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S A V I O R (B. Barnes x Reader)

Word count: 2688

Warnings: Kissing, some Russian and this is shit, but whatever.

Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight car
Тоска, проржавевший, семнадцать, Рассвет, печи, девять, доброкачественная, встреча выпускников/корпоративы, один, грузовых автомобилей

My hands sting and I can already feel the bruises beginning to form.
I sit to catch my breath, in the deafening silence I hear a drop of my blood hit the scuffed wooden floor.

Looking back, not wrapping my hands was a bad idea.

I get onto my feet and hook another bag up. This time, being careful to wash and wrap my hands.
Letting out years of pent up anger felt good after a long day of dealing with idiotic people.

“You should probably take care of that first.” Steve comments just as I knock the bag off its chain, accidentally spilling sand across the floor.
“If it isn’t the star-spangled man with a plan, why are you here? What do you want?”
“I don’t want anything -” he says obviously finding humour in his joke. My patience is running thin and I shoot him a glare.
He clears his throat, regaining his composure. “Fury wanted to see you.”
“Fury? Nick Fury, the one that relieved me of my title as field agent?-” Steve tries to cut me off
“-All because yours truly made one little mistake-”
“You almost got us killed.” He cuts in
“But I didn’t! I came in and saved your ass, again!”
“You wouldn’t have had to save us if you stuck to the orders!”
“It was my brother! What would you have done! I fixed my mistake, but Fury didn’t give me my second chance, why should I give him his?”
“Y/N I-” he sighs “I need your help.”
I shoot him a questioning look. “My silence is your cue.”
“Do you remember Bucky?”
“Bucky. Barnes?…The Winter Soldier? Yeah, why?”
“S.H.E.I.L.D wants to recruit him”
“Why? He tried to kill us. You were his mission-”
“I was his friend.”
“Steve, Bucky was your friend, the Winter Soldier, he’s your enemy. You can’t save him. He’s long gone. And he tried to kill us.”
“He remembers.” Steve argues “H-he’s still the Bucky I used to know, deep down.” He clears his throat again.
“Fury said that if you brought him back successfully-and alive- he’ll give you your job back.”
“Fine, but I’m doing this for me, and only me, not for you or your issues with your broken boyfriend.” Steve barely contained his excitement as we walk to the jet waiting outside. After a short flight to Stark tower and many questioning glances, we’re sat around a table discussing the terms of the mission.

“There are tracking devices in all the weapons in case you decide to go rogue.”
“Stark, I take my job very seriously.”
“Don’t flatter yourself, it’s just a precaution.”
I glance over the weapons layed out in front on me and pick a few, stuffing them in my duffle bag. I pause when I see an unfamiliar weapon. “Hey, Stark, what’s this?”
“Turn it away from you, press the green button, it vaporizes whatever its aimed at.” He demonstrated on a vase sitting on the table and it turned to a pile of ash.
“Woah. That’s awesome!”
“Thank you.”
“Tony, if only you were as big as your ego, maybe you’d be able to reach the top shelf.” Although he was a few inches taller than me I still liked to tease him about his height compared to the others.

I sat back down looking over the Winter Soldier’s case file once again, taking in all the details, adding them to what I already know. In his military picture he looks young, determined, sweet, definitely handsome, probably a ladies man with his hair neatly cut and gelled.
In the other two he looked different. There’s one of him in cryo. Even in his frozen state you can still make out the crease in his brow, he looks like he’s… in pain. The one of him in action, a majority of his face is covered by a black mask, his hair long and messy. His metal arm stood out against his black uniform. The vibranium caught the sun and made the red star stand out even more. The way I recognized him best, as the Winter Soldier.

“What?” I say snapping out of my stupor

“You spaced out, it’s time for us to leave, you’re headed to Shelbyville, Indiana, that’s where the target was seen last.”

“He’s not a target.” Steve yelled from down the hall, slamming the door.

“Actually, Sam? Wilson, right? Alright bird-boy. I say we head to Washington. I was thinking metal-man grew up in Indiana, maybe he went looking for answers he couldn’t find. If you’re a fossil who doesn’t know how to properly use a computer, where would you go to search for the past?”

“The Smithsonian.” Bruce chimed in when we walked past him lab. I shot him a smile, seeing as he was the only one who sided with me when I almost got them killed, he’s one of my favorites. Him and Natasha that is. Agent Romanoff was always one of my favourites.
“Exactly, there’s a big plaque dedicated to Barnes there. I say we check it out. I don’t think Barnes would stay in one place too long, he knows he’s wanted.”
“You really think he’s there?”
“Wilson, I’m a spy, its my job to know where people are.” I send over my shoulder on my way into the quinjet. I’m met with a light chuckle from Mr. Patriotism himself. “What’re you laughing at?”
“You know, you’re quite funny, agent Y/L/N.” I’m slightly startled by the title, not being used to it anymore. Does he just have that much faith that I’ll succeed? Although, I’ve only failed one or two missions. “Alright Rogers, we’ve got three hours on the jet, try to behave.”

Three hours later I’m dropped off at one of Stark’s safe houses a few blocks from the Smithsonian.
“Call when you’ve got him, we’ll send a jet. And Y/N, please, don’t hurt him unless you absolutely need to.” A quick nod and a small smile from the Captain is my parting, from here I’m on my own. I head into the small rundown house, it’s bigger on the inside, cleaner and brighter too. There’s a bed to one side and a bathroom on the other.

“There’s no place like home.”

I drop my duffle and slip a gun into the waistband of my pants. I also grab a knife and slip it into the holster in my jacket, you can’t be too careful.

I decide to take the small ‘getaway’ car in the garage. Its not as great as Steve’s bug though.

The first few days go by with no sign of the infamous soldier. I’m caught off guard to finally see the one and only sporting a baseball cap, jeans and a sweatshirt. He has gloves on too, it seems. Its not too cold, it’s only late October, he’s most likely trying to hide the metal that could set civilians into a panic and most certainly give him away. He’s standing near the plaque dedicated to the one James Barnes of the 107th.

I stand and observe him for a little while. He reads the words over and over again. Its a good ten minutes before I finally walk over, careful not to startle him. I stand next to him and read the plaque for myself.
“Bucky seems like he was a great person, definitely someone you’d want to befriend.” He seems caught off guard by my words and he takes a second to comprehend my sentence.
“Yeah I bet he was a great person.” He says. “Was.” He says. I don’t comment on it because I know I wasn’t supposed to hear it. After another few minutes of silence I start again.

“You know, Steve really misses you.” His head shoots up and his eyes are dark and guarded. He recognized the name.

“He remembers.” Steve’s words play over in my head.

“Who sent you?” He questions obviously ready for a fight.
“S.H.E.I.L.D.” the look on his face tells me he doesn’t believe me.
“They want to recruit you.” No response.
“Bucky-” recognition crosses his features, but is gone almost immediately and his eyes soften, barely. He looked like he was thinking hard, remembering.
“-Steve wants you back, he wants you to remember and I can help.” I show him my S.H.E.I.L.D badge for proof
“Let’s go because that guard hasn’t stopped watching you since you came in.” We head towards the street making our way to my car.
A tall man blocks our way. I pull out a gun and shoot. I clip his shoulder and he gets my leg, I collapse, but shoot again, this time its a head shot. The car’s gone and I can’t walk.
“How’d you get those through security?”
“Same way you got your arm through. Can you carry me, I can’t walk.” He picks me up as if I weighed nothing while I made a makeshift tourniquet.
I call Steve and then Romanoff and Banner, but none of them answer. He sets me down in a chair when we reach the safe house.
“Well, Earth’s mightiest heroes aren’t answering, I guess we’ll spend the night here. I’ll take first watch. You rest.” He hesitates, obviously not trusting me.
“If Steve trusts me, you can too. I promise.” He gets up and heads towards the bathroom. I hear the water start to run. I decide to make something light to eat for us, assuming he hasn’t had much lately. I hear the door click open.
“Hey, I made us dinner-” he standing in the doorway with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “I uhm, left my clothes.”
I hand him his clothes and try to keep my gaze from wandering. The door clicks shut again and I let out a breath I hadn’t known I was holding in. I sit on the bed and begin eating my sandwich. Bucky comes out, fully clothed with his hair neatly combed. I hand him his plate.
“You know, if there’s anything you want to know about yourself, I could try to answer, the basics at least. You’ll have to ask Rogers on the rest.”
“You know, that wasn’t me. None of it was me, I killed… So many people b-but, it wasn’t me.”
“I know Bucky.” I say taking his plate as he lays down.

He tosses and turns for hours. And when his breathing finally evens out I’m relieved to know he’s at least resting. I know what torture can do to a person. He sleeps for about an hour before he wakes up, immediately on guard. He wraps his metal hand around my throat
“Кто тебя послал?” Who sent you?
I’ve never been caught like this before, I could get out easily, but that would only make him more nervous,
“Bucky.” I choke out. “Its me, no one sent me.” His eyes soften and he drops me.
“I’m so sorry.” He says softly, glancing at the forming bruises.
“Its okay, I have them too, you know.” He looks surprised,
“You do?”
“Mm.” He looks at me for another second before going and sitting on the bed. He mutters quietly in Russian, but I can’t make out the words. I sidestep my bag and go to the sink.
“Drink.” I say handing him the glass. “What were you just mumbling?”
“Пытки равна прочности.”
“Torture equals strength.” We say together.
“ It was written on every surface back at Hydra.” I sit on the bed next to him, a bit closer than necessary.
“Все это будет нормально.” It’ll all be okay
He looks up at me and for the first time I see the ghost of a smile grace his features.
My phone rings interrupting our conversation.
“I’m sorry, we had a mission, I’ll come out to pick you up now.”

Thanks Clint, see you soon.“

"Katniss will be here soon, just throw your stuff in my duffle, I got it.” He does as he’s told, obviously confused, and goes back to his spot on the bed. It kind of set me off that he was trusting me. I knew well enough that it was an act. That he would try something. It was almost too easy.


Bucky became my new partner on all my missions and he’s remembering more and more.
With the help of Steve of course.
Its been about 2 years. I’ll fill you in on the details.

I was right, when Clint came, Bucky tried to escape. To kill us. He didn’t succeed. He was locked up for a while, with only minimal visits from me or from Steve. Steve helped him to remember, I was like a therapist. Maybe it was because I didn’t remind him, maybe because I was, in a sense, a stranger, but nevertheless, we grew closer. Eventually, I got Fury to agree to let Barnes roam, with me as an escort. Once he was stable enough, he began training, which, in my opinion, he didn’t need. And then he was recruited.

“Hey, Buck, we gotta go, we’re on our way to Vegas, remember?”
Finally, a mission in a nice place. We drop down and check into a nice hotel, that’s a new one. There’s a Hydra base under one of the abandoned casinos in town and its our job to take it down.


“Hey Buck, we’re in Vegas, we should do something fun.”
I say as we walk away from the burning building, cliché am I right?

“Why don’t we go back to the hotel and order room service? Watch a few movies, I’m still not caught up with the 21st century.” I laugh and nod my head in agreement.
I collapse on the bed and bury my face in the pillow.
“Are you tired, Мой ангел?”
I feel a rush of warmth at the name. Did he just call me his angel?
“No, just getting comfy.” I reply, my voice muffled my the pillow.
“I can make you comfy.” He says climbing in beside me and pulling me to him. He trails kisses up my neck to my jaw. I turn over to face him and give him a puzzled look. I’m not denying my feelings, everyone knew they were there, we’ve just never… confronted it, or even talked about it. And he’s never this carefree.

He smiles and captures my lips with his, a soft, yet hungry kiss, like he’d been waiting to do it. He wanted me just as badly as I wanted him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he instinctively put his hands on either side of my head to hold himself up. I tuck my hand up under his shirt and he pulls away only long enough my me to slip his shirt off and throw it across the room. I trace the skin where the metal meets, its still red, but not as bad as when I caught him watching his own reflection. As if he were a monster, a few weeks after I brought him to S.H.E.I.L.D. he slipped my shirt up over my head and trailed kisses down my neck, to my chest and onto my stomach, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. He brings his mouth back up to mine and his tongue skims my bottom lip. The moment ends when my phone rings insanely loudly. Bucky curses under his breath.
“What?” I snap at the person on the other line.
“Did I interrupt?” Comes the snarky voice of Tony on the other end.
“Why are you calling, Stark?”
“I sent Natasha to come get you guys, she’ll be there in a few hours.”
I end the call without a goodbye and look to the soldier piercing me with his blue eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He just chuckles and places a light kiss to my forehead.
“We’d better get dressed.” He muses a playful smirk on his face.
“To be continued, Кукла.”


Skin deep - Wolverine x Abused!Reader (NSFW)

Yes I would. Oh wait, I actually already did. WARNING, NSFW. It’s basically fluff and smut. If you’re uncomfortable with smut, DO NOT READ IT, I have many other SFW work instead ;-), if you don’t mind smut though, read away, and hope you’ll like it, like, hope I wrote things alright and all, BOOOOOM : 

Summary : Your body is littered with scars from years of abuse and torture…And you feel very self-conscious about it, highly insecure. Your boyfriend (and also savior), Logan, tries to convince you there’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )



It was always the same nightmare. 

You were back in the laboratories, and the people that killed your family were torturing you again. Logan’s lifeless body was pinned on the wall in front of you.

They’d done it again. They killed the one you loved the most…your only chance of salvation, of escape. The one that mended your broken body and soul back together. The one that saved you all those years ago, the one you fell deeply in love with…You wake up with a start and a scream, sweat running down your body. 

A hand laying softly on your bare thigh startles you, and you jump out of the bed, ready to fight…when you realize it’s Logan. 

He’s used to it by now, just like you were used to soothe him back to sleep after one of his nightmare. You were both quite fucked up…He was used to it by now, and yet…

The look on his face is nothing but worries, and he doesn’t dare making another movement. He just stares at you, waiting for you to come back…if you want to. A lot of times, when you wake up from a nightmare, you just leave for a walk alone, to clear your mind…But not tonight. 

Tonight, you need to feel him, to be in his arms…protected, and to make sure he’s still there, alive, safe.

You slip back into bed, and his feature softens a bit, loosing just a small amount of worries. One of your arm snake around his waist, the other goes around his neck, your hand tangling itself in his thick black hair. His own arms wrap around your body, pulling you as close as he can, on of his legs fits itself under yours, while the other one spayed across your thigh…You’re trapped in his embrace, just like you love. 

Your head goes to rest where his heart beats, and you sigh, tickling him lightly as your breath moves his chest hair. 

-You’re here to stay, right Logan ? 

-I don’t intend on leaving you again sweetheart. 

-Promised ? 

-Promised. I couldn’t anyway. 

-…Why ? 

-Because I fucking love you and I can’t live without you, that’s why. 


-That’s me. 

You chuckle, snuggling into him even more, and kiss his chest. 

-I love you. 

-I love you too (Y/N), now, sleep. 

You don’t have any dreams the rest of the night, and that’s how you like it. 

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Bar Fights and Best Friends

Bucky Barnes X Reader
Summary: Reader is a bar tender who just cant seem to catch a break. One night after an all out brawl breaks out where she works, she finds herself trapped behind the counter with one of the patrons. A Patron with a metal arm who claims to know the Avengers. 
[Image not relevant, I just really liked it.]

“This is so not my day!” You huffed as a beer bottle whizzed past your head. You should have gone home four hours ago, but the night bartender had called out for their shift. Being the Good Samaritan that you were, you offered to stay. Apparently, the universe decided that the best reward for your small act of kindness would be an all-out brawl at the bar. Cowering behind the counter you tried desperately to remember what your boss had said the procedure for this was.

“You’re telling me!” A voice groaned from your left. You looked over to see a man sitting a couple feet your left. His chin was lined with stubble. His hair was grown out long, just reaching his shoulders. The brim of a baseball hat covered most of his face but you got the impression that you had nothing to fear from this man.

“Long day for you too, then?” You scooted over towards him. Both so that you could avoid another flying beverage and so that you could hear each other better.

“Long life.” He chuckled bitterly. He poked his head up over the brim of the counter only to immediately pull himself back down. “Well that’s not stopping any time soon.” He sighed. “I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Bucky.”

“Nice to meet you Bucky. I’m [Y/n].” You grasped his hand and gave it a shake. You were surprised by how smooth and cold his hand was. You looked down. It was metal!

“Like I said, long life.” He repeated uncomfortably.

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DS9: Rules, Games, Winning

One thing while watching Season 7 I keep thinking about is how DS9 deals with success and continually redefines what it means to “win”… and how the lessons they learn by playing games for entertainment informs how they make sense of winning real-life victories.

1) The take-home message of Take Me Out to the Holosuite is that “manufactured triumph” can be just as good as actually winning– the Niners team of misfits was never going to win against superstar Vulcans in the baseball game, but they can win by ~having fun~ and infuriating the main Vulcan guy anyway.  If you can’t win, change the goal.

2) Miles and Julian’s obsession with the Alamo shows also how losing a battle can mean winning the war– in the Battle of the Alamo  the Texans (who are the heroes in US history narratives) are outnumbered, outmatched by Santa Anna’s Mexican troops, and the Texans are slaughtered while standing their ground.  This is a losing battle!  However as Wikipedia further informs me, “Santa Anna’s cruelty during the battle inspired many Texans to join the Texan Army” eventually leading to them winning the overall revolution.  This is Miles and Julian’s escape into fantasy to take the pressure off, but also is a way for them to make sense of the casualty lists.  Will their co-workers and allies have died for nothing, in the end?  If they themselves die will their lives have been worth it?  The desire to avenge the deaths of the Alamo led for Texan victory, and so the DS9 crew has to use their grief over Federation/ally deaths to fuel their will to beat the Dominion.

3) oh and the Season ½ pointless plots with aliens that like to play games that don’t seem like fun to us (Move Along Home, Captive Pursuit, Rivals, perhaps even Q-Less… Battle Lines is not a game in terms of entertainment but it is like a neverending laser tag with real weapons.) is an attempt to set up further questions on what winning means– how can you win when you don’t know what rules you’re playing by?  what happens if you refuse to play the game?  what happens to your honor and integrity when the game isn’t fair to begin with, and in that case what’s the point in playing? (why not just punch Q in his smarmy face?)

4) in Our Man Bashir, Julian and Garak have to win the holosuite game to save the crew trapped from the transporter malfunction, but in the process might be killed themselves.  Garak tries to save him and Julian, but it would kill the crew– this attempt at victory isn’t acceptable to Julian who shoots him, and Garak is pleased at Julian’s commitment: “He showed me that he had the spine to play the game as it ought to be played”.  In the end, Julian “saves the day by destroying the world”– to save the real lives of the crew, he has to lose the expected endgoal of the holosuite game.

5) All of this builds to our more seriously treated plot arcs that deal directly with these themes– how will our heroes save the day, what will they sacrifice in the process, how will they know what victory is and if it’s worth it?  The first related ongoing arc is Bajoran independence and their ongoing struggle with self-governance and rebuilding, as seen through Major Kira: the black and white of the Resistance against Cardassian oppressors doesn’t apply to the murky grey politics of democracy– how to do what is best for the Bajoran people while also letting them make their own decisions. When Bajorans disagree with Bajorans who is the enemy?  How do you deal with nebulous objectives?  Winning was easy, governing’s harder.

6) Sisko’s confrontations with the Maquis culminates with his pursuit/standoffs with Eddington– Federation values don’t generally allow for officers to poison whole planets, not for any reason, but for Sisko to win he has to play the game that Eddington has set up for him, he has to be the Javert to Eddington’s Valjean.  This is against standard Star Trek rules!!! but it pays off and he wins.

8) Sisko’s struggle to win the game while playing by the rules– and then having to overstep those rules– is most obviously dealt with in In the Pale Moonlight.  “I lied. I cheated. I bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. I am an accessory to murder. But the most damning thing of all… I think I can live with it. And if I had to do it all over again - I would. Garak was right about one thing: a guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant."  No subtext here, this is the thesis statement of this whole theme, from the mouth of the Sisko himself.  This is followed up by the Section 31 episodes, which reveal that the Federation itself– who has set those rules Sisko breaks/bends!– is willing to sacrifice its integrity in order to win in the end.

Whose rules do you play by and when?  If you play to win what do you lose in the process?  By saving the day, do you destroy the world?  Is it worth it?

College!AU Seokjin
  • major: broadcasting 
  • minor: hospitality and tourism management 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: cooking club, on campus news channel + interns at the actual city news channel 
  • it is important to point out that the only person out of his crew of friends aka bts he is the only one with a car and all the members keep fighting over who seokjin is going to let borrow his car for the weekend and most of the time seokjin is like this is a Headache and gives it to hoseok because hoseok is nice and also jungkook can’t double park and namjoon drives at a snails pace
  • but yeah he has a car mostly because he has to drive to get to the city news headquarters that is like way too far from campus and the cars like a hand-me-down from his family so it’s kinda old but seokjin always keeps it clean and freshly painted and he has those cute like air fresheners that hang from his mirror because god only knows what the members do in this poor car when he’s not around
  • but seokjin’s car is not the point of this au moving on he’s a broadcasting major and hopes to have a job in news when he’s older, preferably as an anchor at a news station even (a famous one would be even better) and everyone thinks that honestly he’s a perfect fit for the job
  • a) because he’s handsome b) because he has a good voice and c) did i mention he’s drop dead handsome? like imagine waking up, turning on the tv, and there’s seokjin telling you it’s gonna be a sunny day and that the government royally screwed up again. wow. a Dream
  • seokjin’s original major was hospitality and tourism management because he had wanted to go to culinary school but thought that that was way too much of a stretch so maybe working in at a hotel or as an event planner was kind of similar to cooking for many people in a restaurant, but after a while he made it his minor because someone had suggested he should be on TV with those good looks
  • and being an actor was just as a far off as being a chef so he was like what else is on TV? the news
  • and seokjin’s like pretty well informed too, like he enjoys reading the paper and listening to political podcasts (which jungkook and taehyung always whine about in the car if seokjin is driving them all into the city they’re always like “hyUNG this is so sad and the words are so boring let’s listen to something more funnnn” and seokjin’s like “how does radio disney sound for you kids?” and they’re like h Y U N g and seokjin’s like no we’re not listening to any of those songs w swear words in them and yoongi in the passenger seat beside jin is like oh my god seokjin we are all in C O L L E G E 
  • but yeah he like does the weather reporting and reads of the news that goes on on campus but he’s also fascinated by journalism and when he’s at his internship he’s always mingling w the interns that aren’t doing broadcasting but the ones who’re working under the journalists and sources because they’re so cool and know so much and ok some of the stuff they tell him he’s not supposed to know but seokjin is so charming that he could get mr. krabs to tell him the secret to the krabby patty. 
  • not interested in sports broadcasting even though every season the baseball coach sends over half the team to get jin to show up and broadcast live through the university’s athletic channel stream and seokjin’s like no thanks but the coach is like bribe him. tell him he’s pretty. and the team tries but seokjin is like listen i know your coach just wants more people to watch the show for my great face and not the game so im not gonna do it. and the teams like sigh ok but also seokjin is right that’s exactly why the coach wants him to broadcast
  • seokjin is also on the tennis team and everytime he practices the court is full of girls and boys pressed against the fence around the net trying to take photos of him and he’s like flattered but also like !!! be careful you guys i have a very strong swing i dont want any balls going over the fence and hurting anyone!!! 
  • when they play doubles seokjin’s teammate sandeul is always whining about how another fan of seokjins had asked him to get her seokjin’s signature and he’s like seokjin pls im so tired of this someone stole my racket last week thinking it was yours
  • and seokjin’s like im sorry buddy but im cursed with this Beautiful Face what can i do…..
  • sandeuls like let me whack you with this ra- and jin’s like i will end you 
  • and so one day you’re actually featured on the campus new channel because you won an award in your major and it’s nothing hUGE but it’s something so you get an invite to be on the morning segment and you kinda want to turn it down because cameras,,,the whole student body watching you,,,ahhhhhhh no
  • but like your friends are like what nO do  i  t and also they’re like “you’ll get to do it with seokjin, and you know everyone loves seokjin!!! you can’t let this chance go!!!!”
  • and you’re like well like you know who seokjin is but you’re like even if i do this interview it’s not like he’s going to magically fall in love w me or something (Lmao little do you know)
  • so you’re just like fine whatever and you try to wear something nice and you show up and it’s obvious you’re worried because you keep fiddling with your phone
  • until you hear a sweet voice go; “don’t worry. it’s not like this is cable television or anything.”
  • and you look up to see THE seokjin standing beside you with a kind smile on his face and his signature pink tie on and ok wow he’s super handsome up close are his eyes sparkling?? ok wait not the point
  • and you’re like ahHA it’s easy for you you do this every morning and seokjin’s like chuckling like you’re not wrong but seriously don’t sweat it
  • and he like ruffles your hair and goes to sit in front of the camera and you’re like 
  • well one your heart is beating because ok,,,,ruffling your hair?? what is this some romance comic but two; holy shit you’re on in two minutes
  • and the minute seokjin is introducing your name and the award you’ve won you can feel your palms getting sweaty but it’s like somehow you catch a gentle, encouraging smile that seokjin passes on to you and suddenly your throats just a little less dry and you manage to stutter out a little speech about the award and not make a fool out of yourself
  • and all in all the segment with you is only 7 minutes long, but you can’t leave the set till seokjin is done talking and right at the end you notice that seokjin’s sweating a lot and that he keeps trying to move his fingers casually toward the cue cards that are beside you but are too far away and if he just grabs them everyone will see it in the shot
  • and you’re like wait shit did he forget the headlines??? and you can hear seokjin’s lines wavering a bit and he clears his throat right after the weather report and you’re like oh no and seokijn is like “now for more headlines, the real information about campus life and activities, the headlines…”
  • like it’s obvious he’s stalling and the crew is panicking and so you casually put your award down on the table and slip the cue cards into your lap so the camera cant see and without looking at him, you drop the cards in jin’s lap under the table you two are sitting on and like
  • he just needs one glance down to remember the first couple of words and BAM everything comes back to him and he’s making the announcements smoothly and the crew is like thANK GOD the main cameraman even needs someone to like dab the sweat off his forehead for him because that was close
  • can you believe this drama at the on campus news channel like wOW 
  • but yes everything ends and the seokjin turns to you and you’re like !!! good job and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,,,listen i owe you my life
  • and you’re like ok chill not your life it’s just a show but seokjin is like no no ive never messed up on a broadcast and idk whats happening with me today maybe i was too distracted but really you saved me
  • and you blush like oh,,,,it was nothing quick thinking you know!! and you like get your award and jump off your chair like well!!!! this was interesting and nerve wracking!!! thanks for having me
  • and you do a bow to all the film + broadcasting students and you’re like oh no class is in fifteen
  • and you run off before seokjin can flag you down and give you his number because hey you wanna know why he was distracted?
  • because you were so damn cute
  • ALSO because you see him the next day in the pharmacy off campus buying flu medicine and he’s got tissues sticking out of his pockets and like a neck warmer on and you’re like
  • …….. he forgot his lines because he was also getting sick……..
  • and you walk over like hey!! and he’s like o H and hides behind the cap he’s wearing because he’s like  don’t look at me im usually a 10 but today im an 8 because i look horrible
  • and you’re like no no you’re still like above a 10 don’t worry
  • and seokjin peeks from under his baseball cap like ,,,,,,why thank you *commence a long string of sneezes*
  • and you’re like hey, you should try this tea my mom gave me when she was helping me pack for this semester. whenever i get a cold it always works and im good the next day! and seokjin is like a one day cure for the cold? ill take it i have the morning news to do tomorrow
  • and you’re like cool!!! ill bring some over to your dorm and seokjin’s like ok!! thank you ill pay you back with some good food and you’re like no no you’re sick and he’s like yEs im sick im not dying i can still make some kimchi fried rice.
  • and so you show up to the dorm with your tea bags and seokjin still has his messy hair under his baseball cap and a big sweater on and some sweats and it’s kind of a shock because you’re used to him being all spiffy and well kept when you see him on the campus channel
  • but now he looks like you know,,,,,,like every other sick and stressed kid in college
  • and like seokjin has got his ricecooker on and he’s got all these containers of sidedishes that he’s made and you’re like making him tea
  • and like you barely know each other but somehow it’s very serene and domestic
  • and when you’re done and seokjin drinks like 3 cups of your tea and you eat like 3 portions of his rice 
  • seokjin is seeing you to the door and he’s like
  • *cough* “is it ok *sneeze* *blow nose* if one day when im *cough again* better i can take you out for *blow nose and cough at same time, apologize* dinner as a thank you?”
  • and you’re like a thank you for??? and he’s like for that time you saved me and you’re putting your hands up like wAH no no it’s fine
  • but seokjin is like no i must i must and even though he sounds like he’s dying and he’s sneezing all over the place, he’s stubborn till the end until you agree
  • as you’re walking to your own dorm though you’re like
  • wait………….
  • did i just score a date with the handsomest guy on campus????
  • and yes. yes you did
  • when you text your friends about it they nearly sprints their way down to your dorm like W H  A T WE NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR A DATe outFiT and you’re like i can just wear that- and they’re like nO this is SEOKJIn the FACE OF Our schoOL you are going to have to look GUD
  • and you’re like oh my
  • so the date turns out to be at this pretty fancy place in the city that you’ve heard about and you’re like is seokjin,,,,,the son of some guy with a company or something how can he afford this place
  • and like you see him coming down the street and he’s in like a suit and looking like a+ like yall about to attend a wedding or something and hes got his hair back and you’re like oh,,,,,,,this is so,,,,,,Fancy
  • and you’re like hi!! and seokjin’s like “you look amazing.” and you’re like “you look even better!!” and seokjin laughs like “for the first time, i have to disagree - you’re stunning.”
  • and he offers you his elbow like we’re back in the fifties or something and you go inside and like ,,,, you get this nice table and you’re the youngest ones there and you’re like um seokjin how did you,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,get us seats here? Are you rich? Are you the prime ministers secret son you can tell me i will keep it a secre-
  • but seokjin is like no no i know the chef of this place, he gave a talk on campus for one of the classes in my minor. we kind of clicked you know and he’s always calling me over to have a taste of his food. his names kidoh.
  • and you’re like ……kidoh? and seokjin’s like “interesting, right? he’s seoul’s youngest chef.”
  • and you’re like looking at seokjin like this guys life is just…..full of surprises isn’t it
  • but over dinner like you and seokjin end up bonding so much over the things you guys like and care about and seokjin always seems to unapproachable because he looks like he’s so far above others, but in reality he’s just a dude who loves to cook and make corny jokes and in a lot of ways he’s really just……normal
  • he does admit that he’s really careful about his appearance but he’s like how can i not be when that’s all people see me for
  • and you get a hint of the sadness behind that statement, the fact that people forget that there’s a person with feelings under his breathtaking smiles
  • and you don’t expect it but seokjin’s like let me drive you home and you’re like you have a car??
  • and seokjin’s like yes i just didn’t want to park it out here because it’s pretty old and i thought it might be embarrassing but once you see it you’re like seokjin this car looks new and he’s like that’s because i break my back cleaning it all the time
  • and while he’s driving you he tells you the stories of what jimin, yoongi, and taehyung have all done to his precious car and you’re laughing like nO way and seokjin’s like nO Im telling the truth it’s like im friends with a bunch of five year olds sometimes
  • and you’re like seokjin i love the way you nag about them it’s hilarious and he’s like heY i do not NAG. i woRRY and you’re like hehe it’s cute!!!!
  • and it is cute he’s concerned for the people he loves. this softie
  • and like when you get dropped off youre like hey seokjin wanna hear a secret
  • and he’s like ooo ok and you’re like leaning over like “i liked your kimchi fried rice more than the food at the restaurant. don’t tell your friend!” and when you lean back giggling into your hand seokjin just
  • he just gently takes your wrist and pulls you back to him and kisses the side of your lips with a whispered thank you
  • and like you sit in the car looking at each other in the like moonlight and it’s cute you wanna kiss him again but like it’s enough for the first date and seokjin watches as you go inside just to make sure you’re safe
  • and ofc he sends you a good night text because like seokjin is the best man on this planet he is so soft and caring and wow ok im getting off topic
  • but yes after that you and seokjin meetup more often on campus, sometimes in the area where the news channel is filmed because seokjin is always studying lines during lunch and you’re honestly just fine watching him all concentrated as you munch on his homemade snacks
  • you also listen to him do a mock announcement and then clap and he’s like the aplause is not necessary and you’re like why not you’re so cool seokjin
  • and he’s like trying to hide the smile but he can’t
  • sometimes you’ll go over to his dorm and you two will look up recipes on youtube or online to try and make
  • most of the time you both end up with the ingredients all over your faces and fingertips and when you reach up to put some avocado paste on seokjin’s cheek he chases you until he gets you in a backhug and kisses at the spot behind your ear that he knows is sensative
  • it’s cute you guys make dinner for his friends and jungkook is like “hyung. i think you two should just get married and adopt us all as your kids so you can both cook for us everynight.” and seokjin is like jungKOOK and you’re like skhfldngseifw and yoongi is like “no no the little twerp is right.” and jungkook’s like im like 5 inches taller than you yoongi i have been for like two years and yoongi with his mouth full of noodles “you’re still a twerp jungkook.”
  • you go to see seokjin play tennis and like it’s not a competition so you come out onto the court and seokjin helps you learn how to hold the racquet and whatnot
  • when he puts his hands around your waist to keep you steady you can literally hear sandeul from the other court whistling like GET IT SEOKJIN and seokjin is “i repeat. everyone im friends with is five.”
  • you and seokjin doing little face masks together because he gets you into them and you’re like “did i put this on right?” the first time and he’s like “no it’s upside down come here.”
  • when you had to go away for couple of days for a trip with your class seokjin sent you videos of him eating for a straight thirty minutes not saying anything until the end. he affectionately called these videos “eat jin”
  • you responded by doing the same and naming them “eating without jin” and seokjin was just like yEAH but you wish i was there
  • seokjin is tall and he owns a lot of like long sleeved shirts that you love wearing because they’re big in the shoulders and seokjin is like “…..hey listen you have your own clothes…..did you get a stain on this sweater? come here i will kill yo-” and you’re like “SORRY but they’re nice and they smell clean like you” and seokjin is like “if you weren’t so cute- i sWEAR.”
  • you start watching the school news everyday now lmao all your friends are like “i thought you didn’t care about campus news?” and you’re like “ofc i do. especially if my cute as heck boyfriend is reporting it to me. btw did you know i got him another pink tie for our anniversary and look he’s wearing it-”
  • and one day seokjin and you come to his dorm after going to his tennis practice together and seokjin is gets a call and he’s listening to the other person for a longtime and you can’t really read his face but you’re like ???? and when he hangs up after saying thank you one hundred times you’re like “what is it??” and seokjin’s like “you know the place i intern at?” and you’re like “the big news channel right?” and he’s like “yeah.” and you’re like taking his hands in yours like “well???? what???” and he looks at you and he’s like “they’re officially hiring me. they’re officially hiring me to help report the news.” and you’re like ……..HOLY SHIt and you jump up and down and just grab his cheeks and kiss him like one hundred times
  • and seokjin is like ,,,,,,,,this is fOR real this isn’t just the free news channel for the uni this is,,,,,actual television and you’re like oh MY GOD im so pROUd and you lean in to kiss him again but this time seokjin kisses back
  • and he’s usually very tender with kisses but this one is full of adrenaline and like you’re both already kinda sweaty because you came back from tennis but like what the frick ever you like go down right there on the floor of the kitchen
  • and like seokjin pulls you ontop and is just like
  • well you know there goes his tennis uniform and all that woooo
  • and you two are lucky yoongi doesn’t walk in on the dorm but like seokjin is just holding you close and his forehead is against yours and he’s like
  • “this is a miracle.” and you’re like whaT no you’re destined to be on the TV screen and he’s like no no well yes the job is a miracle but the real miracle he was talking about is ofc……you
  • and it’s cute you and seokjin are two glowing flowers two sweet and kindhearted for this world
  • afterwords you try to get taehyung, jimin, and namjoon to help you make a special cake for seokjin but like with those three all you get is a bunch of icing everywhere so you’re like baking cookies with seokjin’s face on it instead sounds easier
  • you throw a party for him and seokjin is just so surprised because honestly not a lot of people show him they appreciate him a lot but ever since you’ve been around he actually feels loved like really REALLY loved
  • and it’s cute he spins you around in a hug while jungkook is trying to sneak one of the seokjin cookies off your tray and you’re like heY don’t those are seokjin’s present 
  • and yoongi wiggling his eyebrows @ you 2 like “i think seokjin already got his present~~~” and taehyung’s like GOOD ONE BRO
  • and you’re like “seokjin.” and seokjin with his face in your neck like “hmm?” you’re like “i think you were right. your friends are all five year olds.”
  • lmaO you excitedly gather everyone in the study hall to crowd around your laptop to watch seokjin’s first day on the job and you’re like lOOK At him. my professional baby 

find all of college!bangtan (here) & all of college!vixx (here)
please look forward to college!seventeen soon ^^
thank you for supporting this series ~~

mindykahling  asked:

If you're taking requests, can I please get a fic of Ginny where she's Mike's daughter's kindergarten teacher?

oh, geez, Joudie. Do you see what you’ve made me do? I am tied up in all these feelings about Mike as a single dad now. Like 8000 words later and I’m still not over it. 

anyway, i hope this makes you smile!

easy as 1, 2, 3 | ao3

“Daddy, look!”

Obediently, Mike stopped, one of Maddie’s little hands still curled in his. The other pointed up, towards a wall of artwork. (Well, calling it “art” was maybe generous, but the kids were five and six. He could cut them a little slack.) He tried to follow the line of her tiny finger, but wasn’t sure what she wanted him to see. 

“What am I looking at, Mads?” he asked with a frown. 

Impatiently, she raised her arms, the imperious “Up!” left unsaid. 

With a groan—his girl was getting too big or his knees were aging too fast for this—Mike hauled her up onto his hip so she could point with more accuracy. Apparently, now that she had a better vantage, pointing wasn’t enough. Instead, she curled her fingers into his beard and tugged, like it was a set of reins and he was her noble steed. 

He really needed to stop letting the guys give her “horsey rides” if this was what he got out of it.

“Ow! Mads, gentle,” he reminded her, still moving to the right. The way she’d wanted. Geez, that was effective. 

Satisfied he was doing as she wanted, and—unfortunately—probably not because it was the right thing to do, she released her grip on him. She reached out and smacked her hand against one of the pictures. Immediately, his eyes zeroed in on the familiar, slightly shaky, handwriting of his daughter in the bottom corner. In painstaking letters, she’d spelled out “Madeline Lawson,” each letter a different color.

Honestly, how he’d missed it before was beyond him. 

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[Misawa AU] Synchronous Flowering Chapter 2

fandom: Daiya no A

Characters: Sawamura Eijun/Miyuki Kazuya

words: 7k

summary: Sometimes a twist in destiny can mean a closer bond from an early stage, and dragging Kazuya off to a small sleepy town in Nagano was probably one of the best things Rei could’ve ever done for him

Notes: I really didn’t expect this to get as many readers and as much interest as it did!! This chapter covers the meeting with Azuma and the finalizing of their goals :D I hope you’ll enjoy! THank you so much for reading this and supporting it in spite of the warnings!!

Takashima picks Eijun up at the train station on a cool fall morning.

Tokyo is something completely different from anything Eijun has ever seen. He’s been to bigger cities with his mother on rare occasions, but never anything as big as this. The city shouldn’t even be referred to as a city, he thinks irritably, watching his step as he gets into the cab Takashima had hailed for them.

It’s too big to be a city.

He’d bet just about anything you can see sky scrapers break the horizon from the top of Tokyo tower.

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anonymous asked:

A thought that has been on my mind as of late: proposals!! How would the brothers plan and execute their marriage proposal to their s/o? Would it be extravagant with loads of people involved? More personal/intimate and low key? And where? :D

I love this ask, I loved thinking about this ask, I loved writing this ask–thank youuu~

There are honestly so many possibilities, but here are some general ones I imagined them doing! I hope you enjoy them and that I was able to give this adorable hc a little justice!

Osomatsu may be careless and bit tawdry at times, but truly he’s a sentimental guy who deeply values homely comforts and cozy familiarity, so when he realizes he truly wants to be with his s/o for the rest of his life, he’s going to make his proposal as meaningful as he knows to be–which for him is something ‘close to home.’ He’s an easy-going guy, so he wouldn’t get too caught up on planning as true feelings should just come naturally, but he would spend some time setting it up in his mind so he at least knew what to do. Something like going to Chibita’s Oden cart just the two of you, then on the stroll back home while the sun sets, he stops and finally asks the question. A few people may be around, but for the most part, he just wants it to be you and him because with you, well, anywhere feels like home.

Karamatsu is man of statement and passion, so when he truly loves someone, he’s practically willing to yell it from the rooftops for the whole world to hear. Of course, even he knows this to be a bit impractical for a proposal, so he’d settle on something where at least many people were present. Since this night he’d know to be very special, he’d want to set it up as beautifully as possible and provide his dear s/o with as much luxury and extravagance as he could afford. He’d probably plan to take you to a ritzy restaurant where you both dress up and have a nice meal together. Then in his suit and tie, he’d pull out his guitar and serenade you in the center of the restaurant, finishing by going down on one knee and asking you to do him the greatest honor in marrying him. He may be a man of ‘no plans,’ but for his special s/o, he’d do anything to make them happy.

Choromatu we all know to be very practical and meticulous, so when the idea of marriage first starts (seriously) entering his thoughts, he’s already going to begin planning the perfect way to execute a proposal. He’d want things to be organized, smooth, and above all perfect, because this night was so important and he’d want everything to be just right for his s/o. He’d of course go with a very traditional approach, and because he’s a bit of a softie at heart he’d want it to be intimate and meaningful. He would likely plan to take you to a classy restaurant, then after dinner would walk you to the park where there are hopefully less people (nervous boy), and in front of the fountain he’d fumble nervously through his speech of how much you truly mean to him before slowly getting down on one knee and asking you to please marry him. It’d be hard saying no to such a hopeful and sincere expression as the one he’d be giving you in that moment.

Ichimatsu is neither a man of extravagance or words, but he is one of deep emotion and sentimentality, so when he feels he wants to be with his s/o for the rest of his life, he’d do something meaningful and private—just the two of them. Knowing Ichi, it’d be lowkey and natural, as if you were just spending a nice day together, though of course it’d be a little more special. He’d be quite nervous, but would just keep insisting on doing things with you he knew you liked in hopes of conveying how much he just wanted to see you happy. It would probably be like a day where you two go to a local café, then walk around to different places. Perhaps you go to the park, perhaps you stop to play with some strays. When the sun starts to set and you’re calmly strolling back home together, he’d stop you and would do his best to express his feelings before hesitantly asking if you’d be interested at all in marrying him. It wouldn’t be anything at all like the suave romance movies you may have seen, but he’d definitely put his whole heart into it in sincere hopes that’d you’d accept it.

Jyushimatsu is carefree and full of boundless energy. Like a child he just wants to play and have fun with his s/o, all the while making them smile and super happy! He isn’t one of careful planning or inhibitions, rather just doing things as they come freely and expressing his feelings openly and honestly whenever he feels them. If it weren’t for his brothers, he’d probably want to propose within the first month in all honesty. With their help, later on when he really was ready to take that important step with his s/o, they’d all do their best to gently urge him on the right track—careful to only do just enough and let Jyushi handle it the rest of the way, for if it wasn’t from the heart of the man himself what was the true meaning of it all? He would likely pick you up, dressed up nice and handing you flowers he picked up on the way there. After that, he’d take you to you guys’ favorite date spot where you’d eat together, joking and laughing like you always do. Then you’d both go to the park where you usually play games, but this evening was different as instead of suggesting baseball, he eagerly got down on one knee before you and with the biggest, brightest smile you’ve ever seen ask if you’d marry him. Sure his brothers helped him plan this out, but you’d know by that face that he meant every word.

Todomatsu is attentive and articulate. When he realized he wanted to propose to his s/o, he’d carefully plan out the best, most perfect proposal he could manage. He’d want it to be the picture-perfect moment, so naturally he’d spend quite some time setting it up to make sure that it was. He’d want to show his s/o that with him they’d always feel the most pampered, respected, and beautiful, and that he’d always strive to provide them with style and luxury. He’d probably buy you a really nice outfit, leaving a note to dress yourself up for he was to treat you to a perfect night. When you were ready, he’d pick you up and take you to a high-class restaurant where together you’d share a wonderful meal. It’d be once you finished your desserts that amongst the opulent ambiance and candlelight, he’d get down on one knee as ask for you to marry him. He may be self-indulgent and manipulative, but in this moment—this night and hopefully in his future should you say yes—everything would be all about you, for to him there was no better luxury than just getting to be your partner.

Being An Idol’s Sister

I have to be honest and say this story took me FOREVER to write! During this process I had so many things going on, and because of that I had major writers block and I just had to wing it at some points. But I hope you enjoy it, I put a lot of effort in it, even if it doesn’t seem like it. 

Plot: Being a K-Pop Idol’s sister isn’t always the easiest–Even if you love them to death and will do anything for them–Especially when it comes to dating other Idol’s. Because of this Y/N has to keep a secret relationship, but what happens when her Idol siblings catches them red handed? (Still suck at Summary’s) 

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Drama, Angst-ish. So little smut it’s barely even there. 

Characters: Namjoon X Reader, Ft. Other members and Byun Baekhyun.

Words: 4,018.

(P.S. I actually really love EXO’s music. They were one of my first K-Pop bands I got into, so in the story if it sounds like Y/N doesn’t, it’s not me, it’s just for the story)

Originally posted by ksjknj

I scroll through the pictures on my laptop. It could be hard trying to find the right pictures for my graduation video. I had to find pictures with family, friends, funny ones, cute ones, silly ones, and memorable ones.

Unfortunately the problem was there was too many and I had to fit them all in one minute. That was too small for me. I couldn’t fit my entire 19 years of life all in one minute.

I was starting to get really focused on the photo’s that I hadn’t noticed the soft knock coming from my door.

“Y/N?” My older brother spoke “Mom said dinner is ready. You can get some whenever you want since you’re so busy..” Baekhyun finished.

Yes. Baekhyun is my older brother and Yes he is a very famous K-Pop Idol. Of course being his sister and all that’s not how I see him at all. I look at him as a big brother; Someone I can look up to when I’m troubled, but also someone who bickers and wrestles with me.

Baekhyun is very protective of his family–me being one of them– He did not in any circumstances want the world to know I was his sister, that meant no one knew who I was. Who I really was. It had it’s up’s and downs.

For starters; It was hard to go out with him in public, with so many people watching him they would probably think I was his girlfriend–which still makes me cringe–But it also was nice to go out by myself and not get bombarded by fans or cameras.

“Y/N?” Baekhyun called again.

Baekhyun watched my face. My eyebrows furrows, my bottom lip sticking out a bit, something I did when I was really concentrated on a project. He blamed this for my absent speech.

He smirked before walking towards my bed. I could feel a slight sink in the bed as he sat down but I brushed it off.

“Y/N..?” He asked.

“Hmm?” I simply answered, not taking my eyes off the laptop.

“You need to eat something healthy at some point.. College can wait” He commented and I shrugged.

“Mmm.. Later” I answered and he groaned.

“That’s it” I watched as the top of my laptop slowly fell down, forcing me to move my hands on the keyboard as it shut completely. My eyes widened.

“Baekhyun! I didn’t save it!” I scolded and he only chuckled. I was now fully aware of my surroundings. I looked around a bit, noticing the dirty dishes stacked on my nightstand, some water bottles and Gatorade, along with candy and chip bags on my desk.

I half sighed and groaned as I laid down on my pillow behind me, making Baekhyun chuckle.

“You have been at this for weeks now Y/N. College won’t slip away. You already got accepted and have arranged all the classes, you even have a specific date when you’re starting. You shouldn’t have to worry any more” He explained and he had a point.

“I still have other things to do..” I tried and he rolled his eyes.

“Like what?” I turned to my side so I could look at him better.

“I still have my graduation video I have to make, I have to get supplies for college and.. What if they don’t like me?” I mumbled the last part and Baekhyun started laughing.

“You’re right, they won’t like you” He bluntly put and I frowned “They’ll love you!” He finishes with another smirk and I roll my eyes, playfully hitting him in the arm.

“You’re so cheesy!” I complain and Baekhyun laughs, getting up only to lay down next to me.

We lay there in silence for a while, neither of us bothering to say anything. 

Baekhyun and I are close, even closer now that our older brother moved out. Of course we were still siblings and bickered a lot, but at the end of the day, I would take a bullet for Baekhyun in a heartbeat.

Baekhyun suddenly turned to the side so we were facing each other “What do you say I take you out say.. Tomorrow?” He asks.

I sat up, resting a hand on the bed to support me “Baekhyun.. You know we can’t do that. People will see and make so many wrong conclusions” I pointed out.

He shrugs, sitting up as well “So what? You can either go in disguise or if people do make assumptions, I can answer truthfully. You’re my sister for crying out loud, I think it’s time for people to know that now” He finished and I smiled from ear to ear making him smile back.

“Seriously?” I ask and he nods.

“Sure. Plus it would be good for you to see the guys, I keep having to make excuses for you as to why you can’t come. They seriously love you” Baekhyun stands up now, ready to walk out of the room.

“Guys?” I ask with a tilt in my head.

“Yea. We’re gong to go to BigHit to see BTS; We were planning on doing a collab sometime soon.. That’s okay with you right?” He asks in concern, noticing how my face fell.

“Yea, of course. It would be cool to see the guys again” I answer with a smile and Baekhyun nods.

“Alright” Baekhyun turns around, looking towards the door “Make sure you’re ready by 9:30 AM” He quickly explains before leaving.

I mentally groan; That’s too early “Alright” I call back before he is gone from my sight. What I didn’t tell him was that one of the members and I had a bit of a secret.

It started out just a childish crush, but as I grew to know them more my feelings for him grew. Unfortunately for me, Baekhyun has forbade me to date any Idol’s, which included any of the BTS members. This meant that, that one member and I had to “Secretly” date.

I laid back down with a sigh. I was going to have to do more hiding from my brother, which I absolutely hated doing.

“Y/N! Are you ready?” My brother called from the living room. I rolled my eyes–As this was the third time he’s shouted this–Continuing to finish up my lipstick.

I take a step back to look at myself in the mirror, checking to see if I messed up on anything.

“Hey!” I jumped at the sudden loud noise, turning to glare towards my bedroom door “Are you done yet?” Baekhyun finished, this time with a softer voice.

“I’m going to kill you!” I shouted, making an attempt to hit him in the chest but he was able to sidestep.

Baekhyun laughs at my failed attempt, only agitating me even more.

“Come on Y/N. We’re going to be late” He finishes before turning around and leaving the room.

I scoff while going to grab my purse and jacket. I leave my room and find that Baekhyun was no longer in the living but waiting in the car. I say goodbye to my parents before slipping on my shoes and leaving out the door.

It didn’t take us too long since we lived in the same area as the BigHit building. The constant playing of all EXO’s music in the car was what made it feel so long. No matter how many times I tell Baekhyun I’m not a fan of his music, he still tries to convince me it’s good (Disclaimer: I actually LOVE their music).

Baekhyun pulled up into the back parking lot of the building, something we always have to do in order to be discreet. Both Baekhyun and I pull up our face masks and I put on a black baseball hat while Baekhyun wears sunglasses.

We both hop out of the car and head towards the back door. Once we got inside we headed to the lobby–Not exactly sure where the guys would be– Hoping one of the receptionist could tell us.

“Excuse me” Baekhyun asks in a deep voice.

“Yes-?” There was a gasp coming from the lady along with a recognizable expression on her face. She knew who he was.

I quickly turn around, sweeping my long hair over my shoulder so it wasn’t visible to the lady. In my peripheral view I could see Baekhyun raise a finger to his mouth for her to be quiet while he asked the question.

“Do you happen to know where the BTS members are?” He asked and she gives him a questionable look.

“I-I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to give away that information. No matter who you are” She added the last part, only confirming our suspicions that she knew who he was.

“We have an appointment” Baekhyun answers bluntly. She hesitates but types something on her computer.   

“Uh.. Y-Yes. I believe they are in the dance studio at this moment filming a dance video. They should be done in a few if you would like to wait in the lobby?” She asked and Baekhyun shook his head.

“No it’s alright. We can go up and wait there. Thank you” He finished, turning around before she could say any more. 

Once in the elevator I suddenly got  a text from that “One” member. I grabbed my phone and made sure it was out of eyesight from Baekhyun, but without looking too suspicious.

Him : Are you guys here yet? We just finished our dance practice video.

Me : Yup. We’re headed up now.

Him : Sweet! I can’t wait to see you!

I smiled at the message.

Me : Me neither.

I quickly answer before slipping the phone back into my pocket, afraid Baekhyun may suspect something.

When the elevator doors opened, we could already hear the loud voices coming from the dance studio. My heart jumped when I could hear his voice among the others.

“Wow. Could they be any louder?” Baekhyun teased as we walked down the hallway. I only snicker in response.

Baekhyun knocked on the door a couple times when we were close enough, only to just open it up and barge inside.

“Hey!” Many shouted, as well as Baekhyun. They all gave him big bear hugs, tackling each other until one of them gave up, which probably wouldn’t happen if I wasn’t here.

“Alright. Break it up! I would like to have my brother in one piece” I stood in between Taehyung and Baekhyun. That was a big mistake since now they were attacking me.

Some were just plain hugging, while others were shuffling my hair, tugging me towards them. “Y/N!” They all shouted “We missed you!” Some said.

“Aright, now I need to break it up” Baekhyun commented while laughing, prying members off of me.

Once everyone was off of each other and settled back to normal, Baekhyun spoke up again.

“Alright. Let’s just get down to business and make a song” He suggest with a clasp of his hands and everyone nods in agreement.

I looked around the room and noticed the one person I wanted was actually not in this room. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Where could he be-?

“He’s in his room” I jumped at the whisper in my ear. I turned around to see Yoongi giving me a smirk. Yoongi was my best friend and the only one who knew about my “secret” relationship.

“W-What?” I asked, taking a quick glance at Baekhyun, only to see he was too engrossed in making a song to notice our conversation.

“He’s in his room. The person you’re looking for. He lost his phone, so he went to his room to look for it” Yoongi explained and I nodded.

“Thanks” I quickly mutter before turning to Baekhyun.

“Hey Baek” I called and he lifted his head to look at me “I’m going to go to the bathroom real quick. I’ll be right back” I tell him and he nods his head.

“Alright. Be back soon; We will need an opinionater" 

"Okay” I turn around and head towards the door. Before I could leave I heard a soft spoken voice.

“No funny business” Yoongi warned. I rolled my eyes at him but I couldn’t help the light blush creeping up my neck.

The whole way to his room I couldn’t help but think back to what Yoongi said. He lost his phone. That couldn’t be right. He texted me they were done. I bit my lip, thinking maybe his phone was an excuse to get me to his room.

I walked into the elevator, pressing the floor the dorms were on and watching as the elevator doors closed.

Every step I took closer to his room would get heavier and heavier. I haven’t seen him in what felt like months. It has only been a month, but still technically months. My heart was pounding out of my chest.

When I reached the dorm door, I waited there for a bit before lightly knocking on the door. It didn’t take long before the door swung open and I was yanked inside.

I yelped at the sudden action, only to be muted by a hand covering my mouth, another hand pinning me against the wall. I looked up and realized who it was.

“Namjoon..” I mumbled over his hand.

“Shh” He quickly whispered “I think I saw someone behind you” I mentally groaned.

“Namjoon. No one was behind me, no one followed me. I made sure of that” Namjoon’s hand was no longer covering my mouth, replaced to rest on my hip.

“Are you sure? No one-”

“Namjoon?” He looked down at me with worried eyes “Can I at least get to kiss my boyfriend?” I ask with a smile and Namjoon returns it with a smirk.

“Of course” He mumbles before crashing his lips onto mine. The kiss doesn’t last long due to lack of oxygen, but it sure felt like it. I missed the taste of his lips; Sweet, soft and uncontrollable, like kissing the ocean.

When we parted he rested his forehead on mine, slipping his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck.

“How has my beautiful girlfriend been?” He breathed out and I smiled at his cheesy comment.

“I’ve been good. How about you?” I comment back and he shrugs.

“I’ve been better. With you of course” While answering, he suddenly slips an arm under my legs while the other is firmly grasped around my back, swinging me up bridal style.

I laughed in enjoyment “Namjoon! Put me down!” I giggled.

“Yes Ma'am” He answered before carefully throwing me onto the dorm couch. I squealed in surprise before Namjoon decided to jump on top of me.

“Ah!” I screamed again. Suddenly Namjoon’s lips met mine again, but only for a little bit.

“Shh” He spoke once he pulled away “You’re going to let the whole neighborhood know you’re here” We both giggled. Namjoon shifted our positions so he was now on his back and I was resting my head on his chest. Legs and arms intertwined.

I sighed in content. I missed this; His smell, his laughter, being able to just lay here with him without a care in the world. I wished we could do this every day.

Guilt tugged at my heart. I wondered if there would be a time where we could go out to the public, let alone my brother. Or would we just end up growing apart, the constant sneaking around not worth it. 

I looked up at Namjoon to see he was already looking down at me. All guilt washed away. I gave him a warm smile before leaning up to place my lips on his. Namjoon moved so he could get a better angle.

I could hear him sigh in content as I reached up to comb my fingers through his hair. The kiss was deepened and I found my leg unconsciously wrapping itself around Namjoon’s waist. 

Just before Namjoon could slip his hand under my shirt, the door suddenly swung open. Both Namjoon and I quickly jumped apart, me ending up falling on the floor.

“Y/N? Namjoon?” My heart stopped when I recognized the voice.

I sat up and looked towards the front door, my assumptions being confirmed.

His expression killed me. His eyebrows in a crease a deep frown on his face as he pieced it all together. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. His foot turned as if he was going to leave but I couldn’t let that happen.

“Baekhyun wait! I can explain-”

“No!” He suddenly shouted, making both Namjoon and I jumped “You had.. YOU HAD ONE RULE!” He shouted the rest and I winced at how furious he sounded.

“Baekhyun please” I stood up but he took a step back.

“No. I don’t want to hear it” Baekhyun turns around before I can say anything else, slamming the door shut.

My heart was working again but my breathing now stopped. I ran a hand through my hair. This happened way too fast. I needed to explain everything to Baekhyun before he shuts me out completely.

I started pacing the room in thought, deciding whether or not to go find Baekhyun or not. I stopped pacing and took a deep breath, finally making my decision.

“That was..” Namjoon started, breaking the silence.

“Shitty” I finish before walking towards the closed door.

“Wait Y/N” Namjoon calls and I turn around, arms crossed over my chest.

“I think he just needs a bit of space right now. This is a lot to take in, and I think the last person he wants to talk to is us” He explains, standing up. He has a point but the only thing I can do is scoff.

“Namjoon I’m his sister. The last thing siblings do to each other is give space” I answer before turning back around and heading out the door, going in the direction I knew Baekhyun would go. What I didn’t know was that Namjoon was following me.

The rooftop.

The rooftop is always a place Baekhyun goes whenever he needs time to think. He thinks the fresh air will clean out all the junk in your body and restarts it so you can think and act better.

Whether or not it’s true, it always works for him. So when I opened the large door that led to the rooftop, I wasn’t surprised to see him standing there, leaning against the railing and staring dramatically towards the sunset.

I quietly close the large metal door, afraid any sudden noise would set him off and I wouldn’t be able to talk to him properly.

The wind is bitter and I find myself hugging my arms, mentally cursing myself for not bringing my jacket. I make my way silently closer to my brother and I can slightly see the tears falling down his cheeks. My heart breaks.

“Baekhyun..” I whisper once I’m close enough, carefully bringing a hand to rest on his shoulder.

Baekhyun doesn’t move, continuing to stare at the beautiful scenery. I wait a bit before speaking up again.

“Baek.. A-Are you okay?” I ask.

Baekhyun looks down, hanging his head. He starts to chuckle and I am more than baffled as to why. He stops, only to turn around to face me.

“You’re my sister..” He answers and my eyebrows furrow in distress.

“I know..”

“And he’s my close friend, not to mention an idol. I forbade you to date any Idols-”

“Baekhyun” I interrupted him, fed up with this on going discussion “Listen to me” I grab his face into my hands, forcing him to look into my eyes “I love you.. More than anything in the entire world. But I am no longer a child. I am not 9 I’m 19–Almost 20–! I can take care of myself now” I try to explain, yet Baekhyun shakes his head.

“No. You are a child. You will get hurt and I can’t handle you getting hurt like this. You’re young and naïve and you don’t even understand-”

“I love him!” I shouted. I forgot we were on the rooftop and realized that many people probably could hear me.

“W-What?” Baekhyun asks in disbelief, his glassy eyes widening in shock..

“I do..” I chuckle at myself, realizing that this was the first time I’ve said those words “I love him Baekhyun, and there is nothing you can say to me that will stop me. But I hate seeing you like this. You need to understand that I can take care of myself now. I’m no longer so young, and you don’t need to watch over me every single time” I finish and Baekhyun looks down at his feet.

“I just.. I don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t want you to be too caught up in the cameras and all the tabloids. It will take a tole on you”

“And I will get through it. Because I have people like you or the members being here for me, and people who love me” I felt like a parent at this moment, even if he was three years older than me.

Baekhyun didn’t say any more and I could practically see all the wires and cranks turning in his brain, thinking on what his desicion will be.

“Do you trust me?” I ask one final question and Baekhyun finally looks up at me, knowing full well his answer would be the deciding answer.

Baekhyun opens his mouth to say something but nothing comes out. He stops only to chuckle at himself. He reaches up to wip a tear escaping his eye.

“Yes. Of course I trust you. And I love you too and I trust that you will do only the best” He answers and my heart leaps. I finally got it. I finally got Baekhyun’s aproval.

I wrapped my arms around Baekhyun’s shoulders, pulling him in for a hug. Baekhyun wraps his arms around me, chuckling all the while.

“Thank you” I mumbled over Baekhyun’s shoulder.

“Of course. Hey!” Baekhyun suddenly pulls apart “Go back! Who am I to stop you! Go back to Namjoon and finish up whatever it was you were doing” Baekhyun visibly shudders and I laugh at him “I have to get used to that” He comments and I laugh even more.

“Okay. I’ll go. You sure you’re okay?” I ask one more time and he nods.

“Yea I’m good. I’ll be down in a minute though. Love you”

“Okay. I love you too” I turn around and head out the door. As soon as I open the large door I run into Namjoon.

“Whoa. Hey there” He quickly grabs me in his arms, forcing me to stop my running. I giggle and Namjoon joins in.

“So how did it go?” He gets to the point and my smile lets him know it went well.

“Amazing. He is okay with us” I answer and Namjoon’s eyes widened. For some reason I wasn’t exactly convinced with his reaction.

“Seriously? That’s amazing!” He answered while pulling me in for a hug.

We stood there for a minute just hugging each other the excitement and adrenaline kicking in. That is until Namjoon broke the silence.

“I love you too..” He suddenly said and my heart stopped. No way. He was listening to our conversation. My smile got bigger all the while tightening my grip around him.

Fes Matsu San ‘16 Programme Translation Part 2: Short Story

Might be slightly NSFW after the break due to Osomatsu’s comments (reminiscent of episode 22)

Original short story by Matsubara Shuu

Osomatsu: Oi! Get over here everyone! Our event is finally going to take place! This is no time for talking about selfish stuff like getting a job or living on your own. Now more than ever, we need to combine our powers.

Jyushimatsu: Ehhhh! We’ve been chosen for the invitational?

Choromatsu: This isn’t the invitational. It’s an event.

Jyushimatsu: For baseball?

Choromatsu: For the anime!

Ichimatsu: What are we doing getting together like idiots after all that. We died in episode 25, right? Is this a funeral?

Choromatsu: There’s no way they’d hold something like a funeral at the Makuhari Messe!

Karamatsu: Heh, it seems like the time has finally come for me to put on my solo Budokan concert.

Choromatsu: Nobody wants that! And this is Makuhari!

Todomatsu: Heehee, this is great! An event for us at such a big place! A lot of girls are sure to come! Eeek!

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Utaite Quotes Round 3

un:c at 8:03 AM : Going to sleep ( ՞ٹ՞)
un:c at 7:57 PM : Wait. It’s night?

KK: I’ve learned not to fear the crows around dumpsters, and their sounds don’t bother me anymore.
Eve: Can you talk to them?
KK: Caw~
Eve: hahahah…… (dammit, I gotta do something about this bastard fast)
(* parody of Light’s line in Death Note)

Mafumafu: Soraru san resembles a snowman for some reason.
Soraru: I don’t know….
Mafumauf: You know, with the muffler and all!

Mafumafu: I’ve lost interest in women after I met Soraru san.

Interveiwer: What do you think about Touyu san?
Amatsuki: Going out to eat with him makes me happy. We can stroke our bellies and be happy.

Fan: What do you want to do if you can become a magical boy(mahoushounen)?
Kogeinu: I want to fight with my followers.

Samuraiman: It’s okay….. I practiced handle steering for one hour yesterday in the bathroom with my bowl, today’s driving will be fine!

Itou Kashitarou: I can’t forgive you… Amatsuki-!! Buy me ramen!!
Itou Kashitarou: I know now. My attacks are meaningless to you, Amatsuki. I’ll act more mature.
Amatsuki: Eh wat

(At three in the morning on twitter)
Han: Haa….. I want your ass so hard….
TMDC: No… not that…..
Han: Ha….. no… accept me…
TMDC: Ah hyung….. (=neesan in japanese, kinda means brother)

Amatsuki: Kogeinu san, your name can also be read as Kogeken, so why don’t you write your name as コゲ犬(kanji)-こげいぬ(kana)- too?
(* Amatsuki writes his name as Amatsuki(kanji)-amatsuki(kana)-, because his name can also be read in many other ways such as tengetsu. the kana between the hyphens dictate how to read the kanji.)
Kogeinu: Somebody take him to the hospital

Fan: Work lol
Glutamine: No lol

Amatsuki: This is our first collab!
un:c: I like health and sex ed.
Amatsuki: I liked how we shouted together at the end!
un:c : I like health and sex ed.
Amatsuki: Please enjoy!
un:c: health and sex ed
Amatsuki: I don’t care anymore….
(Lost one’s weeping upload comment)

Soraru: Amatsuki offered to bath together and I refused, and I think he got grumpy.
Amatsuki: This is not what it sounds like
(* In asia it’s okay for same-sex people to bath together, See the Conan show korean spa clip for an idea…)

Soraru: Anyone who is cute, kind, good with kids, committed, hard-working and good at cooking and cute is good, so will said person go out with me

Yuuto: A 31 year old man sings the song of an 18 year old boy w
(Lost Time Memory upload comment)

Itou Kashitarou: I thought the only reason I would appear on the news would be when I do something illegal and become a convict, but then I realized that I would never have the guts to do so.
(After the info for his one man live came up on yahoo news)

DC: My followers are decreasing, but I’m hoping that all the people that are left are pretty girls. One can dream.
Fan: I’m a guy.
DC: Uh, sorry…

S!N: Hashiyan san, I’m not familiar with baseball, so maybe I could go watch a game with a high school girl.
Hashiyan: Police officer, come get this guy.

Underbar: For some reason Animal Crossing is getting popular. I’ve gotten it a while ago. I paid off my debts and played a little while, but nobody visited me so I got lonely and sold it off.

Akatin: While I was asking Mafumafu to work on my songs, I touched his bu- no, it’s nothing.

Fan: Dasoku san! I left my house keys at my house by mistake! What do I do?
Dasoku: Move

Itou Kashitarou: Hashiyan san, did you have a good night? I didn’t, because Amatsuki was talking in his sleep all night.
Amatsuki: Idiiiooot Idiiiioooooot! I’m hungry, let’s go eat
Aho no Sakata: I'mhungryI'mhungryI'mhungryI'mhungry
(Saint Smiley 2GS members on their trip together, via twitter)

Itou Kashitarou: The world is much more kinder than I thought! I’ve been hiding my eyes and crouching, but the world is nothing to be afraid of….? Wait…. I’m Mary? (Kagerou Project reference)

Soraru: Can I pay my delusion tax and become a pretty girl with big boobs
(Delusion Tax upload comment)

Fan: Can I go to your live performance alone?
Itou Kashitarou: I was alone most of my life anyways! Please come!

Michan: Like this, goodbyes always come suddenly…….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Help meeeeeeeee
(Tweet after he dropped his phone into water)

Fan: Have you ever been hurt because of love?
Itou Kashitarou: Never. I’ve never fallen in love in the first place.
Itou Kashitarou: Kekekeke.

luz: When I met up with Mafu kun and Uratan, they had the same hats and I went Eh (lets imagination go wild).
Mafumafu: Not only hats, but our shoes were the same color too.

Amatsuki: I had some time so I went to Mafu kun’s house with Kony to give him a birthday cake! It’s not his birthday or anything by the way!
Mafumafu: Seriously what the heck, the bell was ringing so I got the door and I got my birthday celebrated.

Itou Kashitarou: I read that putting salt in your bath helps you relax. So I put in this. (picture of “Magic salt Spice&herb) The basil clogged my pipes.
Itou Kashitarou: Oh well, happy lunar new year for the chinese people out there! Everyone, have a year full of happiness! Even though my bath is full of basil…
Itou Kashitarou: I’m staring closely at the floating basil…. They won’t flow!!
Itou kashitarou: Well, at least I could tell everyone not to use magic salt in your bath….
Hashiyan: Everyone is telling me not to put edible salt in my bath, but nobody does that, not even in comedy shows.

Itou Kashitarou: I just updated my blog about the relation between pancakes and ramen.

From Besties To Lovers: The Eric Harris Version.

From Besties To Lovers The Eric Harris Version.

Before we start this little shebang, I’d like to say a few things; ya know, an introduction of sorts. My name is (Y/N Here), though many people call me (your nickname here). I go to school at Columbine High, I work at Blackjack Pizza and I’m seriously in love with my best friend Eric Harris.

Eric and I have been best friends since we were babies. We lived right next door to each other and our fathers were in the same line of work, so naturally we’re two trippy peas in a far-out pod. As we both got older, we didn’t drift apart; instead we got closer in our friendship. So, close it was almost down right gross sometimes. But that’s a hole other story, man. We were inseparable, where ever I was Eric was there too and vice versa. Well, until tragedy struck. No one died or anything, no something much worse had happened. Eric had to move.

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let’s talk tendou satori

so, it is my lovely son’s birthday today (May 20th), and I wanted to take the opportunity, with season 3 approaching, to talk about why i seriously fucking love tendou, and why everyone else should too. so here we go, my top ten reasons, in no particular order, as to why i am in love with tendou satori.

spoilers for the manga under the cut, and many, many manga screencaps. i have over 100 of tendou. what can i say, i’m obsessed with this lovable redhead.

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Remember back when you were a kid? You would just do things. You never thought to yourself, “What are the relative merits of learning baseball versus football?” You just ran around the playground and played baseball and football. You built sand castles and played tag and asked silly questions and looked for bugs and dug up grass and pretended you were a sewer monster.

Nobody told you to do it, you just did it. You were led merely by your curiosity and excitement.

And the beautiful thing was, if you hated baseball, you just stopped playing it. There was no guilt involved. There was no arguing or debate. You either liked it, or you didn’t.

And if you loved looking for bugs, you just did that. There was no second-level analysis of, “Well, is looking for bugs really what I should be doing with my time as a child? Nobody else wants to look for bugs, does that mean there’s something wrong with me? How will looking for bugs affect my future prospects?”

There was no bullshit. If you liked something, you just did it.

Today I received approximately the 11,504th email this year from a person telling me that they don’t know what to do with their life. And like all of the others, this person asked me if I had any ideas of what they could do, where they could start, where to “find their passion.”

And of course, I didn’t respond. Why? Because I have no fucking clue. If you don’t have any idea what to do with yourself, what makes you think some jackass with a website would? I’m a writer, not a fortune teller.

But more importantly, what I want to say to these people is this: that’s the whole point — “not knowing” is the whole fucking point. Life is all about not knowing, and then doing something anyway. All of life is like this. All of it. And it’s not going to get any easier just because you found out you love your job cleaning septic tanks or you scored a dream gig writing indie movies.

The common complaint among a lot of these people is that they need to ‘find their passion.’

I call bullshit. You already found your passion, you’re just ignoring it. Seriously, you’re awake 16 hours a day, what the fuck do you do with your time? You’re doing something, obviously. You’re talking about something. There’s some topic or activity or idea that dominates a significant amount of your free time, your conversations, your web browsing, and it dominates them without you consciously pursuing it or looking for it.

It’s right there in front of you, you’re just avoiding it. For whatever reason, you’re avoiding it. You’re telling yourself, “Oh well, yeah, I love comic books but that doesn’t count. You can’t make money with comic books.”

Fuck you, have you even tried?

The problem is not a lack of passion for something. The problem is productivity. The problem is perception. The problem is acceptance.

The problem is the, “Oh, well that’s just not a realistic option,” or “Mom and Dad would kill me if I tried to do that, they say I should be a doctor” or “That’s crazy, you can’t buy a BMW with the money you make doing that.”

The problem isn’t passion. It’s never passion.

It’s priorities.

And even then, who says you need to make money doing what you love? Since when does everyone feel entitled to love every fucking second of their job? Really, what is so wrong with working an OK normal job with some cool people you like, and then pursuing your passion in your free time on the side? Has the world turned upside-down or is this not suddenly a novel idea to people?

Look, here’s another slap in the face for you: every job sucks sometimes. There’s no such thing as some passionate activity that you will never get tired of, never get stressed over, never complain about. It doesn’t exist. I am living my dream job (which happened by accident, by the way. I never in a million years planned on this happening; like a kid on a playground I just went and tried it), and I still hate about 30% of it. Some days more.

Again, that’s just life.

The issue here is, once again, expectations. If you think you’re supposed to be working 70-hour work weeks and sleeping in your office like Steve Jobs and loving every second of it, you’ve been watching too many shitty movies. If you think you’re supposed to wake up every single day dancing out of your pajamas because you get to go to work, then you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid. Life doesn’t work like that. It’s just unrealistic. There’s a thing most of us need called balance.

I have a friend who, for the last three years, has been trying to build an online business selling whatever. It hasn’t been working. And by not working, I mean he’s not even launching anything. Despite years of “work” and saying he’s going to do this or that, nothing actually ever gets done.

What does get done is when one of his former co-workers comes to him with a design job to create a logo or design some promotional material for an event. Holy shit, he’s all over that like flies on fresh cow shit.

And he does a great job! He stays up to 4:00 AM losing himself working on it and loving every second of it.

But then two days later it’s back to, “Man, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

I meet so many people like him. He doesn’t need to find his passion. His passion already found him. He’s just ignoring it. He just refuses to believe it’s viable. He is just afraid of giving it an honest-to-god try.

Here’s another point that might make a few people salty: If you have to look for what you’re passionate about, then you’re probably not passionate about it at all.

If you’re passionate about something, it will already feel like such an ingrained part of your life that you will have to be reminded by people that it’s not normal, that other people aren’t like that.

It never occurred to my friend that designing a logo is something that most people don’t find easy or fun. To him, it’s so natural that he can’t even imagine it being otherwise. And that’s why it’s probably what he really should be doing.

A child does not walk onto a playground and say to herself, “How do I find fun?” She just goes and has fun.

If you have to look for what you enjoy in life, then you’re not going to enjoy anything.

And the real truth is that you already enjoy something. You already enjoy many things. You’re just choosing to ignore them.

  ~  Mark Manson

Blue Flames (translation) - Chapter One

original by: Yuzuru Hanyu (buy)
Japanese –> Chinese translation: 千回百慕生 (baidu)
Chinese –> English translation: hanyusan (tumblr)

note: Because this is technically being translated twice (Japanese - Chinese - English), there will be a few errors from the original text to this translation. It really can’t be helped, but I apologize in advance for any discontinuities!
Also, translator notes may be inserted! They are from me (hanyusan) in case I feel the need to explain something. Enjoy!

March 5, 2014 note: This will be the only segment of the book that I will be putting up on this blog. For more information, please read this post.

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i made a thing

so there’s a beautiful post going around right now that basically asks: What happens when Foggy’s childhood bestie Dean Portman comes to town? Cue the jealous!Matt. this is my offering to the fic gods and my request for someone else to do better please!

Fulton?” Matt sputters, sounding almost indignant about it all but Foggy’s too busy being engulfed in a massive back-thumping bear hug by a real life J-Crew catalog model to even notice.

It’s funny, when Foggy mentioned an “old friend” might be joining them tonight (“You mean you have friends who aren’t Matt or me?” “I laugh, but only to hide my tears Page.”) for drinks Karen hadn’t been expecting this. This being the six-foot giant currently detaching from Foggy, clapping him on the shoulders and upper arms a few more times for good measure before finally turning towards the rest of the table.

Even in the low-lights of Josie’s bar Foggy’s flushed face is sort of hard to miss (kind of like Matt’s furrowed brow and the unhappy twitch at the corner of his mouth when Foggy’s long lost friend drapes an arm over Foggy’s shoulders). “Hey guys, remember my friend, the one I was telling you about? This is Dean!” Foggy claps Dean on his wide, strapping chest (Karen is just guessing but it feels like a really educated guess, based purely on the face situation she’s seeing). “Dean, this is my partner Matt Murdock, and our beautiful and far too good for us friend Karen Page.”

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tardisandwings  asked:

Hunter!stiles/derek please?

This got away from me a bit, but it was super enjoyable to write so I can’t say I’m sorry. Honestly, I’d love to add about 30k more words to this AU, and maybe one day I will, but I’ll post as is for now. 

Also posted to AO3 (and potentially the beginning of a series).

Stiles likes to hum the theme song to Scooby Doo whenever they get a new assignment. He calls the Jeep “the mystery machine” and constantly declares dibs on being the Velma of the group.

“We are not just a bunch of ‘meddling kids,’ Stiles,” Lydia huffs, annoyed, while Allison smirks in amusement from where she’s taking weapons inventory in the corner.

Stiles laughs and doesn’t take his eyes off his laptop screen, fingers never pausing in their quick movements over the keys. “Uh, we really kinda are, Lyds.”

Lydia rolls her eyes, tosses her hair over her shoulder haughtily, and continues drawing in her sketchbook as if she didn’t hear him. “And if we were, you’d be Shaggy.”

Stiles stops typing long enough to flip her off for that one. Allison giggles at them and starts sharpening her knives.

They’ve got it down to a science now, after stumbling their way into the supernatural as naïve fourteen-year-olds. Three years and a billion near-deaths later, they know their shit.

Lydia is the brains. Allison is the brawn. And Stiles is– Well, usually the bait. He squawks indignantly whenever Lydia puts it in those terms, but he knows she doesn’t really mean it. None of this would work as smoothly as it does without each of their individual skill sets. Lydia uses her Banshee powers to point them in the right direction, Stiles makes the plans and figures out what the evidence gathered will eventually add up to, and Allison makes sure they all don’t die.

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Osomatsu-san Full Bokko Heroes Quest Translations (Main Story)

The Full Bokko game has been really fun to play! I have the translation for the main quest below, and I’ll probably update later with the individual character quests when they’re all completed (It’ll be Todomatsu day next, so almost there!)

Notes: Dr. Bokko Bear has one of those verbal tics where he ends each sentence with ‘bear’. I started off trying to add in bear puns everywhere to convey that, but well. Gave up fairly early.

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This has been bugging me a while, and the full chapter analysis tend to take up a lot of time… So, I just wanted to go over some common thoughts about Kid/Kaito that aren’t quite accurate (or could be entirely wrong altogether). From common ideas to ones I’ve only seen every once in a while (but still more than once). The fanon, so to speak, and some thoughts on why they the ideas came to be.

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