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I’m Just Shy

Gabriel x Reader

Author: justcallmeyourgoddess

Warnings: Swearing (possibly)

Word Count: 1788

Description: Gabriel constantly allows Reader (girlfriend) to groom and see his wings. When this slips out one day when she is with Castiel, he explains that Gabriel is trying to court her.

Note: I was proud of how this one turned out.

Gabriel, the archangel Gabriel. You’d meet him years ago, when you, Dean, Sam and Castiel still thought he was just a trickster, some sort of demigod. Not until that ring of holy fire stunt did you all realize what he really was. You had to admit, you liked him from the start, and the fact that you didn’t have to–well, couldn’t–kill him made you smile on the inside. You’d always laughed a little when his idea of a prank had been focused on the boys, even when it had been aimed at you, you found it in your heart that you could never really be mad at the Trickster.

That is what led you to a happy life with an archangel at your side. You stirred in the bed you shared with him in the bunker, pushing the sheets away from your faces as you flipped in the bed in an attempt to stretch, only to catch Gabriel in the back. He mumbled his complaints as he started to wake as well. He had explained to you that angels didn’t need to sleep, but could if they so desired, and let’s just say you figured out that Gabe loves his naps. You scooted yourself over to him, and snuggled into his warm feathers that had sprawled out over you when he moved in his sleep the previous night. The sheets were always shoved down to his butt for that reason too, but he never seemed to mind. He was always warm.

Finally, you pried yourself from the bed and called over your shoulder as you walked down the hall of the bunker toward the kitchen. “I’m going to make some coffee.” It was a normal little routine you and Gabriel had, whether or not the boys were here, and in this case they were not. The two had gone off to go on a vampire hunt in Detroit, beside the fact that Sam had complained about going back there. He hated that city ever since what happened with Lucifer so many years ago, I mean c'mon that poor boy fixed his mistake and was back in heaven living with his brothers and sisters.

You leaned your hips against the counter, reaching into the cabinet to collect two little keurig cups to put into the machine. The flavor, upon Gabriel’s request, was a salted caramel macchiato. Of course you liked it, but you definitely would have preferred a more simple vanilla latte, but your boyfriend was picky when it came to his palette.

As you finished each cup, just on schedule, Gabriel sauntered into the kitchen, clad in a baggy maroon tshirt and black boxers. His hair was this way and that, sticking up here and flat against his head there, and his hands were up against his face, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. You watched him intently, a warm mug of caffeine in each hand, butt pressed against the edge of the sink. God, you loved him. He was perfect, he treated you like you were his entire universe, and you couldn’t imagine spending the rest of your life with anyone else.

For the rest of the morning, you sipped your drinks and ate strawberry creamcheese covered bagels, giggling fondly at one another. Your feet squabbled together underneath the table as Gabriel sat perfectly still, eyebrows wiggling with devious intent, making you laugh even harder as he caught both your legs in between his own. Every morning went like this one, and neither of you could get enough. It was seriously as if the relationship had come spiraling out of a story book.

“Hey, baby, could you um…” He whispered, standing up and making his way to the couch in the living room, whiskey eyes staring at you pleadingly, flicking to his wings every now and again.

You stood up abruptly, mockingly rolling your eyes as you skipped over to Gabriel and took his hand in yours. “Of course, I’ll groom your wings, you know I love doing it!” You said, chuckling as you sat down on the cushions together, grateful that he had snapped you two some blankets and pillows. “Snap ‘em out, will you?” You said teasingly, poking his bare backside after he pulled his shirt off over his head.

“Hey, hey, I’m getting there, I’m getting there.” He laughed, and out sprouted six huge golden wings, curving outward around you like shields on your left and right. You smoothed the feathers with your fingers, moving slowly and relishing in the soft and tingly feeling that was left on your skin as you skimmed over each one. You massaged the muscle of each wing, knowing that Gabe would like it. It seemed so relaxed all the time, but you’d found that he was actually pretty tense. You worked almost silently through each wing, humming lightly.

When you finished grooming the last wing you stood up from the couch and rose your arms above your head in a long stretch, that had taken you almost an hour and a half. You didn’t mind it, you loved the time you spent with Gabe, and you loved to feeling of his feathers. As if on cue as you were about to sit down again, your phone went off in the bedroom, and you rushed down the hall to answer it. When you picked up, you realized it was Sam and talked to him about what he needed. When you hung up, you turned to your archangel you was now standing behind you, wanting to listen in on the conversation.

“Sam wants us to meet them up there in Detroit in about two hours. They’re going into the vamp nest, but it’s a lot more than they expected and they need our help.” You put your hands together in a praying manner, knowing he wouldn’t want to go. He was lazy, but you knew with a bit of pushing he would cave. He sighed with exasperation, only making you dive into the puppy-dog eyes you’d learned from Sam. “Please?”

“Fine.” He said, finally. “Let’s get ready.” The two of you went of separately to pack bags, shower, and whatever else you needed to do before joining the boys in Detroit. Apparently Castiel was there too, you hadn’t seen the little awkward angel for a few weeks and you couldn’t wait to smother him with a ginormous hug. You loved the reaction you got from him when you did, a tense and confused pat to your back and him stuttering for five minutes afterward. Ah, he was adorable.

When Gabriel transported the two of you to where Dean, Sam, and Cas were, you nearly pounced on the other angel, and all of them stifled a laugh before heading into the vampire nest. It was an old barn in the middle of no where, but it was full of them. Both Gabe and Cas were using angel mojo, while you, Sam, and Dean were hacking away with machetes. It was a solid hour before the job was finished and you were all panting with amount of effort you had to spend, well beside Cas and Gabe. They never got tired, came with the angel deal.

When you all came back to the bunker, Gabe and the brothers decided to go out to a bar to celebrate while you and Cas politely decided to chill out at home. You kissed your boyfriend off and said, “Don’t have too much fun.” Which only earned you a quick wiggle of eyebrows and them speeding off into the impala and down the road. You were chuckling as you made your way back into the living room, a beer in hand as you joined Castiel on the couch.

You didn’t mind the silence you two shared, almost enjoying it, but something compelled you to say something. Maybe it was that morning with Gabriel, but who knows, “Hey, Cas, I hope you know that you angels are lucky to have wings.” You said, taking a swig of your beverage before glancing to see if he was going to respond. Most times he either didn’t or stated he didn’t understand what you mean, but this time, he did reply.

“Yes, I guess, but why?”

“Because they’re so pretty. I mean, seriously. Gabriel’s are just gorgeous.” You stated, about to take another sip before Castiel took your shoulder and turned you fast to face him. His eyes were wide with shock, and you set down your beer on the small table in confusion. “What’s going on?” You asked, searching his blue eyes for an explanation, but a small smile grew on his lips.

“You mean to tell me that you’ve seen Gabriel’s wings?” He said, leaning forward and making you ever more curious to the situation at hand. “Y/N , that’s the first step of angelic courting. Gabriel is trying to court you.”

“Court me?” You exclaimed, laughing. “What does that mean?”

“He want to be your mate, and for you to be his.” Castiel said, his normal voice gone and replaced by a confident and know-it-all tone. At this, you leaned back into the couch, unsure of how to take this news. You had no idea that’s what he was trying to do, it was so sweet, but why hadn’t he told you?

When Gabe and the boys got home, Castiel had already retired into his room further into the bunker, and the boys followed in suit. The archangel assumed you were sleeping and entered the room quietly, only to be confronted by you as you sat up on the bed with the lamp light on. “So, Gabe, can I see your wings before we go to bed, I mean, cause they are very important to me.” You said, trying to keep yourself from just blurting out what you wanted to say.

You saw him blush and walk over to the bed, shedding his clothes down to his boxers and crawling into bed with you. He sat with his legs crossed over each other, and within seconds, his wings were folded behind him. You purred, “I love 'em, mate.” Accentuating the last word, eyeing him closely as he shuffled in his position, before smoothing out the long feathers he stretched over to greet you with. You couldn’t keep it in anymore. “Gabriel, I know you’re trying to court me.”

His soft pink blush flashed tomato red almost immediately and he stuttered to explain himself, only for you to cut him off. “Gabriel, hush, I would love to be your mate. I love you.” You smiled, watching as he returned a sloppy grin. He pulled you into a tight embrace, burying his face into your hair.

“I love you too.”

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Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s wedding at Selby Abbey.

Thank you Jay for sharing such precious and gorgeous moments with your fans aroound the world. Its looks amazing. Hannah looks absolutely stunning!!!

All the best to the newly weds!


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