but seriously no one knows how excited i am

"Weekly Idol" PD wants to invite idol squads to the show?!?

If you don’t want to read the whole article, just know that the PD for “Weekly Idol” is considering having ‘idol friend groups’ on the show. Yes, that’s right, IDOL SQUADS could have actual screen time together, not just fan-cams of hugs at awards shows, random posts on Instagram, or call-outs in interviews. 

The PD, Kim Dong Ho, specifically mentions “the ‘92 liners club, which consists of B1A4’s Sandeul and Baro, VIXX’s Ken, BTS’s Jin, EXID’s Hani, and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul.”


  • This Squad: SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, VIXX’s Ravi, Wanna One’s Sungwoon, BTS’s Jimin <<< I personally would be over the moon to see this squad on “Weekly Idol” together. 
  • As this is a Wanna One blog, here are friendships I’m aware of that would be cute to see on the show: Lee Daehwi with Jeon Somi, Park Jihoon with ONF’s Laun, any reunion of W1 members with former PD101 s2 contestants 
Idk about y’all, but I’m seriously excited about this and am 100% supportive of this idea. Anyone know how to help promote this becoming a reality?

Wow! Never in a million years did I ever think that I would reach 500 followers like I have now! I would never have believed you if you told me that my blog would have been as supported as it is now, and I am more than honoured to be the one who is running it!

I am bad at expressing myself, so I may sound repetitive throughout this, but either way I am honestly super happy about this, thank you so much to all of you – new and old followers alike. Without you guys I wouldn’t even be in this wonderful fandom, not meeting some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and not writing this beautiful macho man. I cannot express enough gratitude towards you all and your kindness!

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So you know that feeling where you churn out a self indulgent Marichat trash drabble in like an hour and you get several hundred likes/reblogs in minutes But then you write something a little more outside your comfort zone that you are really proud of and no one says anything???? 

 That’s been my feelings about a lot of my work lately. The things I am proud of seem to be hated, and random crack pieces get insanely popular… 

 It’s taken a toll on my work and hasn’t helped me focus through my depression. It makes me wonder if I actually have talent or if I just am ok at filling a particular niche. 

 As much as we try as artist to do everything for ourselves, its easy to fall victim to the need for validation. To feel like our time and creativity is valued. 

 However, validation doesn’t mean hundred, or even dozens, of comments and likes. Sometimes just having a few is enough to get you motivated. 

 And then if you are really, really lucky, your whole world fills with sparkly rainbows because you wake up and find that someone (Looking at you @hchano) drew you fanart, and it’s perfect, and you remember how much you love your own work and that it doesn’t matter if everyone loves it as long as you do and can share it with your friends!

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This is why it is so important to show your support for the artists and writers that you follow. Give them likes, kudos, reblogs, comments… you never know if you will be the one person that makes them feel like its all worth it! 

(Also I am so excited for H to post her art later its sooooooo goooooooddd like omg… I seriously got teary eyed when I saw it this morning) 



By now most of you will have realised I have a little fondness for podcasts - especially those belonging to the horror genre. And this podcast DOES NOT disappoint.

Seriously I haven’t been this creeped out since that certain episode of Limetown (that I’m sure you all remember)


If you’ve ever been a fan of horror - especially the Jason films - you NEED to check it out!

Premise: A bunch of recently graduated teens are spending their last few weeks together before they all go off to college. They decide to set up camp at an abandoned summer camp (you can see where this is going right?) Cue an abandoned mining operation, a secret military bunker, and some suspicious Park Rangers and you’ve got yourself all the ingredients for a good horror story.


Look, I know this review is probably just a rambling gushing mess and I’m trying SO HARD not to give out spoilers here because seriously go listen go go GO! But it really is that good! I just binge-listened to it all in one go and went back to RELISTEN to it all over again! Do you know how many times I’ve done that?? I can count how many on one hand!

Ugh guys. UGH.

I need someone to come scream with me about this because I. Am. Dying.

You can find their tumblr here -> @lakeclarity
And definitely watch that space because (and I’m not allowed to say anything just yet) there is going to be some EXCITING NEWS when the season finale drops!

(srsly tho if you’re a fan pls come scream with me)


Boy guys, I am really tired.  I am not looking for sympathy, none of you made me choose my bohemian, party filled lifestyle.  It’s no one’s fault but mine that my life is a thrill a minute adventure.  But the result of my wild night is that I feel like I was hit by a truck.  Luckily Daisy Ridley made today super easy by being in a photoshoot for Vogue where she looked great.  I mean, it was weird but whatever, I’ll take it.  I was obviously excited for the trailer the other day.  I hate trailers in general but I bite on a few, including Star Wars.  I got chills because I am essentially stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence and Hollywood in general and Disney in particular are really skilled at using nostalgia to manipulate the emotions of an entire generation with a severe case of arrested development.  I am not sure if I am criticizing myself, pop culture, society, or the entertainment industry to be honest.  I guess I can criticize more than one thing at a time, I am a remarkably talented individual and my mom tells me I am really smart.  My basic point though is I really liked the trailer and am excited for the movie.  And I will forever adore Daisy Ridley because I love the character of Rey and she played Rey and that’s all it would take.  Seriously, all it would take.  It’s why I’d give Mark Hamill my kidney if he asked for it, even though that would be greedy because he’s probably got a bunch of spare kidneys just sitting around as decoration, you know how decadent those Hollywood types are. Today I want to fuck Daisy Ridley.

B.A.P Le Noir AU: Prologue

Wow! These boys have really outdone themselves like seriously! So much feels and emotions from watching their MV! I am so proud of them and excited for their comeback and I hope and pray that the get all the love and support they deserves because damn Noir is one hell of a way to come back! And since this album and concept is so amazing I decided to make an AU out of it because how can I freaking not! So I hope you guys enjoy and pretty please send me some feedback or comments so I know how I can improve my writing :D


They were the most dangerous men in the city. Surrounded by greed, blood, violence, and murder. Wanted by the law and the unlawful. They were like a black flame. An dangerous taboo that you shouldn’t go near, but couldn’t help feel pulled in…

Warning: Contains some foul language, implied sexual content

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The soft sound of jazz, the fresh scent of tobacco, the soft glow of the ambient light, and the small chatter of some of the most dangerous men in the world. This was what you called home. This was your life.

“Hey Bearcat!” An elderly man dressed in a fitted suit sat himself at the bar, a friendly grin gracing his face. His silver mane was slicked back and his hat and coat rested beside him on the bar counter. Based on his appearance, one wouldn’t think that this man once ran one of the most notorious gangs in town.

“Sam, you’re looking as handsome as ever.” Your ruby smeared lips formed a soft grin at the sound of your beloved nickname and the sight of a familiar face. You leaned over the bar counter and greeted the man with a cheek kiss.

“Sweet talker as always. Just like your mother,” He chuckled before he gestured to the bartender to order his drink. A young girl, barely 18, warily came over beside you and slightly hid her appearance behind your form. “And who’s this little dame? I haven’t seen her around before.”

“She’s a new trainee,” You gently put a strand behind her ear and gestured her to come forward. “I found her working 9th and I just had to take her home. A sweet thing like this shouldn’t be on her own,” You placed a gentle kiss on the girl’s temple. “So be nice to her Sam.”

“I’ll be a gentlemen,” He tilted his head and playfully winked at the girl, causing a small smile to break through her fearful expression. Sam called for his usual, a simple whiskey on the rocks, and the young girl flashed him a smile before scurrying away to complete his order. “Business seems to be doing well,” Sam turned around in his seat to view the crowd of men. Young and old. Some with their women some without. All of them dangerous. “No one causing you trouble right?”

“Of course not, they know better than to cause trouble at Le Noir,” You chuckled, pouring yourself a glass of red wine. “Plus, they wouldn’t dare.”

Le Noir. It was the safe haven to some of the most dangerous and notorious men in the criminal world. It was place that no one dared to disturb or cause trouble. To most it was a place where you would steer clear of. But to you, this was home. Your mother had started this business ever since you could remember. Gangsters and mob bosses were your uncles. Guns and knives were your playthings. This was you and your mother’s world. Your kingdom. And your mother was queen. No one dared to stir up trouble in her presence. She was tough, intelligent, beautiful, and conniving as any other criminal you could meet. But most important she was kind. Taking in lost souls. Not judging others based on their past or occupation. She was the original Bearcat, a name you graciously adopted after your mother’s passing. You remember the wise words your mother had told you to survive in this world. Baby, in this world you can’t allow anyone to put you down or intimidate you. This may be a man’s world, but it only takes a strong woman to crush it.

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I just started to read Vulgar Favors. I don’t know if my heart can handle Darren in this role.

But seriously. Wow. What an amazing career opportunity. Such a departure from what’s he’s done. I’m really excited for him.

And honestly. Can’t see how they are selling the straight narrative after this. Far surpasses Blaine and Hedwig. And it’s clear he’s intentionally choosing to spend the majority of his career taking on LGBT roles. I cannot imagine his team is happy.

It’s going to be interesting to watch how this evolves. I for one am proud of him for choosing this role. I’m sure he too weighed the price of involving himself with Murphy again. But I think the role outweighs the price. This truly is going to change his career.

(Peter Parker x Reader): There’s something I need to tell you (⅓)

Summary: Reader is Peter Parker’s best friend. When Peter tells her that he has powers she has to feign surprise despite the fact that she also has powers (loosely based around Captain Marvel). Peter introduces her to Tony Stark (one of her idols) and she admits she also has powers, the two are both brought in as official Avengers (now that half the group is in hiding).

A/N: Apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes! Next two parts are soon to follow

part 2 part 3

“(Y/N) there’s something I need to tell you,” Peter says, closing his bedroom door firmly so that there is no chance of his aunt hearing or accidentally barging in. He’d texted you a few minutes ago saying he wanted you to come over to his apartment so that you could talk to you about something and you’d rushed over, figuring it was important.

“What’s up?” You reply as you flop down on his bed.

“A few months back I… had this accident and now-sort-of-have-super-powers.” He says quickly.

You stare at him for a moment as your register what he just mumbled at you, “I’m sorry, what? You have…super powers? Are you playing with me?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest defensively, convinced that he’s just pranking you or something.

“I swear, I’m telling the truth,” He replies, looking at you nervously, “I’m the Spider-man.”

“Oh! That’s um..okay,” You reply, nodding at him, your brow furrowed as you try to take it in. Your heart sinks as you think about how you’ve been hiding your own powers from him as long as you’ve known him.

“Anyway, so Mr. Stark-” Peter starts again before you cut him off.

“You met Tony Stark?” You ask, your face lighting up, Tony Stark is your idol after all, he’s an engineering genius.

Peter sighs, “(Y/N)… “

“Sorry, continue.” You say, willing him to continue the story.

Peter smirks at you, “Mr. Stark took me to Germany, I fought those real superheroes, Captain America was there and he spoke to me.” He starts to explain, getting all excited in that way that makes your heart flutter.

“That’s insane Peter, oh my god.” You tell him, responding to his grin with one of your own.

“Also - I know how much you love Tony Stark, so I got you a meeting with him.” He adds, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Seriously? You’re the best!” You yell as you stand up and hug him, jumping up and down.

He hugs you back, laughing slightly at how unapologetically excited you are, “Of course I am.”

You were in a very fancy car, the nicest car you had ever been in, let alone seen, driving out to the Avengers Facility with Peter. Peter seemed fine - calm - meanwhile, you were trying your best to not hyperventilate.

“This is happening, this is happening, oh my god, this is happening,” You mutter to yourself quietly as you stare out the window, watching the city turn into forest.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Peter asks you, looking over at you, concerned.

“I’m fine, totally cool. The best.” You reply, “Is it really that obvious that I’m nervous?” You ask.

“No! Not at all!” Peter replies, a little too quickly.

“You’re a terrible liar, Peter Parker.” You reply, rolling your eyes as you turn back to the window, “But that did help me feel better.” You add with a grin, suppressing your laughter as you glance at him.

When the car pulls up to the facility you press your nose up against the window to gape at how amazing it looks. The compound itself is massive, there are several large buildings that you can only imagine what might be held within them.

Peter brought you inside and lead you through the building and down to what you assumed was Tony Stark’s lab which he pushed you inside off with a quick ‘good luck’ leaving you standing in the doorway of the most impressive you you’d ever been in before. You were standing in Tony Stark’s lab (you felt like you needed to pinch yourself).

Tony greeted you and quickly launched into a rambling mess about some of his latest inventions. Normally, you’d be ecstatic, pleased just to be able to hear about the inner workings of his brain, but you had different issues on your mind today.

“Listen Mr. Stark,” You said, cutting him off, “It’s a huge honor to have a chance to talk to you about your work - don’t get me wrong - but that’s not what I need to discuss with you.”

Tony looked up at you, “Parker told me you were a genius, smarter than him, I thought this was all you would be able to talk about.” He said, seeming surprised that you could form a complete sentence.

“Listen, I can tell I’m not what you expected but I have something really serious-” You replied, tugging at your ear nervously.

“You know, Parker also failed to mention you were a girl, and an attractive one at that.” Tony added, cutting you off and raising his eyebrows at you.

You furrow your eyebrows at him, “Easy there tiger, I’m young enough to be your kid.”

“That’s not what I-” He started.

“Mr. Stark - Ironman, whatever I’m supposed to call you, I have … abilities. Nothing like Peter’s but, I need your help.” You say, trying the best you can to explain yourself.

Tony looked up at you, obviously he hadn’t been expecting that from you, “Parker didn’t mention that either.”

“He doesn’t know.” You admit, looking down at your shoes awkwardly, “You need new recruits, don’t you? Let me join your team, I’ll even help keep an eye on Peter.”

“I don’t suppose you could demonstrate these ever-so-secretive powers for me, could you?” Tony asks, unsure of how to respond to you offer. He’d only recruited Peter out of necessity and certainly hadn’t intended on keeping him around, but obvious that hadn’t really stuck, maybe some new blood was the right solution.

You sighed before grabbing one of the work tables in front of you and throwing it up in the air, before it could clatter down you slammed it with energy bursts, causing it to disintegrate.

“I hope there weren’t any important projects on that,” You quip before pushing yourself off the ground, seeming to levitate several feet in the air, “The whole flying thing is a bit more impressive when you’re not in a room.” You add as your drop yourself back down.

Tony stares at the charred remnants of one of his work stations before turning back to you,“That should…suffice. You’re in too… I guess. I should get started on your suit.”

“Okay, Edna.” You reply, unable to help yourself from making an Incredibles reference.

“I don’t know what that’s a reference to, should I be offended?” Tony asks, picking up a tablet and furiously starting to tap on it.

“Of course not, Pops.” You reply, “Oh, and, I won’t let you down.” You add before you walk out of the room.

“Now don’t go hacking any of my stuff.” He calls after you, noticing the screen in your pocket.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” You call back, as you walk out of sight before immediately pulling it out and trying to get past the security clearances.

You walk back into the common room where you found Peter, “I have good news.” You announce, unable to contain your grin, but riddled with anxiety of how Peter will take the news of your powers.

Peter suddenly turns around, standing up to face you, “What is it? How did your meeting with Mr. Stark go?” He asks.

You smile, “Really good, that what my news is from. It also comes with a bit of a confession.”

“Okay…” He replied, unsure of where you were going with this.

You take a deep breath, “I’m joining the Avengers too.” You tell him.

“That’s amazing!” He says, his face breaking into a grin before he remembers what exactly is required to be an Avenger, “Wait-How?”

“I-I have powers too,” You reply, taking a deep breath, “I know I should have told you - but I wasn’t sure how you would react and-” You start, trying to explain yourself.

Peter looks at you before cutting you off by wrapping you up in a hug, “It’s fine (Y/N), I totally understand. I had the same worries before I told you about mine.”

“I’m so glad you’re not upset with me.” You say into his shoulder as you squeeze him tight.

After a moment he breaks away, holding you out at arm’s length, “What exactly are your powers?” He asks.

“Flying, enhanced strength, weird energy bursts out of my hands,” You list of quickly, feeling embarrassed for some reason, you’ve never really shared anything about your powers with anyone before, you figured if no one knew you could just figure them out on your own.

“What? That’s so cool!” He replies, much more enthusiastically than you expected, “Wait, are you telling me that the same hands that help me write my essays also shoot out energy fireballs?” He asks, grabbing your hands in his own and examining them.

“More or less,” You reply, trying to not focus too much on the fact that Peter was holding your hands.

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Alright so this is the anon about being in love with the girl and oh my god I told her. I told her and I cried and she hugged me and she said she has had a crush on me since day one. And I don't think I had ever been so relieved and happy in my life. Jesus Christ I cannot thank you enough for the advice you gave me honestly we probably would have just sat in silence forever if I didn't have a courage to say something. Thank you so so much!! <3


Love, I am so, so, so proud of you. You did this big scary emotionally risky thing, and you did it so thoughtfully, and I’m thrilled beyond words that she likes you back and just !!!!!!!!!! And please, please give yourself the credit here - you’re the one who decided to act and worked up the nerve and did this awesome, honest, communicative thing, and anon, she is so lucky to have someone so kind and thoughtful and willing to go out on a limb for her and I am seriously so proud of you and so excited for you. Congratulations, darling!!!! Thank you so much for the update (I was thinking about you this morning and wondering if you were talking this weekend!) and if you feel like coming back to let us know how it’s going some time, please do! Still rooting for you, and wishing you both all the happiness the world can bring!!

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Thank you so much for your recommendation of Wilder: Ran's story. I played it last night and I'm absolutely in love. It's so good and I don't know how I'll be able to wait for the other routes! I'm especially excited about Bahadur's route.

Oh man, it’s so good, right? :D

Bahadur is the one I was most drawn to when Wilder was announced, so I am seriously on the edge of my seat waiting for any news! But I know how long and difficult it can be to release a game, so I’m waiting very patiently, lol.

Thank you for the message, glad the recommendation worked out! :)

Alphas And Omegas Part One

A/N: Ok, so this is my first time posting a story on Tumblr, and if you could all go easy on me that’d be great. But anyways I hope you all enjoy the story.

Parings: (Eventual) Alpha Dean X Female Omega Reader

Word count: 1085

Warnings: none or at least I don’t think there are any warnings anyways.

Summary: (Y/N) is forced to move to Lawrence Kansas by her parents thanks to her dad getting a new job.

A long and frustrated sigh escaped a (y/a) year old girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair and bright (e/c) eyes as she continued to stare silently out the car window despite her parents attempt to get her to talk. She watched the Kansas landscape fly by hoping that her parents would give up on trying to make her start talking.

“(Y/N), honey, we know you’re not happy about this move, but please just try to like it, please? Lawrence isn’t really that bad of a town, sweetheart.” (Y/N) simply rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms over her chest before looking away from the window in order to meet her mother’s gaze in the rearview mirror.

"I highly doubt that mom. I don’t know anyone there, and in case you guys forgot I’m an omega werewolf.” She grumbled out the last sentence.

"Don’t take that tone with your mother (Y/N).” Her father reprimanded her, and he met her gaze with a harsh one of his own through the rearview mirror.

"Sorry dad. It’s just that it’s hard enough being a new kid but being an omega at the same time isn’t exactly easy on me, you know?” She looked down at her lap before looking up at the rearview mirror to see her mother’s caring look.

"I know sweetheart, but there are some things about Lawrence that you don’t know about.” (Y/N) could tell that her mother was trying hard to get her to agree with their point of view.

“Like what?” There was a small hopeful part of (Y/N) that hoped that this would all work out and her parents would suddenly say that this move was only going to last a couple of months, and then they could move back home. But if the moving truck and movers following behind them meant anything then that wasn’t really going to happen.

“Like the fact that me and your father grew up in Lawrence and…” Her mother paused and that gave enough time to scoff and open her mouth to speak before her mother spoke up again. “Lawrence is also an all werewolf town, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out that you’re a werewolf. You’re free to be yourself there.” This fact in itself seemed to cheer (Y/N) up if not only a little.

“Seriously?” She sat up a little straighter, and looked at her mother through the rearview mirror again. Her mother was nodding her with a small smile on her face as she watched the happy gleam in her daughter’s eyes.

"Yes, seriously.” Her father answered, and the small excited smile on her face suddenly fell as one very important fact came springing up into her head.

“It doesn’t matter though. I’m still an omega, and people will still know that’s what I am.” She grumbled again before returning to look out her window as her parents sighed in slight frustration.

“Just give it a chance, please (Y/N)?” Her mother pleaded again, but she didn’t look away from her window.

“How much longer until we get there?” She avoided the question, and her parents sighed again.

“About an hour or so.” Her father answered and she nodded her head before she settled back down into her seat and leaned her head against the window. It wasn’t long before the soft vibrations of the car, and the dull static of the car engine lulled her into a light sleep.

(Y/N) was awoken an hour later by her mother tapping her on the shoulder. Prying her eyelids open she looked at her mother who had a small smile on her face.

“We’re here honey. Why don’t you grab your bag and go check out the house. Pick a room? How does that sound?” Her mom asked, and she simply nodded her head. She sat up in her seat and rubbed the sleep away from her eyes before she grabbed her bag from the seat next to her. (Y/N) got out of the car, and looked up at the light blue two story house. She paused for a moment before she closed her door and followed the two movers into the house.

She stooped in the entryway, her (e/c) eyes scanning the large space in front of her. Off to her left was the kitchen that had a lonely island, a bar with large french doors that lead out to a back porch. To her right was the living room that had two windows on the north wall, and simply held the plain grey couch. Stepping into the house she moved out of the way of the movers as they walked by, their noses scenting the air as they passed. (Y/N) scowled at the backs of the movers before she crossed the large empty space, and up the stairs to the second floor.

The second floor was equally as bare as the first floor, but the very first thing at the top of the stairs was a medium sized bathroom (she determined after a quick scan). She walked further down the hallway to find that the second door on the second floor was a hall closet. The third door on the right lead to the guest bedroom had two windows that faced the neighbors house, and there was a short hallway that lead to the master bedroom. The last and final door lead to the room that she had claimed as her own. There was a nice large window seat that looked out across the road, and at the people across the streets house. There were windows that faced the neighbors to the left of their house. Nodding her head she dropped her bag down on the window seat, and then headed back down stairs to help with moving.

(Y/N) got as far as the front door when she froze the scent of an unfamiliar alpha assaulting her senses. Muscles tensing and the hair on the back of her neck rising she looked around her eyes darting from one spot to another searching for where the smell was coming from. Her eyes landed on the family that was crossing the street and froze on the easily oldest son out of the four. The boy couldn’t have been more than a year older than her, and he was glaring directly at her his body just as stiff as hers.

i always feel weird posting selfies, so why am I posting one now? idk but ya know anyways @taylorswift !! hi !! um yeah it’s me, Brooke, your typical self-reblogging tumblr swiftie. just letting you know that I am counting down the days until Reputation, and thanking you in advance for the best birthday present ever (considering my 18th birthday is november 9, aka the day before reputation’s release) and I am honestly so excited like what ?!! but seriously, I’m not sure how much longer I can wait. anyways, just wanted you to know that I love you a lot and I hope to finally meet you this era :))

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Quintis + Cake!!!

“Why are we doing this? It’s not his birthday.” Asks Ralph who’s cheeks and fingers were either covered or smeared with icing.

“Because-” Happy takes out the larger tier of cake out of the oven. “I have a little surprise for him.” Happy grins.

“You mean the cake?” Ralph was confused.

“Nope, and before you ask, you’ll see.”


2 hours later

“HAPPY?” Toby yelled as he enters the garage, half annoyed. “You can’t just finish all my cake at 4 in the morning and leave the house WITHOUT washing the dishes.”

“She’s in the kitchen.” Paige smiles sheepishly.

“What the hell are you up to?” The genius shrink asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Paige says quickly and walks to her station.

“What the hell was that all about?” Toby asks Walter.

“What the hell was what all about?” Walter counters then quickly turns away. Toby raises his eyebrows.

“What are you hiding?” Toby shakes his head and walks towards the kitchen.

“Hi Uncle Toby.” Ralph says trying to avoid eye contact.

“Ralph? What are you hiding?” Toby’s curiosity was growing wilder each passing minute.

“You should know, you are a shrink.” Sylvester says before Ralph could spill the beans. Ralph and Sylvester quickly scurries away.

“I can’t build a house without the bricks, Sly.” Toby says annoyed, how many times does he have to explain that he can’t read minds? Toby rolled his eyes then entered the kitchen.

“Surprise!” Happy half shouts, showing him the two tiered chocolate cake, decorated in icing and whipped cream.

“Is this your way of making up for eating all my cake?” Toby asks. Happy shrugs.

“You could say that.”

“Well then, that was a lame surprise. So much effort just for hiding a secret from me.” Toby raises his voice intentionally for the rest of the cyclone to hear.

“We have an intercom system for a reason!” Paige exclaimed trying to sound annoyed but the genius shrink heard it in her tone of voice that something was amiss.

“She’s still hiding something.” Toby muttered. He looks Happy in her eye. “What are you hiding, Miss Quinn?” Toby cocks his eyebrow.

“Nothing. Go eat your cake.” Happy deadpans. Toby didn’t believe her but he decided to play along.

Happy hands Toby a knife, then he cuts the upper tier of the cake.

“Is this……cardboard covered in icing?” Toby asked in disbelief. Happy shrugs with half a grin. Toby rolled his eyes.

“Geez, Hap.” Toby muttered as he set the knife asked and removes the upper tier cardboard of the cake. Toby stares at a unknown item the hole right smack in the middle of the larger tier of the cake. He looks up at Happy in confusion.

“Go ahead, doc.” Happy nudges him gently.

Toby stares at Happy for a few more seconds before his hand reaches in to the hole of the chocolate flavoured cake, pulling out the unknown item.

“This is a…..pacifier?” Toby stares at the baby blue and white pacifier.

“Didn’t know a man with an IQ of 170 couldn’t figure it out how a pacifier looks like.” Happy teases. “Yes, doc. It’s a pacifier.”

“I’m not really sure I need one of these-”

“I’m seriously doubting that you are a genius right now.” Happy deadpan. Toby’s eyes widen in realisation.

“Oh god. You’re-”


“YOU’RE PREGNANT?” Toby shouts in equal parts of excitement and surprise.

“Yes I am, doc.” Happy grins.

Toby’s eyes were filled with tears of joy as he pulled Happy in for a passionate kiss.


Meanwhile at Paige’s workstation.


“Oh, that’s the surprise aunt Happy was talking about.” Ralph muttered to himself.

“Happy is pregnant?” Paige gasps. “I thought she was just baking a cake for Toby!”

“Hm. That explains why she has been eating all my fermented fish.” Walter says.

A/N- Gosh I hope this is at least a decent story!

(I posted here a couple of years ago, when I was in the depths of my eating disorder and beginning to slowly crawl my way out of that hell, today I am posting as someone who considers themself healed and well. It is wonderful. Never lose faith.)

For years I have spent so much energy and time hating my body. Through therapy, self-compassion and an eating disorder support group I have finally healed.

A few weeks ago I jumped on my turbo trainer (my bicycle hooked up to a stationary trainer). I hit the 30 minute or so mark and looked down at my legs as I stood up. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I literally became overwhelmed with this insane feeling that I couldn’t describe. I just kept looking at them, marvelling them, taking them in. Then it dawned on me. I was looking at my legs with genuine pride and happiness, I was looking at my legs and admiring them. I was looking at my legs and it suddenly hit me, I was looking at them with love. I love my legs. Right there in that moment, looking down at my thighs pumping away on those pedals I realised how much I adore my legs.

They are nowhere near as toned or fit as they were when I was regularly cycling, but that doesn’t matter. They are not as thin as they were two years ago, but that doesn’t matter. Right now. How they are. Right in this moment. I love them. And after taking some sweaty selfies in the mirror I can honestly say, that whilst there might be a bit of extra fluff around my midriff, whilst in these tight shorts I have love handles and perhaps my arms could do with a little toning. Despite all of that, I still love my body. Right now. As it is. No exceptions.

That night I concluded that it was moments like that which make recovery so damn worth it. Not to look down at my legs, see imperfections and want to bully them into a different shape. But to look down at my legs and literally tell them, out loud, that I love them.

Today, a few weeks later I decided to jump on the scales for the first time in about 6 months. Partly because I was feeling out of touch with my body, disconnected. Looking in the mirror it feels like a bit of an illusion at times. Some days I think I am ok, some days I look and feel like I am taking up SO much space. But most days I let those feelings go, tell my body I love it and go about my day because let’s be honest, it really doesn’t matter what it looks like.

I was nervous before stepping on the scales, I can’t believe I used to put myself through that every.damn.single.morning. I was convinced over the winter/Christmas/exam period I had put on a considerable amount of weight.

The last 6 months I have eaten what I want, when I want. I have by no means followed a meal plan or a specific diet. I spent 2-3 months almost completely sedentary because of university work. I’ve done exercise when I wanted to and not forced myself to do it for aesthetic reasons. It’s purely been for mood, energy and general feelings of wellness. Plus a break from uni work. I’ve eaten pizza, takeaways, roast dinners, cakes, salads, wholesome meals and I have gained a whopping ~3lbs.

I’ve noticed by body composition has changed. Yes I used to range between two sizes and now I am always in the top of those two. Yes I am a little bit fluffy, the muscles my body built through cycling have been hidden. But you know what? That is ok! When I look back over the last few months, not caring about my weight, listening to my body and eating and exercising as much or as little as I want has allowed me to pass my degree, develop emotionally and go through a whole lot of stuff in therapy. And ironically, the moment I stopped trying to maintain or control my weight and started living and listening to my body, it started doing it itself. Yes I have gained a couple of lbs but seriously? In my book that is maintaining. I could jump on the scales again tomorrow and it could increase or decrease by 2lbs. That’s fluctuation.

It’s times like these that I am SO glad I trust my body and know that I don’t need to manipulate or control it in order to live a wholesome life and develop in so many ways. I am SO glad that I am not fixated or obsessed on changing my body in huge ways.

I can accept my body as it is, maybe one day I’ll want to change it, and yes I am excited for how my body might feel after lots of cycling but that will be a side effect of doing something I love.

I don’t want to change a single thing about my beautifully imperfect body - you know how big and how awesome that is? To not wake up thinking about how my body is going to look one day? But actually appreciating how it looks today? How it functions today? What it does for me and what it helps me do?

It’s bloody wonderful.

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♥1k Thank You: My Love Letter to You All♥

Yesterday when I woke up I had hit 1k followers, and I literally gasped because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been mulling over how I would celebrate/acknowledge this all day. I finally decided upon a (probably super lame) thank you post (ok so it is actually more of a narrative). So if you will forgive me one long text post (please don’t unfollow me for this dear lord that would just be the saddest irony of my tumblr existence), I just have some feelings about my tumblr journey that I need to express…

(If you actually “keep reading” this, bless your soul and I love you. Warning - It is long but I pretty much never post personal stuff on this site, so I figured it was time to open up to you all in case you care- which you may not. Hopefully some of you will because I mention a lot of you in it! IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE THE READ MORE LINE PROBABLY WON’T SHOW UP AND THIS IS A HELLA LONG PLS DON’T HATE ME OMG)

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alyciadckru  asked:

So, just discovered your art, scrolled through a lot of it last night and this morning, pretty much filling up my queue with it lol. I absolutely love all the Korrasami stuff! So cute. I was showing my daughter the baby Sato ones and she got really excited and said she wants to be best friends with baby Sato. Anyway, keep it up! can't wait to see what you do next :)

OMG you are little Korra’s mum!!! hahaha thank you so much! Seriously I was so impressed with your daughter’s outfit and I’m sure much credit goes to you too. I dunno what to say…other than the fact I am overjoyed she wants to be Baby Sato’s best friend. Please let her know how awesome she was being Korra and I hope we see her in action again soon. 

This Means War. Part Fifteen.

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This Means War

Set the summer after their first year of college is over. 
The gang get into a pranking war.


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This Means War. Part Fifteen.


“You can come live with me” Chop was the first one to speak after I had finally told the other three members of the gang the news.

Finn was being quiet.

Those were the exact same words he had used when I told him an hour ago.

“You’re going to be moving out at some point soon anyway, right?”

“What about college?” Izzy spoke “You have a year left”

“I dunno” I pouted.

That was not something I had actually thought about to be honest, I was more worried about them.

Look at what happened last time we went our separate ways.

It all went to shit.

“There’s still a chance it ain’t happening though, right?” Archie said “She just said it could happen?”

“I dunno, I think its gunna be, they went to the travel agent down the high street to look at flights and stuff after Finn came ‘round mine”


“Tell me about it”

“Come and live with me!”

“And live off of what Chop? I don’t have any money”

“You don’t need it!”

“Jesus Christ!” I threw my arms in the air. He is insane.

“I’m being serious, my parents own the flat I live in and they have been paying for everything since I stopped working, they’re loaded”

“I can’t live off your parents Chop”

“You could look for a weekend job or something” Izzy suggested with a timid smile.

“Well, I’m not letting you leave Raemundo, 'snot happening”

“Me either ” Finn finally said something.

“What are you gunna do?” I looked at the both of them “Kidnap me?”

“If I have to, yeah” Chop and Finn nodded at each other as he spoke. Bloody hell.


The next afternoon, as I finally made it home after spending the night at Finns, I stopped dead in my tracks. What the mother fucking hell?

Where was the table in the hallway? and the rug?

What the fuck? “MUM?”

Have we been robbed?

Why the hell would they want with the tatty stained rug?

There was nothing.

Absolutely nothing in the lounge or kitchen either.

“What the hell”

I heard footsteps on the stairs and braced myself.

What if it is a burglar? Oh god.

Letting about a deep breath I sighed as the door opened and it was my Step-dad.

“Rae” Karim was holding a suitcase in one hand “Linda wants you” he pointed up the stairs.

“I….the…fuc…oh bollocks!” I left him standing there with a cringe on his face.

Even he knows this is not going to go bloody well.

“MUM” I stormed up those faster than I ever had before “What the hell is going on? Where is everything?”

“Rae” she smiled looking up from my sister who was sucking on her fist. Awesome. “Good you’re home, we have to leave soon”

“Leave?” Have I been at Finn’s for a month instead of over night? Jesus.

“For Tunisia”

“WHAT!” No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

“We already talke..”

“No, you said it might happen not that we would be leaving in less then forty eight bloody hours”

“Language Rae” she huffed and continued to strap Jazz into her car seat “We got a good deal and things happened faster than we thought”

“Seriously Mum!” she is moving us to another country this quick because she got a good deal?

What about our friends and family?

This is the stupidest thing she has ever done.


“I have packed you a suitcase to take on the plane, with enough clothes to last a week or so, its in your room”

“Where is everything else?” I looked around and noticed for the first time that there was nothing left here either.

No Beds.

No nick knacks cluttering the place.

No dirty clothes on the floor.


The house was bare.

“Its been shipped and the rest a man from that charity shop in town came and got, the big stuff

“What about the gang and Finn, I haven’t said…”

“Calm down Rae, they can come and visit”

“What about my appointments with Kester and my pills?”

“They have doctors over there Rae”

Not the same.

“This is bullshit”


The two of them were sat in the front of the car and would not stop smiling at each other as Karim drove.

I wanted to be sick.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Finn.

She had already disconnected the phone. Such bullshit.

He is going to hate me for this.

I hate me and it’s not even my fault.

Maybe I could just get lost in the airport when they get on the plane. I could call Finn to come and get me we could go and live in Chops flat.

The fact that I was seriously considering living in a flat with Chop, after every prank, after he broke my nose, said so much about how I felt in this situation.

I wonder how much it would heart if I jumped out of this car on the motorway? Probably would end up with more than a broken nose.

Jazz was screaming her head off.

I know how you feel little one, I would be too If I wasn’t sulking about this all.

Bloody Tunisia.

She is going to have to pull me out of this car. I am not getting on that plane.

“Smile Rae, its exciting”

Oh fuck off.

“Come on” she reached around and patted my knee.

Why is she looking at me like that?

Its almost like Chop was in the bloody car.

“I don’t like this”

“For god sake Rachel”

“Langauge Mum” I snarled “The baby” Two can play at that game.

She rolled her eyes but turned back to face the road. Mother fucker.

I just closed my eyes and dropped my head into my hands.

This is such bloody bullshit.


“Here we are” Mum spoke as we pulled to a stop “Get out the car Rae”

I could hear Karim singing before slamming the driver door shut, which caused Jazz to start screaming again. Brilliant.

I stayed exactly where I was.

How the hell had we gotten to the airport so soon?

Had we been driving that long?


“RAE!” The door next to me flew open and if I hadn’t of been strapped in with the seatbelt I might of fallen out. She was tugging on my arm, trying to get me to move.

“I wanna go home” I stubbornly kept my eyes screwed shut.

If I couldn’t see it, it wasn’t happening. Right?

“We are, get out Rae” she was laughing at me now. This is not bloody funny.

Finally, after she pretty much pinched me to get me to move, I opened my eyes and glared at her. I hate you right now.


This is not the airport. I knew it.

I bloody knew that we had not been driving long enough to get there.

What is going on now?

I looked around and we definitely weren’t anywhere close to the damn airport.

We were parked in a driveway, in front of a house I had never seen before.

It was almost as big as Chloes.

Who the hell lives here?

If she had time to come and see whoever lived here then why the hell couldn’t I see Finn?


“Surprise!” she smiled.

“What?” Surprise?

“This is our new house!” she hugged me as I finally climbed out of the car.

New house?

What the fuck?

I know I hadn’t fallen asleep in that bloody car long enough to drive to another bloody country. Had I?

No, don’t be stupid it is not hot enough.

“Again, what?”

“It was a prank, thought I’d join in on what you kids are doing”

Fuck off.

“Are you serious? You told me we were moving to another bloody Country as a prank?”

Maybe I should make her move into Chop’s flat. Bloody hell.

I don’t care what she says, I’m making her an appointment with Kester. ASAP.

“What is wrong with you?” I shouted “Chop threatened to kidnap me!”