Emeto starters 2
  • 1. Some of it got in your hair...
  • 2. I'd appreciate it if you DIDN'T vomit on me.
  • 3. I'm not gonna throw up, alright?!
  • 4. I can't go back out there! Everyone saw me puke!
  • 5. Ugh, that smell makes me want to hurl.
  • 6. Let's find you a clean set of clothes, okay?
  • 7. You should probably know, I have a really weak stomach...
  • 8. Um...not to be rude or anything, but are you throwing up in there?
  • 9. You can't be mad at me for throwing up. You're the one who gave me this germ.
  • 10. Seriously, I'm fine. Don't w- oh god never mind, I'll be right back.
  • 12. It's...it's all over the carpet...
  • 13. I'm sorry I brought you here, I didn't know this was going to happen!
  • 14. It's okay. Just breath. You can do it.
  • 15. Um...what did you put in the food again? I don't think it agrees with me...
  • 16. That didn't sound good.
  • 17. This medicine should help...if you can keep it down that is.
  • 18. Come on, you need to keep your strength up. Just finish the sou- okay, um, never mind.
  • 19. I guess I'll have to clean this up...
  • 20. You'll feel better once you get it over with, you know.
  • 21. I can't leave the bathroom...I've been throwing up all day.
  • 22. Don't use your sleeve! I'll be right back with a wet cloth.
  • 23. So that's why you suddenly cancelled the plans...and here I was thinking you were mad at me.
  • 24. It's okay, everyone gets sick once in a while.
  • 25. Don't be ridiculous, of course I'll stay with you. It takes more than a little puke to scare me.
Protect Jughead and Bughead 2k17

Wow. What an episode. Poor FP!! He’s just trying to be a better man for his son and he gets blamed and framed!

I’m sorry, I liked Veronica she reminded me of Jen from Dawsons Creek but now I’m firmly on the anti Veronica train… she could not have given less of a shit about Jughead, Betty and FP.

I mean the fact she seemed disappointed that her friend and best friends boyfriends dad wasn’t a murderer made me so mad!! Like how selfish can you be?! Jughead has been homeless and blamed for Jason himself and he’s finally got some stability and she wants the one bit of family he has to be guilty of murder so she can tell mommy I told you so! Fuck her seriously.

On a lighter note (not really) how amazing was Cole and Lili in this episode? I truly felt so sorry for Betty to have such shitty friends who didn’t even stick up for her and tell Jughead she wasn’t in on their stupid plan.

Cole, oh man, Cole. Wow did he make me cry yet again with his ability to show Jugheads heartbreak within the first minute he hears the news that his friends betrayed him, then when he heard about FP. I was sobbing along with him when he got to the trailer and started trashing it. I mean just 👏👏 somebody give that man all the awards right now because he is beyond amazing. I cannot wait for next week’s episode and for Bughead to possibly exchange I love yous!!

Oh yeah I forgot……


ok not to be a party ruiner but i’m really worried like Jongdae has got like minimal screentime …he’s barely visible in any of the teasers, even in the group scenes or dancing parts… my man is already being played i am seriously worried that his teaser will be shorter than all the the rest and it’ll probably be all his footage lol

Barb’s November

Summary: She’d known since she was a little girl, looking around at the others and thinking that calling her friends princesses and kissing their cheeks couldn’t possibly be wrong, only to be slapped on the wrist for it a year later. She’d known since she was a third grader, and she’d known since the first time she’d changed in front of Stephi Danvers in seventh grade and felt a shiver go down her spine. She loved the way girls made her feel. She loved the way Nancy made her feel.

She let out a sigh, and walked a little faster.

Words: 6589

A/N:  Hey guys!!! This is the longest fic I’ve ever written and guess what, it’s femslash!!!!! What a surprise…. Enjoy babes :3c

Beta’d by the lovely @beep-beep-trashmouth

READ IT ON AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10612878

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EXO Betrayed by Their GF on Running Man

Thanks for your request! I’m just going to use the nametag game that EXO actually played on Running Man.

BTS Version: (x)


Xiumin: After your betrayal his eyes never leave you, waiting for the perfect moment for revenge.

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Luhan: You sneak upbehind him and tear the name tag off of his back. He turns around, initially shocked, then gets angry when he sees it’s you.
“Ugh, you’re so frustrating Y/N! Now I’m eliminated and it’s your fault!”

Kris: He walks away with more sass than usual to cover up that he’s a little hurt.
“It’s ok, you weren’t my style anyway.”

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Suho: He’s more impressed than hurt at the betrayal.
“Wow Jagi, you totally had me fooled!”

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Lay: “What is this?!” he yells as you quickly run and tear off his nametag, a little angry because he thought he could trust you more than his geges on Go Fighting.

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Baekhyun: *Catches you before you succeed in your betrayal*
“I see you Jagi! Nice try, but I’m not going to let you trick me!”

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Chen: *gif*

Chanyeol: At first he would try to be mad at you, but he would crack almost immediately.
“How could you do that to me Jagi… *giggles* You got me good, I’m so proud!”

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D.O: ‘Calm down, it’s ok Kyungsoo, you can kill her later when you get home’ *Trying really hard to stay calm*

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Tao: He would take the game way too seriously.
“If you take one more step, I will end you.”

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Kai: *Can’t accept reality*
“What… did you just… why… I don’t understand…”

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Sehun: When he hears the sound of ripping velcro, he turns around only to see you running away with his nametag in your hand. He looks after you in disappointment.
“Really… really…”

About how Tumblr hides posts

So, some of you might already know the post about how Tumblr hides your posts if you use external links! And this clicked for me because it explains so much. For instance how my WIPs got more notes than my actual art.

See, in the seond example I link back to external sites. Tumblr apparently made the post invisible in all those tags and hence, it got less notes because no one aside from my followers actually saw it. It would explain why I suddenly got far less attentions and barely any new followers since I link back to different pages for over a year already. Why WIPs get more notes than finished art. All those moments of wondering what I did wrong and if my art wasn’t good enough - when in reality, it was Tumblr messing my posts up all along.

To be sure I made a test. I wanted to know if that really made a difference! So I reposted art from a month or two again with one little difference. This time, I didn’t add any external links to the post.

Within 24 hours, the post got more than twice as much attention.

…..Tumblr, really? Seriously??? This makes me SO SO SO mad, but then again I’m just glad that I FINALLY found out what is going on.

  • battle for the cowl!jason todd: i am sO ANGRY!!!!!! ABOU T BEING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIED AND I AM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO!!!!! ANGER!!!!!!!!!! GOING TO TRY AND MURDER A DUDE BC I AM SO ANGER FOR HAVE THE DEATH
  • actual jason todd: oh my god you guys remember that one time i got fucking murdered? that was hilarious. oh man. seriously that was KILLER. that shit SLAYS ME. ...oh come on you guys i got bigger laughs at the fucking cemetery

He did do one [prank] on me where he said he was going to get a nose job to make his nostrils smaller because his acting coach told him he needed it. […] At first I was like, ‘You are crazy’ and I got really mad at him and he’s like ‘No seriously. This is happening.‘”

Peta on Maks pranking her, People, January 2016

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Oh yes, I do ship this like mad.

*ahem* Right, to put it simply I, as a general rule, am really predictable when it comes to my shipping preferences, one of those being that I almost always ship the “cannon” ship right from the get go. That is, the ship that seems the most “obvious” so to speak.

Izuocha was no exception.

And these two dorks got me especially early. Seriously, from the moment Ochako stopped Izuku from falling flat on his face I just sighed to myself and said, “You two are going to ruin me aren’t you?”

Cue Izuku saving her from that robot, and her saving him from splatting on the ground like an overripe watermelon, and I was hopelessly, completely lost.

But, to be more specific about why I ship it as much as I do, its the same reason why a lot of people apparently don’t. They’re simple. Really, they are. Izuku is a shy, nice kid who just wants to be a hero and save people like his hero and generally be a good person, and Ochako is the sweetest girl, pushing herself to the limit to help the ones she loves and always has a smile ready for her friends.

They help each other, admire each other, have the up most trust in each other’s abilities no matter what.

They both have a dream, and they will do whatever they can to achieve it, and help the other achieve their dream as well.

Ochako thinks Izuku is a “never give up” kind of guy, who always tries his hardest to help people and become a hero. She admires his strength and his courage.

Izuku knows Ochako isn’t the kind of person that needs help, who can stand on her own two feet and win, knows she pushes herself to the limit when she needs to and never falters in doing so. He admires how far she’s willing to go to help her loved ones.

Ship it or not, its undeniable, she’s his friend, and he’s hers.

It’s…really simple, it’s a simple and sweet teenage romance between two absolute sweethearts who care so much about each other, and while other people find it “plain” or “expected”, I think the best part about this ship is how simple it is. Honestly a lot of my ships are like that, simple.

I guess its because I think love shouldn’t be as complicated as some people make it out to be, at least not all the time.

Sometimes love is expected, and plain…but that doesn’t mean its not love. Sometimes love is between two lovable dorks stumbling their way through high school.

And that is why I ship Izuocha.

…why is this so long    


Title: Baby

Paring: Dean and Baby

Featuring the following songs: Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood, Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake, Womanizer by Britney Spears

Word Count: 853

Request by @theoriginalvicki I had a plot/thought about Dean getting his head ‘turned’ briefly, by a sleek, sexy red Italian sports car and how Baby, somehow, gets her radiator bent out of joint over it.  Whattcha think?  Too far ‘out there’?

A/N: I really hope you guys like it because I’ll be honest, I completely love this. Enjoy!!

Written from Baby’s POV, Baby’s thoughts are in italics


Walking down the sidewalk Dean headed for where he’d parked you, just kiddie corner to him. Taking in your shine in the sunlight a bright red caught the corner of his eye. Stopping, Dean let out a low whistle as he eyed up the 2015 LaFerrari.

Here he comes, wait, what, is he? No. Seriously? Right in front of me! Come on dude! I’m literally right here! Dean shook his head, giving the car one last look over his shoulder as he walked away, heading back towards you.

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10 Things About Me

So I was in the middle of writing chapter 12 of my companion series when @queen-among-writers tagged me in this. That’s okay; I probably needed a distraction anyway. :)

1) I’m the baby in my family. I mean it though; well, not really in the sense of being the most sensitive/cry baby, but because pretty much everything else about baby siblings apply to me, lol! For example, I’m a rebel in my own way; my sisters all chose sciences or something super technical for their studies. I chose the arts even though I’m more than capable of science/mathematics-based things. Speaking of…

2) I was a spelling bee champ and huge Mathlete when I was in middle school. No seriously, I was that kid… lol!

3) I actually wrote a whole mini-chapter series of books when I was younger. It was never published because (I still do not know why I did this) I got really mad one day and ripped them all to shreds. Aww… :/ I was 11 and irrational, okay?

4) I’m sorta kinda convinced I’ll be the rich single aunt… I’m kinda okay with this? Well, I’m okay with it enough to not cry over it anymore

5) I based some of my characters in my novel on real people… they’re all around my age now but when I first began writing it/came up with the concept, I was like… 13 ish? So ending of middle school/about to enter high school age. Hence why Siesta and her friends are in high school. 

6) I had two ideas for self-help books: The Friendship Guide and Patience Piles: The reasonable guide to dealing with unreasonable people. These (obviously) fell through because I feel like I: a) suck at friendships too much to write that and b) don’t have the patience to write PP, so the idea is now moot. Blah.

7) I’m a firm believer of the universe and how it affects people and their moods and personalities via horoscopes. I’m a believer through thorough research. I have a crap ton of books on astrology.

8) Speaking of astrology: I’ll quicker be able to determine how I want my characters to act if I give them a concrete birthday and if I do a light birth chart on them. It helps me, okay? Lol!

9) It took a lot for me to be comfortable in my skin; I had kids in high school hating me because they had to deal with acne breakouts while I never really saw pimples (though while I was dealing with dry, peeling skin, but that didn’t matter to those… banana-heads). Now I’m kinda sorta fabulous. ;) *flips hair*

10) I had to change my last name because I didn’t wanna build a career using that asshole’s name. No thanks. :D No regrets either!

Anyone who wants to do it is welcome :)

I played charades with SHINee!


I’m sorry this is so long!!! I wanted to be very detailed!

Brooke (@brookelyns12), Heather, and I went to the SHINee fan meet in Chicago tonight! We were among the 20 ladies picked to go up on stage and play charades with SHINee! So, here’s how the evening went for me.

So first, I have to say how we were picked. When we first got into the venue, my friend stopped a guy (Eddie, he was super nice and amazing), and asked where our seats were and he said “Oh, they’re over there. Do you want to go on stage and play a game with SHINee?” and we went “uh… yes. That would be good.” So he told us that after they sang “Hello” we needed to go to the side door and meet him and was it okay that we were going to miss the Q&A part and we were like “yeah that’s fine.”

So, we find out seats and I literally had to breathe into a bag to calm down. We made friends with some girls sitting by us and one girl near us could scream so loudly that it hurt, so I’m really glad that I brought ear plugs. Also, the music was super loud and hurt, too, so another reason I was glad.

So, they came out and sang “Everybody” 0.0 and then they introduced themselves and only Onew bowed because I think he forgot (I don’t know, but i loved it!) and they introduced themselves in english. And when Jjong did, a fan boy shouted “I LOVE YOU!” and Jjong smiled and said “I love you, too” in english! and Minho kept saying “Chi-town” instead of Chicago and I saw him tear up during them introducing themselves because of how loud we all were for them. Key said they were so blown away by us and the love they had already received and he wanted to know where we get out shirts and CDs (merchandise, basically) because he knows they don’t have a store in the U.S. I don’t know if they found out (the MC said something about Ebay, but I don’t personally tend to use Ebay, I typically use kpoptown and cdjapan).

Then they went off stage to change and the MC talked to us. He joked that we would cheer for anything he said and then said “I had eggs for breakfast!” and we cheered really loudly and he laughed. Then SHINee came back out and they played the fan video for them. And Jjong cried and so many people had amazing videos and OMG THEY INCLUDED MINE!!!  In the video I had hearts over my head and told them how proud we all are of them and how much we love them and just want them to be happy and Onew did wavy hands at the screen during my video and I FREAKED OUT and fell down into my seat and sobbed for a few seconds. Then after the fan videos, they sang “Hello” and it was so good! 

When the song ended, we ran out and met the other girls who were doing the game, too. Eddie told us to put our bags down in the waiting room and then we lined up in a backstage hall and they separated us into 5 teams of 4 people. There were only 3 of us, so we had another girl added to our team.  She told us she came to the fan meet because her sister wanted to for her birthday and that she was turning 14 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMAZING GIRL!!!) I’m so excited and happy for her that she got to do this on her birthday!

Then, they had us go out on stage and line up and SHINee each drew a ball with a number on it and that number told them which team they got. We were team 1 and Onew got us (he gave the ball with the number on it to the other girl in our group and she was so excited)! Jjong got team 2, Key got team 3, Minho got team 4, and Taemin got team 5. Then they tried to tell us how to play the game and it was loud and confusing and I looked at the girl and said “I don’t know what we’re doing?” and Onew leaned over and said “Me either.” And then I figured out it was charades and I leaned over to him and said “Okay, so you’re supposed to act out the word on the paper and we have to guess.” and he said “Only me?” and looked so adorably perplexed and I said “I don’t know. Maybe.” That was right.

Taemin’s team went first. Their category was school and they got 12 correct. He was so cute and silly acting out the things and he was super impressed when his team guessed some of the words. Onew laughed at the faces Taemin was making. Also, Onew realized that it was really hard to hear the girls’ guesses, so he went over and held a microphone up for them. He did it for Minho’s team, too. Minho’s team was next and their category was occupations and they got 9 correct. The first one was firefighter and it was so cute how he pretended to have a hose and AAHHHHHHH! Key’s category was instruments and they got 10 correct. Minho and Taemin stood behind him and tried to distract the girls and it was hilarious. Onew and I kept leaning forward trying to see the card to see what the words were. When we weren’t sure what xylophone was, he went over and looked at it and then came back and said “oh! It’s xylophone!” and he said it in the cutest voice! Then came Jjong’s turn and his category was movies and they got 10 right. And he totally cheated. He just started saying famous lines from the movies and it was hilarious. Also, Onew has apparently never seen Avatar because Jjong didn’t know how to do that one and they had to pass and Onew went and looked at it and came back with this confused look on his face. 

Then it was our turn. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! We got animals and we got 9 correct. I told Onew not to worry too much because I know he’s a amazing actor and we can do this! Key held the microphone for us. Onew had 3 boxes to choose from and so he walked over and had me choose which box to do. He opened it so cutely (just kept tossing it all adorably and aggressively on the ground). When we were getting ready to guess, Key held the microphone up to me and I said “Do you believe we can do this?” and he said “I don’t know.” and I said “Do it. Believe in us!” Then we were about to start and I went to give Onew a high five and he wiped his hand on his pants first and then gave me one and then the went down our line and gave the whole team one! I can’t remember all the animals we went through (I do remember my friend took forever to get giraffe, but please forgive her. She’s a new SHAWOL!), but Onew did so well! I ended up being last and the word was tiger and so Onew roared and pretend to bat things with his hands, so I started guessing big cats, but I guess I spoke too quickly and quietly because I said “lion? tiger? cat? uhh…” and he kept doing it and Key said “It’s a big cat” and so I was guessing leopard and mountain lion and Key said “Keep going. It’s like that.” and so I went back to lion and Onew ended up saying “No, lion.” and then time ran out. They told me it was tiger and Key said “Yeah. Tiger. Tiger. Tiger.” and I said “I said tiger.” and he said “but you didn’t get it.” and I did this little jump at him (Okay, it looks kinda aggressive in the video, but I wasn’t that close to him and he’s really tall and I think I just startled him because I’m really small and have literally no stage fright) and said “I said tiger!” and Onew came over and said “She said tiger!” into his mic and Key said “I’m not the judge.” So I went over to the MC and said “I said tiger!” and Onew ran over and yelled into the mic “SHE SAID TIGER!!” and the MC pretend to call security. So I walked away because I didn’t really care, but if our team lost, then Onew would have to do punishment and I didn’t want that! Then the MC said “that’s one aggressive girl!” and I walked back over to him and put my hands on his arms and said “It’s really okay, because it’s really loud in here and you just didn’t hear me. It’s okay.” and he said “Yeah, it is really loud. Okay.”

So we walked back to our spots and Onew came over to me and said “The next one was jelly fish. What? How?” and then he and my friend tried to figure out how to do jelly fish for a second and he laughed. Then they announced that Taemin won and he did this adorable proud spin! Jjong was really proud of his team and he gave them all a big hug! Not to be shown up, Onew pulled us all in his team in to a big hug and he hugged us so tightly and warmly. They decided that Minho and Onew lost and they let us leave the stage. We walked off and went back to Eddie and got our stuff and went to our seats. I found out that between me leaving stage and me getting to my seat, the MC announced that I actually had said tiger and that Onew shouldn’t get punished, but they still did it anyway. You should know that my friends and I basically made friends with any staff member that walked past us. We kept asking Eddie if he needed anything because we were so grateful and he thought it was really sweet and told us to find him after the show, but we couldn’t because venue staff ushered us out (which is understandable, but it was sad that we didn’t get to hang with our new friend.) I also want to say about this that I genuinely wanted to hang out with EDDIE because he seemed really cool and friendly and wasn’t trying to use him as a way to get any private one-on-one time with any of SHINee. Someone suggested that to me later and I got mad. SHINee are busy and need their personal time and I SERIOUSLY do not want to interrupt that at all. I got to see them and that is genuinely enough for me. 

After the game, we went back to our seats and they did the punishment game for Onew and Minho. They had to act out how they’d act if their girlfriend was mad at them. They looked embarrassed, but did it so cutely! Onew pretended his girlfriend slapped him and then they talked it out and made up and it was so cute! Sassy Key called out saying that Onew’s acting was bad. Then Minho had to do it and he made Onew pretend to be his girlfriend and proceeded to try to jump all over Onew and kiss his face and when Onew pushed him away, he did major aegyo and you could see Onew fighting a smiling but holding it together well. It was so cute! After that they sang another song (was it Replay? I can’t remember) and then they went backstage to change again. They played a behind the scenes video of the making of View and it was precious!!!! I’ve seen it before, but still! “Carrot no no!” Then SHINee came back on and sang View! and then they sang Sherlock (? honestly I’m having a super hard time remember what they sang after I got back to my seat). They ended and said goodbye and Key promised to come back again because of how impressed they were and how great we were and he was the last off stage (Minho was second to last and did his thing where he walks to every edge of the stage and waves at EVERYBODY) and kept talking to us in English about how they ARE going to come back!

When we left the venue, we found a group of 3 women outside just sitting and crying. So we went over and gave them tissues and consoled them and they told us that they were just so happy. They had been fans since SHINee debuted and they were older fans (about 30 years old, I think, probably a little less) and they had never imagined that they would get this opportunity. If SHINee had done this ANYWHERE else in the states, they wouldn’t have gotten to go, so this was huge for them! I actually videoed them telling us some of this. I am going to post it later, because THAT is the kind of thing SHINee needs to see. They need to see that they have fans in the states that have been around since the beginning and are so proud of them! I know not everyone has been a fan that long, myself included, but I need them to know that they are SO loved!

So, this is what it’s like to see SHINee up close in the flesh. Taemin is a literal fairy, but, at the same time hilarious, sexy, sweet, clever, and gorgeous! Minho could be carved from marble and I would see no difference. He has so much love for us in his heart! He’s so happy and sees how amazing his life is! Some idols don’t see, but he sees! Jonghyun… wow! You’ve seen pictures of him, but they do NO justice for him! He is probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t even get to get that close to him. He’s so happy and clever and funny! One of the movies he had to do was Jurassic Park (Onew laughed really hard at that!) and so he just pointed at his face and then did t-rex arms! I laughed so hard! Dino!!!! He was also very loving with his team and gave them hugs and hand shakes! He’s also nowhere near as short as people make him out to be! I would look quite small compared to him! and HIS HAIR WAS THIS SO BEAUTIFUL LIGHT PINK AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Key can’t be real. His skin is flawless. His voice is sassy yet deep. He’s dark chocolate! His eyes are so intense (yes he had contacts in, but the point is, he was making intense eye contact with me). He’s tall and thin and if he couldn’t sing he’d be a model in a second! When you stand next to him, you can just FEEL him. His aura is huge and intense, but delicious. And Onew… How do I talk about this boy? How do I portray how sweet he was? How every time we looked at him he would look right back into our eyes. How he tried so hard to understand the things we were saying and respond well to them. How his tan skin glows  and his eyes light up when he smiles at you! His smile is sunshine and his laugh is a choir of angels! His hands are so much smaller than I expected, but not in a bad way (definitely bigger than mine!). He gave us all the attention that we needed to know that we were important to him and what we had to say was important. He was so comfortable and observant. And you should know, during our group hug, I had my arm wrapped around his back and my head against his chest and his back and chest are so wide and firm and strong feeling! Like, you can feel how stable he is physically. Like leaning against a warm, comforting… wall, I guess. And he smelled AMAZING (especially considering him being under the lights and sweating and stuff). He didn’t smell like any particular smell. He smelled clean and… safe. He smelled like home. I never want to forget how he made me feel! He made me feel so important and needed and loved. 

i woke up and went to the living room and said something about how my dog is such a cute boy and my mom was like “I Don’t Care!” 

i was like??? the fuck? really sad because i dont like being told that and then she’s like “Its not you! im just mad ebcause no one treats me like a person” 

like ok u got marital issues thats not my problem. im STILL sad of course because i just got yelled at when i wanted someone to care. and she just keeps yelling louder “ITS NOT YOU” 

??? hey am i supposed to be a wall for people’s anger or something. like you can throw whtever you want at me and im supposed to take it. “its not you” but you’re taking it out on me


Imagine #23 Fighting (Neymar’s perspective)

I was at home; my girl (y/n) just came to spend some time together. We were dating for about 4 months now and we were in a great relationship. She was a normal girl, still going to school and she was not using me for money or for fame, I loved her for that.

We decided to watch a movie, more like she insisted in to, I would rather do other things, but that can wait. She brought a DVD and it was “Love actually”, she was getting all excited for Christmas the past few days and I couldn’t say no to her, so I had no choice.

As the movie started, she walked out of the kitchen with some popcorns and laid on the sofa next to me, leaning her head on my chest. I covered both of us with a blanket and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

After almost 45minutes, she stood up, paused the film and said she had to go to the bathroom. Just when she left her phone started ringing, since it as on the table in front of the sofa, I could see the caller ID.  “Paul”

In a second I got mad, I could break the phone but I had to control myself. Why would her ex call her, what was going on between them, I needed to know, but I was afraid of the truth.

When she final came back with a smile on her face I was standing in front of the TV.

“What? C’mon I want to finish the movie,” She said confused.

I threw her phone and she looked at it even more confused, when she saw the missed call from Paul she looked back up at me “Okay, calm down. Nothing is going on between us.” She said a little bit afraid of my reaction.

“Then why would he call you?”

“I don’t know Neymar, it’s the first time he did.”

I was so mad, I was walking up and down the room, I didn’t know what to believe.

“I don’t know (y/n)… I don’t know if I can trust you right now.”

As I said that, she got really mad and walked loser to me “Oh wow. Because of one call, you do not trust me. Seriously?”

She was just in front of me, looking straight to my eyes, “He is your fuc*ing ex, you were with him for more than a year, how can I be so sure you haven’t been cheating on me?”

“OH. MY. GOD. Cheating on you! What is wrong with you, I was with you every day!” She walked away from me as she pushed me. She was getting so nervous that I could see she was falling in tears.

“How would you react if Bruna called me, ha?” I said walking back to her.

“Bringing Bruna back, nice. You know what, maybe you should go back to her, and maybe she is worth your trust, since I’m not!”

“Well maybe if you would behaved properly I could have trusted you,” I said as she got tears in her eyes, it hurt me to see that, but I was too mad about it.

“Who are you to tell me how to behave and how to live my life!? I was always faithfoul, I never took advanege of you, I loved you every second of the day and you accuse me of cheating? I can’t believe you are saying all of this…” She said screaming while crying; she was covering her face with her hands. She was really upset about it, her reaction was proving me that she was innocent and that I was a di*k for making her feel that way.

I walked to her and took her in my arms; she was still with her hand on her face. She was crying so hard and she couldn’t stop shaking. I took her closer, with my hand around her arms.

“I’m so sorry (y/n), I believe you.”

“Please… don’t say anything like that… ever again,” She barely said while crying.

I let her go and moved her hand away from her face; she was ignoring my eyes looking away. I took her chin and moved her face in my direction.

“I love you and I’m sorry for being a dic* sometimes, I’m just afraid of losing you.”

As I said that, she got her hands around my neck and hugged me putting her legs on my waist. I walked on the sofa with her and sat down with her still around my waist hugging me. We were like that for almost half an hour in silence. She was calming down and every now and then, she repeated the same six words “I would never cheat on you”.

This made me happy; the fact that she really meant those words and how she was grabbing my neck, also calmed me down. I was stroking her head and after a while, I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie and she nodded so we got back under the blanket.

There were no words to describe how stupid I felt for questioning her love. She was the only girl that ever proved her love for me every day and I could never forgive myself for hurting her feeling like that, because she didn’t deserve it. I loved her more than anything and losing (y/n) was my worst nightmare. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Rant

Okay, so if you haven’t watched the new Boruto episode, go do so because there’s spoilers… and an angry person ranting.. yeah


OKAY SO NEW BORUTO EPISODE MADE ME MAD. I sent my friends three paragraphs about me ranting. So yeah, let me rant.

First off, PLOT TWIST: I seriously didn’t expect Sumire to be the one behind the incidents. Like at first I was really suspicious of Mitsuki, but he’s one of the main characters! Nah, I can’t say that because of Sasuke.. no offense, Sasuke, I love you.
I seriously screamed “plot twist” I’m not lying. Anyway, we got to see Kakashi! Yay! Plus I smiled when Naruto called him “Kakashi-sensei”

APPARENTLY, they didn’t know how to defeat something that took your chakra. I’m pretty sure there was an enemy before where you couldn’t use your chakra. And I guess it’s like a bomb..? I don’t even know.. (wait.. I think that was in the Boruto movie, so that didn’t happen yet)
AND LIKE IT WAS GETTING ON MY NERVES FOR SOME REASON THAT BORUTO WAS ACTING LIKE NARUTO. And Boruto still couldn’t believe that their own class rep is behind all of the incidents, but after Mitsuki explained why she is, I understood. Anyway, I’m kinda upset that Boruto stopped the fight between Sumire and Mitsuki because of Mitsuki just killed her (oh wait, isn’t Boruto for little kids? Like the audience?) the problem would’ve been solved! Yay! But when Boruto jumped in between to stop them, then his eye, LIGHTNING STARTED COMING FROM HIS EYE AND I GOT WORRIED. And then a giant vortex took Sumire away and Boruto followed. Yeah.. so, there’s the entire episode told by an angry child😂😂

yondu-gonna-do-about-it  asked:

The fact that you're writing for Grant from Slither makes me so excited!! I saw the movie when it first came out, and I was too young and dumb to fully appreciate Rooker. I rewatched it like three weeks ago and was able to fully appreciate Mr. Rooker as Grant. :D

Ahhhhhhhhh I’m glad you’re so excited! Honestly I watched Slither for the first time a few months back and then got mad at myself for not watching it sooner because it’s perfect? Like yeah Grant is really hot and I wish I had my own Grant Grant sugar daddy that loved me but it’s also one of the funniest horror comedies ever. It’s campy, it’s gross, it’s hysterical, it’s got a nice mix of practical and CGI effects, it’s just perfect.

Like seriously the alien is so gross that it made me not want to thirst over Michael. THAT’S A FEAT IN AND OF ITSELF. Except those teeth though… I like those pointy teeth…

Originally posted by diablito666

ANYWAYS. I could honestly talk about this movie for ages. I’ve been considering doing a deep analysis of Grant and Starla’s relationship because it’s so interesting to me. Perhaps on another rewatch I’ll do that because I have waaaaaay too many thoughts and headcanons already haha


Earlier this evening someone asked for a boyfriend for her roan hamster, one person with one roan and one banded male replied. I decided to tell them about the risks of breeding them together because of the white belly gene, and they got mad. Actually, a lot of people told me “they were just hamsters and I shouldn’t take this so seriously”.

But… They are living creatures. They have feelings. They deserve to be well cared for and you shouldn’t play with their health.
It’s sad how many people don’t understand how amazing hamsters really are. They have their own personalities and are fun to keep.
I love my hamster and I can’t understand why people house them in tiny cages and don’t take proper care of them, and then breed irresponsibly.

I mean… look at that face and tell him that he’s “just a hamster”.

Dio notices the small things.

Watase Aoba is an incurably cheerful and energetic person. He’s so positive that, arguably, it’s bordering on stupid some times. That being said, a depressed Aoba would have certainly been something that the whole Cygnus crew would notice and be concerned about. But nobody commented on Aoba’s sulky mood. In fact, nobody seemed to notice it. (Aside from Dio, that is, but we’ll get to that later.)

After returning to the Cygnus, Aoba did not tell anyone about his time with Hina on the island. He knows he cannot tell anyone that he let an enemy soldier go free (although, IMO, they would’ve totally understood the moment he says “Hina.”) ANYWAY, He would’ve pretended that things were okay and acted the normal happy Aoba even though deep inside he’s carrying such a heavy burden. But every now and then, when he thinks no one is looking, the hurt escapes from the cracks around his heart. 

While these small, fleeting moments of sadness went unnoticed by everyone else, it did not miss Dio. This shows just how much Dio cares for Aoba despite the fact that they’ve only been together for a short while. He notices the minute details about him, things that Aoba isn’t aware of himself. Dio knows that there are only two things that can cause Aoba sadness: his “past” life and the girl named Hina. Being naturally intuitive on everything that does not concern his real feelings, Dio had put two and two together and realised that “Hina” can be the only reason for Aoba’s pensiveness. Of course it helps that he saw Aoba plummet down the raging storm with Hina’s Valiancer. 

Dio confronted Aoba about it but Aoba just kept on being depressed. Dio cannot bear to see Aoba down. He even made fun of Aoba but Aoba did not come up with a comeback the way he usually does. Now, Dio doesn’t know how to handle Aoba when he’s sad, he’d rather see him mad. SO HE PUNCHED HIM. SERIOUSLY, DIO, CAN YOU GET MORE TSUNDERE? But punching Aoba did have an effect. It got him talking, it got him to release the frustrations he kept close. It was something that only Dio could’ve possibly done.  

Dio calls Aoba a weakling and a weeper but, in the end, he’s really the one who cares for Aoba the most. 

TSUNDEREEEEEE! [screams into the sunset]