but seriously this was cute

So uh… I started writing this piece about Norman and the Reader having a kid and my heart is already melting at how cute and amazing Norman would be as a dad to a little girl. I am so excited to write this now! Just imagine how cute he would be… There is going to be a lot of fluffy family cuteness in this one. Norman, Norman… Writing inspiration you are!

Me writing this right now:

I saw the prettiest child in a long while when I went to buy groceries this morning 


Keepers of the Moon and Sun :

Gale and Medecai - Sebeaux 
These two fight like polar opposites, always bickering and never meeting ends, which is pretty amusing to Zer’ruh, as it causes them to get into situations that wouldn’t have happend, if they weren’t butting heads. 

Gale pretty much looks out for himself, not concerning himself with others or their affairs, and turns his nose up towards those he deems in lower standing than him, which is the majority of the population, as he holds the title ‘anchor’, or “Keeper of the Moon / Chain” . 

Sebeaux on the other hand, is selfless, and will always throw out a helping hand to those in need, and would even take a bullet for a butterfly. He believes he is equal to all people of the realm, and would never hold his title above someone else, as he rarely mentions it at all, and holds the title ‘anchor’ or “Keeper of the Sun / Chain”.  

Two more precious children added to the SoS cauldron, muahahaha :D
 -I originally had a comic planned to go under the sketches, but it kind of turned into chapter fragment of sorts, and so I decided to go ahead and throw this set out there.