but seriously look at this cool shit right here

So you can make your own character in Forces.

-insert ‘edgy cringy original the character’ joke here- Cause those jokes are still funny and fresh right? right? Haha look how cool I am using a joke that’s been beaten to death by everyone and their mother, now plz give me lieks.

“Haha, original the cringe recolour is playable in Forces now! Aren’t I hilarious??? Coldsteel and Sonichu hahaa- I’m relevant!”

Can’t wait for people to do this because why bother using jokes that haven’t been beaten to death for the past eight or so years?

Seriously no one really gave a shit when Xenoverse had customizable characters so why should Forces be any different? Oh right, because it’s Sonic and that’s literally the only reason. I’m more than sure if Mario Odyssey announced that it was having character creation no one would even complain and say how amazing it is.

so someone replied to my fae hp post complaining about me shitting on jkr’s world-building cuz actually it’s “something she did really REALLY well”??? the universe is amazing

but now im once again thinking about jkr’s shitty shitty world building &

do you ever just pour one out for all the magic theory we could’ve got

like holy shit joanne, did you never like. take a science class? did you get through your entire academic career without attending a single science class

you don’t learn the practical before you learn the theory!! especially not when that practical is dangerous as shit

harry learns theory once, when he’s taught DADA by umbridge in fifth year, & it’s entirely presented as a terrible no-good very bad teaching method primarily chosen to punish the students & also a sign of umbridge being ~overly protective

which, ok, not entirely unfair, harry is a fifth year & also they’re lowkey At War, but still. the fact that the whole academic curriculum at hogwarts does not at any point delve into the why of magic as well as the how is fucking TRAGIC. we could have had it ALL

why do spells have colours? what’s the history behind the incantations? (why isn’t history of magic about how spells developed over time???) are all spells affected by your emotional state like the patronus is? what the fuck is arthimancy & how in hell does it work where is my book that’s just hermione’s arthimancy textbook ft. all her notes scribbled in the margins why are you writing fantastic beasts when you could write THAT joanne!!!

like, god. how do wards work? how do you paint a moving portrait? who’s the wizarding equivalent of isaac newton? what are the limits of healing spells? would healing spells cure cancer?? why are there very specific spells for some things & then incredibly vague spells for other things? what’s the difference between ‘reparo’ & ‘episkey’? if you place a charm on an object does it last longer depending on the charm or your ability as a wizard? both? does the object affect the charm? is magical energy a finite resource? is it something wizards channel or produce? is there wizard discourse about whether it’s channelled or produced? is wizard/muggle a black & white binary or a messy grey spectrum? why can wizards do such incredible weird things as kids but not as adults? does learning spells ruin a wizard’s ability to do ‘accidental wandless magic’ when stressed/upset/in danger? 

i have!! so many questions!! jkr is never gonna answer!!! cuz she hates me!!! why does she hate me!!! give the textbooks joanne!!!!

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 6

 Back To Where You Belong 

Negan x Addison 

A/N: Some villain-y Negan ψ(*`ー´)ψ  xx let me if you want be tagged.

Chapter 5 || Masterlist

(gif by @heartfulloffandoms


“I only want Negan!” Carl yelled. He was sick of all the bullshit that Negan had done to his group; Killing his friends, hurting Daryl, taking Addison, and after hearing nothing for weeks he decided to take matters into his own hands. 

Negan whistled, catching his attention as he walked behind the truck. “Damn, if it ain’t Rick Jr.” Carl held the aim of his rifle straight at him. “Tell me, did you pick that gun cause it looked fucking cool?”

Carl didn’t respond but stared him down, ready to pull the trigger. “Kid, I ain’t going to fuckin’ lie to you, you scare the shit out of me” 

One of Negan’s men jumped forward to grab the gun. Carl shot him down, then Dwight tackled him from the side, taking the gun from him and pointing it at his face. “Don’t even think about it, kid” He said taking his weapons off him. 

Negan walked over, “It’s alright Dwighty boy, it’s alright.” He looked down at Carl extending his hand out. “There we go” He said pulling him up, and patting him on the back. 

“What are you going to do to me?” Carl asked nervously.  

“Oh hell no! You don’t get to walk in here like Rambo and turn around and start acting like a fucking pussy” He took a few steps closer to Carl, pointing his finger at him. “You’re a badass; you ain’t scared of shit, so don’t be scared of me.” 


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things i’ve actually said while playing assassins creed (alone) pt. I
  • “get off the damn ladder, idiot.” 
  • “get out of the flowers. you’re on a covert mission - there’s no time for this shit.” 
  • “that bastard stole my horse!”
  • “ooooooo, treasure!”
  • “you shot me! i can’t believe you just fucking shot me!”
  • “big ass mother fucker, you’d think you’d be better at fighting.” 
  • “where’d you go, you little rat!”
  • “get back here! give me your money!”
  • “what the hell just happened to my sword?”
  • “take that, bitch.”
  • “UGH, i hate this part.” 
  • “i can’t do this.”
  • “that traitorous rat! please tell me i get to kill him.”
  • “damn..this chick is a ho.”
  • “stupid horse, can you run straight please.”
  • “she’s hot as fuck!” 
  • “my father is kind of a douche…” 
  • “oh, the things we do for love!”
  • “why the hell did you just hit me, you asshole!” 
  • “you make climbing sacred ruins look a bit TOO easy.” 
  • “okay, sure, because THAT’S believable.” 
  • “i hate you. i hate you an unbelievable amount.” 
  • “where did he go! he disappeared into thin air!” 
  • “do do do do do, you can’t see me!” 
  • “okay, sure, i’m only wearing all white and TOTALLY look like an assassin, but walking in the middle of this group of peasants will make all the difference!” 
  • “this is some silent hill shit right here.” 
  • “why does no one seem to care that i’m running around town just casually climbing all these buildings?” 
  • “the intense music just started playing – shit’s about to go down.”  
  • “sorry for stabbing you, but you DID kind of deserve it.” 
  • “i don’t know why that just happened, but i’m oddly okay with it.” 
  • “really? dead guy in the middle of the street and NO ONE is gonna say anything?” 
  • “you better have some medicine, or i’m gonna be pissed.” 
  • “third time this week. you just can’t get enough, can you?” 
  • “why do i have to carry your ass through the whole damn castle? you’re not that injured, you can walk.” 
  • “what do i look like, a taxi service?”
  • “hit me ONE MORE DAMN TIME.”
  • “let’s be real here — a pile of hay isn’t gonna do all that much to break a 20 story fall.” 
  • “you DO know that parachutes are reusable, right?” 
  • “you BETTER run, you coward!” 
  • “this is some gladiator shit right here.” 
  • “i have no idea what the hell i’m doing right now.” 
  • “apple of mass destruction.” 
  • “you know, twenty vs. one seems pretty unfair. i’m cool just waiting here until you can bring some more of your friends.” 
  • “these dudes are blind as fuck? how can they seriously not see me right now?” 

Me: *sees new bad guy in RID*

Alrighty,okay, he’s pretty cool looking. Nice mask thing, and got a nice, sexy deep voice to go with the evilness i Like it…. wait–


sugarplum-secret-blog  asked:

Do you know Korean? If so, how did you learn? Any special websites?

well yes and no. I cant form sentences, but i can usually get the gist of the sentence by hearing or reading it.

oh gosh um tbh I have rosetta stone cuz i torrented it but i dont actually use it much. i should but it annoys the shit out of me but people say it works so i should get back into it but uh i’ll just throw some links in here  cuz i have a bajillion sites bookmarked fuck 

links below :D 

http://www.omniglot.com/writing/korean.htm - this one is nice for getting a gist of the alphabet and its pronunciation and the korean history behind it

http://www.linguanaut.com/english_korean.htm - this is good for beginners. its just some common phrases and stuff and if you were to ever go there these would be very helpful :3

http://hangulforest.com/gram_e.htm - this is really good for learning how to structure sentences and stuff. its very different from english. 

http://sweetandtastytv.com/learnkoreanwithprofessoroh/ - this is super super super cool. a youtuber by the name of sweetandtasty has 5 korean lessons that are really good for beginners. it includes the alphabet, pronunciation, basic things to know, etc,. shes one of my favorite youtubers, too. check her out!

http://www.learnkorean.com/lesson/kclassindex.asp - THIS THIS THIS. YOU MUST LOOK AT THIS. This is really cool and really helps with learning it. its actually structured like a class or book and its free (im pretty sure). its great for getting a gist of everything :D

http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/korean/ - OKAY SO YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS AND USE THIS SERIOUSLY X1000 THIS IS THE BEST SHIT EVER RIGHT HERE. Sogang University in Korea actually made this program to help learn korean. it’s literally a book, in fact you can buy this in book form if youd like but its just as good online. it goes all the way up to intermediate III. It’s really structured nice, and you can take it at your own pace. I used this throughout most of the first couple levels. I have yet to get back into it because ive been busy and im torn between rosetta stone and this tbh.

http://www.learnkoreanlanguage.com/learn-korean-beginners.html - this is another great lesson-structured site. theres 12 lessons and its pretty nice for beginning. dont mind how the site looks (it looks old and wierd ik) but the content is really good and they make it really easy :D they also ask questions and have the answers at the end. (:

http://www.learn-korean.net/ - this is a really simple very very simple site and there isnt a whole ton of content in the lessons but its good information and tips to know. :D

http://www.koreanfluent.com/cross_cultural/korean_numbers/korean_numbers.htm - awesome for learning how to count. if you didnt know, korean actually has two counting systems. They’re very different and used in very different places. this really helped me figure out where and when to use which one. :D

http://www.koreanwikiproject.com/wiki/index.php?title=Insults - and im just gonna throw this in for fun because its hillarious. these are korean insults. i use them from time to time and its kind of funny because no one knows what youre saying ;);)