but seriously louis

wait are people seriously doubting bg because louis is smiling in that video? like i get being sad and in pain, bc hello me currently, but hold the phone my buddy, my pal, my guy.

may i remind you of:

  • briana and the case of the disappearing bump,
  • briana wearing skinny jeans/leather pants a few days after she gave birth, 
  • briana saying giving birth felt like “being torn in half” but then later saying she had a c-section
  • “i know he’s not a dog but…”
  • none of the boys acknowledging freddie’s existence except niall (who, i might add, has still never been to see him) 
  • the sydney/skylar URLs that were registered before louis pulled a fast one

like y’all i get it but come on. come on fam

You know what does my head in the most with this song though? It’s that it’s not a song ABOUT his mom, it’s so clearly a song about what his mom must have told HIM during those last months they got to spend together. It makes it even worse, and even better, all at the same time.

today in class my friend and i were having a conversation in song lyrics and at some point i used the infamous “this isn’t the stain of a red wine im bleeding love” line from olivia and this one girl turns around and asks “is this shakespeare” and i will never forget her face when i told her that i was quoting one direction

I’m LOL-ing, I’m a cacophonous sea of EL OH ELs because I  just realized* that all three beardy boys started “dating” their respective beards at pretty much the same time (how natural and  RaYL!):

Cherliam:  December 12

Zigi: Nov. 25

Douis: Dec. 8

*more like was wrapped in a woolen blanket of indifference until i read an article that made me have an ‘Ernie having a book revelation’ moment

I was grounded for a few weeks and when I come back the world is an entire different place

What happened?

Did Phan came out?


That cool Drarry fanfic, the writer uploaded it?

No? What about Misfit? Did Dan and Phil finally kissed?

Jesus returned?

Haters don’t exist?

I have money?

Snow in august?


Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction

Seriously…I just…why?? I love Louis’ face though, he glances at Harry with a tiny frown like “What the fuck are you doing Harold?” and then gives a little tiny smirk like “Oh”

And I’m over here like “Wooahh!”