but seriously it spoils a lot

Bullshit on bullshit. I knew something would happen, it was Oscar’s night after all.

It’s very sad and pathetic how predictable they are. Or that they was confined to the table as far away and completely alone just to sell this bullshit.

I don’t even wanna start with her, because I’d be just repetitive. She’s just a spoiled brat, disperate of spotlights and she’d sell her own mother and all her family just to keep living like this. I continue to say that her obsession with him should be treated seriously. She beg for this kind of shit, like children beg their mother for cookies. Very sad.

Plus he constantly on the phone tell me a lot about how much fun and how much he wanted to be there and with that company.

I wasn’t expecting nothing different, same old bullshit.

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I just want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate this woman and everyone working around her on this wonderful manhua that is 19 days. Honestly, if I ever get the chance to meet Old Xian in person, I would tell her how freaking thankful I am for giving me so much laughter, tears and bunch of other feelings reading this great piece of art from day one. I mean, doesn’t she work super hard spoiling us with new chapters (IN COLOUR) one after the other ? And don’t get me started on the art she throws at us of our favourite OTP’s, our boys who are so hysterical and sweet,  adorable and clueless. Seriously, she’s amazing in everything she does and I admire her a lot. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way :)

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TTD just said that Tamiel was Boots :(((( I still feel like there's hope but that was disappointing!

To quote my friend @allatariel:

“According to the quiz, “The script for this episode names Tamiel as the mysteries boots wearer who spied on Rick and Aaron in episode 708.” But why point out that the script names her just minutes after the actress who plays Jadis talked about the scripts using alternate names and involving a lot of subterfuge.”

The show would do whatever it takes to prevent Beth’s return from being spoiled. Scripts have leaked before. Having Beth’s character listed under a different name is just another precaution. Isn’t it also a little convenient that TPTB announce who the person in the car is, after joking that it was Beth on Twitter? 

Seriously, Tamiel cannot be Boots by the mere fact that she doesn’t have a scar on her face. And if she were the person that took him, wouldn’t Gabriel mention it? Instead he just referenced an unknown woman. allatariel also saw Tamiel’s boots, and they were mismatched but didn’t look like Boots’s. (She’s going to get me a screenshot which I will post for references.)

Seriously people, chill. 

Edited to add: 

Boots picture credit to @vampireselene89 

Project Fairytales | Pygmalion and Galatea

Based on Opus No. 4 by @hyperscanvindicator​     

My artwork for hyperscan’s fic! The tone and feel of this has changed quite a lot over time, and it’s been very rewarding working with her to shape this.

I’ve written my general aim for this piece and how it ties into the fic below, but I really wouldn’t recommend reading further unless you’ve read the entire fic, as it basically spoils the general overarching plot.  

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dating jaehwan

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  • first of all you’d be the cutest couple out there: jaehwan would make sure of that
  • jaehwan would be the most loving and loyal boyfriend ever, i can see him being a bit clingy and you might find him annoying every once in a while but hey that’s love
  • ok so lets start with some cute concepts of jaehwan being a cute bf
  • jaehwan giving you forehead kisses!!
  • just general kisses with jaehwan (don’t think about him gazing at you so lovingly that your heart bursts)
  • jaehwan spoiling romantic/serious moments by suddenly poking/squishing your cheeks and you’re just
  • “seriously”
  • jaehwan snuggling his cute little nose into his neck whenever he hugs you and you get ticklish because of his warm breath on your neck
  • jaehwan giving you lots of small plush toys etc just because they remind him of you and vice versa and you keeping them and hugging them lots
  • you and him being the pioneers of cute couple pictures
  • him never letting hold of your hand and wanting to keep you close
  • binge watching tv shows together (but you’d have to bribe jaehwan with kisses to get him to pay attention)
  • dates that vary from being fun, sweet and spontaneous to very romantic and serious
  • speaking of dates let’s go into detail on the kinds of ones jaehwan would take you on
  • jaehwan would be the type to suggest going to a restaurant but sitting away from eachother on different tables and trying to make eye contact from where you both are and getting eachother to laugh (this sounds a bit strange but. just imagine it)
  • karaoke together but where neither of you would take it that seriously and you’d both end up as giggling messes as you watch jaehwan trying to sing cheer up in the most serious voice ever)
  • disneyland dates!! where at first you’re a bit ?? but after seeing how cute and in love jaehwan is with the place you fall in love with it just as much as him
  • jaehwan buying you matching mouse ears (or whatever your favourite character is) and not letting you take them off for the entire time you’re there (and also constantly insisting on taking pictures with them on)
  • jaehwan wanting to be with you a lot of time because he loves being around you and because when he’s feeling even a tiny bit low you always manage to brighten up his world
  • jaehwan letting you know 25/8 how much you mean to him

  • jaehwan loving you unconditionally because you’re perfect to him

so, this is my first post on this new account!! i could have written so much more for our ken but i refrained myself a bit ~ i hope you all like it a lot ♡ p.s feel free to request something over on my blog!

Headcanons for Unknown Route

I refuse to do my homework.  I am a grown-ass adult, and I am procrastinating.

SPOILER ALERT because seriously.  If you haven’t finished Seven’s Route, just scroll on by.  Or Jumin’s Route.  Or Zen- Y’know what, just scroll on by if you haven’t cleared the game and don’t wanna be spoiled.

I like to think that there would be two possible routes:  The Good Ending and the Bad Ending

Maybe a new thing called “Secret Route” appears after you get the Good Endings for the original five.

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Can you think of any other shows that have a couple like hyde and Jackie?

Sure I do, man xD.

  • Gossip Girl: Dan and Blair, lots of people consider them modern time Hyde and Jackie, and they aren’t wrong. Seriously the paralles between both couples are? incredible? And once again, like zenmasters and swarkles, dlair ended up bad with her staying with an asshole that is also an abuser /:

    Blair is a lot like Jackie, both are rich, spoiled and materialistic princess with a heart of gold. Maybe in Blair’s case a little bit more deep down than Jackie. GG is not a sitcom, so charaterization is more consistent and Blair’s character has her ups and downs.

    While Dan, he is our cold hearted character who does’t do relationships and kinda hated Blair at the begining. They become friends, and then start a relationship we all thought was going to be endgame. We all hoped and prayed was gonna be endgame.

    … But you know. It seems like my kind of ship is “dead by bad writing”.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Robin, with her being kinda like Hyde and him being kinda like Jackie. In this case, they both have comintment issues, but also resolve them better than in t70s (mostly because these characters are grown ass adults). But like in t70s, they have a gross ending in which they don’t end up together.

    Robin reminds me a lot of a female version of Hyde, all rude and strong, doesn’t do relationships for long, can’t comit for shit, doesn’t even want to get married (at first). While Barney is spoiled, rich guy who ends up being such a sap romantic little shit. But Barney’s past is more similar to Hyde’s (dude, his family life was awful– except that he had a great mother. This is like, Edna gone good, to be honest) and all his money he got it from his own hard work.

    Like Jackie, his heart was broken when he was young by a girlfriend he thought was the one, who cheated on him horribly. Different from Jackie, he changes for bad. While Robin dates Ted first, Barney’s best friend, like Jackie dates Kelso, one of Hyde’s best friends. And at first, Barney is jelous of that, but eventually comes to terms with it and befriends Robin quickly.

    They have a lot of incredible chemistry, as both friends and lovers. Not to mention their relationship turns out to be the most healthy and natural one from the damn show. But, once more, writers ruined it.
  • Modern Family: Haley and Andy, in which Haley is basically what we all think the daughter of Hyde and Jackie would be like. Not only does the actress looks like Mila Kunis, but her personality is a lot like Jackie’s but her core characterization, what makes her a good girl and what gives her conflict, are very similar to Hyde’s. She’s compassionate and agressivily protective of her brothers and family, and is expected to be the burden, the kid that does nothing with her life even when she’s brilliant but lazy.

    She has also comintment problems, and is scared of marriage. But she falls in love with Andy, who has like– all the good things Jackie have. He is sweet and father-like, loyal, romantic and so freaking ready for comintment and family life like Jackie. Like Jackie, he also has a big ego and sees himself as a great catch, he sees his life being great and sees himself having a great family. So, you can say the characters are inverted here.

    They also have three arcs similar to Hyde and Jackie. The first one being them becoming friends. They can’t stand the other at the begining, he considers her a spoiled brat like Hyde thought of Jackie, and she tried to manipulate him with her looks and pouts like Jackie often does. Slowly, they become friends and she starts feeling attracted to him before he ever has feelings for her.

    The second one is that when they are finally together and are getting into the best part of their relationship, he believes she would leave him at any given time once she becomes bored with him, so he decides to go all wild and be more like her to prove her he is worthy of her. Kinda like Jackie did, two times, in t70s.

    The last one, the more obvious one: he gets a big job offer out of town, in another state and they must decide what will happen with their relationship. The difference is that the writers weren’t such pricks to the characters, and Andy and Haley got to talk about the issue and decide together what to do.

    Ultimately he leaves and they start a long distance relationship, that later in season 8 (seems like season 8 is the destroyer of dreams) ends abruptly when she has a regretion to her old abits of being a burnout. The diference is that everyone around the show is interested in saving the relationship and end Haley’s arc on a better note.

    They had to let go of the actor that interpretates Andy for schelude reasons, but they wanted him as a regular for season 8. Now that the acotr has a more clear schelude, we are all waiting to maybe have some good news soon. And honestly? If all actors shipped their characters the way Sarah Hyland (Haley) ships Andy/Haley, we all would be happy in our fandoms lol.

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  • Screaming
  • sunshine
  • lots of laughs
  • “Hey Y/N,”
  • “I found them on my way here and I thought they needed a home”
  • Totally not jealous at all
  • “BE MORE CAREFUL!! You could seriously get hurt!!”
  • “omg its literally a high five tae omg”
  • Spoils you with gifts
  • weird surprises at the weirdest of times
  • *showering*
  • “When you get out, lets go fish hunting with spears,”
  • Lots of snuggles
  • Pillow forts
  • Long car rides with no destination
  • Random childeren
  • “Tae… where did you get that five year old?”
  • “Cute isnt he?! I want a kid this cute”
  • “Tae..”
  • “Fine… I’ll give him back…”
  • Blasting Korean Trot music everywhere
  • Blasting trot music in the car
  • Blasting Trot music at home
  • Weird noises
  • Random thoughts being said aloud
  • talking to each other in your underwear
  • lots of warm snuggle time.
  • LOVES to give you gifts like crazy
  • “Tae, I have five boxes of chocolates I will probably never eat. Stop getting them for me,”
  • Mischief with the 95 line
  • Adventuring
  • dares and silly party games
  • punishment games
  • random singing


iKon as Dads

Hanbin: pretends to be a tough, super strict dad but never taken seriously because he trips over his own feet

Bobby: the playful, teasing dad who acts himself like a kid so his children will always be super excited to do something with him

Jinhwan: the perfect mom dad who teaches his kids basic manners etc. but at the same time spoils them at times

Junhoe: whenever he’s having an argument with them, he will always remind them where they have their good looks from and that they should be thankful for having his genes which is why he always wins the arguments

Yunhyeong: literally husband/dad material because he’ll treat them so well and cook a lot at home for his beautiful babies also teaches them about the importance of lipbalm

Donghyuk: his children will be the sweetest angels because Donghyuk is gonna treat them in such a way that they take after him, also nerds smart af

Chanwoo: that dad who will secretly eat the unhealthy food with them while playing video games 24/7 aka cool dad 

Taehyung’s ideal type

This one is going to kill me. Goodbye everyone. Reminder that this is just my own opinion! xx

  • Cuddle monster. Especially at night.
  • So damn patient. Seriously.
  • Someone who can stop him from buying unnecessary stuff on impulse.
  • Younger than him. Not too much younger, but a few years at least.
  • Can cook for him. He’s apparently the worst cook in the group so…
  • Will let him spoil them rotten.
  • Very, very, very sweet
  • And also incredibly caring. 
  • Childish, but still able to make a lot of the serious decisions in this relationship.
  • Loves animals. Especially dogs.
  • Energetic and optimistic.
  • Will love all of him. His bright, optimistic side as well as his serious and moody side.
  • Thoughtful.  
  • Gets along very well with the other members. Especially the maknae line. 
  • Won’t mind anime marathons in the middle of the night.
  • Not jealous at all. Like, at all.
  • Dependent on him in some situations.
  • Able to take care of him when it’s needed. And when it’s not needed.
  • Always wants to have a good time.
  • A cheerful aura that helps making others happy as well.
  • Warm hugs.
  • Doesn’t mind PDA. 
  • Loves to steal his clothes.

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WTF was this episode.? I feel robbed and disappointed. Not only did they spoil most of the malec scenes before (again) but they also cut some - like your icon. And to think I had to suffer through a whole scene with jace and a random chick instead of malec? I'm just sitting here not knowing what to think? :((

This is seriously the first time that I am really pissed at “Shadowhunters”. I mean there were scenes before that I thought were unnecessary or that bored me. But I still enjoyed the show a lot. Right now I am just fed up. With everything.

I mean I haven’t really noticed this before you said it but true, they even robbed us of that scene. I mean….it was a still shot on set, so it is not that surprising that we didn’t see it that way (same with Malec holding hands in 2x01). But the scene on the balcony was so short…. like, you blinked once and it was already over. But then we had to suffer through Jace having sexy times? WHY? It was ridiculous and unnecessary (my new face word when it comes to this episode).

I think today is the first day where I am just sitting here, pissed af, and not caring to gif and am looking forward to the next ep.

Malec Mania.


… wait

??? ;A;

?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;AAAAAAAA;






















AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH *covers your face with kisses and snuggles*

oh my god-

I need time to recover from this tbh

jesus freaking christ froz

thank you so much
you’re a sweetheart
ily so much
imma go cry again now

Sing Merch

Ok fandom serious question here. Where is all of the Sing merch? Like literally, there’s almost nothing for the movie. I’ve seen a Johnny doll and Meena doll at the store like ONCE and any other dolls I see on tumblr. Seriously. Where are the t shirts? Where are the posters? I know it’s not as big as Minions but this is Illumination we’re talking about, who advertise like crazy and will put up a crazy amount of trailers not believing spoiling a bunch of stuff for the movie doesn’t ruin it (it didn’t for me but still that’s a lot of advertising). If anybody knows where to get some please let me know I’d love to buy some. Heck I’m tempted to make my own stickers and maybe even sell some but I don’t know how Illumination would feel about that so eck. In other words, WHERE IS THE LOVE ILLUMINATION WHY CANT I HAVE A JOHNNY OR BUSTER SHIRT COME ON MAN

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Dating Silver headcanons

• Silver will try to avoid you if he likes you. However, this plan completely backfires and what he winds up doing is being around you as much as possible
• I’m the beginning of a relationship, Silver can be quiet and seem uninterested but that’s not truly how he feels. He’s actually just very nervous to be in a relationship with someone like you
• As the relationship progresses, Silver becomes more and more open. This is what makes dating Silver a calming and gentle yet very passionate experience
• Spoils his s/o a lot. He seriously doesn’t even mean to buy so much stuff for his s/o, it just happens. You like that sweater? It’s sitting on your bed when you get home. You can’t afford some fancy dessert at a bakery? Open your fridge, it’s there in a pretty little container with your name written on it
• You will definitely catch Silver staring at you quite often
• Silver secretly loves slow dancing with you. The whole experience of gracefully moving together as one is precious to him. It’s undeniable though that his favorite part is when you laugh while he spins you around
• Gently play with Silver’s hair and he’ll be putty in your hands

[[im seriously so confused why I have tears in my eyes??? I was just so happy to make family headcanons omg save my poor soul please]]


- best father of the year award; almost won. He would be the best dad ever, if he stayed home enough. He likes to travel a lot, and a kid in tow limits him so there will be times he goes off for a week or two alone.

- that doesn’t mean he doesn’t LOVE to take his kid and you on trips as well.

- Money is never a problem (heuheu) so they will be spoiled rotten. It’s up to you to make them not a bratty spoiled.

- though he’s lenient on some things, he’s also strict on other things.

- he could never bring himself to hit his child, but if he’s serious enough he will yell at them.

- Chrollo also will teach his child how to steal things effectively, if they ask him to.


- is the father to give his children a full tub of ice cream before dinner and tell them to run to the treehouse when you finD OUT HAHHAHAA.

- but seriously now. Hisoka doesn’t like kids; and kids don’t like Hisoka. Sure he finds them cute, but having one of his own isn’t his cut of tea.

- but if he loves you enough, he will stay and deal with having a child. If not.. Well he’s not above being a run away day(sorry to say)

- though he’ll love the child, he will haaaaaate them until their like three and potty trained. Then he’ll absolutely ADORE them.

- he will dress them in cute clothes and do cute things with him like make pancakes and catch fire flys together. He’d be a not so bad dad to be honest from that point.

- will train his child to be strong when they grow up, teaching them nen and stuff from a very young age. This child will defiantly be hella strong and sassy uuuhg.


- oh god before the baby is even born, you’re going to have to give him major Parenting 101 lessons. No torturing. No injecting him with poison, no matter how tiny it is. No training them the second they can walk. Etc.

- he really will care about his child, though. He’ll spoil them and all, and though he’ll be hella awkward if they come to him for comfort, he’ll do his best to help them feel better.

- if he has a daughter, he’ll be even more clueless as to how to raise them. All he’s had were brothers(at least in his eyes, seeing Alluka as a male uhgg), so he’s had no experience with raising girls. He would be relying on you a lot.

- okay, I might have been a bit harsh on Illumi. When he says he wants to inject poison in the child, or train them, he does it for two reasons; one, that’s how he and all his siblings were raised,- nod thinks thats what’s right. And two; because he wants them to be strong, since he knows the world is a cruel place, and he won’t always be there to protect them. So if you’re accepting enough, he may just be able to convince you to have a few of his costumes in raising the child. (But still no torture)

- surprisingly, Illumi would be very interested in his children’s interests. “what’s that? …. What does it do? …. Why would you want to do that?…. Because it’s fun? ….. Let me try.” Kinda like that.

- soooooo protective. This child may just have to be home schooled, until he thinks they’ll be okay on their own in terms of defense. And of course when they do go to school they will have nothing but the trendiest and best of cloths (not really that’s a lie they will wear fucking doorknobs on their nips and shoulder pads the side of melons don’t ever let him dress you children).



- loves to do anything and everything with his child. What you doing, drawing? I bet I can draw a better lion you bastard. What’s that, you’re singing? Let’s see who can sing the loudest and annoy your mom/other dad first. Building a house out of Popsicle sticks? Fuck you I’ll build you an actual house fIGHT ME.

- they don’t even NEED a jungle gym; Uvigin himself is one. His children and his friends will climb on top of him and Uvo will love the attention so much he’ll throw them in the air(like 20 fucking feet) and do extreme shit.

- Uvo really doesn’t like kids honestly, finds them annoying and loud and snotty and disgusting. But if it’s his own kid he looks past all of that and can only see the good qualities in them.


- having a kid of his own will make him want to have even MORE kids, and even more after that. Needless to say, he’ll want a big big family after having only one kid.

~ Admin cookie

Well I did it.

Even with my kinda crap team the league wasn’t that difficult. But I did use Lunala to make up for my kinda crap team.

Like I mentioned way back, a lot of this game was spoiled for me very early on by Tumblr (Nebby, Lillie’s family…), but I am glad at least nobody spoiled the last trainer you have to fight before becoming the champion. I actually didn’t see that coming!

But in the end, I still have mixed feelings about this game. Is it a bad game? Oh no it is excellent. All the research they must have done and all the lengths they went to in order to reinvent a Pokemon region with a totally new flavor. It’s amazing.

I liked the old thing just fine.

Ahaha yeah I appreciate it but at the same time I think I only ever bothered to use Z moves like three times or something. I only used ride Pokemon when I really needed to and kept heading to my Pokemon menu to try and use Fly instead. I had such a hard time remembering what was on what island and I just didn’t know what to make of the whole trial thing at all. It was also just SO HEAVY with dialogue.

Like after the final battle it just would not end. It kept going and going and then suddenly legendary Pokemon battle and then STILL GOING and I am just like it’s dinner time JUST LEMME SAVE MY GAME AHHH!!!

And yet. The end of Lillie’s story was very satisfying.

That was another weird thing it was difficult to get used to in a Pokemon game. Lillie was the real main character, not you. The main character of the story is the character who grows and changes the most. You were very strong and an awesome trainer from the start and everyone always keeps saying this. Lillie was the one with actual obstacles to overcome and she did. Yeah. (Spoiler in the tags?)

Anyway it’s over.