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I saw your post talking about the Grumps playing Sonic Unleashed and I completely agree with you on every level. Its obvious that they are trying to be funny, and they are, but they focus on the smaller details and fuss about them... I do love watching them play, so I'm not trying to say i deliberate dislike them, its just a bit irksome...

Yeah, I’m actually not really enjoying this playthrough, so I’ve decided to stop watching it.  Like, maybe that comes across as me being protective of one of my favorite games, and I won’t lie and say that has nothing to do with it, but that’s not all there is to it.  I’d feel weird watching them tear apart any other game that really… wasn’t worth tearing apart, too.

Unleashed has flaws, definitely, and I’ll be the first to point them out if anyone wants me to.  But the things that Arin’s ragging on aren’t anywhere near the actual flaws the game has – he’s just doing stupid stuff with the game and trying a little too hard to rag on it in ways that don’t really match up to the game’s worth.

Let it come naturally, dude.  ‘06 and Boom were terrible games.  Rag on those all you want; they’re falling apart at the seams.  But Unleashed is a solid package, even if it is a little bit juvenile.

But of course it’s juvenile.  It’s Sonic.

TalesFromYourServer: Rant...Stop asking for/expecting free stuff. This is a business.

Seriously. Stop. If you order a steak or piece of salmon, a prep cook spent his morning slicing and weighing it. Do NOT tell me to “make sure you get a nice piece”. Goat cheese is expensive, do not tell me to “make sure there is enough on your salad because last time there was hardly any.” The bartenders are required to jigger, I will not be winking at them so your drink is “extra strong” or “making sure you can taste the alcohol”. You are getting the same amount of alcohol as everyone else. If you want extra stuff you pay extra money, ok? Do you go to the store an pick up a 2 liter of soda but expect to be charged for one? Do you drop off six shirts at the dry cleaners and wink while saying it’s only five? Just fucking stop!

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Have you seen the video of a girl acting like the "groupies"? Seriously it's so fucking funny ldhfjkkukgi twitter com/moncherieharrie/status/890319661941886976

OMFJGHJKFHDKGD this deserves an oscar

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek

“I want a LGBT film that has well  rounded characters” 

“I want a LGBT film that has an interesting story”

“I want a LGBT film that has good subtext”

“I want a LGBT film that has a happy ending”

“I want a great LGBT film”




Dinner at Malfoy Manor
  • Draco: Father, I have something to tell you...
  • Lucius: What is it
  • Draco: Well you see, Potter -
  • Lucius: *high-pitched shriek* NOT AGAIN
  • Lucius: One meal without talking about Potter, ONE, that's all I'm asking, Draco, how the hell did I raise you into this
  • Lucius: All you can ever talk about is Potter nothing but Potter seriously WHY
  • Lucius: Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter
  • Lucius: Why don't you just fucking marry him
  • Draco:
  • Lucius:
  • Draco:
  • Draco: ... So we have your blessing?
  • Lucius: *goes and drinks the Malfoy wine cellar dry*