but seriously the property of hate is amazing please check it out

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thank u so much for the fics!!!!^^ i hope im not annoying u, but do u have any possessive jongin fics too? thank u thank u thank u. ur the best!! ^o^

Thank you very much, I’m happy you like them!  ^^

You’re not annoying me at all, don’t worry, I’m sorry for replying so late but it’s here as I promised in my post last weekend! But I don’t think you’ll be very satisfied with this rec, I feel like I’m just repeating myself since I’ve already recommended most of those fics in other recommendations. I am seriously a very picky reader so even if I rec something, there aren’t hundreds of fics in my recommendations. 

Anyway, you should also check the daddy!kink rec aside from this did because in most if them is also possessive!jongin.

p r e t t y b o y

pwp, boyfriends!kaisoo, possessive!jongin, drunk!soo, dirty!talk, 

completed; one-shot

Very hot pwp, very hot. 

Description: Kyungsoo is drunk and Jongin makes sure his bae knows who’s his boyfriends. 

The Burning Life

possessive!jongin (it will show in later chapters but he is pretty possessive for real), protective!jongin, daddy!kink, praise!kink (you’re no longer innocent kid after reading fic with so many kinks, I don’t even remember some kinks in this one, there’s even MORE than those I’ve mentioned), agegap, abuse, infidelity, married!jongin, teacher!jongin, student!soo, trigger!warning


Jongin is Kyungsoo’s teacher. There is an age!gap (Jongin is 30, Kyungsoo is 17). Jongin is married (his wife hates him tho, you will understand + his wife is Krystal). It was originally written for different fandom (I know that some people don’t like reading fics in this case) but the original author gave a permission to the person who changes it for kaisoo fandom so please don’t assume that the author doesn’t know about it or something. There was an issue like this but the misunderstanding was cleared. 

ongoing; chaptered (28/?)

Now, in case you aren’t sure if you should or you should read it (in case you’re okay with warnings) then the aswer is DEFINITELY YES. The characters are very unique (especially Kyungsoo, the way he thinks is something I have never seen in any other fics) and Jongin isn’t willing to be with Soo at first. He struggles so much and so hard which is very realistic. Also A+++ smut later on. 

Description: After being shot and invalided from the Army, Jongin is living a despondent life with a wife who has no respect and no love for him any longer, yet he is desperate to make their marriage work. In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, he moves them out of Seoul and to some small, nameless town where his good friend, Park Chanyeol, has been able to get him a job as a teacher at a secondary school. There he meets a teenage boy who he has an undeniable connection to, and who has the ability to make his life seem less meaningless. Though he knows that it’s wrong, Jongin just can’t stop the relationship he is developing with Kyungsoo from growing. It slowly begins to spiral out of control, consuming his entire life like a wild fire and changing him in ways he didn’t think were possible anymore.


wolf!AU, wolf!jongin, human!soo, possessive!jongin, knotting, mentions of mpreg

ongoing; 13/? chapters

It is just an amazing fanfic that you should definitely read. I’m patiently waiting for an update.

Description: Kyungsoo is just a human whose scend drives the young alpha completely insane. 

Love Me Right

This one is different from the sports!AU I mentioned in long!fic recommendation. It has just the same title. 

CEO!AU, CEO!jongin, possessive!jongin, A LOT OF SMUT

WARNING: Kyungsoo is basically Jongin’s property in this fic, there is also mention of rape. 

ongoing; 5/? chapters

Description: Do Kyungsoo is dragged and sold into a morbid world of money, power, death, and pleasure by Billionaire CEO Kim Jongin all because of one betrayal. Jongin is more than what meets the eye, and Kyungsoo will realize soon enough, as he unravels hidden memories within himself through horrific measures.


pornstar!jongin, virgin!soo (only in first chapter), possessive!jongin (in chapter 7 when they push him to do something and he does), do I even need to mention that there is A LOT OF SMUT?

ongoing; 7/? chapters

This one is pretty popular which is not a surprise. Also, all hongbin’s kaisoo works are worth of reading!

Description: Kyungsoo is tired of being a virgin, so much so that while on spring break he agrees to take part in an amateur porn film. When he meets his co-star, Jongin, he’s surprised to find out that the man is straight. Will he be able pull off losing his virginity while looking like a seasoned pro?

Split in half

split personality!jongin, angst, psychological, rough sex, violence

completed; 5/5 chapters

I read this one a really long time ago so I don’t remember the exact events but I know that I liked it.

Description: Kyungsoo has suffered the pain and bruises - both physical and mental - bestowed upon him by his boyfriend. Jongin hates to see his beloved best friend hurting and wants to help. Kyungsoo couldn’t possibly tell Jongin that the one leaving him black and blue was Kai: the other of side of Kim Jongin.


Please don’t forget to let authors know if you liked their fics!

Christmas Hide and Seek

Bucky Barnes x reader - Special Christmas

Summary: thanks to Tony’s popular game ‘Christmas hide and seek’ you come to discover Bucky’s most appreciated belongings that make him remember you.

Originally posted by imagine-these-fandoms

(Credits to the owner of the gif)

Tonight none of you is an Avenger. No. Tonight you are kids who are excited about the hide and seek of presents. Even Steve leaves apart his seriousness and is full of joy and excitment too.

Of course this game is organized by Tony, who else? He is the one who picks up all the presents you have bought and then, Tony hides them all around the tower. The one who finds more presents, is the person who wins the game and as a prize, gets something incredible such as a car, for instance. Each year, the big prize changes and it is you the last winner of ‘Christmas hide and seek.’ Last year, you got an amazing home theater for your bedroom. Therefore, you have to defend your title now.

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The Property of Hate made it to the top eight of the Mix March Madness but is 245 votes behind its competitor (at least when I checked). It's doing so well!!!

oh my goodness, I’m amazed it made it to the top eight at all! thank you all so much for the amazing support you’ve given me, and yeah, if you want to help TPoH fight it out once again please go and vote here, but golly gosh and gee wilikers you guys have been absolute stars- thank you so much!