but seriously i'm kind of ok with it


Art of May!!! (ok I couldn’t put them all on one post because it was starting to be really too much ^^’)

Painted on PS [2017.05]

It was a really good month, I experimented a lot and had so much fun. Also I want to particularly thank all of you for your supports, your likes, reblogs, comments, tags and messages. I am sooo overwhelmed and I feel so blessed by all of you and yup Thank you guys, you are amazing and I am so lucky!!  Have a really really beautiful day <3 <3

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Week 4: pipeyna (congratulations, your badassness level just doubled)

I mean seriously they are so cool! I could have done something a bit more serious but I like the idea of Piper trying to put Reyna at ease by doing stupid things and pranks like throwing herself in Reyna’s arms and yelling “CATCH!”

 One thing I hate about being chronically ill is that I have problems judging whether other illnesses are the Right Kind™ of sick to go to the hospital or if I’m just being over-dramatic.

Imagine a Mom discussion between Jinyoung and Jin though like
  • Jin : Yah, look at how they treat us now.
  • Jinyoung : We don't matter anymore, they're all grown up, they forget us.
  • Jin : Do you see how Kookie acts with me now? I raised him and this is how he thanks me?
  • Jinyoung : Bambam doesn't even peck me on the cheek anymore! I took care of him during all these years but now he's ashamed of me...
  • Jin : And it's not like we could count on our husbands' support, I mean look at them.
  • Jinyoung : It is hard to be a mom of 5 kids huh? Jaebum doesn't understand. He's just their dad ya know, what does he know about my struggle seriously
  • Jin : I feel you, Namjoon's my husband remember?
  • Jinyoung : Bro that must be hard.
  • Jin : *sigh* yep.
  • Jinyoung : ...
  • Jin : ...
  • Jinyoung : ...
  • Jinyoung : wanna get wasted?
  • Jin : Hell yes.

OK I’m calling bullshit on this. While it can get extremely hot in a parked car I don’t think it would get hot enough to burn the pizza this badly. Much less than 30 minutes. But of course being the kind of person I am I now have to get a frozen pizza and test this myself.

Regardless, don’t leave your dang kids or pets in the car. Seriously.

so I drew this a while ago and never finished because partway through they revealed straight Jaal and I lost all spirit. now they’re in gay limbo

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young ino with kakashi (in his generation)? if not, madara and ino would be cool. either or both would work. or neither. I mean, it's your choice. ok I'm ranting. but seriously I luv your art, especially the pixal-ish kind! and you have so many styles! thnx for drawing at all.

you’re not ranting at all! thank you so much! you don’t know how encouraging it is to hear that!

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So I was reading your posts about Ethan/J*than and an EW article about it came up on my twitter tl at the same time and Charlie actually had the damn nerve to say this: “All I will say is: Why would you give up Jackson for Danny at this point,” he says. “Danny kept a secret. The foundation of a relationship is truth, and Danny didn’t tell the truth.” What sort of revisionist history bs? Like Ethan didn't lie about who/what he was, why he was there, why he went after Danny, etc. I'm so tired :(

What the actual fuck, Charlie Carver.

Is this true? Is this a real quote? Did Charlie get the names of his and Keahu’s characters mixed up??

There is so much wrong with this.

Ethan kept a secret. Multiple secrets. Throughout their entire relationship. (One of which was that he was a murderer but ok.) And… what was Danny’s secret? That he knew about one of Ethan’s secrets? God. What even the fuck do I do with that kind of backwards logic.

Not to mention that this seriously implies that Danny and Ethan are not on good terms, that this wasn’t an amicable breakup where Danny gave his blessing for Ethan and Jackson to be together, and that makes their relationship a whole ‘nother level of not ok.


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Previously: Season 2 “Teaser” | S2Ep. #1 | S2Ep. #2 | S2Ep. #3 | Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul: It’s not often that the Zhang/Kim family get a day off together, but when they do, they sometimes fight and start arguments on “who’s fault was it to have children.” Truth is, it’s no one’s. It just happened.
Have a more Yixing centric “episode”, I’m sorry it’s so short though. This lack of Yixing and Exo is just hard, so I can’t come up with anything. Sorry. As always, sorry if I used your video to screencap. Please don’t take this seriously, it’s just a joke that will never ever go away. And parenting is a two person thing and not a “they’re your kids” kind of thing. I just did it like that because true story. OK thank you! Have a great day! Bye!

family au….. it was all i could think of last week, this one is based off the fic my friend wrote for me! 

Ok I'm just gonna put this out there...


You have no right to be calling yourself an ARMY if you’re spreading hatred and evil. We are here to spread love and kindness. Bangtan would be so disappointed in you for going after ANYONE, especially little kids, like that.

Like honestly they’re the cutest little babies ever and I wanna stan them already just by seeing their cute baby faces in their onesies! Like come on guys, they’re just little kids. Show them love

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Your blog is amaze-balls!!!! I effin loveeeee it! You are so talented!!! I just found you and I turned your notifications on!!!

*loud ugly sobbing* okay I just DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE. AHH. Thank you! And thank you for the mad spam q.q you are too kind and sweet and wonderful. I love you hooman.

why is that marshmallow wearing people clothes we just don’t know



♡ jimin from future hearts ♡ I hope these translate well on other devices/monitors, these are my first digital drawings & fan art so I’m sorry they aren’t super great (+ i did these on my kindle w/ an art app lmao) I also hope it’s okay I changed the tattoos from your edits, they were a pain & i re-did them like 14-15 times??? I kind of got the hang of them in the second drawing, yet they still look like crap. ;-; I’ll do much better on Jungkook, i promise. But I hope you like these anyways & thank you for your amazing writing! 💕


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Hey Yas, still recovering?? Pffff what a question.... I was wondering: what if Jane's smile before Kurt take off her shirt is just the response to "no more interruptions now"...:-) My God, seriously I need a cure, that kind of feeling about a show didn't happen in long time, and I'm not just talking about Jeller, but the whole thing, from head to toe. Ça fait mal....


Ok, maybe I will recover like next wednesday two minutes before the finale and then i will die all over again. and omg they better lock that door and turn off their phones and disconnect the landline and the turn off the gas and make sure there is absolutely no way anyone can interrupt them because it is getting out of hand! LOL


On His Upcoming Film “Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”:
I’m playing the father of a 17 year old kid, which I didn’t think was possible. And then I realized I was 44 and it’s totally possible, That was a bit of shock to the ego, knowing that I could have a son that old, but it’s been really fun. What I really loved about the script was that, normally, stories like this are heavy handed and they take [the subject matter] very seriously, but this is more of a comedy than anything… It’s beautiful and it’s important. It’s one of those stories that I think is really relevant to now. It’s all about tolerance, acceptance and love not hate and all that kind of stuff. For me, I really love what it has to say.

  • You: Aww, your art is awesome!!
  • Me: *looks at my art* You sure?
  • You: You're so cute!
  • Me: *looks into a mirror closely* Don't see it.
  • You: You're a pretty girl!
  • Me: *feeling like a boy* You mean a boy.
  • My mother: I'm not getting you a binder.
  • Me: *feels likes a boy, but my Double Ds aren't helping, also slightly crying* Ok.
  • My grandmother: *makes fun of pansexuality & says she's "rocksexual" as a joke*
  • Me: *part of the SAGA community and seriously pissed at how she jokes about something people are KILLED for* It's not that funny.
  • My friend Jack: *lives in Ohio & is totally my son*
  • Me: *no money & fourteen & my parents don't like the fact that most of my friends are older than me and in other parts of the world* I'm lonely.