but seriously that was expensive tat

Some Robron headcanons

  • Robert used to kick in his sleep, pretty much his entire adult life. Since he started sleeping beside Aaron every night, the kicking stopped.
  • Aaron used to have regular nightmares about his hellish past, or at best he’d have vague dreams about dark times in his life. After Gordon’s trial, the dreams and nightmares became less frequent. At first Robert used to question him about them, as he’d get woken up by Aaron tossing and turning, and he’d try to get Aaron to talk in detail about his nightmares, which didn’t always go down well. But after a while, Robert realised the best thing he could do was just say “you alright?” and wrap his arms around Aaron until they both fell asleep again.
  • Aaron always teases Robert for the amount of time he takes in the bathroom and all his expensive products (shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser, hair products) but he actually finds it seriously cute how much Robert cares about his appearance
  • Robert always hits back at Aaron teasing him, telling his husband that in a few years when he’s not looking so young and fresh-faced, he’ll have to start caring a little more about what kind of products he uses - especially on his skin. In actuality though, Robert knows that there is no way that Aaron could ever not look perfect to him, whether he uses his “cheap tat” or seriously expensive brand stuff. Robert won’t tell him this though.
  • Aaron likes watching Robert read. He finds it funny how Robert projects himself as this smart, almost suave businessman, but he loves how dorky his husband gets over a good book. He likes watching Robert’s expression change as he reads - he finds it’s one of the times that Robert is really expressive with his face. It almost makes him want to read a book himself. Almost.
  • Sometimes Robert pretends there’s something wrong with his car just so he can get Aaron to take a look at it. The reason he does this is because he finds Aaron in mechanic-mode really sexy. He also likes how it reminds him of the first time they hooked up.
  • As for Aaron, he finds it really sexy when Robert cooks. He doesn’t even know why, but there’s something about Robert slaving over a hot stove that…..does things to Aaron. It’s almost more rewarding than the good food at the end of it.
  • The video Chas took of Robert and Aaron dancing at their wedding is saved on both Robert’s laptop and Aaron’s iPad. They never tell each other just how often they watch that footage, but it tends to be at least once every couple of weeks.