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Okay but seriously? We, as a fandom, are so lucky rn. Like, most of our big headcanons actually turned out to be canon (Keith being Galra, Hagar being Altean, etc) so I think we should all just be happy about that

Honestly there is a lot in season 2 to be happy about and a lot to headcanon and build on!! like, it’s not perfect, but it’s not terrible either, and i’m sure the crew will be taking our reactions into account when it comes to season 3 <33 we’re lucky our creators and cast love us


  • doesn’t know what’s happening
  • real life mr. krabs part 2 but doesn’t take long to realise and busts out some moves
  • but seriously lmao pls stop dancing he’s had a long busy day and he just wants to sleep now w his s/o ;;;)))

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  • i imagine he’d be quite similar to scoups in the sense that he’s shook but for different reasons
  • he’s knows what’s up and is impressed like ho damn that’s my baby
  • sits in the corner and watches probably while eating something

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  • “oh wow, you guys are amazing!!” in the most earnest and pure way
  • Home Boy takes interest in your life and asks questions about how you practiced how long etc.
  • takes it very seriously makes your dance squad snacks and packs u guys water bottles even though you do it for fun at home

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  • i’m not saying that he hits on your friend but he hits on ur friend least it ain’t your sister
  • DON’T WORRY he’s just trying to get your attention bc he’s been home for two hours and you haven’t said hello
  • takes you out date in the near future and it’s at a rose garden and you slow dance HHHH

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  • will become a maniac fan of your non-existent dance group
  • becomes really good friends with your sis and guy friends even though sometimes they’re intimidating
  • helps you out with dance moves u r stuck on and makes a crazy fan chant that NOBODY CAN BLOODY SAY BUT HIM

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ok i exaggerated the chant isn’t that hard lmao


  • confused and doesn’t understand y u gotta dance with other b o y s
  • not that he doesn’t trust either end but that he’s never met them and they’re probably an inch or two taller than him which is scary
  • wears his glasses to watch you guys practice and tries to learn it too INCLUDE HIM

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  • doesn’t get too upset other than the fact that he indeed finds it strange that at 3am u r dancing
  • gets mad at your friends for keeping you and your sister up and kicks them out of the house but doesnt let ur sister go bc it is dark and DANGer and this boy is a considerate softy
  • lowkey very proud and supports you in an underdog way

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  • double takes about 30 times?? never seen you move so much in the time span of like three minutes?? the formation is so clean?? who r u??
  • showers you in compliments and wants you to dance with him too
  • likes it when you do the shaky rolly thing doesn’t like it when you are performing in front of other people and they like it too

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he’d want to brag about you he is a very braggy person but lowkey
he would be like whooaa when he saw you dancing but it wouldn’t really be a big deal
BUT THE ENXT NIGHT the boys are over and he is spilling them beans uncontrollably he’s overexcited and proud of u :’)

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  • shy and flustered would try to leave the room but hits the doorframe lmao
  • likes to watch and does the little dance moves from where he’s sitting and it’s so adorable you kick out ur friend so minghao can do it with you
  • ur sister + kicked out friend r not impressed but minghao is so happy and nothing else matters

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  • does the exact face GD does on weekly idol like 3000 times, you know the one where he’s highkey shook when he cant recognize his song
  • you bet my shit ass he will be ur number one cheerleader
  • loves that you can dance and you are good at dancing and just loves you 10x harder

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lmao seungkwan here actually kind of resembles GD’s shook face hahahahahahah im ded


shy baby boi so flustered
but ur friends and sis are so nice to him and make him feel comfortable around them and it makes u happy bc everyone is happy
helps u guys film your dance vid :’)))

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  • i’ve only got one word for you: betrayal
  • he is heartbroken that u r dancing?? to oh nana?? without him??
  • gets jealous of ur guy friend because HE should be beside them not him lmao dino is a baby understand him

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wowowow i am incredibly tired

mod kimchi!!

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Here me out,,,,,, only add u's,,,,,, to things about Gavin,,,,,,,,,, because he's British and the use u's there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hahaha i’m sorry i’m posting this one publicly because it made me laugh - that is an amazing idea, and if i was American i’d be all about it, but i can’t justify spelling 90% of things wrong (wrong for me - just to be clear to people who are taking this all too seriously, you American’s do you, have a ball with your shorter words) just for the joke. 

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I totally get what you mean and I didn't mean that I think they have a seriously unhealthy relationship, I'm just always wondering why kai always gets so pissed when d.o is having fun with people they literally live with and have known for such a long while. I guess he's never gonna be comfortable knowing that they can get away with getting kissed by kyungsoo while he has to pretend to be dating someone else...

Don’t worry about it. I just got the topic of your ask and wrote something I wanted to point out for a while. There’s a lot of possible reasons, although we will never know if it’s it or not. It could be related to the way he sees himself, or because of the circunstamces, or because he will never be engaged in those kind of fun with KS like other people do. The thing is that, it’s something he does only with KS and not with other members. Maybe it’s a symbol of their strong broship, idk… 

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How to hint my mom that I'm a lesbian? I'm very afraid to speak directly((

Perhaps watch a documentary about lesbians with her? Tell her that Ellen Degeneres is your idol? I seriously don’t know tbh

Hanging a pride flag in your room isn’t very subtle, so that is probably not an option

Write her a letter about it? Or just whisper “I am gay” everytime she asks if you have a boyfriend yet

The Creators of Yuri on Ice
  • Episode one: let's make the gay really subtle and not distract from the story line
  • Episode two: Just make the opening a little gayer and have Viktor touch Yuri a bunch, but in a teasing flirting way. We don't want to go overboard
  • Episode four: Let's just straight up have Viktor ask to be Yuri's lover. That should get everyone on the same page
  • Episode seven: Make them kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Episode nine: They're still??? not??? convinced??? After that? Ok, so this time do like a really big dramatic airport scene where they run at each other and Yuri uses the same words as a proposal to ask Viktor to stay with him. But still keep it subtle. We're going For sub-context here to let the audience figure it out.

Why Carrie Fisher is such an awesome Star Wars cast member

  • Endured the double bun hairstyle even though she hated it because she thought she’d lose her job if she complained
  • Made Mark Hamill put her Leia clothes on all the time (she prob even tried to get him to wear the golden bikini)
  • Immediately said “I’m in!” when George Lucas asked her and Mark if they were interested in doing more movies
  • Once referred to herself as Jewish Space Princess
  • Multiple BTS pics of her in the 80s kissing droids, Chewbacca, and touching them inappropriately
  • Tried Harrison’s pot while filming and it made her give up on pot completely
  • Partied with the Rolling Stones & Harrison before filming on Cloud City
  • Was still drunk while filming said scenes
  • Remembers Leia’s complicated lines from the first film
  • Warned Daisy Ridley and John Boyega that they would have stalkers after doing SW movies
  • When filming the scenes as Jabba’s slave, she said “So just because I’m wearing a bikini I can’t speak anymore?”
  • Has called herself Mrs. Han Solo on more than one occasion
  • Filmed the scenes as Boushh even though she was sick and couldn’t breathe under that mask
  • Admits she’s Princess Leia’s protector
  • Has a big slave Leia doll in her house
  • Called Jabba an ‘ignorant slug’ on a Return of the Jedi blooper
  • Harrison once pranked her and pretended he was hanging himself in her dressing room and he was naked and she told the world this story, thank you Carrie
  • Agreed to do commentary for the original trilogy first DVD release in the 2000s when George Lucas gave her a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special filmed in 1978
  • Shows said Holiday Special when she wants guests to leave her parties
  • Refers to Han Solo and Princess Leia as space dates
  • Once called Kylo Ren “my little Hitler”

after episode 6 im 99% convinced that yuuri and victor are already in a relationship.

no seriously hear me out. this is just a theory but im v passionate about it

like we’ve already mentioned before, time is going by in the series. like, its skips a lot. victor first arrived in april and we’re already by at least september (last weeks episode was certainly september, i cant remember when china’s competition took place in this episode). 

so what if yuuri and victor started dating somewhere between all those months (or fairly recently, after months of knowing each other) and we’re just supposed to know it?? (which, imho, would be better if they straight up mentioned it but. censorship i guess)) 

these are no longer hints of them liking each other (like in the first few episodes), these are hints that they’re already in a relationship.

first off, and we’re starting off p tame, the hugs. since last episode, weve noticed that theyre… pretty physical (specially victor). and its NOT made out to be a big deal (except for certain scenes in particular, where the hugs/contact was relevant to the situation e.g. when yuuri got nervous and victor hugged him from behind to help him calm down). victor will walk up behind yuuri and hug him and they stay like that and thats it. no biggie. but it says a lot about how close and comfortable they are at this point. when they were in the plane? victor was sleeping leaning on yuuri. when victor got drunk, yuuri was p chill til he started to strip.

second, when phichit publishes the picture of naked victor clinging to yuuri, what’s yuuri’s first concern?

yup that’s what worries him

usually when gimmicks like these are used on anime, the character reacts like “OH NO NOW EVERYONES GONNA THINK WE’RE GAY!! THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE” WHICH IS NOWHERE NEAR HOW YUURI REACTED


do i even need to get into thi s scene. do i really

(also please note victor wasnt flustered, but slightly surprised. not because yuuri was being affectionate, but because yuuri was being the one taking iniciative.)

and now the final blow

boom goes the dynamite

whats that????? hes not talking about his love for victor, but victor’s love for him???? OH???? SO HE KNOWS IT’S NOT ONE-SIDED??

SO YEAH i mean at the end of it all take this w a grain of salt but. what this could be is not the buildup to a romantic relationship but the flourishing of one



Thanks to everyone sharing information, Angelo is now trying things out in a new home! It’s still early days to see how he gets on with the other dog in the house, but he has been adopted! We will hope that everything goes smoothly! 

Here he is, tired after a game of ball.

Angelo got a home in 2016.

This is Angelo.

I saw Angelo one day a few weeks ago when I was going through Union Square here in NYC, where I live. He was sitting on the sidewalk at a dog adoption event with a volunteer. He was wrapped tight in a blanket and was resting on his friend’s lap. I got my own dog from the same adoption event three years ago. For some reason, I stopped and sat down next to Angelo and started asking about him. There was just something about him.

The volunteer with him said that Angelo has been in foster care ever since he was found tied to a tree in Brooklyn. When found, Angelo was neglected and afraid. That was five years ago. Angelo has never had a good home. He lives in shelters and foster homes, and spends his weekends at dog adoption events. Other dogs come and go, and Angelo remains. 

Angelo was very eager for scratches and was giving a lot of kisses.

He has been well cared for by Mighty Mutts and a series of dedicated volunteers, but he has never had owners to love him. The volunteer I spoke to had been working with Angelo for a year. Every Saturday, he comes and sits with Angelo and people walk past him. He said, “I’ve been doing this for fifteen years and Angelo is one of the greatest dogs I’ve ever worked with.”

I got that right away. There was a reason I stopped.

So I sat there for a little while. At one point, one of the puppies got his tail stepped on and yelped. Angelo immediately stood up to check on the puppy, and then checked every other dog on the adoption line.

There is something about Angelo.

This year has been terrible, but I’m not letting 2016 go without making something good of it. So I am determined to get Angelo adopted to a good home. I tweeted about him, and some great people were interested in Angelo, but they were either too far or already had dogs. So here are the details on Angelo:

Angelo lives in New York, so he’d have to be adopted in the area so that Mighty Mutts can do a home visit before adoption. He should ideally be the only dog in the house, though he is good with other dogs. (I had my dog with me, and the two got along great and gave each other kisses. There were a lot of kisses involved in this whole affair.) He would be best suited with someone who has had experience with dogs, because he is a big, lovable guy. He is about eight now, so he is mellow. He has a lot of energy, but loves a cuddle and will likely sleep snuggled up with you if he can.

His volunteer said that for the right application (really make the case, maybe send a video?) he would be willing to drive somewhere within about a five hour radius of New York to do the home visit himself. 

Angelo has spent his life without a real home. If you are in or around NYC and have been considering a dog, consider Angelo. If you can’t adopt him, please spread the word to anyone you know in the area. 

I will sponsor the $275 adoption fee for Angelo, and you’ll be my hero.

To make an application for Angelo, contact Mighty Mutts. (And if you apply, let me know so I can follow up!) If you spread the word, please use the hashtag #ahomeforangelo

2016 has sucked. Let’s do this thing and get this awesome guy a home. 

imagine how the first few days after moving in with viktor yuuri’d be timid and kinda shy around the new place and constantly ask viktor if it’s okay to put some of his things in the corridor wardrobe or does he mind him leaving some of his stuff here or there until one day after many previous reassurances viktor just gently holds yuuri’s face in his hands and very seriously tells him to literally do whatever you want, take as much space as you want and make any changes you want. this is your place now as much as it is mine.


Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicCon 2015

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

seriously but gabe is the most underestimated series character EVER? like fuck, just think about it

he always protects philip from beau or other mad people

he is willing to fight with his own wife to defend him

he has found a stranger woman buying vodka and saved her from suicide not even knowing she was suicidal

he found helen’s box from buffalo ‘07 and he never told her he found it nor never asked about it before she decided to tell him herself

he tried to share his family traditions with his foster kid

and helped him with love heartaches

and with developing feelings for a boy????


gabe is literally my fave from the entire series. preach

Domesticity Memes

Put a ship in my ask box and I’ll tell you:

  • big spoon/little spoon:
  • favorite non-sexual activity:
  • who uses all the hot water:
  • most trivial thing they fight over:
  • who does most of the cleaning:
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:
  • who steals the blankets:
  • who leaves their stuff around:
  • who remembers to buy the milk
  • who remembers anniversaries:
  • Who cooks normally?
  • How often do they fight?
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?
  • Nicknames for each other?
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  • Who steals the covers at night?
  • What would they get each other for gifts?
  • Who kissed who first?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who remembers things?
  • Who started the relationship?
  • Who cusses more?
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?

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I'm sorry, but I can't take you seriously anymore. Fight Club is an expression of toxic masculinity that is worth nothing? Hell, everything about that ask is wrong, but that one in particular... Wow.

Just so we’re clear, this is the book about a man who feels so emasculated by modern society and consumer culture that he visits a self help group for men who have, literally, had their testicles surgically removed. When he encounters a woman invading his territory, his only response is to engage in increasingly violent and destructive acts, culminating in a failed terrorist bombing? We’re talking about the same story, right?

Yeah, can’t imagine how anyone could consider that toxic masculinity.

The novel is actually quite good. It’s not a pleasant read, and I wouldn’t recommend it as entertainment, but it is worth reading. Chuck Palahniuk is a very skilled writer. He has a visceral, “gross-out,” style that obfuscates just how sharp his material is. It’s easy to pick up Fight Club and soak in the hyper-aggressive elements and miss just how critical the book is.

But, that’s not what we were talking about.

We were talking about the fight club itself. The organization in the novel and film. The one which morphs into Project Mayhem. That is worthless, and without redeeming value. The fight club started by the narrator is an expression of toxic masculinity. It doesn’t teach people how to fight, no matter how awesome it makes the narrator feel about himself in the moment.

(I’m just going to refer to the narrator as Jack from here on out. The name comes from the film, not the book, but it’s faster to type.)

The fight club itself, is a tantrum, being thrown by a man child who has no model for what it means to be an adult, and isn’t satisfied by the options he sees in the world. Looking for a venue to release his pent up aggression, he resorts to violence. Jack moans about how, because his father abandoned him, he has no concept of who he should be. Ultimately, he is terrified of being an adult. Everything that follows is Jack acting out against the world.

There’s a weird element where you can intentionally read Jack as a teenage rebellion, a few decades too late. This is probably why the Calvin & Hobbes misread plays so well. At several levels, Jack is still a child, and written as such. Remember, before the novel opens, Jack’s job is to look at horrifically mangled bodies (auto insurance investigator). This is an adult version of a little kid looking at, “gross stuff,” and then enthusiastically inflicting that on people around them for shock value. Which should also sound familiar when discussing Tyler Durden and Marla.

So, yes, the novel Fight Club is about toxic masculinity. The fight club itself is an expression of the same. It’s easy to read the surface message and run with the idea that the book is advocating the position of the protagonist. Until you remember that the entire third act of the book (and film) is Jack losing control of Project Mayhem, and trying to stop them from bombing buildings.

Fight Club isn’t exclusively about toxic masculinity. There are very strong themes of establishing a personal identity, and learning to communicate with others scattered through the novel. They’re mixed in with large quantities of puerile behavior, and aggressive missteps by the various characters. Toxic masculinity is a major part, because it’s the first place Jack goes, and it colors the rest of his experiences, even after he’s decided on a different approach.

It’s a very good, and quite challenging book. Certainly not for everyone. However, the fight club itself is, ultimately, a self destructive exercise. You don’t learn to fight by punching your imaginary friend.


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The film adaptation is pretty good as well. As with the book, it requires some critical thinking to fully parse, but don’t let that scare you off.

the signs as things my dad has said (part 3)
  • aries: *continuously refers to uber as an "escort service"*
  • taurus: [to himself, after catching a pickle he dropped midair] great catch daddio
  • gemini: [in response to our dog barking] ....you don't say
  • cancer: [to me after i dabbed to his "dish washing music"] shut up
  • leo: [every time his phone rings] a REAL phone call? in THIS day and age? where are my TWEETS
  • virgo: [pulling over every time we pass something metal on the side of the road] but what if it's treasure
  • libra: would you look at that moon...that's large
  • scorpio: *sneezes* im allergic to working
  • sagittarius: [spoken during a verbal conversation] colon parenthesis
  • capricorn: *calls four way flashers on cars [dramatic voice] DANGER BEAMS*
  • aquarius: [completely seriously, in response to my sister asking why our dog was barking] he's just nervous about the election
  • pisces: *inexplicably called me Karen for a whole day*

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I'm very interest in the gifs you're reblogging, what's the name of the show?

Hello, friend, you are just the sort of person I want to hear from right now.
The show is called Timeless, and here is the trailer:

There is also this other cool promo. You don’t have to watch it. I just think it’s really fun with all the effects and transitions:

I watched the trailer and sort of fell in love instantly……… with the villain antagonist character and his potential interactions and relationship with the heroine. (WHICH have not let me down, btw. They have, in fact, lifted me up and added five years to my life span.)

Timeless is airing now on NBC. There have been 11 episodes so far with 5 more left in the season. And the reason that inquiring people like you are a such a beautiful gem is because the show is a little on the fence right now. We’re really hoping for a second season and need as many people as possible on board to boost ratings. It’s a great show with amazing acting, sets, and writing that just gets better as it goes. Please don’t let a possible threat of cancellation deter you. It is my opinion, where Timeless in concerned, that it is truly better to have loved and lost.

The premise is super fun as they go to many different periods in time ranging (so far) from 1754 to an upcoming episode taking place in the 1980s. All of the actors and people involved go on about how much they love it because each episode is almost like its own movie with different events and environments. And it really is. You’ve got the Hindenburg, the Lincoln assassination, the Alamo, Watergate, the American Revolution. Not to mention historical figures like Bonnie and Clyde, Katherine Johnson, Houdini, Benedict Arnold, etc. Every episode it’s new and beautiful sets. It’s gorgeous, period costumes so the time traveling characters fit in. And it’s a little mystery trying to figure out what in the world they are doing there. lol. Plus, if you like three-dimensional villains, the villain antagonist from Timeless is the embodiment of the saying, “Every villain is the hero in his own mind.” He has such understandable motives and is not 100% bad. Always a plus to me.

But also the series is not afraid to address “unpleasant” issues. As shown in the trailer, one of the time traveling characters is black. Another is a woman. And quite often they do not have an easy time because of it. So it’s really great that Timeless not only has a diverse team but also takes the time to present a realistic image of what their experience would be like. And it’s also nice to look back and see how far we’ve come. A+

So! If you are interested, all episodes are on Hulu right now. And NBC’s website. (Some episodes on their site need a cable subscription to watch, BUT the first three episodes are FREE!) 

Anyone willing to give Timeless a try and help ratings will have my express gratitude and love. ♥


happy new year! sorry for not posting anything new in so long, i’ve been super busy with school and the holidays, but i managed to find some time over the past few days to write this one. enjoy!


ashton irwin & y/n
word count - 3883
warnings - sexual content, language


You were already regretting the words you had let slip out of your lips.

“You’re joking right?” Ashton asked. “You have to be joking.”

You couldn’t read his tone; and if he was about to start mocking you, you really weren’t in the mood.

“Just forget I said anything,” you said. You attempted to clamber to your feet; but before you even really had the chance to move, Ashton grabbed your wrist.


“Ash,” you said, trying to sound as stern as possible. “I said forget it.”

He held your gaze for a moment, before his face broke into a grin. “Seriously Y/N, where the hell have you been finding the guys you’ve been fucking?”

You thumped him on the arm. “Ashton!”

“What?” he laughed. “I just want to know where my best friend has been picking up these losers that haven’t been able to make her cum.”

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BTS reaction when they get asked about their idol girlfriend


He would be serious but also semi joking at the same time if that makes sense ?? Like he would answer the question seriously but if he was asked to leave you a message or something similar he would turn into a variety king he is and turn it all into a joke. He’ll probably brag about you a bit too lmao

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I don’t think he would say much. He likes his privacy and wouldn’t bring up many details but vaguely answer the question and try to change the subject after he answered it. If he was forced to go into detail I think he would just kinda be like oh you know we’re happy instead of answering it directly and I think people would get the hint he doesn’t wanna talk about it.

Originally posted by mn-yg


He would be another member that wouldn’t say much in my opinion. Not that he doesn’t want to say it but I think he is way too shy to be all about the question. He would answer whatever was asked and try to leave it at that but if he was asked into detail I don’t think he would mind though.

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I feel like he would be second after the taehyung to get the most excited about the question. I just know he is the biggest cutie pie ever in the relationships plus he is super polite and thoughtful so he would be really happy about the question and would thank you for being by his side ugh he is perfect

he looks so good fuck

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I don’t think he would say much about it. He’s such a private person I feel like he would avoid the question as much as possible and if he was made to answer he would say it shortly and move on. He would be sweet about it though and would probably say something real cheesy about you because he is so cute and thoughtful.

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I feel like he would be the most excited about talking about you. He would be a little shy about it but he would be really sweet and answer it thoroughly and probably praise you about how amazing you were to others and everyone would aww 

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He would turn real shy and just answer shortly and giggle. I feel like he definitely won’t expect getting asked about it so he’ll probably be very flustered and just a nervous wreck in general because he wouldn’t know what is he allowed to say and what is he not. Other members are gonna tease him so much I feel bad for him 

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