but seriously i miss the original kids


comic book meme → [2/5] favourite teams → the Young Avengers

↳ “We don’t just act like Avengers anymore. We are Avengers.”

Burr in 21 Chump Street
  • Burr: Why the heck do you assuuuuume you're the smartest in the room?
  • Madison and Jefferson: Why. the. Heck. Do. You. Assume.
  • Burr: Why the heck do you asuuuuuume you're the smartest in the room?
  • Madison and Jefferson: Why. the. Heck. Do. You. Assume.
  • Burr: Everyday you fiiiiight... for you day and niight!
  • Jefferson: What did I miss?
  • Burr: What?
  • Jefferson: What do you need?
  • Burr: Don't need much but now that we're freed we can take him down, or at least we can try.
  • Jefferson: Do you need help from me?
  • Burr: You can be my guy!!!
  • Washington: Seriously these kids need to learn there are consequences in life.
No Bryke Just No......Follow up

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Now that Korra and Asami’s final moment is out in the world, it seems like an appropriate time to express how I feel about it. I didn’t want to say anything right away so the audience could experience the finale for themselves.

That didn’t stop Bryan from posting that long ass post about how everyone who hated the final scene between Korra and Asami were all a bunch of homophobes, the damage has already been done Mike and I doubt anything you’re gonna say right now is gonna ease the backlash you two have gotten from the shippers and the fans like me who thought the entire series was a letdown compared to Avatar the Last Airbender.

The main themes of the Avatar universe have always revolved around equality, justice, acceptance, tolerance, and balancing differing worldviews. In subtle and maybe not so subtle ways, Avatar and Legend of Korra have dealt with difficult subjects such as genocide, child abuse, deaths of loved ones, and post traumatic stress. I took it as a complement when Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair called the show subversive. There were times even I was surprised we were able to delve into the really tough stuff on a children’s TV network. While the episodes were never designed to “make a statement”, Bryan and I always strove to treat the more difficult subject matter with the respect and gravity it deserved.

Funny I thought the original Avatar series was about a group of kids with mystical powers going on a long journey to bring down the evil fire nation empire. Guess I missed the episode were Aang made a sexist remark towards Azula and was told by Katara to “check his male privilege”.

Also if you were treating all these difficult subject matters with respect then please tell me why you played the Bolin and Eska relationship for laughs? It was clear Eska was abusing Bolin and not once did any of the other characters treat the situation with any seriousness throughout Book 2’s entire run the whole situation was played  for laughs as if were a plot in a shitty sitcom from the 90’s.   

And over the years we’ve heard from numerous fans, in person and online, how Avatar and Korra have influenced their lives for the better or helped them overcome a life struggle or setback. I am always humbled when people share their personal stories with us and I am grateful that my love for telling stories has been able to help people in some small way. So while Avatar and Korra were always meant to be entertaining and engaging tales, this universe and its characters also speak to the deeper humanity in all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, nationality, or sexual orientation.

I’m sorry Mike but Bryan already threw most of the fandom under a bus with his stupid “hetro lenses” comment so it’s too late to try and get back in my good graces with all this inspirational crap. If you really wanted to get back into my good graces you would have apologized for the crap you and Bryan have said about Avatar and Bryan should have apologized for his “hetro lenses” comment because I’m sorry but I personally felt that comment painted an ugly picture of how Bryan views criticism and the fans of the old show.   

Also yes I do agree with you somewhat that the characters in Avatar the Last Airbender were complex and great, the same however cannot be said about Korra’s cast of characters who just seemed to get worse and worse as the show kept going.

Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other. The moment where they enter the spirit portal symbolizes their evolution from being friends to being a couple. Many news outlets, bloggers, and fans picked up on this and didn’t find it ambiguous. For the most part, it seems like the point of the scene was understood and additional commentary wasn’t really needed from Bryan or me. But in case people were still questioning what happened in the last scene, I wanted to make a clear verbal statement to complement the show’s visual one. I get that not everyone will be happy with the way that the show ended. Rarely does a series finale of any show satisfy that show’s fans, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the positive articles and posts I’ve seen about Korra’s finale.

I’m sorry but Korra and Asami were never friends, their interactions were so few and far between that it just became laughable whenever you tried to write “bounding” scenes between the two, I’ve already mentioned this before numerous times now but the car scene in the first episode of Book 3 was so badly written that I could not stop laughing at how bad it was. Also as others have pointed out Asami’s character only exists to revolve around Korra and Mako, in Book 1 she was only there to add a stupid love triangle subplot, in Book 2 her role was nonexistent and she became a background character at best. In Book 3 she was just there to help Korra out by telling her how awesome she was and by playing second fiddle to her during their missions together. I hate to break it to you Mike but that’s not how friendships work in the real world.

See in real life in order to have a good friendship with someone both sides have to support each other and Korra never did that with Asami she never once came up to her and asked how her day was going and if she was okay with her dating Mako. But I think the worst moment that shows how much Korra cares so little about Asami was the finale itself were after Hiroshi sacrificed himself to save Asami and buy the team more time to stop Kuvira what does Korra do? She doesn’t check up on Asami to see if she’s okay, she doesn’t tell anyone else to check up on her to see if she’s okay she just continues talking about their next plan of attack as if nothing fucking happened! Fucking Azula would look at this and say “Holly shit that’s harsh…..”

And regarding disappointing series finales I admit some finales have been pretty terrible *cough How I Met Your Mother cough* I personally have seen more good finales than I have bad, I enjoyed Justice League Unlimited’s finale, Buffy’s finale, Breaking Bad’s finale and Avatar The Last Airbender’s finale did I have my gripes with those finales? Yes but they weren’t so terrible they made me want to rant about them on the internet. So this talk of rarely does a finale satisfy people is a load of horseshit.

Also I’m guessing you’ve only read the reviews written by sites like IGN, The Verge, Vanity Fair, The AV Club etc. and you haven’t read any reviews that have been written by the fans of the old show like myself who saw Legend of Korra as a letdown compared to the original series.

 I’ve already read some heartwarming and incredible posts about how this moment means so much for the LGBT community. Once again, the incredible outpouring of support for the show humbles me. As Tenzin says, “Life is one big bumpy ride.” And if, by Korra and Asami being a couple, we are able to help smooth out that ride even a tiny bit for some people, I’m proud to do my part, however small it might be. Thanks for reading.

Funny I’ve read tons of posts from LGBT people who said that they were disgusted by your queer bating bullshit and would have much rather had Korra end up with no one but I guess those people were looking at things from a “hetro lenses” perspective I’m I right?

Have fun living in denial Mike.

why isn’t anyone talking about these guys?

Seriously, none of these kids in masks are wearing masks that in any way resemble freddy and the gang. 

I mean, actually look at the missing kids. 

all of the shapes on the masks the other kids are wearing are different from the ones the original 5 are wearing. 

they even look like they might be completely different animals from freddy and the gang. 

Now this could just be scott’s way of differentiating the background kids from the missing kids, but I think it might be a hint at a spin off or prequel. Maybe it would be about what happened at Fredbear’s or maybe it’s about a different franchise (or series of franchises) where Purple guy killed before he did at freddy’s.