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Can we talk about Mike’s face here? Like can we seriously talk about it? I know we’re all freaking out over the almost!kiss but… look at his fucking face! His eyes go wide, his entire body hops back a bit. 

This man is shook. 

You didn’t think he could be any further gone… well guess what folks!? We were all wrong. This Mike was surprised at how good this Ginny looked. He’s seen Ginny in uniform, workout gear, covered in sweat and dirt - Hell he’s even seen her dressed up before. Don’t forget the Nike party but he’s not seen this. 

He’s not seen this Ginny. This is a Ginny who chose her looks, her dress with care. All with the thought in mind that she wanted to look pretty for a guy. There was no input from Amelia. This wasn’t a PR moment. This was all Ginny and that makes a huge difference. It doesn’t matter that this was originally meant for another guy. All Mike had to do was text an address and Ginny bailed on that date. 

I don’t care how good of a friend you are and despite it all these 2 are really good friends. Butch called it. That little scene they slid in there was amazing. Everyone can see the connection between Mike and Ginny. And while yes it can grow to more whats so important is that they have an amazing connection just as friends - that’s the foundation that’s ultimately going to save them. 

But like I said, I don’t care how good of a friend you are - you do NOT bail on a date like that. Not if you’re really into the person you’re on said date with. Ginny got that text and was ready to go. The only reason - ONLY REASON she didn’t just up and run out of there is because our girl has manners and didn’t want to offend Mister-No-Name. Once Ginny got that text, the smile fell off her face. Once she got that text all congenial small talk stopped. Once she got that text, Ginny was ready to go. 

Ginny gets there and she’s just so happy that Mike got in touch, that he’s saying goodbye but Mike… Mike wasn’t ready. When he found out that Ginny was on a date … neither of them had any real remorse that Ginny dipped out on that date. 

These 2 nerds are so in like with each other its disgusting and what’s so great about this moment is that they now both know it. Its why the almost!kiss totally happened. If that phone hadn’t of buzzed there would have been a kiss and maybe more… 

I just hope these 2 fumbling nerds eventually get their ish together lol

✨ Fic Rec List ✨

Well, my friends, I think it’s about time I made one of these. I’m so terrible at reading fics because I’m more into writing them, but I think I’ve read enough to at least start a list of fic recommendations, so–here goes~

(And please be sure to check out all the writers/blogs below, because they’re all amazing and talented, and have many more wonderful stories listed on their own master lists. I seriously respect them all so much 💕)

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(I’ll try and remember to update this list periodically~)

In my opinion, Spring Day is to show fans how much Bangtan really does love each other. While it looks like the members are alone in one shot, they really aren’t because the other boys come into frame. It looks like the boys are just reminiscing about the past and can’t wait to see each other again so they can have more fun together. “You know it all, you’re my best friend, the morning will come again.” 

The message is sort of like, whenever you feel alone, remember that you never are. Your friends, family, Bangtan will always be there waiting for you. You never walk alone.

Source of Elsword’s Powers

Hi guys it’s been a while. Today I’d like to talk about the special relationship that Ain and Elsword has. No this isn’t about their romantic relationship, this isn’t even about their friendship.

We all know by now that Elsword is special to Ain because of the fact that only Elsword can bring Ain back into existence simply by remembering him and calling him - which is an impossible feat given that human beings are supposed to forget Ain when he stops his intervention (more about Ain’s intervention and how it works on this post)

We nodd along, and say, yeah okay, Elsword is special, they’re finally giving him the main character hero buff, we get it.

But let’s connect all the dots:

  • Elsword has strong resolution to restore the El from the beginning of the game without much persuasion from anyone. As if, it’s his fate…?
  • Ain says that Elsword is “of same root as” him:
    • (There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..)
  • When Elsword hears Harnier’s voice in Elysion, Harnier keeps referring Elsword as “Protector of El” and something about “the Goddess”. She says “여신의…” which can be vastly translated to “by the Goddess” or “of the Goddess”, etc. etc. (YouTube link)
    • Harnier is implying that Elsword has the Goddess Ishmael’s influence on him.

This isn’t farfetched seeing how Elsword alone can BRING AIN BACK INTO EXISTENCE. 

Who gave Ain his existence? His form? His life? 

나는 그곳에서 여신의 부름에 의해 창조되었다. 
“There, I was created by the Goddess’s call.”


When Ishmael first sends Ain to Elrios, she tells him:

It is time, my agent. Go restore the energy to the El on my behalf. Ainchase, you mustn’t be involved to deeply with them. Fulfill your mission by taking a natural form among them.”

But when he arrives to Elrios, this happens:

and then this happens

He’s stuck in there until he feels a faint energy of the El which he uses as a guide to get out of Henir’s Time and Space.  

Ain confirms that it was Elsword’s energy that guided him out of Henir:

(The energy I felt just now from Elsword… It’s from that time…!)

Who knows how long Ain spent in Henir? Was it 500 years? Or 1 hour and when he jumped out it was 500 years after? Or eternity? How long did he spend in there, alone and being mutilated by other wordly auras that is described as nothing but “chaos one should never feel”

Ishmael probably knows what happened to Ain right after he arrived at Elrios and what is happening to his body… So she either sends Elsword or endows Elsword with her own power to not only help Ain restore his strength that has surely been deteriorated within the Henir by staying near Elsword

but also bring him back just by calling him, just like how she created him when she called for him.

To Ainchase, there’s nothing more dear than the Goddess herself (you know, more or less…). Perhaps the reason he clings on to Elsword like a lifeline is because Elsword has traces of her own power in him.

Perhaps the reason she had to wait 500 whole freaking years to send Elsword to help Ain out of Henir is because Henir’s Time Space is outside of HER domain, and she could not tell when he’ll have the chance to get out of that realm of primordial chaos. 

Elsword has a stronger connection to the Goddess Ishmael than one would think… 

TᕼE IᗰᑭOᖇTᗩᑎᑕE Oᖴ ᔕEᗯIᑎG Iᑎ ᗯITᑕᕼᖇᗩᖴT

So this is obviously debatable, and this is just my opinion. (Respect my opinion, and I’ll respect yours.) But I truly believe that sewing is very important in witchcraft. I sew a lot of pouches for herbs, and poppets, so this is especially true for me. I’ve been sewing at least 1 herb pouch a day for a few days (but now I’m running out of fabric so idk what I’m going to do. I have no extra money until friday😬). But seriously, when going to make herb pouches, think about sewing a pouch instead of buying them. Yes its a lot of easier to buy, but when sewing you can put your intent into the thread and fabric, and give it a little extra magick kick.

Now I’m not saying that you *have* to sew all your things in witchcraft, since some people don’t even find sewing fun. I, on the other hand, find it relaxing. You can use different fabric patterns (or textures) for different things. Example: protective pouch-use black/red/white.
Love pouch- red/pink

So that’s about it. Sorry about the random post, just wanted to get this idea out there ☆彡

the collective tension in the black sails fandom feels like we’re all waiting for a massive bomb to go off. its just this acute restlessness constantly simmering under the surface. the premiere is going to kill us only if the suspense doesn’t first.



tbh I’m v mad about this update. just ughh my phone and lighting wasn’t working with me so all the photos are faded and blurry. and overall it seems so messy ugh i’m seriously thinking of replacing the pictures if i can get better shots later i’m lazy af so that change is 0.5% lmao. ugh… i just.. wish i could get a proper scanner or smth

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1/2 One thing keeps bugging me though and I would really like to hear what people think. I've loved Sherlock's and Molly's dynamic since TRF and I think that for some time she's had a deep appeal for him although he didn't really understand it. Although it was being further explored since TEH I never expected them to become a couple because it's not that kind of show. That is why I was a bit taken aback by the inclusion of the ILY scene and the way it was played. Anyway, the sheer intensity of

Hello anon!  Thanks for your ask - can I just say that I love my anons??? Seriously.  Y’all send me the best thoughts and questions and really get me thinking about the show which I am absolutely here for.

OK tl;dr

1. ILY is almost entirely about Sherlock; its purpose & reason in the story is Sherlock’s progression and growth, and any romance really is secondary.  

2. Even though ILY is really Sherlock’s Big Moment, people want to know all about Molly because she’s a great character and we just didn’t get enough of her.

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How do you have so many ships and yet stay so positive about every one of them despite people fighting each other about these ships? (Ps your an inspiration!)

okay this ask made my morning, seriously its so cute thank u!! im glad my optimism affects others!

i stay positive because it’s really what i love to do with the characters!! especially with the cap2 squad, i see all the fun and positive aspects in their friendships and find it really natural to imagine a samsteve or stevenat romance, for example. if i only shipped one thing, i’d run out of steam and art ideas super fast! just like i enjoy steve’s star-crossed lovers angst with peggy and bucky, i adore his bond and trust with sam and nat ;o; and branching out of steve ships, i’m in a huge sambucky kick right now *o*

i know it’s hard to stay positive with the amount of ship wars, but what i do is surround myself with friends who don’t take part in them :p i also don’t go into the tags like, ever, and just stay in my own comfort bubble where i can create content that /i/ want to see. being mature about it is important, like for example i have so many friends that never see stevenat as romantic, and that’s totally cool with me! point is, don’t let people think you can’t multiship, the more the merrier i think!

seriously, as long as you love the characters and use the unfollow button generously YOURE GOOD <33


Okay- can we just have a moment of HOLY SHIT because why is Kylie perfect. I swear i can stare at pictures like this and just, GOALS.










okay. I think its safe to say. Kylie is bae. Kylie is life. Kylie is a PERFECT NAME AND OMFG HOW DID THEY THINK OF A NAME LIKE THAT.


Kylie Jenner is Kylie Jenner. 

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Ymir glancing over at Krista in class and it’s so hot outside and the cieling fan is doing basically nothing and Krista’s sitting there with the skirt of her uniform hiked up as high as it’ll go on her legs, reaching up to hold all of her hair on top of her head, lips parted and breathing heavier, a bead of sweat rolls down her neck and dips into the little bit of cleavage showing because she’s finally given in and unbuttoned another button on her top. She’s leaning against her desk, desperately trying to pay attention to their teacher and Ymir’s just like fuck.

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I’ve just finished “Nanatsu no Taizai” (”The Seven Deadly Sins”) and I think that I’m ready for fandom (yay! ^^). So, if you post stuff about:

  • Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) or its characters.
  • King
  • Ban
  • King x Diane (Kiane)
  • Ban x Elaine
  • Melizabeth
  • Seriously anyone from this anime… They are such big dorks jfc.

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Love is an illusion. I mean how can you love someone who treats u like shit or how do people break up after being in love for decades. I think people shouldn't take love so seriously. There're more important things than that. I mean it's just a feeling like any other.

homie youre just ignoring all the good things about romantic love like so what if you break up at least ya learned something

also please dont dismiss platonic love omg its the purest force on the planet

why do i like shipping ruby with blonde guys???

like lancaster is cute and all but consider STRAWBANA. sun and ruby have never had a single interaction in canon but just seriously think of how dorky they’d be together.

what’s even nicer about it is that lindsay and michael (the VAs for ruby and sun, if you didn’t know) are together and married irl. and have a baby on the way. which makes it even cuter. ^u^

so…does anyone have a ship name for jaune/ruby/sun?

ot3s are my weaknesses okay. I have wayyyy too many polyships.

Observations of FJs and TPs

I think something that has always interested me but has caught my attention more as of late is the difference between action and inward thought, especially with Fe-Ti users. In action, these people are moral, but in regards inward thought, they are most certainly amoral. Now keep into account I said amoral, not immoral. FJs and TPs completely lack an internal value system. Of course, this follows MBTI perfectly as that Fe is a value system that’s outwardly focused and Ti is a logic system that’s inwardly focused. But seeing this in action is really cool.

Catch an ExFJ in the right setting, one that they feel the most comfortable letting down their Fe guard and the things that come out of their mouths can be taken extremely offensively. But the interesting thing is that they don’t seem to be aware of it. And if they are, when they detach themselves from the Fe “other people can find this offensive :(” mentality, they personally don’t see why it’s a huge deal. Oftentimes, ExTPs will come off as Fi-users due to their tendency to speak up when they see things they don’t agree with, but their motivation typically stems from logical inconsistencies. You will rarely find an FJ or TP speaking up against something they don’t agree with because they themselves are offended. Every time they speak up, they speak up because it goes against group values or inner logic.

If I had to examine myself personally, because Ti cannot be controlled by an internal value system, it becomes imperative that I abide by the values a group values. There’s that concept of “crossing the line.” Mentally, I don’t have that “line.” Put me with someone that encourages me to let out my Ti and things get mutually offensive pretty easily and it’s actually rather fun ngl. I have a disgustingly fun time talking shit with IxTPs whether I’d like to admit it or not. Honestly talking to them really makes it evident how much I need Fe. Fe gives me a gauge telling me how much Ti amoralness I’m allowed to show. It keeps me in line.

Perhaps one of the funniest things about this all is the difference between IxTPs and ExFJs. Perhaps growing up, ExFJs are the ones that naturally keep from offending others. IxTPs, due to inferior Fe from what I hear, tended to offend people accidentally on many occasions. However the older each type gets, the more the roles begin to switch. ExFJs end up offending and irritating people without realizing it while IxTPs become too aware of their lack of Fe and end up offending people less.

This specific observation post is rather lacking in structure or a set point bc it’s late, but Fe-Ti’s effect on observable and unobservable behavior is extremely fascinating. Maybe I’ll add more to this later on and fix up on the wording of this post too so that it makes more sense.

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Sorry for all the asks 😅, but i've been wondering why I haven't seen any discussion about the education system in terms of ageism. I think its easily compared to prison, in all seriousness and I'm not sure if this is a stretch or not, but it reminds me of slavery. It's incredibly unjust that any teacher a child is subjected to can force the child to do any amount of work they wish, for which the child will realistically get nothing in return

labor is defined as “work that contributes to the economic system”, and children’s school labor definitely counts, not only because education increases future productivity but because the education industry itself is a trillion-dollar sector of the economy and would not exist without kids doing schoolwork every day.

I don’t think slavery is the right word however. serfdom or indenture is probably more appropriate, since while children’s school labor is essentially forced and unpaid, it is done not under the condition of permanent legal ownership of the laborer by another, but rather under the condition of a specified end date after which there is an assumed financial payoff for the laborer. it also has some similarity to housework, which is unpaid and often invisible but necessary for the market economy to continue; feminist economists wrote a lot about this back in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

I would honestly love to see kids get some kind of formal compensation for their school labor, but I think within the economic system we currently have - which takes as a fundamental precept that adults will be responsible for children’s financial needs - the more realistic goals are educational choice (including revolutionary alternatives like democratic learning collectives and unschooling) and the educational equivalent of labor laws, setting out rules on things like homework (which is basically ”overtime”), working conditions, etc. hell, I still don’t understand why student unions exist at colleges/universities but not in K-12 schools.