but seriously i don't want to watch the movie

I can’t believe i actually had to watch, with my own eyeballs, Tony Snark say to a baby super hero “what if someone got hurt”? Tony “I think I did okay*queue explosions in the background*” stark? Seriously? Did marvel just FORGET the  Iron Man movies exist? I think they did, because they keep giving him everyone else’s films

okay i am (finally) watching pirates of the caribbean 5 and this is an incoherent hot mess of a movie that is barely a movie and pretty much an extended pirate themed sketch comedy, there is a faint plot somewhere possibly (ghost pirates? how original!) and i have like… 6% idea what is going on, wisconsin called because it wants its cheese back, like. what. what even. it’s a dumpster fire.

i haven’t enjoyed myself this much in like… i don’t even know how long and i am laughing until i wheeze, i am not sure what this says about my sense of humor but i am thoroughly beyond entertained

this is like the definition of “movie so bad it’s amazing” 

a+11/10 recommend

I’ve been thinking for a while about Lego Robin and how he’s a really well written character. As in, better than I even initially realised the first time I watched the movie.

I was questioning for ages why I loved his character so much and why he made me smile everytime he came on screen but now I know why and it made me realise how good the writers of these Lego movies are.

Do you guys mind if I elaborate?

Moana is seriously so fucking good.

  • Post: First of all, I really do like Sharon Carter, but-
  • Me: *skips the rest*
  • OP: *posts multiple posts about how Sharon Carter is just a love interest, has icon with other Steve-related ship*
  • Me: *blocks*
  • OP: *posts link to Hypable article that was horribly written and said there was no reason to hate Sharon Carter so long as she stayed away from Steve entirely so he could be with his true love Bucky but seriously there's nothing wrong with her. So long as she stays away from Steve.*
  • Me: *blocks*
  • Me: *skips the rest*
  • OP: *obviously watched the movie wanting to hate Sharon and came out - surprise - still hating her*
  • Me: For fuck's sake.
  • Me: Seriously?
  • Post: *variation of the above*
  • Post: *variation of the above*
  • Post: *variation of the above*
  • Post: *variation of the above*
  • Post: *variation of the above*
  • Post: *variation of the above*
  • Post: *variation of the above*
  • Me: *sighs*

despite beeing annoyed of the current minion-hype - seriously, these things are EVERYWHERE - i did enjoy watching the minion movie. i simply LOVE all those tiny details, puns little children don’t get, ideas, art and especially the character designs.
i loved herb since he was first introduced, he is so fucking SLIM. this guy is hilarious in every single way

I'm in love
  • Me(via text): I know you won't read this till morning but I needed to say this because it's all very very true.......ready?
  • I love you, so much all of you, your personality your looks, your laugh, your likes and dislikes, the way you're obsessed with Attack on Titans, Smite, and Ark!, how you can play video games with me and just be a total derp. I've never been in love nor have I ever said "I love you" to someone and actually meant it. But you're different, you have brought emotions out of me that I would of never guessed were even there, you make me actually want to sleep?!?! And wake up early?!?!?! (Wat😳). You make me question my actions, try new things, want to turn my life around for the better, make me think of my future and what it's going to be like. Thinking ahead you're there, I'm in love with you, and every aspect of you. You are so smart, kind, gentle (when you want to be 😏), by far the biggest dork I have ever meet, only gentleman in the world as far as I'm aware, you're cautious (WHICH IS A GOOD THING), you have a clear understanding of how the world works and what you want and how to get it (that's hot). Seriously I love you, I love laying in bed all day playing video games with you, or just cuddling, watching game of thrones, Attack on Titan, movies that I clearly need to be watching but because I'm ridiculous and a derp I just haven't until you make me which I love!, when we have sex, you literally make me feel things I've never felt before and I'm sorry I'm addicted, I'm new to this stuff. Remember your a drug to me, I wasn't kidding.
  • I really don't mean to say I'm sorry all the time or try to feel bad about things that I can't control it just happens, and it only happens because well, I'm in love with you, and since this is the first time for that, I don't want to fuck it up even if it's the smallest thing in the world like poking you in the eye (I AM STILL SO SORRY YOUR POOR EYE IS ALL RED 😭) or bumping you when we wake up or are goofing around. I want to be good enough for you because you're to good for me. I have only ever dreamed of someone less than you in my life and it's like you're an being created by the gods sent to me; They took one look at this clumsy, dorky, hot headed girl, with a huge heart, and said "That girl. She needs HIM the perfect HIM, beyond what she prayed for, or dreamed of. HIM." You. That's only a theory I'm pretty sure you're like and alien or angel but we will discuss that another time lol. But I adore you so much, you're everything to me I enjoy bragging about you to people, buying you gifts, going on dates with you, everything all of it not a second goes by where you aren't on my mind. I love you. You are the love of my life and I don't plan on you leaving my life anytime soon. I'm sorry for the book but it had to be said you've got me head spinning what can I say ☺️ alright I'm actually going to try to sleep now. Maybe. Night💘
  • Him(via text): Oh baby I love you so much. You truly are the moon of my life 🌖 I had all but given up on finding someone who would love and appreciate me for me and not only that but be willing to give back just as much as they take. I never have had to question whether you really love me and I know I never will. You have given me everything I have been so lucky to give you and more. I don't mind the small pokes, bumps, or bruises. Nothing so petty could ever endanger my impression of you or the way I feel about you. At times I cannot believe I have been so blessed to be able to share my life with someone who knows me, who loves, and who understands me. I am beyond exhilarated to know I can make you feel the way you do, both emotionally and physically 😊 you never have to worry about bothering me or annoying me with cuddles or kisses because I always remind myself that you do this because you love and desire me, and there is nothing more in this world I could ask for than that. I love you beyond words, and I always will 💗💕💞 oh and good morning😂
Sarada confessing her love to Boruto 😊
  • Sarada: Boruto... I've been waiting so long to tell you this, and I've never knew how much you meant to me....how much I cared about you
  • Boruto: ......
  • Sarada: I've been watching from a distance for so long and you just become stronger everyday, even though you don't want to become hokage, you are still my rival.
  • Boruto: Sarada...what are you trying to say?
  • Sarada: But there's something that just keeps holding me back....and in just can't hold it in anymore!
  • Boruto: Sarada.....
  • Sarada: I love you Boruto....
  • Boruto: !!!! *faints*
  • Sarada: ......seriously dude...? Shannaro....
the ALL TIME best moments in the mcu
  • iron man: "I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative."
  • iron man 2: "I am very real. I'm the realest person you're ever gonna meet."
  • the avengers: "I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid-ass decision, I've elected to ignore it."
  • catws: "I know you erased my password. Probably deleted my retinal scan. But if you want to stay ahead of me, Mr. Secretary... you need to keep BOTH EYES OPEN."
  • age of ultron: "Glad you like the view, Romanoff. It's about to get better."
  • cacw: none because colonel nicholas j fury was not present

Civil war has everything. It’s funny, it’s serious, it’s heartbreaking. I was at the edge of my seat during the whole movie. It’s so good, you guys. I still can’t process what happened. The post-credits scenes are so epic, specially the one at the very end. I think the Russos did a very good job with what they had. Even if the movie doesn’t have all the superheroes that appear in the comic, they still managed to make it as shocking and intense. The movie is coherent, fluid, with less plotholes than I imagined. Spiderman and Ant-man added the comedy effect that made things a little bit less dark. The relationship between Steve and Bucky is well developed. We definitely get to see some of the old Bucky, which is one of the things that I loved the most. The interactions between those two made me very nostalgic and made me TEAR UP AT SOME POINT. I CAN’T HIDE IT ANYMORE. THE WAY THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHER. ”YOUR PAL, YOUR BUDDY, YOUR BUCKY”. ”HE SAID BUCKY AND SUDDENLY I WAS THAT 16 YEAR OLD BOY FROM BROOKLYN AGAIN”. OH BOY. OH BOY. THE WAY BUCKY SMILED WHEN THE KISS HAPPENED. HE LOOKED SO PROUD OF STEVIE. HIS LITTLE GUY. And then WANDA AND VISION. “Vis”. VISION COOKING FOR WANDA. THE VISION IS SO DELICATE AND CAREFUL AROUND HER. “VIS”. “What do you want?” “FOR PEOPLE TO SEE YOU AS I DO”. THEY ARE SO PURE. THEY WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.
Aaahhh, I want to say a lot more. I really want to say more. I seriously don’t have the words to describe how good the movie is. IT’S EPIC. IT’S AWESOME. And I seriously think that it is the BEST Marvel movie ever made. Please go watch it at the first chance you have. It’s worth it.

what if suddenly everyone started to want to do their work at Tim’s batcave 

like they want to copy their files there, download the new case off of it, put their heads together on this piece of evidence or Tim can I analyze this fingerprint here and Tim’s flattered but also confused and then when there’s an official meeting (with Bruce included) he looks over them and the bowl in the middle of the table and realizes:

it’s because of the popcorn machine


Lately, this adorable meatball has been absent-mindedly making me want to desperately watch Puncture. And here’s why I can’t:

  • I’m not ready for the feels
  • I’m not ready for the suspenders (I have a soft spot for that shhh)
  • Chris Evans
  • This movie will be the end of me
  • Chris Evans’ perfection
  • Chris Evans’ beard
  • I could keep on going but I won’t
  • Mostly Chris Evans

Ok, girl, focus. So, yeah, I made a gifset to show this cutie why I can’t (but I will) watch Puncture.

when people didn’t even know about the weeknd until after they watched 50 shades of grey 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

The Magic of Ordinary Days AU (2005)

Darcy takes the offered glass of lemonade, trying to hide how badly her hand is shaking with nerves.

“Steve,” Mr. Coulson adjusts his tie as he addresses the man across from her, “I am going to go wait with Maria and Sam at the courthouse. Give you two a moment to get to know each other before we begin. I figure you’ll be wanting to head out soon with how long the drive back to the farm is, so try not to take too long.” With a slight smile he’s out the door in a moment, leaving silence behind. 

She coughs lightly and flattens the front of her dress with the hand not holding her drink.

“Mr. Rogers-”

“Steve, please,” he corrects, brushing his hair nervously from his forehead.

“Steve…now that you have met me, seen me in person, do you have any doubts?”

“No.” He cleared his throat as he looked to the floor. “What about you? Any second thoughts?”

“No.” Darcy tried to tamp down the bile that was trying to climb it’s way up and out. What she was doing was insane, for show, but she promised her father. And as long as Steve could do this one thing, she would find a way to make it work. 

“Do you think you could love the baby?”

He looked taken aback by her question but schooled his features quickly. When he finally spoke his voice was low, full of conviction, and his eyes intense.

“I do.”

  • *Regina walks into the living room to find Emma snuggled up under a blanket. She sits down next to her*
  • Regina: What do you wanna do tonight?
  • Emma *shrugs*: What do you wanna do?
  • Regina *shrugs*: I don't know dear, what do you wanna do?
  • Emma *laughs*: Don't start that again, you and your Jungle Book.
  • Regina: You love it too.
  • Emma: I do.
  • Regina: Seriously. What do you want to do?
  • Emma: We could snuggle under this blanket and watch movies until we fall asleep?
  • Regina *smiles*: How about the Jungle Book?
  • Emma: Lion King.
  • Regina: Both.
  • *Emma grins before holding up the blanket. Regina scoots over before giving a quick kiss*
  • Regina: Love you.
  • Emma: Love you too.
  • Regina: We're lazy aren't we?
  • Emma: Eh a little but we're lazy together.

discrete-polyphony  asked:

I understand that you don't want to steal from studio ghibli by watching streams online of their work, but isn't it a little unfair for people that don't live in areas where ghibli films are shown or who can't afford the (insanely expensive) costs of ordering the movies online? The studio is financially stable and internationally known. Using torrents and streams doesn't hurt them, while it does expose their work to a larger audience. People will still buy their work if they can afford it.

Using illegal torrents and streams doesn’t hurt them? Seriously? Did you really? If you want to download their films, by all means, go ahead, but please don’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt Studio Ghibli. And the fact that you’ve even gone a step further in suggesting that it actually benefits them… unbelievable! Yeah, the Studio is so financially stable that just before the release of Arrietty, they were considering CLOSING DOWN the Studio if Arrietty was not financially successful. And while they may be “internationally known”, if you go out in the street now and ask random passers by if they know of Studio Ghibli, I bet the majority wouldn’t have a clue what you were on about. I very, very rarely meet people who know of Studio Ghibli. I’m actually surprised when I do. Like I said, if you want to download or stream, then feel free, but the reason that I don’t post these links on my blog, is because I have an audience of over 40,000 people, so doing so would definitely hurt Studio Ghibli. It takes a lot to get me upset, but wow, unbelievable.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I just wanted to ask: is In The Flesh really good? I'm intrigued by it (and I love your 'all the potential and all the delivery' tag for it), but because I've got a lot of shows on my list of things to watch, I don't know if I'll have the time for all of them. Is ITF really really good?

Ok a little context. 

I just graduated college and I have seriously a mile long list of shows, books, movies just, everything, that I need to catch up on. Things that seriously piqued my interest while I was in college, but that I just haven’t had the time to pursue. 

But on the advice of several of my closest friends, I put off those other things and watched In the Flesh - it’s 9 episodes total and I watched it in one sitting while with one of my best friends.

And I cannot truly explain the absolute joy this show is making me feel. It’s something I haven’t felt in a long, long time. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a show and that’s not even remotely including the feeling of having my OTP be canon. This show is real. It’s about zombies, yeah, but it deals with real life people and their real life problems.

We see the aftermath of a family after a teen suicide. We see a young girl go through PTSD after experiencing a war. We see a man turn to extremism after experiencing torture at the hands of those who were supposed to be taking care of him. We see a community come together and fall apart. We see people grow and change and break and snap and it’s all just so fucking real in all of the most amazing ways.

This show hurts. A lot. But it hurts in such a satisfying way. It’s the best kind of pain I’ve ever felt. 

In the Flesh is really, really good. 

p.s. my queer OTP is canon, you cannot comprehend how fucking magnificent that feels