but seriously though i expected this to happen

Ok but in all seriousness though.Tonight is going to be a fucking violent night. If Trump loses you can bet your asses that some group of white fucks are gonna go riot or commit some kinda hate crime. And if Hilliary wins I expect something the same to happen, but with property damages instead. 

The point is, BE FUCKING SAFE AND STAY INSIDE ONCE YOU ARE DONE VOTING! Do not go out to celebrate! STAY INSIDE! Seeing how backwards this country has regressed and how primitive some people have shown to be it’s better to be safe and party later then to go out and have the possibility of getting hurt. I don’t care if you vote for Trump or Hilliary your safety is important! 

Hopefully I’m wrong about this in the morning, but I got that thick boding feeling in me lungs and that usually means trouble.

My thoughts on TG:re Chapter 113

Huh, so Matsuri vs Nico is happening after all, which people were actually expecting. I’m not too concerned about this fight, though it was nice to see that Nico has a detachable spine-shaped kagune which was foreshadowed from part 1.

Once again Ui is the king of doing nothing remarkable. Seriously, he hasn’t done anything noteworthy since fighting Kuzen and Eto at the Anteiku Raid. I’m getting rather tired of waiting for Ui to get a significant fight as well as him bringing out his SS rated Quinque Ajite.

We get a better glimpse of what Uta’s truly capable of, and I expected no less of him being able to casually dodge Juuzou when he actually tries to. It was good to see more of his kagune manipulation as well, but what really intrigues me is how Uta’s face shifting actually works.

I have to say the Kaneki and Amon parallel panel was a beautiful flashback through the whole series. I’m really happy with the character development Ayato has made throughout the story, and I’m glad that Seidou and Kurona are teaming up to fight their former superior. It looks like Amon’s kakuja can maintain a high level of control now even despite Amon’s sanity being completely gone. I also really love the design of Amon’s current kakuja which is basically Kuzen’s classic kakuja on steroids.

Of course Mutsuki chooses to be an idiot here. If Juuzou couldn’t land a hit what makes you think you’re going to do any better? She’s getting way too overconfident, and needs some sense smacked into her. Mutsuki really brought this bad situation upon herself so I can’t say I have any sympathy to give. Though I have to admit that it feels weird to see Uta mimic the face of Kaneki himself.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. you’re art is amazing and it makes me so happy! *gives cookie* Hope you have a great birthday! .- minikenway

Thank you so muuuuuch!!!!! <3 *Shares cookie*

I’m gonna use this submission to write somethin’

I really want to thank you guys. I know i’ve already done it it every single ask you guys sent. 

And i know it’s kiiiind of annoying (I guess!). But you seriously have no idea how happy you made me. 

I didn’t expected so many people would give me birthday wishes! Some of you even gave me drawings!! That SO crazy.

I am so so thankfull. I don’t even know what to say!!

You guys are super important to me. Seriously. Even though i don’t talk with some of you. I want to let you know that if something happens to you. I’m here.

I want to be there for you guys. I want to be someone you trust. I worry so much about you… You guys mean so much to me.

If you’re having a bad time, please don’t be afraid to send me a message. I will give you as many support as i can!

Please remember that i love you!

Danny out! <3

Cosplay and children: a PSA

In response to something that happened today:

Please keep an eye on your children, and be mindful of their behavior. This adorable little girl was fascinated by me, and during a panel came up to look at me. This is fine– I love kids when I am in cosplay! However, there are two things that could have been a problem with this one.

One, she reached out to grab my costume– parents, please don’t let your kids do that. I do not expect this little darling to know that she shouldn’t touch, and in this case no harm done… but you never know if a costume is delicate, or expensive, or likely to get nasty stuff on a child’s hands, or any number of other things. The worst thing that would come from my Malekith would be excess blue body paint, but you never know. Besides, you don’t want to have to un-blue your little one, right?

Two, and this I think is more serious as far as the girl today is concerned– I have limited visibility in this costume. Not as extreme as many, but I can’t turn my head easily and don’t have particularly good peripheral vision in this costume. I did not see the child *at all*– I noticed the mother, when she came up to grab the girl. No harm done– but again, you never know. If a cosplayer has limited visibility, they could harm your child without meaning to– someone who can’t see much below eye level might accidentally kick or bump into a child, for example. Cosplayers do try to be mindful of such things and many of us will have someone with us to help, but kids are small and hard to see.

So please, parents, be mindful! Children are wonderful and I am always happy to stop and pose for a picture for or with them. Just be sure to keep an eye on them and teach them that they shouldn’t touch without asking.

anonymous asked:

Speculation!Anon: If VRAINS is going to be .hack with card games, then I fully expect people to get stuck in the VR world. We can't have Yu-Gi-Oh or .hack without people going into comas!

Seriously, this is one of the most obvious plot points we can have with a series involving Virtual Reality. It would be jaw dropping if it didn’t happen.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, though (as I’m sure you could infer with some of the previous things I’ve written on the subject). I love being surprised with plot points I didn’t see coming, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be surprised by one that seems obvious.

There are lots of ways the writers could go about it. Who could trap Yusaku and his fellow hooligans in VR land? A glitch in the VR system, a virus, a tech savvy mini boss, the big bad? All solid options, but it doesn’t have to go down like that. They could add a twist to this by making it an ally/teacher who traps them there, in order to teach them a greater lesson. Or maybe them being trapped could be the result of some mistake Yusaku/one of the gang does, the VR world gets ‘mad’ at them, and they have to escape before they’re, ah, ‘deleted.’

Though there are ways to play with this trope in it’s entirety. So the VR world is, presumably, where the majority of the duels are going to be taking place. And it’s charged by social media and the charisma duelists, but as the plot progresses it’s also likely to become a ‘battle field’ of sorts (I know they’re not going to war but I’m still about that arc v life so let me use the lingo lol). It’s where most of the duels will be happening. If the VR world is as expansive as the real world, then major, non-duel related plot points and moments are also likely to happen there. It’s probably where Yusaku and co will first encounter the big bad.

So… what happens if they’re locked out of the VR system?

They’re locked out of it by some antagonist so their plans won’t be interrupted. The goal is to get back in. I think that would be an interesting way to spin this, especially if whatever the antagonist is doing in the VR world is bleeding into the material world. And note that I’m saying ‘antagonist’ instead of ‘big bad’, because this course of action suggests that the villain is cowardly. I don’t like weaksauce big bads, but I can fuck with lesser antags being weaksause. That’s just a personal hope/preference of mine, but I also have yet to encounter someone who likes it when endgame villains are weak minded. But if anyone does, get at me and let me pick your brain a little lol

But getting back to the point of your message… yeah. Comas are going to be a thing. I literally can’t picture them not being a thing. (Un)Fortunately, brainwashing/reprograming is also probably going to be a thing; I just hope it’s done less haphazardly than in Arc V.

The only way Julian Fellowes or anyone associated with Downton Abbey is getting my money for a movie is if it features Mary getting a divorce or already divorced from Henry Talbot.

Like, I still cannot even believe we watched every character on the show push her at him, and push her at him, and push her at him, insisting (and in Tom’s case, snarling) all the while that she didn’t know her own mind, until she literally broke down and cried, then were expected to swallow his whole “I just happen to have a marriage license with me even though I haven’t so much as breathed a word about or in the direction of your son – what’s his name again? Geoff?” routine.

There was a better way to write that pairing. A THOUSAND better ways to write that pairing. Instead, it came off as lazy, rushed, shallow, insert-your-own-negative-adjective-here.

Seriously, in that scene where Mary’s talking to Matthew’s grave, I imagine Dan Stevens dressed up like a ghost and making a perfect “WTF? WTF?” face at her.

Free Mary Crawley.

I overreacted last night. For fucks sake I’m a kink artist. It’s what I do and its what I’m known for. All I draw is kink stuff and I expect people to understand my character’s personalities that I haven’t even shown off much. Though it is outrageously annoying to get asks and such from people who want to fuck my characters. I have to realize that’s what happens when I make characters and put them in sexual situations.

(But seriously, stop sending me asks about how much you want to fuck my characters, have them give you a blowjob, etc. I DON’T NEED TO KNOW THAT)

for real though, Bebop and Rocksteady are so transparently gay in OOTS there were TWO moments I genuinely anticipated explicit script confirmation of gayness:

1) When they scope out what their dicks look like post-mutation and then look at each other - I fully expected the next moment to be checking out each other’s dicks. The fist bump is still hella gay though.

2) When Rock is all “I got a big bang for ya” to Beebs - I honestly 100% thought this was a reference to sex and expected Rocksteady to grab his crotch and sort of waggle it at at Bebop and was seriously surprised this did not happen. 

Hm, this is not exactly where we left off. Either they’re changing up the recap part due to the amount of stuff that happened in episode 5, or we’re about to see more about what Hisoka did with Leorio

Oh good, I love surprises! Seriously though I’m interested to see how they follow up that whole gauntlet of running and narrowly avoiding death at every turn. Phase 1 took two whole episodes to get through - how bad will Phase 2 be?

You..seem okay? Still half expecting that Hisoka put some evil bullshit on you while Gon wasn’t looking, though.

Studio Confession? (Taeyang Scenario)

Happy (way too belated) birthday to the most amazing person on earth, cassiewayne~! I love you so much, seriously! ♡ The big to my bang~! Hope you’ll like it, baby!

Summary: Falling in love with Ji Yong’s litter sister had not been something Youngbae had expected would happen, after having her around for years. His fluttering heart eventually became impossible to ignore, though.

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Whelp, the campaign’s officially closed. Honestly, thank you, each and every one of you that contributed to this in any form. This is somehing I never imagined happening with this project, and I’m glad to be a part of it.
Overall, I’m more than pleased with the amount we raised.

I’ll be looking into other ways to involve Skylar in bee activism, but not much will really happen on that front until A) the shirts come in and B) I’m finished with projectbotadventure. The shirts are expected to be delivered to those who donated by June 1st.

And seriously though, thank you all.


One more person favourite kind take arms upon him sky blue people believe.


to this day the best thing my sweet harmless lovely mother ever told me about herself was that when she was young she would go out dancing at clubs and stuff with my dad and strangers pinching random girls asses was like a serial thing that happened and creeps always got away with it because the places were so crowded so what my mum did right, what my SWEET HARMLESS LOVELY MOTHER did

was she’d reach around to the hand pinching her ass, touch it gently to make them think she was into it, and then SQUEEZE THEIR FINGERS SO HARD AND WOULDN’T LET GO UNTIL SHE HEARD AND FELT A CRUNCH

I asked her how many hands she thinks she’s broken and she told me that it happened so often she LOST COUNT