but seriously how are you in your thirties and still look 12

decisions (pt. 2)

summary; shawn and y/n see each other after weeks and months of missed phone calls and unanswered texts, but when they finally find a time to talk, hearts only continue to get broken.



It had felt like a stab in the back, but you couldn’t seem to pull the knife out. Shawn had chosen his girlfriend over you, and you couldn’t deny the obvious: you felt betrayed. You so badly wanted all of this to be a nightmare and to run into the arms of your bestfriend, but you knew that was no longer an option. 

The past three days have had you consumed with trying to get a hold of Shawn, begging for him to hear you out. Your heart told you to leave him be and to hate Shawn, but you couldn’t even will a finger to do so. The six going on seven year friendship between you and Shawn was too valuable to give up without a fight, but it was hard fighting a battle single-handedly. You might’ve been mad at the moment, but as much as you hated to admit it, you couldn’t ever get yourself to fully hate Shawn.

Luckily for you, Ian, Geoff, and Matt had been over at your house trying to comfort you since the night that everything blew over. You were initially surprised how they sided with you knowing how close they were to Shawn, but you were grateful for their support nonetheless. They’d check up on you, bring you food, and gave you the company that your heart so badly needed. The three were like the older brothers you never had.

“Seriously, thank you guys so much for doing all of this,” You gestured to all of the snacks, drinks, and games they brought over to you face.

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That Dumb Idea

Requested By: @yoyococo18

Based off a prompt list linked here

#7 “I have a dumb idea!” “I love dumb ideas!” #11 “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!” and #12 “Whoa what happened while I was gone.”

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Description: You and Zendaya had gotten invited over to Tom’s house, he was throwing his first “party.” You both arrive, a decent amount of people there and end up loosing Zendaya, but find Harrison instead, making the party ten times more exciting.

Warnings: It’s really cute, slight swearing, mention of drinking, skinny dipping????

Word Count: 2,783

A/N: AHHHH first Harrison imagine and it’s for my bff so I hope you enjoy ilysm!!!

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

“Hey Y/N, did you get a text from Tom too?” Zendaya spoke over the phone, her voice echoing throughout your house.

You had just woken up, you were currently doing your makeup, you know the usual girly things.

“Yeah, something about him throwing a party?” You laughed, blending the eyeshadow on your eyelid.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking, he’s never thrown one before, but I’m intrigued to see how it goes, care to join me?” She asked in an amused tone, making you stop blending and think for a moment.

“You know what, sure, why not, lets see what he’s got, it’s not like he could throw one better than us.” You joked, making Zendaya laugh, causing you to laugh along with her.

Zendaya was your best friend, you both met on the set of Spider-Man Homecoming and instantly clicked, just like Tom did with Jacob.

However, Tom already had a best friend, who also was kind of his assistant, and that would be the famous Harrison Osterfield.

“I’m pretty positive Harrison will be there tooooooo.” She teased, making you scoff as you applied your mascara.

“I wouldn’t doubt it, they’re best friends Z.” You replied, this time making her scoff, which you weren’t going to lie, made you feel good in a way.

Ever since the filming of Spider-Man Homecoming, you started to have a thing for Harrison, you weren’t really sure at the time what it was exactly, but apparently to Zendaya it was obvious that you liked him.

“I’m just saying that maybe at the party this could be your chance to you know..” She trailed off, making your eyes widen and a laugh to escape your lips.

“ZENDAYA!” You screeched, making her laugh loudly, as you laughed along with her.

“I’m just saying!” She laughed, making you shake your head, even though she couldn’t see you, Zendaya had a good idea of what you were doing.

“I’m not sure if he even would feel the same, I mean he’s like Tom, they could get whoever they wanted, why would he want someone like me?” You questioned, applying foundation onto your face, before blending it in with your beat up beauty blender.

“Y/N, please, you’re gorgeous, he would be an actual dumbass not to want you.” Zendaya spoke seriously, making you sigh and shrug into the mirror, looking at your reflection.

“I don’t know Z, I just don’t see it ever happening.” You pressed the powder onto your face, locking in your foundation before adding the last few steps, before spraying your face with setting spray and spraying some perfume.

“I will take this challenge, and I will win.” Zendaya declared, making you roll your eyes and laugh.

“Alright Z, we’ll see.” You smiled into the phone, as you put your shoes and glasses on, grabbing your wallet.

“I’ll pick you up around seven thirty, so be ready, love you boo!” She spoke excitedly into the phone, making you laugh as you responded with an ’I love you too boo, bye!’ before hanging up and going on about your day.

You went out and got a smoothie and a bagel, before shopping for an outfit for tonight’s party, you wanted to look good.

You ended up getting a nice pair of jeans and a crop top, you knew it was a basic outfit everyone wore, but you couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

You then continued on with your day, buying some groceries since you were out, before heading home and getting ready for the party.

You decided to shower before the party, then put on your new outfit you had just bought, a smile on your face as you saw how it all looked on you.

You weren’t going to lie, you looked good.

You then did your hair, deciding to give it some volume by curling it, then touched up your makeup a bit.

You felt your phone vibrate, letting you know Zendaya was here, before you rushed down to meet her.

“Y/N! Damn you look like a million bucks!” She smiled widely, making you wave your hand, dismissing her comment, laughing.

“Thanks Z, you look amazing yourself!” You complimented, making her twirl and laugh.

She wore a vibrant red dress, making her look even more beautiful than she already was.

“Alright, lets blow this popsicle stand.“ She shouted, making you cheer along with her.

It took a good thirty minutes to get there, traffic being a pain, but you both soon arrived, the sound of music erupting from the house, along with chatter from people.

“You think he invited enough people?” You joked, making Zendaya laugh and loop her arm with yours, before walking up to the door, opening it and entering, seeing lots of people scattered everywhere.

“Wow, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but we’d still do better.” Zendaya smirked, making you laugh and nod your head in agreement.

You both walked into the kitchen, grabbing a drink and sampling a few snacks along the way, observing all the people around you.

Your eyes soon spotted Jacob, a smile forming on your face as you waved to him, making him rush over in excitement.

“Y/N! Z!” Jacob cheered, making you both laugh and hug him.

“Hey, what’s up?” Zendaya asked, taking a sip of her drink from her red solo cup.

“Not much, Tom’s party is kind of lame, I like yours better honestly.” Jacob admitted, making you both cheer and laugh.

“I knew we threw better parties, Tom just can’t beat us.” You dramatically flipped your hair over your shoulder, making Jacob laugh.

“But since you both are here, come with me so Tom and Harrison can talk with you guys too.” Jacob smiled, making your stomach tighten up a bit, you gave Zendaya a look, but she gave you one in return.

Jacob lead you across the house, out to the backyard where Tom and Harrison were talking to a few other people.

Jacob called out to them, catching their attention, smiles forming on their faces.

“Hey! You guys came!” Tom grinned, walking up to the three of you, Harrison following behind.

“Yeah, but it’s lame Holland, you tried to beat us, you failed.” Zendaya smirked, taking another sip of her drink as Tom gasped, placing a hand on his chest.

“I am offended.” Tom declared, looking between the both of you.

“Jacob even admitted it to us.” You teased, making Tom’s eyes widen, looking at his friend.

“What! Jacob!” Tom shrieked, making Jacob laugh and rush off, Tom following after him.

“I’ll go after them to make sure Tom doesn’t kill him.” Zendaya smirked, winking at you as you pleaded she wouldn’t leave you alone with Harrison.

But she did.

You then decided to down your drink, it was going to be a long night if that was the case.

“Hey Y/N, enjoying the party?” Harrison asked, his drink in his hand as he looked over your outfit, making you blush slightly.

“Eh, it’s alright, but it’s better now that you’re here.” You shrugged, the alcohol starting to kick in.

“I can agree on that one.” Harrison winked, making you giggle, which Harrison loved.

You both eventually sat on the edge of the pool, your feet in the water, drinks by your side the both of you just talked.

People had slowly merged to go inside, Tom was apparently doing Karaoke with Jacob, which was horrible.

“Oh my god, you’ll never guess what I just thought of!” You squealed, making Harrison laugh, turning his head to look at you.

You were clearly buzzed by this point, and so was Harrison, mainly why you both were so open with each other.

“Spill.” Harrison grinned, making you smirk and turn to look at him.

I have a dumb idea!” You smirked, wiggling your eyebrows making Harrison laugh.

I love dumb ideas!” Harrison cheered, raising his cup into the air, before taking a sip of it.

You bit your lip, a mischievous glint in your eye, which didn’t go unnoticed by Harrison, he knew you were up to something.

“Well you see, this dumb idea, it involves us,” You giggled, setting your cup on the ground, turning to face Harrison completely, “We’re going to go skinny dipping!” You smirked, watching Harrison’s eyes widen at your words.

“A-Are you sure?” Harrison stammered, unsure if this was the best idea, but you nodded rapidly, the smile never leaving your face.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, and what better person to do it with than you?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Alright then, lets do this.” Harrison grinned, pulling his shirt off, then his pants, as you did the same, until you both were completely in the nude.

“Now lets pray we don’t get caught, but that makes it even more of a thrill.” You laughed, before grabbing his hand, the both of you jumping into the pool.

You both returned to the surface, smiles on your face as laughter erupted from the both of you, you’d never been so happy in your life, and from what you could tell, neither had Harrison.

“Cheers to skinny dipping!” You shouted, as did Harrison, clinking your cups together before taking a drink.

You turned around to set the cups back on the concrete, only to be turned back around by Harrison, being trapped between his arms, your back pressing against the side of the pool.

You both looked at each other, emotions clear of how you both felt about each other, you didn’t need to use words, you both already knew.

In a matter of seconds you went from laughing and having fun, then to Harrison having his hands in your hair as yours were wrapped around his neck, your lips locked together.

You didn’t know how long you two had been making out for, you felt as if time had stopped.

You had even forgotten you both were completely nude, in the pool, at Tom’s house.

You both didn’t even heard the door open, that is until you heard someone clear their throat, startling the two of you.

“Oh my god, guys really? I know I told you to get some Y/N, but I didn’t mean in the pool!” Zendaya laughed, but was serious at the same time, her eyes wide at the scene in front of her.

You both hide behind the wall, both your faces flustered, but you both couldn’t help but laugh.

You heard Zendaya let out a gasp, finally noticing both of your clothes scattered along the pool, her eyes widening even bigger if that was possible, her mouth hanging open slightly.

She turned around, noticing Tom was on his way out to the pool, making her spin back around quickly.

Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!” She shouted, making both of your eyes widen as you both quickly scrambled out of the pool, doing your best to dry off, before putting your clothes back on.

You both rushed to get everything on before the back door opened, Tom walking out along with Jacob, who looked around skeptically.

Whoa, what happened while I was gone?” Tom questioned, noticing how you and Harrison were soaking wet, while Zendaya looked stressed as hell, unable to believe you both clothed yourselves that fast.

“U-Uh, nothing?” You questioned, glancing at Harrison who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, w-what she said, nothing.” Harrison shrugged, watching Tom and Jacob to see if they’d believe them.

“Why are you guys soaking wet? Did you go in your clothes?” Tom questioned, raising an eyebrow, making Zendaya laugh, which resulted in you and Harrison both glaring at her.

“No, something definitely happened here.” Jacob nodded, looking between the three of you.

“Guys can I just tell them? Please!” Zendaya pleaded, but you both shook your head no.

“Will someone please tell me what the bloody hell happened?” Tom groaned, looking at his best friend then at you.

“If we tell you, promise you won’t kill us?” Harrison questioned, making Tom narrow his eyes.

“What did you two do?” He noticed Zendaya start laughing again, making his stomach churn.

“You see, it’s a funny story actually, uhm, well, you see…” Harrison stammered, looking at his feet, while you were biting your lip hard.

“They went skinny dipping!” Zendaya blurted out, making Tom and Jacob’s eyes widen, looking at the both of you in shock.

“Oh come on!” Tom shouted, covering his face in his hands as Jacob busted out laughing.

“It was the heat of the moment! We had a little too much and well, things escalated!” Harrison tried to explain, but Tom was already muttering curse words.

“If it helps, we realized we both really like each other.” You commented, laughing slightly as Harrison wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Dude I’ve never felt more alive, especially when we kissed, it was so good.” Harrison grinned, making your cheeks hot with embarrassment.

“Oh gross, shut up, I don’t need to hear anymore, I don’t want to know anymore, I just know I need to drain my pool now and get it cleaned instantly.” Tom whined, glaring at the both of you playfully before going back inside.

Jacob followed after, still laughing along with Zendaya, while you both stayed outside.

“I really like you Harrison.” You smiled, making his heart melt, he’d fallen for you since the first day you arrived on set.

“Trust me Y/N, I really like you too.” He murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, pressing his lips against yours.

You both stood outside for a bit, just kissing, while everyone else inside was dancing and singing.

You eventually pulled away, resting your forehead against his, smiles resting on both of your faces.

“Round two?” Harrison grinned, making you roll your eyes playfully, but nod in response.

You both started walking to the pool when the back door flew open, revealing an out of breath Tom.


Put Me Back Together Again

Request from @queentiffanyyy: So here is a request. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco and reader head off to a private estate in the countryside and live the rest of their lives together. Kinda like in The Hunger Games MockingJay Part 2 ending, with Katniss and Peeta back in District 12, (with the rain scene and/or the baby scene). Thank you so much if you end up writing this one😊

Thank you for requesting! I love THG, and I can seriously imagine Draco doing something like this :)

Originally posted by papofglencoe

The rain came gushing down, pooling in small puddles on the gravel that led towards the garden. It had been just over six months since the Battle of Hogwarts had ended yet you and Draco often found yourselves waking up screaming in the middle of the night. The decision to move away and live in the desolate countryside was completely spontaneous: the two of you gathered all the saving you had after leaving Hogwarts that day and within a few days you were moving into the small estate you’d managed to buy. 

Draco’s parents hadn’t visited. A part of you felt sad for Draco but after you’d heard about the sorts of things they’d made him do you were glad they didn’t bother to grace their presence in this one safe haven the two of you had gradually made together. You stood in the large oak doorway for a few seconds before resting your back against the frame and letting yourself slide down against the wall, watching as each rain drop splatters on the floor. It was calmin, watching the rain fall. It seemed like the one thing that hadn’t been corrupted by the war; despite the heavy trouble that had been cast over the wizarding world, the rain continued to fall. 

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44335557! (25)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 25 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,697

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 26 Part 27  Part 28 Part 29

You heart was thumping against your chest; confused was an understatement about how you were feeling in that precise moment in time. What was happening? How could Reiji have been Yamada Yuta, in fact how could Minseok have been Kim Xiumin? It didn’t make sense. You were shaken to the core as Jongdae, Rozz, Sehun and yourself stared at each other wide eyed.

“Oh goodness we have to go after them otherwise Chanyeol will kill him.” Rozz panicked as she began looking around the dense trees.

“We need a plan.” Jongdae mumbled as he slowly stood up right from the tree he was leaning on.

“We don’t have time for a fucking plan.” Sehun hissed from beside you. “In case you didn’t get the memo, Chanyeol is seconds away from killing Minseok, I still don’t understand why but he can do the explaining after we find Minseok alive.”

“But we can’t just run out into these trees, it’s too dark we can’t see a thing, they could be anywhere right now. We could easily get lost.” Jongdae whined as he looked from Sehun to the dark woods in front of him, the steady hum of the car still buzzing around you.

“Well then you had better get out your phone torch light and hope for the best hadn’t you.”  Sehun frowned as he slipped his phone out of his pocket and switched the torchlight. We’ll split up, it will speed things up. Let’s all meet back here if we can’t find them. I’ve got one bar of signal left but I reckon by the time we step into those trees then it will be gone.” He pointed ahead into the dark nothingness. You felt an uneasiness creep up into the pit of your stomach, you hated the dark. You always had and now you were being forced to venture out into it. Alone.

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it started with an interview

Someone asked for Bechloe

The fact that it was Stacie’s idea, should have been Beca’s first warning.  

Start a tumblr blog, she said… It’ll be fun!  

What she had failed to mention to Beca was the fact that she’d be sucked into the tumblrverse.  So here she was, at half past one, scrolling through the musical tag, occasionally liking a post, occasionally interacting with fans via her main blog.  It was almost 2am when she saw the video she’d been tagged in, an interview with Beca’s long time celebrity crush, Chloe Beale.  

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Just Friends

Anon asked: Taeyong angst with the girl wanting him and him not being aware of it! Thank uuuuuu

You wish you could be more than just friends with Taeyong. But you knew that’s all you were ever going to be.

Can 300% guarantee this is not what you wanted but. here you go…? enjoy…?

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On Your Right ~ Bucky x Reader (Part 12)

A/N: Hi my lovely readers, thanks once again for all the love you’re sending me. It keeps those creative juices flowing. So, here is some fluffy Bucky for you, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |
Part 10 | Part 11 

Summary: The night of Bucky’s return continue. 

Rating: T for language

Warnings: mildly suggestive, mentions of therapy, A little angst?, language, fluff

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x reader, 

Word count: 836 (short and sweet!) 


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Bucky asked nervously as you peeled off your sweatshirt.

You rolled your eyes and gestured for him to do the same.

“Yes, I’m sure. You’re clearly too worked up to sleep which means I’m down a cuddle buddy and Steve still isn’t home yet,” you teased. When he look unconvinced you sighed and continued more seriously. “Bucky, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months. So please, just let me help you relax so we can go to bed.”

You pouted at him, the months of exhaustion suddenly weighing on you now that you had someone to lean on. The therapy was helping, but more often than not you still woke up in a cold sweat.

“All right. Let’s do this, then,” he sighed.

He yanked his sweatshirt up over his head taking his T shirt with it.

“Don’t sound so excited,” you remarked dryly, trying not to hyperventilate at the sight of his abs.

He noticed your appreciative gaze and smirked.

“See something you like, doll?”

“In your dreams, Barnes,” you quipped as he stalked towards you.

“I certainly hope so,” he flirted as he grabbed for you.

You ducked out of reach and managed to land an elbow to his ribs.

“So what have you been up to while we’ve all been gone?” He asked conversationally as you circled each other.

“Therapy, mostly,” you admitted. He smiled encouragingly as he tried to punch you. “Otherwise, dance lessons and studying with Peter. Well, catching up on my reading while Peter studied for finals,” you added as you aimed a kick at his head.

“How are you doing?”

You knew what he was asking as he put you in a headlock. You appreciated the out from having to look him in the eye.

“Not ready for solo missions yet, but I’m ready to get back in the field.”

You reversed out of the headlock and managed to pin him for a moment.

“Good.” He bucked his hips up and threw you off of him, scrambling to pin you. “I missed my partner. It wasn’t the same without you.”

“Good. I wouldn’t want to be replaceable.”

You flipped your positions, contorting your body in such a way Bucky couldn’t figure out how to make you let go, at least not without hurting you, so he tapped out. You quickly hopped to your feet, grinning in triumph.

“I could never replace you, doll. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna let you win right now,” he added as he rushed you.

“I’d be disappointed if you did. I earn my wins on these mats.”  

You spent the next thirty minutes sparring but eventually you gave up and just let him pin you to the mat. He sat back on his heels supporting his own weight as he straddled you.

“Thanks for the workout, doll.”

He grinned down at you looking like he’d gone for a walk around the park while you were drenched in sweat and panting.

“I don’t think it was much of a workout for you.”

“Got most of the jitters out.” His smile was sincere this time. “Thank you.”

“Anytime, Bucky. Whatever you need,” you promised, fighting against a yawn.

“I’ve kept you up way too long. You’re exhausted.” He abruptly stood, pulling you to your feet. “Why don’t you go shower and get some sleep.”

“You need sleep too, Bucky. Come to bed.”

“Is that an open invitation?” he asked with a wink as he tugged on his T-shirt. He tried to play it off but you could sense the genuine curiosity beneath the smirk.

“Yes. I want you to come to me when you need to. I am always here for you. I hope you know that.”

You laid your hand gently on his cheek, willing him to believe you.

“I do,” he assured you as his hands settled on your waist. “But what if I don’t want to come only when I need you? What if I just want to spend more time with you?”

You weren’t quite sure where the confidence came from, but you couldn’t help the broad smile that spread across your face as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“All you have to do is ask.”

He leaned in slowly and for a moment you thought he was going to kiss you. Despite the panic and anticipation warring inside you, you stayed perfectly still. You ignored the bubble of disappointment when he rested his forehead against yours instead.

“Will you dance with me?”

“Yes. I’ve gotten a lot better, now I can dance even without an amazing partner,” you babbled nervously.

You straightened up into proper form, but Bucky just shook his head.

“FRIDAY, play something slow.”

The soft jazz music began to play and he pulled you close. There were no fancy spins or complicated footwork this time, just your head on his shoulder and your clasped hands cradled against his chest while you swayed back and forth.

A/N: Yay fluffy Bucky! I’m really happy with how this part came out. I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Feedback is welcome! 

Tags are open!

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Part 13

I’m Bananas For You

A/N: My heart is broken & my head is spinning from last night’s events in Las Vegas. Country music is my safe haven & my happy place. That being said, I feel like we could all use a little pick me up today, so here’s some fluff. I love you all. My inbox/messages are always open. xx Morg

PS - I used this prompt list. There’s tons of prompts in my ask but they’re all the same and/or cliche and i’m sometimes I’m just not feelin them (sorry fam). This one was “It was all me, by the way.” and idk about you but i pictured Beca saying it the second I read it. SO uh yeah have fun.

PSS - i also just realized AFTER FINISHING THIS that I already have a fic that is very similar but WHO CARES I WRITE WHAT I WANT OKAY 

Beca Mitchell liked to consider herself a closet romantic. She would deny every instance when interrogated, but the second it came to Chloe she would drop everything to make her wife swoon. To not only Chloe’s, but pretty much everyone’s surprise, the brunette got pretty creative when it came to throwing the redhead off guard romantically. To which, of course, Beca would reply, “always the tone of surprise…” and then insist that Chloe kiss her and rub her feet. 

Chloe’s day at work had been eventful to say the least. Between the usual kid eating paste under a table in the back of the room to someone flicking boogers at someone else, things were pretty normal for the most part. But it wasn’t that part that threw her off. It was the little post it notes she found all over her classroom when she got there. 

Not to mention that none of them were handwritten so that wouldn’t help to narrow it down by handwriting. The first one was on her mailbox in the teachers lounge. 

1. today might suck, but don’t let it.

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Plus-one (4)

Hello friends. For those who are just joining me in this journey of Finn & Rae, this is an cross-over of The Wedding Date and My Mad Fat Diary, where our golden boy Finn is an escort. The fic definitely veers off from the plot at some points, but I think it probably stays true to the story for the most part. (There is one line that I’ve taken from the movie, but I’ll point that out at the end) I’ve enjoyed writing this bit for sure and hope you enjoy it too! 

I want to thank everyone that has liked, reblogged and commented on this fic and all of my fics really. It’s such a delight to hear from you all and is much appreciated!!

Let me know what you think, please and thank you. xx

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Homesick (Chapter 2)


Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: none, just lots of awkward cute stuff

Word Count: 2176

A/N: I am so glad that everyone is enjoying this series and I really appreciate all of your feedback! I’m happy to do my part and add some more Rob fics to the world! Thanks again to @amanda-teaches for being The Beta (her official superhero name from me haha!) Thanks also to @itsfunnierin-enochian for doing a picture search with me today! It was so painful ;) Disclaimer (forgot this last time)- Please know I mean no disrespect to Rob or his family when writing this. It is an AU where Rob is single and has no children (yet).

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What's Your Secret?—Chapter 5

“Hey, Ned Pees, where’s your dildo of a friend and Maya Angelou?” Flash asked, focusing more on the pencil he was playing with.

“Don’t call my friends that, Flash. And I’m not telling you,” Ned responded, rolling his eyes.

“Ooh, are they playin’ hooky?” Flash cooed at him. “Bet you’re feeling pretty left out.”

“Seriously, dude? You’re sick.”

“But the idea isn’t too far-fetched, right? I saw your friend checking her out, if you know what I mean,” Flash laughed and winked at him.

“And I’m leaving.” Ned grabbed his things and left the room they were in, not staying for the obnoxious snicker Flash was making.



Peter woke up to the smell of burning bacon. His eyes were barely open as he sat up to look at his window, which let in rays of the morning sun. He groaned.

“What time is it?” Peter yawned and picked his phone up, looking at the time.

“11:32?!” He exclaimed, eyes wide open. He jumped out of the bed and shook Michelle’s leg from the top bunk.

“What?” She whispered, eyes still closed.

“We’re late! Like three hours!” Peter said, “C'mon!!”

“Huh?!” Michelle quickly sat up with a confused look on her face. Her hair was messy from tossing and turning the night before, and her drool dried on her cheek. She removed the sheets and stepped down from the bed, pulling down her shirt.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Michelle said, running out of the room. Peter walked to the kitchen with an angry expression on his face.

“May! Why didn’t you wake us up?!” Peter asked. May turned the stove off and wiped her hands with a towel.

“Well I was, but you looked so peaceful! Besides, I’m guessing you had a rough day yesterday. You need the rest,” Aunt May said.

“That’s nice, but we kind of have a meeting today.” Michelle walked out of the bathroom with her own clothes already on.

“Well given that it’s almost 12 I don’t think we’ll make it,” Peter sighed, “Thanks, May.”

“No problem,” May smiled.

“Okay well, I have to go home or…my parents are gonna kill me,” Michelle pursed her lips.

“I’ll walk you out,” Peter said, walking towards the door.

“Thank you, May, for letting me sleep over.” She looked at Peter, who’s face was red from mixed emotions.

“Anytime, sweetie!” May smiled. Michelle walked to the door and whispered,“Later, Spider-nerd.”

“Don’t call me that!” Peter hissed. Michelle snickered and left, and Peter closed the door.

“She seems nice,” May said, setting out plates for her and Peter. Peter grunted and sat down in the chair.

“I can’t believe you let us sleep late.”

“Believe me, Peter, you needed it,” May said, taking a bite out of the eggs she made, Peter doing the same. They both coughed at how salty they were and spit it back out.




“We waited a whole thirty minutes for you guys! Where were you?!” Ned said, setting his bag on the couch.

“Well, we…..um, didn’t show up?” Peter’s statement turned into a question. He sat on the sofa chair next to him.

“Yeah, no kidding! You guys made me look like a total loser sitting by myself at lunch!” Ned said, groaning. “Maybe Flash was on to something.”

Peter raised his eyebrow at that. “What do you mean?”

“Listen, I know this might sound kind of weird, but….are you and Michelle playing…..hooky?” Ned regretted asking the question as soon as the last word left his mouth.

It was silent for a couple of moments.

“Oh. My. God.”

“No, no no no! We are not a thing! Definite—”

“I can’t believe this.”

“Ned! I’m telling you the—!”

“God this is so weird!” Ned felt like he was having a stroke.

“What’s so weird about it?!”

“Flash being RIGHT!”


“Guys, look who I found!” May said, moving out the way for Michelle to come in.

“Hey guys, I just forgot my bag,” she said, going into Peter’s room.

“She was in your room?!” Ned whispered. Peter rolled his eyes.

“Ned, listen, nothing happened between me and—”

“What’re you losers talking about?” Michelle said in a monotone voice, readjusting her bag.

Ned looked at Peter, then back at her. “Michelle—”

“Okay! Um, thanks for visiting, Michelle, but Ned and I need to talk about something really important!” Peter interrupted, shooting daggers at Ned.

“Weirdos,” Michelle said. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, I guess,“ Michelle gave them both a fake smile and walked out the door. May looked at them with an eyebrow raised.

“What is so important that she couldn’t stay a little longer?” She asked.

“Can’t tell you yet. Ned?” Peter looked at him and leaned his head to the direction of his room. They both walked in, Peter closing the door behind them.

“Were you seriously going to ask Michelle if we were playing hooky?!”

“Uh, yeah?! What happened today?” Ned asked, sitting down in his chair.


“Then how come she left her bag in YOUR room?” He looked around until his eyes landed on the messy beds.

“She uh, slept over last night?”

Ned looked at him. “What? Really?!”

“It’s kind of a long story, Ned,” Peter said, sitting on his bed.

“Did you guys kiss?”

“NO! We didn’t do anything! But….she knows I’m Spider-Man now.”

“What?! When? Did you show her the suit or something?!” Ned asked, getting more intrigued with each statement.

“She knew way before she saw me in it, but last night—”

“The McDonald’s robbery? She was there?”

Yes, Ned. Now please, can we drop the subject?“ Peter said, getting up and searching through his bag. "Did I miss anything today?”

“Just Mr. Harrison yelling at everyone about punctuality and being prepared. And a little homework here and there. But that’s not important now!” Ned said, stealing his bag away from Peter. He dropped his butt on the floor and place his hands on his face.

“Ned, I’m telling you, the most touching we did last night was hugging, and that was when she—after we got out of that restaurant,” Peter removed his hands from his face and played with the carpet in his room.

“Okay, I won’t ask about it anymore.” Ned said, looking through his bag. He pulled out another Legos Star Wars set for them to build. “You wanna build this?”

“Sure,” Peter said. Ned sat down in front of him and opened the box, spilling the pieces out for them to build.

“So, just for the record, you like her, right?”


Curiosity – Part 3 (M)

Originally posted by kimdaddynamjoon

Pairing: CamBoy!Seokjin x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: some moRE FILTHY SMUT

Word Count: 3,217 words

Summary: How the fuck were you going to even look at Seokjin, let alone Jungkook in the eyes after what you’d seen last night? After all, you had seen your best friend, Seokjin, make your neighbour, Jungkook, suck him off. Heck, you were going to be so so awkward around them.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

How the fuck were you going to even look at Seokjin, let alone Jungkook in the eyes after what you’d seen last night? After all, you had seen your best friend, Seokjin, make your neighbour, Jungkook, suck him off. Heck, you were going to be so so awkward around them.

Was it weird you had downloaded some (and by some, you meant most) of Seokjin’s videos? The guy was attractive as hell, and he wasn’t badly built either. He knew what the viewers wanted and he gave that too them, but he also gave you a burning passion to just want to kiss him whenever you saw him.

You didn’t want to make your friendship weird, but you couldn’t dent the fact that you did like him. You always had but the thought of ruining your friendship always lingered in your mind, which is why you tried to forget it. That idea was going well until you saw his cam and well, everything went downhill from there. Your thoughts of love for him were now also blinded with lust.

“Dude,” you came running to your friend who had told you about Seokjin and his cams (and you’ll forever hate her yet be so thankful), “you know how you said Seokjin was…you know what.”

“Mhm, he’s really good holy shit. Did you see last nights though? Oh my god I promise you, my orgasms have never been better.”

“Okay, too much info there, but, yes I did watch it and here is the thing,” you began, “you know the guy that was with Jin?”

“The cute, sexy muscular one?”

“He’s my neighbour.”

“What the fuck- you’re kidding me!”

“I’m really not…” you two stood in silence before she spoke up. “Shit, you’re living the life!” you opened your mouth to protest but some blonde locks caught your attention that were approaching from behind your friend. “Morning ladies,” Jin smiled as he stopped beside your friend, holding his books in his hand. His hands…gosh they looked good. No, shit, this wasn’t the time to daydream over his hands oh god – but you weren’t the only ones staring at his hands. Your friend gulped and accidentally glanced down at Seokjin’s slender fingers, adverting her eyes quickly as a faint blush started to take over her face.

“Hey,” you say quickly, wanting the awkward atmosphere to disappear. “Is there something you need?” (you secretly prayed for him to say a bible cause boy, he’s sinning too much he would like your help for a cam because you would happily oblige).

“I was just wondering if you wanted to walk to class together? It feels like a while since I’ve seen you…” yeah, that’s because you had been avoiding him at all costs. “Oh, yeah, sure.” You replied hesitantly.

“Great!” he grins widely, the corners of his eyes crinkling up in the most cutest way that always, always, had you smiling back because of how ridiculously adorable the man looked. Your friend winked at you before giggling under her breath as you walked away with Seokjin, you were going to kill her later.

“So, why exactly have you been avoiding me?” He asked, looking down at you as you walked through campus. “I haven’t.” You walked as fast as your legs could take you and sat down on a seat towards the front of the class (at least he wasn’t able to talk to you about anything because your professor would be right in front of you both).

“Yes you have Y/N. Have I done something wrong? What can I do to fix it? Please tell me,” he sighed as he slumped down onto the spare seat beside you. “I’ve- just nothing its girl stuff.”

“It’s such private girl stuff that you can’t even tell your friend- no, your best friend?”

“Yeah because you’re not a girl, duh.”

“You haven’t killed someone have you?”

“Jin do I seriously seem like the person who would kill someone?” He shrugged, “You seem like you’re on your period because you’re mad at me so…” you hit his arm. “Ouch! What was that for?”

“Just because I’m mad, doesn’t mean I’m on my god damn period!”


01/12/16 | 9:56 PM

You sat there shamelessly, doing your assignments as you looked back up to your laptop every now and then, just to check if there was a popup link for a stream.

01/12/16 | 10:39 PM

Why were you still awake? Oh yeah, you didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see your best friend pleasure himself. Right, so logical.

01/12/16 | 11:09 PM

That’s when you gave up and just ended up going to sleep, you’ll be able to see the video tomorrow anyway. But you couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t do a stream.

The next day, Seokjin didn’t sit next to you, in fact, he didn’t even talk to you. It wasn’t like him to do that, maybe he was just sulky about the fact you refused to tell him what was wrong. That night, you sat there with your laptop open again, waiting for something, just anything. It was around eleven thirty pm when you decided to text your friend.

02/12/16 | 11:34 PM | You:

Hey, you didn’t get streams or whatever from Seokjin today did you?

02/12/16 | 11:38 PM | Y/F/N:

Ooh, you’re addicted now? Lmao why don’t you talk to him about it? And no, there wasn’t one on yesterday either, which is weird for him…

02/12/16 | 11:40 PM | You:

Cause I don’t want too, we’re not going on this topic over text.

02/12/16 | 11:41 PM | Y/F/N:

Alright whatever. Anyway…are you glad I told you about your dear friend’s secret ;)

02/12/16 | 11:43 PM | You:

Yes and no. I hate you for telling me but I really love you for telling me.

02/12/16 | 11:44 PM | Y/F/N:

Well, I for one, thoroughly enjoy watching him, and your neighbour lol that was great. Is Seokjin gay though like…?

02/12/16 | 11:44 PM | You:

I don’t know if he is but I wouldn’t be surprised? But yeah I agree, it’s super hot watching him…this is weird we’re bonding over my friend doing porn. Anyway I’m going to head to sleep before this gets weirder. Night!


It was the fourth day Seokjin had been ignoring you and you’d had enough (hypocrite much). After your class you headed to his apartment in hopes of catching him and talking about what was going on and how you could fix it, because you really missed him.

You didn’t bother knocking on his front door because he had given you a key to his place a few months back and you would let each other in to each-others apartments like it was nothing. Walking inside you saw no sign of life and thought that he wasn’t home – that was, until you heard a small whimper come from his bedroom. It didn’t occur to you that he could have been doing a stream, all you cared about was wanting to talk to him and make sure that he’s okay.

Without a second thought you opened his bedroom door only to reveal a (yet again) naked Jungkook, hands tied with a tie around his front as Seokjin’s hand wrapped around Jungkook’s shaft, a whimper falling from Jungkook’s lips again, the camera on the other side of his room catching your attention also.


“Do you not know what to call me baby boy?”

“Your…door…” Jin, confused, furrowed his brows and moved his head towards the door, going wide eyed at the sight of you standing there, staring back at them both.

“Do you want help, daddy?” What the hell did you just do? Jin stared back at you before his eyes turned darker, lust taking over. “I’d love your help. Why don’t you come on over here princess, let me introduce you to everyone.”

You shyly walked into his room, closing the door behind you as you dropped your bag onto the flood. Jin held out his hand for you which you took – he pulled you closer towards him gently. “Looks like you’re all really lucky, two guests in one day huh?” he chuckled a little, the comments going wild at the sight of you potentially joining.

“My princess here is going to be a good girl and do whatever I say yes?” you nodded, cheeks going red before adding “yes daddy, anything for you.”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled down at you (but it looked like more of a smirk) before putting a strand of hair behind your ear and leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. You couldn’t believe that this was happening, that he was actually kissing you, even if the kiss felt rough and needy, you’d been dreaming of this day since forever. He bit your lower lip earning a groan from you (he swore he’d never heard anything better in his life before) pulling it back a little before letting it go.

Even though you’d just kissed, you were left a little breathless. His hands came down to your sides, guiding them to your butt, making you gasp a little and place your hands on his chest. “Let’s put on a show for the viewers and dear Jungkook, yes princess?” he smirked as he hooked his finger into the strap of your dress, sliding it down your shoulder, kissing your bare skin making you shudder a little.

“Take this dress off for me, princess.” Seokjin stepped back, glancing and smirking over at Jungkook who’s knuckles had gone white from not being able to touch or do anything, daddy’s orders. You bit your lip but nevertheless, unzipped your dress and let it fall to the floor, feeling incredibly naked. Thousands of people were probably watching you and dissing you and your body, but the hard stares of Jungkook and Seokjin made it more nerve wrecking.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful, isn’t that right baby boy?” Jin raised his hand and ran it down the curve of your breasts, making you suck in a sharp breath. “Yes daddy…she’s so stunning,” he whispered out, mouth going dry at the sight, his cock getting harder if possible.

Seokjin moved the cup of your bra down, his tongue coming to flick over your left nipple. You gasped and wrapped your hand in his hair, tugging slightly. He smirked before wrapping his hot, wet mouth around it and massaging your other one as a low moan escaped you. He let go of your breast with a small ‘pop’ and stood up straight before pressing his lips to yours again, his hand trailing down to your lower region and ran his fingers over your wet panties. “Fuck…

“You like that princess? I’ve barely touched you and you’re so wet.”

“Only for you, daddy,” you purred back, running a hand down his chest making him groan a little as your nails dragged down his nipples. “Do you know what I want you to do princess?”

“What can I do daddy?” You raised your head and looked up at him. “I want you to ride Jungkook’s face, let him make you cum with his tongue. You’ll let him do that, yes?” you took in a sharp breath before whispering, “Of course daddy,” and turning to face Jungkook who was looking back at you with eyes full of hunger.

Within a few moments your panties and bra were on the floor of Seokjin’s bedroom, legs either side of Jungkook’s head as his soft hair slightly tickled your thighs. He looked up at you eagerly before turning his head to face Jin, “Daddy, can I make her feel good now please? She’s so fucking wet…”

“Go ahead baby boy, daddy’s not gonna stop you.” He groaned, wrapping his own hand around his swollen cock, glancing back down at the two of you on the bed, god he could just cum at the sight. Jungkook didn’t waste a single second after Seokjin’s words, you felt his tongue flick over your clit making you involuntarily move towards him a little more.

“Move closer,” Jungkook whispered at you, making you move up his body a little more. He licked a bold strip up your folds. “How does she taste baby boy?” Jin’s voice came out airy and in a small groan, his hand pumping himself at a steady pace. “So sweet daddy, so fucking sweet.” He practically growled at the end and dove right in, wrapping his swollen lips around your folds, sucking away as he groaned at the beautiful taste of you.

You could feel his groan more than hear it, but it did enough to make you moan his name. Seokjin gritted his teeth at the sight, maybe it was out of jealousy because he could probably pleasure you more, he hated the fact that you moaned out Jungkook’s name instead of his.

You began to rock your hips against Jungkook’s mouth slightly. “Wait, wait,” he breathed out, “daddy, please untie me, I-I need to touch her.” He whimpered out, the tightness of the tie around his wrists was getting painful (but not as painful as his erection that was still waiting to be touched). He wouldn’t mind usually but the fact you were on top of him as he had a clear view of you sitting above him, and he wasn’t allowed to touch you? That was painful.

“Why don’t you ask her baby boy, maybe she’ll say yes.” Jungkook looked up at you desperately, eyes wider than usual. “Please Y/N, I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ll ever have just please.” You nodded back at him, holding back a moan from how fucking good he looked begging for you to untie his hands. You threw the tie away somehere in Seokjin’s room and Jungkook’s large hands came to rest at your hips, pulling you closer again.

He kissed your thighs gently before looking up at you and diving back into your folds again, holding your hips down against his mouth as his tongue lapped in and around your holds, his nose rubbing against your clit slightly. Your mouth opened and a string of curses and moans spewed out, a hand of yours coming down to tangle in Jungkook’s soft brown locks. “Fuck, just like that Jungkook,” you moaned out.

Seokjin gave up on pleasuring himself, thinking it wasn’t any fun for the viewers if he was just doing his own thing, it wasn’t very as you would say, dirty. He walked on over to the both of you (but you and Jungkook were caught up in doing your own thing to even realise he wasn’t standing off to the side) and sat on the bed, taking a hold of Jungkook’s hard on making him groan into you. “Shit hyung…”

“Forgotten your manners I see?”

“N-no daddy, not at all.” Jin hummed before running his tongue against Jungkook’s slit, “what are you waiting for baby boy? Don’t keep the princess waiting, you did promise her the best orgasm yes?” Jungkook turned back to you, looking into your eyes and opened his mouth to speak, “I want you to ride my face,” he spoke without faltering, flattening out his tongue for you to place your dripping centre over.

You didn’t hesitate to rock your hips against Jungkook’s tongue, desperately wanting your orgasm to approach – moans were spilling out of your mouth as whenever Jungkook groaned (from Jin giving him the good succ lmao) the vibrations shot up into your core. One of your hands came down to your clit before it was swatted away by Jungkook, replacing your hand with his and he rubbed your clit fast in small eight figures.

Seokjin’s pink lips were wrapped around Jungkook’s head, his hand pumping the rest of Jungkook’s cock quickly. It wasn’t long before Jin felt Jungkook’s cock twitch a little signalling to him that he was close. “Come on princess, you close?” Jin’s husky voice spoke up, to which you nodded back, “come no Y/N, cum all over Jungkook’s pretty little face.” That was all it took for you to be sent over the edge as your mouth opened into an ‘o’ shape and you moaned out Jungkook’s name as your orgasm hit you, hard. He groaned happily as he felt your hot juices and swallowed them as your thighs clamped around his head.

He didn’t pull away after your orgasm though, his hands were still on your hips as he continued swirling his tongue into your sensitive core. You whimpered and tugged on his hair to try and get him to pull back, “fuck! Jungkook, t-too much.”

“Be a good girl and take it, princess. He’s not going to pull away until he cums.” Seokjin spoke up. Jungkook bought a hand up, making contact with your bare ass making you groan a little, the pain on your bottom fading out into pleasure but the borderline pain Jungkook’s tongue was giving you was still there. It didn’t take long before Jin’s skilled mouth and his fingers bought Jungkook over the edge too, a deep groan leaving Jungkook’s mouth as his cum filled Seokjin’s mouth and he happily swallowed the bitter sweet cum. He finally pulled away from your core with a sheepish smile, his mouth and chin glistening with your juices. “You taste so sweet baby.”

Jin cleared his throat. “Be good and help daddy, both of you.” You looked down at Jungkook, but he was already moving you off of him, pulling you towards the ground and you both kneeled infront of Seokjin’s erection that stood there proudly against his stomach, red and pink with a few bulging veins visible around it. You made the first move and darted your tongue out, running it across a vein of his, earning a groan from above.

Jungkook bent down a little lower, taking one of Seokjin’s balls in his hands and looking up at him. You took as much of him as you could in your mouth, moving your head backwards and forwards at a steady ongoing pace as Jungkook switched from using his tongue and mouth to his hands on Jin’s balls.

It only took a minute tops to have Jin pushing you and Jungkook away from his cock, his hand coming to pump himself at a fast pace. “Open your mouths,” he groaned out, tossing his head back slightly when he came as his cum sprayed across yours and Jungkook’s mouth and chests. He looked down at the both of you, “you both look so pretty like this,” he muttered, running a hand through both of your hair, before he realised this was all live and it needed to be finished.

“Jungkook, turn it off yeah?” The younger stood up and did what he was told, waving and turning Seokjin’s camera off. Jin looked down at you silently before offering a hand for you to get up and grabbing his shirt and placing it over you gently as he grabbed his boxers and slid them on, the awkward atmosphere not going away.

a/n: this is actual filth how did i write 3.2k words omfg i’m done with myself lmao. i hope you enjoy this!

let me know if you’d like another part :) feedback is appreciated! 

Bad Reputation (Part Seven) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: aaaahhh! alright I managed to do it! :D I managed to post today! (it’s still today in my country, so yeah :D) you guys are FANTABULOUUUUS! I love just how much love this story is getting! and I love more and more writing it! :D xD thank you so much for everyone who likes this and reblogs it and inboxes me about it! you guys are THE BOMB! quick note, everything that was suggested was taken into serious consideration and if you don’t see it happening in this chapter it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in another one :D and another thing: REMUS LUPIN IS THE BEST PROFESSOR THERE EVER WAS! so, he’s the DADA teacher in my story! sorry, not sorry,  thank you all soo much for being so awesome! and now, ladies and gentlemen (I don’t even know if gentlemen read this but whatever) here’s part 7 :)

Warnings: mentions of an abusive home and basically a dark past.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter! :D

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Bad Reputation

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10[Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14]

“Hey, Wood!”

Oliver jumped a little in surprise, dropping the book in his hands, when (Y/N) appeared by his side out of nowhere.

“Don’t do that!” he complained picking up the book while she tried really hard to contain her laugh so Madam Pince couldn’t hear her and kicked her out of the Library.

“Why not? It was pretty funny” she said sitting next to him on the table facing him.

“No, it’s not” he snapped a little.

“Well, someone’s in a bad mood” she mocked him. “What happened? Did Spinnet dump you?”

“Alicia isn’t my girlfriend!”

“Then… Weasley?”

“Percy isn’t my boyfriend!” he said rolling his eyes. “What are you even doing here?”

“Well, I was bored and I wondered what my good friend Ollie was doing” she said with a mocking smirk and Oliver turned up to glare at her.

“Don’t call me that” he said feeling the blush on his cheeks.

“Oh, I thought you wanted us to be friends” she said pinching his cheek and Oliver snapped her hand away. “Alright, seriously, you’re worse than me at this point” she said letting out a small laugh. “What’s wrong?”

“You really want to know? No jokes?”

“No jokes” she said putting up her hands in surrender.

Oliver sighed knowing he was bound to tell her anyways or she wouldn’t shut up. “Well, if you must know, I had a report due today for my Defense Against the Dark Arts about werewolves and I was so busy with Quidditch practice I completely forgot! And well, Professor Lupin was kind enough to let me do it but I have to present it today before dinner or I’ll get fifty percent off my grade! I haven’t even found anything about werewolves other than what’s in the book and he expects it to be at least three parchments long and-“

“Alright, alright, calm down Granger” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes. “Are you meaning to tell me that the mighty Oliver Wood forgot to do his homework?” she said trying not to laugh.

Oliver rolled his eyes and glared at her. “You know what, I don’t really have time for this” he said getting up and putting his stuff away.

“Fine, sorry. I didn’t mean it” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes once more and grabbing his wrist to sit him down again. “Forgive me if I was a bit shocked at the fact that someone like you was behind on his homework” she told him.

“Someone like me?”

“Yeah, someone who I’m pretty sure the worst thing he’d ever done is… I don’t know maybe go into the restricted part of the Library” she mocked him.


“Let me guess… you didn’t even know there was a restricted section, did you?” 

“I uh-“

“Follow me” she said getting up and walking past him. “Come on” she said nodding her head.

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a fifty seven (57!!!) stucky fic rec made with my lovey @foggybearnelson over the course of seven months! they’re all sorts of lengths! personally ranked out of five (✩✩✩✩✩) stars and not in any particular order! some personal comments littered through, explicit ratings and descriptions are the ones labelled by the authors.

1.  the city bleeds its aching heart by renne (explicit, 34k) ✩✩✩✩✩

The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood. [COMPLETE]

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Broken Pt 2

        Part 2 of Broken….If I knew how I would like it to part 1 :) Slowly learning Tumbler. warning domestic violence

          You sighed as you held a cold compress on your left side. The good thing, if there really was one was the Brock never left marks that were easily visible. Brock had left for work already issuing orders on what he wanted prepared for dinner for not only himself but his poker buddies. He also left a warning that the house was to be spotless and that there be plenty of his favorite beer. Sighing again you removed the compress looking at the dark bruise that splayed across the left side of your ribs. You were pretty sure nothing was broken as it didn’t really hurt to breath and you had be icing it on and off since last night in hopes that it would feel better by today, no such luck.

          Glancing at the time on your watch you hurried to finish getting ready for work, throwing on your blouse and wincing when the band of your dress pants brushed against the bruising. You threw on a minimal amount of makeup as you had learned over the years Brock preferred it and rushed to get your shoes, and grab your purse before you were out the door.

           Once outside you unlocked your car and smiled fondly, it was old but it ran and it was one of the last things that you had that was just yours. You laughed a little to yourself if it wasn’t Brock would have already had it taken off to the junk heap by now he complained about it daily. Then again if Brock had it his way lately you wouldn’t have a car at all.

           You made it to work on time making sure that you obeyed every traffic law, the last thing you needed was one of Brock’s buddies or Brock himself pulling you over that would go over well, and made your way inside bracing yourself for the mundane day ahead of you answering phones and helping people with their retirement plans. The only bright spot in your work day was Wanda, she had been working with the company since she had moved to town a little over a year ago and you had become fast work friends. She also didn’t know you before Brock so she never questioned your numerous excuses to grab coffee or a drink after work, chalking it up to the fact that you were obviously a homebody. Unlike your oldest friend Natasha.

          Speaking of the devil herself, you felt the desk drawer vibrate and opened it a crack to see Natasha’s name light up on the screen. Hitting the busy button on your phone system, you took your head seat off and walked quickly to the bathroom clicking the phone on as you went. When you whispered hello, “Lunch” was all she said.

         “I can’t Nat” You told her frowning, its not that you didn’t want to go, but Brock didn’t care for her and you were already nursing bruised ribs.

      “Didn’t ask, Pick you up in five” She told you hanging up before you could say anything else. You frowned looking at your watch it was already five to 12 and Natasha knew your schedule well, she always had since grade school. It was a joke to your Family, Steve had a Bucky and Y/N had a Natasha to keep you both in line. Not that you got into as many fights as your dear brother had, but you were both utterly tiny as children. Luckily Steve hit a growth spurt in the army, unlike you who still remained petite. You brother told you once, it was ok for you to be that small, him on the other hand it was a down right embarrassment. You also vividly remember sucker punching him as you were 18 at the time and he was making fun of you.

       You made your way to your desk, and logged the phone system completely out. Glancing at your supervisor you smiled and told him you were taking your scheduled lunch. You grabbed your purse from your bottom desk drawer, waving at Wanda as you left. As you got outside, you couldn’t miss Natasha in her black corvette, she smiled as she was leaning up against the driver’s side door. “Thought I was going to have to come in and drag you out” She told you and you just shook your head, “I would have” She told you honestly.

       “I know” you agreed as you got in the passenger side the same time she got in the driver’s side.

    “The sandwich place we like, ok” she ask and you nodded, waiting you knew there was a reason that she called you for lunch. Normally she had a very busy schedule and wasn’t a spur of the moment type of person. After five minutes of silence you couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Spit it out” You told her and she looked at you giving you a sly smile.

    “What” She ask

    “You know what, it is unusual for you to call spur of the moment for lunch, that means something is on your mind”

     “You know me so well” She laughed, “Clint ask me to move in with him” She blurted.

    “And you said” You ask turning toward her and only grimaced slightly as it pulled at your ribs.

    “That I would think about it” She told you frowning, as she watched your face. You gave her a look, “What” She ask you, “ I do need to think about it, I don’t want to live over a garage, I don’t care how nice he has fixed it up”

    “Then have him move in with you, in your apartment” You told her in a matter of fact voice.

   “ I hate that shit hole, my landlord is an ass. Plus I’m always over at Clint's” She shrugged, and you just raised your eyebrow.

   “I’m always at Clint’s place” she muttered as if surprised at her deceleration and you just nodded your head as she pulled into a parking place, “Why didn’t I think of this before” she seemed astounded and you almost laughed out loud.

    “You were to busy freaking out,” You offered her with a shrug of your shoulders, “plus look on the bright side, if you officially move in with Clint you can quit giving money to your asshole of a landlord”

   “Seriously Pierce is a dick” Natasha told you as you both got out and made your way inside. You almost groaned out loud when you saw Rollins and Andrews sitting in one of the corner booths. There goes failing to mention to Brock what did for lunch. You smiled at a waitress who lead you and Natasha to your normal booth feeling eyes on you the whole time.

    “What in the hell is up with Rollins” Natasha whispered as you both sat down. It was a small town and pretty much everyone knew everyone. You shrugged your shoulders, but you didn’t relax until they finished with their lunch and paid.

    You were glad that Natasha, seemed preoccupied by her discovery that she practically already lived with Clint it made her miss the signs of discomfort you showed throughout lunch that she normally would have picked up on. Once you ate, she drove you back to work exclaiming that she was going to share her answer with Clint, and made you promise to meet her next week for lunch. After you nodded she gave you a hug and you bit you lip to keep from letting out a hiss and she was gone again. The work day seemed to fly by after that, and when it was quitting time, Wanda walked up to you. “So I know that it is Brocks annual friday night poker game at your house, you want to go to the movies with me tonight? Sam has some late night session and there is a chick flick I am dying to see” she ask you smiling.

    “Its not that I don’t want to Wanda, but I have a couple projects started at mom’s old house that I want to get finished up this weekend” You told her smiling. She didn’t have to know that you hadn’t really set foot in that house since you moved in with Brock.

    “Oh, well maybe next Friday” She ask hopefully.

    “Sure” You smiled at her as you both ,went toward your respective cars. Once you settled inside you made your way to the grocery store to get the things needed for Brock’s poker night. Luckily for you the store didn’t seem to crowded and you were In and out in under thirty minutes, which should give you plenty of time to get the house ready and dinner cooked before he got home.

    You were just pulling onto your street, and when your driveway came into view you felt your breathing pick up Brock’s patrol car was already sitting in the driveway. What was he doing home so early, your mind raced and then you thought back to lunch damn it Rollins you thought as you parked and started getting groceries out of the back of your car. You slowly made your way inside and to the kitchen to sit the groceries down and before you could blink you were pinned up against the counter. “Care to tell me where you went for lunch sweetheart” Brock’s voice whispered menacingly in your ear.

    “With Nat” You whispered, your left side was throbbing the way he had you shoved up against the counter.

    “I’ve told you a thousand times sweetheart, she is a bad influence on you” his left hand ghosted down your side between you and the counter and you had to bite your lip to keep from screaming as he dug his thumb between two of your ribs, “If Rollins or anyone of my guys tell me they caught you out with her again, and I haven’t approved it you will not like what happens understand” You nodded your head jerkily as you felt like the breath was stolen from you. As suddenly as he was there he had backed off of you, “Now Sweetheart, I expect you to get the house in order and have the den ready for the game tonight” He kissed your cheek as he left the room throwing over his shoulder that he would be in the living room watching the game.

    Once he left the kitchen you took a deep breath, you knew tears were running down your face. Taking a paper towel you wet it and patted your face a minute before you picked up the groceries that had fell to the floor when Brock had pinned you putting away the beer to get cold, and then getting your ingredients to make the pizza crust, once you had that all mixed and the bowl covered with a dish towel for it to rise, you washed and chopped the toppings placing them in tupperware and back in the fridge so that they would be ready to put on once the dough was done. You washed your hands quickly, and moving as fast as your aching side allowed you went to get the vacuum in order to clean the down stairs, up to Brock’s standards. You had vacuumed the den, and moved to put the vacuum back in its respective place and grabbed the broom and went to sweep the kitchen, and dining room you knew no one would be in there much but you didn’t want to give Brock anymore reasons this evening to be upset.

    Once that was done, you moved as quietly as you could to the living room where he was propped up in the recliner. You started to sweep the living room making as little noise as possible, you did not want to interrupt him, when you felt his eyes on you. You looked up at him and you shivered as he was smiling. “Aren’t you just adorable when you do what I ask you to do” he crooned at you, and if you didn’t know the things you knew about him now you would have thought it was sweet really. “Sweetheart, why don’t you bring me a beer” he ask smile still on his lips. You knew he expected you to do so, and you just nodded your head placing the broom against the wall so that it would stay there and went back to the kitchen to get him his beer. You popped the top and threw it it in the trash and made it back to him in record time.

     “Here” You said softly reaching it toward him. He took it from you and was still smiling.

    “Why don’t you sit with me for a little bit” He suggested, and you bit your lip.

     “Brock, I still have to finish sweeping the living room, then I have to get the pizza in the oven” you stated softly and cringed when his eyes narrowed a little bit, “I just want to make sure that everything is done so you don’t have anything to worry about when the guys start showing up” you said quickly. He waved his hand at you as if dismissing you and you let out a sigh of relief. You made quick work of the living room not wanting to stay In his sight more than you needed to and quickly put away your supplies and went back to finish up the pizza. Once it was in the oven you set the timer and then made your way back to the den to set up the poker table and the chairs as well as get the cards and chips out and place them in the middle of the table. Once that was done you checked on the pizza again, got out a couple bowls to fill with Chips and Pretzels and sit them around the den. When the timer went off you removed the pizza to cool and made your way back into the living room where Brock was still where you had left him. “Everything is ready” You told him softly.

    “Good, why don’t you go upstairs put on something a little more comfortable” Brock told you, “Give the guys a reason to be jealous if you know what I mean” he winked at you. Nodding at him you turned and grimaced you had hoped that he would let you retreat to your room tonight while they were hear but it seemed like luck wasn’t on your side tonight.

    You made it upstairs and grabbed out of your closet one of the dresses you knew Brock loved, and that you absolutely hated for no other reason than he loved it. You took it in the bathroom with you, and had decided that a shower might help to relieve your nerves when you heard your cell phone playing the national anthem. You fished it out of your purse quickly hoping that Brock didn’t hear it, Steve normally didn’t call you two days in a row. “Hey Stevie” You answered softly locking yourself in the bathroom.

   “Hey Cricket” He said just as softly and you felt your stomach drop, he normally didn’t pull out old nicknames.

   “Stevie is everything alright with Peggy, and the baby” You ask quickly.

    “Yeah” you could hear him sigh.

    “Then what” You ask your stomach still in your throat.

   “It’s Bucky he was overseas, in the field tending to the injured” Steve paused, “Hell Cricket there was a grenade, Buck was hit”

    “Is he, Is he” You couldn’t finish you knew tears were falling, Bucky was just as much family as Steve was he had been there since you could remember, you used to joke that Bucky was more protective than Steve was.

     “He is alive, they have moved him to a military hospital in Germany, as soon as they can they are going to move him stateside, but he has lost his left arm” Steve croaked out and you knew he was in tears and you had rarely seen your big brother cry.

   You heard yourself sob, and you heard Steve in the background “Cricket it’s ok, he is going to be ok”

    “Stevie, are you going to him” you ask suddenly, “I know Peggy” you started.

    “Peggy had already cleared it, we are both taking leave we are going to go and make sure he is ok” Steve told you and you sighed.

     “Steve Tell him” You started and you heard Brock opening the bedroom door, “Tell him to get better soon, and that I love him” You whispered the last part in hopes that Brock didn’t hear it. “I gotta go” Yo u told him quickly as you heard Brock’s footsteps getting closer to the bathroom door and without another thought hit end on your cell phone.

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How do you think the Doctor meeting Rose's family would go?

  • the doctor absolutely pretends he’s being dragged along to her cousin’s New Year’s Eve party
  • it’s shortly after his regeneration, and he insists (for all of thirty seconds) that he will let her go off and have fun with her friends on her own
  • as soon as she does that thing with her eyelashes and tilting head, he huffs and puffs and gives in
  • (it’s early, it’s new, it’s literally only been days since he transformed into new body right in front of her eyes, but the reality is, he senses that she’s warming up to him more and more with every moment they spend together, so there’s no way that he’s seriously gonna spend the dawn of a new Earth year on his lonesome, not when Rose Tyler is showing clear signs of wholeheartedly embracing the new him)
  • (speaking of embracing; she gives him a huge hug when he agrees to go with her to the shindig, and he’s like, already categorising it in his head. day 7 of new new Doctor, hugs accrued since regeneration: 12, hugs received today: 1, classification: made Rose happy about something, hug potential for the rest of the day: at least 3 more, surely??)
  • given that rose’s cousin is only a year apart from her in age, the doctor assumes it’ll be a young crowd at the party - friends and friends of friends, maybe a few neighbours, that sort of thing 
  • it turns out that in actual fact, the entirety of the tyler clan show up - aunts and uncles and cousins on her father’s side, plus a few of jackie’s relatives, including rose’s nan, rose’s sole living grandparent
  • her nan does not take to him at first
  • highly critical of his and rose’s lifestyle, such as she knows of it, plus the way he ‘took her away from us for a year!’ (will they ever be over that? probably not. he heaves many sighs during this conversation), he is quickly aware that he’s gonna need to do something spectacular to endear himself to the woman
  • rose tells him not to worry about it; she says she hardly ever sees her nan anyway, regardless of the year she’d inadvertently missed with them all. she tells him her mum and her nan aren’t even that close, that her approval doesn’t matter to her
  • he still tries, for hours, to get the woman to crack a smile 
  • (he gives up at three minutes to twelve, and rose yanks on his arm and pulls him outside onto the balcony)
  • ‘rose, do you think your nan might possibly be made of stone? a cyborg? a Trochanite? Trochanites have no concept of humour, and -’
  • ‘doctor, it’s nearly midnight’
  • ‘ah, yes, fair enough, you’re probably right, she’s probably just tired, poor old thing’

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12x06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1078

Version en Español  –  PREVIOUS EPISODE

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

“You were really quick in there,” Mary complimented you on the way to a diner.

“Yeah,” you grunted, not looking away from where you kept watch out the window. For a reason that was beyond you, the boys invited their mother to breakfast after the night in the hellhouse. What’s more, they all decided to ride in the Impala and drop her off at her car after breakfast. That meant that you were stuck in the backseat with her.

“Y/N’s saved our asses more times than I’d like to admit,” Dean said in the silence you created by your short answer.

His praise grated on your nerves. It was like he was trying to prove your worth to his mother. As if her opinion of you really mattered.

“But we’ve had to save yours quite a few times too,” Sam jabbed playfully. Despite your stormy mood, his words made you smile. Sam could always make you smile.

You reached over the seat and swatted at the back of his head. “Only because you two didn’t do your jobs in the first place and put me in impossible positions.”

Sam twisted around and grinned at you. “Hey, sometimes we just want to feel better about ourselves. Can’t have you showing us up all the time.”

“Whatever, Winchester.”

“You’ve got quite the reputation, it seems,” Mary tried injecting herself into your world once again, and your Sam-induced good mood vanished. “I’ve only heard good things about you, Y/N.”

With only a noncommittal grunt, you returned to your post at the window. You could feel everyone grow uncomfortable with your obvious hostility, but no one called you out for it. The friction in the car made the trip to the diner take hours, when it was only a few minutes later that you pulled into the parking lot.

The four of you exited the car, but Sam grabbed your arm before you could head inside. “You two go ahead. I have something to ask Y/N.”

Unsure, Dean and Mary glanced around before they resumed walking toward the front doors. You and Sam watched them until they were safely inside.

Then Sam rounded on you. “What the hell is going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” You asked innocently.

“I mean with my mom. You’re treating her like she’s the enemy.”

There was nothing you could say that wouldn’t set off his temper, so you said nothing at all.

“Seriously?” He looked so disappointed in you. “She needs space! You of all people should understand that!”

“I do! But when I take off for a few weeks to be alone, I make sure to text or call you every few days so you know I’m alive. And she of all people should understand that!”

“She didn’t ask for this—” he tried to defend.

“No one asks for this, Sam! We didn’t ask to be born and we sure as hell didn’t ask to be thrown into the hunter life. But it’s our reality now! We’re thrown into situations that we don’t ask for all the time. But we adapt!” You gestured in the direction of the diner and Mary. “She’s been here for weeks. I don’t expect her to be up to speed, or even remotely okay with what’s changed. But I do expect her to do the decent thing and shoot you a text every now and then so that you know she’s still alive.”

“This is a whole different world. Technology, hunting… everyone she knew is either dead or thirty years older.”

“But she’s a hunter. She was raised in this life. She knows how much everyone worries. And your mom knows how to send a text that says ‘I’m still alive’. Hell, even my mother can pull herself out of her cloud of drugs to let me know that she hasn’t ODed.”

Sam dragged his hand down his face. “That’s your mom though. Why the hell is this such a big deal for you? This is my mom we’re talking about.”

“Right,” you bit out. “I’m not a Winchester. I’m not family.”

“Y/N, I didn’t mean—“

“I’ve only been hunting with you and Dean for ten years. Excuse me for thinking that being with you for a decade entitled me to having an opinion when I think people have wronged you two.” You held your hands up and began walking backwards. “I won’t make that mistake again.”

“C’mon, Y/N. What are you doing?”

You yanked the door to the Impala open and pulled out your duffel. Only after you slung the strap over your shoulder and started walking away did you answer him. “Taking some time off. Enjoy your breakfast. I’ll text you in a few days if I feel like it.”

Sam grabbed your shoulder and spun you around to face him. “You can’t just leave like this.”

“Do you want to know why I’m taking this so personally? It’s because I’ve spent the last ten years saving your ass. I’ve lived with you for an entire decade and this is a pattern with you. You cut people so much slack. You leave yourself wide open to hurt. And you’re blind, Sam.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about—” You clenched your jaw and closed your eyes, taking a moment to center yourself. “You don’t see half the stuff that happens. You’re so damn smart, but my God, Sam. You’re so dumb sometimes. You haven’t seen that I’ve been in love with you for the last ten years. And when it comes to your mom, you’re even more blind. You want her to be the amazing mother that you’ve built her up to be in your mind, but she’s not. Stop cutting her slack and just look at the facts.”

“You’ve been—” he cut himself off with a shake of his head. “What facts are you talking about?”

Throwing your arms out, you took a step backwards. “We’ve already established that it doesn’t matter what I think, because I’m not a Winchester.”

“It matters to me.”

“You know what? Forget I said anything. Enjoy your time with your mom. I’ll see you in a few weeks.” This time, Sam didn’t reach for you when you turned away. He called your name a few times, but only half-heartedly. You were halfway down the block when you looked over your shoulder and saw him running a hand through his hair in frustration.


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12 Missed calls 42 Texts Later

Disclaimer: I do not own these gifs. I got them online, credit to the rightful owners.

You paced the width of your apartment, waiting for your boyfriend to come back. If he came back! You’ve been texting and calling him for the past two hours and he hasn’t picked up, answered a text, or bothered to try and reach you in any way. You knew Dylan was filming today, and that he was filming a particularly dangerous scene. He wouldn’t let you go with him just incase anything happened, and he assured you that he’d text you at every chance he got. His last text was four hours ago, and it said: Tyler messed up again :/ Last take. I’m okay, Love you xxx 

Two hours and thirty minutes, you started to panic. Picking up your phone from the couch, you called Tyler. The phone rang, and rang, and rang, but no answer. Straight to voicemail. “Oh my God,” tears stung your eyes. What happened? Is he okay? Finally, you couldn’t wait any longer, and you fetched your keys and went out the door. 

Two steps down, Dylan rounded the stairs and met up with you. 

His scratched face turned twisted in confusion, “where are you going?” The sight of his scarred face made you want to hug him and tend to him, but the anger and worry were much stronger. You tossed your keys at him, barely missing. He dodged the keys and glared at you, “what the hell was that?”

“I have been texting you! Calling you and Tyler! No one picked up! I was worried sick! Where have you been?”

“Filming!” He hissed, “where else? I texted you!”

Three hours ago! I thought something happened!” 

He raised his arms, “nothing happened! I’m right here! Why are you yelling?”

“Because I thought you died!”

The apartment doors around you started opening, your neighbors eager to get the front row seat on the fight between Dylan O’brien and his long term girlfriend. Dylan sighed, “lets go back inside, we’ll talk okay? Lets talk.” He picked up your keys then tried taking your hand as you climbed the stairs. You pulled away angrily, and beat him to the door. 

Dylan walked into the apartment and calmly closed the door, then he took a seat on a chair, “you thought I died? It wasn’t that big of a scene.”

“I called you 12 times!” 

He raised his eyebrows, then took his phone out of his pocket and said, “crap y/n. I had my phone on silent. I didn’t see, 42 texts. Holy crap you must’ve been worried.”

“You think?!” You screamed, frustrated at how calm he was. “You knew how worried I was! I called you 12 times Dylan! 12 and you didn’t pick up once! I was terrified! How could you turn your phone on silent? You knew I was worried! That’s seriously the most inconsiderate and stupid thing you’ve ever done!”


“While you were over there laughing with your shitty friends I’ve been shaking with worry!”


“How daft do you have to be to forget your girlfriend? Eh? Tell me that!”

“Y/N!” He shouted.


“Can you shut up for a few seconds and listen? God Dang!”

Your jaw dropped, “Did you just –”

He stood up and stormed to me, his face inches from mine, “I just spent eight hours in the hot sun! Doing crazy stunts, my face is burning! Because it’s scratched, if you haven’t noticed. I slid on the gravel. But that doesn’t matter because I didn’t pick up your damn phone calls? I get you were worried! But I’m okay y/n! And I’m tired as hell! I’m at your apartment because I expected  you to take care of me after such a hectic day! I was ready to kiss you and for you to help me fix this!” he pointed at his wounded face, “then we could lay down and relax! Instead! I get a psycho girlfriend who’s badmouthing my friends and I because I didn’t pick up the phone!”

“You don’t understand how worried I was!” you yelled, though not as loud this time, “you weren’t thinking straight Dylan! This isn’t about your wounds or how bad your day was, it’s about the fact that you couldn’t pick up a phone and tell me you were okay! Seriously! If you can’t bother with that we shouldn’t bother with this relationship”

He turned around, ran his hands through his hair, and turned back to me. His lips were in a grim line and his tongue was pressed to his cheek the way it did when he was trying to control his anger. Deep down, you knew you went to far, but you was still scared for him, he looked like he was in a lot of pain and that made you angry! Why couldn’t they get a damn stunt double? And why couldn’t he just find the time to text you? It may seem like you’re over reacting, or overly attached. But you were just worried, really worried, out of your mind and unlogically worried for this crazy man you’re madly in love with. 

“You want to break up?” He whispered angrily, making you realize what you had said, “You really want to do that? Because I didn’t reply to your damn text y/n?”

“You don’t understand,” you repeated, “I was –”

“WORRIED SICK!” he screamed, “I get it! But damn! You’re really over reacting don’t you think?” He had his hands in fists, and he was shaking. Time to pull back and calm hm down.

“Dylan, I’m– calm down okay? Lets just talk calmly okay?”

“Calm never works with you!” he screamed, “you fight over the silliest things y/n and I’m getting sick of it! I’m really starting to resent you.” He tugged on his hair, then picked up my favorite mug and chucked it at a wall.

“Dylan!” you screamed, “Stop what are you doing!”

He didn’t hear you, he threw his phone at the wall, “I’m so sick of always doing something wrong! Everything I do is wrong to you!” he screamed.

“Baby please calm down!”

“Don’t baby me!” He shouted, “I’m done!” He chucked a vase at the wall behind you sending a shock through your body, causing you to fall. He glared at you, his eyes still full of fury, “I’m done. I can’t live like this.” He mumbled, walking out and slamming the door behind him.

You felt numb for hours after that, and you didn’t cry because it all had to be a nightmare. you waited to wake up, and see him walking through the door, unhurt and smiling at you. But that wasn’t going to happen, and only when you realized that the tears started coming, and you couldn’t stop them. You sat on the floor, with tears on your face, thinking about all you said and how you’d take it back in a second. It didn’t matter that he didn’t text back, as long as he was there at the end of the day so you could kiss him goodnight. You loved him so much it physically hurt you, and thinking about him leaving you tore you into a million pieces over, and over, and over. Until you thought you’d die right there.

Then the door opened, and Dylan sheepishly stepped in. He looked at you, then his eyes met the floor, “I bought you another mug,” he mumbled.

In a flash, you were in his arms, “I’m so sorry,” you cried, “I’m sorry I’m sorry I love you so much Dylan I’m so sorry Please don’t leave.”

He rubbed your back soothingly, although his eyes were also red from previous tears. “I’m sorry too,” he whispered in your ear, “I over reacted. It’s been a tough day. I love you more than ever y/n and I never planned on leaving. I’m sorry.”

You kissed him softly, careful not to get near the scratch on his face or apply pressure on his hurt lip. But he wouldn’t have it, he moved your hands into his hair, where he loved them the most. And deepened your kiss, making sure to remind you of why you couldn’t go a day without his soft lips.

When you finally pulled away for breath, your hand softly brushed his scratches, making him flinch. “Let’s fix this,” you said, “so I don’t have to think of anything else when I kiss you.”

Forsaking the Stars: Epilogue

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7,Chapter 8, Chapter 9,Chapter 10, chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13,Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, chapter 17,Chapter 18, Chapter 19,Chapter 20, chapter 21, chapter 22, Chapter 23

“Mabel, come here!” Dipper called, excitedly running toward her with a few sheets of paper in his hand, “Check out these reading, they’re off the charts! There’s definitely something in these woods!”

Mabel turned from the lake and smiled at her brother as she took the read outs trying not to look like she already knew exactly what was out there. No matter how many times she relived this day, her brother’s enthusiasm never ceased to fill her with joy. 

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