but seriously they spend the whole movie gazing at each other just saying

Two Fold

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Jimin feat. Jungkook

Genre: Gang!AU/fluff/angst

Word Count: 10.1k

Summary: The love that you and Jimin have for each other knows no bounds. But, when you’re basically forced to do something for the gang he’s in, the consequences of it all come falling down on the both of you…“What you do in this world, good or bad, will come back to you two fold”

Warnings: gang activity, gun violence, mentions of drugs, etc. 

A/N: I created a spotify playlist of all the songs mentioned/featured within the story. They are in the order in which they appear. 

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“I know I say this every time I have a project due but I’m so tempted to just say fuck it and drop out.”

Across the table, Wonwoo rolls his eyes and flips a page in his textbook. “For someone who wants to drop out every other day, you care a hell of a lot about your grades,” he hums, his eyes never lifting from the page. “You know you care too much to drop out. Take a break, go get some snacks to smuggle in.”

“Or we could go make out in the stacks,” Mingyu hums as he shifts in his seat and leans a little closer to you. “But, I do agree that you should take a break. I’m cool with whatever you decide to do. If you choose the snack run, though, can you bring me back a coffee?”

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Written by: Haleh Banani, MA Clinical Psychology
As women, we desire to have a deep emotional bond with our spouse. We want to be loved and adored.
We need to nourish our spouse daily with love, support and understanding.As a therapist, I have seen numerous men who are disappointed in their marriages.

Men’s Top 6 Requests of Their Wives
1. Be his friend
2. Show him respect
3. Fulfill his physical needs
4. Make him feel desired
5. Make him feel appreciated
6. Create variety

Be a friend:
The most important aspect of a marriage is friendship.When there is friendship, any obstacle can be overcome.

Look at the beautiful examples of Khadija and Aisha (RA) and how they showered the Prophet (peace and salat upon him) with love, providing him with true companionship. Think about your best friend and how he or she became so special in your life. It probably had a lot to do with the amount of time and effort he or she made to get to know you and spend time with you. When was the last time you and your spouse had quality time together where the focus was just on having fun and sharing?

An easy way to get started is:
1. Set a date night with your spouse and stick to it
2. Share likes, dislikes, dreams etc.

Your friends are people who accept you and make you feel happy. How accepting are you of your spouse? Are you always trying to change or nag him? These behaviors push a man away and doesn’t create positive associations to you.

In order to create or strengthen friendship in marriage, try doing the following:
1. Listen, listen, listen to him – I mean really listen without being distracted, without making lists in your mind as he talks and without watching T.V. Remember what he shares with you about his work, about his goals, etc.
2. Share the highlights of the day & be supportive and understanding,
3. Find out what his area of interests are, read about them and be prepared to discuss,
4. Always say please and thank you, no matter how long you have been married
5. Eat at least 1 meal a day together,
6. Be forgiving – overlook his mistakes and flaws and train yourself to remember his positive traits ( everyone has some – you just have to focus on them),
7. Plan activities together (be it traveling together, playing tennis, walking, eating out, going out for movie nights – anything you both enjoy doing together),
8. Laugh together – don’t take your relationship so seriously all the time. Couples that can laugh together, stay together,
9. Have time to cuddle – being in close contact, hugging & caressing melts away the barriers, anger & frustrations. We all feel better after a nice, big hug,
10. Say nice things to each other – If you spoke to your friend the way you speak to your spouse would they remain your friend? Be honest with the answer,
11. Always make up before you sleep, and sleep at the same time. Don’t lead separate lives.

Show Respect:
The need for men to be respected is so strong that when they are given ample respect, they flourish like a plant that has just been watered. When they are deprived of the respect, they wilt and harbor feelings of sadness and resentment.

Many times women put a lot of time and effort in keeping the house clean, taking care of the kids and fulfilling all the “duties”, but because they fall short in showing their husbands respect, the husbands will shut down and not show appreciation for all that she has done. It is critical to be sensitive towards men and their feelings. Even though men may not be as expressive, they can and do get hurt and it is much harder for them to recover from hurt feelings.

Here are some ways to show respect:
1. Always speak with kindness and politeness, regardless of how long you have been married. Show the same (if not more) graciousness to your husband than you show your guests,
2. Never shout, call him names or use profanity,
3. Don’t be sarcastic with sensitive issues – if he has any weaknesses or shortcomings don’t crack a joke about it. Even if he doesn’t get mad, he may feel hurt inside,
4. Listen to his opinion and honor his requests – you will be rewarded in this world with a happy home and in the akhira insha’Allah,
5. Don’t have a power struggle with him. When women are demanding and aggressive it makes the men be harsh and rigid. If you show respect for the role that Allah has chosen for him he is more likely to be accommodating,
6. Show love and respect to his family and be a unifying force. Don’t be known in his family as the person who took him,
7. Respect his “alone time”, and allow him to unwind,
8. Ask his opinions and value them.

Fulfill His Physical Needs:
Intimacy brings about a whole lot of mixed emotions. Some sisters are not interested at all, some can never get enough and others seem to use it as a way to manipulate their husbands. There really needs to be some frank talk about this subject because I have seen many marriages suffer and fall apart due to problems of intimacy.

Sisters, if you withhold sex from your spouse as either a way to get back at him or to control him, you are making a HUGE MISTAKE.

Make Him Feel Appreciated:
When a man gets married he enjoys being the center of his wife’s life. He loves all the attention, the special meals and having his wife exclusively to himself.

There are so many times that men are made to feel neglected. Whether it’s because of the newborn baby, her demanding job or her never ending list of errands and voluntarism, men are being overlooked and pushed aside. Each man is craving his wife’s attention. The woman that knows how to shower her man with attention and appreciation will win his heart.

So here are some practical and easy ways to show appreciation to your husband:
1. Greet him with a hug and a kiss when he arrives home. Men have a need to feel important,
2. Make him feel that you are glad that he is home- this will create a positive association to being home; therefore he will WANT to spend more time at home,
3. Get off the phone before he arrives,
4. Make sure the place is presentable,
5. Have a sumptuous dinner ready,
6. Verbalize that you appreciate his hard work and all that he provides,
7. Be happy – nothing shows appreciation like a content smile,
8. Be understanding when he has to stay late or has to travel,
9. Listen to him without multitasking – I know it’s hard for us sisters to sit still and just simply listen, but it’s so critical to make a man feel heard,

Make Him Feel Desired:
When was the last time you gave a compliment to your husband? And I’m not referring to compliments on how well he fixed the leaky faucet. I mean a compliment on his looks or personality that will bring on a genuine smile.

The need to feel attractive increases as men age, they require more assurance that they are still desirable and worthwhile. There are two ways to make a man feel attractive: either tell him by giving him a compliment or show him that you are attracted to him.

Here are some ways to show your attraction to your husband:
1. Take the time to look at him – deep in his eyes and have your eyes lock. There usually isn’t enough time to make eye contact and since everyone always has to be careful to lower their gaze in public, here is the chance to stare and be rewarded!
2. Smile affectionately,
3. Be generous in giving compliments – it’s amazing how a person will light up with kind words.
4. Be playful, flirt and make him feel like the most attractive person

Create Variety:
Variety is always desirable. We enjoy an array of meals, an assortment of clothes and a selection of entertainment. This yearning for variety can be fulfilled even in marriage.
Here are some simple measures you can take to add a little zest and variety to yourself.
1. Get different hairstyles and change the shade of your hair color
2. Have a nice wardrobe for the house. ”What, dress up at home?” YES! You don’t need to be all decked out, but you need to have casual, nice clothes for around the house.
3. Invest in nice lingerie – it’s not just for the honeymoon. If you want your honeymoon to last a lifetime have a selection of lingerie that you wear regularly.
4. Try to create variety by getting intimate in different rooms

As you strive to create a strong bond with your husband by being a true friend, you will become closer and more intimate. By investing the necessary time and effort into your marriage, you will be pleasantly rewarded with a more satisfied spouse and you will Win His Heart InshaAllah!

A Night That Changed It All Part Three

Sebastian Stan x Reader
Summary : During your weekend at comic con, your best friend decided to put your name down for a chance to win a date with Sebastian Stan during the red carpet premiere for Civil War. But who would’ve thought that night your life would forever be changed?

Cover - Part One - Part Two 

Fan Made Cover 

A/N : OKAY, ITS FINALLY HERE!! Hopefully y'all enjoy! 

Warning: Language, and lots of fluff
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Different emotions were now coursing through you as you made your way toward the elevator. Tonight was beyond perfect. With the dresses, and attending the red carpet premiere, to spending alone time with Sebastian, and even kissing him. 

It was all perfect. You couldn’t deny it even if you wanted too. 

You pressed the button and waited to hop on. And as you stood there, smiling like an idiot, you replayed the kiss over and per again. Too bad it had to end. 

Sebastian was beyond ecstatic. His heart was pounding and the further he got from the hotel, the more he realized he didn’t want this to be the end. He stopped in his steps, glancing back, remembering the way you felt against him. 

How did you have such a strong hold on him? How was he not able to break this trance? 

The sound of a car honking had caught his attention, and he was back in reality. A smile had twitched on his lips as he pondered his thoughts for just a few moments. He might regret making this decision, but he honestly could care less. 

Seb spun on his heels and darted back to the hotel. 

The elevator seemed like it was taking forever, and though you were on cloud nine, your feet were beginning to throb from your heels. 

“come on.” You exhaled. 

After a few moments, the doors finally opened. You stepped inside, holding your clutch and hoping you won’t fall. Seb had made it just in time. As he glanced around, he spotted you just as you were making your way into the elevator. 

He knew wasn’t going to make it in time, so he called out. “Hold the elevator!” He exclaimed. 

It had been such a long night, you were seriously contemplating whether or not you should hold it open. but being a girl with a big heart, you couldn’t be mean. Not even to a stranger. 

You let out a sigh and placed your arm over the sensor to hold the doors from closing. 

Seb sprinted over, his hair flailing at all directions. But he didn’t care, because all he could think about was you. 

In that moment, he appeared in your sights, and you were taken aback. As you opened your mouth to ask him what he was doing there, he trod inside, his hands cupping your cheeks and hungrily crashed his lips against yours. He was forceful, which made slightly made you slam your back against the wall. 

Everything was spinning, and your heart was now fluttering so much, you thought it would jump out of your chest. 

But being there with him, tasting him again and feeling his tongue graze against yours, you were filled with nothing but pure bliss. It made something spark inside you and suddenly, you wanted more. 

Running your hand through his hair, and slightly tugging, you could hear soft snarls escape him. Which only made you hotter. He was now pressed against you. His hands traveled along your body, feeling you and imagining just how good you’d feel without the thin fabric barricading you. 

The whole night, Sebastian thought of nothing else but you. And now having you in his grasp, he definitely did not want to let go. 

The elevator doors opened once again, and the ding made you both jump back and pull apart from one another. You tried to even your breathing as Seb ran his fingers through his hair, trying to fix the mess you made. 

An elderly couple made their way inside. Squeezing in next to you. They were giggling and whispering to one another, as they held hands and stared at each other with such awe. It was beautiful to say the least. 

“Pardon us, the Mrs. wanted a candy bar.” The old man smiled. 

Seb flashed a smirk, and shook his head. “No need to apologize.” He stated. “Might I say, you two are a beautiful couple.” 

“Well, thank you son. You and Your gal are as well.” The old man exclaimed. “Take it from someone whose been married to the same woman for nearly fifty-two years. I can tell how much you two love each other, and that kids, is beautiful.”

The old lady glanced at her husband, her free hand pressed against his chest. “A love like that never dies.” 

Both you and Seb shared a glance, feeling the heat begin to pool in the core of your stomach. You wanted to tell them that you and Sebastian had actually just met that day. But what if-What if they noticed something you didn’t? 

“What was it that made you realize you were it for each other, if you don’t mind me asking?” Seb lightly chuckled. 

The old man flashed a soft smile. “Let me ask you something.” He muttered. “Have you every met someone that you would change your entire world for? Someone’s whose eyes you just knew, you were born to gaze into them? If you can answer that, then I just have one thing to say, Marry that girl.” He winked. 

The elevator came to a stop on the third floor. 

“Well, that’s us.” The man chuckled. “Come on dear. Let’s go cuddle and watch a movie.” 

She giggled to herself and nodded. “Oh John.” She smirked. Glancing back at you two, they waved and smiled. “Don’t give up on love, kids. It’s the best thing this world has to offer.” 

And just like that, the two strangers were gone. 

You were left alone to ride the elevator up to your floor with Seb, and suddenly you were nervous all over again. 

Sebastian kept his eyes on you, as the question the old man echoed over in his thoughts. He wasn’t sure what the guy meant, because all his life, he had never felt that way for anyone. But you shyly looked up at him and in that very moment, he knew. 

“It’s you.” He breathed. 

You furrowed your brows, confused of what he muttered under his breath. “What?” 

The doors opened, and you were finally on your floor, which meant it was time to say goodbye. Again. 

“Thanks for tonight, I had a great time.” You smiled. Turning your back to him, you stepped out into the hall. Sebastian followed closely behind you. “Wait, Y/N.” He exhaled. 

He reached for your hand, and tugged. Forcing you to turn around and face him. “I don’t want to say goodbye to you.” He muttered. 

“B-But I’m leaving tomorrow morning.” You hesitated. 

“I know, but what if-what if you didn’t?” He stated. 

And to think you were confused before? You were lost. “You’re not making any sense.” 

“What I’m saying is, what if instead of going home, maybe you can stay here with me?” 

You scanned his face for bluff, feeling your heart race in your chest. 

Sebastian flashed a smile, running a hand through his hair. “So, what do you say?” 

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The Vamps Preference #7:

Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran


Maybe just the touch of a hand

Well, me I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am

The two of you were just sitting in your living room on the couch.  You were reading a book and Connor was watching whatever was on TV.  Connor reached over to you and slipped his hand in yours, which was resting in your lap.  Glancing over at him you saw that he was still watching the television, you just smiled and continued to read your book.

“I love you,” he burst out.

You glanced over at him again but this time he was looking at you, “I love you too Connor,” you said smiling sweetly at him.

He looked back to the TV and you went back to your book.  It was silent for a few more minutes then again he said, “I love you.”

You looked at him with your head tilted, “I love you too babe.”

Again, he just smiled at you and went back to watching TV.  This time there was an even shorter amount of time before he said, “I love you,” again.

Your brow was furrowed as you set your book down and looked at him.

“You’ve said that three times now in the span of like 20 minutes,” you said to him as he smiled at you.

“I know, but I just want to tell you.”

You smiled at him and laughed, “Okay, well I love you too.”

“I love you more and more each day, and I want you to know how much I love you.  I don’t think I could ever tell you enough how much I love you.”

You just smiled at him and then felt his hand squeeze yours.  You looked down at your joined hands and smiled even bigger.  Slowly you brought your eyes back to his and just stared.  His face gradually got closer to yours as you continued to look into his eyes.  His lips delicately pressed against yours while his hand cupped the back of your neck.  Your other free hand did the same to him.  As he pulled away he kept his hand at the nape of your neck and stared into your eyes.

“I love you,” he said whispering.

You smiled noting that this was the fourth time he had said it, “I love you too.”

He pressed his lips against yours again just as gently as the first time. The gentlest touch and kiss showed you how he loved and cared for you.  You hoped that he could feel your love for him as well.


And baby your smile’s forever in my mind and memory

I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe it’s all part of a plan

Tristan cracked another joke causing you to burst out laughing.  He loved seeing you smile and hearing your laugh.  The two of you sat in the middle of the only fast food restaurant open at 1 o’clock in the morning.  You, Tristan, the cashier, and a cook were the only ones in there.  Between you and Tristan a tray held two drinks, two half eaten burgers, and an order of fries.  You took another bite of your burger and Tristan took a sip of his drink.  He just watched you as you put your hand in front of your mouth making sure you didn’t drop anything.  You wiped your mouth with a napkin and finished chewing.

“What are you looking at,” you asked him as you bit into a fry.

“The beautiful girl in front of me.”

You looked over your shoulders and shrugged them, “I don’t see anyone.”

Tristan laughed and shook his head at you, “No, I mean you.”

“Me,” you said raising your eyebrows as you brought your drink to your lips.

He just nodded and bit into his burger.  Since he had watched you eat yours you decided to do the same to him.  He chewed it four or five times then swallowed, he then washed it down with a big sip from his drink.

“What are you looking at,” he asked you like you had asked him.

“The really hot cashier over there,” you said pointing over his shoulder to the middle-aged guy at the cash register.

Tristan looked over his shoulder and almost spit out his drink, you just smiled as you bit into your burger again.  Both of you continued to eat your burgers and talk.  He tried to make as many jokes as possible so he could hear you laugh.  The two of you finished your midnight snacks and headed back to your car.  Tristan walked you to the driver’s side.  You leaned against the door as his legs stood on either side of you.  He continued to examine your face as he did in the restaurant.

“What are you looking at now?”


“And what are you thinking?”

“How much I love you.”

You smiled as a blush flushed your cheeks.  His hands rested on your waist as he leaned into you placing his lips against yours.  You tucked your hands into his back pockets and pulled him closer to you.  As your lips parted you looked up at him again.

“I love you too,” you whispered right before you put your lips to his again.


When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades

And the crowds don’t remember by name

When my hands don’t play the strings the same way

I know you will still love me the same

“Would you love me even if I was bald,” Brad asked you as the two of you were walking in the park.

You looked at him as if he was crazy but realized he was serious and answered, “I would probably buy you a wig.”

He laughed and kissed the back of your hand, “But seriously, like when we grow old would you still love me if I lose my hair?”

You were baffled as to why this mattered now but he seemed adamant about it so you answered him.

“Of course I would still love you.  Would you still love me if I didn’t have any teeth?”

“Of course! I would even chew your food for you!”

You laughed saying, “Thank you, how thoughtful.”

Brad grew quiet again as you two continued walking.

“What about when I’m not famous anymore and no one remembers my name?”

“You know I don’t love you because you’re famous right,” you asked him making sure he knew that.

“Yeah, I do, but I just want to know that you won’t forget me too.”

You stopped suddenly catching Brad off guard and he quickly turned back to you.

“Brad, I could never forget you.  You are the love of my life, how could I forget that?”

“I don’t know, but I’m glad you said that.”

“I love you Brad, not because you are famous or have great hair.  I love you because you make me happy.  You being famous and having good hair are just perks.”

He smiled at you and wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you into a hug.  You wrapped your arms around his neck and snuggled your face into his neck breathing in his scent.  He held you in his arms for a while then pulled away just enough to were the tips of your noses touched. 

“ I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Brad.  No matter what.”

With this he crashed his lips to yours.  Your hands quickly found his hair as his found your bum.  The two of you broke the kissed and looked at each other.

“You do have really good hair, it would be a shame if you lost it,” you said before he pulled you in again and your fingers gripped onto his curly locks.


So honey now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

For your one-year anniversary you had asked James to not make a big deal out of it, and he did just that.  He still spent the whole day with you, but instead of going out and doing lots of things the two of you stayed in watching movies and cuddling.  There was one thing that James wanted to do before the night was over though, so he made you put on your shoes and one of his sweatshirts and walked you out to his car.  The two of you got in his car and started driving.  He drove you to the beach that was only a few minutes away from his parent’s house.

“I didn’t bring my swimsuit,” you said to him smiling.

“Funny, but we are not here to swim.”

“Then what are we here to do? Build a sand castle?”

“Again, funny, but wrong.  We are here to watch the stars.”

“Ah, I see.”

He grabbed the blanket out of the trunk and started to walk towards the beach.  Your hand found his as you made your way to the sand.  Both of you laid out the blanket then took of your shoes and sat down.  At first the two of you were facing each other sitting with your legs crossed playing with each other’s hands.  After a few minutes you two laid down.  James tucked one hand behind his head and held you to him with the other.  Your head rested against his chest where you could hear his heart beat. 

“I can’t believe it’s been a year,” James said breaking the silence.

You moved your head so that you could look up at him and saw that he was looking to the sky.

“Me either, it seems like yesterday when we first met.”

“I know, it’s been an amazing year.”

“It really has.”

“And I’m so glad I got to spend it with you,” he said as he finally looked down to you.

“Me too,” you said staring into his baby blue eyes.

The two of you just gazed at each other as the hand that was tucked behind James’ head found your cheek.  His thumb rubbed against your cheek as you two continued to look at each other. 

He pulled your face to his and tenderly put his lips to yours.  It was the sweetest kiss.  The two of you pulled away and smiled.

“I can’t wait to spend another year with you Y/N.”

“And I can’t wait to spend it with you either,” you said laying your back on his chest to listen to his heart.

300 follower smut continuation (KBTBB) Revenge - 5&6. Soryu & Mamoru.

[SURPRISE, bet you guys have no idea what’s going to happen in this chapter…heh! I’m pretty sure, revenge doesn’t get any sweeter! Again, tagging my girl @teresa-yukibito! ENJOY]

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Opposites Attract

Word count: 1,626 words

Genre: Slight angst(?)/Fluff

Summary: Irreplaceable, undeniable love even in its own unevenness

Your chuckles as you mess around with the filters on snapchat which you are childishly intrigued by are interrupted as you hear a small sigh echo from the other side of the bed. Less than a foot away from you lies your boyfriend Yoongi, his tiny eyes squinting at the laptop screen in front of him which is the only thing besides your handphone illuminating the room. You check the time: 2am. You’ve been spending the past two hours on Candy Crush and sending silly selcas over snapchat to your friends. At this unearthly hour, you should be asleep.

As you fixate your eyes on Yoongi, you critique his features all over again as if it’s the first time you’ve ever met him. Wispy hair with bangs dyed a conspicuous shade of mint, pale skin that always feels smooth under your touch, his droopy eyes strung with heavy eyebags, the effect of him always staying up late to work. You want to tell him to sleep, but he seems far too intent on his work. You’re afraid that if you say something it might interrupt his train of deep thought and he’d be annoyed. You know better than to disturb Yoongi when he’s working.

Then suddenly, in the silence apart from the steady breathing from the two bodies in the room and his fingers tapping away at the keys, a trouble tugs at your heart, slowly and painfully you entertain the thoughts and begin to question yourself; am I good enough for him?

It isn’t the first time these thoughts have consumed you, in all honesty you’ve realized that they occur more often as your relationship with Yoongi progresses.

Yoongi takes pride in his work. Yoongi is diligent and hardworking, pulling all-nighters just to fix that single beat that seems a little off-rhythm, just to rearrange a note that sounds out of place. Whenever he falls asleep in the midst of movie dates, you know it’s only because he dedicated the whole of the night before to writing and rewriting beautiful lyrics for a new song. And he takes things seriously. On a first encounter, anyone might find him gruff and dull due to his no-nonsense attitude. But the fact is, he’s just a really deep thinker. You know that from the underlying meanings of his illustrious song lyrics. The syllables that he raps are all the unsaid emotions within his soul. He’s able to analyze and think through even the simplest things. He’s so devoted, so talented, so passionate.

You on the other hand, are a million miles away from him on the scale, a three-hundred and sixty degree turn when compared to him. You swallow excruciatingly slow as you reflect on your own persona. Bubbly. Loud. Hyperactive. Playful. Happy-go-lucky. Maybe a tad more scatter-brained than you should be, not always motivated to do what you’re supposed to do, procrastinating occasionally a little here and there, constantly amusing yourself with the silliest of things - and the longer you think about this, the more profound the differences are between you both. The contrast is immeasurable, you think, and violent waves of paranoia drown you as you are now conscious of the presumed certainty that two opposites simply cannot advance together hand-in-hand, that you and Yoongi will only blossom in contradiction, like a tempest and a hurricane flouncing at each other, destroying everything in the vicinity before eventually, killing each other out.

The destructive thoughts have been creeping through your mind for quite awhile, and you are so engrossed in your nightmare that you do not, in the slightest, realize Yoongi putting away his laptop and telling you that he’s about to sleep, and why don’t you go to sleep too. It isn’t until a sudden sob escapes your throat in complete and utter unawareness that he grabs you tightly by the shoulders, and you are jolted back to reality when you see his face hovering above yours, eyebrows knitted, mouth down-turned, and ash-brown eyes widened in concern.

“Jagi?” His baritone voice speaks. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

A couple of tears slide down your cheeks and all at once you envelop your slim arms around his back and pull him tightly, closer to you, clutching at the thin, faded cotton of his nightwear with your painted pastel pink fingernails, clinging onto him as if you’re about to lose him.

“Oppa,” your voice is brimming with more than an inkling of fear and insecurity. “I’m… I’m scared.”

Yoongi is more than slightly taken aback by your unexpected behavior. But he loves you so, and even if you tell him that you are frightened to tears of the house spider that appears every now and then, crawling over the kitchen-top, he’ll do anything but dismiss it as an unimportant antic and would rather cradle you in his embrace till you feel safe again.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He whispers, deciding to move you by the waist and hoist the both of you so that he is lying down but still enfolding you in his arms, your petite stature across his lap. “You know you can tell me anything.”

It takes three to four firm but soothing rubs on your lower back from your lover’s hands before your hesitation diminishes and you finally convey to him what’s bothering you.

“I’m scared of losing you, oppa, because we’re so different in countless ways, and we’ll…we’ll only end up hurting each other because opposites will only fight,” you take in a breath before you continue, tears still slipping from your anguished eyes. “But at the same time I think you deserve someone better because I’ll only be a hindrance to you since I’ll never be good enough and up to your standards, you need another girl who behaves like you, who’s serious and hardworking and-”

Shut up, silly girl,” Yoongi’s deep and velvety voice interrupts your worry-laden cries and you feel a faint chuckle of his travel down your spine.

Your head cranes towards his and your eyes gaze at him in wonder, anticipating for what he’s going to say next.

“You must be crazy to be thinking of such things,” he starts with a sigh. “Do you think, (Y/N), that I would have been able to fall in love with someone who didn’t spill her piping hot cappuccino all over my laptop, causing me to lose all the lyrics I had been working on for six months, and then frantically try to wipe off the drink with the only thing she had in her hands, which very cleverly happened to be her chemistry homework?”

You blink and your negative thoughts slowly subside when Yoongi’s words recall the first time you had ever met him.

“Do you think, (Y/N)-ah, that I would have been able to fall in love with someone who didn’t insist and whine on eating at MacDonald’s for our first date just because they had your favorite chili cheese fries; you simply refused to budge from your doorstep when I came to pick you up if I didn’t relent. Hell, you didn’t even let me bring you out on a proper date like I had planned to at a restaurant and I was the one who asked you out.”

You giggle at that, remembering how exasperated Yoongi was on that beautiful and magical summer night.

“You need to understand, baby, that even in such dispositions, opposites attract in the end. I wouldn’t even be here without you and no one can ever, ever replace what we have together. What you are is amazing and irreplaceable and that’s why I love you; you balance me out whenever I get too snappy or grouchy. You cheer me up with the permanent smile that’s on your face, you remind me to eat my meals when I’m too caught up in my work, you are everything I don’t have, so why would I even need someone who’s a carbon copy of me?”

You nod, realizing his point. He looks at your eyes that are puffy from the tears and bends down to kiss your forehead tenderly, the sensation of his warm, moist lips coursing through your veins.

“You shouldn’t ever have to feel insecure about yourself or about our relationship because I can assure you that I will always keep on loving you, even if you do the weirdest things on snapchat, even if you shout at the top of your lungs early in the morning because you’re so hyper when I just want to sleep in, even if we become way more different than we already are, because this is just about you and I and not about anyone or anything else.”

His long, slender fingers are now sliding through your locks of hair, both your chests rising and heaving as your bodies inhale and exhale in unison, as if the both of you are one being. How could you ever feel insecure about the relationship that you have with Yoongi, who never fails to give you reassurance in the sweetest and calmest ways possible, even though he often has trouble expressing his feelings? You feel safe, secure and as if you’re falling in love all over again as his arms grip you strongly. He smells of autumn leaves and leather jackets, and you can’t wish for anything more than this wholly perfect human who is so terribly distinct from you when the love that has been kindled between your two souls is as pure and akin to that of a indestructible, solid, rock.

“Really, Yoongi?” You breathe out, reveling in the current peace and comfort that you have.

“Till death do us part, sweetheart.”

(a/n): This week was a rough one at school and for starting the first day of my dance scholarship; and I had a terrible bout of writer’s block but I managed to get this done today! Hope y’all like it! - Admin Cupcake

and boyfriend!yoongi just messes me up

Noona? Part 2

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Summary: Jungkook comes dangerously close to you and you’re not sure if you like it or not…

Excerpt: Jungkook and I are alone now. The mere thought was enough for my whole body to tense up. It didn’t took him long to concentrate all his attention on me. His right hand crept under the blanket back to it’s “usual“ place.

Warnings: It contains swearing and it will be slightly smutty ;)

Word count: 2052 // Sorry that it is this short :O

Author’s note: Soooo I’m back! This part will be a bit more exciting as I promised it :P If you haven’t checked out the first part please do it here part 1 :)

Please notice that I will write a third part but please be patient because from Saturday I will be at a camp for a week where I’ll barely have time to write…

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Late night case (ft. Jungkook)

You knocked on the wooden door with a big smile on your face. It’s been a long time, since you’ve last seen you brother and today’s the day to finally spend some quality time together. You couldn’t deny that you had missed him a lot, but this feeling was repressed with pride. You were very proud of him and how he had managed to make his dreams come true.

Oh hi.’ You heard a familiar voice, sounding a bit surprised at your sight.

‘Taehyung-ah! Hello!’ you waved your hand in front of him, grinning like crazy. Somehow the boys turned out to be really close to your heart and even though you were only older than the maknae line, you still felt the urge to take care of all of them, no matter how hard they tried to stop you.

‘Come in.’ said Taehyung moving aside and letting you go into the dorm. You have already started taking off your lita shoes, when Taehyung suddenly patted your arm. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I’m meeting my oppa tonight. Can’t I?’ you answered not raising your eyes, still bent over your boots.

‘No, no!. He just.. didn’t say anything. How have you been?’ You turned your head to look at Taehyung in confusion. What does that mean, that he didn’t tell anything? You’re pretty sure, no, you’re very sure it’s the right date. ‘Let me help you’ the blonde-haired boy giggled and carefully took your feet in his hand helping you to take shoes off.

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Baby Bug.

“She’s so…small.” Alvaro’s fascination with his daughter hadn’t ended when we left the hospital, the place he had spent hours fighting away the curious hands of our friends and family. His daughter was coddled and protected in his arms like no other. I think had I not been her parent too he would have refused to allow me to hold her as well.

His fingers played along hers, his eyes and senses seemingly intrigued with the wonder of how someone so smooth and newly born felt against his much rougher, aged skin. It was like he was looking at a mirror image of himself.

Celine’s hair stood out in dark wisps along her head, thin at the moment but probably sure to grow to a thick mane of long straight hair thanks to genetics. Those big brown round eyes already seemed to have her father under a spell as he struggled to look away even for a moment.

“Well she is a newborn,” I chuckled, leaning against the doorframe as I watched the two interact from where I stood. I let Alvaro have all the time he wanted with his new best friend, hogging her away from me considering he would be leaving shortly for just a few days. For him those few days would feel like a lifetime leaving his newborn daughter. He had been waiting all of these months to see her in the flesh and now he was being dragged away from her to work.

He groaned and dropped his head onto the comforter of the bed that he was kneeling next to, Celine laying down on the bed beside him. “Why do I have to leave you?”

Though I knew his comment wasn’t to me I pretended it was anyway. “You’ve never had a problem leaving me before.”

That was partially a lie. I could remember the first time Alvaro left for a long away trip when we were just getting serious. He had planned this elaborate romantic dinner the night before and spent that entire time reminding me of just how much I meant to him and how much he would miss me while he was away.

After that, time apart started to become routine and though Alvaro did send his ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ messages like normal, he definitely wasn’t setting up detailed dinners each time.

He turned to look at me briefly over his shoulder before returning his gaze to Celine, pretending to whisper, “And I’m sorry I’m going to have to leave you alone with her for a few days but I promise she’s not as evil as she looks.”

“Hey! I am not evil. She is going to love spending time with me. Are you forgetting that I’m her favorite?”

“She stops crying once when you pick her up and all of sudden you’re the favorite? What a novice,” he chuckled. “But seriously are you going to be okay with her alone?”

“It’ll be fine. I’m going to have to do this a lot in the future. I should get used to it now.”

“Don’t say it like that.” He took a moment to stand up, motioning me over to him and so I walked closer. His hands drifted towards my hips to pull me even closer though his eyes focused in on mine in a serious manner. “Don’t make it sound like I just won’t be around.”

“I wasn’t saying it like that.”

He interrupted with, “But you were. I’m sorry my job requires me to be away a bit. If I could I’d bring you two everywhere with me.”

“Babe, I’m not complaining. Seriously.” I placed my warm hand against his cheek and offered him a smile. “We’ll be right here when you get back.”

“I guess…” He looked down towards the small child next to us, eyes barely open as she laid comfortably. “Can you believe we made that?”

“Not at all.” It was hard to imagine just that. That the small child that had spent months inside my belly, kicking me relentlessly and taking me through the weirdest cravings I had ever heard of was now lying in front of us as a fully formed, small child. Just thinking of watching her grow for the next 18 years and beyond made me warm inside.

When I was younger, I had never envisioned myself as a parent. Sure, kids were cute and adorable but kids weren’t for me. I couldn’t imagine pushing a child out of me and being responsible for another entire human being but I guess that was before I met Alvaro, the man obsessed with kids and marriage and that fairytale ending of the house with the white picket fence.

…Only our house didn’t have a white picket fence. He refused to put that up.

But I knew the moment I met him that the whole ‘family man’ identity was what he wanted. We’d watch movies and he’d find a way to let his dreams be known, sneaking in comments about how much of a good mother I’d be or how adorable it would be to walk the pitch after matches with his son.

He made me much more open to the idea of having kids so when I ended up pregnant, that fear I used to have completely disappeared. I became just as excited as him, wasting hours and hours of my day staring at baby books and figuring out how I would decorate his or her nursery. I had definitely picked up the baby bug.

Rhythm (Part 6 of ?)

Derek Hale x Reader x Pack

I’m thinking only one more installment after this. What do you think? Here is part one, here is part two, here is part three, here is part four, and here is part five if you wanna get caught up.

Words: 1,874

Warnings: None that I am aware of. There may be in later parts, but this is just mainly funny fluff.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


The doorbell rang, and you clamored down the steps before your parents could reach the door. “I’ll get it!” You yelled, stumbling slightly as you took the steps two at a time, skidding to a stop in front of the door before smoothing your hair quickly.

You saw your dad eyeing you from the doorway, and you shrugged your shoulders. “What?” He walked into the kitchen to join your mother, shaking his head.

Swinging the door open, you came face to face with a brooding Stiles.

“Oh, don’t look like such a sourwolf. You’re getting free food out of this.”

His glare only intensified, making you smile.

Your parents had wanted to finally have a dinner with you and your “boyfriend” of four months. Malia didn’t even care at this point. The two of you had an unspoken bond, and all it took was a look from you and a wave of her hand, and the clearance had been given, despite a thoroughly confused looking Stiles.

“I resent that comment,” you heard a familiar voice say behind Stiles, and looking up, your eyes grew wider at the sight of Derek, grinning like an idiot.

Stiles gestures behind him, his face still creased. “Now do you see why my face is like this?”

Stepping outside, you closed the door behind you, talking quietly. “Derek, what the hell-”

“He insisted on being my ride.” Stiles said grimly.

“What happened to Roscoe?”


You leveled your gaze on the alpha’s face. “What did you rip out this time?”

Holding up a set of keys beside his face, he grinned like a school boy. “These.”

Suddenly Stiles leapt for the key ring with a small war cry, only to be swatting at air as Derek easily tucked them away behind his back, smiling over your shoulder. “Hello!”

Turning, you came face to face with your parents, the door held wide open. How was everyone sneaking up on you today?

“Mom, dad, this is Stiles.” You grabbed his hand, pulling him in with a smile plastered on both of your faces. Derek’s heart began to beat rapidly, the smell of jealousy and anger coming off of him in waves, and you wanted to smirk. Serves him right for being an overprotective little- You tried to kick the door closed, slightly miffed at Derek, but your father caught it just in time.

“Who’s this?”

Looking over your shoulder, meeting Derek’s expectant eyes as he played the part of innocent bystander, you snarled slightly, catching the slightest lift of the corner of his mouth. “Oh. Sorry. This is Derek. He just gave Stiles a ride, today. He was just leaving-”

“Nonsense!” Your mother said, and you could swear you heard Derek snicker softly. And Stiles groan under his breath. “You’ll stay for dinner!”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t-”

“Yes you can, and you will!” She said, pulling him inside, but you intercepted, releasing Stiles’ hand and taking Derek’s arm from your mother’s grip.

“Okay, but first, can you show me that thing you said you brought?” Derek looked at you with knit eyebrows. “You said it was in your trunk? Outside? In your car?”

“Oh! Yes, I saw him put it there,” Stiles said, catching on. “I’ll come, too.”

Your parents looked beyond confused, but you just smiled and pulled the door shut as you all made your way out to the car. Opening the trunk, as soon as it was up, you leaned into Derek. “What the hell?! You are not staying! This is ridiculous!”

“What’s ridiculous is that voice you are using,” Derek said with a smirk.

“And why all this smiling? You never smile!”

“I smile!” He said with a scowl.

“No, you don’t,” you and Stiles said in unison.

Pointing to Stiles, Derek’s face became serious. “This is why I am here. You two are becoming more and more alike and it needs to stop. I can only handle so much sarcasm at once. Both of you together is like, astronomically too high levels.”

“So then why are you staying for dinner?” Stiles asked calmly.

“He makes a good point,” you nodded.

“No he doesn’t!”

“Wait a minute. Is Derek Hale actually jealous of me just because I get to be near Y/N more often?”

Your jaw dropped as you turned back toward Derek who was fuming. “That is totally it! It’s killing him!”

“You two are acting like children,” he muttered. Grabbing a book from the trunk, he slammed it shut, glowering at the two of you. “And no, I am not jealous, because he may get to spend more time with you, but he doesn’t know you like I do. That one spot behind your ear that makes you-” he chuckled as you pushed him gently, stopping his insinuations as he pushed past the two of you back toward the house.

Stiles flailed his hands like he was flinging off a disgusting substance. “Ewwwwwww! Never talk about that stuff in front of me again! Or anyone! Ever!” He shuddered.

“What are you, five?” You asked. “I can see where the claw marks start on your back, bat boy.”

“Hey!” He waved a finger at you. “It’s not my fault she has gotten very possessive since this whole thing started-”

You held up a hand for him to stop, shutting your eyes before letting out a violent shudder. “I didn’t need to know that.”

“What are you, five?” He teased, and you shoved his shoulder as you both went back into the house.


The dinner had gone smoothly so far, the only disruption coming when Derek kicked Stiles under the table after he took your hand in his own after paying you a compliment.

Stiles had looked up at a smirking Derek across the table, and swiftly kicked him back, making the alpha grimace, only to have Stikes smirk and attempt to give one more for good measure, only to miss, the swinging motion of his foot so violent it nearly made him fall out of his chair when Derek moved out of the way at the last second.

Your mom and you cleared the dishes, and you nearly dropped the entire pile when she said, “So what is going on out there?”

“What do you mean?”

“The two of them are fighting over you.”

You looked at her and laughed. “I promise, that is not what is happening.”

Stiles walked in, smiling when he saw you, and wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Is it time for dessert?”

You laughed softly. Sure, Stiles was invading your personal bubble, and sure, you would kick his ass for it later, but for now, the fuming look on Derek’s face as he carried some glasses in was worth it. “Yes, honey. Go back out there and I will bring the chocolate silk pie out.”

Stiles disappeared faster than you had ever seen him move.

“I got it. Don’t worry,” Derek said, gently taking the pie off of the counter. You didn’t like the look in his eye as he disappeared into the dining room.

Your mom leaned in and whispered, “You picked a good one, darling. That Stiles, he’s a sweetheart.”

Before you could answer, you heard a clamor in the dining room, Stiles letting out a little screech shortly followed by Derek saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry, dude! I tripped! What did I even trip on?”

“Nothing,” you heard Stiles mutter under his breath. “Air. Gravity. Your own pride.”

You began to laugh, and shortly after a sheepish looking Derek appeared, his eyes glinting mischievously for only a second as he look at you, Stiles following shortly after, walking like a mummy from an old horror movie, trying not to drip whipped cream or pie anywhere.


The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and conversation, you getting lost in the way your heart beat matched the one across the room so perfectly. The way the one next to you made a rhythm you wanted to dance to.

Try as hard as you might, you kept feeling Derek’s eyes on you, and your eyes being pulled to him.

The conversation had lulled after a round of laughter, and you made a decision as you stared at the floor. “You know what? I can’t do this anymore.” You looked at each face, a smile you couldn’t control on your own. Meeting Derek’s gaze, that skipped beat cemented your decision. “Mom, dad, Stiles and I aren’t dating. He is dating Malia, and has been the whole time.”

“I don’t understand,” you mother said.

“Well then who are you dating?” Your father asked.

That skipped beat sounded once again, and this time you heard it. The emptiness did hold a name. “Derek.”

“I knew it!” Your mother cried, making you all jump. “I knew it!” Everyone looked to her. “You two have way too much chemistry.”

“So why the cover up?” Your dad asked.

“Well, that is kind of complicated, and I don’t really know how to explain that-”

“We’re werewolves,” Derek deadpanned.

After a few moments of silence, both of your parents burst out laughing. “No, seriously, what’s going on?”

Derek nodded at you, and you turned to your parent’s, both of you flashing your eyes. “Oh, this can’t end well,” Stiles muttered, sliding a hand down his face, holding it over his mouth as he watched your parents.

After a moment, your mother fainted, your father frozen like a statue with his mouth slightly open. Stiles frantically ran to your mother, Derek slowly making his way over as well so as not to scare your father.

“Daddy?” You tried, waving a hand in front of his face, but he was frozen.

“Thank you, Derek. I think you broke my dad.”


It took several hours, but after explaining and re-explaining to your parents, with the help of Stiles and Derek, all about the other members of the pack, and how Derek had saved your life, and reassuring them they were safer here despite all the dangers, your parents came around to the possibility of accepting your wolflihood sooner or later.

You walked your two friends back out to the car, giving Stiles a large hug, which he returned. “You’re the best fake boyfriend ever!”

“And that’s exactly what every guy wants to hear!” You both laughed as you pulled away.

“You got some whipped cream in your hair,” you said, swiping at the little bit you saw.

“Still?!” Stiles whirled around to look in the car window, thoroughly inspecting his reflection.

With a chuckle you turned around the face Derek, who wore a wide grin. “Sorry I just dropped that information on your family. I know I could have been subtler, but I hate beating around the bush. You know that-”

You stopped him with a kiss, the only sound your hearts matching beat for beat, the silence once again surrounding you before the rhythm resumed. “Thank you,” you said, pulling away just enough to speak.

“Ewwwwwww!” Stiles said behind you, the jiggle in his voice proving he was waving his hands like before.

“Oh, shut up and get in the car,” Derek said. “What are you, five?”

Part 7

Balconies: Chapter 5 - Frozen Foods

Originally posted by thdoctr

Balconies Series Masterlist

Characters - AU Bartender!Reader x Mechanic!Dean

Summary - She moved into a new apartment, got herself a new job and a few new friends. What she didn’t realize, was that on the other side of her wall was someone who would change her life. A man with bright green eyes and a charming grin.

The neighbors met on the balcony, but can their little world up there survive when it meets the real world?

Word Count - 1739

Warnings - Pie and fluff. Not really warnings, though.

A/N - This one kicked my butt. I almost didn’t have it written in time, but I pushed myself to get it done so y’all wouldn’t have to wait. The next one is going to be mostly from Dean’s POV.

It was five days since you last saw him. Not that you were keeping track. No, you were not worried about the man next door. You weren’t always checking to see if he was going to be on the balcony that day. Or even wondering how many westerns it was feasibly possible for one man to watch. Not that you could hear the tv through the walls unless you put your ear to them.

Ugh, you were hopeless. And concerned. There- you said it.

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Winchester brothers-L.A dreams

Title: L.A dreams

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1129

Request:He can you do a Sister Sunday imagine when the boys do a case in L.A and they need to go onto a set and the reader gets hit on by a famous actor and the the boys get over protective and explain how it might not work but they get together anyway? If so that would be awesome

Request:Hi I don’t want to bother you and I know your recovering so you don’t need to do this if you don’t want to but I requested this a while ago and I’m not sure if you got it so here it goes, I was wondering if you could do a one shot where the reader is a sister to the winchesters and they do a case in L.A. on a movie set and their sister runs into an actor (like grant gustin or something) and they start to like each other but she’s scared to like him because she afraid of home getting hurt. Thanks

A/N: I decided to use Sam Claflin because he is my bae, sorry x

‘’This is so totally awesome!’’Dean grinned as he bounced on the balls of his feet. Sam raised a brow at Dean, amused by his older brothers childish behaviour as they made their way through the set. 

‘’Holy crap!’’You squeaked as your hand shot out to grasp at Sam’s chest. Sam frowned, glancing down at your hand that twisted into his shirt before he and Dean looked up to see what had you squealing. 

‘’That’s Sam Claflin!’’You whisper yelled before twirling around so your back was too him. You started to straighten out your fed jacket, smoothing down your hair as you turned back around. 

‘’I call dibs on Sam!’’You yelped as you rushed over before your over protective brothers could say anything. 

‘’Hello. Fbi, mind I have a word’’You asked nonchalantly though you were dying on the inside. Sam. C (so it doesn’t get confusing) looked up from where he was pouring his drink, his beautiful green-y blue orbs meeting yours. 

‘’Yeah, sure’’He smiled at you, his British accent travelling right through you and sending shivers up your spine. You began to talk to him, asking questions you know, the usual. 

He answered seriously but only joked slightly when you asked him a few weird questions. You couldn’t help but grin at him, everything about him had you in knots. 

‘’Here’s my card, if you see anything suspicious or anything small, just call me’’You smirked, purring slightly as he grasped it between his fingertips and nodded at you. 

‘’Will do, agent’’He whispered with a smile. You smiled back at him, eyeballing him until your brothers finally came over and clasped a heavy hand on your shoulder. 

‘’Think it’s time to go agent’’Dean growled through gritted teeth as he flashed Sam.C a dirty look. You gave him an apologetic look but let your brothers drag you off.

‘’What the hell was that!’’Sam hissed when you were finally out. You rolled your eyes as you mad your way to the Impala, the brothers quick on your tail. 

‘’You better answer him now, (Y/n) Winchester or so help me g-’’

‘’You’ll what Dean!’’You yelled as you spun around causing them to crash into each other. ‘’You’ll stop me from having my one chance at actually talking to someone before I die lying in a gutter?! How is it fair that you and Sam get to have sex or talk to girls but I don’t! Huh?!’’you screamed, flinging your arms about in protest. 

Sam gave you his puppy dog look, his eyes softening as he glanced back at the building. ‘’No, hey, (Y/n). We didn’t mean it like that, it’s just that this might not work out, he’s an actor anyway, and we’ll be moving again soon.’’Sam explained as he let his gaze soften. 

‘’And what if he get’s hurt huh? We don’t exactly have the best history for family and loved ones’’Dean added but with a softer tone. 

‘’Yeah, whatever’’You mumbled sadly as you rolled your eyes and got in the car. Dean and Sam both shared a look but got in the car anyway. You braced your elbow on the ledge of the window, staring out at the scene as you tried to keep yourself together.

The whole journey Sam kept flashing you worried, concerned looks through the mirror, his puppy dog eyes having no affect on you but annoyance. Your phone buzzed, signalling someone had texted you.

Expecting Cas or someone else, you were shocked when you noticed it was Sam.C. You replied quickly, your conversations leading to a sweet, happy one as soon you found yourself sneaking away from your brothers to meet up with him. 

‘’So, you think you saw someone?’’You asked with a small smirk as Sam.C pushed himself off the table he was leaning on. 

‘’Oh, erm yes’’He smiled, chuckling slightly as he looked down before glancing back up at you. 

‘’you know, lying to the police is a offence’’You snickered as he grinned wider. 

‘’Well, are you gonna arrest me?’’He asked, an amused grin marking his face. 

‘’I will unless you decide to tell me why you lied to me’’You breathed out, clicking your tongue as you crossed your arms and popped your hip. 

‘’Okay, okay. You got me’’He chuckled as he raised his hands in defence. ‘’I was trying to think of an excuse to get you here. I really like you and thought maybe we could go out sometime?’’He asked nervously. 

You frowned, his body slumping at your reaction. ‘’I’ll take that as a no’’He laughed awkwardly. 

‘’No, it’s not that’’You assured. He lifted a brow, running his fingers through his blonde locks and he motioned for you to continue. ‘’It’s just..with my line of work..it’s dangerous. Everyone I get close to gets hurt and well.. I happen to really like you too, enough to not let you get hurt’’You joked before turning serious and looking away. 

He nodded, the silence falling between you, shattering your heart. ‘’Well’’He stated out of the blue, your heart picking up as you looked at him with hope. ‘’Maybe we could just spend the day together, just one day and then go our separate ways?’’He asked hopefully. 

You knew this would make it harder but you couldn’t bring yourself to say no. 

You and Sam.C spent the day together, first going out for coffee and before you knew it you were back in his trailer, laughing and giggling over his stories. He made you really happy, you hadn’t felt this way in years. 

He leaned forward, his lips brushing over yours as you closed your eyes painfully but didn’t pull back. 

‘’We can’t’’You whispered but made no signs of rejection. 

‘’I know, but it’s better than regretting not kissing you’’He mumbled as he nuzzled his forehead against your own. You kissed him back, lips brushing against his as he cupped your face. 


Leaving his trailer you texted Sam and Dean to pick you up. You shut his door, waving a goodbye as he stared out at the window with a gloomy expression. He gave you a sad smile, turning his back as he laid down on his bed. 

The familiar purr of Baby sounded as Dean pulled up. Sam got out the car to meet you half way. He walked towards you with his arms open, a sad smile on his face as you walked straight into them. 

‘’I hate this life’’You sniffled as Sam brushed your hair back. 

‘’I know, Baby. I know’’he soothed before helping you get into the backseat. Sam climbed in next to you, turning his body so you could lie down on him. You let the tears fall freely, neither brothers saying anything but comforting you.  

Teacher/Student AU

This is the only way I managed to write this without cringing, I hope you can forgive me :) Also if you want to, you can totally see a queerplatonic percico thing going on here, but that’s up to you. (I also again forgot that the drinking age is not 18 in the US. And it makes no sense that Percy and Nico are living together either but pssst.)

I headcanon Percy as the most annoying drunk texter btw, you will see why ;)

Words: 1.9k
Rating: Teen and Up

When Percy goes out on Friday night, things don’t go well for him. First, he loses Nico to some curly blond, and while he is happy that the boy has found someone to dance that has more rhythm than Percy can ever hope to, he would have preferred not sitting at the bar alone.

He dances with a couple guys and one or two girls but doesn’t really hit off with any of them. Admittedly, it is probably Percy’s own fault, since he mostly is passive and pouts, still kind of butt hurt about Nico running of so early. On the other hand no one has really caught his interest yet either. Time is passing slowly and Percy almost wants to leave when a man settles next to him against the bar.

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Fic: The Magic Fort

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: Chris asks Natalia an important question inside the magic fort. Fluffy :)

Thanks for reading!! xx


Chris stood in the doorway, a secret smile pulling on his face. He watched Natalia flip through a recipe book, inaudibly chuckling when her soft humming reached his ears.

She had been attached to that book for almost an hour now. Which had worked in his favor, allotting Chris the secret time apart in order to set up everything before she realized he had disappeared. The whole day he had been sweating bullets. Originally, the plan was for his sister to keep her out of the house while he worked on the surprise. But Natalia had cancelled the spa day, stubbornly insisting on a lazy movie marathon Sunday – just the two of them.

How could he say no?

Luckily, something had jogged her memory during the credits of the last film and she had begun to panic about not having the official menu set for the end of summer dinner party they were hosting. That was the needed distraction that had saved his ass.

Coming up behind her, Chris tried to be stealthy in his steps to not make his presence known quite yet. When he reached her, hands clasped behind his lower back, he ducked his head and murmured in her ear, “Do you trust me?”

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Paper Flowers - Laura x Carmilla fanfiction

read on ao3

words: 4,472

“You’ve been looking at that bouquet like it’s got Carmilla’s face on it.”

Laura elbows their stomach. “Shut up,” She stares at the bouquet. “It’s really pretty.”

“Get your girlfriend to buy it for you.”

Laura thought that since she has a girlfriend now, she’d be able to spend valentines like they do in the movies, with surprises and bouquets and chocolates and stuffed animals. But Carmilla doesn’t do valentines. 

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Half for you, half for me

“Are you clearing the closet, or should I?”

Arthur hesitated. He looked up the closet. It looked… gigantic. Somehow, he never noticed. He just hung his shirt and closed the doors. But now, knowing it would need emptying, it seemed huge. He looked at Alfred.

“Well?” Alfred asked. He stood in the doorway, hugging a box of books. He never read. Still he wanted them. Half-and-half. Everything would be cut in half. Half of the furniture, half of the souvenirs from Thailand, half of the food in the fridge. That’s what they agreed to - a divorce cut right down the middle, just like their lives. Half the happiness.

Arthur rolled up his sleeves and sighed, “I’ll do it.”

“Remember-” Alfred said, but he was cut off,

“I’ll remember - half is yours,” Arthur grimaced.

Alfred looked like he wanted to comment, but instead he turned and walked downstairs.

Arthur waited until he heard the front door shut. Then he raised his voice, “Half is yours, half is mine, what a fine-fine deal!” He stared at the door. He stuck out his tongue. Then he got to work.

As he rummaged through old toys, blankets stuffed away never to be used again, discarded books and electronics that didn’t work, he wondered, how did it come to this? Twenty years ago, they were young and in love. Ten years ago, they were married and in love. One year ago, as they hiked across Cornwall, rain streaming down their backs and cars rushing past them on the highway, Alfred took his hand and promised him eternal life through love. Still here he was, on his knees, separating used batteries into two sections so that Alfred could get his half, and Arthur thought, where is that eternal love?

The closet was a wasteland of useless things. Other couples had a drawer, how did they managed to accumulate enough stuff to fill out a whole closet? Arthur pushed aside winter jackets and sandals, and he reached towards the back of the space. He bit his tongue and narrowed his eyes as he concentrated on grabbing the IKEA bag stuffed in the corner. He would put all Alfred’s stuff in there, and, he decided, take extra good care to ensure he got not half, but all the useless cords and computer manuals that he’d insisted to keep at every buy, because ‘you never know what happens!’

“Come on,” he murmured as his fingertips brushed across the plastic bag, but he couldn’t quite snatch it. Just like he’d been unable to grasp the seriousness of the argument he had with Alfred three months earlier. At first, it’d seemed like any other argument about something silly - Arthur wanted them to spend more time together, Alfred wanted to have more freedom, and so they yapped yapped yapped - until Alfred threw his hands into the air and shouted,

“I want complete freedom!” It wasn’t until Arthur saw his Google searches for divorce lawyers that he realised what Alfred meant by it.

“Because it’s so much easier,” Arthur grunted and finally caught the bag, “to just escape reality, isn’t it- oumph.” He bit his lower lip in surprise as he found the IKEA bag heavy. With difficulty, he dragged it past the jackets and onto the floor, and he peered inside. There, at the bottom, was a box.

Arthur dragged down the sides of the bag to get a closer look, and he gasped, “You’re kidding me…”

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