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John Kennex and Loki?

Are you trying to kill me?

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I mean… just look at this man. Unf.

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

I am so biased with Loki because fucking hell do I ever love Tom Hiddleston.  The things I’d let that man do to me… the list is endless.  That being said, I DO like Loki himself, as well.  I sometimes have a thing for clever characters who are insufferable little shits (see: Owen Harper) 

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Ask me a fictional character!

So I sent unf-hans a big list of Helsa fics I’m reading right now and she accidentally deleted the message so now I’m making this post and yeah.

  • The Revelations in Your Skin by annimouse. Oh my god. Where do I even begin here. It’s just perfect. Absolutely perfect. Smuttiest of smut featuring dom!Elsa and prisoner!Hans. I mean really what more can you ask for. I have read this multiple times and it’s not even complete yet.
  • Anything by calenheniel is fantastic. I love Fractures because hello, prison sex. I’ve also taken quite a liking to Aftermath, Winter’s End, and her twoshot The Veil. Seriously just read all her Frozen stuff it’s all great. 
  • Icy Denial and Shattering the Ice by Prismatic are also great. Smut and angst, I mean what more would you want out of Helsa? 
  • Mirror’s Edge by shutterbones is really lovely and the curse Hans has is really believable to me and it is just wonderful. You can check out the Mirror’s Edge blog here too if you want to :)
  • So I just started Every Moment After by bookishdruid just last night and IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE. But in all seriousness it’s a really nice break from all the angst and stuff in the Helsa fandom and the characters have developed really well.
  • Ugh, can we PLEASE talk about Blue Heiress, Green Eyes by puckering-gustin? I love this fic so much. I’ve read this one multiple times and it is so great. I can’t put into words how much I love it. Also, check out their modern!AU,You and the Rest. I love this one too because Helsa and my other babies Ariel and Eric make a little appearance!
  • The Phoenix and the Snowbird by ifyouwouldjuststopthewinter is fantastic because fire!Hans!!! Fire!Hans gets me going I’m sorry if I get too excited. But this one is starting to become one of my favorites because it feels like it would actually in the Frozen universe, ya know? 
  • Star Crossed by AvatarHufflepuff is great because who doesn’t love AUs where Hans isn’t a dick? I know I do. 

These are just a couple and I’m sure I left out a few and I realllllly hope I got all the links correct. I’m kinda exhausted so forgive me if I did any of the links wrong.  Happy reading!