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Dear Pemberley Digital Fandom: A response to the past three hours

I have been an engaged viewer since Hank posted episode one of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on his tumblr.  I have not been the most active WITHIN the fandom, so I feel like what I have to say doesn’t hold as much weight as, say, prominent members of The Seahorses.  However, I just participated actively in a giant headache of a hangout for three hours, and I’m more frustrated now than I was when I got online.

Should Bernie and the rest of the team listen to their fans?  In my opinon, yes.  Do they need to make sure they know what they’re doing before they do it to avoid errors in execution?  Yes.  But they do NOT need to cater to the fans’ every wishes.  Particularly because there are a royal crapton of different opinions on what they should or shouldn’t be doing, and they are physically unable to make everyone happy.  There’s a lot that I feel should be done differently with Emma Approved, particularly with transmedia, and I know there are people who will agree with me and people who won’t.

LIke I said, there is literally no way for them to make everyone happy.  The diversity issue is enough of an indicator of that.  There will always be people who will think it’s more fair to do casting calls for all races, and there will always be people who think it’s more fair to cast roles with the aim of a more diverse cast.  They can’t make everyone happy, and it’s not black and white.  There are pros and cons to every way they could possibly approach the situation.

The PD team is working in VERY new territory - that’s undeniable.  The role the audience should play is, to me, still very uncertain.  As a result, there are very engaged fans who feel they should be heard more than they currently are and that the fandom should be larger contributors to the universe.  There are also fans who feel the creators are already doing more than they need to in regards to reaching out to the fans.  I think this is something that will iron itself out as transmedia storytelling evolves.  Hopefully.

I personally think there’s a better balance needed.  Yes, PD needs to make sure they’re satisfying the people who have been supporting them.  But they do nor owe their fans anything aside from Kickstarter perks.  Bernie doesn’t have to read anything his fans write or hold any three-hour hangouts to respond to criticism that was often unnecessarily nasty.

Let’s talk about that for a sec.  Unnecessary nastiness.

Stop calling someone’s carefully thought-out criticism “unedited snarky” just because you feel differently than they do.

Stop calling someone else’s carefully thought out response letter “ass-kissing” just because you feel differently than they do.

Stop invalidating people’s opinions about open-race casting versus for-race casting because they are or are not people of color.

Stop saying you want to punch people.

Stop calling members of your same fandom “fuckers” or “entitled” or “circle-jerkers”

Stop saying you want to kill people.  It doesn’t matter how you meant it, it’s still a dick move.  Just stop.

Stop airing private conversations on public social media just to shame someone.

Stop talking shit about someone online when you KNOW they can see what you’re saying.

Stop assuming your opinion is the only valid opinion.

Stop being rude when you don’t need to be.

Everyone was thanking Lauren for staying diplomatic.  For not getting offensive and not getting defensive.  Because everyone else was doing one of the two, myself included.  But Lauren shouldn’t be the norm.  We should all be able to voice our opinions without getting passive-agressive or straight-up aggressive or feeling like what we have to say matters more than what anyone else has to say.  We all deserve to feel heard.  Regardless of what Bernie is or is not covering, it feels really shitty to air something you have to say only to have someone else in the fandom shit all over you.  I started commenting less because I was afraid people I don’t know would start ragging on me on their twitter accounts, and the fact that I felt that way really isn’t okay.

Whether or not you’re frustrated with Bernie is one thing.  I am too, though probably less so than some other people.  But if I were Bernie, I wouldn’t listen to fans who don’t even respect other fans, much less himself.

So go ahead.  Be angry.  You have every right to that.  But you have no right to take that anger out on a fan who cares just as much about the series as you do just because they look through a different lens.

each of the seventeen members are slowly trying out acting first junhui and now jeonghan i wonder who’s gonna be next but seriously i am so happy about this because hey pledis are actually giving them opportunities to try out these things and most of all we’re gonna see them act !! i feel like a lot of them are really interested with acting and i also feel like each one of them will have a unique approach to acting and that’s just what makes me even more excited about this plEDIS U ACTUALLY STEPPING UR GAME UP im sO PROUD

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it always makes me really uncomfortable when people refer o themselves as 'stans' of something bc i think a lot of people don't realise how disturbing the origins of that term are? the song/video it came from really fucked me up and lately I've seen a lot of gerard fans saying they are a 'gerard stan' and it just scares me so much because of how fucking messed up that video is. i just wish people at least knew where 'stan' came from and how seriously disturbing it is

yeah i try to avoid using it. or if i use it, i use it in like an ironic sense or use it in the sense that i’m quoting others who refer to us as that.

like don’t get me wrong though, there are actual stans out there. but it bothers me too when i see people referring to themselves as a “stan”, and i just wonder like, “do you even know what that means?”

i know i aint about to kill myself or my pregnant wife (well if i had one) over gerard way.  -.- 

for those of you who don’t know the term’s origin, watch this video. be warned though, it’s pretty heavy.

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Exactly! Seriously though can anyone remember the last time they did a twitcam or a follow spree?! I miss those days! I wish they knew that not all of us are crazy people some of us would actually like to get to know them better! NOT all of us care about who they date! We just want our favorite member to be happy in life! And yes I agree it feels like they don't care/love us much as we care/love them!

I miss 2013-2014 when I first really fell in love with 5sos and everybody was so kind to the boys and they were so kind to us in return. Then as they’ve gotten bigger they’ve gained the fans who do things like bitch about relationships, spread rumours, fight with other fam members and mob them and it feels like we’ll never know the boys because they’re building a wall to protect themselves from all the crazy and we’re stuck on the wrong side 😓 -Hannah

Seriously though, I started reading Homestuck in May because I had been hearing about it for a while and my curiosity got the best of me and just. 

I should have started reading this YEARS ago. It’s nothing at all like I expected and god it is just SO good. It’s so different from other things I’ve read or watched. I’m sad that I’m coming in on the end of it - I wish I could’ve been there to really experience it while it was happening. This was the first [S] page that I’ve actually seen “live”, if you will, and I am just experiencing so many feels right now, man. 

God, what a fucking comic.


Double Heroine Super Live Show - Adlib scene

This is one of my favorite scenes from the Twin Towers’ musical Double Heroine.

After Rachel is saved from getting killed and Asuka helps walk her out, the conversation from here on is ad libbed and thought up by the Twin Towers. This scene took place on the musical’s senshuuraku (last day of performance) but the conversation is actually different on each night.

For the translation of this clip’s ad lib, check out twintower-love’s translation here.

Listening to this, I just gotta say…so ADORABLE!!!

Asuka protecting Rachel from the bad guy’s shots…

Rachel telling Asuka she’s growing to love her …

Asuka breaking the 4th wall by mentioning the audience’s presence which Rachel can’t see…

And Rachel and Asuka both liking the same idol group AKB48 and their favorite members happen to be each other. XD

These two are geniuses at ad libbing.


Seriously though…I so wish they could’ve shown the ad libbed scenes from the other nights on the DVD. 

Fortunately you can read the ad libs from the other nights here.

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Hey, I feel pretty bad about being a lolicon. I love your work though. I just wish I could look at 2D without guilt. I know I'd never actually do anything IRL. Anyway, just wanted to vent. I love your recent pillow censor.

My man. I feel you, I sometimes experience fleeting guilt, especially because I end up around/seeing/interacting with children sometimes (children/siblings of friends, or when I’m out) and I feel that it’s important, exceedingly so, to keep in mind the line between 3D and 2D. Though I dunno, personally I’ve felt that any attraction to lolis in 2D doesn’t hold in 3D for me…when I see a kid irl I just want to protect them, y’know? I find them cute, like most people do, not “oh man, can’t wait to take them into my white van” or something. So yeah, definitely you’re not alone on that. Most people/lolicons I know feel the same. 2D fetishes usually don’t cross over to 3D.

Anyhow I dunno, venting here too I guess cause I catch flak sometimes for drawing “too loli” or whatever and I can understand what you’re going through. I’m glad that you enjoy my work, and I just hope you’re able to reconcile with yourself. Thank you! I keep drawing partially because of/for people like you!!!

Fuck. I just saw my ex on Tinder using a photo I took of him (I’m on it trying to get over the shittiness of that breakup) and burst into tears. I wish I didn’t care.

Oddly work seems to be the thing that helps the most. Like, yeah, this customer thinks I’m the hottest thing since baked bread *and* I’m taking his money. Finally, a way for a dude to actually contribute to my well being.

Seriously considering sugaring instead of vanilla dating. The SA profile writing is so intimidating though!

I was tagged by legend-of-the-zeta-notebook. This looked kind of fun, though as always I ended up overthinking it.

One Song: “Ghost Town” by First Aid Kit (just something I’ve been listening to recently)

Two Movies: Up and To Be or Not To Be

Three Shows: Sherlock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Downton Abbey  (only three seriously?)

Four People: (actors? famous people? historical? no clue? I’m going to do writers just to be different, but those tagged can do what they want) J.K. Rowling, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, Zora Neale Hurston

Five Foods: Chocolate, duck, pizza, green beans (I’m actually serious), and steak.

Tags (do it if you wish to, no pressure as always and anyone untagged can do it as well I honorarily tag you): spectergurl secretly-sherlock-holmes marx-the-spot fanimeluv

seriously though these clothes are SO EXPENSIVE IN ACTUALITY like this whole auction is just practically giving designer stuff away

i wish they had more proppy items though. the only one i’m going to keep my eye on is the pavarotti casket CUS IT’S SO PRETTY and you could use it for jewelry and people would think it’s just a pretty box but secretly it’s a legit glee prop 

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Might want to read my tags babe. When I finally logged on & saw it, Ya KILLED ME DEAD.

I saw them (I always read your tags when you reblog one of my posts) I was actually thinking: “Angela is going to die when she sees this”  :)

this-aint-macys-bitch replied to your postI really cannot describe to you how happy that new…

you have no idea how much me and piper screamed over it

this-aint-macys-bitch​ replied to your post: I really cannot describe to you how happy that new…

seriously though its gonna be in my queue for quite some time

I wish I could’ve been there ;)
but seriously thanks so much for the compliments on it bc I was a bit unsure if it was good enough since it’s my first time ever doing a gif like that

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Dear person I had a crush on:

Jesus Incarnate anon, I’m so gonna regret this later.

Dear Elizabeth,

I haven’t really gotten a chance to have a real conversation with you in a long time, so forgive me if I take this opportunity to vent. Not that you’ll be looking at this in the first place.

So first off, I’m just so sorry for everything. I’m sorry for messing up the little thin-ice friendship that we used to have, I’m sorry for needing you more than you need me…but I do hope that we’re still friends. Tentatively. (”For now”…though I doubt you’ll remember that bit.)

I wish we weren’t so awkward. Seriously. Maybe then I could take the time to actually talk to you and try to fix things, or maybe strike up a conversation and start from scratch. But you and I both have a tendency to dwell on the past, don’t we?

I miss talking to you. Whether it’s about whatever ridiculous ideas come to your mind, or those other conversations we had, you’re easy to talk to, not to mention fun.

And lastly, thanks. For helping me through all those downs, for dealing with me and listening to me when I’m being stupid, for helping me when it comes to emotions. I mean, you know that I’m not the best with emotions, but being around you made it easier. I’m still not sure if anything I remember were real emotions or just my head fucking me over, but still.

Live long and prosper.

Love (?),


[if you know me irl, read the tags.]

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Having no money hurts </3 especially for an expensive fashion like Lolita xD it's okay I've watched it first for like years then I decided to actually try it.. Now I am trapped, with little money too <\3 you should try seriously give it a try tho!

I have one dress from a few years ago that I think kind of counts, but idk? O3O it was hella expensive though, so I never wear it because I’m scared of damaging it >^< I look at lots of the stuff online and then wish I had money so that I could buy everything D:

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My confession is that even bough I love your blog and your stories I am still afraid to really talk to you because you're a cheerleader and you seem like you would be the popular girl in school and that intimates me. I was really bullied. But you still seem nice it's just you also seem very blunt and I wish I wasn't so afraid of judgement so I could be more open. I'm actually very surprised there are cheerleaders who like yugioh and twd.

Aw. Please don’t feel like I would judge you. I know I come off quite strongly. I’m a German, cheerleading, New-Yorker. What can I say? I’ll be honest; being called rude is something I’m quite used to. Though not entirely proud of it. But, seriously. And I mean this to everyone who follows me, not just you. If you ever think that I’m being too rude or nasty, let me know. You go ahead and tell me; “Ahron, you’re being an asshole STFU.” You have my full permission to tell me to chill out. Because I do get worked up about the little things sometimes. I hate admitting I’m wrong. 100% hate it. And I’m not a very mushy-feely person. I’ve had one person come to me with thought of suicide, and my advice was literally “if you kill yourself, I’ll beat the shit out of you.” Probably not the best advice. Another person came to me about the death of their grandmother, and I foolishly made a joke thinking it would cheer them up or get their mind off of it. Needless to say, I lost a follower or two. I don’t know how to approach sentimental and delicate things… delicately. In all truth, the only ways I know how to deal with those things are either with anger or humor. 

And if you ever feel I’m handling something wrong, or I’m being rude or mean, you have my full permission to tell me. Let me know. I don’t want the reputation of being the unapproachable hothead, and I’ll need your help in cooling me down. You feel me?

Yeah, I was a cheerleader. Yeah, I was captain for a while. But I was not AT ALL popular in school. Maybe I was popular in that a lot of people knew my name (most in part because of my dad and my best friend and the clothes I wore), but no one really knew me. No one wanted to know. Not only was I the one, single “goth” kid in the entire school district, but I had the honor of having Asia for a best friend. Everyone adores my best friend and I don’t blame them. She’s the most charismatic, beautiful, and incredible woman I know. You know those “ideal” girls that everyone assumes guys want? That’s her. She’s super sexy, a cheerleader, funny, she’s a gamer, she’s adventurous, she was so easy to talk to– everyone adored her or envied her. There was no in-between. The only “problem” for any suitor, was me. People only talked to me because Asia and I are a package deal. We were always together. Yup. I was the ugly friend.  The goth kid that was just there. And being cheerleading captain made little to no impact on that quiet reputation. I wanted so many people to by my friend but everyone just treaded cautiously around me.

Now that I’ve got more of an identity of my own, I’m proud of myself. And that pride can often be mistaken as rudeness. And I’m sorry you feel that way. But please know that I don’t mean to come off as that. I know the struggles, dear. I don’t want to intimidate any of my followers on here. Considering all the stupid shit and phases I went through, I am in no position to be judging anyone else. Please don’t think I would ever do that to you. 

You’d be surprised by the diversity even among cheerleaders too. There’s a lot of different personalities and interest even among groups that wear uniforms. And a lot of us have probably been bullied too at some point for something or anything. So please try not to be so afraid to approach people. You might learn something new.

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17, 28?

17: What do you think about movie/tv adaptations?

i’m not too bothered by them in theory - sometimes i get quite excited about them. tbh though, if i’ve read the books, i’ll definitely compare the book vs the movie/tv show, and usually pick holes in the latter. i can’t think of any tv show/movie adaptations that i’ve enjoyed more than the original off the top of my head, but i try to go in to every one with an open mind.

28: An ending you wish you could change

this is getting to be a standard answer, but seriously? i can’t choose anything other than the ending of the high lord by trudi canavan. although actually, i’d also love to see the end of nk jemisin’s dreamblood series changed (namely, to have more added to it, because those two books were glorious, and over so fast)

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Gosh now i reallyy want them to win choice liplock, just so we can sit back, eat our popcorn and drink our tea. But seriouslys, what do you think are the chances of them winning? There are a lot of other more popular shows... I wish TCA would just be the ultimate trolls and give them the awards for the drama :)

I really wish they would win, just so I can watch GG squirm lmao. He’s probably calling his agent everyday making sure he doesn’t get the award. About the TCAs though, there’s a debate on whether or not voters actually choose who gets the award. Here’s an article on it. It’s from last year so I don’t know if the TCA changed it’s rules. Basically what it said was that the producers choose the winner based on who of the nominees is willing to show up. I don’t know if this still holds true today, and I don’t want to discourage people from voting because we need to keep doing it! (the rules may have changed). I have no idea who is going to win this year or if they have a chance, but I think being nominated without them being an official couple yet is amazing and great accomplishment. And the show only has one season, too. 

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Warning! I have barely watched Plush and the majority I did watch was almost a year ago and i don’t remember anything XD

How I feel about this character

I like Enzo. Though the poor thing just needs to be happy like seriously why can’t he be happy?????

All the people I ship romantically with this character

I don’t know actually T^T

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Whoops another I don’t know T^T 

My unpopular opinion about this character

I don’t have one T^T

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.