? maybe a friend(?) appreciation post ^^;; but anyway ctrl+f to find your name bc this isnt in abc order and i didnt expect this to get so long yikes i hope i dont sound repetitive. if i forgot to put you here im so sorry just tell me

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Recently, it’s been very apparent the universe wants me to open up a bakery. This list might be a way for me to reinforce it for a later date since I’m a smidge busy moving into my first ever house right now ;)

  1. You Bake Like it’s Nothing. In the middle of a party? Cupcakes. On a busy workday night? Chocolate Chip Cookies. While on the phone with a best friend crying? Banana Bread. It’s just a comfort to keep my hands busy, to do something while having company and get them excited - it’s just fun!
  2. The Facebook Ads. Have you seen them? The ones that say “use this app to start your own business today!” Mine happen to be catering and bakery related. Probably because I like about a million food blogger pages and only search for recipes.
  3. The Potato-Salad Kickstarter. Oh yeah, this totally popped up on my feed 1000 times in a week. Saying “If these guys can do it, why can’t you?” But kickstarter in general, I’ve even kickstarted a bakery in the past. Why not?
  4. Crumbs. Okay, this may sound backwards - but. I work down the street from a crumbs location, and I totally did a walk-by to see what it was like inside, and if I’d want to buy the store to have as my own personal bakery location. Also, yes I realize that crumbs was a large-scale bakery chain that failed, but I know that in my business plan I wouldn’t just do oversized cupcakes and coffee. I just like variety, as does the general populace. ;)
  5. Your Coworkers Want to Get you Fired - but in the nicest way. People not only look forward to my baked goods, but they almost expect there to be something on my desk. Someone having a bad day? They wander over to me for something sugary to bring them up. I have actually had someone say to me “I hate cookies, and I love yours. I want to get you fired so you can share this with everyone else.” Another even sent me a picture of a woman quitting via icing on a cake, and said “this is clever, but don’t get any ideas.” 
  6. Food Network. I say this because yes, I do happen to watch a lot of food network instead of other standard TV shows. Last night I saw a food blogger win cutthroat kitchen. Cupcake wars? Yeah, I know not to bake Florian a red velvet cupcake unless it’s the best one you’ve ever made. I’ve watched the Great Food Truck Race and thought 100 times over that I could make a pretty killer dessert truck, but Food Network shows you that no matter what your stature in life is right now, you can take it and mold it to what you want it to be.
  7. KItchen Priorities. Okay, let me explain. For cooks and bakers alike, a big kitchen is a dream come true. My husband and I are on the verge of buying our first house, and during the process we looked at the listings for at least 150+ houses, and my number one need was a big kitchen. A kitchen that I can entertain in, move around in, with lots of storage space and an island. Not only did I get that, but it looks out onto a back deck, has a double oven and a butler’s pantry (A.K.A. an extra stretch of kitchen). I was super picky about what I wanted, and I am still in disbelief of how we managed to finagle it.
  8. Two Broke Girls. Kat Dennings. My personal hero. Even if she isn’t a baker in real life, Max Black is seriously the best on-air inspiration for a girl who doesn’t think she can make it. Yes, it’s a scripted television show. But who doesn’t love a girl with a dream of a purple oven and a little catering/window shop in New York City? I’ve thought it over 100 times, on what kind of shop I’d see myself owning, and I always come back to the Two Broke Girls setup, with a window and a catering kitchen.
  9. The Indie Movement. I say it this way because I feel like it makes sense, and I think I relate it back to indie gaming. Felicia Day said in one of her videos that we’re living in the renaissance of indie gaming - truth. I think we’re living in an era where we’re so much more for supporting the small business owner (Amex anyone? Etsy?), so opening up a “mom and pop” type of shop is not only encouraged for authenticity and uniqueness, but also much more doable in this day and age. I say that without any knowledge behind actually owning my own business, but I’d like to think that being able to get a loan or kickstart a bakery with a neat concept would be more doable than what I have in my head. A lot of work, for sure, but completely manageable. 
  10. Being A Millennial. Okay, this might get me some flack - but hear me out. I am a millennial (boooo!) I work hard. I went to school, I was lucky enough to find not one, but two jobs in the past 3 years since I’ve graduated, and I pull my weight like hell. Millennial’s get a lot of crap because we’re a little more driven by what we love than past generations may have been known for - basically, we won’t stand to be upset at our jobs anymore. We demand a work/life balance, we demand to be treated with respect and paid accordingly. Unfortunately, that skews a little more dramatic than not most of the time. At any rate, this type of mindset has planted seeds in my head for driving my future. My future as a baker, a blogger, a designer, etc… it’s inspiring me to use my spare time differently, it’s showing me that my career field isn’t all there is for the rest of my life. I can do what I want to do, and I can gather the resources to do it.

I question this list every day, but I know there’s a lot of validity to it. Am I ready for that type of commitment? No, I don’t think so. Soon, though. I’ve already started doing some side projects for people if they have events that would be better with desserts, so I’m learning little by little how the job might be if I choose to accept.

Share this if you’ve found joy in the little signs in life saying you’re doing the right thing ;)

<3 bakerhi