but seriously how cute are they

Me: *goes in the Pharmercy tag to look for cute fan art*

Antis: “Here’s a million reasons why your ship is racist because of my unfounded and mostly debunked head canons! Also, Pharah being more muscular than Mercy is racist too because I don’t know how the military works!”

Seriously, if you don’t like the ship, just shut up about it.


author’s note: cute, fluffy rafinha imagine requested by anon :-)

Rafinha’s always been a charming man.

Seriously. Give him two minutes, and he can make any girl swoon. It’s something he takes pride he in. His quick ability to pick up a girl in any situation is something that’s earned him countless praise from his friends – Neymar, in particular, is always jealous how fast Rafinha can get a date.

(Though, to be honest, Neymar’s not that bad himself. He can turn on the charm when he needs to).

But when Rafinha sees her, suddenly he forgets how to be charming. And how to speak. And even how to breathe, because she’s sitting there by herself, looking drop dead gorgeous, and suddenly Rafinha can’t think about anything except how much he’d like to take her home.

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Is it just me who finds it funny how Abel is laying on the grass like I can't take his little chubby ass self seriously, yet he still looks cute and hot all at same time

😂 he’s adorable and sexy at the same time


puppy jihoon getting friendly with the eel but mostly just with jonghyun


  • What She Says: I'm Fine.
  • What She Means: Barney and Robin were the most awesome god damn couple ever and they should not have broken apart just because of a simple travel issue. I find it hurtful that the writers would literally spend an entire season focused on these two's wedding and then within the first 10 minutes of the episode directly following the ceremony have them break up (while also breaking hearts) just so that they can put Robin with a half-fast reunitement of Robin and Ted despite Ted already being with the most perfect human being ever. So what do they do? They kill her off, just so they can put these two characters who have had no success in romantic relationships with each other. So not only do they destroy one adorable and beloved couple but two. Yes, I am still bitter over this.
What I love of the signs

Aries: how flashy they are. How easily they open to the people. How authentic and funny is without trying. It’s someone I like to look at and I like it very much. 

Taurus: there are some Taurus that are so adorable. They are so kind and take care of everyone. I want to hug them all they.

Gemini: they are crazy af in a bad way. I love it. But if we had to spend a week under the same roof, I am not sure who would kill who first

Cancer: they are very cute, they are beautiful. They are in the small group of people that I want to embrace. High expectations, always dreaming and giving me desire to dream too.

Leo: their presence. They walk with confidence. I have to turn to see the king who has just entered.

Virgo: they look mysterious. I want to know what they are thinking.

Libra: how they could be eating like a beast and still being the most beautiful and delicate flower of the garden. I love it sO MUCH.

Scorpio: everything. Seriously. I love every thing about them.

Sagittarius: they don’t have a hard time saying anything. They think it, they say it.

Capricorn: I really love how direct you are.

Aquarius: they interest me. You are very closed, I want to know what there is inside your head. I like that you are aware of your problems, know why they are there and how to fix them.

Pisces: I consider them one of the funniest signs of the zodiac.

Fluffy Post-Reveal Adrinette Things
  • “*giggling* Your teeth” “omg” “*giggle snort* I keep hitting your teeth” “marinETTE” “*scream-laughing* I’M SORRY” “I’m getting braces” “no no no pls chaton I love your teeth hahahaha*snort*”
  • Adrien whispering things in Marinette’s ear at school and she’s giggling harder and harder (mostly because it tickles) and the rest of the class just looks exhausted
  • Adrien attempting to teach Marinette Chinese again and trying (and failing) not to laugh at her but she’s so hopeless and she keeps whining and swatting his arm
  • *bangs pots and pans together* BIG SPOON MARINETTE
  • Dates at the Agreste mansion. Gabriel is actually present for the meals and Marinette CANNOT act natural, God help her
  • Adrien casually leeeeeaning on Marinette when he wants to look at what she’s doing
  • Adrien shoving his entire head under Marinette’s hand because he wants her to play with his hair (he falls asleep after a few minutes)
  • Marinette making funny faces at Adrien during photo shoots so he’ll laugh more naturally
  • Mama and Papa Cheng open the trap door just a bit to see how the bebs are doing with their studies, and their desk chairs are pushed up right next to each other’s!!! and they do that cute tag-team swoon (Marinette hears them and screeches at them to go away)
  • Walking to school together. Holding hands. Doing that arm swing thing but like ridiculous high until they’re trying to windmill it and turning themselves around and Alya and Nino are like “wat r u doing”
  • Marinette carrying Adrien piggyback and running around the school and they’re both laughing and enjoying themselves and Alya and Nino are like “seriously wat r  u doing”
  • Sneaking out of class to transform during akuma attacks together. But like exaggerated synchronized sneaking with the huge steps and everything
  • Rubbing each other’s temples when they have headaches
  • Putting ridiculous clothes on the Ladybug and Chat Noir statue in the park every April Fools Day
  • Marinette trying Adrien’s rock climbing wall. “You keep going, I’ll keep admiring the view,” says Adrien from down below, causing Marinette to fall.

the most precious boy !!! 😭💘

Easy Ways to Connect More Strongly with your Deities
  • Say Good Morning when you wake up, say Good Night before you fall asleep
  • Share your food with them. If you’ve ever wanted some of your friend’s french fries, you know how they probably feel. 
  • Donate to causes that fall under the jurisdiction of your deity. Are they a goddess for women? Donate to a women’s shelter or Planned Parenthood. Is your deity a patron of the arts? Give to PBS or local theatres.
  • Cook a full meal in honor of your deity. Seriously. It sounds silly but you can definitely find a regional cookbook based on your pantheon to cook a full ass feast for them.
  • Write them letters or notes. Keep a little notebook of notes and letters to your deity. Did you see a cute cat that you think Frigga would’ve liked? Maybe you saw a girl’s outfit that would’ve made Aphrodite drool. Let them know, or give yourself a reminder to tell them about it later.
  • Change your phone background. Does your deity have a temple or built pantheon? Put that shit as your wallpaper! Did you find a picture that so perfectly captures the spirit of your deity? Make it your lock screen.
  • Make them a Mix Tape. You know, so you can belt out songs in their honor while making your way downtown. Faces pass. And you’re home bound. 
  • DIY your Altar. I’m not going to lie, I’m not to altar type. However, it is a fantastically personalized space that you can do anything with. So don’t let anyone stop you from knitting that mini statue of Hecate a scarf. 
Yuuri’s status as a fan

Remember how we all headcanon the idea that Victor eventually will stumble upon Yuuri’s huge stash of posters?

I’m pretty sure it already happened. Just not with posters. In the first episode, when Yuuri returns to Ice Castle to skate Stammi Vicino, if you look at the bottom left corner, you’ll see a piece of striped cloth.

In episode 4, we are clearly shown what it is. 

That’s right. It’s a bag of some sort (to hold a water bottle or his skate guards?). The haphazard stitching/outline of the cloth suggests that it was done by an amateur (maybe a gift from Yuuko or Yuuri made it himself?). It then also implies that this was an item gifted/owned by Yuuri for quite a while. It is an item that Yuuri treasures. I’m just taken aback by how bold it is. Victor’s name is stitched right in the center. This bag is placed along with all of Yuuri’s clothes and equipment out in the open. Victor would’ve undoubtedly seen this cute creation that Yuuri never tried to hide. 

I can just imagine Victor picking it up and grinning like an idiot. 


+disclaimer: please don’t take this too seriously.

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please

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a concept: malec doing the forehead rest thing

i found this so fucking deep in my prompts and man… fuck. they actually did it

but consider that now that they’ve done it, it becomes something they can’t help but do more often. they find themselves resting their foreheads together, breathing each other in, clutching at each other. they do it before kisses, noses brushing and staring at each other’s mouths before the space is breached and magnus’s lips press against alec’s. they do it after kisses too, when both of them are running a little hotter and their breathing has picked up, mouths wet and slightly swollen. they pause and rest their foreheads together and soak this feeling in. alec starts breathlessly laughing and magnus follows suit, until laughter becomes the desperate need to kiss again.

they do it in the morning, standing in a warm shaft of sunlight, both of them a little groggy and out of it, magnus curling his fingers around the back of alec’s neck and pushing his body close, just letting their brows rest together and breathing in the smell of coffee as they try to wake up.

it happens after hugs the most often, clutching each other tight to say hello or goodbye or thank god, you’re still here. they can’t help that it happens after moments like that, because now it just feels right. in the middle of the institute or in the loft or on a busy city street, it doesn’t matter where, they’ll hit each other hard, wrapping arms around each other tight, alec’s face pressing deep into magnus’s shoulder as their hands press into shoulders and backs. and then when they’ve gotten their fill of holding on as tightly as they can, they pull back and press forehead to forehead, eyes closed, feeling each others warm breath and savoring each other’s presence.

and other times it’s even sweeter really, their eyes crinkling, both of them laughing. maybe it’s in bed or maybe it’s in the study or maybe it’s on the balcony. one of them saying something that’s made the other laugh and they just grab at each other, their bodies bumping and then it’s forehead to forehead, shoulders still shaking and just holding onto each other, smiling in a way that says one thing and one thing only. i love you.