but seriously though his face in that third one

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I'm in the Christmas spirit already soo...Perhaps maybe where the reader (His girlfriend) surprises George by coming to the Burrow on Christmas morning? Maybe he isn't expecting to see her until next year at Hogwarts? And he's just so happy and he gets emotional and its just really fluffy?

i fuckin;;;;; love;;;;;;;;;;; chRISTMAS and this prompt. and u. i can’t tell how many anons i’ve proposed to yet but if u want we can all run away together and be nerds on and island. i can bake if u want

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Dear Y/N,

George is going crazy over here moping about you not being with us for Christmas. Dad put up some mistletoe to surprise Mum with and George just keeps staring at it like a prat and sighing. I’m trying to pull a prank with him and he’s not being nearly as helpful as he usually is. 

I know you said you wanted to spend some time with your family over the holidays, but could you please pop over here for at least a little on Christmas? Maybe for dinner and stay the night or something? I talked to Mum and she said it’d be okay. 

Please respond quickly. Ron mentioned apple pie and now George is frowning because apparently it’s your favorite. 

If you don’t come here and cheer him up I’ll beat him to death with a christmas stocking. 

Lovingly, of course. 


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Zach Werenski - Columbus Clippers

Team: Columbus Blue jackets

Requested: Yes: Hi!! I was wondering if you could write a Zach Werenski imagine where you go to a baseball game with him his brother and Larks and he later gets interviewed and they ask about you cause you’re sitting next to him and he has his hand on your leg or something ? Sorry if that didn’t make sense or was too descriptive haha ! Love your writing xxx

Edited: Yes

Word count: 838

Summary: You go to a baseball game together and he reveals your relationship in an interview

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The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: Fighting for You

Prompt: Somebody at school says something inappropriate about you, and Newt retaliates – quite violently… 

Requested by anonymous.

You weren’t one to shy away from people, you could make friends at the drop of the hat and easily hold a conversation with most. Something both you and Newt had in common; befriending those around you without judgement or criticism. So when you heard the shouts and cries from within a circle of boys and girls at school, two in the middle pounding into each other with so much force and anger, you were utterly shocked to see it come from your friend, Newt.

That morning you walk through the halls with only a few of your friends, looking for the rest of your little group, when your friend Teresa decides that you should all check the track team on the oval. You follow Teresa, Brenda and Newt out to the oval and soon spot Minho and Thomas after their morning practice.

Teresa kisses Thomas on the cheek as a welcoming hello, and you find Newt rolling his eyes over at you and their sudden intimacy; you stifle a laugh and instead wave over Minho, who seems to appreciate you guys over the couple.

“Practice okay?” You try to make a little small talk to avoid the awkward scene between Teresa and Thomas.

Minho pushes back his hair from his face, the sweat on his forehead and neck gathering in small droplets, “It was good, other than Thomas’ whining about missing Teresa,” he laughs.

Newt frowns, “You’re kidding? They literally came to school together!”

Minho and Newt start laughing, and you can’t help but join in too. Brenda seems to smile mischievously, not wanting to be caught out teasing her other friends.

Minho slings his bag over one shoulder before resting a hand on your arm, “Seriously though, I need you to save me form them. Come to practice more often so I’m not left to third wheel with them in the car ride home.”

You flash your teeth with a wide smile, “I’ll give you a maybe on that, not sure if I could put up with being in the same car as those two, either.”

Minho shakes his head, “Okay, well, you can just come pick me up then?”

“Fine,” you sigh, “I’ll save you more often, promise.”

“I’ll see you later then.”

You watch as Minho escapes to the boys’ shower rooms, and then turn back to Newt and Brenda who seem to be thinking the same thing: both with raised, questioning eyebrows and focused eyes. You only laugh it off.

“Am I missing something?” Newt asks, coming by your side as you three walk down towards your next classes, “some sort of mysterious night with some mysterious guy… Minho?”

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thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day twelve:
 arm wrestling


Kyoutani scowled darkly as his knuckles slammed against the tabletop, and the members of the volleyball team all burst into cheers for their vice-captain, slapping him on the back as he tried to smother his smirk.

“That’s two-nothing for Iwaizumi-san,” Kindaichi announced, then recoiled when the second-year looked ready to bite his head off. It wasn't his fault the job of scorekeeper had been pushed onto him.

Oikawa clapped his hands once, calling for order, and with a touch of conceit in his voice, he drawled, “Come now, Mad Dog-chan. Did you really expect any different?”

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