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So, hello! I have not been on the tumbles in a moon’s age but… I kind of fell head first into the @omgcheckplease fandom (seriously, go read from start to finish and all the bits in between, it’s magical). And I wroted a thing. It’s Dex/Nursey, and it’s schmoopy af, involving bad poetry-as-romantic-gestures. 

here is is on ao3:
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“You’re not having fun?”

“No, I mean…” Barry began. “Star City is great and all but Oliver is kind of a dick.”

“Look on the bright side…” You jerked your thumb over your shoulder to gesture to some obscure place in the lab. “At least you’re not dealing with Wells. He’s been up my ass ever since I walked through the front door!”

“He’s being a jerk?”

“He’s being awful! Usually Cisco acts as a nice buffer but you took him with you. So…” You smirked. “Did you know he slurps his coffee on purpose?”

“Who, Cisco?” Barry laughed. “Seriously?”

“Yeah, but only when Harry’s been mean to me.”

Shaking his head, Barry bit his lip and said, “I really miss you, Y/N.”

You beamed. “I miss you too, Barry.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

Intergalactic Travel Is Hard On Bazongas

“Do you have everything?” Thor’s booming voice asked behind her.

“Yup!” Darcy excitedly replied, finally closing the last zipper on her suitcase, and getting up from on top of it.  Seriously, sitting on suitcases to get them zipped.  Total lifehack.

Thor looked over at her bulging suitcase, and gave her one of his beaming smiles.  “Are you sure you packed enough clothing?” he asked with obvious mischief.

“Hey, mister,” Darcy said, “I don’t know what kind of clothing people wear on your planet, but on this planet, it’s hard to find clothing that actually fits. Particularly when you’re shaped like me.”  She gestured at her chest, which was strapped in place with her strongest sports bra for the journey.  She was not about to show up in Asgard with a black eye from her own boobs.

“My father will provide you clothing, I am sure,” Thor said confidently.  “We are known for our hospitality, and as our honored guest, we will provide you with the clothing required for all feasts and celebrations while you are visiting.”

“That’s real sweet of you, blondie, but I still feel better with some of my own stuff.  Skinny jeans are something that are hard to replicate.” She managed to pull her suitcase along the rough ground, and gave Thor a grateful look when he easily picked it up and hauled it over to the middle of the bridge entrance.  Seriously: that sucker must have weighed forty pounds.  Never underestimate the awesomeness of having your own personal Norse god on call.

“You almost done with getting us ready?” Darcy asked, as Jane was bent over the computer, talking intensely with another scientist.  She saw Jane jump as Thor put one of his hands on her shoulder, only to realize who it was a moment later and relax into his touch.

“Yes, the Einstein-Rosen bridge is stable and ready, but I just want to do a few more calculations—”

“You’ve done them for weeks!” Darcy said, grabbing one of Jane’s arms and dragging her away from the computer.  “You only have one anniversary.  Week. Celebration.  Thingy.  Seriously, thanks for inviting me to Asgard with you.”

“It was my pleasure and honor, my lighting sister.” Thor said, placing her suitcase in the center of the bridge, along with Jane’s small bag.  “Additionally, you’ve never been to Asgard, and I desire for you to see the beauty of my homeland.”

“I’m just glad to be dragged along.  It is your anniversary trip, after all.”

“It’s our second anniversary, really,” Jane admitted, as she stepped into the center of the bridge entrance and checked it all over for the eighth time. “Four years since we met the first time.  We already had our real anniversary in November, but Thor insisted I needed to see Asgard in spring, not just in winter.”

“Indeed,” Thor replied with obvious pride. “The glory of Asgard in the deepest of fall is nothing compared to the plumage breaking through in the return of foliage.  It is something that must be experienced firsthand.”

“Are we ready to go?” Darcy asked, dancing nervously in place.  Even though she was very, very ready to get to Asgard, she was less than prepared for the trip there. The way Jane talked about it with obvious glee, comparing it to a roller coaster, didn’t help.  She was an adrenaline junkie, but accelerating through wormholes at the speed of light wasn’t the most appealing mean of transportation.

“Aye, I believe it is time we go,” Thor said, pulling the wandering Jane into his embrace, and lifting Mjolnir towards the sky.  Jane and Darcy both clung onto him as tight as they could, and before Darcy could blink, they were off.

Okay, let’s just say that going through the wormhole was like… how could she describe this? Weird, first off.  Real, REALweird.  It was a little like being in a jet: you knew you were going really, really fast, and you felt all dizzy and like you were about to upchuck your lunch, but at the same time it felt like you weren’t moving at all.  The view, though, was the most unnerving part of it all. She could just barely see outside the tube of blue light, and she could swear she could make out stars, and the earth itself.  It kinda reminded her of the time vortex, if she was honest.

She’d rather be in the TARDIS, though.  Way cozier.

Fortunately, it lasted all of a few seconds, and before she could really process it she was laying on the cold, hard floor of a small building, trying to catch her breath.  She looked up, and Jane offered her hand, pulling her to her feet and saying, “The first time’s always the hardest.  It gets easier each time around.”

Darcy turned, and saw Thor talking to an enormous black man in brown armor, with huge golden antlers on his head.  Kinda reminded her of the helmet Loki wore during the Battle of New York.  Must be an Asguardian thing.

Thor turned around and said to the giant, “You know my Jane, but you have not yet met her companion. This is Darcy Lewis, the woman who has her own lightning.  Darcy, this is Heimdall.”

“Oh, it’s you!” Darcy exclaimed.  “I’ve heard so much about you, and how you helped Thor get back to Jane.  Thanks for that, by the way.  Without it, we’d probably all be dead right about now.”

“Indeed, that possibility is very likely,” Heimdall said.  “And I have heard much of you, as well, both at Thor’s request and from word of your admirers.”

“…admirers?” Darcy asked, turning to Thor, who blushed.  Wow, whatever this was must be big to get that kind of reaction from Thor.  She’d seen him do some things without the faintest blush that she wished she could wipe from her memory.

“I may have told of your exploits with your taser the last time I visited,” he explained.  “Among others, the warrior-maiden Sif wishes to meet you.”

“Sounds like fun!” Darcy said, bouncing off to get her suitcase, and nearly toppled over before Thor grabbed it from her.  “Let’s get going!”

The city of Asgard was even harder to believe than the trip there.  She swore the buildings were made of gold, even though she knew that was impossible.  Yeah, she had been paying attention in chemistry class, thank you very much!  Alloys, and all that junk.  She also couldn’t believe what the people were wearing.  It was like a bunch of people started larping during prom.  They were dressed to the nines, and decked out with as many weapons as Natasha on a good day.  She was quickly learning that thigh holsters were quite popular… hmm, maybe she could get one for her taser? That’d be a fun way of going native.

It was also really weird to see people treat Thor as a prince.  Like, she knew that officially he was next in line to be king and everything, but still.  He was her hunky lug of a big brother figure… wait.  If he was a prince, and Jane was the potential future queen, did that make her a princess?

She was still mulling (make that panicking and nearly hyperventilating) over that possibility when they were ushered into the throne room.  She saw an old guy with an eyepatch on the throne, who she assumed was Thor’s dad, but she was still too worried to notice the people beside him in the room.

“Allfather,” Thor said, kneeling before him.  “I present to you Lady Jane, whom you have previously met, and Lady Darcy, my lightning sister.”

“Welcome again, Lady Jane,” the king said, nodding in her direction before setting his one good eye onto her.  Huh, she thought absently, I guess cyclopes are real, and not just at SHIELD.  “Lady Darcy, I have heard much of your… unusual pursuits.”

Darcy panicked internally. How do you respond to a king?  He was looking at her expectantly.  What she ended up blurting out was, “You mean the time I tased Thor, or the other people?”

The king looked at her curiously for a moment, and then chuckled.  “Beautiful and bold, I see.  Thor, you certainly know how to surround yourself in clever, courageous women. It’s good to see that that has not changed during your time in Midgard.” He turned back to her and remarked, “The tales of your actions have spread widely, particularly as Heimdall tells of their repetition.  I hope to hear them firsthand during your time with us.”

Oh, crap.  The king wants to hear her explain why, and how, she tased his son.  And Tony. And Clint.  And Fury.  Wow, she really wasn’t very good at this, was she?  And… did he seriously call her beautiful?!

All she could manage was a nod, and he seemed to take this as an answer.  “Excellent.  Now, my son, please show your companions to their rooms, besides yours, before the feast this evening.”  And with that, he dramatically rose, and waltzed behind a curtain, his coat glimmering emerald green for a moment before his disappearance.

Wow.  For a king, he sure was a drama queen.  She saw where Thor got it from.

Before she could comment on it, however, she was overwhelmed by three men, each talking over the others in an attempt to ask her a question first.  Fortunately, they were restrained by a tall brunette, who pulled them back by their long, overly-fancy cloaks and declared, “Give her some time.  Can’t you tell she’s overwhelmed?”

Darcy smiled gratefully at the woman, and said, “Not exactly overwhelmed, just having a touch of trouble adjusting.  After all, it’s not every day that you go through a trans-dimensional portal and a king demands you tell him stories of the times you humiliated yourself by shooting a few hundred thousand volts through all your friends.”

The men gaped at her a bit, but the woman tilted her head back and laughed, and it was both nice and a bit terrifying.  This chick was definitely giving off a Natasha vibe: the ‘friendly but I could kill you with a toothpick’ thing.  “That’s quite a way to put it, I suppose,” she said, before releasing the men’s cloaks. “I am Sif, warrior maiden of Asgard, companion of Thor.  These,” she gestured with affectionate contempt at the men, much the same way Pepper sometimes looked at Tony, “are the Warriors Three.  Supposedly the strongest and bravest men on Asgard, although that is debatable.”

The blond man stepped forwarding and grabbed her hand, bending down to kiss it before saying, “It is an honor to be in the presence of a woman so beautiful and brave.”

Sif bent down and gave him a slap over the back of the head, saying, “You can’t hit on every woman you come across!”  She looked at Darcy, and said, “I apologize for him.  That’s Fandral, and he’ll hit on anything with breasts and a pulse.”

“No worries,” Darcy said with a smile.  “My boss used to be the same way, before he got himself hitched to a feisty redhead who can take him out with her pinky.”

“Oh, a fellow warrior?” Sif eyes lit up, and wow, she was SO getting an invite to Girl’s Night.  Sif + Natasha + Pepper = lots of fun, with possible world destruction on the menu.  AKA, a normal Tuesday.

“Something like that. She’s more on the authoritative side of things, though.  Runs the business that funds, uh, basically everything.”

“Sounds like an admirable woman,” the blondie stated, taking her arm and gently guiding her through the halls, Sif and the two other men keeping up.

“She totally is,” Darcy insisted, both displeased at being led around, and grateful that someone could give her the tour, as Thor seemed to have disappeared in the din with Jane.

Hello again, writers and creators.  It’s me, your randomly appearing admin!  xD

Tonight I want to share with you all.. a story.  One of my favourite memories since moving to the city four years ago.

My fiance and I haven’t had the greatest finances, for the entirety of our 8-year relationship.  Some of it’s not our fault, some of it is.  The last few years was especially hard, with periods where we were teetering on the edge of job loss and eviction.  After bills we would often have only $1 to our name.

It was one of those weeks last year, where we were down to the wire.  I had spent the entire day crying, because it had been another day of empty-handed job hunting.  I had been unemployed for four months already and was losing my mind trying to figure out how we were going to make it because I was also being sued over my student loans (that is a very long story for another day).

I sincerely felt like my life was a complete waste.  I hated myself every day because I just couldn’t make myself “do what I was supposed to do” anymore.  I was really starting to give up on myself and on my life.  My fiance came home from work, and suggested we use our last $1 to get an iced tea from the gas station, to cheer me up.

We bundled up and headed outside.  It was starting to get dark and it had snowed all week, but we like to take walks late.  As we were headed down the sidewalk, something caught my fiance’s eye - Sticking out of the snow was a lone $50 bill.

We FREAKED.  Those sorts of things NEVER happen to me, so I was blown away.  Such a small amount of money, but it had such a big impact on our mood.  We decided to do one of our favourite things with it… get Mexican food!

We rushed over to our favourite Mexican restaurant and ordered big meals~!  It was all great as usual, and our waitress was a woman we were served by often and she was also great as usual.  She gave us the bill and it was around $30.  On a whim, I put the $50 bill in the little black folder thing (what is that thing called anyway??) and handed it back.  I told her to keep the rest as the tip.

She stopped and gave me a confused look, “A $20 tip??  Are you sure??”  I told her yes, we’d found the money on the sidewalk anyway so it was totally fine.  She was so flattered and even the other servers were happy as we left.

As my fiance and I walked back home, we were both elated!  It felt amazing to be able to leave such a large tip, we’d never been able to do something like that before!  For a moment, my really shitty existence didn’t feel so shitty, because I was able to make someone smile today with a kind gesture.

My advice is this - When the world makes you feel shitty, when you make you feel shitty, when you think you have nothing to offer and are running out of hope..

Do something nice for someone else.  It doesn’t have to be money, or some big grand display.  It could be something as simple as leaving a positive comment on someone’s artwork, or holding a door open for someone struggling with groceries, or taking a solitary walk around the park to pick up trash.  Anything.  Give other people something to believe in again.  Give yourself something to believe in again…

It’s a really good way to feel something.  :)

Multi-Fandom: Meeting the Parents (2/2)


Alex was steadfast and dependable, but initially pretty shy. He took the first time meeting your parents very seriously; he wanted the people who are most important to you to understand how much you meant to him. He was very respectful and serious when he first was introduced, but as the day progressed he began to loosen up and smile a little more. He can be pretty serious, especially in situations such as this one, but he is a very good boyfriend and that comes across in the little looks and thoughtful gestures he offers his partner throughout the day.


Clint is a great guy to bring home. He is charming, intelligent, kind, funny, likable, handsome, and just a little mysterious. He a good example of the sort of guy most parents hope is taking care of their son or daughter. Meeting the parents felt natural to Clint and he was actually looking forward to dinner with your family when the night came around. Whatever your family dynamic is, he is likely able to ease into it without much trouble and actually make a decent impression on everyone.


Erik is that older guy you bring home. More distinguished, serious, confident, and well dressed than the average “boyfriend.” Most likely, you won’t introduce him as such. Your parents may be hesitant to accept the relationship at first glance; like dating a professor while you’re at university, and bringing him home for Thanksgiving. Erik was cool with conversation. He seemed unruffled, like he wasn’t trying to impress anyone, the way a younger romantic interest would. But you knew him, the real him, and he wouldn’t be there with you unless you really meant the world to him.

Jean Grey

She is the ideal high school girlfriend! Sweet and respectful and fun to have around. Jean has table manners and respects your parents, but isn’t a brown noser at all. She was very sweetly nervous before you arrived at your family home, but held your hand and made polite conversation as though the thought or being nervous never crossed her mind. She wouldn’t be too interested in PDA in the presence of your parents, but isn’t cold either. By the end of the night, at least one member of your family is likely to comment on what a nice girl she is.

Peter Parker

Peter is the geeky guy you bring home. He’s probably intimidated by at least one of your parents, especially if they are intense by nature. Actually, he’s probably nervous about the whole experience. He will use his manners, try not to talk too much about geeky things, and laugh at bad parent jokes. He wants to make a good impression despite being naturally awkward. But it comes from a very genuine, kind heart, and hopefully your family can recognize that the way you can. When no one is looking, the two of you will interlace fingers under the table.


Sam Wilson is, without a doubt, the best guy you ever have or ever will bring home. You know that kind of person who walks into a room and can befriend and enchant literally anyone? That’s Sam. Your family would be telling you how perfect he was for weeks after meeting him. He’s the boyfriend that is rom-com ridiculous, yet so human and approachable. No one could picture a more boyfriend material guy if they tried.

Sharon Carter

Sharon may come across as all business at first. She’s incredibly smart, so she can be great conversation. She isn’t the kind of girlfriend who wants to impress and charm everyone; she’s just herself, and herself is a tough but sweet kinda lady. But that’s why she has you. You are the yin to her yang, the person who softens her hardened edges inspired by years of working as an agent, the one who represents a normal happy life. So the two of you together make a strong, balanced, enjoyable couple, and your family sees that.


The Thor-meets-Parents scenario would be downright comical; it would resemble something straight out of a sitcom. Picture that first day he was in the diner, then throw in some strained manners, a lot of pretending to understand earth culture, and him being a big clutsy teddy bear. He would simultaneously be the kinda guy you bring home that at least one of your relatives has heart eyes for. He spills some water on his white tee shirt and someone rushes to sponge off those killer abs, all while he cluelessly apologizes for making an ass of himself. All in all, he’ll be invited back and you will laugh about the first encounter for the rest of your relationship.

Wade Wilson

Wade is a smartass; he won’t try to hide that or cover it up with manners. You will likely elbow him at least twice under the table because of something he said over dinner. He’s not exactly boyfriend material, after all. But obviously he adores you, so this is his way of making an effort. Each member of your family will likely have something different to say about him, ranging from “He seems nice…?” to “Really (Y/N)? This guy?” But Wade doesn’t care. You chose to be with him, hopefully regardless of the family’s first impression.

B.A.P Little Love Notes

When you leave little notes of love and encouragement stashed around for him to randomly find.

Yongguk – This would be the kind of simple and subtle gesture he would adore. Totally not expecting it, he’d turn into a grinning, giddy mess. Seriously he’d be goo. He’d gather them all together and keep them someplace safe where he could look at them from time to time when he’s missing you. If he wasn’t completely in love with you before he would be now. Experiencing so many feelings he’d have to go write to express them. Expansion

Himchan – As melodramatic as it sounds, this would touch some wounded place deep inside that he didn’t even know needed healing. He’d feel a little ridiculous at how much your notes meant to him, but he’d treasure them always. To him, they aren’t just words of affirmation, they are words of acceptance. As much as he loves you with his whole being he’s always had a part that feared you didn’t return that love as strongly. Your actions would go a long way toward fixing that. Expect him to be extremely physically affectionate in the future. Expansion

Daehyun – Daehyun would be over the moon ecstatic and deeply touched by your genuine expression of love for him. His first thought would be to run and show Youngjae but he’d realize he’d only be mocked (because YJ would be a jealous little shit, lol) and keep them to himself. Daehyun would be so bouncy and happy that people would wonder what got into him so it wouldn’t be long before the secret was out. Such a sweetie, he’d want to return all of that love to you and then some. Next you see him he’s going to be a Dae-koala and attached to you every minute.

Youngjae – If he was with the other members when he found it he’d be so embarrassed by the cheese factor he’d play it off as not a big deal. But inside he’d just be in awe and humbled by how sweet you are to think of him and go to the effort to make his hectic life brighter. It would invoke a protectiveness in him towards you and a need to make you happy in return. Of course he’s going to tease you a bit the next time he sees you but he hopes the beautiful bouquet of flowers he brought you takes any sting from the words.

Jongup – Almost as much as the sentiment behind it, Uppie would enjoy the randomness of it all. He’d love to be going about his daily routine and stumble across a note you had squirreled away. Laughing and excited every time he found a new one he’d brag happily to his members, not even caring what they think. Loving the fun aspect of the game he’d probably do it to you in return. Touched by your kind heart, his smile would fade to seriousness as he read your heartfelt words.

Zelo – Initially he might think it’s a trick being played on him by his hyungs unless he was familiar enough with your handwriting. He’d want to thank you for such thoughtfulness but he’d be so shy about it. Extremely flattered he’d want to reciprocate by buying you a locket or some other sentimental memento to keep with you just as he will keep all of your notes. He would definitely hide them because he’d hate to hear your gesture made fun of even if it was just light-hearted teasing.


Could this become a thing? Peridot being able to tell when Steven is lying? And whatever kind gesture Steven gives to Peridot, she automatically answers with a “WOW THANKS/THANK YOU” like some programmed computer?

I seriously love the dynamic between these two so much

The more I see,

anti-shippers claiming their words aren’t directed at survivors the more disgusted I get with them.

I won’t go into how worthless their disclaimers are at actually protecting survivors against being triggered or hurt. @the-shipper-armada already has a pretty good round-up on the subject.

Now what’s really started to disgust me it the implications behind “this doesn’t apply to survivors” when placed in tags or a post script of a shipped hate post. You know the kind, where some anti goes and says “incest ships are gross and disgusting, and you’re gross if you ship them!.  (this doesn’t apply to survivors)”

Seriously how the fuck are survivors supposed to take that. Are we supposed to be grateful this stranger is granting us permission to enjoy something they don’t like? As if it’s some grand noble gesture on their part?

And let’s look at the implications behind that gesture for a moment. “Oh you’re a survivor? Well I guess it’s okay for you to ship this. I mean you can’t really help you went through trauma and are broken inside. It’s not your fault there’s something wrong with you. Aren’t I so nice and kind to exclude you(except not really) from my hateful words and harassment?”

It’s so patronizing and condescending. It’s really nothing but a disgusting lie anti’s tell themselves to try and deny what authoritarian bullies they are.


ok so like, remember that few days ago, there’s this seventeen video that went out, with those littles babies doing this gesture as some kind of spoil ?

And since Jihoon is so bad at keeping a straigh face everytime KwonSpo is doing justice to his name, it’s really really really likely to be true.

What I didn’t realize though, it’s that… THEY SPOILED US WITH THAT SINCE ONE FINE DAY ??

Like everytime they did this telepathy thing ? Like honestly wasn’t it a bit random ?

And even in Andromeda ??

(look at me being complety wrong)

gifs by vernonstop and littlemingyu

I am pissed. I am seriously PISSED.

So, today, I went shopping, nothing unsual… When I was deciding what kind of sugar to buy, suddenly, there was a guy behind me.

Wawing a paper… where was written “Petition to found International centre for deaf”. 

Great, right? Except fucking not. I started signing at him, asked him if he was Deaf. He… started waving his hands. It was not sign language, just gestures. (remember the affair with fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral? Something like that) And I bet that if that person was deafened or hoh, or simply deaf person who did not know sign language, they would just tell me.

I told him: “You, sir, are not deaf.”

He apparently wasn’t, because he understood me perfectly and ran away.

I went directly to the manager of the store and told her that there are people who are pretending to be deaf and bothering customers.

I looked the shit up on the internet and apparently I wasn’t the first person who realized he was pretender. Even local Deaf union warned that there are no plans to found any centre and that that person is fake.

But like, seriously? Pretending to be deaf IN FRONT OF DEAF PERSON? Giving deaf people bad name?

People pretending to be disabled are the worst trash. I wish I punched him in the face or something.


Okay, so I’m rewatching and like, can we discuss for a sec how completely in line with their Crest this moment is?

誠実 - seijitsu - honest / faithful / “reliable”

Yeah, the scene is funny because Gomamon is being savage af, but Gomamon also knows Jou. The Jou who works too hard. The Jou who sometimes takes things too seriously. The Jou who sometimes forgets to laugh. Gomamon has been there for him, always ready to crack a joke to break the tension.

And in quite the reversal, this is an instance where it’s Jou who’s being light-hearted and Gomamon who’s dealing with something very serious. Despite that, he’s not going to burden Jou with it. He could easily say some kind words or ask for some hugs or some other emotional gesture as a subtle farewall, but instead he’s staying honest to the version of himself he’s always been for Jou.

True to his nature, Gomamon wants to make sure Jou is happy, and Gomamon’s determined to go out exactly as Jou always knew him to preserve that happiness. Faithful, to Jou and himself, right to the end.

Reasons to love Yoo Youngjae ( a few at least)

-Do we need to be reminded??
-Sass. All the freaking sass man
-He’s so pretty oh my God
-Handsome, very handsome
-His jamming gestures are so cute man
-Loves photography
-His a very cute kitty
-Seriously kind, very sweet
-His voice, seriously his vocals skills are 💯💯👌👌👍👍
-His selcas are a bit rare but a blessing such a blessing
-Literal ray of sunshine
-Very energetic
-Smol but so so cute and fluffy
-He’s a jester, loves to tease
-Be careful he hits people when excited 😂
-Very funny tbh
-Model material, how is he not a model
-Modest and shy
-Looks out for his hyungs and dongsaes
-Good cook!
-When wears a choker is just 👌👌
-Such a good dancer as well
-One of B.A.P spokesman
-Can go high when singing but his voice when he speaks is just 💯💯👌👌
-Bias wrecker tbh
-Can speak Japanese and English!
Yoo Youngjae is so lovable and there’s so many reasons to love him, seriously

okay but the la squad is just so intrusive??? like they stalk 5sos all the fucking time and it’s really starting to irritate me. don’t u have school??? or you know, a life??? yeah, it’s cool to meet your fave celebs but, please, give the boys some space.
let them breathe. you don’t have to see them every fucking day.
that and like, it’s pretty shitty that they blur out the background pics so people can’t see the location to meet them. i get the boys don’t want to be mobbed, but honestly it would take a while for someone to get from their house, school, work etc. to get to 5sos’ location, and by the time they get there anyway the boys would probably be gone.
it’s kind of just a friendly gesture to the few people who are able to make it in time.
i mean, i seriously doubt 5sos told them to blur it out anyway.
and from what i hear they make the boys uncomfortable??? like please learn ur boundaries, they are human beings not a fucking chew toys. if you wouldn’t like someone saying or doing it to you, don’t say or do it to them. it’s simple, common courtesy.

Can we just for a second talk about how kind it was that Avatar Kuruk took off his polarbear dog hat for his appearance to Korra? He didn’t even do that for Aang who was a sensitive pre-pubescent/early-pubescent twelve year old animal loving vegetarian who really hated animal skins and the Water Tribe affinity for pelts.

I have a really hard time drilling technical art advice into novice artists these days–because genuinely I know that’s all they’re going to get from most anyone else anyways. So I’ll let those guys do it for me.
 Crazy enough, I don’t value that kind of advice myself so pushing on the facade that I do is kind of ineffective these days. There was a time when I did value it, a lot. More than necessary, really–because I learned that I had to in order to be taken ‘seriously’.  But today? Nah.

 “Study anatomy, do gesture drawings, look into color theory etc etc etc”. I’ve done more than my fair share of parroting this advice, complete to linking back examples and resources. It was helpful, I did my share of applying this advice, and I put in my time spreadng this advice. But something changed in the way I approach art; I care less. Weirdly, it seems to benefit my work quite a bit. Or perhaps it only benefits my perception of my work. From my current point of view, that may as well be the same thing, ha ha ha!

 What it boils down to is; alright, unshakable truth: if you don’t sit in on a figure study class twice every week for three hours and take it seriously, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not gonna improve at the same pace as someone who does. But what does that matter? Especially if that kind of thing is just gonna burn you out and see you “quit art” in a few years time because you forgot why you started doing it in the first place.

 Say you improve at your own pace, you do studies when you feel like it (which may not be often at all), and you just draw a lot because you love it. And you do this for years. And years and years. You’re going to get pretty good at it whether you like it or not.

 Maybe you’re not going to get “as good”, technically, as the guy who enjoys doing technical studies for hours straight every other day, but you’re going to develop your own unique way of dealing with that. You’re going to get savvy enough that what you can’t pull off with technical brilliance, you may be able to pull off with stylistic novelty, or develop a unique process to compensate. You still clocked in the hours to your craft, you’re going to reap the rewards of it. It’s still going to be frusterating at times because you’re still going to have expectations of your work. But this is true of any endeavor that means something to you.

 So my advice these days always tends to boil down to: draw what you love, and draw it as often as you can. Improve at your own pace, if you want to.

Who is blue diamond?

OK so here goes my theory. Have you all noticed that in “the answer” all the shades of gems are a little bit altered, simplified so to say? E.g. Rose is totally pink instead of white etc. Moreover, it applies also to Blue Diamond. There is one moment, just after Garnet defused, when a light falls on her right hand, and reveals that her robe is light blue instead of dark blue, and that her skin is also double-colored (Jasper shares a similar trait - maybe it is shameful? And this is why all of her body is covered in robes???). What I am coming to, is that Blue Diamond makes me think of some kind of deity, and the light blue robe reminds me of Mary. In addition, both Sapphire and Blue Pearl keep their hands in a prayer-like gesture when in her presence - isn’t that strange? I have seriously no idea what the hell a deity would be doing on Earth instead of Homeworld, but there is absolutely not a single fact to support this. Tell me what you’re thinking!

listen i know it’s kind of a pain in the bottom having 2 remember me new pronouns but consider the following: if u use he/him i will be so happy!!! i will smile so hard b4 i go to bed at night!!! seriously just that small gesture will make me so gosh dang thrilled 2 b alive!!!! ik its confusing especially if uve known me for multiple years but think of how happy u made another human bean!!! if u slip up by accident i won’t b mad at all bc i know ur trying ur best!!! 

Oh boy, I’m flattered that you’re coming to me for advice haha. Thanks! Though I have to say…my sense of anatomy is pretty arbitrary lol…it’s really just a culmination of things that I’ve picked up over the years and it’s by no means a perfect understanding. I still struggle with a lot of proportional things lol. My biggest issue right now are hands and basically anything from the waist down (in case you haven’t notices how my comics usually only involved the people form the waist up lmaoooo). But I guess I can get you a general idea of how I draw? See the rest under the cut :)

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Imagine a tiny ranting and raving about their day to their giant friend, pacing back and forth, hands flying up as they chatter and go on heatedly in their tiny voice that grows faster and shriller by the second.

Imagine the giant friend watching this, trying hard to listen and take them seriously, but unable to stop from sweating and blushing and staring as this little ball of rage zips back and forth like a peeved chipmunk.

“HEY! What are you staring at?!”

“Uh…n-nothing…go on…?” *don’t say they’re cute don’t say they’re cute DON’t SAY-*