but seriously gonna need that car back

  • Thomas Jefferson x Reader
  • Modern
  • 2-153: Are we relationship goals yet?
  • 2-154: You beat me by 1 point. That doesn’t count. It’s literally 1 point.
  • Request: 153 & 154 of list two with Jefferson is you can!
  • Requested by anonymous

A/N: So it’s a little short but I hope it’s still good. This is pure fluff and nothing else. So enjoy a fluffy Jefferson imagine.

Word Count: 2,185
You had been dating Thomas for a little over a year now. The two you had been on every kind of traditional date more than once now. Dinners and movies and parties. For a while now you had been telling him that you wanted to go on a more unique date. He hadn’t hinted at any interesting dates yet. Until he texted you saying he’d pick you up tomorrow for your date but to dress casually. So, wearing a tee shirt and some jeans, you waited for Thomas to show up.

He knocked on your door. You opened it, finding him for once not wearing a suit, or button up, or slacks. He was also in jeans, grey ones, and wearing a navy blue v-neck. His curls were left down as usual, his beard and mustache were cleanly trimmed but you expected nothing less. He smiled at you before leaning down to kiss you. “You look great, but that’s normal.” Thomas said as he pulled back.

You gave him a dubious look. “I’m wearing a tee shirt, not even remotely dressed up.” You told him.

“It’s not the outfit. You’re just naturally beautiful.” He charmed. “Ready to go?”

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Shawn Mendes-Drowning *Mercy Video*

Request: someone write an imagine inspired by the Mercy video with Shawn and you trapped in the car pls oh my god #MercyVideoNow
- @dear-diary-no7
Warning: Mentions of drowning/death
Summary: Basically based of Shawn’s video he released today. GO CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE!!!! Hope you love it darlings x
~ ~ ~

I can feel the side of my forehead resting on a cold slick surface as I feel the motion of being shaken to my senses.

My eyes slowly pry open and I look out the windshield from my belted spot in the passenger seat.
“Y/N!” Shawn says in desperation, cupping my face and having me look to him.
“Look into my eyes hun” he says, noticing the gash I obtained from hitting just under my temple on the door. But all I could focus on was how fast the water was filling the car from us being underwater and I started to hyperventilate.
“Look at me” Shawn says again, wanting me to focus on him instead of succumbing to fear.
“We’re going to be okay” he said and brushed a strand of hair from my eye with his thumb that rested on my cheekbone.
“We-we’re-the truck…the truck hit us!” I say quickly as it registers through my mind what had happened.
My eyes flicker around at the blue water that engulfed the car, some fish swam around us, not even noting our disturbance to their home.
Tears brim my eyes and fall at the thought of drowning.
“Y/N breathe! Breathe Y/N” Shawn encourages and wipes away some falling tears as his hazel eyes continue to stare into mine.
I inhale deeply a few times, slowly regaining composure as Shawn did it with me.
I clean up my tears but cant help but have a few more fall.
“I need you to remain calm and work with me, okay” Shawn told me seriously and took my hand.
I look to his hand and then back with a nod and a sniffle.
“We’re gonna get ot of here. I promise” He assured.
~ ~ ~

Shawn grasped the door handle on his side and bashed his shoulder against it repeatedly, trying to push it open.
But it wouldnt budge due to the water pressure pushing against the car.

I sat sideways on my seat and used both heels to pound into the glass window on my side.
Getting not even crack in the plexiglass.

“Im going to try the sunroof” Shawn said and reached up for the mini sliding plastic door, which he easily reached due to his height advantage.

He was unable to remove the glass.

He hit his palm against the glass in frustration of us getting no where with time running out.
With the way the water was filling up the car, we had maybe 2-3 minutes of oxygen left.

He goes back to the door.
He hits the door and splashes water around that is now to our chests.
“Oh my god” I say with a voice crack.

I now do the same as Shawn, knowing that I didnt stand a chance with busting it open, but was hoping for a miracle.

My skin tightens and gets goosebumps with the water getting colder as it slowly consumed us.

Shawn’s well groomed hair is getting soaked and turning into a mop of curls.
My hair is already soaked and floating within the water around my shoulders.
Water droplets from our splashing movements against the doors, dew our faces.

Shawn extends a hand to the roof as he puts his legs against the door and uses his strength against it.
“Im going to get you out of here, even if it’s the last thing I do” he promised me in grunts as he forced himself against the vehicle again.

“Shawn” I gasp with my face towards the roof of the car, sitting on my knees on the seat because of how short I am.
“Shawn!” I gasp again and then spit out water that had flown in my mouth by accident.
He turns to me, hands braced to the roof and hair totally soaked as he now needs his face slightly tilted up to the roof for air.
“Shawn, I love you” I tell him in breaths.
“Dont say that” he says, “This is not going to be it”.
“Maybe, but I just wanted you to hear it one last time for sure” I reply softly, quickly feeling my lungs burning.
I feel his hand search for mine under the water, and he finds it, intertwining our fingers.
“I love you too, y/n. To the ends of the Earth” he responded softly.
The water fills up past my ears and quickly creeps up.
“Shawn!-” I began but the chilly water swallows us before anything else comes out.

Everything is silent.
Nothing stops. Not even time.
People didnt even know we were down here. They would drive on the bridge over us.
The delivery truck that T-boned us must not have thought we went over the barriers and into the sea.
Our families and friends and people that knew us, would never guess we were down here…suffocating…drowning.
But we were.

My eyes start to close and body start to shut down as a defense mechanism from my heart having to work over time to provide oxygen to my organs for life.
Yet, Shawn keeps fighting.
He frees his hand from mine and his fists thump the window repeatedly and he screams underwater, releasing precious oxygen bubbles.

But he gives a final elbow to the glass and it shatters.
The glass shards swarm around us.
Shawn turns to me and grabs my forearm, pulling my limp body towards him so he could hook an arm around my waist.
When he has a sure grip, he swims out the broken window while holding me.

He swims through the murky blue water and shoots to the surface with a gasp for air.
He looks to me in his arms and sees that I need assistance.
So he swims at a set pace to the shore, where he lies me on my back on the grass and starts performing CPR.
“Come on, y/n. Come on” he begged and pushed down onto my chest repeatedly and looked to my pale wet face before attaching his warm lips to my cold ones.

30 compressions and 2 breaths.
He did that twice before I spat up water that snuck into my lungs.
He holds the side of my head and has his forehead against mine as I slightly sit up and place my hands over his as I take quick deep breaths and cough from the sting of the air flooding my lungs once again.

“I promised I’d get you out” he said and breathed with me.

Of roller coasters, emotional and otherwise

York accidentally tells Carolina how he feels about her on a roller coaster, and then, of course, they gotta talk it out. For @lostlegendaerie.

York did not want to come.

Well, he did, because a day with Carolina was a day well-spent, and it was her turn to pick what to do. He always picked movie night, and that was fun, but she very delicately informed him that if he tried to make her watch Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco one more time, she was going to dropkick him into the ocean. He’d lost his life vest, so he conceded, but he still didn’t want to come.

It wasn’t even that he hated amusement parks, or thought that it was a waste of a nice summer day. True, he would later regret the amount of cotton candy he insisted he could handle, and after the last time when he caught salmonella from the flume ride, he was more than a little concerned for his health. But he did love the weightless, timeless feeling that only a theme park at sunset could provide, and no man (or horde of children) could keep him from rocking out on a carousel. He loved the wild look Carolina wore when she was doing something thrill-seeking or dangerous or just stupid, the raucous way laughter would fly out of her without her even noticing. She would look so beautiful with the summer sun wound into her hair, her sunglasses shading her bright eyes from view. He’d do just about anything she asked of him.

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now you see me sentence starters.  contains 150 lines from the first film. some of these are lighthearted, some of these are angsty, some of these are suggestive — it’s a mixed bunch. you can send in a sentence or a ☆ for a randomised one. feel free to change the wording, pronouns, names etc. to fit!

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Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 5: Questions

Summary: It’s been a couple of months since the reader started on her life. Unfortunately, life happens. JokerXReader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 963


Is it mine? Masterlist

Joker’s POV

“Load up the vans. We do this tonight. Any of you make a mistake I’ll put a bullet right between your eyes.” I looked at my men. We were going on a heist tonight and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with fuck ups. Frost came in. “Everyone get the fuck out.”

He looked at them go and turned once the last man closed the door. “Still nothing.”

“Could she have gone with your mother?”

“No, she absolutely hates that woman. That woman would never do anything to help either.”

“It’s been five fucking months, where in the hell could she be?” He just sighed.

“Better be a great fucking job.” Jonny muttered.

“She wouldn’t need to fucking work if she stayed.” I growled. It was fucking frustrating not to find her. Gotham was torn apart in the search for her but no one knew anything.

“We have to put a pause on this. It’s not good for business.”

“Am I joining you in the heist tonight?”

I nodded. Jonny would be the only one to protect me. The others were in it for the money. I couldn’t trust them. “Load up.”

(Y/N)’s POV

It’s been five months since I last saw Jonny. Life was great. I got a job at tattoo parlor nearby. It was amazing being able to do my dream job. Of course, I couldn’t do any on myself for fear of hurting the baby but it was still great. I worked with the friendliest people. I really appreciated it considering I was a complete stranger to everyone in this town.

I walked into work and was greeted with smiles. Annie, the receptionist, came over and hugged me. “So what is it?”

Everyone gathered around me. “Hey, guys.”

“Don’t keep us stalling, (Y/N).” I giggled.

“Is everyone on their lunch break?” Everyone groaned.

“We’ve been waiting for the news all day, it’s been slow today so we closed for the morning.”

“Guys, you didn’t need to.” I smiled. “But you did so gather around.” They all sat on the couches in the waiting room.

“Okay it’s a-”

“Wait! Drumroll.” Eric interrupted me and I laughed. Everyone started banging on the table.

“It’s a boy!” I shouted. Everyone clapped and came up to hug me.


“We have to go celebrate.” Ty said.

“Sure we can. After we finish out the day.” Everyone groaned.

“Why? We make enough money. Let’s just have a fun day. We can get back to work tomorrow.” Liam begged.

I groaned. I felt bad. They had been closed all morning for this. “I just don’t-”

“We’re going, let go get lunch.” Annie cheered. “I call shotgun.”

“No, I do.” Ty shouted.

“Ty, you’ll get it on the way back. My car?”

“You have the biggest one out of all of us.” I smiled, thanks to Jonny.

After we ate lunch, they all insisted on going shopping for the boy.

“You boys want to go shopping?”

“It’s to spoil your son. He’s gonna take over our business.”

“Seriously guys, you don’t need to.” They all sighed.

“Listen, we are going in there and spoiling your son because, besides you, we are the only family it has. We take care of our own.” I smiled.

“Thanks, guys. Group hug.” We all laughed and went into the store.

“What do you need?” Annie questioned.

“His room is all set. I need clothes, bottles, diapers. The basics, you know?”

“I call clothes.” Eric ran off.

“Diapers seem easy.” Ty mumbled taking a cart.

“I’ll go get the other basics.”

“Okay, I’ll just look around with you.” Annie spoke as she linked our arms.

“Did you paint his room?”

“I’ll pay someone to. I painted it neutral colors but since we officially know I’ll change it.”

“You nervous?” Annie was the only one who knew more than the others. Not anything about Joker or that but she knew Jonny and I’s difficult past.

“A bit. I’ll be fine. I don’t think I can fuck up as much as her. This kid has everything he needs and will get anything he wants.” I looked at her. “That’s all I can ask for.”

“Plus, he has the best aunt ever.” She posed. “Me.” I laughed.

“That he does.” I hugged her.

“(Y/N)! Annie! Come look at this.” Eric called us over.

“What is it?” I questioned as we approached him.

“It’s a panda onesie.” I laughed.

“It’s so cute.” Annie gushed as Eric picked one up and put it in his cart.

“Let’s get some toys.” Annie pulled me away from Eric and brought me to the toy isles.

“Do you have baby monitors?” She asked picking up stuff animals.

“I had a screen installed in every room of the house.”

She just looked at me shocked. “Do you even need to work?” She chuckled.

“Not really, but being a tattoo artist is everything I wanted to do since I was younger.” I responded as I looked at a rocking horse.

“Ever been on a real one?” I shook my head.

“No, never been to a farm.” She looked at other things.

“We should take the baby when he’s older.”

“Sounds like fun.” My phone rang and I looked into my purse.

“Oh fuck.” I was extremely nervous.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?”

“I have to take this. Be right back.”

I looked at the phone in my hand. It was the one Frost gave me for emergencies. I was shaking but answered the phone.

“Hello?” I was trying my best to stay calm.

“Hello, is this (Y/N) Frost?” A woman spoke on the phone. Why would she have this number?

“Yes, this is her. What is this about? Who are you?” I started breathing heavily. What happened?

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Two For One

“Becs?” Chloe quietly peeked into their daughter’s room to see her wife successfully putting their two year old down for bed.

“Yeah?” Beca started to get up and leave the room, but not before kissing her sleeping daughter on the head.

“I’m home,” Chloe smiled, wrapped her arms around she wife’s neck and kissing her tenderly.

Chloe was gone all day and Beca had to miss the doctor’s appointment because no one could watch their daughter Allie.

“I see that,” Beca rolled her eyes, bringing her wife down the stairs and into the living room of their beautiful LA home.

“We have to talk,” Chloe said seriously, sitting Beca down next to her.

“Yeah. Is everything alright? You’re not gonna ask me for a divorce or anything, right?” Beca nervously and half-jokingly questioned.

“Ugh you caught me. I’ve been having an affair with a prostitute and we’re moving to Mexico to get hitched. I need you to sign the papers,” Chloe rolled her eyes with extreme sarcasm.

“Fine. But I’m keeping our child and I’m not paying alimony,” Beca countered.

“As long as I get the car,” Chloe said.

By that time Beca had enough and pushed Chloe back on the couch, pinning her arms above her head.

“You were saying?” Beca challenged.

“We’re pregnant,” Chloe blurt, causing Beca to topple off the couch and hit her head on the coffee table.

“Ow!” Beca yelped.

“Becs! Are you okay?” Chloe didn’t even have time to laugh at the brunette’s fall, instead concerned for her wife’s head as blood started to appear on her forehead.

“Fine. Just a little scraped. As you were saying,” Beca said, placing her hand over her forehead.

“Right. Well. We need to move,” Chloe nodded.

“Move? Why? This is a great house! Plenty of room!” Beca argued.

“Becs, honey, it’s twins.”

Beca would’ve definitely fallen off the couch again if it weren’t for Chloe’s tight hold on her waist.

“Twins?” Beca asked. “You sure?”

Chloe just pulled out a crumpled picture from her pocket, revealing their first ultrasound.


“Twins? So, like, two for one?” Beca asked.

“Yes Beca. Two for one,” Chloe said, kissing her wife on her forehead before moving to her lips.

“Two little boys. I bet Allie will be thrilled,” Beca smiled, grabbing her wife’s hand. “Let’s celebrate.”

time flies but you’re the pilot

single parent x child’s teacher AU

basically, this came about because I had some free time between classes and really, really wanted to write dad!Bellamy with a son named Augustus

Rated: Teen+ (for language)
Read it on [AO3]

“We have a new art teacher,” Gus said that night at dinner.

Bellamy only looked up long enough to smile encouragingly; he wanted to be supportive, he really did, but he was tired and this wasn’t actual news to him. After all, he’d known it was coming long before his son did. “I would assume so, since Uncle Lincoln’s on his honeymoon with Aunt Octavia.” But now his son was looking slightly disappointed, so Bellamy set down his fork to give Gus his full attention. “So what’s she like, buddy?” (He knew it was a woman, because both Lincoln and Octavia had been dropping unsubtle yet incomprehensible hints for a while.)

“Her name is Miss Griffin.” Gus beamed. “She’s really cool.”

“Yeah, I bet she is.” Lincoln had had a say in his stand-in, after all, and the man had good judgment. (Just look at the girl he’d chosen to marry.)

“She has really pretty blond hair and blue eyes, and I think she’s about Aunt Octavia’s height. Uncle Lincoln told us to be nice to her, because they’re old friends.”

“Wait a minute, your new art teacher is Clarke Griffin?”

Gus paused to consider. “I think so?”

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anonymous asked:

Yoonmin 5

5. “Really, I can’t believe you got us stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no gas.”

lmao this is super late, and it’s definitely not a drabble but I hope you like it anyway :D

Namjoon slides his phone back into his pocket and heaves a sigh.

“Jin hyung said he will come and pick us up right after he finishes work. But seriously”, Namjoon turns to frown at the person behind the driving wheel, “I can’t believe you got us stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no gas.”

“Hey, this is not ‘nowhere’!”

“Then where are we?”

“I would be able to tell you if you didn’t insist on having the window open and let everything fly away!”

“You wouldn’t read the map anyway.” Namjoon snaps.

Yoongi grumbles something along the line of “I knew going on this trip was a terrible idea” but he keeps the words inaudible in his throat because Namjoon was right. Part of the reasons why they are stuck in the dead iron machine in the middle of this nameless god-forsaken countryside is because of his baseless confidence in his sense of direction.

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