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angsty schmoop

so i saw a prompt on @taylor-tut​‘s blog that i really like and i took a crack at writing it.

im so sorry if it’s bad lmao i didnt proofread it fhaduf

warning: injury, lance whump, insecurity, bad writing, whatever lol

word count: 2.1k

(the working title for this fic is “don’t do drugs kids”)

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Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 4

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited GuestsChapter 3: Confrontation

Chapter 4: Who Would’ve Thought? 

Word count: 4825 (omg I know it’s the longest one yet)

Series type: Angst, Smut (in later chapters) & Fluff.

Warnings: Bad language.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

Rough summary: Christian is your boss but also your best friend. You both have feelings for each other but his way of living complicates your relationship.

A/N: Yooooo the response on chapter 3 was crazy! I didn’t expect it at all. I’m sorry for giving you all heart attacks and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting these series! Seriously ;) Also keep in mind English is not my first language therefore there might me some spelling/grammar mistakes


“Y/n open your eyes; can you hear me?”

“Y/n wake up”

“Y/n come on love, don’t do this to me right now!”

You can’t respond. You heard his voice though. It was him. You were sure of it.

Where were you? What happened? Why can’t you open your damn eyes?


“Stop yelling her name, it obviously won’t wake her up.” A female voice this time.

Whose voice was it?

“What the fuck happened?” he asked, he was worried. He sounded anxious.

“I don’t know. I was sleeping and a loud ass thud woke me up and when I got up to look she was just laying there on the bathroom floor.” The female voice answered.

Bathroom floor? The bathroom?

The bathroom!

Yura!? Yura was in his bed! She was there!

In a shocked and panicked state your body jolted forward. You widely open your eyes and start to hyperventilate. What the fuck is happening? You’ve never had this before. You desperately look at your surroundings; you were on his couch. In his living room.

Unable to calm down you feel two firm hands on your shoulders. It’s Christian.

“Y/N shhhh it’s okay! It’s okay! It’s me, it’s me!” Christian said grabbing your face trying to get you to keep looking at him. But all you could look at was her.

The panic in your body shifted to anger. Giving Christian a venomous look.

“What the fuck is she doing here Ian?” you nearly yell at him swatting his hands off of you. Your heart was raising like crazy and all the emotions you felt before you collapsed came rushing back, making your blood boil even more.

“Babe calm down. Please” He begs putting his hands in front of him, showing you he won’t touch you anymore. “We don’t know how much you’ve hurt yourself yet. If you don’t calm down, it’ll get worse” he says cautiously looking at you.

You fainted or blacked out. Guessing the lack of sleep and malnutrition mixed with shock had gotten the best of you.

“He’s right, you must’ve hit your head pretty hard on the tile floor when you fainted.” She says cocking her head sideways while crossing her arms.

You look at her again and jump up, ready to rip her extensions out of her head when you suddenly feel light headed again.

Christian immediately jumped up when you did, and when he noticed your legs were giving out on you he caught you. Making you sit down again while he knelt in front of you.

Yura took a step back with, startled at your actions.

“You need to see a doctor” he says putting one hand on your thigh and another one on your waist

“No, you need to tell me why she was sleeping in your god damn bed” you say angrily and look down at his hand, smacking it away again. “And don’t fucking touch me Christian!” you yell at him this time.

He sighed. “I was going to tell you when you had fully calmed down and had some food, I swear.”

You only look at him, the both of you completely ignoring Yura’s existence.

Eventually Christian turned around, looking at her. “Could you leave us alone for a minute?”

Your eyes don’t leave him. You refuse to look at her. Knowing it would just make you more and more angry.

“Sure.” Her voice sounded sad for some reason. He waited until she was out of the room and diverted his attention back to you.

He looked at you, still knelt down in front of you. Not knowing how to start.

You looked straight into his eyes and crossed your arms. “I don’t think you quite understand how much it takes from me not to slap you across the face right now” you eventually say still looking straight at his face.

He sighed getting up and sitting beside you on the couch again.

This time you don’t look at him. The silence made it impossible for you to ignore the pounding pain and pressure on your head. You squint your eyes closed, trying to bare it.

“Y/n are you sure you feel fine?” he asks again just to be sure.

You know it’s childish but you don’t answer him. Not until he explains.

He sighs after realizing you won’t talk to him and he leans back, running his hand through his hair.

“She’s been staying here ever since that night” he finally says.

You slowly turn your head, looking at him, but this time he didn’t look at you.

“She was so drunk when I got back, the YG staffs were nowhere to be found so I just decided to take her home and let her sleep it off but then she told me I couldn’t take her home.”

You just look at him, waiting for him to continue. He finally looks back at you, trying to see if you had calmed down but your jaw was still clenched.

He took a deep breath closing his eyes for a few seconds and opening them again. Looking to the floor.

“Her parents kicked her out because she kept being a YG trainee a secret from them. When it was all over the news that YG was going to debut her, her father found out. They’re really conservative and don’t want her to be an idol or anything like that. Her dad is a lawyer, so he expected her to become one too. Her mom hasn’t even spoken to her about it.”

You unclench your jaw, relaxing a little bit. Looking at the floor not knowing how to feel anymore.

“Keep explaining” you finally say.

His eyes quickly darted back to yours, surprised you spoke to him, but he looked away again when he continued talking.

“She slept at the company or at a staff members’ house, but the staff member told her that she could only stay for a few weeks and when those weeks passed she just stayed at the company’s training center without anyone noticing.”

You chew on the inside of your cheek and sigh. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because you kicked me out, remember?” he says looking back at you. You avoid his gaze, suddenly feeling guilty about the situation.

“I didn’t feel the need to tell you because I figured she’d be gone in a couple of days. You still wouldn’t answer my calls or reply to my text messages so after a while I just stopped trying. Figuring that if you wanted to talk you’d show up yourself and well” he says looking at you. “Here you are.”

Noticing how your body language looked more relaxed he decided to continue explaining.

“YG only provides living arrangements for solo artists when they’re debuted.”

“Does that mean she has to stay here longer? I mean does she really not have anyone else to ask for help?”

He chuckled. “You know, she told me she was so desperate that she was going to ask you on the next dance practice, but I told her there wouldn’t be a next one with you. It was after I dropped her from DPR”

“I still don’t understand why you did that” you say under your breath.

“Because I care about you more than any deal on the planet y/n” he says looking at you.

You brush your fingers through your hair and sigh, leaning your elbow on your thigh to rest your head in your hand for support. As your hand touches your head you feel a bump growing on the side of your head.  You flinch as you touch the painful area, trying to act as natural as possible before he noticed you were in pain, but your movements didn’t go unnoticed.

“Are you okay?” he asked sitting up, grabbing your wrist.

“I’m fine.” You say yanking your hand out of his hold.

“You should have told me the minute I walked in” you say staring into distance.

“I see that now, yeah.” He says rolling his eyes. “Uhggg how did I get myself into this mess” he groans throwing his head back onto the couch.

You don’t respond to him and play with your fingers in your lap.

“Where do you sleep” you ask, needing to know the answer desperately.

“The couch” he answered calmly. “I’m barely home and neither is she, this is just a place where I sleep and wash up that’s it, I rarely run into her.”

“I still don’t like it Ian” you close your eyes. “Literally out of all the people on the planet it just has to be her.”

He sat up looking at you. “She’s really not as bas as she seems y/n, I know that’s probably the last thing you want to hear but the whole façade that everyone seems to think is her personality, is fake. It’s just a defense mechanism so no one can get close enough to hurt her feelings.”

He’s right. You really don’t want to hear about how the girl you dislike, who sleeps in his bed and lives in the same space as him; may not be as bad as she seems.

“How much longer?” you ask.

“She said she’ll be outta here in a week, her sister will return from her overseas trip so she’ll stay with her until debut” he explains

Another week? Even though Christian might not have the intention to win her over anymore it still bothered you to your core. Christian has the annoying habit of being a chick magnet. All it takes is being nice for them to fall in love, and even though Yura has a dating ban, you see the way she looks at him.

Your thoughts hurt your heart. You know he didn’t do much wrong…this time.

You’ve heard enough. Unable to handle more information for now.

“I’m going home” you say slowly getting up.

Christian’s eyes shoot up to you, standing up just as quick.

“You are in no condition to drive. You still haven’t eaten, and I’m a thousand percent sure you have some type of a concussion.” He says standing in front of you.

“I’ll just call a cab then” you say trying to walk passed him, but he stops you by grabbing your wrist again.

“No. I don’t want you to be alone.” He says letting go of you.

“Stay” he simply says giving you a hopeful look, hoping that your tired and unstable self would just agree even though he knew that your stubbornness wouldn’t.

“Not while she’s here Christian.” You say. “I just need space. A shower and my own bed.”

“Then I’ll go with you” he tries again, but you simply shake your head declining his offer.

Christian gave up, knowing you wouldn’t listen to him. He decided to do something he wished he didn’t have to do, asking Dabin for help.

The thought of you being alone worried him more than the thought of Dabin spending the night at your place. He knew Dabin would never leave your side if he heard that you hurt yourself, and he was also the only person he could trust to take care of you right now that you wouldn’t decline.

After Christian told you Dabin was on his way to pick you up, you relax. Feeling comfort thinking of him being here soon.

Waiting for him you finally gave in to your heavy eyelids and pounding head. Falling asleep on Christian’s couch.

                                                   - time jump –

You open your eyes slowly, feeling like you were being moved quickly.

Your eyes slowly adjust to the night sky, looking out the window of a familiar car watching other cars drive by in the opposite direction. You were on the high way, on the way home.

You felt nice and warm due to an unfamiliar leather jacket wrapped around your frame, blinking a few more times before you finally look beside you.

It’s Dabin, focused on the road ahead of him.

You shift in your seat, the noise alerting him as he looks at you. Giving you a warm smile as your eyes meet.

“Hey there” he says not too loud and not too soft.

“Hi” your voice was barely audible but you try to crack a weak smile at him.

“Aigoo” he chuckles. “You look like you’ve been through world war 3” he says looking back at the road again.

“I have” you joke clearing your throat a little.

“We’re going to the doctor first thing in the morning you hear me?” he says a little angry. “How do you not take care of yourself enough to the point where you faint y/n?”

You just nod like a little kid being told off, looking at your expression his face softens, sighing at the sight of you.

“But first you need lots of sleep okay?” he says steering with one hand and softly petting your head with his other.

He accidently touches the bump on your head making you flinch. You smack his arm in response.

“Ouch!” you whine.

“Fuck, Sorry. I forgot.” He says putting both of his hand back on the steering wheel again.

                                                   - time jump –

you enter your apartment. The smell of amber and vanilla welcomes you. You inhale and exhale deeply, feeling comfortable to be back home.

Dabin walked closely behind you, watching your every move.

“I’m okaaaay” you sigh, annoyed at his tense behavior.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat?” he asks putting your handbag down on your kitchen counter.

“I just want to shower and go to sleep.”

“Okay, but eh y/n don’t lock the bathroom door just in case, alright?” he says sitting down on your couch and turning on the TV.

You roll your eyes and chuckle. “I won’t collapse again. I promise”

“You better not” he says following your movements with his eyes.  

After you shower and put on your pajama’s you feel at least a hundred times better.

Dabin convinced you to eat a protein bar you had laying around before you went to sleep, and you had to admit. Even though the sight of it made you want to puke, you did feel better after consuming it.

He made sure your phone was in your charger. He even tidied your place up a bit when you were already sleeping.

He returned to your room, walking towards your bedside table, turning of the little light you always had on to fall asleep.

“Sleep tight y/n” he softly whispers pulling your covers over you.

He walked back to your living room, getting comfortable on your couch, reaching for his phone to text Christian, knowing he would be stressed out of the rest of the night if he didn’t know how you were doing right now.

                                                     - time jump –

Dabin opened the door for Christian. He walked in with bags filled with take out.

Dabin rubbed his hands together taking the food from Christian. “Fooo-ooood” Dabin says overjoyed as he walks towards your kitchen immediately. Christian just chuckled, taking off his shoes.

He walked into your living room, feeling somewhat weird being here again. The last time he was here he didn’t make it past the hallway.

He sighs walking towards Dabin, sitting down on one of the high stools behind your breakfast bar.

“Is she still asleep?” he asks watching Dabin devour the food already.

“Yah-yah-yah! Chew before you swallow” Christian says throwing a napkin at Dabin’s face.

“I’m hangry leave me alone.” Dabin says catching the napkin to wipe his mouth.

Christian leaned back on the stool. “Is she?”

Dabin simply nods as he takes another bite of his burrito.

Christian got up “I’ll go check on her” he says walking towards your bedroom leaving Dabin alone with his food.

He opened the door slightly and put his head through, checking to see if you were still asleep, and you were.

He walked in, slowly closing the door behind him, sitting down on the bed beside you.

He smiled looking at your sleeping state. He sweetly put your hair out of your face and put some strands of hair behind your ear. Taking his hand down further to caress your back.

He suddenly felt your fingers intertwine with his other hand. And he looked down to see you looking at him.

Your sudden act of affection surprised him a little, but he understood. You were sorry for jumping to conclusions, no matter how fucked up the situation at hand is right now.

“Hey” he whispers softly squeezing your hand, lifting it up to kiss the back of your hand.

“Hi” you greet him back staring at him. Your voice was raspy and low from just waking up.

“Can I join?” he asked giving you a little smile.

You nod shyly and scooch over.

He quickly got under the covers with you, you lay your head on his chest, wrapping your arm around his waist. He also wrapped his arm around yours, running his fingers through your hair the way you like it, making sure to avoid the bump on the side of your head.

He kissed your forehead. Closing his eyes. This is the first peaceful moment in forever.

Christian sighs, opening his eyes again after a minute or two.

“How do we get back to where we were?” he asks, mostly to himself but also to you.

You open your eyes hugging him tighter, not wanting to return to reality where your relationship is still too difficult to comprehend.

“Baby steps” you say. “It’ll take time”

“Luckily we have plenty of time.” He says caressing your back again. “I promise I won’t be a fuck up anymore. But you have to promise me that if something happens, you have to give me a chance and let me explain.”

You nod against his chest. Closing your eyes again

                                                    - time jump –

A week has passed.

Today was the day that Yura would move out as promised. Christian and you have been slowly working on your relationship again, taking it day by day. You have talked some things through and you made it clear to him that mending your trust would take time. He has been amazing to you though. Always checking in on you and calling, bringing over food because he knew you’d be too busy to cook. You even started tagging each other in meme’s again. 

You had a mild concussion from your fall, and were able to go back to work after just a few days of bed rest. You ate and slept a lot through these days, trying to get yourself back to optimum health before you got back to work.

Dabin and Christian would take turns to check on you, the first day it was cute, but on the third and last day it started to get annoying how they wouldn’t leave you alone.  It felt like old times though. How you would just laugh and mess around with each other. You smiled to yourself, thinking back to last night when the three of you watched a horror movie together and how Ian and Dabin would jump, scream and hug each other out of fear. Pussy’s. 

You park your car and get out, closing the door. 

You arrived at the YG training center. Taking in a deep breath before you entered.

You decided to give Yura another chance. Feeling bad for her with everything that has been going on in her life. You enter the dance studio and see her sitting down, stretching, just like you always told her to do before practices. She looked at you surprised when you walked in. Standing up immediately.

“Oh…eonnie…What are you doing here?” she asks cautiously.

You place down your bag walking to the sound system to connect your phone to it.

“Sorry I’m late” is all you say.

She immediately got the hint. Her confused and cautious facial expression shifted to a slight smile.

“T-thank you eonnie, I’m really sorry about everything that happened, I never intended to come between the two of you and- “

you stop her from talking anymore. Not wanting to ruin your good mood.

“Let’s put that behind us. We both acted crazy.” You sitting down on the floor with her.

“Christian oppa was the only person willing to help me out. I would have asked you too but we weren’t exactly getting along well…”

“You know, I would have let you stay with me. Not out of pity, but because that would make me a lot more comfortable than knowing you were with him every single night.” You say honestly.

She blinks a few times at your words. “I did like him.” She suddenly says.

You look up at her, surprised at her confession. “You did?”

“The first night” she sighs “The first night I tried to come on to him but he declined me, telling me he was already seeing someone.” She says looking to the floor.

“Wait what?” you say trying to get her to tell you more.

“When Christian oppa told me he was seeing you, I was so sad. I immaturely put his clothes on when I came to the meeting, knowing you’d be there.” She says embarrassed looking to the floor.

You just stare at her. Unable to wrap your head around her words, you just burst out laughing.

She looks at you surprised and awkwardly laughs with you.

“I’m still…really sorry eonnie” she says.

“It’s okay. I know how easy it is to fall for him” you say stretching your legs. “Let’s begin okay?”

                                                   - time jump –

You drank some water and sat down on a bench looking at Yura lay on the floor spreading her arms and legs, panting out of exhaustion.

“You did well today” you say taking another sip before throwing the water bottle to her so she could have a sip.

She caught it with both hands, quickly drinking out of it as if she had been dehydrated for a couple of days.

“I tried extra hard today” she says getting up and stretching out.

“You better. I would have walked right out again if you didn’t” you say in your teacher like tone.

Your phone rang, it was Christian.

“Hey, where are you? I’m at your house but you’re nowhere to be found.” He says.

You quickly look at Yura who was on her own phone, probably going through social media.

“I’m at YG” you say

He didn’t respond.

“…Ian?” you ask.

“uhh why?” he eventually answered.

“I’m giving Yura another chance.” You say, hearing her name she looked up at you. Knowing who you were on the phone with she paid a little more attention.

“I figured that if I could give you another chance than I could give her one too.” You say pursing your lips together.

Yura smiled to herself at your words, and focused back on her phone again.

“Does…that mean…you’re back with DPR?” he asks cautiously.

You sigh. “Yes”

“Oh my god!” he nearly screams through the phone. Ecstatic and relieved.

You hold the phone a little further from your ear at his loud voice. “If that’s okay with you of course” you say teasing him a little.

“Of course it is. Without a doubt. No fucking question about it.”

You were happy that he was happy again. Things really were slowly getting back to normal, he might even still have a chance to direct her mv.

“I’ll be there in 10” he says hanging up.

You chuckle at your phone and put it down.

“Was that Christian oppa?” Yura asked getting up.

You just nod and give her a soft smile. “He’ll be here soon, If you freshen up we’ll give you a ride to your sisters place. “

She nods, taking her towel and her phone “Thanks eonnie” she says walking to the ladies’ room to change in clean non-sweat-drenched clothes.

You close your eyes, content with being alone in silence for a little bit. How did all of this happen in just 10 days. You feel like the past two weeks were just as long as two months.

After exactly 10 minutes Christian and Dabin walked in. You greet both of them with hugs and they sit down on the floor with you, waiting for Yura.

“This is literally the last place I expected to find you in” Dabin says scratching his head.

“I decided to be the bigger person” you say shrugging.

Christian just smiled at you, giving you a kiss on your cheek.

“Stop that shit, not in front of me.” Dabin says dramatically waving his hands around.

The both of you just chuckle, when finally Yura walks in. The look in her eyes alerted the three of you.

“We have a problem” she says in a panicked voice.

The three of you got up, walking over to her when she shows all of you an article on her phone.

“Former Kpop Idol and now director Christian Yu dating Kim Yura. YG’ Entertainments new gem.” you read out loud.

Christian’s eyes widened and so did Dabin’s. You swallow harshly. Oh fuck no.

“What the f-“ Christian says not finishing his sentence, taking Yura’s phone from her.

He clicked on the aticle to see what it says.

“Kim Yura was allegedly spotted going in and out of his house for 10 days in a row, confirming the fact that Kim Yura and Christian Yu, formerly known as Rome from C-Clown share an intimate relationship together.” He reads out loud.

He scrolled down. Looking at the “proof” seeing dispatch photos of the both of them outside of his house.

“This was today…when I helped her move her stuff to her sisters’ place.” he says still not believing his eyes.

Christian’s eyes dart to you, checking your facial expression. But your attention was diverted to Yura, who was now crying.

You rub her back trying to comfort her. “Oh my god if my manager sees this. If Yang Hyun Suk sajang-nim sees this!” she says choking up.

Dabin stood there awkwardly. Not knowing what to do given the fact he didn’t know Yura all too well.

“I’ll get you some water” he says escaping the scene.

Christian sat down on the bench. Looking at Yura crying on your shoulder.

This is literally the worst thing that could happen to a rookie idol. Dating scandals were awful to begin with, especially when they weren’t true, but try to explain that to the media and the public.

You felt bad for her, Christian wouldn’t suffer much damage from this, none at all actually. Maybe people in the industry would talk but he could simply clarify the situation to them. If anything this was publicity for him, but for her. Her whole world must be falling apart.

At that Dabin returns with a man behind him. He awkwardly stood behind Christian. Wrapping his arms around Christian’s neck, watching the scene unfold.

It was Lee Hyung Suk, Yura’s manager.

“I saw the article” he says dryly.

Yura looked to the floor facing him. “I-it’s not true”


She squinted her eyes closed, ready to take a verbal beating but you stepped in front of her.

“Hey, if you would have just arranged a place for her to live none of this would have happened.” You say angrily.

Dabin, Christian, Yura and her manager looked at you with a surprised expression on their faces.

Who would’ve thought you out of all people, would defend Kim Yura.

“Excuse me young lady?” he says looking you in the eye. He’s scary. Really scary. “We can just tell them the truth right? About her parents” You eventually say.

“Absolutely not. Having a rebellious daughter who disobeys the wishes of her parents is far worse than a dating scandal. We can make a better story out of this” he says as if it’s no big deal.

“A better story?” Christian asks getting up.

“Let’s just go with it for a while” Her manager says, looking at Christian.

“If we take this opportunity and mold it our own way we could take this ‘scandal’ and turn it into something worthwhile for the both of you”

Yura stayed quiet, quickly looking at you and Christian.

“Let’s just go with it.” Her manager says again.

Christian looked at him startled. “I don’t…” he starts. “If you don’t want to that’s fine also, but that means you’ll ruin her career before it has even begun.” Hyung Suk states crossing his arms.

“Oppa” Yura says. All of you look at her. “I know I have asked the world from you already. But if you do this for me, I promise I will never bother you again. I just really don’t know what to do anymore.” She says as tears fall down her face.

You take a step back, looking at Christian with burning eyes but he didn’t look back at you. Dabin looked at you knowing that if Christian agreed on doing this. Your heart would break, again.

He walked towards Yura, wiping her tears away.

“Stop crying.” He says letting go of her and looking at Lee Hyung Suk. “Well?” Hyung suk asks.

You close your eyes.

“Fine” Christian says “I’ll do it.”

Chapter 5 

Keith + Lotor Theories

After seeing the new Season 3 sneak peaks, all my opinions and theories of Lotor have changed.

I believe that Lotor’s main focus isn’t going to be Lance but Keith instead.

He’s already met Keith in the “Belly of the Weblum” and I think he knows that he’s a galra. I think Lotor will try and manipulate Keith into switching sides. Maybe promise him that Keith he can see his parents?

Keith won’t be so easy to manipulate because of his strong sense of duty and strong mind, so that will cause hatred between the two since Keith is stubborn and Lotor is manipulative.

In the 80′s voltron, they were enemies/rivals because of Allura. I believe that will carry on to VLD. 

Since their hatred towards each other was caused because of their affection for Allura, it could be that Lotor could develop feelings for Lance and Keith, being the pining dork that he is, will of course not let that happen.

But if I’m being honest, as much as I want it to, I don’t think that Lancelot is going to happen. But I do believe that some Keith/Lotor things might happen.

Lance considers himself Keith’s rival but what would happen if Keith found his own rival in Lotor. Keith doesn’t consider himself Lance’s rival anyway but he and Lotor may develop a rivalry/hate towards each other.

What would this mean for Lance? Jealousy. And I think that’s how the whole “Lance developing in some places/growing/sexuality” thing is going to happen.

We’re not going to get jealous!Keith. We’re going to get jealous!Lance. We’re going to get Lance being jealous of Lotor’s interaction’s with Keith. Not romantic interactions but the way that Lotor and Keith will but heads. The same way he and Keith but heads. 

Since Keith may be taking over as the leader, his full priority will be Lotor and how would this make Lance feel. All of Keith’s attention focused only on Lotor. 

In Seasons 1 and 2, we got pining/jealous Keith and now in Season 3, we’re going to get pining/jealous Lance. We’re going to get Lance slowly realising that his feelings for Keith may go deeper than he had previously anticipated but trying to deny them. 

The way that Lotor was presented in the sneak peaks makes me believe that he will not be the silly, over-the-top villain he was in the 80′s voltron. I believe he will be serious. A force to be reckoned with. 

I highly think the chances of Lancelot happening are dim but Lotor causing Lance to get jealous will be high

Everyone has been predicting that Lotor will go for Lance and make Keith jealous but I think we’re going to get the opposite and have jealous Lance instead.

Lance takes his rivalry with Keith very seriously. Even though they’re shown to get along, he still reverts back to his old ways. Keith having his own rival in Lotor would annoy Lance because he is supposed to be Keith’s rival. He’s supposed to be neck-in-neck with Keith. No one else. 

Lance’s feelings will grow from annoyance to jealously and then realisation. Lotor will be the catalyst for Lance realising just how he feels about Keith.

Again, Lotor going for Lance and then having a jealous Keith might happen but because we’re are all expecting it, I think it’s going to be flipped and were going to have Keith being focused with Lotor because of his duty as leader and have jealous!Lance who finally realises and accepts his feelings.

Scott: *Pops top out of champagne bottle.*

Champagne bottle: *Bubbles up and overflows.* 

Scott: *Realises what’s happening* Oh shit! 

Me: Scott, sweetheart, what did you think was gonna happen?

So Ruby/Oscars age gap is inappropriate for them to date or be supported by RG shippers? Really, is that true?

Some people don’t like or think Oscar X Ruby is wrong and bring up the argument that he is too young for her and it’s inappropriate/awkward but with the way shipping is in general and what people ship in other fandoms I can’t help but call bull on the two year age gap reason. Even Miles thought that it was ridiculous when he saw some people saying that and said that the age gap is fine:“ what world do you guys live in?”

I even had some cyberbully just straight up come to me on my ask to rant to me about it like he expected me to help him with his petty struggle and tried to make me think that I was weird for liking Ruby X Oscar(it didn’t work by the way, whoever you are, but I appreciate the time you invested into me. It helped me want to write this post).

So for future clarification and for those who want to say something about Oscar and Ruby’s age gap I’d like to say something….

Remember in Avatar the last Airbender; I’m pretty sure majority of the random knows about that show. Which pair did you ship?

Was it Kataara X Zuko who was 14 and 16 respectively?

Or was it Aang X Katara who was 12(mentally) and 14 respectively?

Did those pairs seem inappropriate to you, I’m just curious

Was the 2 year age gap a problem for you either Kataang or Zutaara shippers?

hhmmm, what about Nanami(16 years) X Tomoe(300+ years) of Kamisama Kiss, C.C(500+ years) X Lelouch(17 years) of Code Geass, Zeno(100+ years) X Kaya(16-18 years) of Yona of the Dawn, Ririchiyo(16 years) X Soushi(20+ years) of Inu X BokuSS or maybe even Yuki(16 years) X Kaname(10,000+ years) from Vampire knight?

Oh, what about some other examples such as manga where there is the teacher student romance or the lolicon relationship; did you ever read and support some of them despite the age gap(even one of them)?

Nah, those example aren’t good enough……oh wait I got it! 

What about the famous Ichigo X Rukia pairing who had more than 100 year age gap between them? The pairing that was the OTP pairing of majority of the bleach random… 

I guess many were just faking their love for that pairing cause of that humongous age gap…..this realization is sad cause they had so much chemistry together but alas; the age gap ruined it

And lastly,

If Ruby was 14 and the rest was 16 at the beginning of the show would you guys still ship her with whoever? Do you think the well known whiterose/ladybug etc still be shipped or would you guys say that it is not right? Would you guys say that they are too young to date(I mean even in the show Naruto,while the characters were still 12-13 people were still shipping them)? Be honest- don’t let your dislike of RG influence you.

So yeah I’m just saying that if someone brings up the argument of the two years apart thing just know that we RG shippers know that it is a load of bull and can’t help but not believe that you believe that reasoning.

To us it would look like your only pulling up/forcing yourself to believe that reasoning at your own convenience cause its not the ship you like; so basically, we would think that you guys are hypocrites.

So yeah, its alright if you have wanna have an argument/have a problem with Ozpin and that you think he’s a pedophile(don’t know why you guys think that) and that he’s a unfortunate third wheel or maybe you just want Oscar and Ruby to be Independent, that’s perfectly fine. 

However, if you try to bring up the Oscar and Ruby’s age gap to support your argument WITH the Ozpin being the third wheel- at that point it would just look like your trying to be petty and hating just to hate.

I mean in some people comments when hearing Oscar age; they were so condescending and you could hear the satisfaction of them pointing out to us and laughing about how Rosegarden is a ship sink and that its wrong

I know you guys hate it to the point that you would try to use that age gap reason when some of you don’t even care about age gaps/ignored it when it comes to your ships but really? Its not Tauradonna/Animal abuse, Oscar isn’t a bad person, Ozpin isn’t attracted to little girls.

Clarification on the situation of Rosegarden and support of it…

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October 3rd: Love Potions

Day Three of the Drarry Halloween Fest. @drarry-halloween-fest . Inspired by a post I can’t find anymore and Greenboxshop.

Draco swept his arm across the t-shirt and letters appeared, one after the other. The number of orders they’ve been receiving has been increasing rapidly. The reason behind it was probably Granger’s insistence on joining their company. Before, their business sold enough to stay afloat. He and Pansy decided to keep their identities secret so their part in the war wouldn’t affect their business. That way they were able to start from the bottom and build some kind of name for themselves.

The company was very important to them. They were both activists and they made shirts and other apparel that addressed different social issues like racism, blood supremacy, sexism, and problems the LGBTQIA+ community has to face. It started out with just them, but expanded to the Greengrass sisters and the Zabini’s. To everyone’s surprise, Luna Lovegood heard of their company and wanted to join as well. Apparently, Luna talked about her new job often and Hermione grew interested. When Hermione joined, she joined with the promise that more of her friends would like to contribute as well. Since then, Thomas, Finnigan, Brown, the Patils, Weasleys, and even Potter had given something to the company. They usually either volunteered or donated money to help production.

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And Time Goes By

How about a story where Yondu and the reader dated but Yondu was a dick and they broke up. Three years later, Yondu sees the reader again and he decides he wants her back. Cue Yondu trying very hard to win the reader back - anon

Most of this is just dialogue, but I think it works - hope you like it

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Justlex With Bi!Alex and Overprotective Justin

Request: could you do a lil headcanon where justin gets all protective of alex when someone (idk bryce maybe?? or just a random person??) starts being rude to alex (idk how,, maybe because he’s bi??) and justin is ready to gO idk i just really like this idea♥️♥️

A/N: Okay so Justin isn’t 100% ready to go in this but I wanted to get some emotion in here. Sorry if it isn’t what you were after, feel free to request again. Also there’s two parts, the original and six months later.

Warnings: Homophobia, Swearing

Justlex With Bi!Alex and Overprotective Justin…

  • It was just another Thursday lunch when Alex shook hands in greeting with Zach while he sat down with the rest of the jocks at their table in the sun
  • They’d all been friends for a while, since Alex somehow made friends with Zach. He got along with all the boys pretty well considering they were both into totally different things- music and sport
  • The whole school had recently found out he was bi, and he was so happy that none of his friends seemed to mind. None of them had said anything yet and he was super grateful

  • That was until the one and only Bryce Walker sat down with them. He wasn’t exactly homophobic, but… well yeah, he was. He was one of those guys who just felt the need to bring up his sexuality all the time, and implied that he must’ve been in love with all his male friends
  • “I bet you’ve got your sights set on someone- it’s me, isn’t it?”
  • “You? Please” Alex scoffed playfully
  • Bryce wasted no time in continuing to run his mouth, getting ruder as he went, as usual. Alex just cast his eyes down, a slight smile on his face as though he was actually okay with playing along with Bryce’s jokes. It was easier to go with it than fight against it

  • Justin Foley clearly hadn’t got that memo though, because he snapped and told Bryce to shut up. Alex and the group were all shocked as they looked to Justin, who had begun to bicker back and forth with Bryce
  • “Seriously Bryce, if you don’t shut the fuck up I will come over there and shut you up”
  • Alex certainly hadn’t expected any of the boys to stand up for him, especially Justin. He couldn’t believe how worked up Justin seemed to be as he and Bryce basically yelled at each other. Alex sat across from him, and Justin sent him a smile once the situation calmed down
  • “Look, Alex, buddy, you know I didn’t mean anything”. Bryce apologised.

  • “Sure” Alex brushed off, not in the mood to argue otherwise

Half a year later:

  • Alex and Justin were sat on the couch in Bryce’s pool house, the blondes legs over Justin’s lap as the brunette combed through Alex’s hair and talked
  • Justin smiled at him affectionately while they spoke
  • They weren’t exactly together, but they weren’t open to seeing other people either. They were just testing where this could possibly go

  • “God, Standall. Who’d have thought you had it in you,” Bryce spoke from the other side of the table, “You got Justin fucking Foley to turn”
  • “Bryce leave it the fuck alone” Justin growled his hand instantly dropping from Alex’s hair,
  • “Nah, man I’m just sayin’. We all knew something like that was gonna happen with Bi Alex around, but I didn’t expect for it to be you”
  • “No, Bryce seriously, shut the fuck up” Justin growled

  • “Woah,” Bryce raised his hands, “no harm done man”
  • “All harm done, fuck off”
  • Alex looked away nervously as Bryce stared at them, stunned. Eventually though he just turned around and walked away, and Alex couldn’t be more thankful
  • Justin’s hand didn’t return to his hair, but the other one hadn’t moved from his thigh either. Alex looked at him curiously, and didn’t look away until Justin’s eyes met his. He wondered why it was that Justin always seemed to jump in full ready to throw fists whenever someone mentioned his sexuality

  • Justin gave him heart eyes, and eventually his hand was on his cheek again “you know I didn’t think I had a chance with you… you were so different and I totally thought you’d hate me for being a jock”
  • Agonisingly slowly, Justin leant in and finally, finally kissed Alex. They’d only been almost boyfriends for like a month. If Alex knew all it would take was a rude comment from Bryce he would’ve agreed to games night weeks ago. He kissed Justin back and pulled away to grin at him, snuggling tighter into him

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@solangelo-scomiche-caleo asked if I could do a continuation of this, which you should probably read first, so here you go. Hope you like it :)

Blinking, Will sat up in the couch he’d been lying on. It took him several seconds of looking around to realize he was in Nico’s apartment, a blanket draped over him. Nico was nowhere to be seen, though.

What was he doing here?

He didn’t exactly remember how he’d gotten here, only that he had. The pain in his head didn’t really help either. He wasn’t used to drinking. He barely ever did. But apparently last night he had though it necessary. He faintly remembered thinking he had to see Nico for some reason and then nothing.

God, what had he done? He just hoped he didn’t do anything stupid, like confessing his feelings or trying to kiss him or something. Nico was his best friend and everyone knew the best way to ruin a friendship was admitting you wanted more. At least, that’s what everyone always told him, what he saw in movies, not that he had any experience.

The first time they met, through Leo Valdez, Will had though Nico was absolutely breathtaking. With his messy hair the color of the night sky and these deep brown eyes and high cheekbones. Then he’d opened his mouth to make a snarky remark to something Leo said and Will was gone. They’d talked all night, became friends, best friends and Will had slowly been falling deeper and deeper in love with him. He was almost sure Nico didn’t feel the same, though

Maybe he was freaking out over nothing, maybe he’d just arrived here and instantly fallen asleep. God, he hoped that was what happened.

He got up and walked to the kitchen to see if Nico was there. He was. Standing in front of the counter, making a cup of coffee.

Will awkwardly cleared his throat and said: ‘Hi.’

Nico jumped, almost let the cup in his hand fall to the ground. He turned around. ‘God, Will! You scared me, I didn’t hear you come in.’

‘That’s weird. You always hear everything.’

Nico shrugged, but Will noticed he didn’t meet his eyes. He was more fidgety than he normally was. So he did do something yesterday. They hadn’t been awkward around each other since the very beginning of their friendship.

He didn’t know how to bring it up, though, so he tried acting natural. They ate breakfast, bickered like they normally did, even though it felt a bit forced. There was an awkwardness underlying everything and Will didn’t know how to deal with that. Not to mention his head was killing him.

He assumed Nico felt the same, because he suddenly just said it. ‘What happened yesterday? You never drink.’

Will chewed on his lip and raked a hand through his hair. ‘I uh… needed the courage to do something.’

‘Do what?’

‘Was I – Did I say something yesterday?’

Nico flushed red. Not a good sign. ‘You kind of told me you wanted to kiss me. But don’t worry’, he quickly added when Will’s eyes widened. ‘nothing happened. I just figured it was the alcohol or something. I didn’t uh – yeah.’

‘It wasn’t.’

‘Wasn’t what?’

‘Wasn’t the alcohol.’, he quickly said, before he lost the nerve. ‘I do want to kiss you. Even sober.’

Nico just looked at him for a while. ‘Why don’t you then?’, he finally said with a smirk.

‘Seriously?’, Will sputtered, not getting the response he had expected.

Nico, the jerk, snickered at his expression, though he couldn’t hide the blush on his cheeks. ‘Yeah, Solace, seriously.’

So that’s what Will did. He stepped closer to Nico, put a hand on his cheek and softly pressed his lips against his.

He knew it was probably terrible, morning breath and all. He probably still smelled of alcohol, but if Nico didn’t mind then he didn’t either.

The kiss made stars grow like flowers in his heart.

Let's sum this up: Gullruten

1) Tarjei didn’t win the best male actor award.

I don’t get this. Tarjei deserved to win more than ANYONE. I personally think that for an actor who’s only 17, he just should’ve gotten that award. Like its not fair. If there’s this “he’s still too young” bullshit going on, I’m SUING

2) skam didn’t win the best drama

Again, what is this? Skam managed to become incredibly popular not in just Norway, but in the WORLD. The various scenes mostly from s3, are the moments that make me cry everytime I watch them, I’m sure you guys can relate. No joke. That’s something that deserves this award.

3) Henjei won people’s choice awards!

Ahh now the good news! #Henjei won and they presented a beautiful speech where they basically thanked the fans, Julie and the skam ‘boys and girls’. I’ve never been more proud of them. BABES.

4) o Helga natt won!

It really is the best scene, isn’t it? ♡
O Helga natt seriously deserves every award in the world. It’s one of the most emotional things I’ve ever seen. It’s heartbreaking and happy at the same time. IM crying again jahsgsgg

5) THE INTERVIEWS(takk Twitter for the translations)
For the the fellow Henjei shippers, or people who love them both as friends, here’s some very important information from the interviews. Ur welcm alt er Henjei’s interviews

1. Both of them confirmed that the other person is a good kisser.
2. Apparently kissing each other/kissing a male is just like kissing a girl¿?
3. They show up in the s4 to do some background kissing.
4. Tarjei isnt on the social media because It’s best for him(but definitely not best for us jskshsg).


6) THE KISS|the afterparty

If you hate the idea of Henjei and you’re one of those ppl who like to protect henl*a to the death, then you should probably stop reading and leave this post ♡ thank you.

So both of them appeared in the 'kiss cam’. They didn’t even seem surprised nor uncomfortable. Neither of them hesitated and just like that, Tarjei’s tongue appeared in Henrik’s mouth. Then i nearly cried and died inside at least 84 times. I’m sure you’ve all seen the video yourself, they just made out for like a few seconds and then acted like it was the most natural thing ever. Bc natural connection.
David literally acted like Magnus(and me) during the kiss. Like that was legit Magnus’ fangirling.

They had a little party afterwards. Or should I say afterAwards. I’m sorry jsksjskgag MOVING ON.
Tarjei screamed. Henrik screamed. I screamed. Ice cream.

Siv liked some Henjei pics on insta. Same mother, same.

7) poor me
Just writing this(from hell) so you can relate and feel a little more at peace knowing that you’re not the only one who almost jumped out of the window bc of two grown up men kissed each other.
I was literally and unmistakably LAYING on the floor until my family tried to explain that the floor was dirty.
We had guests And I started explaining the situation to them with this huge enthusiasm and I was screaming in the process. My mum’s close friend thought I was just messing with them and joking around.

A seven year old friend was trying his best to calm me down and honestly didn’t understand why I was yelling at the laptop.

I nearly dropped the said laptop.

And that was Gullruten!
I’m more than happy right now. The stuff that happened was so.. real, not staged nor fake, and the cameras clearly managed to show us that. Tarjei seemed more confident than ever. Henjei was happy with the cast. What else does the skamily need?
More awards to win so we can get more henjei content HAHAHA
But seriously though, it might actually be one of the best fredags ever. I love life.
I’d seriously expect ANYTHING but the kiss. Can you believe Henjei. I lUV THEM. I LUV THEM. I LUV THEM. I LUV THEM. ILUV-

Lemme just say

The Power mv was more than I could have ever expected. EXO seriously never fail to amaze me and make me fall deeper in love with them than I already am. It was a great mv and song. Honestly, I thinks it’s one of my favorite mv’s. The best part was the ending with Baekhyun in the fucking ocean and his beautiful voice from the Eclipse teaser because it killed me and I really enjoyed said experience.

What the fuck was Jongdae doing though? XD

But seriously, it was a really good video.

On another note, let me tell you what just happened as I watched the video.

So, I literally just walked into the door of my aunt’s house (where I am currently staying) and the first thing I did was, of course, pull up the mv since it came out while I was in class. Well, I’m watching the video and it get right the the part when they all got their powers back and they’re playing around with them

My 5 year old cousin deadass gasped as loud as she could and yelled, “ARE THOSE THE NEW POWER RANGERS?”


I said yes lmao

~Admin Athena

cc spoilers and shit i had to write out

i watched camp camp s2e12 and im feeling the exact same thing i felt when i watched s1e12

the lyrics of the song at the end are doing something to me, i know that feeling of not being a bad kid yet being treated like if you were (have to say my gf knows it better..)
and seeing max cry wasnt good to me

i swear david and gwen will end up taking care of max no matter which kind of relationship they end up having (i mean no matter if theyre a couple or not they will be like parents to him)
seriously this episode fucked me up but thats what i was expecting

apart of that i loved seeing all the other familiars
my faves were nerris’ parents, neil’s dad and nurf’s mom
i love how nerris’ dad is just like her and though her mom is not, she tries to join their fun, same with neil’s dad
and i like how nurf tries to forgive his mom for all the things she has done and the things that got her to jail and is trying to help her everytime he can see her

also i didnt fuckin expect that to happen to cameron, guess it was time
i wanna see him again tbh he probably will appear again

bro my chest hurts, this show has become very important to me

when is that song gonna be out

jesus this is the same feeling i had with keeper of the flame why u do this to me

Okitober Fest - Regret and Lost

Castle in the Corn

Rating: T
Length: 2,200 words
Description: Modern AU set ~10 years after An Unearned Gift. Okita and Chizuru are taking their daughters on an excursion to a corn maze, but their plans go awry when one of the girls decides to run off.

Author’s Note: Yay! OkiChi Week/Okitober Fest is finally here. I honestly can’t thank @kurokiorya enough for drawing the fabulous illustration! Be sure to check out her blog to see all of her amazing art. 

This is also on FF and AO3

“But Mom, I want to find the castle!”

Souji couldn’t help a small chuckle at the way their six year-old daughter managed to mirror Chizuru’s own stubborn posture. Everyone insisted that their youngest, Natsumi, had gotten his stubborn personality along with his green eyes, but he’d faced off against his wife’s own particular brand of stubbornness often enough to know that wasn’t entirely true.

The family of four stood in the middle of a giant, kid-friendly, halloween themed corn maze. Currently their older daughter was attempting to lead them to the giant pumpkin and was doing a fairly good job of it. Despite getting much of Chizuru’s calmer personality - an immense benefit with a younger sister like Natsumi - Sachiko thankfully hadn’t inherited her mother’s distinct lack of direction. The cards were still up in the air for Natsumi, but she was young… Or at least that’s what Souji hoped. Keeping track of Chizuru in busy places was hard enough, but at least she didn’t have a habit of running off when she didn’t get her way like Natsumi did.  

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SVT reaction to their crush asking them if they’re interested in a one night stand

Vocal Unit | Hip Hop Unit | Perfomance Unit

S.Coups: Since the words came out as nothing when you asked, he wouldn’t be sure if you were serious or not about your question. Even though, he’ll take the chance to talk seriously about it, hoping it might happen.

“Would you be interested?” 

Originally posted by scoupstv

Wonwoo: He wouldn’t answer straight when you asked. He would laugh and give you that “are you serious?” look. When you repeated that question in a more serious tone he would answer with a smirk on his face.

“I may be interested if it’s with you”

Originally posted by wonwoowho

Mingyu:This boy wouldn’t know how to handle the situation. He’ll open his mouth a few times and end up closing it not sure what he should answer. Probably start laughing until you sight looking more serious. 

“I wasn’t expecting that, what should I say?“

Originally posted by littlemingyu

Vernon: Obviously he wasn’t expecting you to ask something like that. He wouldn’t know how to handle the situation and start giggling uncontrollably. Probably need a few minutes or more to calm down and think for an answer.

“I don’t think i coild say no if it’s with you…?” *shy*

Originally posted by sneezes

Samurai Jack Expectations vs Reality

Me after seeing the samurai Jack season 5 episode one: Oh man, the new is awesome so far and the daughters of Aku look great! They are probably going to be villains at first but then Jack will teach them how everything they was taught was a lie and help him fight Aku! 

Me after episode 3 of season 5: 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Well, that just happened.  

(In all seriousness though I can’t believe what just happened! I mean I’m not even, just shocked on how the show totally did the exact opposite of what it was going to do. Seriously, the new season is awesome!) 


@datwolfmonraz In all seriousness though, I think the Light 100% expects people to follow its every command. Illidan looked at Velen and basically told him that’s what he’s been doing for the past 25,000 years because he’s put faith in the Light to guide him. And it’s not like that’s an entirely unnatural instinct, since the Light should be a force for good, right? So in a war against evil, best listen to the omniscient force of goodness, no?  

I digress a little here, but Velen didn’t even seem all that bothered after it happened. I think Illidan got to him and he’s starting to realize that this is it, this is ground zero and they can’t just expect the Light and fate to do everything for them. It requires the effort of every single person. 

same though like would Illidan look like normal boy Illidan with golden Army of the Light eyes? No horns, tattoos, wings, or cloven hooves? You know, regardless of whether or not he became a physical force of the Light though, I’m sure Illidan will ironically end up fulfilling his destiny nonetheless. Maybe the way it happens is different, who can say. I demand a CoT dungeon to show me how it would’ve played out otherwise!

on a semi related note Xe’ra said something about the light in his eyes, and we all know from nelven culture that golden/amber eyes are either a sign of a great destiny or druidic inclinations. Do you think his golden eyes were actually like… the literal light? 

Moonshot - Chapter 5

Hey! So this has been a very busy week for me but I hope you like the new update! I have been writing like crazy this two days and I think you will enjoy it.

Anyways, any type of feedback/comment is welcome!

summary: Phil had a feeling that this Friday was going to be different.

That didn’t mean he was ready to meet his favourite baseball player, Daniel Howell, while he was cleaning the windows of a building.

or the au in which Phil is a shy window cleaner and Dan is a famous baseball player. This is their story.

words: 3.1k

trigger warnings: panic attacks

Read on ao3 - (x)

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Texts And Cafés

Two weeks. They had been texting each other for two full weeks non stop and Dan had never felt so attached to any person this way. Not even his team mates or even his own family.

Phil was such an easy person to talk to. He didn’t know why, but both could talk for hours and not get tired of it. Maybe because he had never had this kind of strange connection and compatibility with someone before.

Even when Phil texted some random animal fact at 3pm on a Thursday or sent him a weird internet meme that he had seen on Twitter, Dan couldn’t be happier. Even his team mates had noticed he was feeling more cheerful, and by the few hints he had told them, they could guess it had to do something with a crush.

A smile creeped into his face as he recalled the first time he had heard Phil’s northen voice through the speaker. It had totally been an accident, as Phil explained later in their call, but somehow he had managed to dial Dan by sitting unintentionally on his phone, a fact that keep them both laughing for almost twenty minutes.

He didn’t waste time complimenting Phil’s accent after their laughs died down just to hear a light chuckle from the other line that, even though Dan couldn’t see, he was sure Phil had blushed and smiled shyly at the same time.

How he missed that smile and those eyes… Just having conversations with the blue eyed wasn’t enough for Dan. He wanted to talk to him face-to-face, stare at his expressions as he told him childhood stories he had been wanting to hear.

He needed to see Phil. And soon.

But what if Phil didn’t want to meet him in person because of his fame? Maybe he was scared of the media or even Dan… What if he dissapointed Phil or bothered him by his presence?

“Howell! Stop daydreaming! It’s your turn now!” His coach’s voice startled him from his thoughts, looking apologetically at him and walking embarrassedly to the field.

Dan tried to concentrate, but thoughts of Phil kept coming at the same speed of the balls that were being thrown at him. He tried to get all the battings and throws right, but it was not working. He was missing almost every single one and coach kept shouting at him, which was not helping at all on his effort to be focused. He could feel his team mates gaze on him, as if they were judging him for not being professional enough.

His breath started to quicken, short and shaky puffs of air were making his body tremble badly. Dan could feel it, his throat was closing and wanted to scream for help but no sound was coming out… Was he having a panic attack ? He hadn’t had one in years and it was happening to him now in the middle of practice? It was a nightmare. He wanted to get out of here as fast, but his feet nor legs were responding.

His baseball bat fell down on the sandy area, hitting his toes in the process but he couldn’t even feel the pain. “No, no, no, c'mon, calm down” he whispered to himself in a quivering voice, but it did nothing. Also, hearing the murmurs of his team mates wasn’t helping either…

Suddenly a voice was softly calling him. Dan recognized it, even though it wasn’t really clear he knew it belonged to Eric, who was in front of him, holding him by the shoulders, “Hey, Dan, I’ll take you to the lockers, okay?”

Dan just nodded and tried to focus on what Eric was telling coach, but his gaze and ears were not cooperating, making him hear and see all blurry.

He could feel Eric’s hand on his bicep, dragging him out of the field, reaching the locker room and sitting him down on one of the benches, handing him a paper bag he had somehow found around there so Dan could even his breathing that was already coming down to normal.

“Better?” Eric asked him once he had managed to calm down, sitting down on the same bench but keeping a safe distance between both.

“Yeah… ” Dan coughed a bit, sipping a bit of water from a bottle his team mate handed him, instantly feeling the coolness down his throat, feeling a bit better, “thank you for taking me here, I… I… I don’t know what happened, really. But, thank you.”

They both knew it was a lie, but Dan didn’t have enough energy to explain. He wanted to go home and curl up on his sheets for at least three days…

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Eric stood up, offereing him a small smile with sympathy before walking to his locker and picking up his things, “c'mon, I told coach I would take you home for today, you are in no state to continue. You need time to relax, not think much”

Dan slowly moved his head up and down even though Eric couldn’t see him, but also stood up to pick up his things.

Eric was right, he just needed to relax and not think. Could he do that?


Once Dan reached his flat he dove himself on his wide bed, face first on the pillows and slowly drifted off to sleep, trying to regain the energy he had consumed.

He woke up a few hours later, disoriented, rolling around a few times on his sheets before getting out of bed and having a quick shower, changing into his comfy pyjamas and grabbing something to eat, feeling a bit better already.

Dan walked back to his bedroom, picking up his phone from his discarded bag at the feet of his bed and lying back on his duvet, staring at the ceiling for a few minutes distractedly, just staring at nothing.

Only the vibration of his phone shook him from his blank thoughts, a text notification from Phil coming in, a small smile already showing on his face.

He lifted his phone up so he could read the text, putting the gadget in a risky place since it could fall on his face anytime, but Dan quickly forgot about that fact, opening the long conversation thread he already had formed with Phil.

‘Did you know that a koala pregnancy only lasts 35 days and when the joey is born it’s blind, hairless and is about 2 cm long?’

That silly fact about the cuddly marsupials was enough for Dan to have a grin on his face. Phil was for sure the only person who knew so many random facts.

'wow. Now I wonder what a hairless koala looks like’ Dan answered, already knowing that Phil had gone on a quick quest to Google Images to show him.

'It’s so weird, omg. It looks cute, but weird anyway.’ was Phil’s next text, a photo of a small koala folded in some blankets but no hair around.

Dan chuckled, it was strange for sure. Follwing the topic of pictures, it had been a while since Phil had sent him fluffy puppy pictures, he could have some sweet dog pics after the day he had had.

'I miss your dog pictures :(’ Dan typed, but before he could send it he felt a sneeze coming through and before he could stop it, his phone had slipped from his hand and landed on his face, hitting his nose hard, not being able to catch it on time.

“Ouch! It hurts!” Dan said loudly, gently touching his nose with his fingers and checking it hadn’t been that bad. It wasn’t bleeding so it was a good sign.

Dan put some pillows against his headboard and sat straight, not risking anymore having his phone up by his face. By the way, where was his phone?

He spotted it screen down by his left, picking it up and re-reading what he had sent, expecting to find a dog photo as a response.

“No. No, no, no,” Dan repeated, lifting his messy curls from his forehead as a nervous gesture, “this cannot be happening.”

In the middle of all the sneezing he had manage to erase half of his message when the phone slipped from his hands, and instead of a 'I miss your dog pictures :(’ he had managed to send a contextless 'I miss you’.

Dan couldn’t believe it. He was going to scare Phil for sure… Even though he really missed him he hadn’t planned to send him this kind of message anytime soon!

He was going to type another text, explaining what had really happened when a new message from Phil popped up.

'I miss you too. It has been a while since we have seen each other’

'What!? He missed him too!?’ Dan jumped at the message, seriously freaking out. He didn’t expect that text from Phil, not at all. He couldn’t have guessed in a million years that Phil was also missing him. He wasn’t used to people missing him, wanting to see him.

Dan smiled softly at that. They missed each other and even though it had been on accident, he was glad they had both managed to confess something they wouldn’t had admited.

Once Dan had somehow calmed down, he was ready to text back. Should he ask Phil to meet him in person? Was he ready after all that happened at practice? He had to deal with it sometime and even if he liked it or not, Dan had to face Phil in person sometime, and if Phil was disappointed that’s something he would have to accept.

'Wanna meet sometime this week?’ Dan left his phone fast as soon as it delivered, as if it burned and was afraid to know Phil’s response, which came through a few seconds later.

'If you want to, sure! I have the perfect place. Are you free on Saturday?’


Saturday arrived and Phil was waiting for Dan the cozy vintage-y café that he found once while strolling mindlessly one cold November day, nursing a capuccino as he wrote the next lines of a horror story he had been wanting to put into paper. Phil had had this place in mind when Dan messaged him about meeting each other. The delicious warm drinks mixed with the homely and private maroon coloured booths were really a win-win.

He was kind of surprised when Dan told him he missed him, but Phil didn’t question it. He didn’t felt brave enough to admit it and when he saw the message he saw the perfect opportunity to express his feelings.

Phil was a bit nervous, he had to admit. He was really meeting Daniel Howell for real now, but tehy had been talking for so long that it felt they had been long lost friends by now, but that didn’t erase the fact that Dna was a famous baseball player… 'It is just Dan. The one that loves Mario Kart and anime the same amount as you Dan.’ Phil thought, but it wasn’t really helping.

Shaking that though out of his head Phil looked at his phone to check the time and saw it was a few minutes past five, meaning Dan should be here soon.

After grabbing another sip of his coffee, the blue eyed began writing again, slowly developing the story he had in mind, getting so lost in the words that he didn’t even manage to notice the shadow that appeared next to him till he heard a cough followed by a shaky voice?

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Phil looked up at the voice and noticed a nervous smiley Dan looking at him as he put down his cup of coffee on the table, looking as if he wanted to hug him next but didn’t know how to do so, opting to fidget with his fingers, trying to restrain himself from reaching out.

'Why does he seem so nervous? It’s me who should be, not him. I’m just Phil!’ was all the blue eyed thought, not really understanding why, but before he could think more about it his excitement won the battle against his worries and stood up from the booth, exclaiming a cheerful “Dan! You are here!” not too loudly so it wouldn’t attract attention.

“Hi Phil,” Dan greeted him properly, looking directly into his eyes “I… I’m glad you agreed to meet me.”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Phil questioned, cocking his head to the side a bit, “I’m glad you agreed to meet me of all!”

Dan averted his gaze to his feet, shrugging his shoulders as if also hesitating to tell Phil what was the reason why he had said that. “I don’t know. Because I thought maybe you would feel pressured because of my fame or something…” he muttered, his voice almost quiet but continued, “I mean, I’m not that famous, but still, even though we have been talking a lot you might have another image of me that the media portrayed, so yeah, I might be disappointing… ” Dan rambled, finishing with a sigh.

“Oh,” Phil let out, surprised. Dan though he might be bothered by his celebrity status, but no, Phil wouldn’t believe anything he read or see on the tabloids. He had a pretty idolized image of Dan before he meet him, per se, but after all they had talked he couldn’t even think about the possibility of not wanting to see him because of it. Dan was even more nice than he could have ever imagined, it would never let Phil down.

That’s when he realized Dan might be more insecure than he let on. He was a person, he had emotions like everyone else, and Phil believes sometimes they didn’t even care about Dan’s feelings just because he was famous.

“Dan,” Phil called him, waiting for the warm brown eyes to meet his, “You could never disappoint me, not after meeting you for real.”

With that, Phil opened his arms, giving Dan the chance to back down if he didn’t want a hug, but by the smile that appeared on Dan’s face, he had made the right choice.

Both hugged for a few minutes, their chins resting on the other’s shoulder, and Phil felt how Dan squeezed a bit, trying to bring him closer…

They separated, mirroring smiles on their faces as they sat down on the comfy booth, sides touching but looking at each other attentively as they started talking about mindless things, catching up on what they hadn’t been able to text.

For hours, light hand touches and caresses where traded, just as pink cheeks and toothy grins.

Phil found out that afternoon that saying goodbye was hard, even if you knew you were going to see that person again.


“Phil, do you have any snacks left?” Martyn asked from the doorway of Phil’s lounge room, not getting much of a response since Phil was lying down on the couch, crazily texting someone on his phone, a dumb smile on his face.

“Phil, are you even listening to me?” Martyn repeated, getting just silence as a response.

“Phil! Your ceiling is falling down!” this time Martyn screamed, finally getting a reaction from Phil, who left his phone rapidly on the sofa and sat straight up.

“What!? What is falling down!?” the younger Lester screamed back, sobering up as he saw Martyn laugh. “It’s not funny!” Phil threw his brother a cushion, hitting him on the chest before he let him sit down next to him.

“You weren’t listening and I had to catch your attention somehow! Your face, oh my God” Martyn tried to calm down a bit, “By the way, who were you texting that had you smiling down at your phone like that, uh?” he elbowed Phil on the ribs, who squirmed a bit trying to get away from his brother.

Phil blushed a bit and denied messaging someone, but his brother didn’t buy it and kept insisting, finally making Phil give up, “I was texting Dan, okay? Stop it!”

“Wait,” Martyn sobered up instantly, “Dan as in Dan Howell? You have his phone number and text each other? Why didn’t I know about this again!”

Phil shrugged, “It never came up, I guess.”

“Still, is there anything else you haven’t told me related to Dan?”

“Well… We talked, finally meet in person, had coffee and keep talking, that’s all.” Phil said as if it wasn’t a big deal. He left out the fact that they hugged, he believed Martyn couldn’t handle tat much info.

“You meet!? Are you telling me you meet in person!?” his brother’s offended tone made Phil chuckle. He really needed to speak to Martyn more.

Phil decided to tell him everything, from how they started texting till how they promised to see each other next week that Saturday at the café.

“I just… When we said goodbye, it totally felt like something more than two friend meeting, you know?” Phil said, not really knowing how to explain.

“Like a date?” Martyn’s smile could be heard in his voice, not teasing, just happy that Phil was getting somewhere with Dan. Or at least, hoping too.

Phil nooded, “Yeah, I mean, I knew it wasn’t but, it still felt like one.” A date. A date with Dan Howell. That would be a dream for him.

Martyn also nooded, acknowledging that same feeling he had had first with Cornelia a few years back.

“Ask him.”

“What!? I’m not gonna ask Dan freaking Howell on a date, are you out of your mind!?” Phil said, completly rejecting the idea.

Martyn just stared at him, wanting Phil to think about the idea again.

“No. No, no, no, I’m not going to do it. I refuse.” Phil said, shaking his head repeatedly. Just about he stopped denying, he saw the mischevious face his brother had on. “What are yo…” but before he could even finish, Martyn picked up his phone that had been lying between both all this time, rapidly typing something as he ran towards the front door, Phil by his heels, shouting and trying to grab his phone from his brother’s hands.

“Thank me later brother” was all Martyn said to Phil before he left the flat, tossing the phone back to his owners hands and closing the door right by Phil’s nose.

Phil leaned against the wooden door and read what Martyn had sent to Dan.

'Wanna go on a date with me?’

Phil was going to kill Martyn next time. He was sure of it.

Chapter 6



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