but seriously what is she doing


Such a painful and disrespectful thing to watch. 

I’m not angry. I’m hurt. To see some members of the cast looking down on Supercorp and laughing about it, is painful. Do these people not realize that a big part of the fans support Supercorp??? 

And then Chris Wood talking about sexuality with sarcasm. I can’t even. 

Seriously, if Katie wasn’t there to save their asses they would be in so much sh*t. She saved both the interview and the season. 

 Treating LGBTQ+ characters and ships with respect is so important. How could they not understand that we don’t need more people looking down on us!!?? 

 Do they have any idea what this kind of bullsh*t does to people who are having a hard time with their sexuality or still trying to figure it out??? 

 I do not need more heterosexual people in my life telling me the way I think is wrong.

Tbh I didn’t find Emerald that scary or menacing. Like I’m sure that’s sweat on her face, which shows she’s probably fearing what her higher ups will do, and what this’ll do to her reputation on Homeworld, but you’d expect her not to show signs of weakness to her enemy.
Although Lars didn’t help in this situation either, he was very confident and cocky, which made Emerald seem like less of a threat since a character we know very well isn’t taking her seriously, chatting to his crew as she’s threatening him.
Hopefully she becomes a serious threat later on, and I’m sure she will, but first impressions aren’t good.
Maybe I’m taking her character in the wrong direction, and she’s not supposed to be scary, but for the main enemy for what might be a few episodes, I’m finding it hard to take her seriously, when even Lars doesn’t.
Sorry for such a negative post, especially as my first proper one, but I just wanted to state my piece, and I’m sure I’ll find Emerald an actual threat when I see her on the offence.

Anyways, have a good day - Parallel

Scan Pt 1

Season 2 Masterlist

Michael Scofield x Reader

Word Count: 1,894

Warning: Language

   “Come on,” Michael grunted as he helped Linc stand. “I know where to go.” Linc had one arm over your shoulders and the other of Michael’s as you helped him walk to a nearby apartment building. Linc limped, but didn’t make as many sounds of discomfort as you thought he would.

   You took the elevator up to the 8th floor and Michael knocked on door number 85. A very, very attractive woman in a tight blue spaghetti-strap top opened the door.

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Therese: So, what advice would you give to someone who just moved here?

Deidre gives a hearty laugh.

- Wear plenty of sunscreen! And don’t drink and swim. Seriously, that’s always a bad idea. Evening, Jeremy!

- Evening, Deidra.

The young man has a very attractive voice, Therese notes. When she sees him, she has to admit it matches the rest of him. Her evening is going much better than she imagined!

- Therese, nice to meet you.

- Jeremy, the pleasure’s all mine. Slow night, eh?

Deidra snorts.

- You could say that. Therese here is the only client we’ve had all evening.

Jeremy grimaces.

- I take it my entertaining services won’t be much needed, then?

This piques Therese’s interest.

- What do you do?

- I’m a musician. The owner and I have an agreement that I can keep all the tips I make from playing here if I draw in a crowd, but no one is actually here but you tonight. 

Therese feigns offense.

- Oh, is my company so bad?

- Not at all!

The young man hurries to apologize.

- It’s cool, I’m just joking. 

She’s somewhat surprised. Most men she knew would start flirting back by now, but this guy doesn’t seem to be receptive. Perhaps she should make a more direct approach.

- Wanna dance?

- Uh, sure. I must admit though, I’m not really footloose.

Deidra: No dancing tonight- I couldn’t get this jukebox to work properly all day. But we can have some nice hot dogs.

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If they put Gerard in the game I think they will officially be trolling us widowtracer fans. Haven't we suffered enough.

Oh Lord give me strength

Where to even start

Look you might be talking to the wrong person about this. Amelie was canonically married to Gerard, sorry kids that’s how it is.
Lena has a canonical girlfriend and she loves her a lot

I understand this bothers the hardcore mono shippers a lot so I can’t really help you out here :/

I think it would be silly if they made Gerard a character in game (seriously no one stays dead in this game jeez)
But if they do I can’t wait to see what kind of soldier he would be and the dialogue would be fantastic!

I dunno that’s me friendo
I love me some widowtracer and I’ll ship that til I die but I also love Emily and somewhere in that emotionless spider lady she loved Gerard

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s0ftmalec/ blushyalec / soft-Raphael/ patronusmagnus

@s0ftmalec yes!! show simone all the love!!!  have some more love from me because you deserve it all!! you’re great and i hope ur day is as great as you are!!

@blushyalec have some more love because you deserve it all!! you’re great and i hope ur day is as great as you are!!

@soft-raphael shaz is so amazing!! she’s so kind!! like seriously she’s the kindest and she deserves so much more love!! we all should send her all the love 25/8 because she’s great!!

@patronusmagnus ugne is wonderful!! and y’all should know it! and you should also do yourself a favour and go follow her because her blog is gold and that’s a fact thank you very much, bye

anonymously send me a url, and I’ll tell you what I think of them!


At PaleyFest, the host asked each cast member who their favorite clone is…

In typical Ebro fashion, she gushes over her personal fave and proceeds to be an adorable, awkward, swooning, marshmallow puppy. 
Easy now, Evelyne, your Delphine is showing. 


Gwendoline Christie on what drives Brienne to never give up: “I think the relationship between Brienne and Catelyn Stark, the moment where Brienne realized strength in another woman… I remember quite fervently that line she says to Catelyn Stark, ‘You have courage.’ Not a man’s courage, but a woman’s courage. I think it’s that realization that Brienne didn’t have to force herself into a mold of masculinity; she didn’t have to take the path of men before her in order to be taken seriously or to do good. That she could be propelled by her own intuitive sense of what was right, in terms of a moral compass. There’s something very beautiful about the way she’s projected that into the future, that it doesn’t matter if someone lives or dies, because that goes into that person’s daughters, which feels significant. To Brienne, the Stark girls are her own. In her own way, I think Brienne feels that even if it’s one small thing for one person or two people, that that’s going to perpetuate a sense of good, which maybe subconsciously creates a greater sense of equality. That’s what I think is driving her; she’s connecting to an idea that’s greater than herself.”





I seriously love Yana Toboso.

Her foreshadowing and dedication is superb. The chapter 32 cover is Real Ciel holding a flower crown that you can see here: 

And in chapter 130, we see the exact same image of Real Ciel holding a flower crown but it was for Our Ciel as it was shown at the end of the chapter. This chapter debuted on April 18th, 2009. She waited almost ONE HUNDRED chapters and over EIGHT YEARS to reveal what this image actually meant. Her foreshadowing throughout the entire manga is just amazing. I’m not saying her writing is perfect, as I do have a few problems such as how Sebastian as a demon really works and sometimes her pacing is WAY too slow, but her dedication to this series is something that MUST be admired. She’s waited almost ELEVEN years to reveal such a huge plot twist for a series that has been lying to you for a decade. And that is something that must be praised. 

SKAM S04E10 Clip 8 - Dear Sana

[Incomprehensible chatter]

SANA: He’s the one who bought the toilet paper rolls.

THE GIRLS: Oh! That’s right!

VILDE: Where did they end up?

BOY: I just sold them to some friends at the Mosque. Nothing big.

EVA: Oh, okay.

BOYS: Eyyyy!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak! Eid mubarak.



SANA: Welcome.

ESKILD: Thank you and I just wanted to say Eid mubarak!

SANA: Eid mubarak!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak

SANA: Ohhh, how nice the two of you look!

ESKILD: Thanks! I’m the one who chose the outfits for tonight. I went to Grøndland and did some shopping. Yes.

SANA: Hijab and everything?

ESKILD: Hijab and everything. And I brought a little present! I brought a gift for the hostess. It’s two boreks that I put in a nice box.

SANA: That’s very nice of you.

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A while ago, I introduced my best friend to indie gaming by taking him to my local indie gaming ttrpg group. Out of the games pitched that day, he decided to play Monsterhearts (a game about teenage supernatural creatures making it through puberty and high school etc). My roommate plays a werewolf with horrible social skills due to being raised by a pack, and is faced with the task of buying the Queen Bee a secret Santa gift.

Werwolf: okay, so, I don’t know what to get her, so I’m going to break into her house tonight and snoop through her room to see what sort of stuff she likes.

GM: …seriously? Alright fine, roll to see how well that goes.

Werewolf: *rolls 14 on D20*

GM: You successfully break into the house, having learned at school that Queen will be at a friend’s house that night. Unfortunately as you’re passing her parents’ room you kick over a vase and her father comes out of the room to see what’s going on. He starts yelling, asking who you are and what you’re doing in his house.

Werewolf: I’m going to try and convince him this is a dream.

GM: Roll for persuasion.

Werewolf: *rolls nat 20*

GM: you put one finger on her dad’s lips and shush him, stroking his hair and singing gently that this is all a dream and he should go back to sleep. He looks confused so you turn into a dog and tug on his trouser leg, pulling him back to the bed, until he lays back down and pets you sleepily. You turn back to human and kiss his forehead gently after tucking him in, and close the door on your way out.


As a joke I suggested to Marvel that I should go to a high school undercover, and it was completely a joke and Marvel took it completely seriously…I guess they didn’t get my British sarcasm. So the next thing I knew I had a backpack with a pencil case on my way to Bronx School of Science ⏤ I had one funny experience, I was sat at the back of a classroom next to quite a pretty girl, and eventually she was like, “So dude what’s your deal, man?” And I was like, “Do you want to know my secret? I’m actually Spider-Man.” And she was like, “Dude, you’re nuts, man. You are nuts.” I was like, “No, seriously, I’m actually an actor, I’m British and I’m playing Spider-Man.” And she didn’t believe me.

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Yeh Mina get it girl! So then, out of that circle of friends, are there any girls you'd pair with Mina?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a good question!


Cheerleading IS a sport | JJ

Request: a dom!jungkook smut when y/n is a cheerleader and he is like the player of the sport and yeah they could like have the fun in the changing room~

Pairing: Dom!Jungkook, Football!Jungkook X Cheerleader!Reader

Summary: Y/n, best flyer on the cheerleading squad. Jungkook, best kicker and scorer on the football team. What will happen when things get heated between the two all because of something that he just spilled out of his mouth.

Genre: Smut, Angst, Smut

Warnings: Swearing, dirty talk, Dominant!Jungkook, Sub!Reader, hospital handjob, cocky asshole Jungkook

Word Count: 3k+

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GUYS I’ve decided to start posting my Drarry Recs at the end of every month all in one place (this was supposed to be posted on Friday; I’m already off to a great start). It won’t necessarily be NEW stories, it will just be ones I have read within that month and think everyone else needs to read as well! SO in no particular order:

O Sinners, Let’s Go Down by birdsofshore

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 32.6k
  • Summary: It seemed like such a straightforward plan ‒ a trip to Suffolk to research his mother’s family tree and spend a few days relaxing by the seaside. Harry wasn’t looking for anything more than that. He certainly wasn’t looking for Draco Malfoy.
  • I did not know I had a thing for Draco as a priest until this story came into my life. Seriously. It’s the actual hottest thing. Wait until you get to the scene in the Confession Box *dies*

The Heart’s Honest Truth by @bixgirl1 and @carpemermaid

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 16k
  • Summary:  “Don’t you think I would have gone to Pomfrey if I thought she could help me?” “Then what can I do?” “I nee—” Malfoy broke off with a soft grunt and a pained expression. He took a shaky breath and tried again, his voice wobbling. “Will you touch me, Potter?” Draco is cursed to speak in questions. Well…Spelled, thanks to the stupidly improper archival practices of the fourth century. Harry Potter is there to save the day, but Draco isn’t going to give in to his help so easily. Fortunately, the method of saving might be more satisfactory than Draco expected this time.
  • These two authors writing together is EVERYTHING! This fic is so sweet and hot and funny PLUS it has magical theory AND is Eighth Year. Seriously. What more could you want?

Playing The Hero by @l0vegl0wsinthedark

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 29.4k
  • Summary: Nobody kissed me like Harry did. He kissed like he flew; he kissed like he dueled - with his whole being, not caring about anything else. I had never felt as vulnerable as I did when he kissed me, seizing all and any control I had over myself. But when Harry kissed me, I felt free…
  • I know some people are wary of first person POV fics but guys, Loveglows absolutely knocked this one out of the park. I can’t imagine this being done any other way; the emotions are so much more intense. The flashbacks are seamless and gahhh Harry’s an idiot and then Draco’s an idiot and it’s just wonderful to watch them figure it all out and come back together.

Uncaged by @0ctobersky13

  • Rated: Mature
  • Word Count: 19.8k
  • Summary: Although the craziness surrounding Scorpius’ and Albus Severus’ fourth year at Hogwarts tore Ginny and Harry apart, it brought Harry to a life of love and happiness with Draco Malfoy. A few years later, Draco is contacted about sensitive information regarding the death of Sirius Black. Tormented by the memory, Harry agrees to go with Draco to Azkaban to interrogate Death Eaters present during the break-in at the Department of Mysteries to find out the truth. Afterwards, Harry is taken from their home. The kidnappers demand the release of Death Eater, Walden Macnair, in exchange for information on his whereabouts. Draco and his team of Aurors use mobile phones, surveillance equipment, and vehicles to move through Muggle London trying to find him.
  • Read the triggers guys. Don’t be like me and get caught by surprise and end up ugly crying in a corner and sobbing about how in love Harry and Draco are. I was literally on the edge of my seat as I read this and if you’re looking for an intense fic with lots of feels, this is for you!

And We Are Revellers by professordrarry

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 5.4k
  • Summary: “You know you have to buy him a proper gift, right?” Harry said finally. “Yeah,” Malfoy sighed. “I know.” What happens when Draco has failed at Birthday Gift giving? This, apparently. After all, Malfoys don’t give up that easily. Not when winning is on the line. Threesome, PWP, established relationship.
  • Okay so this is technically a threesome fic with Harry/Draco/Neville but it needs to be here because it’s brilliantly done and I’m so on board with this combo now, and also Draco trying to outdo Neville with presents is adorable.

Two Weeks by @shiftylinguini

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 21.9k
  • Summary: If Harry had to guess which out of he or his Auror Partner, and tentative new friend, Draco Malfoy, would turn out to have Veela ancestry, his answer would be: neither, because that is ridiculous. Finding out the answer is actually him, and that his Veela heritage is wreaking havoc on his ability to work, sleep, and above all be in the same room as Malfoy, is a surprise to say the least. But this is fine. Harry’s been through worse, and he can just sit this one out, regardless of how much his body is screaming for the one person he doesn’t want to ask for help. Can’t he?
  • The UST guys the UST! I love fics where Harry and Draco are friends first, and when Draco is determined to help Harry. Their phone conversation when Harry is trying to explain his situation is one of my favourite scenes EVER.

Happy Birthday to Draco Malfoy by @mrbenzedrine89

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 11k
  • Summary: Draco is convinced his friend is bisexual -the only problem is, Harry doesn’t know it yet. On Draco’s birthday, he takes it upon himself, with a little help from a lust potion, to figure out the truth.
  • Get a fan or a cold shower ready. I kept thinking wow that chapter was incredible, it can’t get more intense, but IT DID GUYS IT JUST KEPT GETTING BETTER

A Private Reason For This by @femmequixotic

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 92k
  • Summary: When the wife of a star politician in the Scottish Ministry turns up dead just outside Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy and his murder investigation team are called in from the Edinburgh Auror force to find her killer. What DCI Malfoy doesn’t expect, however, is to have an ex from two decades past end up in his murder room, endangering not only his case, but also his heart
  • A murder mystery, and Harry and Draco are exes with oodles of UST between them. The best combination. Femme is on of the best authors I’ve ever read, the details in her fics are so intricate and flawless, and this is one of those stories you literally CANNOT stop reading until you get to the end.

Homecoming by November Snowflake

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 27.2k
  • Summary: Harry thinks spending two weeks as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts will offer the perfect chance to get away from his troubles. Then he meets his assigned faculty guide: Potions Master Draco Malfoy.
  • Professor Draco, and an adorable side pairing? A L L  T H E  H E A R T E Y E S! *swoons*

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 149k
  • Summary: Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on..
  • I just sat there in a daze when I finished this because what was I supposed to do with my life now??? Once you start this you absolutely won’t stop

Just Go With It by @l0vegl0wsinthedark

  • Rated: Explicit
  • Word Count: 3k
  • Summary: The prompt: Draco is a telemarketer who calls Harry trying to sell him stuff; phone sex ensues.
  • Honestly, if you’re not already reading this after the summary then I don’t even know.

The Compliment Game by @dorthyanndrarry

  • Rated: Mature
  • Word Count: 3k
  • Summary: Harry and Draco end up in detentions together with their new and decidedly odd Potions Professor who decides to inflict the most awful of punishments on them, a compliment game. 
  • This is so sweet and lovely and will make you smile like a total loon! All of Dorthyann’s fics are total feel goods, but this one just made my day when I was feeling down.

Flirting Is Hard When You’re Harry Potter by @dorthyanndrarry

  • Rated: Mature
  • Word Count: 1.4k
  • Summary: Every time Draco complains about Harry Potter and the wanker is in earshot, he agrees with everything Draco says. It’s absolutely abhorrent.
  • One of my favourite fluff pieces. Harry drives Draco nuts by insulting himself instead of insulting Draco back, but then Draco threatens to STOP and Harry is having none of that. *happy sigh*