but seriously look at his gorgeousness


I feel absolutely awful and just can’t sleep so I drew McCree and Hanzo, but mostly McCree.

I love how everyone agreed that he’s a big adorable goof with a pudgy tummy but no one has called him out on his atrocious hat hair yet. Seriously, it’s horrible (read as absolutely adorable).

I don’t understand why everyone makes Hanzo into a tsundere tho, sure he looks frowny but he has a gorgeously expressive face that can do more than just blushing outrage. Also, he’s just as much a caricature of Japanese culture as McCree is of western culture. He keeps sake in a fucking gourd and he’s one headband and a couple of kunai away from being Sasuke fucking Uchiha. Don’t tell me I’m wrong.

Still, they are adorable together, I just head cannon McCree being more a sly dog and Hanzo less of a hissing cat.