but seriously though


IT’S DONE! I DID IT LOL. This was based on this ask a few weeks ago, and i just got so inspired haha. im no animator first of all but i had fun putting this together! BUT WHAT IF THEY DID HAVE A GAMING CHANNEL??? I imagine it would sort of be like this lol

It is seriously amazing Asami didn’t have more trust issues, she’s had blow after blow in Book 1, first with her father and then with Mako. The thing is, other characters in her position would have taken this as a reason to jump into the dark side, it would be a flimsy reason and one more fueled by hurt and spite, and LBH that’s the catalyst for a some of ‘friends to enemy’ stories, but not Asami. 

It just speaks to her moral strength that she didn’t allow herself to consider joining her father and that at the end of the day she was willing to let Mako go, forgive him, and still remain his friend. 


“Personally, I hate the talent.” *Gestures to Hinata, causally having no talent whatsoever.*

“If it’s possible, I want to erase everything called talent from this world.” *Gestures to Hinata, but this time he’s the world destroyer, and he can erase Komaeda’s dream world, which will ultimately erase all the talent from this world.*

So I guess he fits Komaeda’s standards, Komahina’s canon!


You and I share a bond in Theo Galavan. A passion if you will.

Me on Supergirl
  • My student: "don't you watch Supergirl?"
  • Me: "yes."
  • My student: "why?"
  • Me: "I started watching because I love super heroes and Supergirl's suit looked amazing; but honestly, I stayed for the gay."
  • My class: "LOLOLOLOL, you the realist teacher we have."