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Hospitals (Spencer Reid)

A/N: it is 4 am and i need sleep but i was inspired to write this. Now its bed time.

Word count: 1,995

It was another hard case. Spencer was gone for almost two weeks. In the end, it boiled down to nothing, the unsub escaped, and there were no more leads. It was as if he fell off the face of the earth. So when the team returned, you eagerly waited for spencer to call, saying he was on his way home. You knew he like to finish his paperwork immediately after a case, even though all the facts would stay in his head forever. After 3 hours of not even a text, you were beginning to worry. Just as you reached for your phone to call him, it rang. Looking at the caller ID, you saw it was Rossi, and you figured it was Spencer on the other side of the line. He frequently forgot to charge his phone on cases.

“Hello,” you said as you picked up the phone.

“(Y/N), it’s Rossi,” the voice said frazzled, ”I need you to come down to the hospital near your house”.

Immediately you panicked, “What happened David?” you tried to say without your voice wavering, but you failed.

“Its Spencer, he’s been shot”.

You immediately hung up the phone, threw on a pair of shoes and a jacket, and ran out to the car. You floored it down the street, and drove to the hospital about seven miles away. Your nails tapped the steering wheel to the beat of Spencer’s heart, a beat you remember from your hours of laying in bed aimlessly cuddling.

You got to the hospital in about ten minutes, doing well over the speed limit. You run into the emergency room, to the front desk, frantically begging to see him.

“All i need to do is see my fiance, please miss,” you begged

“I’m sorry ma’am,” the nurse started, “Dr. Reid is currently in surgery. He’ll be out in a few hours and I’ll be sure to let you know when he is”.

You couldn’t really form words, you just stood there with tear stained cheeks. It wasn’t until a set of hands wrapped around your shoulder. You jumped, not expecting someone to touch you, and turned around, seeing J.J.. Her face was splotchy from crying, her best friend was shot.

You still stood still, in shock. Maybe in your subconscious you were thinking that since you didn’t see the team when you came in it was all a sick joke. Looking past her shoulder, you spot the rest of the team with the same teared up eyes you had, and you knew it was real.

J.J. pulled you into a hug, and for the first time since talking to the nurse, you gave a reaction. You started to cry, more like sob, into the blonde’s shoulder, no doubt staining her shirt with your tears. As she tries to comfort you, you couldn’t help but feel like this is how she treats her children when they get hurt. “It’ll be okay,” she whispered, squeezing you tightly. “he’ll be okay”.

“I know,” you said, between sobs, “Spence is a fighter.”

You knew he was, this was the third time in the last two years that you’ve been in this situation. Two years ago, he tried to trade himself for a victim, which resulted in a bullet going cleanly through his shoulder. The second time, he was shot through his kevlar, the bullet cut through it like a knife. It got him good in the stomach, but he recovered after a few weeks.

But he hasn’t been hurt this bad in a long time. Not since Tobias Hankel, and maybe the anthrax case. Now his life is on the line again, and to be honest, you didn’t know if you could handle this again. One time was already too many, but in the 7 years you’ve known him, he’s taken more risks than you have bones in your body.

You pulled away from J.J., and asked her and Derek to follow you to one of the conference rooms. You needed to know what exactly happened. And dso they told you.

The unsub disappeared for a few days, and never resurfaced. All the leads were dead ends, and in the end, they had to leave to case cold, and hoped that he might resurface in a nonviolent way. Spencer was the first to walk out the doors of Quantico, when all of a sudden a gunshot rang out. It was the unsub from the case. The only reason they figured that out was when he was holding the gun to spencer’s head, he confessed to everything. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Hotch shot him from behind, killing the unsub. Spencer collapsed, and lost a lot of blood,and was rushed to the hospital right then and there.

By the end of the story, you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Derek noticed, and got you a drink of water from another room. When he was gone, you told J.J. how you felt.

“J.J., I don’t know if i can do this anymore,” I said, tears welling again.

Her eyes widened at my statement, as Morgan came back into the room. “What do you mean?” She asked.

“I don’t think i can be with the spencer anymore,” you let out, and she gasped.

“Don’t say that, Spencer is a good guy, you love him and he loves you,” Derek said.

“I know, and I do, but i don’t think i can handle the stress and the anxiety I get every time he walks out that door. It’s really getting to me”.

“You don’t think Will or Savannah freak out when one of us leave?” derek retorted, “It’s a hard job, and it’s even harder on those surrounding us, but you knew what you signed up for when you started dating. You can’t go doubting him now, not when he needs you”.

You couldn’t hold it back anymore, no one was seeing why you were so frantic about it. “I’m pregnant” you blurted out. There was a pregnant pause as looks of shock encompass your friends faces. “I’m pregnant, and I’m so scared that one day he’s going to walk out that door and not come back. Or he’s going to be admitted to the hospital and not make it off the table. I’m scared that I’m going to have to raise or child alone, and every time I look at them, all I see is him looking back”. By the end of your speech, you were sobbing again, but this time you weren’t holding anything back. The big secret youve been keeping for two months was finally out.

“What’s worse,” you finished, “is that you guys know before Spencer does”.

It was quiet for a while. You knew they understood your fear, so they didn’t try to convince you that your fear was unfounded. You guys just sat in the conference room for about fifteen minutes, before a nurse came in.

“Ms. (Y/L/N), Dr. Reid is out of surgery. He’s been asking for you,” she said, “If you’ll follow me, I can escort you to him”. You shot out the seat, telling both her and your friends thank you, and then followed after her.

He was in the ICU, due to the amount of blood he lost. “We will keep hi for the next two days, then he should be well enough to go home,” she said, but you didn’t respond, too anxious, “He recovered from surgery well, most wouldn’t awaken from the anesthesia for a few hours.” There were more twists and turns to his room, but she finally paused and turned to face you. “This is the room. Because he is in the ICU, he can only have three visitors at a time. I will let his team know that he is up and I’ll bring two of them down in about 15 minutes”. She finished with a smile, walking down the hallway back to the waiting area.

You turned, suddenly nervous. Pushing the door open, you expected to see worse than you did. He had an IV in his arm and a blood bag. You knew under his dressing gown he had a giant patch covering his gunshot wound. You finally made eye contact, and he was watching you with a smile.

“Hi honey” He rasped out.

You ran right to him, kissing him deeply. You went to wrap your arm around him, but you flinched when he winced in pain. Pulling back, you looked at him sadly.

“Hi Spence,” you said, tears in your eyes, “How are you feeling?”

You knew it was a dumb question, but spencer still went along with it.

“If i’m honest, I’ve been worse” He said,” But i wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone”

You laughed, it was almost ironic. He was going through the pain now you’d be going through in seven months, and he didn’t even realise it. He looked at you confused as to why you’re laughing.

“I feel like i say this too often for it to be effective, but don’t you ever scare me like that again”. You said, poking his cheek. He chuckled along with you.

“You know i don’t go looking for trouble, it always seems to find me”. He laughed.

After your laughs calm down, you knew you had to tell him. Now was best before everyone came in to see him.

“Spence, when you got shot, I was seriously doubting if i wanted to stay with you anymore,” you said honestly. He looked hurt and confused, muttering out a small why. You continued, “Every time you walk out our door, i get such bad anxiety, thinking you won’t come back through those doors. I fear days like today, when i’m sitting by your side in the hospital. J.J. and Morgan talked me out of making a decision during a tremulous time like now. But there was one big reason why i felt like we shouldn’t be together. Not for the sake of me or you,” You grabbed his hand lightly, and put it on your stomach, and Spencer’s eyes widened, “but for this little one”.

His eyes lit up in joy. He wanted to become a father ever since Henry was born, and his dream was coming true.

“Spencer, I love you. I’m sorry i doubted our relationship. I’m just scared that you won’t be there for her, or him, and you’ll be a stranger”. You knew the words hurt him, he didn’t want to be like his own father, but he needed to hear it. “I want you to be more active in their life. I want you here, not across the country. And I’m not saying that you can’t work there anymore. I’m just asking that you be here more, not just for me, but for them”.

You thought he might have fought you on this, but he agreed easily.

“(Y/N), you’re the love of my life, and I’ll do anything for you. I want to be more involved as well, and i will be. I’ll do more cases as a consultant. I’ll be here at least 3 nights a week.” he said, “I’ll try not to get shot” he said joking.

“Too soon,” you responded.

Just then a knock rang at the door. You expected it to be J.J and Derek, but to your surprise, it was the whole team, along with the nurse, now looking disgruntled.

“You all can’t stay here for a long time, I’m bending the rules extremely for this already.” She snapped before leaving.

The team talked for hours, you looked at Spencer, lip speaking ‘Should we tell them’? He nodded his head and cleared his throat.

“Attention everyone,” He started, “I know these last few days have been stressful, but (Y/N) and I have some exciting news to tell”. He nodded to you to continue.

“We’re pregnant!”


“Hey, what’s with you? You need a hug or something?”

Spencer had been acting weird all day, ever since you’d walked into work laughing with and talking to Morgan. Perhaps he was jealous, it was no secret that Reid liked you. But it also was no secret that you returned his feelings, so you assumed it probably wasn’t jealousy that was bothering him. 

About a month or so ago, you’d confessed your feelings for each other. You shared one kiss, and that was the only time it’d been mentioned. Neither of you had spoken about it since.

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An Unusual Collection

Never had the phrase “You can’t be crazy when you’re rich, only eccentric” been more accurate than when applied to my uncle. He’d made a fortune developing some kind of military grade software that I won’t even pretend to understand and, after retiring at the ripe old age of 42, had decided to spend his days traveling to every corner of the globe.

He owned houses all over the world, hopped from place to place in a private jet, and had a full time staff of highly educated, multilingual people answering his every beck and call. Whenever it came time to hire someone new, he liked to say, “If they don’t have at least one PhD, they’re not the one for me!” I always thought it was a bit strange that such credentialed individuals would want to work for him, but apparently Uncle Spencer was a very generous employer.

I digress, though, none of that is really what made him eccentric.

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A/N: Follow-up to Jumping to Conclusions. @coveofmemories


So are you fielding all kinds of questions right now?

Spencer smiled as he read the message from his girlfriend while he, Morgan and JJ were on their way back to the Bureau. 

Not well. 

“Okay, so where do we start?” Morgan laughed, watching as Spencer texted back to his girlfriend. “When the fuck? Where the fuck? Why the fuck?”

JJ snorted as she was driving. “Seriously, Spence,” she laughed, “How did you not tell us?”

“The same reason you didn’t want to tell people about you and Will. I wanted something for myself for a while. Thanks for ruining that by the way,” he said facetiously. When he looked down to his phone, he saw another message from Y/N, this one had a picture attached. He opened it to see a dirty picture that he would absolutely be saving for later. 

JJ could see him laughing in the rearview mirror. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing at all,” he smiled widely.

Morgan turned around still in shock. “Okay, when did you start dating her?”

“Six months ago.”

“Six months! Jesus, kid. How did you keep a secret that long?”

JJ turned onto the street where the BAU was located. “Where did you meet her?”

“Bookstore,” he replied. The less he said the better in his eyes. Again, he took a glance down at the picture on his phone. He really wished he was back home. His experience with women was limited, but now that he had someone in his life, he desperately wanted to be in bed with her all day. “We met in the nonfiction section.”

Finally, they were back at the Bureau. Spencer was mentally preparing himself for when they got upstairs and the rest of the team found out that he had a girlfriend, especially Garcia, she was going to go batshit. As the three of them made their way upstairs, Morgan and JJ just stared at him in shock. And he replied with nothing but a knowing smirk. “You keep glancing at something on your phone,” JJ said. “What is it?”

“Oh my god,” Morgan said as he studied the smile on Spencer’s face. “She sent him a dirty picture, didn’t she?” Spencer didn’t say anything, instead just touching his finger to his nose. 

“Oh my god!” JJ exclaimed as they got off the elevator and walked toward the conference room. “There is a whole side of you we don’t know!”

“What do you mean?” Emily asked as they entered the room. “We’re glad you’re okay, Reid. We were worried about you.”

“Oh he’s more than okay,” Morgan said, slapping his friend on the back.

Spencer said nothing as he sat down. It was much more fun to watch his friends freak out than actually say something. Everyone stared between him, Jj and Morgan before JJ exclaimed. “Spence has a girlfriend!”

“What?!” Garcia shrieked, quickly bringing up a chair to sit beside him. “What’s her name? How long have you been dating? Where did you meet her? Can we meet her?”

“Breathe, Garcia,” he laughed, clutching her by the forearms. “To answer your questions, Y/N, six months, bookstore, yes.” She started clapping wildly as he continued to smirk.

“Wait,” Emily said. “So by in the middle of something… you mean…you were in the middle of doing it when they got there?” She pointed between the three of them and he laughed. “It’s 3 o’clock on a Saturday!” As if that was the part that stuck out for her.

“Yes, it’s a Saturday!” he laughed. “I was supposed to have off! People were supposed to leave me alone so I could do what I wanted!”

“And apparently that was a mystery woman,” Rossi laughed. “Good for you, kid. It’s about time you have someone special in your life.”

“Thank you,” he said, placing his phone in his pocket so he could avoid the temptation to look at her picture again. “Can we get to this case now? If we waste time when I could be home, I will hurt you all.” 

Hotch had left the room momentarily and arrived just in time to hear Spencer ask about the case. “What happened to you?” he asked. “We were worried about you.”

Everyone answered in unison. “Spencer has a girlfriend!”

“Ohhhh,” Hotch said. “So we interrupted something, didn’t we?”

“Yes! Now let’s get to this case before I hurt someone!”

“I think we should’ve let him finish whatever he was doing,” Hotch said with a laugh. “He seems a little cranky.”

He was going to kill them all.

Every Me And Every You - Sixteen

Spencer explained his game to you as you both ate your dinner, you taking a bite of the over cooked steak and vegetables, followed by a bite of the steak and hand cut fries that you really just wanted a whole plate of.

The apartment was the perfect temperature, not too hot or cold so although you did still feel somewhat exposed, you weren’t uncomfortable at least.

“So, in this folder is a list of statements that essentially all begin with the world ‘Tonight’. It’s broken down into sections. The first section is ‘Tonight you will…’ and the second section is ‘Tonight, we will use’. The third section just asks you to list some numbers, but they will correspond with a ‘Tonight X will happen this many times’. You’ll go through and answer either yes, no or a number to each point and then when you’re done, you’ll select some more numbers at random, from a bag. What ever numbers you select, we’ll do. Or won’t, depending on how you’ve answered.”

You think you followed him. “So statement one could be ‘Tonight you will…. suck me off’ and I answer either yes or no to it. Then if number one comes out of the bag, we either do it or not?”

“Exactly.” He was grinning at you, as you cleaned the last bit of food away from your plate.

“Okay. That sounds fun.” You just wouldn’t tick yes to the things you weren’t keen on. Easy. Although you knew that even if you did answer yes to something, you wouldn’t have to do it if you really didn’t want to. So where was the thrill?

“Great. So, you can open your folder and start answering. Take your time.”

You pushed your empty plate and cutlery forward, placing the folder in front of you and opening it.

In front of you was a piece of paper, numbered one to twenty and split in three sections.

“Where are the statements?” Confusion filled your brain, the page was blank apart from the numbers and section headings.

“In my folder,” he replied, his eyes on yours. He rolled his bottom lip into his mouth, releasing it slowly.

“So are you going to read them out so that I can answer?”

“Nope.” The corner of his mouth travelling upwards in a smirk.

“So how do I know what I’m….. Ohhhhh. I don’t.”

That’s where the thrill was. You were answering yes or no, but you didn’t know what to.


Alright. This could be interesting.

You picked up the pen and started working your way down the list, randomly selecting yes, no or writing a figure where applicable. It specified between one and ten.

Every so often you heard Spencer tut, or suck in his breath.

“Oooh, that’s a shame. I was hoping you’d answer yes to that one.”

“Ten Y/N. Really?”

“Oh you’re going to like that one.”

“Spencer…. You’re distracting me.”

“I know. But you’ve been distracting me too. Do you know how frustrating it is sitting here and not touching you. Your nipples are so fucking hard against that night dress….. They’re begging to be sucked.”

It was a good job the seat below you was leather and would wipe clean easily.

“Seriously Y/N. Your body is so perfect.”

“It’s really not Spence. I’ve got cellulite and stretchmarks. I’ll admit that I don’t mind my figure, working where we do keeps me reasonably fit and toned at least. But I’m far from perfect.”

Spencer rose from the table and walked around to your seat, kneeling on the floor in front of you and placing his hands on your thighs, turning you to him.

“Y/N, your body is perfect to me. Accept it. Love the things you see as an imperfection because they make your skin and your body unique to you. Don’t let me hear you contradict me again. I adore your body, I would spend all night worshipping it if you let me.”

He lowered his head and pressed his lips against your legs, kissing each thigh in turn.


Having him spending all night worshipping you sounded like heaven, and you were pretty sure his words had turned your insides to mush.

He stood again and returned to his seat, reaching for a small velvet bag before he did so.

“So, shall we see what this worship will actually entail?”

You nodded, both nervous and excited. He raised his hand and tossed the velvet bag at you. You reached for it, catching it and mentally high fiving yourself for your reflexes.

You tugged on the draw string seeing that the bag was full of marbles, each with a number painted onto them.

“So, I just pull them out? How many?”

He narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking. Leaning forward, he rested his head on his hand, stroking his chin.

“Shall we say five, and we’ll see what we come up with. Choose a marble and read the number out along with what your answer was. And then I’ll tell you the statement. You can check them yourself if you like.”

Adjusting yourself on the chair, you reached into the bag and pulled out the first a marble, turning the smooth cool ball over in the palm of your hand.

“Fourteen. And my answer was yes.” You placed the marble on the open folder, watching it roll slightly until it stopped in the crease of the binder.

“Fourteen. Alright. That was from the Tonight We Will Use section. So it looks like we’ll be playing with ice and fire later.”

“Fire?” Alarm coated your voice.

“Candle wax Y/N. Candle wax.”


“Next one?” he asked and you reached inside the bag again and pulled out another ball.

“Three. And my answer was no.”

He checked his own sheet. “I think you’ll be pleased you answered no to that. I’m not sure you’re quite ready for that and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’d be ready for you to do it. But it was an old game sheet which I’ve not updated.”

“Explain.” You raised your glass to your mouth, taking a drink.

“Tonight you WON’T be anally penatrating your partner.”

You nearly spat your drink out, managing to swallow it quickly and compose yourself.

“You’d actually want me to do that? How would that even work?”

“Male G spot, Y/N. And…. With a strap on of course.” He looked amused at your reaction and you could feel yourself flushing red and the mental image you now hand of you fucking Spencer from behind.

Just what the hell.

“I’m just gonna pick another out okay.”

You reached in to the bag and selected another marble. “Nineteen and the answer was five.”

He smirked. “The number of times you’ll be bought to the edge of orgasm before you’re allowed to come.”

Fucking brilliant. Five ….

You were totally going to be begging by the end of this and the look on his face told you that he knew it.

“Another one, Y/N?”

Okay. Another one. You pulled out another and checked the number again your paper.

“It’s another number. Ten.”

“The number of times you will be paddled.”

“Paddled….. Those things that look like the backs of hair brushes?”

“Yup. I have a wooden one and a plastic one. I’ll let you choose which one when it come round to it. Next?”

You already had your fingers in the bag, ready to pull out another.

“Four. Yes.”

“Fantastic. I’ve been waiting to find out what your lips would feel like around my cock. Looks like I’ll be finding out.”

And that meant you’d finally get to actually see him.

“Just so you know, the statement in full is: Tonight you will give and receive oral sex. So I’ll be tasting you too. Perhaps whilst you’re sucking.”


“Not that you’ll be allowed to finish.”


“Do you wanna choose another?”

“Well, I kinda wanna know what my six strikes are going to be cashed in as.”

“I’m saving them for tomorrow. You might acrue more by not doing something I ask this evening.”

“Okay. I’ll choose another. Eleven. And yes.”

Consulting his list, he pursed his lips.

“Ever worn nipple clamps Y/N?”

“Nope… But I’m guessing I will be, right?”

“You got it.”

“Fine. Question…. So this has dictated how many times I’ll be bought to the edge before I can come. What about you? Do you get to finish whenever?”

“Good question. And the answer is yes. Although this will mainly be about you. But if I want to come, I’ll come. If you’re doing something to me and I’m near and I want you to stop, you’ll stop. Spit or swallow by the way?”

“Generally depends on my mood, and where I am. But you’re the boss, so you tell me right?”

He smiled. “Thats right, I do. So swallow I think. But I’ll let you know. Now…I’m going to clean these plates away and bring dessert out. Climb up on the table and take that night dress off please?”


He stood and gathered up the plates before turning to you.

“Dessert time. You’re going to be my dish. Get naked and lie down on the table Y/N.”

Jesus fucking christ….

Jealousy // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Y/N befriends a new intern she shares common interests with. Spencer gets jealous. Fluff. 

Requested by: Anonymous

You entered the office laughing along with Spencer as he made a joke at Morgan’s expense. The three of you had met up outside of the building and had been doing nothing but attempting to roast each other on the way up to the BAU.

“Y/N! Really? You don’t come to my defense? I’m hurt,” Morgan said as he placed a hand on his chest as if you had hurt his heart.

“Sorry Morgan. Gotta side with the boyfriend,” you replied as you nudged Spencer’s side. He smiled and placed a kiss on your forehead. 

“And that’s why I love you,” he said with a huge smile. Morgan rolled his eyes at the display.

“Alright. Too cute for me. I’m gonna go find Prentiss so we can make fun of you two together,” he chuckled as he left in search of the brunette. You both rolled your eyes already used to the teasing you’d endured for months now. 

“Y/N,” Hotch called out as he appeared from his office. Your attention immediately snapped up to your boss.

“Yes Hotch?”

“I’m sending you down to the cyber branch. They’ve got a new intern and with a man short, they’ve asked to borrow you for the week to show him the ropes,” he informed.

“Oh,” you said in surprise. Cyber security had been your previous job before landing in the BAU and you had been an excellent agent. It wasn’t a surprise that they had asked for you. “Alright, I’ll head down there.”

You quickly said goodbye to Spencer before disappearing through the doors. He frowned at the thought of not seeing your for a week during the work day.

Spencer sat in the corner sofa of Penelope’s home with a frown on his face as he listened to you talk about Chris, the intern you had been assigned to train, for what seemed like the millionth time that week. 

“He’s actually really funny! We’re thinking of going to the Metropolitan Museum since they’re having a Jeff Koons showing,” you told Emily excitedly. She smiled at the fact that you had seemed to make a new friend you had so much in common with.

“Wow! I heard his stuff is great,” she replied in enthusiasm.

“Not that great,” Spencer mumbled underneath his breath. You’d mentioned the exhibit to him weeks before when they’d announced it but he had shot you down, making up any excuse to not go. He just wasn’t a fan and would rather stay home than do that- a decision he was now regretting. 

“Reid? You say something?” Penelope asked as she turned to look at his sulking form.

“No. No,” he replied as he took another sip of his coffee. 

“Didn’t you two also share a love of John Fante?” Emily asked as she recalled a previous comment you had made earlier. 

“Yes! It’s nice to have someone who shares that interest,” you said with a laugh. Spencer rolled his eyes and abruptly got up, storming into the kitchen. 

“What’s up with him?” Penelope asked at his unceremonious exit. You sighed and stood, following him to the other room.

“I think he’s jealous,” Emily whispered to Penelope who gasped in realization.

“Spencer. What’s wrong?” You asked as you stopped to stand beside him. He leaned against the counter with his arms crossed.


“Spence.” You replied seriously. “I know when something is bothering you. So tell me.”

“It’s just that you’ve been talking about Chris nonstop. Chris and I did this, Chris that, blah blah,” he explained frustrated.  You grinned at his childish explanation. “You two seem to have so much in common and now he’s even trying to take you out on a date to see fucking Jeff Koons when that’s what I should be doing.”

“It’s not a date,” you argued with an offended gasp.

“Please. Look at you. You think he’s not trying to take you out?” Spencer asked with a shake of his head.

“You don’t even like contemporary art,” you replied in amusement. 

“But you do! So I do too for that moment,” he replied in exasperation. “Nevermind. Just go with him.”

“Spencer,” You pulled his arms away from his chest. He reluctantly let you push them down as you wrapped your own arms around him. You stared up at him, squeezing him gently to get him to look down at you.

“You know I love you, right? I want to be with you and only you,” you assured with a small smile. “I like that we have our differences. It makes for good conversations.”

He stared down at you with his lips pursed as he thought over what you had said.

“Are you sure?” He questioned in a small voice.

“Absolutely sure,” you replied as you rolled onto the tip of your toes to give him a quick kiss. “I love you.”

He relaxed and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him.

“I love you too.”

You grinned as you hopped onto Penelope’s counter, pulling on Spencer’s tie to bring him into a kiss. He happily placed his hands on your waist as he deepened the kiss, his mouth desperate for yours after his jealousy fit. 

“Hey! Not in my kitchen!” Penelope called out when she realized that it had gone completely quiet on your end. You both broke away with a laugh.

“So you’re taking me to the museum then?” You asked with a wiggle of your eyebrows. He chuckled at the fact that he’d thrown himself into a situation that you’d been begging him for weeks ago. 

“You bet I am.”




Prompt: the reader is paranoid and Spencer finds out.



Since the beginning, the team had wondered why you were so… strange?
You were a lovely person, but sometimes you acted differently from other people. For example, when Spencer found a knife under your pillow.

He was at your’s because that day you were sad, so you asked him to have dinner with you, just not to be alone.
You two were talking in the kitchen, where of course you were cooking pasta. In the kitchen there was at least 20 knives, but some of them were in every room of the apartment. Even one in your bed. No one knew about it, but you felt safe.

Spencer started to notice your restlessness when, during the dinner you started to look at points of the house where the light was off.

“Are you ok, (y/n)?”

“I don’t like when lights are of…”

“Are you scared of the dark?”

“Sort of.”

You were scared that someone would jump out of the dark and hurt you, even kill you. You didn’t like ‘not to see’.

You finally finished to eat. Spencer had noticed thst something was wrong with you, but he didn’t want to annoy you asking.

“Spencer, before you go, do you want to watch television?”


You heard hesitation in his voice.

“If you don’t want to, it’s ok with me.”

“No, I want to! Seriously. It is just I know there is something wrong, so…”

You told him everything was good and he pretended to believe you.

“Seriously Spence, I am ok.” you stopped for a moment for then change the talk “Can you just go to my bedroom and take my sweater, please? It is over my bed.”


But over the bed Spencer found something else.

“(y/n), what’s that?”

Now he was standing in front of you, in the living room, a knife in his hand.

“What a stupid question Spencer! Then why did you rummage through my things?!”

“Because I couldn’t find your damn sweater so I checked under the pillow. And guess what, I found this. Let me see your arms.”

“My arms?”

“You have a fucking knife under your pillow. Do you cut yourself?”

Spencer’s voice was loud, but not because he was angry, but because he was scared.

“I don’t cut myself.” you said showing him your clean arms.

“Then why do you have it there?”

You explained him thst you were paranoid. You were scared even of your shadow.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was scared that you could treat as a stupid.”

“Stupid? Never. A lot of people have paranoia, it’s normal. It doesn’t change the fact that you are the most important person of my life and I will always be by your side to help and calm you, ok?”

Fic Rec Friday

Whoo the first one! (hopefully first of many) So without further ado here are fics by amazing people who you should all go and show some love <3

  • Thunderstorms by @reidoneshots ~ holy shit okay i love this?? so much?? it’s fluffy and sweet and comforting and ajbsdbfh I just love it a lot okay? okay
  • Clean by @gubl-oser ~ ngl I may have cried a lil lot at the end of this lmao. it’s just a really god mix of fluff with just the right bit of angst mixed in and just ugh I love it (tw for drugs/drug m)
  • Walk In The Park by @mentallydatingspencerreid ~ jfc the descriptions of spence are just A+ and this just fic is like a really good cup of tea - like it’s like perfect temperature and sweetness and like exactly what u need
  • Just Not Ready by @dontshootmespence (nsfw-ish? slight sexy times but no actual ~~sexy times~~) ~ okay this one wasn’t recced but I went out to find more stuff and omg i’m hella glad I found this. caring spencer actually being able to pick up on signals jrnfjsbfhvk it’s amazing and fluffy and I want to marry this fic and spence obviously

Oookay that’s it for this week. But seriously all these fics (and their writers) are so so so good and I love them a lot!! Don’t be shy to continue tagging/messaging me throughout the week!

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Tease (Emison Prompt)

Prompt: Prompt about alison just barging in one of the girls room (i imagine spencer cause they are kinda alike) and babbling about sexual frustration and that em’s a tease and that they’re ready for that step and spence being all traumatized like wtf all just go talk to emily about that!

“What’s on your mind?” Spencer said looking up from her books to see Alison staring into space. “What?” Alison said, snapping back into focus. “Well you asked for help studying, but you’re just staring into space,” Spencer said, slight annoyance in her voice. “Sorry, I’ve just got a lot on my mind.” “Like what?” Spencer said eyeing her books below her, and Alison had to remind herself not to snap at the brunette for pestering her. “Nothing important,” Alison said casually, although the thought was eating away at her brain. “Fine, but I thought we were past that.” “Past what?” “The lying. The secrets. All of it,” Spencer said, locking eyes with the blonde for the first time. “Spence, it’s nothing. Seriously.” Spencer didn’t look convinced, but she moved her focus back to her textbook. They spent the next ten minutes in silence, Alison not wanting to say anything, scared that the question consuming all her thoughts would slip out, and that would definitely not be good, but at the same time praying that Spencer would say something, anything, even something about her dumb history homework, if it meant pushing this dumb thought out of her head. “Is it about Emily?” Spencer finally said, tilting her head slightly up and cocking her head to the side with a concerned look filling her dark eyes. “No,” Alison said, glad that she could keep her voice steady. She wanted to tell Spencer, to ask her, Spencer would know the answer, she would know what to do, she was like Alison, she could help her. But she didn’t want the brunette to get involved, she didn’t want to make things worse. “Does Emily still like me?” The words spilled out of her mouth before she could stop them and she bit her lip, immediately regretting letting the words slip from her mouth. Spencer’s head shot up and the brunette stifled a laugh, “What? Where is this coming from?” “Well, does she?” “Of course she does! She wouldn’t be dating you if she didn’t,” Spencer said, putting a hand on Alison’s shoulder. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” “Well I never thought I would hear those words come out of Alison DiLaurentis,” Spencer said with a laugh. Alison rolled her eyes, but her head still wasn’t clear. She felt Spencer’s eyes on her but she didn’t want to say the words out loud, she didn’t want to say them to Spencer of all people. “What else is going on?” Spencer asked, her hand still lingering on Alison’s shoulder. “If she likes me, why won’t she have sex with me?” Alison blurted out. The brunette’s eyes went wide and she pulled her hand away from Alison’s shoulder. “Uh,” she stumbled, a lost look covering her face. “I mean, we’ve been dating for like five months, and I think we’re both ready, but when we’re making out and I try to take it to the next step, she always stops me, and then-” “Ali. Ali! Stop! I don’t want to hear this,” Spencer said, cutting the blonde off and putting a hand over her face. But Alison was too far, and she couldn’t stop now. “She’s such a tease! When we’re making out she will put her hand under my shirt, but then when I go to take it off she whisks her hand away and acts like nothing happened. And when I go to put my hand under her shirt, she’ll pull it away!” “Ali!” “And she must have slept with Paige or Maya, right? Has she said anything about sleeping with them to you?” “No, Ali, no, I, uh, I don’t think we should talk about Emily’s sex life,” Spencer said, scrunching up her face. “She must of slept with one of them at some point. So why won’t she sleep with me? I know we’re both ready for the next step but she just won’t do it and I don’t understand-” “Ali! Ali! Stop! You need to talk to Emily about this. Not me.” “Fine,” the blonde said, “but you’re the one that asked.”

Always Mine (Spencer Reid fluff/smut-ish)

note: Just an old story because I’m trash and I don’t have any requested stories or another part of Lie to me (sorry blame exams not me pls)

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Is this my fault?

words: 2021
spencer reid x reader
criminal minds 

a/n if you want part 2, message me.

“I don’t want you to go” I whine, snuggling up to my boyfriend Spencer.
“I have to get back to this case” Spence mumbles against my skin, giving me goosemumps.
“You know we’ve only been asleep 3 hours?” I groan looking at my phone. Just as i’m about to set it down it rings showing the hospital calling. I huff and answer it.
“Hello Dr. y/l/n speaking” I say sweetly smacking Spencer on the arm when he laughs loudly. “seriously?” I groan. Spence then hushes up and sits up stroking my back and kissing my bare shoulder. “Laura I just got off a 36 hour shift and I have class in 6 hours” I grit. I look at Spence and he raises his eyebrows shaking his head, I look at him guiltily. “I’ll be there in 20” I mumble and hang up the phone. Spence takes a hold of my waist pulling my back into him so I’m resting between his legs, he pecks the side of my head and wraps his strong arms around my shoulders.
“you shouldn’t have done that babe” he sighs. “you’re so tired, you barely slept the last time you were home” He adds.
“I know” I sigh. “but lives need saving, Dr Reid” I say hopping up and holding my hands out to him to lift him up. He rolls his eyes but places his hands on my hips, shifting to the edge of the bed so I’m standing in between his legs.
“we need a break” he sighs resting his head on my stomach. His hands sneak around to my butt only clothed by my underwear and his shirt as I was too tired to change into pajamas when I got home from the the hospital. I peck his forehead and ruffle his hair. He squeezes my butt before patting it signalling for me to move. I do and start to get dressed in my scrubs. He changes quickly and we leave the house, locking it.
I drop Spencer off at the BAU, kissing him goodbye before leaving for the hospital. I enter and try to smile to people I pass. The receptionist smiles at me sympathetically after seeing me only hours ago at the end of my overtime. I roll my eyes playfully and she laughs.  I get on with my work until a flood of people come in followed by JJ and Morgan. I run straight to them.
“what’s going on?” I ask them frantically looking at all the burnt bodies.
“bomb” JJ sighs. I nod.
“why are you here?” I say hoping it doesn’t sound rude.
“Hotch wants us to check if a patient made it, Luke Robinson?” Morgan asks. I don’t even have to check my files before replying.
“yeah he just got out of surgery, I done it myself” I say.
“can we speak to him? he may be a whitness” JJ pleads. I look away thinking.
“He’s 5 years old” I whisper. They look at me pleadingly. “fine, he’s a bit woozy but he’s fine, just please be gentle, you have his parents permission?” I ask and they nod. “go ahead, room 7” I sigh.
“thanks prettygirl” Morgan says pecking my head as he walks past. I grin for a second before getting back to work. About two hours pass by and I start packing up, ready to go back to school. You see, once a week I teach first aid in a school. The kids really actually enjoy it and it gives me credit in work.  I have about an hour to get there while the kids are on lunch so I stop at a take out restaurant and pick up enough for Spence and his team, If I know them at all they haven’t ate all day.
I enter the BAU and smile at the security guard ‘dave’ and he smiles back.
“Hey y/n, those all for you?” he smirks pointing at the stack of boxes filled with various foods, I laugh.
“yeah, new diet” I wink walking throught the doors. He laughs.
“have a nice day” I yell behind me. The action seems to grab the attention of the entire room. Rossi, who is closest to me , takes half of the boxes out of my hands, he pecks my forehead.
“eating for two there y/n?” He teases. I’m about to reply but someone beats me to it.
“not yet Rossi, soon” Spencer smirks pulling me close. The team gather around quickly with the smell of food making it’s way around the room.
“watch out there y/n this one looks innocent but he’s a profiler, he’ll trick you” Morgan teases and we all laugh except Spencer who doesn’t understand.
“not that it’s not great to see you but why are you here?” Hotch asks. Then I remember.
“oh, I brought food, I’m sure you all haven’t ate all day, maybe a few days” I say looking at them and they all bow their heads guiltily.
“Y/N” I hear a squeal and the boxes are taken out of my hands just in time for me to be tackled by a hug by my favorite tech analyst.
“hey garcia” I giggle. We all make our way to the round table room and they talk about the case while eating. I stand up and look at the board. I move towards it, seemingly going unnoticed until they ask me a question and I’m not in my chair. They look around until they find me staring at the map.
“Babe?” Spencer asks confused. He comes up behind me and rests his hand on my hip, I have my arms crossed and I lean into him. The team are silent. “babe, what is it?” he asks again.
“you said the bombs are random? you can’t find a geographical profile?” I rush and they nod.
“why?” Hotch asks. I pick up the red marker pen sitting on the table and look at Hotch for reassurance. He nods.
“well what if it’s like this. ” I say and join the dots, creating a messy heart shape. The team stare at me in awe. I shrug.
“Reid did you make her in a lab or something?” Rossi jokes and I giggle. I check my watch and curse. I excuse myself to the bathroom to change out of my scrubs and into a more school appropriate outfit. A pretty dress and heels.
“I need to go, I’ll see you guys later” I mumble grabbing my bag and giving Spencer a kiss. He squeezes my butt, obviously admiring the dress. I blush when the team all smirk and cough. Spence blushes too, not used to having so much PDA. I leave the building, getting in my car and heading to school.
I step into my classroom and greet the students. I feel and eery feeling settle in my stomach but i ignore it and diagnose it as lack of sleep. I start teaching the kids when a little girl called 'Lily’ asks to go the toilet so of course I let her. I leave the kids to an activity when the feeling gets worse and it’s confirmed when I smell a burning. I excuse myself and go across the corridor to ask a teacher what’s happening. I open the door to the chemistry lab and I’m blown back. The entire room is on fire and I panic. I quickly rush to my feet and press the fire alarm and start yelling.
“It’s a real fire” and banging on all the unopened doors. The teacher I was covering rushes her class outside with my help. I get halfway outside making sure all the students are with me. I see the police and two large SUVS, the BAU step out of it and I’m walking towards them when a feeling of dread washes over me. Lily. I sprint back in to the building that’s on fire. The smoke equally blinding me and clogging my throat. I stumble towards the bathroom avoiding falling rubble. I start yelling “LILY” trying to find her, or even coax her out of the bathroom.
I then hear her start shouting back “y/n” and loud sobs.
“come out sweetie, I’m here” I yell tugging on the door. All of a sudden there’s strong grip on my arm, it’s Spencer.
“you need to leave” he yells. I shake my head.
“the doors jammed, Lily’s stuck in there, I’m not leaving her” I yell back. He looks at me enraged.
“there’s a bomb in the basement.” He pleads. I shake my head pushing on the door. I still can’t get it open. I look at Spence and he moves me away.
“Lily step back for me sweetie, I’m going to get you out!” Spencer yells. I hear her little feet shuffling and he brings his foot up and kicks the door open. I look at him in awe but recover quickly.
“come on Lily we need to go” he yells. I pick her up and we start running. A beam falls behind us that knocks us off our feet. Spencer stands up pulling me to my feet, Lily sobbing in my arms. We run outside and hear a giant blast behind us. We fall to the floor and I fall in a way that won’t hurt Lily. All I can hear is the ringing in my ears as I sit up. I set Lily next to me and crawl over to where I see Spencer lying on the floor. He starts lifting himself up and looks around to find me, he spots me instantly and pulls me to his chest. We’re both on our knees on the floor hugging. I sob into his chest.
“I’m sorry Spence” I whisper. He’s shaking violently.
“I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you” he sobs. He pulls my head away from his chest, his hands still shaking and kisses me passionately. He pushes all his feeling into the kiss and we pull away when we hear Morgan yelling. I cradle Lily into my chest and shakily stand up with the help of Spence.
“that’s my friends let me past” Morgan yells and they let him through. He reaches us and takes Lily out of my arms passing her to a policeman. He then grabs the back of my head and pulls it to his chest hugging me.
“you’re crazy, pretty girl” he chuckles, I giggle and pull away hugging the rest of the team and being escorted away to an ambulance, even with my protest that I’m fine. Spence and I are both checked out and are ruled fine, slight ear drum rupture but it will heal quickly.
By then the crowd had lessened. Children taken home by their parents but the crowd is now made up of policemen, paramedics, bomb squad and reporters. I’m wrapped in a blanket, barefooted after losing my heels somewhere in the hurry and cuddled into Spencers arms which are also covered in a blanket. We start making our way to the SUV with the rest of team. I hear lot’s of shouts like 'y/n can you do an interview’ 'how did you know’ 'what was it like being in a burning building’. I ignore the reporters calls and climb in the back of the car. I snuggle into Spence putting my legs over one of his legs. We press our foreheads together and Morgan and Rossi jump in the front, they hiss looking at us.
“please, keep the mushy stuff for later” Rossi calls teasinly looking in the rear view mirror.
“they’re like horny teenagers” Morgan mutters.
“excuse me we just nearly died, and you don’t see us complaining when you’re with savanah” I retaliate, Morgan laughs loudly and I smile. I turn towards Spencer and he’s staring at me with a loving smile.
“hey goofball you need to focus on your team not me, you still haven’t caught the bomber” I giggle but then get serious. “have you got any leads” I question.
“well, actually” Morgan says looking at Rossi.

Love Is A Fire

This is a Spencer x Reader requested by anon where Reid gets super jealous about the reader having to flirt with some guys to get answers about the unsub. I hope all of you like this! Thanks so much for reading!!! :)

“Oh, come on,” You giggled fakely, brushing your fingers flirtatiously along the bar patron’s arm, “You’ve got to tell me something. There’s gotta be something that isn’t a rumor,”

His eyes trilled around the bar, skirting the sea of faces, before turning back to you and whispering in what you assumed was supposed to be a seductive voice but really only made you want to gag, “Willie Barton,” He whispered the name to you as he continued to explain his honest suspicions.

You stayed there for a moment, pretending to continue flirting as if you honestly cared. Then, after an acceptable amount of time, you made some flimsy excuse, making it fairly obvious that you weren’t interested, before stalking off and out of the boisterous bar. You had gotten everything you needed from him.

You crossed the street, casually climbing into the dark van that camouflaged miraculously with its surroundings as inconspicuously as possible.

“How was that?” You asked, a smirk running across your face, knowing full well that you had gotten exactly what information you had needed

Clashing choruses of satisfaction rattled through the room. Each person was smiling, giddy that the case would finally be over soon. That is, everybody except for Spencer.

You locked eyes with him, trying to understand and decipher his uncomfortable frown and coming up empty. Slowly, the van pulled up to the FBI building and slowly everybody began to file out, cheery chatter springing joyfully through the air. Spencer stayed behind though, and your eyes were drawn to his uncharacteristically drooping figure. It almost seemed as if he was brooding; upset and dangerous.

“Aren’t you coming?” You asked, standing off to the side, lingering by the door.

He simply grunted in response.

You wracked your brain for any intimation as to what was up with Spencer’s sudden irritation. It all traced back to when the eight of you orbited smartly around the round table as you further discussed plans for the pressing case. Together, the team decided that the best and possibly only course of action was to infiltrate the setting that seemed to be the root of the victims. You were nominated to be the person to shimmy up close with a patron of the bar to gain some sort of pivotal information on the unsub. That would have been the source of the time when Spencer’s shoulders shrunk and his eyes hid in their own shadow. His lips pursed in an unreadable line and you knew something was wrong, but what?

“Seriously, Spence, what’s wrong?” You asked, your brows furrowed in concern

He looked at you, his eyes indignantly dark, and you could see his inner conflicts battling beyond the mist of his hazel eyes.

Another step forward and another.

Suddenly, all in one abrupt moment, you were there, right in front of him. His heart was pounding in his chest to some mysterious cadence of electricity, his pulse was soaring, and the heat of his body was fiery in the cool Spring breeze. It was odd. Spencer’s straight expression greatly contrasted his typical cheery smile, and somehow his unruly mess of locks didn’t seem quite as jaunty anymore. His long limbs and towering height were suddenly of such an intimidating length, you couldn’t breathe. But, you took more and more steps forward until there was no more than half a foot of space left to section the wicked margin separating the two of you.

He was still glaring. His eyes flicked about, seemingly nervous with their fleeting softness and unrequited sympathies as the harsh sharpness of his alien eyes flashed wildly back into place.

“You want to know what’s wrong, y/n?” He barked, “You,”

And you were thrown back. The words came out so sharp and commanding, so different from his usual airiness that you had to quickly persuade yourself not to step away so you could breathe. You held your breath.

“What the hell did I do?”

“You let that guy walk all over you, y/n! You let him touch you and it made me sick!” Spencer scoffed, rolling his eyes and finally taking a much needed step back.

This was all so unlike Spencer, you couldn’t believe it. Since you had first joined the BAU, everybody had been so absolutely nice and accepting towards you, especially Spencer, and you had even developed an embarrassing crush on the genius. But now, as you stood before the dominant mind, you felt all of your affection drain.

“You’re kidding right?” You bellowed back defensively, “I was doing it for the case! It didn’t mean anything! It’s called being undercover, Spence!”

“Don’t you see, y/n? I hate it because I love you, dammit!”

Spencer was panting heavily, a lethal cocktail of adrenaline and anger racing through his veins. His fingers danced anxiously, perpetually darting along the length of his thighs. His eyes glowed, as dark as a burning ember.

But you stood there, not sure how to react and not sure what to do. The feverish words seeped into your skin like food being dropped into boiling water. You were frozen, stuck, an impossible metaphor in the world’s literal languages.

He was fire and you were ice.

“Wait,” You said, a chuckle waiting to bubble off your lips, “Are you saying that you’re jealous?”

“Maybe I am,” Spencer said, crossing his arms across his chest, “And if I was, what would you think of that?”

You forgot all about your lost affection as your feelings returned full blast.

Another step forward.

“I would actually really like it if you were jealous because I think that would mean that you liked me,”

You were smirking now, and you honestly couldn’t stop, not even if you tried. But he was smirking, too, and you were pretty sure that made everything all that much better.

There was practically no space between you, and he was less than a step away. Spencer was so close, and you could hear his unsteady breaths and his pounding chest beat along to nothing in particular.

“And if I did like you?” He asked

And then you were almost certain that you were on fire.

No one does it like you do.

Originally posted by bau-obsessed

Author’s note: Since I couldn’t decide which way to go and someone pitched a few ideas, I decided to do two versions of this request. Thanks to @sarasimagination. She’s the best! Enjoy this version!

“Touch me,” you whispered to your boyfriend Spencer, who was shyly looking at you as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his face closer to yours. He was laying on top of you, his hands slowly reaching under your shirt. He kissed you deeply, caressing your skin gently. A soft moan escaped your lips, as you felt him grind his hips against yours. His hands moved up to your breasts, cupping them as he kissed you passionately. You liked that he seemed to get bolder whenever you gave him room for it.

Raggedly, he pulled your shirt over your head and leaned down slowly to kiss your neck, as your hands made their way under his shirt. “Spence,” you breathed softly and felt his smile on your skin.


“You know what that does to me…” You bit your lip, pulling his shirt over his head quickly, not giving him time to respond.

“I do.” He smiled and kept kissing and biting your neck softly. “You have told me and I like to please you.”


He nodded, smiling and you chuckled, feeling his breath on your neck. “Also, did you know that the neck is one of the most tender spots where one can be kissed and you will most likely be aroused within minutes.” You shook your head and bit your lip.

“No, I can’t say I knew that. I love it when you share random facts with me.” You chuckled and kissed his lips again. He kissed you back, hungrily, his hands moving down to your jeans. Undoing the button and the zipper, he started to pull down your pants. You helped him, smiling at him the whole time.

“So, what are you thinking about?” he asked, softly.

“Are you seriously asking that question, Spence?” you asked, chuckling and ran a hand down his chest. He got on his knees on the bed, as you worked on unbuttoning his pants, smiling down at you. “Of course, I’m thinking about all those great facts you’ll probably talk about when we’re having sex.”

“I thought you liked them?” he asked, his voice low. You took off his pants and climbed on top of him.

“Of course I do. I think they’re hot.” You smiled and before you knew it, he had switched spots with you. He was holding your hands about your head with one hand and trying to unclasp your bra with the other. Pushing your bra off your breasts, he brought his mouth down on them, kissing and licking everywhere. You held back a moan and tried to move your hands, but he held them tight above your head.

You held your breath as he moved lower on your body.

It made you happy that he seemed to get so much confidence whenever you praised him for sharing random facts with you. If it got you this, you weren’t complaining.


Requested by samanthaofanarchy

“Seriously Spence you have nothing to worry about!” you told Spencer as he once again became insecure around your dance partner.

“It’s just that he’s so… and I’m so… how can I even compete with that?” Spencer asked.

You took his hands in yours and said, “You don’t.”

Spencer however still didn’t quite believe you so you grabbed his hands and looked into his eyes as you said, “Do you know what marks I had in high school?”

Spencer donned a look of confusion as he replied, “What? Uh, I don’t know you never really-”

“It was the bare minimum that I needed in order to keep dancing. I wasn’t a kid whiz who graduated high school before I could legally drink.” You continued, determined to make your point.

Spencer still looked lost as he said, “What does that have to do with-”

“Should I be worried that you’ll dump me for someone smarter? Someone who can keep up with you mentally more than I can?” You asked.

“What? No of course not!” Spencer exclaimed.

You squeezed his hands as you said, “Then stop thinking that I’d dump you because there’s someone in my life who can keep up with me in dancing more than you can.”

You smiled, as Spencer finally understood the point you were trying to make, and leaned in to give him a kiss on the lips. But just to completely end the conversation you added, “Oh, and he’s gay.”

Spencer started for a moment and then said, “Well why didn’t you open with that? I mean talk about waiting to the last possible moment to reveal that information.”

“More like convincing my boyfriend that I love him completely and would not leave him for trivial reasons, regardless of whether or not the people I hang out with are gay or straight.”

Spencer looked at you before smiling and saying, “Alright fine, point made.”

(gifs not mine, Melanie and Marco from sytycd as OC and your dance partner)

Elevators and Babies

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could write an imagine with Spencer where the reader is heavily pregnant, they go to a party for the bau, and while she, Morgan and Reid are in the elevator in gets stuck and she goes into labor?! Thanksss! Ps I lovvveed your last piece

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Trigger Warning: None

A/N: I absolutely love this request. I can totally imagine Reid freaking out if this were to actually happen. XD I hope this kind of made sense. I don’t know how giving birth is, so bare with me.

Spencer and Y/N were on their way to the BAU. It was New Year’s Eve and Garcia decided that they were gonna have a party at the office. Spencer was worried, because his lovely girlfriend was currently nine months pregnant and was ready to pop soon. Y/N sighed. “Honey, stop worrying. I can practically feel that you’re freaking out. I’ll be fine.” Spencer glanced at her before returning his eyes in front of him. “I know, it’s just that you could go into labor any minute. I don’t know if it’s wise of us to be going anywhere.” he replied as he parked the car. He got out of the car and walked over to the passenger seat and opened the door, extending his hand out for her to grab. Y/N put her hand in his and Spencer helped her get out.

“I’m going to be okay baby. Don’t stress. I swear, you’re more worried than I am. And I’m the one who’s pregnant!” she laughed. Spencer chuckled a bit,”Okay, I guess I am worrying a bit too much.” They walked into the building holding hands. “HEY! Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl! How’s my favorite couple doing?” they heard a deep voice ask. They turned and saw Morgan standing there with a huge grin on his face. “Hi Morgan. We’re doing good. Except Einstein over here is freaking out.” Y/N replied laughing as she hugged Morgan.

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Blind Attraction

[my own prompt]
Warning: mention of explosion
Contains: blind!reader and a bit of fluff.

Imagine: waking up in a hospital to discover you can’t see anything.
Darkness enveloped you, the smell of cleaning detergent and medicine flooded through your senses. You opened your eyes, not seeing anything.

Your hands went up to your eyes. Maybe you were wearing a mask or something. Nothing was there though.

Your breath quickened, thoughts racing through your head. You couldn’t remember anything expect from a week ago.

“G-guys?” You called out, hands feeling around for ..something. Anything.

Nice to know sleeping beauty finally awake.“ Morgan chuckled. "Somebody wake the other sleeping beauty up.” Everyone started welcoming you but you were freaking out.

“Who?” You asked confused. “Morgan where are you?” You felt someone by you yawn.

“Hey..” It was Spencer. He sounded tired. You hands reached out and found his. “Oh hey y/n! You'e awake! H-how are you?”

“I can’t see anything!” You were freaking out. You heard Hotch call out for a nurse, who checked your conditions and brought in a doctor.

“Alright Hun can you see anything?” You heard a click and realized that he was probably shining a light in your eyes. You were annoyed, but talked to him anyway.


“Doctor..uh, Watkins? Is this going to be permanent?” You heard Rossi ask. You heard the click signaling that the light was off. Your hand was still on Spencer’s using the excuse of being freaked out (which you actually were.) to keep holding on. Spencer didn’t say anything, just giving you reassuring squeezes an rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb.

“Based on scans we had taken earlier, there was a slight risk of this happening. But the explosion wasn’t close enough to make this permanent. It will probably only last a month or two.”

“Wait wait wait!” You started freaking out again. “Almost two MONTHS!? What? And…I-i-i was in an explosion? I can’t remember anything like that! How long was I out?&” You hand kneaded through your knotty hair and you sighed, feeling tears spring to your eyes.

“I’m going to lose my job! Plus I have no one to stay with to help me! What…what am I going to do?” You started crying softly, letting go of Spencer’s hand to cover your face.

“Hotch can I talk to you outside for a moment?” Spencer asked and you felt them leave the room.

“Y/n,’ you heard Garcia begin. "I’m positive Hotch won’t fire you, and everything’s going to be okay. You can stay at my place.” You shook your head.

“No, I can’t inconvenience anyone like that. I’ll…I’ll figure something out.”

“Always so headstrong and stubborn, but you don’t have to be.” Emily said, patting your shoulder causing you to gasp.

“Sorry you just… startled me. Can you guys tell me what happened?” It turns out you has been out for three days, because of a bomb hidden in the unsubs house.

“Yeah, pretty boy never left your side either.” Morgan teased causing you to blush. He knew about your crush, an knowing that he probably told Garcia, everyone else probably knew as well.

“and we won’t either.” Hotch answered. “I see no reason to fire you, you’re one of our best agents and it’s only temporary. So until a doctor can clear you to return, you’re going to have to get a personal caretaker.” You breathed a sigh of relief, and flopped back on to your pillows.

“Alright. You guys don’t have to worry about me, go home! I’ll be fine. Just visit me ‘kay?” They assured you they would and left giving you hugs and ruffling your hair.

“Spence. Seriously, go home. You don’t have to be my keeper. You knew he hadn’t left yet. Part of you wanted to ask him to stay, to lay next to you and tell you everything’s going to be alright, but that was unrealistic.

"Y/n…” He mumbled, sitting back down next to you and caressing your hand gently causing heat to run up to your cheeks.

“Seriously, go spence. I’ll be FINE. Just please visit me soon. The doctor said I could leave the day after tomorrow.” Your hand patted up his arm to find his face, accidentally smudging it a bit before you both let out laughs.

“Heh, sorry.” You then found his hair and ruffled it. You were glad you two were friends and had done this before or else it would have felt a bit more intimate.

“alright y/n I’ll see you soon I promise.” He said, giving you a hug. You smiled against his chest. He smelled like coffee and old books.

“Bye spence.” You heard the door shut and you shut your eyes and started crying. This was gonna suck.

Part two maybe? *shrugs suggestivly*