but seriously they just need their own show like

What Our Dead Teach (p1)

(Alpha!Derek, werefox!Stiles, canon violence, mild gore, spoopy stuff, some pack angst, some post nogitsune and other stuff angst, anchors.)


This shouldn’t have happened.

His nail breaks when he sinks his fingers into the earth like claws, and pulls himself forward as far as he can. There’s no point in holding in the loud hiss of pain that leaves him, or the long, drawn out groan as he drags himself across the ground at a snail’s pace. He’s been in the woods since nightfall, and by the look of the sky right now, Stiles would say it’s just about time to get up and go to school. For normal teenagers, anyway.

In times like this, he misses being one of those teens. To get up, eat a Pop-Tart, find that missing sock, run out the door with a quick hello-goodbye to his dad coming home, and off to school in his Jeep. Totally average high school student stuff sounds marginally better than crawling around in the dirt, bleeding, bruised, there’s definitely some snot and tear action going on here, maybe some broken bones, too.

Stiles drags himself forward another inch, and tries to remind himself that this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to him. It’s not, there are worse things. He just can’t… think of any of them right now.

“Really fucking helpful, brain.”

His brain reminds him that talking to himself isn’t a good sign. It also comes up with a worse thing: Gerard. Murdered friends. Nogitsune.

“Good one,” he mutters to himself, reaching out with his now-bleeding hand and fastening his fingers around a tree root. It provides him with much better leverage than the stupid dirt, and Stiles manages to actually pull himself into a half-reclining position. It’s not ideal, but it will do.

It’s almost light enough to see the body he left behind in the clearing by the time he realizes he’s been leaning against a tree doing nothing for at least twenty minutes. Swearing under his breath, Stiles sticks his—Ow ripped off finger nail shit—hand into his pocket to pull out the small vial he shoved in there before leaving the house. Inside, the thick, ink-like substance seems to shudder and look at him as he swirls the stuff in front of his face. He grimaces at the smell when he pulls the top off, and tries not to think too hard about where it came from. This is not what he wanted, not the way things were supposed to go. No one’s supposed to do this, and for, like, twenty different really good reasons.

But, Stiles can see the body through the trees.

He can see a leg twitching.

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anonymous asked:

Yeah, but what's the point of shipping Levi with Hanji or anybody else, when Eruri is already like practically canon ??????

This is so lame, that’d be like me saying “oh you can’t ship Eruri, ‘cause Erwin is dead”, which frankly makes no sense whatsoever. And maybe you thought i’d react to this like “WTF FUCK YOU”, but i won’t. Instead i’ll just give you a lot of boring reasons why this was so lame. 

1)The only 100% canon ship in SnK is Yumikuri and we all know it. And that’s because the editor said it himself. The only ones who can say anything is canon is Isayama, the editor and, at some extent, the animators. PS: I’m talking about relationship with reciprocity, because okay Bert loved Annie, but we don’t know if it’s like that the other way around.. 

2)We can all have our reasons to believe a certain ship is closer to being canon. I have my reasons to believe Levihan makes sense, you have your reasons for Eruri and someone may have their own reasons for Ereri or Rivetra or whatever and… you know what? They are all freaking valid! But, at the end of the day, none of us can tell for sure. 

3)I respect Eruri and theirshippers a lot, specially the ones that do fan art because DAMN THEY’RE TALENTED. And yeah, there’s plenty of reasons to ship them. They have a beautiful and pure bond which honestly makes cry, whenever i see those amazing fanarts i get the feels. I personally think you don’t have to ship something romantically, to appreciate its value. Personally, i like Eruri without the romance, ‘cause for me friendship can be even more important than romantic love. I like the idea of Levi being devoted to him without anything romantic intended, because it makes it purer to my eyes. And if you think otherwise that’s totally fine.

4)I think shipping should be fun, sometimes we take it too seriously. Let’s remember the characters aren’t real, so if someone wanna ship Levi with goddamn Pixis is their own fucking decision. And more important than that, SnK isn’t about romance. I don’t want it to be like that! Subtle romance is more interesting in this kind of genre. For me, that Levi cares for Hanji is all the canon romance i need. I’m not gonna lie, if Isayama shows us someday that they’re a couple i’ll be so excited,  get all fangirl and shit, but i don’t need it to happen. I like SnK just the way it is, i don’t want it to become a shoujo or something lmfao

5)You know what i’ve discovered about shipping? You see, some people think LEVIHAN MAKES NO SENSE, THEY’RE TOO DIFFERENT… and i’ve noticed it has to do with personal experience and our own way of seeing the characters. Like the way i comprehend Levi is very different from the way that you or anyone does it. Example: Ereri shippers usually see Levi as this tough guy, in fics he’s always like rich and sorta into S&M lol and has this really dominant personality, for Eruri shippers Levi is this really in love devoted guy, generally the way they portray Levi is REALLY romantic, he’s usually mesmerized by Erwin. And both of those Levi aren’t the Levi i perceive. Like i’ve said before, for me he’s a regular dude, not particularly romantic nor particularly dominant, he’s just a guy. Same goes for Hanji, some people see her as a crazy scientist, i see her as an intelligent and strong commander with a big heart. That’s why we all ship different things and we all have different reasons. The reasons you an Eruri shipper can tell me for them being canon, maybe aren’t reasons from my point of view and this works the other way around. And i love the fact that we all perceive the characters differently because it enriches the fandom. For example, i REALLY like some Ereri fics, some of them are so much fun! And they always make Levi so hot which is highly appreciated. But they aren’t my OTP, i don’t connect with it. And it’s fine if someone doesn’t connect with Levihan, hell, it’s fine if they’re the NOTP. It’s all good, man. Stop caring so much about these kind of stuff and enjoy SnK, enjoy shipping, enjoy the feels, enjoy the plot, enjoy the writing, enjoy the art style, enjoy chatting with fans who have different ideas than you and just chill.

Exo Reaction to Their Tall Girlfriend (OT9)

Requested* I do not own these gifs!

Please enjoy :)


Suho: “So Y/n how’s the weather up ther-”

Y/n: “I will fucking hit you.”

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Chanyeol: “Thank the Lord that God didn’t make you as tall as me”

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Baekhyun: “I need you to wear flats to the award show or else I won’t look manly enough- oh? oh? You’re still taller than me in flats okay that can’t help then.”

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Kyungsoo: “Good thing I won’t have to ask Chanyeol for help anymore like seriously he always teases me it’s so obnoxious I just can’t deal with him anymore you know what I should go poison his food-”

Y/n: “Hey Soo can you pick up my wallet you’re closer to the ground anyways”

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Jongin: “Your body fits perfectly against mine” *smirks and pulls you closer to him*

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Lay: “You would be the most beautiful and attractive model ever” *cheeky af*

Originally posted by getlayd

Xiumin: “I’m finally going to get some god damn respect from the guys. Who wouldn’t want my amazingly attractive girlfriend?”

Originally posted by exo-umin

Jongdae: “Dayum girl look at those long legs” *satisfied*

Originally posted by mochibaeks

Sehun: “How about we toss all these shoes that make you look tall away so I can keep my sassy pride”

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Kolivan the Step!Space-Dad

I’m just gonna piggyback off of @felinesassosaurus and her glorious headcanons of Kolivan Space Dad. If you haven’t read these, GO NAO+. 

Seriously, the fandom needed this purity. Along with more Allurvian. @kabuki-akuma you know what to do. 

I had a few Kolivan headcanons pop into my head today that I thought I’d add to the discourse. :3 

  1. Kolivan had no idea what video games were until he saw Pidge and Lance playing them one night. Lance tried to explain that it was like a battle simulator and easily defeated Kolivan just once ”to show him the ropes”. 
  2. Shortly thereafter, Kolivan mastered the controls and absolutely schooled Lance at his own game. 
  3. Lance will still challenge Kolivan now and then in the hopes that he will defeat him again.
  4. Lance still hasn’t won against Kolivan. 
No one asked Kolivan to patrol the halls of the castle at night. It was a throwback habit from being at the Blade headquarters. On these night patrols, Kolivan will often pass through the hall where the Paladins sleep and listen for anyone having nightmares. Because Kolivan has incredible hearing. And because he cares. 

  1. The day that Kolivan discovered Lance’s sharpshooting skills, he had to go compose himself for an hour. 
  2. He had no idea that a human had natural talent for such a critical combat skill.
  3. His own fighters had to practice for years to get as good as Lance. 
  4. It blew Kolivan’s mind that Lance was, for all intensive purposes, completely casual about his talent. 
  5. Kolivan was convinced for the longest time thereafter that every human was a sharpshooter. 
  6. Keith had to deliberately prove him wrong and explain that each of them had their own special talents. 

Kolivan didn’t trust the space mice for a long time. He was convinced that they were actually spies for Zarkon. 


This is for @emthimofnight!!! Thanks for encouraging my crazy ideas and reading every single thing I send you, your messages give me life :D This is a scene we literally talked about in the past day or so, I hope you like it!

Killugon Miraculous Ladybug AU! Featuring an exhausted Chat, a sneaky Ladybug and a very interesting sparring session~

Word Count: 1326


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page

In hindsight, Killua really should have just refused Ladybug’s begging.

“Chat, that move was so cool!” Ladybug gushed as he bounced up and down at Killua’s side, brown eyes alight with a mixture of excitement and awe. “How do you always look so graceful and amazing and-”

“S-Shut up!” Killua stammered, hating the rush of embarrassed heat that rose his cheeks. 

Even as Chat Noir, taking compliments was a challenge for him. And Ladybug- he just never stopped. The red and black suited teen just went on and on about everything and anything: how fast Killua was, what great a team they made, the fact that he couldn’t wait to see Chat again whenever they said goodbye-

Killua blinked as Ladybug suddenly leaned into his space. 

“Can you show me how you did it, then?” Ladybug asked eagerly. 

Killua took a large step back. “Ah- no.”

“What? Why not?!”

Killua almost laughed at the indignant expression on Ladybug’s face.

“Because we just spent all night on patrol,” Killua pointed out. “I don’t know what you like to do in your free time, Ladybug, but for me, sleeping is a very enjoyable experience.” 

He could already feel exhaustion seeping into his muscles, after all. It was messing up with his brain and making his limps heavy as lead. He was probably going to fall asleep on Gon again later during school at this rate…

The thought of Gon’s shoulder against his cheek and the smell of his cologne in Killua’s nose was enough to make Killua’s heart do a triple back-flip. He quickly turned away before Ladybug could see the love-struck look in his eyes. The last thing he needed was more of Ladybug’s prying questions.

“Go home, Ladybug,” he said shortly. “There’s always tomorrow-”

Warm fingers suddenly encircled Killua’s wrist, forcing him to stay.

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I am creating a large master list of everything produced for ClexaWeek and will post it once the week completes and I’ve got everything in there :) 

Another big thank you to everyone who is creating and sharing and just, you all are so awesome. 

Tomorrow would be such a hard day, and it still will be I suppose, but knowing that I have a bunch of new fics and art to look forward to, knowing that our kru is busy producing our OWN stories in spite of the assholes that tried to take it away from us…it means so much. Honestly, I know it’s cheesy as fuck but I seriously love you guys and I am so appreciative and grateful for you! Best fandom ever! (and most iconic, no? ;D I mean, Lexa was killed off on the show in the lamest way possible, and look at everything we did. We rose up, we spread awareness, we raised hell and we raised money, and here we are now, we’ve produced almost 60 new fics on Ao3 ALONE, so many on Tumblr (I just haven’t finished counting there yet), new art, new graphics, new aesthetic posts… like, when will your fandom ever? Right? Fucking badass, I almost feel like we all need our own leather jackets with Clexakru stamped on the back, you know? XD). 

I think it’s so cool that we are just so many strangers who live all over the world and come together to support one another like this. It’s amazing, really. Lexa deserved better, and so do we. In our worlds, she is alive and happy living life with her soulmate Clarke and all their loved ones, and truly our worlds are the ones that matter. 

Happy Clexaweek, kru. <3

Voltron: Legendary Defenders- Galra!Altean!Keith AU

So, what if it’s Galra!Keith with a twist… he already knows he’s an alien.  He’s known for his entire life.

Keith’s father, Thace, is secretly a member of the Galra resistance.  His mother is Altean, a descendant from those who managed to escape Zarkon’s destruction of Altea ten thousand years ago.  Keith was born and lived on a secret resistance base for maybe the first five years or so of his life, hidden away on the fringes of the known galaxy.  From a young age, his father teaches him how to fight (as much as you can teach a five year old to fight, anyway) and his mother teaches him how to use his shapeshifting abilities to his advantage– both in battle and in normal life.

At some point, Zarkon discovers the base and orders it destroyed.  Thace gives them enough warning for them to evacuate, except during the escape, Keith and his mother’s ship is  damaged and separated from the rest of the group.  They go spinning off into deep space, presumably lost forever (leading Thace to think that he lost both of them), but in reality they crash-land on Earth.

Keith’s mother, once she pulls herself and Keith out of the wreckage, realizes that the ship is unsalvageable.  They’re trapped on an unfamiliar planet, who knows how far away from civilization– if the planet even has a civilization –and with only each other to depend on.  

And to top it all off, they seem to have landed in a desert in the middle of nowhere.  Wonderful.

After several long and harrowing days trekking through the desert, they stumble across a town.  Once Keith and his mother disguise themselves as humans, they find the homeless population and integrate themselves into there.  Keith’s mother learns everything she can about Earth, Keith has to adjust to losing everything he’s ever known, and consequently the next few years are very hard for both of them.

Soon enough, Keith’s mother figures out how to hack Earth systems (“Rather primitive, compared to ours, but we don’t complain about easy marks, eh?” she says to Keithek– no, Keith, who grins in agreement) and fakes their records so that they can really blend in with the rest of the population.  Her name gets changed to a similar Earth equivalent and Keith gets his changed from Keithek, his birth name, to Keith.  From there, she finds a job, they get an apartment, and things sort of settle down.  Eventually, they save enough money to even just build their own little house far outside city limits, where they can go back to their natural forms and be themselves.  (Yes, this is Keith’s wooden cabin-thing from the first episode.)

Except, then, the accident happens.

There’s a traffic-heavy intersection.  A drunk driver.  Keith is the only one who survives.

A combination of a concussion and trauma from the accident gives Keith minor amnesia.  His memories get… scrambled.  Some things stay, but others don’t.  He knows his name wasn’t always Keith, but he doesn’t know what it used to be.  He knows he isn’t human, but he doesn’t know what species he really is.  He knows he’s an alien, but all the memories he has of space are flashes, impressions, hazy images that fade even further as the years pass.

It doesn’t help that he’s immersed in Earth culture, living amongst humans who treat him as one of them, and there’s nothing left to keep him in touch with his heritage.  Nothing except a dagger, hilt beneath its wrappings inscribed with two symbols that he understands mean family but can’t remember why.  Nothing except a dagger and the tattered fragments of his memories, but even those are slipping away, and that terrifies him.

(I don’t want to forget, he whispers to himself, clinging to the sound of his mother’s voice.  He saves what he can, holds them close to his heart, but sometimes the little things slip through the cracks.

I can’t remember what Dad’s smile looks like, he realizes, and has to try very hard not to cry.)

Keith grows older, moves from foster home to foster home, and never quite manages to fit in.  He joins the Garrison, drawn to space and flight and he’s good at piloting, he knows this, and the first time he gets behind the controls of a ship he has a sudden image of longer hands wrapped around his, a gentle voice guiding him through the sky, and it was Keith’s father who taught him how to fight but it was his mother who taught him how to fly.

But the problem is he’s still too wild to obey the Garrison’s rules, too reckless and disobedient and despite his talent they still force him out.  He ends up wandering after that, but is still drawn back to the desert.  Back to the little cabin his mother built, following a strange pull he can’t explain, and then–

An alien ship crash-lands in a fiery explosion.  Keith goes out to investigate and turns out it’s Shiro, Shiro whom he hasn’t seen in years (they were neighbors, once, even friends, but then Keith left that foster family and they hadn’t crossed paths since), Shiro whom everyone thought was dead somewhere out in space.

Keith rescues him, meets three other teens in the process and somehow he ends up driving them all off a cliff.  But it’s fine, everything works out, and they escape the Garrison successfully.  Even if Keith is dragging along three more people than initially planned.

He doesn’t know why, but he tells him about the strange energy he feels.  About how he was drawn out to the desert, about the lion cave, about all the strange things that he’s found.  Then it turns out that Hunk and Pidge are veritable engineering geniuses, the carvings can light up like neon, and there’s apparently being a giant blue robotic lion sitting hidden in the desert for who knows how long.

(Ten thousand years, he thinks, and isn’t quite sure why he feels so certain about it.)

Flying in the lion is an adventure.  Going through the wormhole, even more so.  The castle, majestic and proud and oddly barren, is breathtaking.

Princess Allura, on the other hand… the first time he sees her, it’s a struggle not to let his knees give out on him.  Because she has pointed ears like his mother’s, eye-markings just a few shades paler than hers were, and perhaps Allura’s hair and skin and eyes are the wrong colors but she’s similar enough that it makes Keith ache.

She is what my mom was, he realizes, when she speaks to them of Altea and her people and what is ancient history for them was just yesterday for her.  My mother… was Altean.  

…I’m half Altean.

But he doesn’t tell her or Coran, in part because he’s afraid and in part because after he gets the Red Lion and sees a Galran he knows what species his father was.  The memories are trickling back, not quite clear and not quite sharp because it’s been over a decade but they’re coming back.  They’re coming back, slowly but surely, yet sometimes Keith wishes that they weren’t.

Because he remembers now.  He remembers that while he might be half Altean he’s half Galran too, but it’s the Galran Empire that they’re fighting and it’s his people who have taken over most of the universe.  It makes him sick that he knows, now, and for the first time in a long time he’s wished that he was human like the others.

(For a moment, Keith thinks he might hate his father.  But– no.  He can’t.  His memories of the man are blurry but warm, tinted with affection and happiness.  He wonders where his father is, if he’s even still alive.)

Keith doesn’t tell the others, of course.  He would never admit it but he’s scared, scared of what they’ll think and what they’ll say.  Terrified, actually, and half-convinced that they all would hate him if they found out.  It was Galrans who destroyed Altea, after all (and isn’t it strange to realize that Altea could have been his planet as well, that it was his father’s people who destroyed his mother’s), it was Galrans who captured and tortured Shiro, it’s Galrans that they’re fighting and Galrans are the enemy.

So, yeah.  Telling them: not an option.

(But that doesn’t stop it from tearing him apart inside.)

Keith buries it.  Buries the doubts and fears and all thoughts of his alien blood deep, deep within the crevices of his mind, and throws himself into being a paladin.  He knows he can’t ignore it forever because it’s festering, eating away like poison like rot, but– he can put it off.  Just a little longer.  He can deal with it on his own, and the others need never, ever find out.

(And then, to make things worse: Zarkon says to him, You fight like a Galra soldier.  Like it’s a compliment.

And Keith, Keith feels angry yet proud, because his mother taught him how to fly but his father taught him how to fight.)

okay but in all seriousness i need a fic of dean buying benny a cell phone and showing him how it works so they can keep in contact and the whole time benny’s like wtf is this new age technology shit and dean just rolls his eyes and uses his own phone to call benny’s to show him how to use it and such and benny has to sit down for a hot second because he’s thoroughly amazed so sometimes he just randomly calls dean out of the blue just to hear the sound of his voice and talk with him late into the night about absolutely nothing and benny insists that he didn’t mean to call and that he just ‘accidentally pressed the wrong button and it dialed dean’s number’ i have a mighty need jfc

Drunk Dialed

Request: Can you do a Lin imagine where he is kinda drunk and calls the reader (because he likes her but she doesn’t know) and starts rambling and starts saying things he shouldn’t.

Prompts: 25- I just had a couple drinks                                                                               55- You love me and you know it

Words: 1412

Pairing: Lin x Reader

It was just one of those nights. You were tired after the show and wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your bed with a cup of warm tea and watch Netflix until you fell asleep, so you turned down your friends constant pleas to go to the bar.

You were sleeping like the dead when your phone began to ring, much to your annoyance. Because of our busy schedule you haven’t been able to sleep much.

“God dammit.” You groaned, searching for you phone in the mountains of blankets on your bed. The clock next to your bed read 2:43 and you couldn’t fathom who could possibly be calling you at this hour.

The name Linnamon Roll was plastered on your phone screen and your heart skipped a beat, but you were confused. Why in the world was Lin calling you at this time? 

“Hello?” You sad uncertainly as you pressed the phone to your ear.

“(Y/N)!” The man exclaimed happily. “My favorite dancer!”

Drunk. Lin was definitely drunk, you could tell immediately.

“Lin it’s almost three in the morning.” You said, laying back down and pulling your covers up to your neck. You heard him sigh deeply and your confusion only grew. “Is everything okay?”

“You’re just sooo beautiful (Y/N).” A blush overtook your face at Lin’s drunken compliment.

“Lin, you’re drunk. You drunk dialed me and you should hang up before this gets out of hand.”

“But (Y/N)!” He whined. “I just love the sound of your voice.” Oh god. Your heart felt ready to burst and you were sure your pillow would combust due to how hot your cheeks were.

“What do you want Lin?” You asked with a sigh.

I just had a couple of drinks.” Lin said, his voice taking on a serious tone despite the way he was slurring his words. “And I wanted to say the I love you.”

Your heart stopped at the drunk man’s words. He sounded mighty proud of himself for his confession. You didn’t know what to say, how to react. You were stunned. 

“You’re so nice, and intelligent, and pretty, and your hair is so soft, and your laugh makes me feel all tingly.” He continued to ramble. “And you love me and you know it! So we should just stop beating around the bush and get married! You’d be a great mom and we could do cheesy christmas cards and it would be great!“

The thought made your heart happy. Of course it did, you’ve had a crush on him for months now, but he was drunk at the moment. He probably had no idea what he was saying and probably wouldn’t even remember it in the morning. You didn’t let yourself get your hopes up. "You need to go to bed Lin, we have two shows tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day.”

“Say you love me.” He slurred, sounding like a pouty child. You sighed, but though ‘what the heck?’, it’s not like he’d remember it in the morning anyway.

“Fine, alright. I love you, Lin. Now go home and go to bed.” Saying the words made your chest tighten. You’ve wanted to say them for so long, but not like this.

“I love you too, (Y/N). Goodnight.” He giggled and you hung up before he could say anything else. You put your phone back on its charger and buried your face in your pillow. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

You didn’t so much as look at him from the moment you rushed to your dressing room, to the rare occasions both of you were waiting in the wings, to the break before the second show. He was trying to talk to you, constantly trying to catch your eye, but you refused.

It was obvious what he wanted to talk about and you didn’t want you. You already knew what he was going to say. ‘Sorry about drunk dialing you last night, I didn’t mean any of it, let’s put it behind us’. 

“What up with you and Lin?” Sasha asked as you were getting ready for the opening number of the second show and you sighed.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” You replied, touching up your makeup.

“He’s been staring at you with big sad eyes all day and you’re obviously avoiding him. Something happened, did he finally confess his love and you reject him?” Ariana said from the other side of you and your body stiffened. Your friends immediately noticed the change in your posture and shared a look.

“Okay, spill.” Sasha demanded, pulling you to sit next to Ariana.

You took a deep breath, knowing it would be simpler to just tell them. “Lin drunk dialed me last night and started talking about how cute our family Christmas cards would look.”

The two women squealed in excitement, but reigned it in when they say your downtrodden expression.

“(Y/N), what’s the problem here? You’ve been in love with Lin forever and he obviously feels the same.” Ariana said and you shook your head.

“He was drunk, he probably just wants to tell me to forget anything happened.”

“You are an idiot.” Sasha said bluntly. “Lin has liked you probably longer than you’ve liked him. No one was going to say anything because the two of you need to figure that shit out on your own but it’s obvious to everyone but you.”

You sat there in silence, playing with your thumbs, not knowing what to say.

“All cast and crew into positions for the opening number!” A voice called and the three of you stood up.

“Seriously (Y/N), talk to Lin after the show. And don’t forget to send a Christmas card my way.” Ariana joked with a wink 

The second show was over long before you wanted it to be. Once you were out of costume, you took a deep breath and walked to Lin’s dressing room. The door was open. Lin was in the process of throwing his backpack over his shoulder when he turned and saw you standing there, causing him to jump and drop said backpack. 

“Sorry.” You apologized quickly. “I was about to knock.”

“No! No, it’s okay.” He said flustered and picked up the bag. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.”

“I know, I’ve been avoiding you all day.” You replied truthfully, staring at your shoes. The air was so awkward you wanted to turn and bolt immediately. This was a mistake.

“Do you wanna sit?” Lin offered and the two of you sat opposite of each other, you still avoiding his eyes.

“So.” You said, eager to get this over with.

“I’m sorry.” He started and you felt your heart drop to your stomach. “I was drunk last night and that call was completely out of line.”

“It’s fine.” You said softly, staring at your hands, feeling your heart break into pieces. This is exactly what you had been dreading.

“But I won’t apologize for what I said.” You head shot up at his words. What? “I’ve wanted to express my emotions for a long time, and though I wish I could have been more eloquent about it, I’m glad it’s out there.”

You didn’t know what to say, for the second time in less than 24 hours the man had left you speechless.

“I love you (Y/N), I have for months now. You’re so intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, and understanding. Your smile brightens my day and just hearing your voice soothes me when I’m stressed. I love everything about you.” His cheeks were flushed and your mouth was hanging open the slightest bit. You had to be dreaming.

“Anyways,” He said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “I just wanted to express my sentiment form last night a bit more eloquently. I’ll go now.”

He got up and began to walk out the door and you jumped to your feet. 

“Lin.” You said, your voice shaking the tiniest bit. You strutted towards him and the minute he turned around, you threw your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against his. You didn’t need to see his face to know he was shocked.

When you finally broke apart, you had a tentative grin on your face and your heart felt full.

“I love you too.” A grin overtook his face and he wrapped his arms around your waist, bringing your lips together again. Thank god for drunk dialing.

A/N: Did not plan on making this request this long but I guess I have a tendency to get carried away when it comes to Lin. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!

When a writer uses rape/sexual assault as a plot device for over 6 characters (these are only the characters I know of…there will be a lot more I imagine in a series of so far 8 books) I think they need to be called out for it. It is a cheap plot device, one that is never used as a discussion on rape culture or the emotions a victim goes though but as lazy shock value or something just to push the story along…You’re seriously letting down your own self as a writer.

It’s the same as when a television show has graphic sexual violence in it then come out with the bullshit of ‘WE’RE BEING REAL, IT’S BE A DESERVICE TO VICTIMS TO NOT SHOW THE TRUTH’ and it’s like…fuck you. You do not need to show the physical acts of sexual violence to get across the suffering and pain the victim goes through if you are a writer with any talent. 

A good example is a recent episode of Harlots, an ITV/Hulu show set in Georgian England about sex workers. A girl made fun of her john and the john’s wife warns the girl in blunt terms she will not be treated kindly for it by the husband. The scene then cuts to the next morning, we have not been made to endure the rape and beating on screen but from just seeing the girl, her bruises and fearful manner with tears…we can imagine what she went through and empathise with the horror she experienced.

It affected me, the girl goes on to end up lying on the floor of her room once she is returned home by carriage, curled up and with a glazed expression. I did not need to see the abuse play out in front of me on screen to feel my stomach drop and for my heart to ache.

Good writing and acting did it all without the act itself being shown to me.

Bullshit excuses when you just wanted to drum up controversy to get ratings while not giving a fuck about ‘giving a voice’ to victims…

So I’ve yelled about literature and TV but it is alarming too how if you research the number of films featuring rape of women it is much more likely directed and written by men compared to directed and written by women.

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* opens trenchcoat, whispers* pssssst...hey buddy.. need some broadway shows? including several versions of wicked? stagedork(.)com is going to save your soul, like it did with mine. is it technically a bootleg? shush now, we don't need to talk about that. one broke young adult to another- it's a really good site, not too many ads, well curated and, well, it has all the broadway you could hope for

oh my god you literally just changed my life forever I love you so much aaaaaaah

ok I feel the need to make a Wicked reference here

🎶  becaaause I knew you, I have been chaaaannnged for goooooooood 🎶

things that slay me

1. the fact that Shaw gets to grieve in a way that is so Shaw. the fact that writers didn’t give her a super emotional reaction last week when she found out about root, the fact that they didn’t have her rush to the hospital when root was in critical condition, the fact that they let shaw be shaw. those other things might have been satisfying to an audience but they wouldn’t have been in character. 

2. shaw feeling nothing. because what is there left to feel, really, when you lose the person who makes you feel everything? with root, I think shaw had access to some feelings she hadn’t had before. they were still different for her than most people, but root made her hear symphonies in the noise and now it’s just silent and man, that packs a punch. 

3. shaw being angry about feeling nothing. i don’t think we’ve ever really seen her experience any internal conflict about her pd, she’s never really seen it as a limitation before – it’s been, if nothing else, an advantage in her job. so it’s interesting to me that she’s so angry about not being able to mourn root in the way that she thinks she should, that she angry that she couldn’t love her the way she thought she should. that “i’m angry that you have people you can love” line basically killed me. 

4. of course the real fucking tragedy of #3 above is that root loved shaw for exactly who she is. she didn’t need shaw to love her like another person would. she knew shaw loved her in her own way and she was fucking elated by that. seriously. look how fucking happy she was in 5.10 before everything went to shit. she wouldn’t need shaw to grieve in a way that she could understand. she just loved shaw for being shaw, and i think it would kill her to see shaw struggling with who she is. 

i love this show so much. 

Why does this freaking miniseries give me so much joy in my life????

It’s like I’ll be having a bad day and all I need to do is just look at a picture of Wirt or Greg and then everything become alright, I kid you not.

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I love your blog so much!!! You're one of the first blogs I've followed and made me ship literally everyone with everyone!!! Have you got any more lesbian percabeth au headcanons? They're my favourite 💙

thank you so much !!!

*reaches down into the very depths of my au* okay… i think…. i can squeak out a few more (THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE I WILL SLOWLY BUT SURELY REWRITE THE WHOLE SERIES WITH THEM)

  • annabeth being thrilled and like downright giddy at the prospect of having a best friend even though she will be Damned before she’ll admit it or show it
  • but like seriously she’s like so excited that there’s a girl her own age, unlike clarisse or silena or thalia where she constantly feels like she’s falling behind and she needs to catch up
  • annabeth crashes in her cabin like all the time while they’re growing up because it’s literally just her and her best friend like how awesome is that (and nobody thinks anything of it because Heteronormativity you know and anyway this is mostly before the Feelings anyway)
  • silena gets exasperated bc percy is the only one who is allowed near annabeth with any sort of beauty product
  • and she’s always like “why do you trust her more than me??????” and pouts
  • and annabeth insists that it’s because percy will actually listen when annabeth says she doesn’t want something specific while as silena will just go full throttle if annabeth ever gives her permission
  • which isn’t true because silena totally respects boundaries, but annabeth just uses that as an excuse so she doesn’t have to explain that she just really likes it when percy touches her and their faces are really close together and she runs her fingers through her hair
  • the percy/aphrodite conversation has so much more significance bc aphrodites like “ur gay sweetie” and percy’s like “i know but she’s not that’s the problem” and aphrodite’s like, *wink* and for the first time ever percy lets herself hope,, just a little,,,,,
  • mmkay so the thing is that like annabeth is sincerely not able to work up the impulsive botl kiss quite as impulsively because DAMMIT ANNABETH THAT’S GAY
  • so they both almost die anyway because annabeth can’t make up her mind bc if u add sexuality crisis on top of all the OTHER crises in their relationship, i mean, can you blame her
  • she does kiss her though
  • listen though, like everyone knowing that annabeth has it bad for someone but not being able to figure out who,,,,, (bc heteronormativity)
  • clarisse is the one who has to tell silena that they like each other and silena is horrified that she didn’t notice on her own and then she gets so excited that clarisse has to hold her back from going to talk to annabeth about it
Pidgance Week 2016

Calling all Fan Artists and Fanfic Writters! We need you to join us for the first annual pidgance ship week!! It has been decided by the Pidgance Council!The starting date is October 16th and will end on the 22nd of October. Please mark your calenders!

What is this? Well during this week we will celebrate this lovely rare pair ship that is Pidgance!in order to show our love, you the lovely shippers will create art based on each day will be based on a theme/prompts. You can draw fanart, write fanfiction, make graphics, cosplay, make fanvids, or something else creative that you’re good at! show this rare pair some well deserve love! All work is accepted and all is encouraged!

A side blog will be made just for pidgance week. It is under contruction and will @pidganceweek we will reblog all post from the week!

Themes/Prompts Day1:DATE NIGHT (movienight/Makeover)

Day2:PRANK WARS AND DANK MEMES (pranks/memes)


Day4:FLASH FROM THE PAST (garrison/nostalgia)

Day5:HALLOWEEN IF YOU PLEASE (monster mash/trick-or-treat)

Day6:OBLIVIOUS TO LOVE (one-sided crush/ comfort)

Day7:IGNITE THEIR SHORT CIRCUITS (explosions/ short circuit)

You can interpretate these however you like! RULES: 1.Whatever you contribute to Pidgance week must be your own work. I think this is a rule to follow in general, but I felt like I need to remind everyone. Please do not steal another person’s work and claim it as your own!

2.Do not use this week as a reason to hate on any couple, character, the show, or person, period. Seriously guys, just don’t. I know this fandom is notorious for getting into wars, but this week is meant to celebrate these two characters and the relationship they share! Hopefully, we can all come together and appreciate their relationship, however we interpret it. Regardless, hate will not be tolerated!!

3.Tag all of your work appropriately. All work is accepted, but if it contains content that could be potentially upsetting to someone, please make sure you tag it correctly. TAG YOUR NSFW!!

Special thanks to the Pidgance Council!!! @badwhalenikki @luxurioushope @pidgesheadphones @the-majestic-space-pigeon @simply-nerdy-gal

All That You Can Be

“You went to a recruiting office?!

“Yeah, they’ve got a place downtown – wh-what’s the probl–”

PLEASE tell me you didn’t actually sign up!”

Mike was completely thrown for a loop.  Of all the possible reactions he expected from Doll, this was the one he didn’t plan for.  Worry, excitement, thoughtful concern, admiration, even confusion – any of those would be preferred over her brand of spitfire.

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Please Appreciate Namjoon!~

Guys I can’t tell you how angry, and disappointed, and deeply saddened of the fact that Namjoon is under-appreciated. Quite frankly, I wasn’t even aware Namjoon was hurt because unlike the others when the incident occurred it wasn’t as publicized as the time the others incident happened. I literally cried, chiefly because people are refusing to acknowledge Namjoon’s existence in Bangtan, and it saddens me even more because Namjoon has confessed himself that he is lonely. Whalien 52 outwardly conveyes his feelings of a sense of isolation. He feels tat no one cares for him, and no one is concerned about anything that happens to him. He is subtly crying out in his loneliness and despair,  “Young idol fans don’t like me nor do the hip hop fans…does that make you feel good?” - Rap Monster. Namjoon is treated unjustly, unfairly, badly, and cruelly if he makes a mistake. As if he’s just a being of perfection and eminence that disallows mistakes. And Armys drag him, he probably apologizes more than anyone else in Bangtan as if he’s just the blame…(Stops because I’m pissed). Everything he does is unpardonable because everyone elses misconceptions of his words and actions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Namjoon was suffering under a load of guilt by now. People think they personally know him so they belittle him and condemn. Namjoon has contributed greatly to the success of BTS, and people undermine his contributions. I remember during an interview where they were praising Namjoon, but he looked as if he was undeserving, or maybe he felt that anything he said would be used against him. Who do you think effectively developed a strong image for BTS, their leader Namjoon. Why? because he has asserted the leadership role and therefore has an even greater responsibility in maintaining their reputation and image. Not only that but Namjoon has even greater accountability, for the actions and decisions made in many cases.  Rap Monster~“I’m notorious for having a negative influence on everything and destroying everything…”, moreover Namjoon’s dream is to earn some reputation for BTS, yet he is being threatened and urged to leave Bangtan. Namjoon has a beautiful mind, and I refuse to use secy brain because it sounds superficial. The posts and messages he personally writes are so thorough and deeply intact with the human mind, he has a great understanding of the mind and he constantly tries to find a deeper purpose in life. Namjoon has said some of the most philosophical quotes I’ve ever read from an idol. He has versatile talent and is very competent of achieving any career. He is a strong character who is also deeply humane and altruistic. If I honestly had to pick an authentic role model out of BTS it would be Namjoon! And yes I do think he deserves a bit of bias to his name just as much as the others. I remember when they were making a joke of Namjoon’s fashion and his way of dancing, but seriously, “ I hope the tendency to belittle individuality or a person’s unique way of expression will change. I think how people do their hair or what they wear are up to a person’s tastes. Hair and clothes? Aren’t the things totally unrelated to what a person actually needs to philosophize over?”~Namjoon. As A Jimin bias I just had to do this, mostly because I felt like majority of ARMY wouldn’t and because I was deeply saddened and pissed af, because Namjoon does exist guys, please show this insanely talented, and charming guy some love. I hope you guys see the log in your own eyes before shining the light on Namjoon’s mistakes and threatening to kill him. I love you Namjoon! Get well soon! <3

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i don't think fans are mad about kamiya hiroshi being married i think theyre more mad about how he approached this so casually simply joking around saying they shouldve picked a better photo~ and saying that theres a private hiroshi and the seiyuu hiroshi and he wanted to differentiate the two but what fans are really mad about is the extent to which he went to lie about being single i remember when the news hit most fans were happy but after he spoke about the issue in dgs, that's when thing

that’s when fans started to get really disappointed because god knows how many times he said hes lonely,and wanted a girl friend  and after he got married (he got married around 2011) he asked his senpai seiyuu on dgs whats the advantage of getting married (clearly putting on such an act bc he was married at that time) like it was all an act? if you listen to what he said on dgs about this,he simply views that fans as nothing more than an ATM and THAT’S why the fans are upset not bc hes married

Okay! I know what you’re saying but I did the About Kamiyan… post before the new episode of DGS came out and to be honest, when it was out, I don’t even know how to react because the way he talked about the rumor photo was so fast that I can’t even comprehend what he’s saying at all. But someone did translate it and you can see the full translation here.

So based on what I read from the new DGS episode is that we have no idea about Kamiyan being married and have a child or not, like he didn’t confirm anything at all. All he said is he’s separating his private life and work. Today, Kamiyan had a press conference about all the issue from the magazine and confirmed that he is indeed married and apologizes for his fans about it. (This people can’t seem to accept the fact that he’s also a normal person too). EDIT: Some people said the press conference didn’t happen and the picture below is fake since it’s from SnK promotion, but the post can still relate on what he said on DGS.

Now, here’s my opinion about all of this. We all know that Kamiyan is a seiyuu not an idol or an artist! So other than being a seiyuu, he’s just a normal person! All seiyuus doesn’t have this rule that they shouldn’t get date or married at all because they’re only contributing their voice to be this particular character to an anime series or games and appear in radio, seiyuu shows or seiyuu events to help promote the current anime series or games they’re in but other than that, they’re just normal people!!

So when I saw this news about Kamiyan publicly apologized that he might be married just made me so sad because in the first place, why does he need to apologize?! Is it because he’s married or already have a kid? Why do you even need to care about his private life? There’s a reason why it is called a private life! His marital status can’t change anything about him for being a seiyuu. Though I do think he’s apologizing because the fans discovered it from the paparazzi magazine than knowing it from him. But like what he said on DGS, he doesn’t have a blog or twitter to just announce that he’s married (not like how other seiyuus did) but he did say he’s separating his private life and work so he can protect the people that are important to him. Also we all know that Kamiyan isn’t the type of person to share this kind of thing since he want to keep it private and protect his love ones but seeing the news about him just makes me think how hard he’s been through this week because that’s what he’s trying to prevent in the first place. I mean he’s like one of the veteran seiyuus so he knew that some of his fans will react much about all of this. 

Their are a tons of seiyuus out there are already married but they didn’t have to apologize about it, I do remember about Miyano Mamoru (it’s more like a video message), but after they announced that they’re married, it’s back to how they always do to promote the anime series, games and such like Miyano Mamoru, Namikawa Daisuke, Yonaga Tsubasa, Satou Takuya, Sawashiro Miyuki, Suzumura Kenichi, Sakamoto Maaya, and more (theirs too many to mention). But seriously, this is the first time that I heard a seiyuu to apologize about his private life O.O 

Now let’s talk about the fans as they heard about this. I do agree with mabotofuu about how the fans react to this news, which most international fans, like us, are very supportive about Kamiyan since he deserves to be happy and like what I said in my past post that it would be weird that Kamiyan doesn’t have his own family because he’s already in his 40s… Just because he kept saying on radio shows that he doesn’t need a girl in his life, doesn’t mean it’s true, his just doing his job and if he did say it vice versa, obviously some fans will react about it (especially to some Chinese fans (I even saw one on weibo that she will hunt down his wife and kid to kill them O.O But it seems that user delete her account)). And some fans can’t still accept it because they still prefer that Kamiyan and OnoD will end up together (Of course, I’m talking about the fans that are delusional as they went too far to ship them just because their characters always paired together and work in blcds together). You can see why Kamiyan didn’t want to say anything about this, because he’s protecting his family and now he can’t because of that paparazzi magazine =.=  

Now I want to talk about the photo on how it all started the commotion.

I talk to a lot of people here on tumblr about it (no worries, I’m not going to mention names). Someone said to me that it’s not Kamiyan at all because he’s wearing winter clothes and it’s already summer in Japan right now. I actually facepalm when I saw that message OTL I’ve been in media before (more like extracurricular activities from college days) so to be honest, it doesn’t really matter on what he was wearing because for publishers, they will do anything for a scoop and to get high ratings for their magazine and Kamiyan is a veteran seiyuu so that’s why he’s in it. While others said that it was taken 2-4 years ago… Please, go and search what Kamiyan looks like around 2011, most of the male seiyuus that year were thin. And there are others saying that Kamiyan wears mask in his private life. Do you have proof that he does? Maybe he does but we never know. And we all know Japanese people tend to wear masks but not all of them, I even have a friend currently living in Japan to study and she got to meet Sugiyama Noriaki, Miura Hiroaki and other seiyuus at random places on Tokyo. Heck, I even got to meet Eguchi Takuya when I was roaming around Harajuku when I was in Japan (and that time he was wearing a mask but you can tell it’s him because of his height). So seiyuus can still walk freely because a lot of Japanese people doesn’t even know what seiyuus look like (except to the fans that knows them but of course, Japanese fans know it’s their privacy until the seiyuus are fine to interact with them).

I have a theory on how Kamiyan got into that paparazzi magazine, it’s all because of the success of Osomatsu-san anime, to the point that the seiyuus got featured in An-An magazine (and this magazine is like super popular in Japan for featuring so many great artists), that’s like the first time An-An featured seiyuus for their magazine at all.

So that’s why in the paparazzi page they said this ‘a popular voice actor in Osomatsu-san and Shingeki no Kyojin is married and has a kid…’.

I bet Kamiyan is having a hard time with all this issue going on now, but let’s hope Kamiyan and his family (if he does have already) can survive this and will go back to normal soon. All we can do is support him like we always do!!

Still Into You | Pt. 10

(Taehyung x Reader) ANGSTANGSTANGST

Originally posted by myeong-su

Part: Video Trailer | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Genre: Drama? Angst?

Characters: Taehyung, Mina, Namjoon, Hoseok.

Warnings: Some profanity.

Summary: You watch in horror as your whole world shatters in front of you. “Take care,” he said, before grabbing his bags and leaving you behind.

A/N: Lol i’ve been so bad at updating my fics lately so sorry for the long wait! I finally got over my 7 hour writer’s block but I still feel like this update was shit. Again sorry for the disappointment. Feedback would be greatly appreciated and idk i’m just not feeling like myself anymore. Like should I even continue writing? Idk. Anyways enjoy! Xoxo.

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